Futurama: Women, Beware Women (FFF,FF,rough)
by Marcus ([email protected])

If she ever thought about, and she tried not to, Leela didn't FEEL like a
lesbian. She was...involved...with Amy, and it just so happened that Amy was
another woman. There. It didn't sound so stupid if you put it like that, did

"Ok, fine, it's still stupid," muttered Leela as she crossed the street to
her apartment.

Take men, now, Leela thought. I like men, I think about them sexually. I
don't think about women like that. Apart from Amy. And a few others. And
sometimes...aargh! But EVERYONE has same-sex fantasies sometimes, don't
they? Or maybe it's just me...

She entered the building, and nearly collided with Amy, who was waiting just

"Amy! I thought we weren't meeting till later..."

"Change of plan, Leela. I'm taking you somewhere special tonight."

"Oh...should I go change or..."

Amy laughed, a high, pleasant sound to Leela's ears.

"No, no, you're fine as you are. Follow me," and without a word of
explanation, Amy led Leela back across the street, into an alley, and
made a series of twisting turns into a somewhat seedy part of the city.
Eventually, they came to a rusted metal door halfway up a tight alleyway,
covered in obscene graffiti.

"You're taking me HERE?" exclaimed Leela.

"Just give it a chance. I think you'll like it in here."

Amy made a complex series of taps on the heavy door, and it swung open. Amy
led Leela through the door and into a long, low room, hung with billowing
silks the colour of wine and furnished with low beds and thick cushions. The
air was heavy with a sweet scented smoke, but through the haze Leela could
make out figures, couples and sometimes groups, shifting and languorously
swaying on the beds. She chose not to look any closer.

"Come on," Amy smiled. "This way."

Taking Leela by the hand, Amy deftly skirted round the irregularly spaced
beds and chaiselangues to a gap in the undulating silk shifts, which she
brushed aside to reveal a short flight of wooden stairs. At the top was
another door.

"Through here," she said.

The next room was more conventional. Light, airy, with a cooling breeze from
the open window blowing away the hot fug of the 'communal' room downstairs.
The only anomaly was the two four-poster beds, at opposite ends of the room,
and set facing each other.

"Oh, Amy, I don't know that..."

"Leela, shut up and kiss me."

Their lips and tongues entwined, and Leela's objections were lost to the
breath she shared with Amy. Still joined together, Amy shepherded Leela
across to one of the beds, her hands unclasping, unbuttoning suddenly
too-tight clothing as she went. They slid to the bed, the mattress soft
beneath their half naked forms. Leela moved more quickly now, her hands
eager to touch, mould, and caress.

And then there was a heavy knock at the door.

Leela quickly looked up, but Amy, smiling, rose from the bed to answer it.

"These are some friends of mine, Leela. I think you'll like them."

Amy opened the door, and four of the largest women Leela had ever seen
squeezed through the doorway. She took one look at them and wondered if the
steroids meant they had to tape their clitoris' down.

The room was quite spacious, but it quickly became crowded. Even more so when
two of the walking walls of flesh came over by Leela.

"Uh, I don't mean to be rude, but..."

One of the giantesses removed her skimpy top, revealing a rippling torso.
Her name might have been Gert, Leela thought, or at least that was the name
tatooed above her implanted breasts. "Gert" spoke in a slightly harsh voice.

"Don't fret now...Leela, was it? We're very good," she approached the foot
of the bed, and sat down next to Leela. The bed sagged visibly. "Very, very

So saying, she leaned over and let her lips brush against Leela's belly, just
beneath her ribs, and ran her fingertips over Leela's body, from between her
underarm and breast down to her hips. With amazing grace for one so large,
she drew her lips down Leela's torso, pausing to savour the taste of her
belly button with her tongue, before drawing up just a little below Leela's
stomach, an inch shy of the jagged beginnings of her pubic hair.

"You want me to go on?"

Leela arched her back, the better to feel the gentle caresses.

"I suppose that would be alright," she murmured.

The other woman, equally large but with tight blond curls across her
forehead, lay on the bed, which creaked alarmingly with the weight, but held.
Gert eased her tongue down the valley of Leela's labia, licking at the
underside of her flesh, teasing her lips apart, and drawing out moisture as
Leela moaned softly and parted her legs a little further. The blond woman was
not idle. Sprawling across the bed, she held Leela's arm above her head as
she licked and slid her lips over Leela's underarm, manipulating the tiny
bristles there with her tongue. Holding Leela's hand, she guided it down her
own body, past the lycra shorts, into the thong, and finally inside her.

Leela had seldom been inside Amy, who was either a very 'giving' lover or
else was too rigidly dominant to let her. Feeling another woman, one she'd
never even met, was a new and exciting thrill. Clumsily she fumbled at the
woman's opening, gently moving two fingers in and out, and easily finding
her enlarged clit, rubbing at it with her thumb. I must be doing something
right, she thought as the blond woman's eyes half closed and she rubbed her
thighs together, making the juices flow more freely, and also trapping
Leela's hand inside of her. Even so, she moved her head on top of Leela's
chest and began licking at the sweaty underside of her breast, moving her
tongue ever closer to the dome-like nipple. Leela gazed into her eyes,
moving her fingers a little deeper inside, as the woman's lips closed on
her nipple, which hardened like a fruit pit. She slowly drew her teeth
across it, flicking it from side to side with her tongue inside her mouth,
sometimes opening her mouth wider, swallowing more and more of Leela's
breast, until she thought the whole thing might suddenly disappear inside
that enormous mouth.

Gert's tongue began to lap at her pussy faster, licking at the underside
of her labia, quickly flicking across her erect clit, suddenly entering her
hole. As if sensing this, the blonde woman increased the pressure of her
tongue on Leela's nipple, at the same time reaching down to her vagina,
parting her lips to give Gert easier access. Gert's long tongue moved deeper
inside as she drew her teeth across the mouth of Leela's sex, forcing her
tongue further in. Just so, Gert spread Leela's ass with one hand and shoved
a thick finger up her anus. Leela's hips rocked faster and faster, up and
down, away from the tongue that searched her into the finger which brought
her joy. Hands, mouths, lips, tongues surrounded and enveloped her until she

"Good?" asked the blonde.

"Very," panted Leela.

"We could do it again, if you like," said Gert, off-handedly. "Maybe try...
some other things..."

"Why not?" said Leela, with gay abandon.

Still breathing hard, with sweat standing out on her forehead and running
down her back, Leela was pulled to her knees by Gert, who produced a

"Here, let me put this on. It'll make things a little more special."

Leela let herself be blindfolded, and lay back on the bed. She thought she
heard the sounds of the two women disrobing, followed by the sound of a
zipper and a series of clicks.

Hands enveloped her again, warming her cheek, shoulders and breasts, moving
on to her hips and buttocks, touching her everywhere at once.

She could still discern light and darkness through the blindfold, and
suddenly the world turned dark. Someone had their knees on either side of
her head, and Leela moved her arms to let them squat down more comfortably.
She could hear a husky voice from far above, the voice of the blonde woman.

"Eat me, Leela, lick me out."

The woman lowered her large form onto Leela's face before she could answer.

I would have said 'Yes', she thought. It would have been nice to have been
asked though...

The woman was warm and moist to Leela's searching tongue. The taste was salty
as she - Leela had begun to think of her as Blondie from the cartoon of the
same name - began to squirm and rock her hips, smearing her love-juice over
Leela's face. Blondie took Leela's small hands in her large, powerful ones
and brought them up to her implanted breasts. Meantime, Leela kept fondling
with her tongue, sometimes opening her mouth to Blondie's pubic mound,
letting as much of her as possible into her mouth, and tonguing her clit.

A squeak of the bedsprings told her that Gert was back on the bed, and she
felt her legs parted by strong hands.

"God, she's so petite!" muttered Gert in a scratchy voice.

'Thanks, I think,' thought Leela.

A few more squeaks as Gert repositioned herself between Leela's open thighs.
And then...

"MMMMHNHNHN!" Her yell was muted by Blondie's body, but nothing could stop
Leela trying to close her legs to Gert. The musclewoman had grabbed her by
her slender waist, and was pounding at her hole with a strap-on dildo that
was too big for her. If she hadn't already cum, she'd be badly chafed.

Have to get her to slow down, Leela thought. She beat at Gert with her legs,
gently at first, but with increasing desperation as the giant continued to
churn at her tight vagina. Eventually, Gert simply grabbed Leela's legs and
held them under her arms, while continuing to batter away at Leela, starting
to hurt her now.

With a mouth full of muff, Leela couldn't call out. Everything she did to
attract Blondie's attention failed, and still Gert slammed the strap-on
inside her, penetrating deeper.

Blondie began to moan, her head falling back, gripping Leela's hands by the
wrist, guiding them all over her taut, trembling body. Just so, she gripped
Leela's head between her powerful thighs, squeezing as she began to jerk
convulsively, till with a loud cry she came, disentangling herself from
Leela, who had her opportunity to make Gert stop.

"Gert, I...HFFEUW!"

Gert had also spotted an opportunity. She fell full length on Leela, forcing
the breath out of her, and was now able to thrust further in.

Even winded, a groan escaped Leela. What had been a dull ache was becoming
a sharper pain inside. Heedless, Gert continued, and Leela felt the awful
weight pinning her to the bed. Gert lowered her massive head to Leela's,
fucking cheek to cheek, as she put her hands on Leela's shoulders to brace
herself, or as if wanting to pull Leela ever further up the shaft of the

Before Leela could get her breath back, Gert's tongue was in her mouth,
kissing - if that was the right word - her before she could speak.

"Your mouth tastes of cunt, you cheap slut," muttered Gert darkly. "And cheap
sluts get pussy-fucked till they beg for more."

"No, stop, I..."

"You what? I know what you're like. You're nothing but a whore, someone's
bitch. Well, guess what? You're MY bitch now, Leela." The bed protested
loudly, its springs screaming as Gert's inexhaustible erection belaboured
Leela's battered vagina, pummelling her without the hope that Gert might get
tired. Gert's massive body pressing down on her, hurting her all over, making
it difficult to breathe. "Wait till I do your ass, THEN you'll..."

Help came unexpectedly. Blondie seemed to be ready for more.

"Know what I really like, Leela? Peeing. I think I'll piss on your face." She
started to assume her earlier position, but was blocked by Gert. "Come on,
Gert, get up off of her. Can't keep her to yourself forever!"

Blondie playfully pushed Gert away from Leela, and spread her legs on either
side of her head.

It was all the chance Leela needed.

"AMY! Help me! Get her off, make her get off!"

Stirrings from the other side of the room. Amy and her two lovers leapt from
their bed as Leela ripped off the blindfold.

"Gert hurt me, Amy, and, and I tried to get her to stop, but she wouldn't...
It hu-urts..."

Amy's voice was like the wrath of kings.

"Get that fuck out of here NOW!" The other two women hastily obeyed, bundling
a protesting Gert out of the room.

Blondie turned in confusion "What? What happened? I thought that..."

Amy's burning glance fell on her, silencing her protests.

"You. Get out."


"NOW. Don't say another word."

Blondie left hastily.

The two remaining giantesses glanced nervously at each other. Leela was still
on the bed, covering herself and shaking. Now that the immediate problem was
dealt with, Amy looked a little lost.

"Uh, Amy, is there anything we can do, or..."

"No. No, I guess you'd better leave too."

"Right, ok," said one as they gratefully left. At the door, the same one
turned and softly called into the room, "I'm really sorry Leela. We'll make
sure that..."

"I thought you were going to leave," said Amy in a quiet, dangerous voice.

The door clicked and Leela and Amy were left alone.

Leela glanced at Amy, and then stared at the floor. "Is there a shower or
something I could use?"

Amy paused before she answered, carefully enunciating each word, as though
speaking from a great distance. "Yes, just though here. I'll..." she reached
down for Leela, to help her to her feet, but Leela pulled away from her.

"No, no. It's ok. I can do it myself."

Naked, she followed Amy to the en suite bathroom.

"If you want any...if you need...I'll be right out here," stammered Amy.

"Thanks," replied Leela with a little smile that Amy couldn't return.

* * *

The cool water helped, but Leela was still sore between the legs. She didn't
even try to dry herself there, but looked about for her clothes. Of course -
she'd left them through in the other room.

She went through, a soft white towel wrapped around her, and there was Amy,
fully clothed, sitting on the floor with her back to the wall and her head
in her hands.

"Oh, Leela," she said, looking up, "You're done."

"Yeah. Could you pass me my stuff?"

"Sure." Amy leapt to her feet and hurriedly gathered up Leela's clothes.
"There you are."

Leela dressed slowly, from the top down, wincing a little as she pulled up
her panties.

"I've - I've got something that might soothe it a bit, if you'd like," said
Amy, hesitantly. She dived into her ubiquitous backpack, and drew out a small

Leela took it. "Thanks, Amy."

Sitting on the corner of the bed, and turning away slightly, she opened the
jar, took a little of the balm and started to apply it. She quickly ran into
difficulty - she couldn't see where it was most needed.

Amy noticed this. She came up to Leela and said "Please - let me do it. I'll
be able to see what I'm doing."

Leela handed the jar over, and Amy sank to her knees at Leela's feet.

"If you lie back, I'll be able to get it all at once."

Leela lay back on the bed, and spread her legs for Amy, who very gently began
to work the balm into the folds of Leela's sex.

Leela looked down at Amy "Well, how does it look?"

"Umm, I think you might be a little bruised." Leela's vagina had been rubbed
raw, and the labia were a painful red, but Amy didn't want to say that. "How
much does it hurt?"

"Not so bad, now, but I still feel...very tender." answered Leela "That stuff
must be good, though."

"There," said Amy, gently working the last of the balm into Leela's ruddy,
bruised flesh. "All done."

"Thank you, Amy," said Leela, getting up more easily than she lay down.
"Let's go home."

Amy quickly looked up at Leela, who was pulling her boots on.

"Uh, sure Leela. We can leave by the back way."

* * *

They caught a cab to Leela's apartment to spare her the walk in the dark -
she was still limping a little.

As Leela opened the front door, Amy hovered at the porch.

"Leela, can I...would it be ok to..."

"Amy, would you mind. sleeping over?"

"No! I mean, yes, I mean. please, yes, I'll stay," jabbered Amy.

"Thanks - um, I think I'll get on to bed, though."

"You're sure? You don't want me to get you anything?"

"No, I'm good for now. Oh, uh, the spare bed's right through there."


* * *

Amy lay in bed an hour or more, knowing sleep would never come. How could
she have been so stupid! The Sisters were renowned for...what they did. If
you were prepared for it, you could control how it went and to what degree,
but Leela...beautiful, vulnerable Leela... had no idea. She had no idea
because I didn't warn her, thought Amy. This is all my fault...

In the dark, she heard something. Leela had left all the doors in her
apartment open - if she'd had to leave a light on, Amy thought, I'd feel
like killing myself - and sounds travelled easily. Sounds like...footsteps...

There, in the hallway - an outline in the darkness.

And there was Leela, her long hair hanging loose almost to her waist. She
walked to Amy's bed, gracefully sitting on the edge, unconscious of her
nakedness in the dark.

Amy quickly sat up.

"Leela, I, I..."

"Sshhh," murmured Leela, placing a warm finger over Amy's lips. "Don't say
anything, and it might turn out alright."

So saying, she slipped into bed with Amy. The bed was a single, and their
bodies touched beneath the sheets. Leela leaned into Amy, and began to kiss
her, her fingers tracing the contours of Amy's flank, gently stroking the
down at the small of her back. Amy returned the caresses, her arms round
Leela's back and hips. The narrow bed forced them together, set their legs
and breasts and bodies rubbing against each other, and the friction gave
them pleasure.

Still kissing her lover, Leela began to mount her, Amy's opening legs getting
tangled in the sheets. Breast to breast, belly to belly, Leela parted her
legs a little and the two sexes met and soldered together. Raising her hips
to Leela's, Amy rubbed a little harder with her pubic region, stimulating
both herself and Leela, their pubic hair mingling and adding to the friction,
getting coated in a mixture of juices.

Leela raised her head and began to moan, pressing her groin against Amy's all
the harder. Amy's wandering hands delicately kneaded Leela's buttocks as they
began to writhe and squirm in oestrus.

"Leela I..."

"I know, Amy, I know. I do too."

Then Amy began to convulse under the ecstatic weight and pressure, and
Leela's motions became rapid and uncontrolled, jerking her palpitating pussy
against Amy's for the pleasure it gave them, and they came together.

Pressed together in the small bed, the lovers fell asleep in each other's
arms, the world and it's cares, it's great sounds and fury, ignored and
forgotten in an act of love.


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