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Here's another quick request, this one by Marcus Abroad, a Futurama request
by one of the few Englishmen that actually have the ability to speak well
(Fuck you Skeeve). This one is harder than most of my other fics, with
larger bigger faster cocks, just way it was wanted. The title, by the way,
was chosen by the requester.

* indicates thoughts

Futurama: Onslaught
by Some Random Bastard

"Leela, Nibbler keeps humping my leg!" Fry said, in his regularly whiney

"What, and he didn't even take you out to a movie and dinner first?" asked
the ever wisecracking Bender.

"Come on, this thing won't get off my foot!"

"Oh, the poor thing is probably just in heat Fry, stop being such a baby"
Leela said, trying not to listen to Fry's whining and trying to watch tv.

"Oh fine, hand him over" Leela said, rolling her eye. "Poor guy is probably
confused" Nibbler started whimpering as he hugged Leela. She could notice a
bulge in his diaper.

"So" Fry said, happy to get the thing off his leg "Who's up for another Star
Trek marathon?"

"'Fraid not Fry, the obligations of a social life and sex won't let me. But
you have fun sitting in your room alone watching shows made over a thousand
years ago," Bender said.

"Sorry Fry, but I have a lot of work backed up I have to get through," Leela
said, lying through her teeth, hoping Fry would believe her.

"Aw, fine, I'll watch it alone, but to let you know what you are missing, I
was planning on only mouthing the words, not saying them aloud...all the
time" Fry said, walking into his room, the door automatically closing as he

"Well I'm out. Don't wait up, I'm gonna find some ladies and show them a
little Bender lo-ove!" Bender said, heading out.

"Come on Nibbler, looks like you need some rest" Leela said, carrying the
small alien to her room.

Leela sighed in frustration. Almost every night she was alone, and if she
wasn't alone then she was with Fry or someone else going on some idiotic
mission. And the only other men that wanted her were that idiot Fry or Zap
Brannigan, possibly the biggest idiot ever. *I haven't had a good lay since
that time with Bill Shatner* Leela said, letting out a relaxing sigh.

Nibbler continued to whimper. "Oh, what's wrong boy, you hungry?" she asked,
staring down at his frown. He shook his head violently back and forth. "What
boy, you need a change?" He thought a second, then nodded just as violently
as before. "Ok, up you go," she said, lifting him onto a table she used for
changing him. Turning him over on his stomach she unfastened the straps on
his diaper.

As she opened his diaper, but found no reason to change. Turning him over,
she was suddenly smacked in the face, falling unconscious.

* * *

"Huh, wha?" Leela said, rubbing her head. *What the hell just happened?* she
thought, wondering where the bruises on her head came from. "Hey boy" she
said, grabbing onto the table for support, "Do you know what happen-OH MY
GOD!" she said as she lifted her body to the level of the table, looking at
Nibbler's body.

Well it wasn't so much Nibbler's body as it was his crotch. Sprouting out
from his small body was three enormous penises, enormous by human standards.
They were already at two feet long, and were nearly as thick as her arm, and
they still showed no sign of abating their growth. "Holy shit...Nibbler!" she
said, then felt her head, still indented from whatever hit her, she felt a
groove that almost matched one of his cocks.

She watched a moment longer as his penises continued to grow until they each
were at roughly three feet long, jet black except for the head. Were it not
for the fact that they were so large, she would say they almost looked like
a human's.

Suddenly Nibbler began to groan. Moving slowly away from her pet, she was
amazed at how lifelike his cocks were. They were completely different than
tentacles, they seemed to be smooth, completely hard phalluses. Whimpering
Nibbler pointed at his multi-penis crotch.

"Wait a second, you can't possibly think that I'd, no, not a chance in hell!"
she said, stepping back from Nibbler. Surprising herself, she actually gave
the idea a thought. She had Nibbler for a long time, and this was the first
time it ever tried showed any signs of being in heat.

But she, she couldn't, could she? Nibbler's members would each be inhuman,
but together it would be absolutely impossible. They were as thick as her
arm, and three feet would likely impale her rather than please her. How the
hell did Nibbler have sex with one of his own kind anyways, his member is
longer than the entire length of his body!

Of course, what's the worse that could happen, a little discomfort when she
woke up the next morning? Nibbler might be her pet, but he was still a
sentient alien, and accordingly he would be able to stop if she wanted. *And
besides, even if I can't take all of that, even some of it would be enough
to get off on for months* she though.

*No, wait, what are you thinking?* she said, coming back to her senses. While
she was pondering, Nibbler had gotten off the table and was now humping her
leg, his tri-schlongs pressing against her pant leg, going all the way up to
her crotch, making her wet.

"No, no Nibbler" she said, trying to suppress the moan that escaped her lips.
Nibbler continued to whimper and hump her leg. Throwing caution to the wind,
she picked up the little guy as he continued to thrust into the air, and
brought him to her bed. Removing her pants, already moist with her own
juices, and her bland t shirt, leaving only her bra and panties on.

Taking off her bra, she looked down at the animal below her, surprised at
his member despite having seen it already. She removed her slimy panties,
surprised at their moistness.

"Alright, so how are we gonna do th-ah!" she said, trying to ask him a
question. Nibbler decided differently, bringing his member right to the
entrance of her pussy. "Wait boy, let me get on the bed first" she said,
stepping towards her bed. Watching nervously, she saw as Nibbler positioned
his members at her opening. Positioning one at her soaked pussy, she watched
as he positioned another at her rectum. Which left one left unoccupied.

Taking it in her hands, she used both to stroke his hard pulsating yardstick.
She let out a yelp as Nibbler pushed all three cocks forward, burring himself
in her pussy, virgin anus, and closer to her face in one solid thrust.

Nibbler continued his thrusts, each time pushing deeper and deeper into her
two holes. Leela cried out in pleasure, feeling each of the three throbbing
and pulsating in unison, their motions rhythmic, like waves breaking on a

"OH!" she cried out in pleasure as he continued, stuffing at least a foot of
cock in both her orifices. She looked down and saw the head of his cock right
under her chin. Bending her head down a little, with his next thrust pushing
the member straight into her mouth. She could smell the strong smell of his
member as she tasted the salty taste of precum on her lips.

"OH, FUCK ME-EE!" she cried out, her mouth quickly filling with Nibbler's
closest cock. The rest of what she said was muddled by the large phallus in
her mouth.

Her body was racked with pleasure as he continued to fuck her, speeding up
his fucking pace. Stroke after fast stroke, each push bringing more and more
of his tricocks into her soaked pussy, well abused ass, and now full mouth.
Stroking his members with her hands, she was suddenly hit with a thought, do
the three work separately or on a whole?

As she felt the cocks, she noticed that all of them seem to be surging,
pulsating rhythmically, as though they were preparing for something.
Surprised at her own body, she was plunged into a strong orgasm before she
could ever come to a conclusion. Her entire body squeezed the fuck out of
the cocks as they continued to press inward and onward.

Looking down she was amazed to find that half of the two cocks were buried
into her gaping pussy and asshole. Each fuck continued deeper, like a
continual fucking action that was burrowing into the deepest darkest corners
of her love holes and not just stopping exploring them, they were going on
deeper, boldly going where no man could ever have gone before.

She opened her mouth wide, screaming into his cock as the rapture of an
orgasm took over her body. Using this opportune to his advantage, Nibbler
shoved another inch and a half of cock into her mouth.

As she was finishing her orgasm, she noticed an incredible change of pace,
his motions increased rapidly, from 1 to sixty. Sixty thousand!

Finally her body would stretch no further, as the two feet of cock was deeply
buried in both her pussy and ass, the length of which almost as wide as her
leg. Each motion was like a blur as her mind was overrun with a barrage of
orgasms, continuing one after another, hazing her mind in pleasure.

Suddenly, everything stopped. Looking down on the small being, she heard him
groan. All of a sudden he removed his cocks from her body, the one out of her
mouth first, then continuing onto the other two as they let out a dual pop
that would be audible to anyone in the building.

Bringing all three cocks to her face, the beast let out a high pitched wail
before it's closest cock began to blow it's wad all over Leela's face,
covering her with cum, from her hair to her eye to her chin. As it blew it's
sticky wad, it cock quickly began to deflate, as though it was filled with
the white goo, and as it unloaded like a fire hose it was draining the jizz
from it.

Leela opened her eye, cum sticking into her lashes. Seeing the deflated cock
go, she looked up and still saw the other two at full attention.

The second blew another wad, this one shooting nearly a quart of sticky semen
all over her breasts and stomach, white washing her skin with his abundance
of his creamy paint.

The final cock went lower, blowing it's piping hot 98.8 degree load of
protein all over her pussy and asshole, filling the openings to the gaping
holes with blast after blast of little swimmers. Leela cried out again as
another orgasm ripped through her body, sending her into an almost catatonic
state of pleasure.

* * *

"Huh, wha?" Leela said, rubbing her head. *What the hell just happened?* she
thought, wondering where the bruises on her head came from. "Hey boy" she
said, pausing a moment. *What the FUCK did I just do?* Checking on the little
animal, he was indeed sporting a rod, a four inch rod.

"What a fucked up dream," she said, changing his diapers and heading off to

* * *

Unfortunately for Leela, she fell asleep and was not around to hear the
communique between Nibbler and the communicator.

"This is Nibbler to the high command, the woman has no idea of what happened,
the mind control ray works perfectly," he said, tucking away his
communication device, watching as his human `master' fell asleep, completely
unaware of the sexual testing she was being put through.


That is, as I always say that. I kinda liked this one, let me get more in
touch with my darker writing 1337 skillnizits. And if nothing else it was
fun dirty large impossible fun with giant tricocks. Sounds like a Star Trek
tool for examining cocks now that I think about it.

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