Fringe: Another Day In The Lab (MF,inter)
by Insomniac

Walter and Astrid were once again stuck in the lab while Peter and Olivia were out solving a case. Astrid was an FBI agent, but had since become more of a baby sitter for Walter as he wasn't the most stable of people.

Astrid: Walter, what are you working on? She asked fearing the answer.

Walter: Im working on bringing this shape-shifter back to life, if it is able to give us answers, we may be able to figure out what it's plans were and what is yet to come!

Walter was under a lot of stress, the shape-shifters from the other side were becoming more frequent, and he knew the plan centered around his son Peter.

Astrid was great at settling Walter during these hard times, if not her, a combination of drugs would surely ease him.

Astrid: Why don't you take a break, you're overworking yourself and it hinders progress. Just put one some Violet Sedan Chair and take a little Valium.

Walter almost annoyed, thought about this, and decided that he should as his work was clearly going nowhere. He reached under the counter for his pill stash and popped a Valium into his mouth. He pulled his record player from the bathroom... of all places to put it; and through on some music.

Astrid enjoyed Walter's company, the science she had seen while in his presence was astounding. She was glad he was taking a moment to forget it all.

She closed her eyes for a moment as Walter sat down to relax.

When she opened her eyes minutes later, she noticed Walter still in his chair, sweating.

Astrid: Walter you're burning up!

Walter: I may have... had some more Valium after you fell asleep... I'm afraid I may have taken too much.

Astrid: Walter, she sighed. We have to get you cooled down. Here step into the shower in the back.

Astrid brought Walter to the back room and got him down to his boxer shorts, turned on the water to around room temperature and began to run the water down his back.

Walter: Thank you Asphalt.

Astrid she corrected for the 1000th time.

Yes, Walter agreed. However he was splashing around and getting Astrid wet as well.

Walter, stay still Astrid yelled. Her top was soaked. Walter was like a father figure to her and she, had seen him naked a handful of times due to his nonsensical nudity around the lab when he forgot others were in the room. She decided to take her top off to avoid it getting more wet. She was wearing a black modest bra, that showed her the cleavage of her 32C breasts nicely.

Walter observed this only half believing what she was doing, convinced he was still high.

Astrid looked down to notice Walter growing an erection.

She was unsure if it was due to her state of undress, or merely because Walter was on a combo of drugs, and often boasted of random erections like a child did.

Astrid: There I think you're doing much better, she said feelings his forehead. Your temperature is down, and you seem to be more coherent.

Walter stepped out of the rub and slightly slipped gripping her as to refrain from falling.

Thank you again Alice.

Astrid merely rolled her eyes and went into the front office. She often kept another change of clothes, she never knew whose blood, or brains, or guts would end up on her clothes.

She closed the door behind her and dug a change on shirt and pants out of her bag. She unzipped her pants and pulled them down. She had on a matching black thong, much darker than her milky skin. It rode in-between her firm ass cheeks like floss. The image of a light blue butterfly decorated the front triangle covering her pussy. She reached for her new pants when the door flung open.

Walter had strolled into the office buck naked, still with an erection.

Walter: I can't seem to find my pants he said giggling.

Astrid: Walter! Can't you see I'm changing she shrieked looking down at his cock. He had been naked in front of her before, but never hard. His erect member was standing at a generous seven inches. Grey pubic hair wisped over his surprisingly erect dick. She had been with anyone in a while since being assigned to the Fringe division. She was also surprised that his dick could stay up at his age.

Walter: Im so sorry I didn't know, forgive me. He also noticed her... very gorgeous. Her breasts were large, her ass was tight, her legs were long and skin was flawless.

I uhhhh... I uhh... he stammered

Walter: You have the most beautiful body I've ever seen.

Astrid blushed while trying to hide herself. She couldn't have Walter looking at her like this. He was much older, a colleague, and someone who was like a dad to her.

That's very flattering Walter, but we work together and you're very naked.

Oh I'm sorry dear, how embarrassing, you don't want to see an old man naked. He frowned.

No... it's not that she responded

Oh?! He questioned. As he moved closer.

Astrid looked at him with her big brown eyes, Walter... I

Walter cut her off, he leaned in and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. So soft, so plump on his old chapped lips.

Astrid's eyes shot open to the size of baseballs. What was that she replied in a state of shock, anger, and curiosity.

He merely smiled and worked his way behind her. Astrid just stood frozen, still in shock at what had happened. Then she felt Walter fumbling with her bra straps. Walter... she trailed off. She wasn't fighting his advances much, no more than words. She knew Walter could sense this.

Her bra dropped from her shoulders, and slid off her breasts.

He bit her shoulder, which led to Astrid biting her lip in pleasure. As she was lost in thought at how this was happening, Walter had grabbed her panties at the hips and slid them down as well. Meanwhile his erection was poking in her ass. She was now completely nude. He worked his way back around to her front to look upon her body.

She stood there, so helpless, but wanting it. Wanting to see what he thought of her body naked. He looked upon her. Her dark nipples were the size of quarters. The color of a Hershey kiss he thought, and as delicious I bet. he smirked

He then geared his eyes down, Astrid had a small tuft of curly black hair, similar to that on her head. Her pussy lips tucked inward, so tight. He saw it glisten, telling him that she was wet with anticipation.

You're perfect, he finally stated.

Astrid's smile could not be contained. She felt like a father figure just congratulated her on a hard worked on assignment. Not many people had looked at her like this in her life. She was always outdone by someone she thought to be much prettier. But here is someone she knows and trusts, seeing her bare nude, and saying she is perfect. The feeling could not be matched.

Seemingly without her thinking about it she dropped to her knees, and took his cock in her mouth. She pushed her head down as to totally engulf Walter's hard cock.

Walter closed his eyes. This was amazing. He hadn't felt the touch of a woman in almost 20 years. Being locked in a mental institution and then working this case, he assumed his sex days were over.

Oh My God Aspin you're amazing, that feels incredible!

She stuck her tongue out as she was sucking him to lick his balls. His cock was actually nice; given that he was old enough to be her father. His dick tasted great and his size was among the biggest she has had. She wasn't too experienced, but she had watched videos and could do a thing or two.

Walter grabbed her puffy hair and guided her head up and down his shaft, his cock got more and more slippery as her mouth salivated and covered his dick. Slurp Slurp Slurp

Astrid could feel his cock hitting the back of her throat. Her eyes were tearing as she slightly gagged on his length.

Walter could feel himself getting close.

Lay on your back on the couch agent Farnsworth.

She knew what was coming. She eagerly got back on the couch and spread her legs. Walter looked upon the pink that was now visible between the light brown folds of her outer lips. The bright wet pink stuck out like a target for his dick that was leaking pre-cum.

Walter, I want you; was all she could muster with her light spoken voice.

Walter could wait no longer and aligned his dick with her slot. He trust into her causing Astrid to gasp.

FUCK WALTER that feels so good. Work me!

Walter moving clumsily back and fourth was sliding all seven inches between her tight lips. He moved his right hand to her breast and pinched her nipple.

You feel so good Astro I can't believe I get to see you like this, you are sexier than I ever imagined

Walter I love your cock she screamed while wrapping her legs around him driving him deeper into her hot cunt.


Her sexy talking was causing Walter to get to the brink of cumming.

I'm gonna cum dear, where would you like it.

On my tongue! I haven't tasted cum in so long.

Walter pulled out and Astrid got down on the floor leaned back against the couch. Walter barely aligned his cock over her mouth as he shot his seed. OHHH MYYYY he yelled. Streams of white jizz blasted out of his dick, splattering on her forehead down to her chin, in strands that looked so beautiful and her darker skin. She closed her eyes, and with her fingers dragged the cum down to her mouth where she sucked the last bit, then swallowing. She then grabbed his dick and put her lips just over his hole, and sucking like she was trying to drain every drop.

Mmmm she smiled and laughed.

Walter collapsed of exhaustion.

C'mon Walter we need to get dressed before Peter and Olivia come back. We should get back to work.

Astrid? Can we do that again sometime?

You got my name right! She said amazed. Well just for that we may be able to do that one more time, in the distant future. But we shouldn't be doing that very much Walter. We work together, you're like my dad.

Ok Walter agreed.

They got dressed and returned to work. About five minutes later Peter and Olivia returned with new details to the case. As if nothing had happened at all...



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