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Futurama: Leela's Big Night (FF)
by Pinetester

"I like Brad and all but he seems to have hardly any passion. When we
actually do do it, it seems like he's finished when I'm just getting
started," Leela said.

"Guh! Men can be such pigs. Fortunately for you, I have just what you need,"
Amy replied as she began rummaging through her purse.

"I already have enough toys, thank you very much. A good thing too or else I
wouldn't have gotten off in months."

"Please! None of my toys would fit in my purse," Amy snorted, "I've got
something that will help put some zazz back into your sex life. Aha!" Amy
said, pulling out a bottle of pills, "Here's what you need."

Curious, Leela reached over and took the bottle from Amy. "Glagnar's Hot and
Heavy? What's this stuff do?"

"You mean you've never heard of it? Guh, you can be sooo 30th century
sometimes, Leela. It's the ultimate in aphrodisiacs. Your rub it on your skin
and it secretes some junk through your pores so that anyone who touches you
will be overcome with lust."

"And it really works?" Leela said, unsure if anything like that could even be

"Natch!" Amy replied, "I use it all the time. Well, when I'm dating someone.
Obviously I don't use it all the time. Can you imagine the trouble that could

"I'm still not so sure about this but I suppose it can't hurt to try. It
certainly can't make things any worse. Brad's supposed to be taking me out to
a restaurant tonight but if this stuff works, it just might call for a change
of plans," Leela said with a wink as she left the room.

Leela decided if she was going to spice up her love life, she should go all
out. So on her way home from Planet Express she went to a lingerie store and
found a sexy new outfit. When she got home, she put her new outfit on.

"Wow, I am sexy," Leela said admiring her figure in a mirror. The sheer
nightie she had on left little to the imagination. She suspected she might
have gotten a size too small as the outfit was rather tight around her chest
but seeing as that only emphasized her already well-endowed breasts, Leela
didn't really mind.

"Oh, Brad's supposed to be here any minute. I'd better rub some of this
lotion on." Leela said while doing just that. "Hmm. I don't feel any
different. I suppose it's only supposed to work on him anyway."

Just then Leela's phone rang. Leela sprang to answer the phone. "Hello?"

"Hi Leela."

"Oh, hi Brad. I'm looking forward to tonight."

"Well see, the thing is, there's a problem with that."

"Oh no! You don't have to work do you?"

"No, no. It's nothing like that. It's just that I found a woman who treats me
right. She's not the cold fish in bed like you are."

"What?!" Leela said, shocked. "How dare you!... he hung up."

Leela was initially furious at the bastard. How dare he cheat on her! As she
began to calm down a little however, doubt seeped into her head. Was she
really a lousy lover? Did Brad really leave her because she was no good in
bed? Self-doubt began to overwhelm her and she started to cry.

Filled with a mixture of anger and self-pity, Leela needed someone to talk
to. She knew she couldn't talk to any of the guys about this, certainly not
Fry. He would try to make her feel better but somehow she knew that would
only make her feel worse. So that just left Amy. So Leela picked up the
phone and called her.

Upon answering the phone, Amy could immediately see something was wrong.
"What happened Leela? Why are you crying?"

"It's Brad. He... he left me for another woman," Leela said between sobs.

"What? That slimeball! I can't believe he'd do that to you."

"I really don't feel like being alone right now. Do you think you could come

"Of course I can sweetie. I'll be there in a few minutes."

Leela hung up the phone and curled up on the couch, wallowing in her own
misery. A short while later her sobbing was interrupted by a knock at the

"Leela" Amy said "It's me. Can I come in?"

"Please do." Leela managed after a couple tries.

"It's all right, sweetie," Amy said, giving Leela a big hug. Leela was
surprised to realize that in addition to feeling comfort she was actually
feeling a little turned on having Amy so close to her nearly naked body.
The momentary thrill was soon drowned out by her despair however.

"He was just so mean! I was all set to have a nice romantic evening with Brad
and he calls up to tell me he's found someone else. And he said I was lousy
in bed. And the worst part is that now I'm sitting here wondering what if
he's right? What if this is all my own fault?"

"There, there Leela," Amy said, putting her arm back around her troubled
friend, "Brad's obviously a jerk who doesn't deserve a smart, beautifully and
incredibly sexy woman like yourself. Anyone who could see you in this outfit
wouldn't be able to keep their hands off you. "

"Well I am glad someone thinks so but Brad certainly doesn't."

"I don't see how he couldn't. I mean just looks at your breasts straining
against your top. And those lovely nipples", Amy said as she began to trace
her fingers across Leela's chest.

"Uhh, Amy what are you doing?" Leela said pulling back.

"Sorry, I don't know what is wrong with me. You just look so sexy right now.
I've got an incredibly strong urge to push you down on the couch, straddle
your waist and and have my way with you."

Leela was baffled as to the cause of her friend's strange behavior. Up until
now Leela had never noticed Amy showing any romantic or sexual interest in
her but tonight, out of the blue, Amy was all over her. "Of course!," Leela
thought, "It must be the Glagnar's Hot n' Heavy. It is all over my body and
Amy hugged me. That's why she can't control herself now."

Leela continued backing away from the steadily advancing Amy until she had
backed herself into the arm of the couch. "Um Amy, maybe you should go. I
don't want you to do something that you'll regret later."

"But I'd rather cum" Amy said. She began kissing Leela's neck. "Come on,
Leela. You said yourself that you haven't been satisfied lately. I am sure I
could do a better job than Brad."

"Oh, that feels good. But it's, it's not right for me to take advantage of
you like this. You're, oh yes, you're not yourself."

"Are you so sure you don't want me to stay? Your body certainly doesn't seem
to feel that way" Amy resumed gently stroking Leela's obviously erect nipples
through the sheer material of her lingerie. "Trust me, it'll be a lot more
fun than another night with your vibrator.

Sensing Leela's weakening defenses, Amy stopped kissing Leela's neck and kiss
Leela on the lips. Leela had opened her mouth to protest but that only gave
Amy the chance to put her tongue in Leela's mouth. Leela's protests were
muffled by Amy's mouth and when Leela felt Amy's hand gently caress her inner
thigh, she decided that she would worry about the consequences later, right
now she wanted Amy.

Once she had given into her passion, Leela became the aggressive one, quickly
pulling off Amy's shirts to get at her delectable breasts. Amy was now the
one lying back on the couch with Leela lying on top of her, sucked on her
sensitive nipples.

Leela continued lavishing attention on Amy's breasts with her tongue while
she slid her hand down the the front of Amy's pants and inside of her
panties; she began to tenderly massage Amy's pussy.

"Oh god, more!" Amy cried totally lost in the moment. Leela happily
accommodated Amy's request, sliding Amy's pants and panties down around her
thighs. She then began teasing Amy's pussy with her tongue. Soon Amy was
bucking wildly, her legs wrapped around Leela's neck as a powerful orgasm
overcame her.

Her lust somewhat sated Amy realized that Leela had needs as well. She
rolled Leela over so that Amy was now the one on top. She then turned around,
grinding her pussy into Leela's face, while using her fingers to spread
Leela's pussy. Amy then began to use her tongue, playing with Leela's clit
while Leela did the same for her.

The two women gave each other many orgasms that night before collapsing,
exhausted yet content in Leela's bed.

The next morning...

Leela sat the table, her head down. Her sobs were loud enough to wake Amy
from her blissful slumber. "Leela," Amy asked, "What's wrong? You don't
regret what we did last night do you? You were one of the best partners I've
ever had. Didn't you enjoy it?" Leela looked up, her shame obvious. "Of
course I enjoyed it. Before now, I didn't know sex could feel that good."

"Then why are you crying?"

"I took advantage of you last night. Remember the Glagnar's Hot and Heavy you
gave me? I had put it on for Brad last night but then he stood me up so when
you came over it affected you instead of him. I should have stopped you but I
was so horny and you were making me feel so good. I know that's no excuse
though. I'm so sorry, Amy."

"Um Leela. There's something you should know about that stuff. It only
increases an existing attraction."

"What?" Leela said, "You mean you were already..?"

"Yeah. I've always thought you were a hottie but I didn't think you were into
women and I didn't want to make things awkward between us since we have to
work together and all. After that whole thing with Fry I know how things can
get awkward when you mix sex and co-workers. When I saw you crying I just
figured that you regretted what we did last night because you were ashamed to
have slept with a woman."

"Well I never thought I was attracted to women before but I've never felt
anywhere near as good as I did last night anytime I've sex with a guy

Amy gave Leela a quick kiss on the lips. "Well, let's go have a shower and
I'll make you feel some other things you never felt before."

And with, that the two girls rushed, laughing, into the Leela's shower.


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