Futurama: Part 1 - The Distaff Side (FF,mast)
by Marcus ([email protected])

Leela sloped into her suite, slammed the door, and dragged herself to her
bedroom, leaving her clothes where they dropped.

Her latest date had NOT gone well.

'What's the problem,' she thought. 'I'm young, fit, come I
always end up with the losers, weirdos and porno-freaks?'

She looked at herself in the full-length mirror. Legs? Long, slender and
elegant. A trim waist, with a figure that was 'athletic' rather than full,
but no less desirable for it. Nice face, nice hair, sexy voice...she ought
to be fighting men off with a stick. And I didn't even count my wonderful
personality, she mentally added.

Posing for herself in the mirror, a nasty suspicion began to form. Look at
yourself, came a scolding voice from inside. You're standing there in your
underwear, and you look so...dowdy. Frumpy. You shouldn't be wearing this
stuff till you're 50.

The nagging voice might have a point, Leela conceded. A heavy sports bra
covered by a light grey athletic singlet. No sexy panties for you, hon', the
voice added - you've got quarter length grey cotton briefs. For a date!!
Comfortable, cosy, and as erotic as a brick.

During her little self-censoring lecture, Leela had sat down on her bed, and
now sat facing herself in the mirror.

"Well," she said aloud,"from now on, it ALL changes. I'm going to think,
look, and act sexier."

Just to start, she practiced 'being sexy' in the mirror. Big, pouty lips.
Sleepy, come-here-and-take-me eye. Bending over, glancing over her shoulder
while 'accidentally' showing a little butt cleavage.

Trouble was, she knew full well she'd never have the courage to act like that
in public.

She undressed fully, and was about to slip out of her briefs when, half in
surprise, half in delight, she discovered a few drops of moisture had escaped
her during her posing. Well, well, she thought, at least THAT still works.

Still in her underwear, and sitting on the edge of the bed, she opened her
legs wide to her image, which of course did the same. She felt along the
smooth curves of her inner thigh, pausing only where the elasticated cotton
marked the boundary between 'safe' and 'not-safe'.

Her right hand quickly delved into her crotch, feeling the soft mound and
mysterious folds of flesh through the thin cotton. The texture of the long
panties was...very pleasant as she drew a finger up and down her slit, and
she felt her labia harden. A few spots of wetness were now visible.

Lying back, her left hand fumbled at the top of her panties, slipping inside
them. Inside the little cocoon, her hand moved lingeringly over her soft,
hairless mound, before circling her sexual parts with fore and index finger,
stroking where her thigh joined her body, and the skin was velvet-soft. All
the time, from the outside, her right hand gently slid up and down, up and
down. Unconsciously, she began to rock her hips in time to its motion, which
was a little faster now.

Still hidden by the damp grey fabric, she parted the lips of her vagina with
her fingers, and teased her hole, inserting only the very tip of her middle
finger, moving it round just inside herself, before gently rubbing her
clitoris, coaxing it out of its hood.

She wanted to see. Sitting up, she removed her wet, clinging underwear, sweat
mixed with the juices released from her vagina staining them, creating a
dark, damp patch between her thighs.

Opening her legs again, the sight was enchanting. Her pussy was shining and
wet under dimmed lamplight, its moistures running down her thigh. Leela
dipped a finger in her thick, fragrant honey, savouring the feel of the hot,
curving flesh inside her, before sucking at her finger, tasting herself.

Desiring a closer look, she slid to the floor and dragged her heavy,
languorous body closer to the mirror. Raising her hips off the floor, her
vagina, wet, hot, and gaping seemed to fill her vision. Her hole, with its
deep ache, demanded attention. Her left hand parted her pussy-lips once
more, and she saw right hand move up from under, skimming across the crease
of her buttocks, dipping in the sweat collecting at the dimple at the base
of her spine, before fondling her pussy, and finally enter her soft flesh,
saw two, now three fingers pumping in and out up to the knuckle in her
unprotected opening, began to clutch at the fingers inside her, feel the
beginnings of spasm from deep inside her womb...

Saw Amy open the door...


"Amy, I, I was..."

"I know what you were doing." Amy replied. Leela slowly removed her hand
from her vagina. Should have done that first, really, she thought.

Amy smiled, a wicked, knowing grin.

"But I think I can do better."

Without another word, Amy went down on all fours, bringing her face between
Leela's legs.

"Amy, I, I think that...ohhh..." Leela's objection was never heard. Amy's
tongue flicked in and out of the mouth of her sex, still open from when Leela
had fumbled there herself. In the same way as Leela had done earlier, Amy
moved to the soft skin at the join of her leg and torso, supping lingeringly
at the mixed moistures which gathered there.

Slowly, Amy slid her tongue downwards, to where Leela's buttocks valleyed
into her sex, kissing her there, and slipping a finger inside her pussy,
feeling for the sensitive nerve endings.

"If we stop now, we don't need to..."

"Shut up, Leela. Pull your legs back."

Cringing slightly, Leela drew her knees back towards her breasts, offering
yet more of herself to this new, self-assured Amy.


Still fingering Leela's gash, Amy used her tongue to probe the crease of her
ass, savouring the salty taste of sweat and honey.


Leela pulled her legs back even further, and gazed with half-closed eye at
the mirror at the sight of Amy moving inside her, stroking her, making her...

"Mmmm..." Amy parted Leela's buttocks as far as she could from her position,
exposing her anus. She made sure Leela was watching as she began to lick at
the tight little orifice.

Leela's breathing hastened. "More Amy, please, please do it some more, uh, I
can oh..."

Amy forced her tongue up Leela's rear. To Leela, still a virgin there, it
was as long and hard as a man's sex, and so much more mobile, more flexible,
feeling her, feeding from her, moving deeper, until it was replaced by Amy's

"You like it, don't you?"

"Yes, yes, I do."

"You want it really badly, don't you?"

"Yes, I need it, don't stop, please don't stop."

"I won't. Bring this leg down."

Leela did as Amy asked, laying her left leg to the floor. Amy then lay across
it, holding Leela's legs apart. Suddenly, without warning, she forced four
fingers and most of her hand into Leela's vagina, and roughly thumbed her
clitoris with the other.

"Amy, no, what are you..."

Amy's only response was to increase the pressure on Leela's clit, and removed
part of her hand from Leela's hole, the better to built up a rhythm inside
her. Leela bucked like a mare in heat, but was unable to gain much purchase
with Amy lying across one leg, and able to keep the other one open. Just so,
Amy began to bite at the little spare flesh of Leela's inner thigh, moving
closer to her delicious centre.

Leela yelled, "You're making me come, you're making me come!" and began to
spasmodically jerk her hips to the ceiling just as Amy's mouth reached the
folds and fissures of her vagina. In her rolling pleasure, she did not feel
the teeth buried there.

As the orgasm faded, Amy stood up, leaving Leela rolling on the floor. She
licked the wetness off her lips and said, "I can come back, if you like."

Leela responded weakly from the floor, "Please...please come back."

"I will. One week today." Leela groaned, "But you have to stop shaving
yourself. And don't wash between the legs until then. I like your scent."


"I'll come back." And Amy left, with Leela's vaginal juices drying on her
face and hands.

* * *

The week passed slowly, too slowly, for Leela.

But eventually, the night came, and with it the promise of Amy.

Some time before, Leela had admired herself in the mirror again. A light
purple fluff was beginning to soften the lines and contours of her flesh -
accompanied by a terrible itch! - but it was all in the name of...

"Of what?" said Leela, not realising she spoke aloud. "Why am I doing this?
We shouldn't be doing it - it's not right, behind everyone's backs like..."

But what she thought was: Why do I let HER take control of me like this?

Again, she gave voice to her thoughts.

"Maybe I should call Amy, tell her..."

"Tell her what?"

Damn, thought Leela. She must walk like a cat!

"Oh, I uh, nothing, Amy," she mumbled incoherently, suddenly conscious of her
nakedness. You could have at least put some clothes on, she thought. You look
pathetically eager.

Maybe I am pathetically eager.

A malicious smile flickered on Amy's face. "Is now a bad time? I can come
back later..."

"No! I mean, you don't need to do that," said Leela fearfully, "now that
you're here and all."

"No, I don't think you want me here. Beg."

"Excuse me?" Even in her current state, Leela wasn't going to let that pass
without comment.

"Get down on your knees and beg me to stay, or I'm out the door in five
seconds. One, two, three, four, fi..."

Leela fell slightly awkwardly to the floor, pride and dignity forgotten.

"Don't go, Amy, please don't go."

"That's good, that's good," said Amy, apparently mollified. "You can get up

Leela got to her feet slightly unsteadily. Looking up at Amy from the floor,
she'd noticed the backpack on the floor. It hadn't been there earlier...

Amy put her arms around Leela, and drew her naked form close to her own body.

"You know," she breathed, their lips almost touching so Leela could feel
the words, "I think we should start this off right." And she kissed Leela,
bending her neck and head back as their tongues searched and fondled each
other. This is new, were Leela's first coherent thoughts. She's...gentle,
caring, and making me ooohhhhhh, yesssss...

Amy's hands were busy too, caressing Leela's lower back, brushing against the
curve of her breasts, lazily tracing the hard muscles concealed by the soft
skin of her stomach, her ass, and the backs of her thighs. It was a shock, a
thrill when one of her wandering hands moved between her legs, gently
stroking her there, as if she were a kitten. The short, stiff bristles of her
pubic hairs added to the friction of Amy's fingers, making Leela...

"You're so wet." said Amy, still locked in a clinch with Leela. "You're
soaking wet, here," she said as she began to stroke the inner lips of Leela's
vagina. Amy backed off a little, and brought her fingers, together with a
generous portion of Leela's love-juice, to her mouth. "But I think I can do
even better."

Smiling, almost playfully, Amy pushed Leela over onto the bed, following her
down and coming to rest with her head between Leela's legs.

Leela jerked, quivering with anticipation, and put one leg over Amy's
shoulder. After a moment's hesitation, she put her other leg in the same
position. Amy began to kiss and lick her inner thigh, slowly working her
way down. She took her time, apparently savouring the taste of Leela's

" haven't washed yourself here, have you?" Leela shook her head,
half in guilt, half in modesty, "Tastes gooood..."

Breathy moans escaped Leela as without warning, Amy pushed her tongue deep
inside her, licking her out. Leela grabbed Amy's hair and pulled her mouth
hard against her vagina, and felt Amy's hot mouth move all over her moist
sex until Amy came up for air. Licking her lips, Amy pulled her top off,
revealing small, pert breasts, before moving back between Leela's legs. She
gently ran her teeth across Leela's clitoris, tempting it out of its hood.
At the same time, she moved her fingers all over her vagina, feeling her
pubic mound and the bristles that seemed to defend it. She edged closer to
Leela's hole, as if to taunt her, and was rewarded by Leela suddenly jerking
her hips nearer to the fingers that searched her. Finally, Amy eased two
fingers into her, making Leela sigh all the louder. As she did so, Amy licked
her hood faster, began to nibble oh so gently at her clitoris, rolling her
tongue around the tiny, secret source of pleasure, and pushed her fingers
deeper into Leela's pussy, feeling her muscles t rying to grip at them.

And just as Leela began to convulse, stopped and stood up.

"Turn over, Leela. We're not finished yet."

"Amy, what are you..."

"I said 'turn over'!"

Leela, not yet cowering, disentangled her legs from Amy and turned over,
displaying her sumptuous buttocks.

"Good. Now, stick your ass in the air. Do it!"

Again, Leela complied, looking and feeling tremendously vulnerable with her
shoulders on the bedclothes and her private parts - back and front - so
easily accessable.

Superfluous pubic hair embaresses us all at some point.

"That's niiiiiiice," said Amy. She grabbed Leela at the waist as she followed
the crease of Leela's ass with her tongue, down to her anus. Leela had never
felt so...accessible...

"Part your ass for me."

Leela did so, experiencing a little thrill even from that. She felt Amy get
off the bed.

"Further than that. More! Even more." Amy was back on the bed now, directly
behind Leela, whose buttocks were stretched as far as they could go.
Anticipation, anticipation, anticipation. A small pool of her saliva had
dripped onto the bed sheets, and Leela cooled her face in it. Her vagina was
just as wet, dripping with honey, but suddenly it was her backside that felt
as though it was on fire.

"That's right. Now, relax a little bit..." Leela felt Amy's fingers fumbling
at her rear, stroking the tight, wrinkled skin of her anus, before plunging
in, entering her... They were so cold! What the...

"You'll like this, Leela." said Amy as she removed her fingers from her
asshole. "You'll like this fine..."

If there had been anyone else in the building that late at night, they'd have
heard Leela's screams as Amy forced a reasonably thick iron bar six inches up
her backside, penetrating her colon. Through the initial yells of shock and
pain, Amy kept saying, "There it goes Leela, there it goes," as she moved it
in and out, and even further into the tight little orifice. Leela would start
to move, but something always held her back, keeping her in the same position
- chest down, knees shoulder-width apart, ass in the air.

"You like it, you little bitch, you fucking LOVE it!" said Amy, from a
million miles away. "Stand up, you slut."

Leela slowly got to her feet. It hurt even more - a hot, deep pain - if she
tried to stand up straight, so she crouched a little, standing awkwardly.

"You stand up STRAIGHT when I'm here," yelled Amy, ramming the bar a little
further in. Keeping a firm grip on it, she drove Leela, almost marching,
round the bed to the mirror. She stayed behind her, letting her free hand
wander where it pleased over Leela's firm, tensed body, watching as she
cruelly squeezed her captive's breast, pinched a nipple, or groped her

"I'm buggering you, Leela. You're being buggered with a metal bar, shoved
right up your ass." Amy forced it in a little deeper, making Leela flinch
and stifle a cry. Amy giggled, a happy, girlish sound. "What's the matter,
Leela? We always said you had a rod up your butt!" and, as if to illustrate
the point, gave it a mean little thrust. Leela cried out again, but this
time it had a lower, throatier tone.

"Oh, so you do like it?" Amy removed some of the bar and started to use it
more gently, with greater care. "You like having," she looked down and
guessed, "eight inches of metal going in and out your butthole?"

"Mmmh-hmm." muttered Leela, eye closed and rocking in time with Amy. She had
begun to feel a searing pleasure buried beneath the initial pain of it, her
treacherous nerve endings finding the good in every situation.

Slowing down, lightly caressing Leela's naked form, Amy rested her head on
her shoulder. "Let's finish it. On the bed." Again Leela obeyed, lying down
somewhat gingerly on her back.

Amy seemed to tower over her, naked now, and searching once again in her

"Will I like this, Amy?"

"I think so." said she, producing a dildo - complete with strap - that she
tied round herself.

Amy knelt on the bed in front of Leela, whose feet were flat on the sheets
with her knees pointing to the ceiling - it was more comfortable that way,
and more pleasant. The metal bar extended a little way out of her backside,
and whenever Leela shifted her hips, or moved her buttocks, the bar seemed
to take on a life of its own, seemed to move and thrust of its own accord.
As Amy towered over her, Leela gently contracted her buttocks, just to feel
the length and girth of it moving inside her.

"Enough of that," said Amy, not unkindly, as she gripped the end of the bar
and began to pull it out of Leela's body. Amy took it out slowly, giving
Leela plenty of time to feel it coming. Leela raised her legs till her knees
where at her chest, well aware of what a nasty view she was giving to Amy.
Eventually it was out, and Leela brought her legs back down, setting her
feet down a little more than shoulder width apart, her knees pointing to the

Amy's dildo stuck out of her finely trimmed bush as though it had been nailed
there. She stroked Leela's calves, going higher and higher up her leg until
she reached her knees, which she parted till she was gazing at Leela's
unprotected vagina, pink and slimy with expectation. Amy manuevered herself
into position, the end of the dildo barely brushing against Leela's moistened

Amy smiled. The fun shouldn't finish quite yet.

She pushed a little of it in, no more than an inch or so, before asking,
"Does it hurt? I won't push it in if it hurts."

Leela was absurdly touched by this concern. And the dildo was a little big -
bigger than she'd thought it to be. "It hurts a little, but...try."

Amy advanced only half an inch at a time. "Does it hurt?" she'd ask each
time, and offer to take it out. By the forth time, Leela was a little
restless, and had to press Amy "Please, put a little more in."

So Amy slipped in another inch or so, then waited, giving Leela plenty of
time to feel it's presence inside her. Between each tiny advance into her
opening, she had leisure to feel it going in a little further, bringing to
life new nerves, new waves of heat from deep, deep inside her womb.

But always she felt more the part of her that was not filled, that was not
touched, where restless nerves lay waiting.

"Does it hurt?" asked Amy again, and took it out.

Leela was forced to beg, "Slip it in again."

Amy placed only a little of it in, still perhaps only a few inches, where
Leela could feel and yet not clutch at it, where she could not truly hold it
inside her. Amy acted as if she would leave it there for good. Leela wanted
to move towards it and engulf it but for the moment restrained herself. She
wanted to scream. The flesh not touched was burning at the dildo's nearness.
At the back of her womb lay flesh that demanded to be penetrated. Her legs
began to shake, begging violence, and the soft walls of flesh inside curved
inwards, ready to be forced, but Amy was only in far enough to send currents
of excruciating pleasure through her.

Amy moved again, watching Leela's face. As she moved, Leela's mouth opened,
hurridly drawing in air. Amy began to pull backwards, and Leela did scream,
a painful sound mixed with the longing of a stolen orgasm.

Amy laughed as Leela bucked and swayed, trying to move closer to Amy without
being noticed, trying to be filled. She raised her body now, offering
herself, to take it all in, and still Amy laughed, deigning only to lightly
caress Leela's trembling thighs.

Again Leela begged, in a quavering voice not far from hysteria. "Amy. Please.

"Please what, Leela?"

"Fuck me. Fuck my cunt. Stick it in me now, please, I can't wait, make me

Only then, with Leela at the very edge of the bed, and Amy standing on the
floor, did Amy put Leela's legs, which were twisting and shaking, round her
shoulders. She took Leela violently, suddenly ramming the whole of the dildo
inside her, quickly finding a fast rhythm. Leela's moans and cries were so
explicit, so female, a rising "Ah, ah, ah, ah!" uttered with each thrust made
to the ecstatic wound between her thighs, as though she were having hot lava
poured into her. The orgasm came like an exquisite torment. At each spasm,
Leela moved as if she were being stabbed. She almost cried to have it end.

She never even noticed Amy leave, still wickedly smiling.

* * *

Not long after, the Planet Express delivery crew was forced by a bureaucratic
mix-up so common to the 31st century to compete on behalf of Earth at an
Olympic equestrian event, the Two Mile Run Like Hell.

Following a few introductory lessons from Amy, an accomplished rider, they
set off to a quiet part of France, the Bois countryside, for final
preparations and practise. Amy set a furious pace through several miles of
lightly wooded pleasure grounds, leaving the others far behind.

Well, most of the others. Leela was able to keep up.

When they reached the deepest part of the forest, they stopped and
dismounted, walking their horses to a mossy corner to rest. They sat, and
talked a while; Amy had kept her riding whip in her hand.

Leela fidgeted uncomfortably. "My ass is going to be one huge blister
tomorrow." she said.

"Let me see," said Amy, "for your first time we shouldn't have ridden so
far. Let me see how you look."

Leela stood nervously and slowly unfastened her belt, unbuttoned her
trousers, and pulled them down a little way, shyly turning round for Amy
to see.

"Let me see!" said Amy impatiently, and pulled Leela over her knees. She
finished pulling down the trousers and panties to completely uncover the
buttocks. She touched Leela.

"Does it hurt?" she asked.

"It doesn't hurt really," Leela replied, turning her head round. "It's just
so warm, as if it had been toasted."

Amy's hand cupped the round buttocks, and began to stroke them. "Poor little
things," she said. "Does it" Her hand crept deeper into the
trousers, deeper between the legs.

"It's burning there."

"Take the trousers off so it will cool," said Amy, pulling them down even
further but keeping Leela over her knees, exposed to the air.

"You've got beautiful skin there, Leela, it catches the light and shines.
Let the air cool you off there."

She continued to stroke Leela between the legs, her hand gradually going
deeper, touching her all over. Whenever Leela began to reach for her
trousers, Amy pulled them back out of the way.

"It still burns." said Leela, not moving. Her breath came more quickly now.

"Well, if it's not working, there is something else we could try."

"Do whatever you want to me."

Amy lifted her riding whip and let it fall, not too hard at first.

Leela said, "That just makes it hotter."

"I want you hot, Leela, I want you hot down there."

Leela did not move. Amy used the whip again, leaving a red mark this time.

"It's so hot, Amy..."

"I want you to burn, Leela, until you cannot burn any more, until you can't
stand any more. Then, I'll kiss it."

She struck again, and Leela did not move. She struck a little harder.

Leela said, "It's so hot there, Amy, kiss it, please."

Amy leaned over and gave her one long, tongue driven kiss where the buttocks
valleyed into the sexual parts, and inserting her tongue everywhere it wanted
to go. Then she struck Leela again. And again, still harder. Leela contracted
her buttocks as if they hurt, but she felt a burning pleasure.

"Strike hard," she told Amy.

Amy did so, thrashing Leela's cheek several times. She paused a moment, and
said, quietly, "Do you want to do it to me?"

Leela could hardly beleive it! Was this Amy talking? "Yes," she said, rising,
taking the whip and climbing out of her trousers. She sat on the cooling
moss, and watched Amy bare her buttocks with evident excitement. She then
took Amy over her knees and began whipping her gently at first, then harder,
until Amy contracted and expanded at each blow. Her buttocks were red and
burning hot now.

Suddenly, from far off, they heard voices. The others were looking for them.

"We'd better go," said Leela, reluctantly.

They began to put their clothes back on - but Leela still felt her burning
buttocks, and begged Amy to put an end to her irritation.

Amy kissed and caressed her buttocks and then used the whip again, harder
than before, leaving livid red marks till Leela cried out. Amy then spread
the buttocks with one hand so that the whip would fall between them, there
in the sensitive opening, and Leela screamed. Amy stuck her there again and
again until Leela was convulsed.

Then Leela turned and struck Amy hard, angry that she was so aroused and yet
unsatisfied, angry at the pain, angry with Amy for debasing her. Each time
she struck she felt herself palpitating in her vagina, as if she were taking
Amy, penetrating her. After they were both whipped to redness and fury, they
fell into each other, probing with hands and tongues until Amy's fingers
found Leela's rhythm, and Leela clung to her, waiting for the pleasure to
burst, while her own hands tried to do the same for Amy. They tried to come
together, but Leela came first, falling in a heap, detached from Amy's hand
by the violence of her orgasm. Amy fell beside her, straddled her face,
offering her sex to Leela's mouth. Leela gave Amy her tongue, flicking in
the sex's mouth, running over her clitoris till Amy contracted and moaned.
She bit into Amy's tender flesh. In her orgasm, Amy did not feel the teeth
buried there.


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