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TITLE: Full House: Stephanie & Danny (fm/incest)
AUTHOR: HaRkOnIn ([email protected])
FILENAME: fhouse04.txt

(CONTINUED FROM Full House: Stephanie & Gia At The Prom)

The lights were out in th Tanner house. In the living room, Danny
Tanner is laying in a lounge chair with a book on his chest. His head
tilted back, his mouth open, eyes closed. He had fallen asleep waiting up
for Stephanie and Gia to return home from the prom. He wanted so much to
hear about their date. Not just because it was a father's business to know
where his daughter has been all night, but also because it interested him

The front door opened, and he jumped up, the book fell from his chest
onto the floor. He looked toward the front door and saw Stephanie walking
in alone. Her prom dress a bit wrinkled. She closed the door and looked
over at him and smiled.

Danny: Where's Gia?

Stephanie: I had the limmo driver drop her off at home.

Danny was dissappointed. He hoped that after all he had done for the
two of them, that he would atleats get to har the tail of their date from
the both of them at the same time... And possibly get into a little uh...
Hanky Panky of their own. That's what he had been waiting all night for
them to get back for. But he didn't want his daughter to know this, so he
put the thought asside for the moment and stood up and went to Stephanie and
hugged her.

Danny: Did you guys have a great time sweety?

Stephanie: Yes.. Thanks dad. It was wonderful.

Danny: (Pausing) Care to tell me about it?

Stephanie: (Surprised) Isn't it a bit late?

Danny: Nahh! Tomorrow's Saturday. Come on. Sit on daddy's lap and tell
me all about it.

Danny sat back down in the lounge chair and threw the blanket onto the
couch next to him and rested his arms on the arms of the chair and Stephanie
smoothed out her dress and sat in his lap and put her arms around him and
layed against him. So comfortable. She couldn't remember the last time she
was in her daddy's arms. Danny rested his chin on her head and began
rocking her.

Stephanie: Dad I'm really tired. Can't we do this tomorrow?

Danny: Oh come on. I waited up for you all night to tell me about your
little experience, and you want to go to bed?

Stephanie: I'm sorry.. You can.... Mmmmmmm.....

Stephanie's words were muffled as Danny pressed his lips to hers and
began wildly and passionately kissing her. She moaned softly, tried to
break away at first, but then just relaxed there in his lap and lost herself
in the moment. And by the end of the kiss, Stephanie was so arroused she
couldn't think straight. She was still recovering from her experience with
Gia. And she lost all train of thought when her dad began rubbing her
breasts through her prom dress. Stephanie just leaned her head back and
allowed him to do as he pleased, enjoying every moment of her father's
hands on her body. Moaning softly here and there.

Danny: (Whispering) Oooh you like that sweety don't you?

Stephanie: (Moaning) Mmmmmm... Yes.. Mmmmmm

Danny continued to rub her breasts with his right hand as he spread her
knees apart with his left hand and began inching his left hand between her
legs, very slowly creeping up her left leg. She began breathing erratic
now, and spread her legs as far apart as she could, wanting her father to
touch her. Needing him to touch her where she enjoyed it the most.

Danny: (Finally reaching her panties) Oooh baby you're wet.

Stephanie: Mmmmm... Hhhhh.. What do you expect?.. Mmmmm.. Look what
you're doing... Mmmmmm.....

Danny smiled and continued. Stephanie was having a wonderful time,
and didn't mind at all. He put his fingers in her panti line and began to
pull on them, and almost on cue, she lifted herself up and he pulled them
off of her and let them drop on the floor next to the chair.

Danny: Tell me what you want baby.

Stephanie: Mmmmm........ Touch me daddy... Hhhhhhhh.....

Danny: How?

Stephanie: Mmmmm..... Fuck me with your fingers.... Mmmmmmmmmmm.....

While he was pulling her panties off, Stephanie had removed the
shoulder straps of her prom dress and pushed it down to her waist, giving
him full access to her fully developed succulant breasts. She was taking
his left hand and helping him rub her breasts as he took his index and
middle finger and walked them up her left leg very slowly, teasing her. As
she began to moan and breathe harder, he began to tease her some more by
rubbing his fingers around her love button. Stephanie began to move around,
moaning a little louder.

Stephanie: Mmmmmm... Ahhhhh... Put your fingers inside me daddy. Please..

And with that, Danny finally did as she asked. As he began pushing his
fingers in and out of her at a slow pace, she raised her knees in the air,
resting her feet on his legs, giving him easier access. Her dress riding
up her legs, and finally resting on her stotmach. Danny could now see his
daughter's nicely forming hair covered pussy, and it turned him on. Turned
him on so much infact that he began shoving his fingers in and out of her
faster and faster with each passing thought. This made Stephanie breath

Stephanie: Ooooh..... That's it...... Mmmmmmmmmmmm... Mmmmmmmmmmm....
Hhhhh.. Fuck me daddy....... Mmmmmmmmmmmm......

And he continued his rythm. Finally a few minutes later, Stephanie
looked him straight in the eyes as he continued fingering her. She reached
up and took his head and brought his ear closer to her, and whispered
something to him.

Stephanie: (Whispering) Daddy.... I want you to make love to me.

And Danny was all for it. He didn't hesitate for a moment. He removed
his hand from between her legs, and she got off of his lap and he unbuttoned
his pants and unzipped them and let his rock hard cock fly straight out.
Lifting his butt in the air off of the chair, he removed them and kicked
them off onto the floor. His cock was hard and ready and waiting for his
daughter's sweet pussy. He held out his arms and practtically begged her
to sit on him. Stephanie let her dress fall to the floor and got down on
her knees in front of him. At first he was gonna ask her what she was
doing, but as he felt her cold wet lips around the head of his cock, he
threw his head back and let out a grunt.

Stephanie: Mmmmm... You like your daughter's lips on your big dick don't
you daddy?

Danny: (Moaning) Oooooh yes... Suck it baby.... Suck it.. Harder....

As Stephanie began bobbing her head up and down on her father's big
dick, she began telling him the tail of her experience with Gia. How they
rubbed their pussies together on the bathroom floor at the prom. And this
made him so hot, he was litterally ready to cum in her mouth right there.
But she didn't let him. Instead she stopped and stood up, and spread her
legs around him, positioned herself right over his big cock and slowly
lowered herself upon it.

As his big wet hard dock began to dissappear inside her, she threw her
head back and let out a scream, almost loud enough to wake the whole house
up. But thankfully it didn't. But he still cautioned her to be a little
more quieter, even though it was pretty tough to do with his big dick inside
her, breaking through her libia, and rubbing against the walls of her vagina.
His daughter was a virgin until up to this moment. And Danny was very happy
tto be the first one to make love to her.

As Stephanie began moving up and down on him in a slow rythem, she
leaned forward and they kissed for a long time. Stephanie moaning through
her nose, Danny moaning through his mouth into hers. They both were
creating a lot of energy.

Stephanie cummed about 7 or 8 times before Danny finally let his load
blow straight into her. It was the most wonderful experience he had ever
had. And the best.

When it was over, they both took a shower together and cleaned up and
wnt and slept together in Stephanie's room, holding eachother close the
whole night.



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