Warning: This story contains adult material and sexual situations. If this is
not for you, then read no further.

MC T.V.: Full House 2 - D.J. Gets Hers (f/f,m/f,mc)
by Yenoc

D.J. Tanner entered the house and saw that nobody was home. She had just
returned from school. She was 16 years old and had long blonde hair. Her
body frame was short and squat. She had medium sized breasts and she needed
to lose a couple of pounds. She had a plump ass and vivacious figure. She
wore a black skirt and a white blouse that buttoned down the front.

Trent knew she was in the house and he had plans for her. He put out a
mental field so that no one would enter the house. Stephanie and Gia were
still enjoying one another's delights.

DJ went upstairs and headed for her room. She heard noises coming from
Steph's bedroom. She opened the door and got the shock of her life. DJ
stopped in her tracks. Her eyes bugged out and her mouth dropped open in
shock. Her sister Stephanie and her friend Gia were rolling around on the
bed. They were kissing and touching each other. DJ was dumbstruck. They
were having sex!!

"Stephanie!!" she screamed. "What the hell are you doing?!!" The girls
ceased their minstrations and looked at DJ. "Oh, hi Deej," Stephanie said.
"Gia and I are just fooling around. Wanna join us?"

"What's wrong with you two?" she demanded. "Calm down DJ, we're just having
sex. We got fucked this afternoon and we were just playing around." Stephanie

"What?!!" DJ screeched. "You got fucked??? By who?" "By our Master, that's
who." Steph replied. "He's got a big cock and Gia and I really love cocks.
Don't we Gia?" Gia only giggled in response.

"Everything the girls have told you is true. I fucked them both earlier and
they're quite good." A male voice said from behind her. DJ whirled about
and saw the man standing behind her. He was tall, dark, and muscular. DJ
couldn't help but notice that he was handsome. She was frightened and

"Who are you? And what have you done to my sister?" she stammered. "I made
her my slave and I fucked her brains out. Then I came in her cunt. She's a
good cock sucker too." Trent answered. "You bastard!!" DJ yelled. She
looked and saw that the girls were staring at them. Something was wrong
here. DJ turned and tried to flee from the room.

She made it to the door when she heard, "Freeze bitch." Trent ordered. To
her horror, DJ stopped instantly. "Turn around," he said. She turned around
and faced Trent. He stared into her wide eyes and she couldn't look away.
"You belong to me now," he informed her, "Just like your whore sister and her
friend. I'm going to fuck you and you'll love it."

DJ whined, "Nooo! Never!! Let me go please!!" She wept as she realized that
she was trapped. Trent stared intensely into her eyes. DJ felt her will
and reason slip away as she succumbed to his influence. His eyes glowed an
eerie red and she fell to the floor unconscious.

When DJ awoke she found herself lying on the bed. She groggily lifted her
head and focused her eyes. She looked down her body and saw that she was
naked! They had stripped her. She tried to rise but couldn't get up. She
was unable to move and a prisoner in her body. She praid silently for
someone to rescue her.

Trent came into view and smiled. "You cannot move or speak unless I permit
you to. You are going to be fucked and you have no choice in the matter.
Alright girls, do it." he stated. Stephanie and Gia appeared on either side
of the bed. They kneeled down and leaned over DJ's prone form. Each girl
lowered her head and fastened her mouth to DJ's breasts.

They started suckling and licking her brown nipples until they were fully
erect. DJ shook her head in denial, this couldn't be happening. Tears ran
down her face. The two girls kept sucking and fondling her swollen tits
until it was driving her mad. She tried to fight the sensations but it was
too much for her raveged system.

DJ moaned and closed her eyes. She felt a hand on her flat stomach and it
travelled down her body. DJ saw Stephanie lick her way down her body as Gia
molested her tits. Stephanie came to her mound tickled her nether region. DJ
suddenly found herself spreading her legs apart to give Steph access to her
genitals. Stephanie crawled between her sister's legs.

Stephanie smelled the aroma of DJ's aroused vagina and licked her lips in
anticipation. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. Steph
proceeded to lick up and down DJ's glistening slit. DJ watched in horror as
her sister ate her snatch. This was incest! The worst thing was that DJ
started to like it.

DJ twisted and squirmed on the bed as the young girl manipulated her body
and aroused her. DJ lifted her chest and offered her globes to Gia. Her
body was on fire and her rational thoughts were vanishing. Stephanie was
quite good at eating pussy. She parted DJ's cunt lips and licked the inside
of her cunt. She located her clit and rubbed the button vigorusly. DJ
jerked about as Stephanie fingered her clit.

Gia tended to her boobs and made DJ's head swoon. She was in sweet torment
as the girls worked her excited body. She tried to resist but the things she
was feeling had awakened desires within her that couldn't be denied.

Steph sawed her fingers into DJ's pussy and eagerly drank her cunt nectar.

DJ was very aroused and her pussy was slick with love juice. DJ suddenly
arched her back and threw back her head. Her eyes rolled up and she bucked
her hips up and down insanely as she came. She lost control and yelled out,
"OOH Yess! EAT ME! Ung, aaagh, oooh, uhhn! Stephanie, suck my pussy!!"

DJ flopped about in total abandon as she climaxed on her sister's mouth.
Her pelvis undulated in circles as she rubbed her cunt on Steph's face. She
came over and over as her sister ate her to orgasm. DJ was lost in a haze
of lust. She was lost to her primal urges. After her last orgasm, she
returned the favor by eating Gia and Stephanie's cunts. The three girls were
a quivering mass of flesh on the bed.

After the orgy, DJ was changed. She was now obedient and submissive. Like
her sister, she was Trent's sexual toy. She wouldn't think twice about
obeying him. She lived to serve and please him.

Trent sent Gia home as DJ and Steph did a 69 on the bed. Trent made DJ
suck his cock and swallow his cum. Next, he had her on her back with her
legs spread. She was about to lose her virginity and she wanted it to
happen. He stepped between her legs as his cock bounced before her. DJ
gulped and locked her legs around his waist. "Please fuck me!" she pleaded
to him.

Trent pushed his cock head into her waiting pit and parted her tender cunt
lips. DJ winced as she was prodded by his tool. She cried out as his cock
entered her tight vagina. She felt him press against her maidenhead. In one
sudden motion, DJ raised her lower torso and jerked downward on his invading

His cock tore through her hymen claimed her virginity. DJ screamed in pain.
The deed was completed and she was now impaled on his thick meat. He was
deep inside her. DJ was amazed at how it felt to have a cock in her cunt.
It was wonderful. She was being fucked for the first time in her life and it
was great. The pain was quickly replaced by pleasure.

DJ cupped her heaving tits and tweaked the erect nipples. Trent thrust in
and out of her cunt as she ground her hips on his rod. She humped him for
all she was worth. DJ trembles as she was overcome by emotion. She pumped
her hips up and down in a flurry of movement. She soon came and begged Trent
to pound her cunt. She had become a cock hungry slut like her sister.

Trent rammed her pussy without mercy and split her wide. The 16 year old
girl orgasmed repeatedly. He fucked DJ until she passed out and deposited a
load of sperm into her battered cunt.

He then had the girls on the floor side by side. They were on their hands
and knees with Trent kneeling behind them. They turned their heads sideways
and kissed deeply.

Trent aimed his cock at Stephanie's asshole and pushed into her rear passage.
Steph's head shot up in surprise. He intended to sodomize her, she didn't
know how to react. DJ knew he was going to fuck her sister's asshole and she
knew that she was next. She looked back and watched as his big cock entered
Stephanie's rectum.

The pain was too much and Steph sreamed in agony as her tiny anus was ripped
open. Trent had to push hard to enter her tight anal opening. But he was
soon buried to the hilt in the girl's rectum. She shouted in pain as her
asshole was ruined. Her rectal muscles squeezed his thrusting cock.

Steph had never thought about being ass fucked before. But she had no choice
but to do as her master commanded. She accepted the anal intrusion and was
soon pumping back to meet his driving cock. She developed a steady pace and
found that she like being fucked in the ass. Stephanie shuddered as she came
and called out her joy.

Trent plowed her anus as hard as he could and she countered each of his
pistoning motions. She wantonly gyrated her hips and plunged her clutching
asshole on his prick. She climaxed several times and begged him to fuck her
teenage ass. He came and sent thick ropes of cum deep into her bowels.
Stephanie slumped to the floor exhausted and fell asleep. Trent pulled out
and watched as his sperm dripped from her stretched rectum.

Trent prepared to sodomize DJ. He got behind the elder Tanner girl and
spread her chubby ass cheeks. DJ clenched her teeth as she felt her rectal
hole forced open. She was about to be ass fucked like her sister.

He placed the tip of his penis against her puckered asshole and pushed
forward. His cock was coated with sperm and Steph's juices and sliding into
DJ was a little easier. But she too had a tight anus. DJ cringed and yelped
as she took a cock up her ass. It felt like a tree was raping her anal
passage as he shoved his cock up her shaking ass.

Her head shot back and she cried in pain as her asshole milked his pumping
cock. He forced her to relax and adjust to having his ock in her butt. He
slid in and out of her grasping anus as she moved back to meet his thrusts.

DJ never believed that she would have anal intercourse but here she was
enjoying being sodomized. Her asshole was stretched to three times its
normal size. Trent's balls slapped against her butt as he drilled her rectum
over and over. DJ's tits bounced under her as she was molested by her master
and loved every moment of it.

DJ decided that she like anal sex after all. She couldn't wait to get some
guys at school to gangbang her. DJ knew she would need cock on a regular
basis after this. She shoved back on his meat as he pounded her ass. Her
asshole would never be the same but she didn't mind. DJ moaned and panted
as she undulated her lower body for him.

Her anus clenched and she went rigid. Then the orgasm smashed her from
nowhere. She yelled out, "AAGH! YES! Fuck my sweet ass! Ram your big cock
into my asshole, I need it! OOOO! AROOOO! UNNGH! FUCK ME!!" (Okay so Trent
made her say these things.)

DJ fucked him like a fiend as she rode his hammering cock. She whailed
out as she came over and over. The orgasms were more intense than when he
had fucked her cunt. Trent grunted and his cock exploded in her elastic
anus. This cuased DJ to go off once more. "CUMM IN my ass! I love it! Gimme

Trent finished cumming and pulled out. DJ spun around and took his cock
into her mouth. She cleaned off his penis and could taste her own shit on
his cock. She purred as she sucked his cock lovingly.

Trent put DJ to sleep and got dressed. He left some final instructions
in the girls' heads and went on his way. When DJ and Stephanie awoke they
took a shower together and cleaned one another's bodies. That night Steph
crawled into DJ's bed and they continued their incestuous affair.

They became regular sluts after that. They were careful about their sexual
encounters. DJ and Steph retained their innocent girl images at home but
the girls got fucked everyday and would go out looking for men to fuck them.
They coupled together nightly and grew very close. Guys liked seeing two
sisters having sex.

DJ became a real ass slut and was constantly being ass fucked. Stephanie
played the sweet little girl and men ate it up. Trent had completed his
degradation of the Tanner girls and he was pleased with the results.


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