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TITLE: Full House: Stephanie & Gia At The Prom (ff/romance)
AUTHOR: HaRkOnIn ([email protected])
FILENAME: fhouse03.txt

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This Scenario Was Requested To Be Written By One Of My
"Fans", Who Recently E-Mailed Me Some Pictures And Info
On What Gia Looks Like, What She Wears, And So Forth.
Full House Isn't On Regular TV Where I am Anymore, And I
Don't Have Cable, So I Haven't Had The Pleasure Of Seeing
Any Of The Latest Episodes. Thanks RaZoRxHaLL!


The High School prom... Always a wonderful site to behold. Lots of
lovely ladies in beautiful dresses, with their dates, mostly men in black
and blue tuxedos, rented by their parents. Stephanie had always waited for
this moment. I was like a dream to her, to get all dressed up and beautiful
for her first prom night. And now the time had come.

It was the night of the prom, and Stephanie was in her room rushing
around in her beautiful white silk prom dress, bare foot, looking all over
the place for her shoes. She was getting really angry.

Danny: Stephanie! Come on you're going to be late!

Stephanie: I'll be right there dad! I'm tring to find my shoes!

Danny: (Walking in) These what you're looking for?

Stephanie looked up and smiled at her dad and went to him and took the
white high heels out of his hand and sat on her bed and put them on. Danny
just stood there in her bedroom door way watching her and smiling. This was
an exciting moment for him too. His daughter, growing up, and getting ready
to go to her first prom. He couldn't help but think of DJ's first prom.
What a disaster that was he thought to himself.

Stephanie: Okay I'm ready. How do I look?

Danny: (Smiling as she twirled around in her lovely prom dress) Absolutely
gorgious. Now come on you're gonna be late. Your date is waiting
for you downstairs.

Staphanie: He's here!! Dad I thought we were going to met him at the

Danny: I know. But I asked him to come. I wanted to get a picture of
you two before the prom, and I couldn't very well do that at the

Stephanie: Daddy!

Danny: I'm sorry. If you like I can tell him to go ahead and you'll meet
him there.

Stephanie: No!

Danny: (Snickering) I thought you'd see things my way. Now come on.

Stephanie walked with her dad down the stairs, and they went into the
living room. The TV was on, and a chair with a tall back was placed right
in front of it. Stephanie couldn't see who her date was going to be. She
had let her father arrange her prom date as a reqeust by him, so she hadn't
yet met him.

Danny: (Smiling) Okay Mr. Mystery date. She's ready.

And Stephanie's jaw dropped when she saw that her date wasn't wha she
had expected. She expected her dad to arrange a date with the cutest guy in
town, but instead, she saw her best friend Gia stand up from behind the chair
with the tall back. Gia had Bluejeans on, and a very tight black top with
long sleves, that was cut off half way up her stomach. Her hair was up in a
pony tail. She looked at Stephanie and smiled brightly.

Stephanie: Gia??? What are you doing here?

Gia: I'm your date!

Stephanie looked at her dad with a really embarrased look on her face.
She didn't now what to say. She had always been attracted to her best
friend Gia ever since the first day they had met, but she didn't expect her
father and his "Twisted Mind" to actually arrange a prom date between the
two girls. But her she was standing in front of Gia, red faced as ever, very
silent, but deep down inside, excited at the same time.

Danny: What's wrong?

Stephanie: Nothing... I just didn't expect to have a female date for the
prom dad. Normally girls go with guys? Or didn't you know?

Danny: I know that. But I've seen the way you two look at eachother, and
thought I might surprise you two with a date together. Besides,
I couldn't find the cutest guy in town. I think he's off with the
cutest girl in town.

Gia: (Walking up to Stephanie) Stephanie, if this is too weird for you, we
don't have to do this. I just thought it would be a neat experience.

Stephanie: (Smiling) No, its okay. I think it's time the world made some
changes about prom night anyway.

Gia: Stephanie... My feelings for you are real. I hope you don't want to
do this just to change the way proms are arranged in the world.

Stephanie: (Silent for a moment) No.. Thats not what I meant.

Gia smiled at her and went to her and put her arms around her and they
gave eachother a nice soft hug. Danny already had the camera out and was
snapping pictures of them together. He even got a nice closeup shot of their
first passionate kiss together. And when they pulled away, Stephanie went
to her father and asked a burning question.

Stephanie: Dad... How did you know?

Danny: You mean that you like girls?

Stephanie: Yeah.

Danny: DJ told me.

Stephanie: WHAT???

Stephanie suddenly got scared, thinking the worst as her sexual
experiences with her older sister DJ suddenly came back to her. How could
she do that? How could she go to their dad and tell him what they did

Danny: (Smiling) It's okay sweety. DJ and I are very honest with eachother,
and to be honest, I was pretty surprised at first, but then I
realized that you're old enough to make your own choices in your
life, including which sex you intend to be with.

Stephanie: You're not mad?

Danny: Ofcourse not. To tell you the truth, I was actualy a little turned
on by it.

Stephanie couldn't believe she was standing there having this
conversation with her dad. She looked over at Gia and saw that she was
listening to them and was showing looks of approval, but at the same time,
a look of surprise on her face that she actually went through with sexual
encounters with her own sister.

Just then, the sound of a horn came from outside the front door. Danny
went to it and opened the door and looked ouside. Their ride was here.
Stephanie and Gia went arm in arm to the door and looked out and saw a large
black stretch limo parked in the driveway. Stephanie looked at her father
who was smiling at her.

Danny: Have fun you two.

Stephanie: (Giving her dad a kiss on the cheek) Thanks daddy.. For

Danny: Have a good time sweety.


In the center of the dance floor, Stephanie and Gia danced very close
to eachother. Lots of people danced around them. Some even stared at them
for a brief moment and smiled, but what surprised her was that nobody had a
problem with them being together. And this made her happy. She held her
arms tightly around Gia and pulld her coser and layed her head on her
shoulder and let out a silent sigh of happiness as they danced. The smell
of her perfume turned her on. No wonder. I was Stephanie's favorite. And
it occured to her that Gia must have wanted her as much as she wanted Gia,
otherwise they wouldn't be together tonight. Gia wasn't the type of person
that did wha she was told.

As they danced, Stephanie suddenly felt the top of her dress loosen up.
Gia had reached around behind her and took ahold of the zipper on her dress
and pulled it down half way. Stephanie didn't have a problem with this.
She just stood their dancing as Gia pulled the zipper down all the way,
ending at her waist. Stphanie looked around them to see if anybody was
looking. Nobody was. Everybody was busy dancing with their own partner.
Stephanie began moaning softly and breating a little erratic as she felt
Gia's hands rubbing her bare back under her dress.

Gia: (Whispering in her ear) Does this bother you?

Stephanie: (Puting her arms around Gia's neck and breathing softly in her
left ear) Mmmmm..... No......

Gia: Good.... Because I've wanted to do this ever since I first met you.

Stephanie: (Moaning) Mmm.... What took you so long? Mmmm.... Hhhhhhhh....

Gia didn't answer that, nore did Stephanie expect her to. She just
stood there and continued to moan as Gia ran her hands all over her back,
and down the back of her dress, down the back of her panties, squeezing her
ass, occasionally running her finger along the crack of her ass. Stephanie
decided she couldn't take anymore of this teasing. She took Gia's hand and
the two of them went as quickly as they could into the women's bathroom.
Stephanie leaned up against the wall accross from the door and closed her
eyes and continued moaning softly as she began to rub her breasts. Her
dress coming down slowly because of the back still being unzipped.

Gia locked the bathroom door and slowly approached her. She took hold
of the shoulder straps of Stephanie's dress and pulled them down slowly.
Stephanie let her arms drop to her sides and allowed Gia to pull her dress
down. Once the shoulder straps cleared her arms, there was nothing else
there to hold the dress on her body, so it simply slipped down the rest of
the way and dropped at her akels. She stepped out of it and kicked it
asside as Gia pressed her lips to hers as she put her hands down the back
of her panties and began running her finger along the crack of her ass again.

Stephanie's legs were giving away under all this pressure, so she
decided to slowly slide down the wall, kissing Gia's clothed body the whole
way down, until she found herself sitting on the floor. The cold tile floor
against her cotton panties made her shiver a bit, but she didn't care. Gia
just stood there in front of her.

Stephanie reached up and undid her belt and undid the buttons on her
button up bluejeans and pulled them down. As she did this, Gia kicked off
her shoes, and stepped out of them. Stephanie's eyes widened as she realized
Gia wasn't wearing any panties. And the smell of her sex was really turning
her on. Stephanie put her hands on Gia's hips and pulled her closer and put
her face between Gia's legs and began running her tongue up and down her
plvic area, around her love button, and finally inside her vagina. The
taste was wonderful. So good that she never wanted to stop. And she didn't
have to, cause Gia was just standing here, moaning and letting out silent
screams of pleasure as she did this.

Gia took her black top off and got down on her knees in front of
Stephanie and took her hands and placed them on her bare breasts as she did
the same to her. As the both fondled eachother's breasts, they began
kissing very passionately, running their tongues around the inside of
eachother's mouth. Stephanie was having the time of her life. And was so
was Gia.

Gia pulled away and sat down on the floor and spread her legs.
Stephanie took her panties off and moved away from the wall and sat down on
the floor, spreading her legs just as her best friend did. She knew what
Gia had in mind. Gia held out her hands, and Stephanie took one in each and
the both pulled together by leaning back as far as they could until their
pussies were touching together. This opened a whole new world for Stephanie
as she felt Gia move her pelvic area up and down slightly, rubbing her pussy
against hers.

This made Stephanie's juices began to flow very unusually as she closed
her eyes and continued to enjoy the moment, moving her pussy against Gia's
every now and then. And got the thrill of her life when she felt Gia's wet
lips carress her left foot. She leaned her head forward and began doing the
same, and this must have sent a shock through Gia's body, cause she not
only began to rub her pussy against Stephanie's faster and faster, but her
whole body was shaking.

And this turned Stephanie on so much that she began going with the
rythm and was soon feeling a wonderful tingling sensation all over her body,
and with one final blow, the two of them cummed at the same time, squirting
their juices inside of eachother.

When they were finished, they both got dressed, and went home and
Stephanie told her father about their experience. By the end of their
conversation, Danny was so turned on, he didn't know what to do with himself.




This Story Is Approved And Sealed By Me



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