Full House: DJ Decision
by KHenne

Part 1

Danny Tanner noticed his daughter DJ and her best friend Kimmy were closer as
friends since coming back from camp last year. They were inseperable during
the last year in junior high school.

While at camp that summer DJ and Kimmy became lovers. A first year counsler
was assigned to their cabin. Jean was a junior as a local college. She taught
both Kimmy and DJ how to make love to a woman. Jean spent time alone with
them and together.

The last night in camp DJ and Kimmy made love to Jean. The next morning when
they said goodbye Jean told Kimmy "You should spend time with guys also."

Kimmy whispered to her "Thank you for all your help."

Jean whispered to DJ "My number is in your bag. Maybe we can hook up in a few
weeks. I can see why Kimmy is in love with you."

When they seperated both girls were teary eyed.

* * *

DJ and Kimmy slept over each other's house about twice a month. While at
Kimmy's house they made love without having to worry about being caught. The
Tanner house there was always someone around. They did always something. The
best it was usually was kissing and a fingering. Kimmy needed a pillow on her
face to quiet her orgasmic screams.

Danny decided to spy on DJ and Kimmy. He mounted a spy camera in DJ's room.
The first time Kimmy slept over he got his proof. They greeted each other
with a deep kiss which lasted about 3 minutes. They kissed and fingered each
other to incredible orgasms. Kimmy went down on DJ a little while later
bringing her to a strong orgasm. DJ told Kimmy what an incredible tongue she

Danny watched the tape 3 times that week he never masturbated that much since
being a teenager. He blews his load twice thinking about DJ and once thinking
of Kimmy.

* * *

A few weeks went by and Kimmy slept over the house again. Danny changed the
tape and hid the first one. Kimmy brought over a 7 inch dildo and a strap-on
belt. They read the instructions and DJ lubed it up with baby oil. DJ laid on
her back and Kimmy mounted herself above the dildo and lowered herself on it.
She slid up and down a few times and plunged down all the way. Kimmy opened
her eys and locked eyes with DJ. She started slowly going up and down and
then increased her speed. DJ held her hips and Kimmy told her that she was
going to cum. The orgasm she had was the most intense ever. She came like her
water broke she soaked DJ's hips and belly and the bed sheets.

When she came to a few minutes later and told DJ "You're a great fuck."

A little while later Kimmy deep throated the dildo completely and DJ watched
in amazement. Kimmy put the strap-on on her and she help dj give a blowjob.
They had used carrots to pratice on and then a cumcumber. DJ could only take
5 inches before gagging on the dildo. Kimmy taught her had to relax her
throat muscles and within a few minutes she had all 7 inches in her mouth.

Danny shut off the video camera after Kimmy ate her out while she deep
throated the dildo.

* * *

A few weeks later the girls went to the movies. They sat in the back row
by the wall. Danny sat 2 rows in front of them he was wearing a hat and
sunglasses. They fed popcorn to each other and shared a soda. They watched
the movie for about 10 minutes. DJ kissed Kimmy slow and deep. The girls
made out for about 20 minutes when Danny heard Kimmy moan from her orgasm.

* * *

Kimmy slept over the house about 2 weeks after the movie. She told DJ she
was bleeding heavy. DJ told her, "I'm all yours for the night."

Danny's parents had taken Stephanie and Michelle for the weekend. Kimmy went
down and ate DJ to a intense screaming orgasm. DJ released Kimmy's head she
crawled up and kissed DJ deeply for a few minutes. They pledged there love
for one another.

DJ looked up and said "Holy shit!"

DJ and Kimmy were scared now.

Danny told them "Get over here and suck my cock!"

They slid over to the side of the bed and took his cock in their hands. Kimmy
sucked him off for a few minutes before passing him to DJ. She closed her
eyes as her father's cock went into her mouth. He noticed that Kimmy seemed
to be experienced at giving blowjobs. He knew he would not last long Kimmy
took his 4 loads and then kissed DJ sharing his cum.

Danny washed up as the girls rested up. When he got back he told DJ get on
the bed and let Kimmy eat you out. They made out for a few minutes which
gave Danny his hard on back. He lubed up Kimmy's asshole gently working his
fingers in and out. He started fucking Kimmy gently and increased his speed.
He lasted about 10 minutes and shot his load into Kimmy's tight asshole. DJ's
orgasm struck her as her father's orgasm ended. They locked eyes through her
orgasm. They rested up a few minutes and Danny took Kimmy into the shower.

They washed up and made out for a few minutes. He picked up Kimmy and held
her against the shower wall as he entered her.

She told him "I'm bleeding."

He told her "I dont care."

He slammed her pussy for about 20 minutes and there orgasms arrived together.
She passed out in his arms and he carried her to DJ'S bed. DJ asked her
father what happened to Kimmy.

"I guess she is all fucked out."

Part 2

Danny took DJ into his bedroon she was nervous but excited. They lied on the
bed kissing and touching. He went down and ate her.

DJ was saying "Yes daddy eat me pussy! Suck it dry!"

The orgasm was the strongest she ever had, better then Kimmy's.

They rested up for a little while. Danny kissed DJ deeply and sucked on her
32B breasts and started to finger her.

She told Danny "Be gentle. I'm still a virgin."

They switched postions and she got on top and slowly lowered herself onto her
Dad's 7 inch cock. DJ'S pussy was very tight and he knew she was a virgin. DJ
grimaced and took shorts breaths to deal with the pain of her pussy being
stretched out. He stayed buried in her pussy for a few minutes. He started
out slowly building up speed.

They fucked for about 15 minutes near the end she was matching his strokes.

She moaned to Danny "I'm cumming daddy!"

He blew his load about the same time. She collasped onto her fathers chest a
few minutes later his cock slid out of her. He removed the condom and she
licked him clean. They slept for about 2 hours and he fucked her anally. The
pain was intense and tears fell down on her face.

She moaned "Yes Daddy! I'm a bad girl! Fuck my ass!"

The pain went away and it started to feel real good. He blew his load into
her anus. Her orgasm struck her from the fingering daddy had given her.

Danny got weekly blowjobs from DJ throughout the rest of Junior high. He
fucked Kimmy a few times thru out the year.

DJ found out about Kimmy that summer before high school. Kimmy told DJ she
was kidnapped and raped when she was 6 years old. DJ held Kimmy as they

Kimmy recover a few minutes later and told DJ your dad is a great fuck.

DJ told her "I know he was so gentle with me when he broke me in."

* * *

They entered freshman year with nervous energy. DJ and Kimmy had 2 classes
together. It took a month to see a change in Kimmy She was not hanging with
DJ in school. When DJ called her and went to the house she was never home.

Danny was leaving the motel when he spotted Kimmy getting out a car with a
guy and go into the motel. He dropped off Vicky and went home and watched the
video tapes.

The next night he told DJ what he had seen. DJ had heard rumors that the
seniors had a groupie. DJ talked to Kimmie during a study hall. Kimmy came
out with an attuide DJ had never seen before.

She told DJ "Yes, I'm the groupie for the senior class. So what!"

"I have made a $1,000 so far. Boy, do some of these boys need the

A few nights later she called Jean up to arrange a meeting. Jean told her to
meet her a week from friday. When the night arrived she was excited. Jean
meet her by the gate and walked her to the dorm. When they got to the room
they kissed deeply for a few minutes. She told Jean about Kimmy becoming a
hooker for the senior class. Jean was a little surprised by this.

A little while later they were lying in bed together after love making when
her roomate came in. Jean go up and greeted her roommate with a deep kiss for
a few minutes. Susan Wong was stunningly beautiful DJ thought.

She approached DJ who sat up in bed with the sheet around her. Susan kissed
DJ deeply for a few minutes. Susan asked DJ if she liked to eat chinese. DJ
told her yes. Susan told Jean she had better be good.

It then clicked for DJ what Susan meant. DJ made love to Susan who had an
incredibly strong orgasm. When they recovered Susan asked her your a freshman

DJ told her "Yes at Sullivian High."

Susan gave Jean a killer look. Jean told her, "She was one of the two girls
I met this summer at camp."

Susan told DJ "You're a natural at pussy eating. You will have lots of guys
and girls after you."

DJ told them "I've never been with a guy yet."

Susan and Jean told her "Great! Just stay with girls that your very good."

Part 3

That summer she went on a class trip to Spain she met a boy named Steve. They
became the hot couple in school that year. Danny talked to DJ about sleeping
with Steve. She planned on taking it slow playing the scared virgin. DJ
promised her father she would tell him prior to sleeping with Steve. DJ dated
Steve about 6 months when she gave him a blowjob. It was a nightmare he held
her head down the entire time. He didn't last long and called her names
thorough it. She threw up outside the car.

Steve told DJ "Thats the way all bitches like it they want to be dominated."

When she got home that night she cried on her bed. Danny checked on her he
finally calmed him down. They spent the night in her room Danny left at 6AM
he had to get ready for work. She talked with Rebecca that night when she got
home from work. She was so easy to talk with. DJ told Steve at school the
next time he treats her like that "she would cuts his balls off".

A few weeks later it was Kimmy's 16th birthday. Kimmy parents threw her a
great party. Steve knew Kimmy had a major crush on him and wanted to sleep
with him. A few days later Kimmy came over after school to thank her for
letting Steve fuck her for her birthday. Kimmy could tell from the expression
on DJ face this was not planned. Kimmy kissed DJ hard for 2 minutes and told
her how sorry she was.

Steve told Kimmy "This is a present from both of us."

Kimmy left the house in tears and swore never to sleep with another guy in
high school. DJ called Steve's house and broke up with him. Steve came to the
house and nearly got killed by Danny, Joey and Jessie. She became a study
machine and dated no one. She got Kimmy to start studying properly and turned
her into a decent student. The relationship with her father got stronger. DJ
would either spend Friday or Saturday night with him. The relationship with
Kimmy became a solid one again. They started sleeping together again her
there senior year. It was also when Kimmy got a boyfriend.

The senior year seemed to fly by. The day of there senior prom DJ was
nervous. The girls got there hair and nails done. They were making out in
her room when Rebecca opened the door.She stared for about 30 seconds before
closing the door. She ran into the bathroom to calm down. Kimmy left to get
dressed for the prom. A few minutes later Rebecca knocked on DJ door and
entered quickly. She looked at DJ unsure of what to say to her. DJ asked
Rebecca if she would keep this between them and she would explain everything
tomorrow. She also noticed Rebecca's nipples were hard and pressing to get
out the bra. Rebecca asked DJ if she needed help getting dressed. DJ told
her sure. Rebecca stripped her down and stood back and admired DJ'S body.
Rebecca broke the silence and told her lets get you ready. DJ got dressed
and Rebecca was stunned how wet her neice made her. DJ told Rebecca she felt
like she was missing something. Rebecca told her it is this and kissed her
for about 3 minutes. DJ broke off the kiss and told how did you know.
Rebecca told her it's a girl thing. When DJ got home that morning her father
was waiting up for her. She was surprised to see him.

Danny told her "I was jealous that you might be in a hotel room with some

DJ told him your the only guy I have been with. They kissed for a few minutes
and they walked to his room. Danny told her to keep on the stocking and
heels. She told her father "Don't wear a rubber I want to feel you inside

He knew she was on the pill. Danny fucked her slowly and increased speed. She
matched his strokes and she gripped his cock hard. DJ moaned "I'm cumming

He lasted about 30 second longer and blew 4 loads into her. She fell asleep
in his bed and woke up a few hours later.

Part 4

Jessie and his band finally got a record that was a hit. They played in a
few places and his manager got then a tour. They started the tour in Japan.
Rebecca and the kids spent a week with him there. She left cause he had a
few concerts around the country. Rebecca got the news of the earthquake from
CNN news. The earthquake struck at 3:07AM there time in Japan and registered
8.7 on the rictor scale. He had called her daily she had spoken to him
earlier in the day. They got a map of Japan and she remembered the last place
he played at. She had no idea where he was in the country. The epicenter was
about 5 miles from the last city he played at. Rebecca was a wreck worrying
and crying. DJ stayed each night with her to help her with the kids.

A week went by and she was getting no answers from the State Department. The
next night at dinner the phone rang. Joey answered the phone and the person
asked for Rebecca. She took the phone and said yes this is Rebecca
Katsopoulos she screamed and broke down hysterically.

Danny picked up the phone and heard the dreaded news they had found Jessie's
body. DJ and Rebecca were wrapped around each other crying. Danny had found
out that no one in the band survived. The wake and funeral was really bad for
Rebecca. The doctor gave her pills to help her relax. The twins were told of
there father's death but they didn't understand.

DJ put them to bed that night and sat down and talked to Rebecca. Rebecca
poured herself a glass of wine and talked to DJ. They talked for a few
minutes when Rebecca leaned over and kissed DJ. The kiss lasted about 20
minutes and became hot and heavy. Rebecca took DJ hand and they walked into
the bedroom. DJ took the lead and gave Rebecca a screaming orgasm. When they
recovered she told DJ that was incredible. Jessie could never do that as

She told Rebecca "I have been with Kimmy for 6 years."

Rebecca went down and ate DJ to her own incredible orgasm. The next morning
when they awoke both wanted to say something Rebecca told her "It was a
incredible night. Leave it at that."

DJ spent the month living there. They became comfortable as roommates.

The next night after they got the boys to bed they sat and talked. Rebecca
told DJ that Jessie would fantasize that I was you some nights for the last
2 years. He also wanted you to join us for a threesome. DJ asked her what
did you want? Rebecca swore DJ to never tell anyone else what I'm going to
tell you.

She covered a story about underwater photography. The models would wear a
weight belt and sit or stand in the deep end of the pool. She saw some of
the proofs they could not tell the models were underwater. She did the
interview with the model and photographer. The photographer told her you
would be a great model for us.

Rebecca recieved a call from the model later on in the day. They made
arrangements to meet for dinner. Denise Williams the model told Rebecca
there is a opening on Saturday. When dinner ended they went back to
Rebecca's apartment.

The model left at 6:30 the next morning. Rebecca told DJ it was the best
night of sex I ever had. DJ asked if she went to the audition. Rebecca went
over to a drawer and pulled out the photos. She had worn a dress and then
jeans and a turtleneck with heels. DJ told Rebecca she looked stunning.

Two months had passed since they buried Jessie. They had a late meeting at
work Danny took Rebecca to dinner afterward. When they arrived home she told
Rebecca that the kids were asleep. DJ said goodnight and blew Rebecca a kiss
without her father seeing it. Danny left Rebecca's around 5:30 they had made
love 2 times. He knew it would never happen again but a great night to

When she saw Rebecca the next morning she knew that her dad had slept with
Rebecca. When her classes ended the next day she went to Kimmy's house and
borrowed her strap-on anal beads and ky jelly. That night Rebecca apoligized
to DJ telling her she gotten a good buzz on and sometime you just got to get

A few days later when Rebecca got home she found DJ and Kimmy wrapped around
each other crying. She asked if everthing was okay. DJ told her that Kimmy
was pregant and her boyfriend had just split on her. Rebecca held Kimmy as
she cried. She finally calmed down Kimmy then kissed her hard and Rebecca
found her self returning the kiss.

That night Kimmy had her first lesbian threesome. Rebecca got fisted by Kimmy
and had anal beads put in to her by DJ. Kimmy got fucked by both Rebecca and
DJ with the strapon. Rebecca ate Kimmy out who's organism gushed out and
nearly drowned Rebecca.

A few days later Rebecca was called into a meeting with her bosses. She was
offered a promotion and she would be Danny's boss. They told her to get back
to us in the morning. When DJ got home that night she could not find Rebecca.
She went into the bathroom and saw Rebecca wet high heels. The curtain pulled
back a little and Rebecca told come join me in the shower. DJ entered the
shower from the other side Rebecca was just getting up from her bath fully

The water was warm against her jeans DJ and Rebecca switched postions.
Rebecca stood under the shower to get the right tempature. It was perfect
she helped DJ get under the shower. As the water fell over DJ jeans and
fannel shirt DJ felt relaxed. She told Rebecca this feels so nice. They
made out for about 5 minutes standing under the shower turning slowly. The
shower ended about 15 minutes later. Rebeca told DJ about the promotion.

DJ told Rebecca "I'll break it to him gently if you want."

She walked down to his bedroom wearing one of Jessie fannel shirts. Danny was
happy to see her. During there foreplay she let her father know about the
promotion. Danny stopped touching her and got up and sat on the side of the
bed. She also told him this was going to be the last time they made love. She
decided that she preferred to be with women right now. They made love twice a
week on average for the next year. DJ was comfortable being with Aunt Becky.
Rebecca told DJ she was offered a job in Denver and wanted to know if she was
willing to go with her and the kids. DJ told her I will go anywhere with you.


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