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TITLE: Full House: Kimmy Rapes Stephanie (ff, ncon)
AUTHOR: HaRkOnIn ([email protected])
FILENAME: fhouse07.txt

Danny: Okay you guys, it's time for bed!

Stephanie and her little sister Michelle were sitting in the living
room watching a late night movie that their dad decided to let them watch
past their bed time because they were extra good and helpful around the

Stephanie: But dad.

Danny: Now you know our agreement Stephanie. I let you guys watch
the late movie with me because you guys were extra helpful
around the house today, and you guys go to bed no questions
asked right after it was over. Now git!

Both Stephanie and Michelle both let out a silent pout and got up
of the couch and gave their daddy a kiss and a hug and went to their
rooms. Danny remained in the chair flipping through the channels trying
to find something else on.

Stephanie's Room

Stephanie walked into her bedroom and closed the door. DJ had moved
away with he boyfriend a few months before, so Stephanie had the room to
herself now. She was kinda sad to see her older sister go, but was finally
glad that she had a room to herself. She was always jealous of Michelle
because she had always had her own room.

She walked ove to the miror and checked her hair. Absolutely perfect.
She always made sure she looked good before going to bed at night for
some strange reason. (I guess the women wanna look good for the men
they dream about at night LOL!)

Being a woman of 17 now, Stephanie no longer wore pajammas. She went
through her usual routine of stripping down to her under garments and pulling
back the covers on her bed, turning on the lamp next to it on the night stand,
shutting off the bedroom light, puting her reading glasses on, picking up
the book next to the lamp and doing a little reading before dozing off to
sleep. She always hated it when he father made her wear those glasses. She
always thought she looked like such a dork. But she later in life grew to
depend on them to help he see better.

She got into about 10 minutes of reading and suddenly felt he eyelids
begin to get heavy. She put the book back down on the table and removed
her reading glasses and set them down next to the book and reached over
and shut the lamp off and pulled the covers up to he chin and layed there
on her back and closed he eyes.

For a moment there she thought she heard something move under her bed,
but then she quickly dismissed it thinking she was being such a child,
thinking there were monsters under her bed. And with that, she quickly
fell fast asleep.

A few hours later, she woke up to a horrifying situation. One which
she had no idea how she got into. She found the lamp turned on next to her,
and further looking around the room revealed that she had been tied and
bound to her bed with what looked like ripped pieces of her silk night gown
she hadn't warn in months. Her arms and legs were tied to the bed posts,
and she had a bad taste in her mouth. Something dry and salty. She looked
down at her mouth as hard as she could and realized that a red gym sock had
been stuffed there. And the salty taste revealed that it had been a dirty
gym sock, therefore identifying the bad taste in her mouth.

She tried to scream, but she couldn't. She couldn't even scream through
her nose. Her mouth and throat were very dry. A moment later, she heard
her bedroom door slowly open. She looked in it's direction and was suddeny
stricken by fear as she watched Kimmy Gibbler from next door strutting into
her bedroom wearing a skimpy little outfit. It basically looked to
Stephanie like what Kimmy aways wore to the Gym whenever she would go
with her mother.

Kimmy strutted over to Stephanie's side and knelt down and put her face
right up to Stephanie's ear and whispered "You're mine now you little slut."
Stephanie began to cry in fear as she heard the words being whispered into
her ear. She still couldn't scream. She tried very had to scream and
yank herself loose as Kimmy began running he hand up her left leg, then
over he panty covered crotch area. Stephanie tried to close her legs but
found them again foced open by Kimmy as she continued running her hand
over he crotch, feeling every inch of her yellow silk panties between her
fingers. Stephanie found it very hard to get turned on by this while
tied to her own bed. She knew if she weren't tied up, she'd willingly do
what ever Kimmy asked. Deep down she had always wanted to make love with
Kimmy, dispite all their little problems in the past. She wasn't actually
all that bad looking.

Stephanie tried as hard as she could to tell Kimmy that the bonds
weren't necessary, and that she'd willingly do anything she wanted, but
all that came out of her mouth though the dirty gym sock was mumbles. Kimmy
looked he in the eyes and just aughed as she continued running he fingers
around Stephanie's crotch area. Stephanie figured the only way she was
going to get Kimmy to listen to her was to just lay there and try to
enjoy it, even though Kimmy was being a little rough with her. The only
part she hated about the whole thing was that Kimmy would lick her index
finger, push it inside he vegina, then pull it out and sit there for
a few minutes. Stephanie figured if she was going to do that to her,
why not go all the way? And finally the words she was waiting for came
out of Kimmy's mouth.

Kimmy: Are you going to be a good little girl?

Stephanie nodded her head and gave out a quiet moan as she felt
Kimmy's finger go deep inside he vegina and then get pulled out again.
Stephanie was indeed in heaven. And her pleasures went further as she
saw Kimmy strip off her gym clothes and pull down Stephanie's
panties to her knees and spread he legs. Then she straddled Stephanie's
face and lowered heer pussy to he mouth and then burried he face
into Stephanie's pussy and began lapping away wildly.

Then suddenly the bedroom door flew open and hit the wall and
scared the shit out of both girls. Danny Tanner stood there and
flipped on the light switch and stared at them wide eyed. The two
girls looked up at him and waited for him to yell, but instead he
began to get a very large bulge between his legs. Kimmy decided to
burry her face between Stephanie's legs again and continue. And
to Stephanie's surpise, Danny didn't yell, but instead removed his
pants, and as if on cue, Kimmy shift herself around to where she
was facing Stephanie's pussy, her butt high in the air, and she
let out a scream of ecstasy as she felt Danny's huge cook plunge
deep inside her.

And it was like music. Danny would pump harder, Kimmy would lick
Stephanie's pussy hader and faster and Stephanie would scream louder
and louder with each thrust that her dad gave. Until finally Stephanie
couldn't hold back anymore and suddenly squirted all of her juices into
Kimmy's mouth. At the same time, Danny was just getting finished
squirting his jism into Kimmy's pussy.

It was indeed a night of true passion for the three of them
as they all cuddled close together and spent the night in Stephanie's

NOTE: I've Been Getting A Lot Of Requests For An Entire Family Orgy
Between All The Members Of Full House. Well, I've Decided To
Postpone That For Another Time Because I Really Don't Do Family
Orgies. I'd End Up Making It Jump Around So Fast, People Would
Get Confused. Ideas For Where To Start Would Be Greaty Appreciated.



This Story Is Approved And Sealed By Me



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