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Friends: The Contest Part 1 (m/f,inc)
by Scarlet Pimp(ernel)

Monica thrust her fingers in and out of her wet pussy. The adjustable shower
massage sprayed warm water across her sweet spot, eliciting a small moan of
pleasure. She closed her eyes, her head back, and mouth slightly open,
breathing heavily.

"Ooh, Richard..." she sighed.

Outside in the living room, Chandler and Phoebe sat on the couch, watching a
rerun of "Gilligan's Island". In the kitchen, Rachel was bent over in the

"Okay, now see, Gilligan is gonna turn around with that bamboo pole over his
shoulder and knock the skipper in the head!"

Chandler pointed at the screen, his pleasure apparent.

"There! Ha ha ha!"

"So, if that professor guy can make a radio out of a coconut, how come he
can't patch up that hole in the 'Minnow'?" asked Phoebe, truly concerned.

"Pheebs, you're over-analyzing it, okay? Just enjoy it for what it is.
Watch out Gilligan!" Chandler turned to Pheobe, "He's gonna have amnesia

"Ah ha!" Rachel cried triumphantly from the fridge, finally finding the

Phoebe and Chandler turned around, distracted from the TV. "What?" Chandler

"I found the butter. It was in a little box in the door of the fridge!"

"Uh, Rachel, that's where you're supposed to keep the butter. That's why
they call it a butter bin!"

"How was I supposed to know that?"

"You could of read the label on it that says, 'butter'!"

The front door opened, and Joey walked in. "Hey, butter! Thanks." He
snatched the butter from Rachel and walked back out the door. Rachel stood in
shock for a moment, her sandwich neglected on the table, then pursued Joey
out the door, calling his name.

Ross came through the open door, a second later. "What was that?"

"Oh, Joey stole Rachel's butter," replied Phoebe matter-of-factly.

"Whatever -- where's Monica?" he asked.

"Bathroom," Chandler said.

"Damn, I gotta use it!"

"Hey, let's go watch Joey get the beats!" Chandler turned to Phoebe.


Chandler and Phoebe ran out the door.

Monica gasped in pleasure, running her fingers over her sensitive clit, and
holding the shower massage on it. The water tickled her a bit, but the
current setting it was on was so rapid that she didn't mind. The droplets
massaged her, bringing her closer to orgasm.

She put a finger inside herself, followed soon by another, than another.
With three fingers twisting around, finding all her pleasure points, her
breath came in short gasps.

Panting, she adjusted the shower head to the next setting, the water coming
in a hard spray across her clit, causing just a little pain, but almost
infinite pleasure. She cried out loud, as she felt the orgasm building
inside her.

Outside, Ross knocked on the door. "Mon? You in there?"

Although surprised by Ross, she felt the orgasm beginning to overtake her,
her juices mixing with the steady stream of water flowing down the drain.

Hearing nothing, Ross opened the door. Behind the shower curtain, he saw his
sister showering (or so he thought).

"Mon, I'm just using the toilet, don't mind me!" he said, peeing.

"Okay!" she replied, weakly, nearing ograsm.

Finished, Ross flushed the toilet and went to the sink to wash his hands.
The water drained from the toilet, taking all the cold water from the
bathroom. In the shower, Monica suddenly felt the water get boiling hot! She
lept out, into Ross, sending both of them out the bathroom and onto the
living room floor.

"Ross, you idiot!" she screamed, suddenly angry as she realised she wasn't
going to cum.

Back from their apartment, Joey and Chandler stood in the kitchen. Joey was
putting the butter back in the butter bin, while Chandler sat on the table.
As Monica and Ross flew out of the bathroom, both men got a good look at
Monica's naked and wet body. Landing on Ross, Monica stood up, her back to
Joey and Chandler, and pointed a finger at Ross.

"Don't you ever do that again! That water was fucking hot!"

Turning around, she saw Joey and Chandler staring at her, speechless and
frozen in shock.

Ross got up, and stood in front of his sister, blocking the lovely view from
Joey and Chandler.

"We brought back your butter," said Joey. Chandler hit him in the arm.

"Wow, uh, sorry, Monica. Uhm, we'll be going, right Joey?"

"Are you kidding, she's naked!"

Chandler smiled and pointed at Joey, then grabbed him and walked out the

In the other apartment, Rachel and Phoebe were waiting for the boys to come
back. Joey had been taking cooking lessons, and was baking cookies. Rachel
and Phoebe were helping themselves to the dough.

Joey walked through the door, smiling. Chandler walked through the door,

"Why're you so happy?" asked Rachel.

"We just saw Monica naked," said Joey. "Man oh man!"

"P-p-purely by accident, mind you! Not that you two aren't fine and sexy
women in your own right! But, yeah, we just saw Monica naked, and she's got
an amazing body!" stammered Chandler, his hands over the noticable bulge in
his pants.

"Oh really?" asked Rachel, folding her arms. "And you two think that she's
got a better body than either of us? Isn't that what they're saying,

"That's what I heard," Phoebe replied, licking her fingers.

"Okay boys, how about putting a little money on this?" Rachel suggested,
staring at the guys.

"W-What?" Chandler raised his hands for a second exposing the bulge in his
trousers, much to Phoebe and Rachel's delight. "Money? What?"

"Yeah, let's have ourselves a little beauty pageant. What do you say,

"Are you kidding?" Phoebe was slightly offended by the idea.

Rachel leaned over and whispered in her ear.

"We'll wear bathing suits, and the guys can be judges, but on one condition,
they have to wear little bathing suits too! I've seen you staring at
Chandler, wouldn't you like to see what he looks like in a tight little
bikini brief?"

"Mmm-yeah!" replied Phoebe, excited. "I'll do it!" she whispered back.

"You guys can be the judges, but you've got to promise that you will wear
bathing suits too. Equal opportunity! We'll judge you."

"Sure!" Joey answered, already picturing the three girls in small, string
bikinis, their breasts held in place by only tiny wisps of string and cloth.
He imagined Rachel's boobs, swaying to and fro as she sauntered about,
smiling seductively at them; Phoebe's tall and firm body, her creamy skin
showing all the way up her beautiful thighs, and Monica's glorious tits,
sticking straight out and up, the nipples poking through the fabric of her


Joey shook his head and returned to reality.

"Okay, he's back now," said Rachel. "Now, how about it, Chandler?"

"I, I guess so," he answered slowly, not relishing the idea of being almost
nude in front of them all. Then he thought of seeing Phoebe in a tiny
swimsuit and felt a sudden surge in his pants again. "Yeah, I'll do it!"

"Then it's decided, I'll go set things up with Monica and Ross!" said Rachel,
thinking of Ross' ass. "Let's go, Phoebe."

The two girls walked out the door. Relaxing, Joey and Chandler removed their
hands from in front of their bulging trousers. They watched the door close,
high fived, than went into their seperate rooms to masturbate.

While the others were in the other apartment discussing the beauty pageant,
Ross and Monica were in the living room of her apartment, talking.

"I'm sorry, Mon. I didn't know that would happen."

"Of course it would! You've been here enough to know that the water in the
kitchen gets hot when you flush the toilet, or someone's in the shower. Why
wouldn't it happen?"

"Well I know that now, don't I?" He stated. "You remember when we were kids
and we used to bathe together?" she asked whistfully.

"Yeah. I remember that I took up the whole tub, and you were crushed up
against the side! You know, you were my first blowjob," she said,
remembering the play- ful experimentation they shared in their early years.
"Mmm. You were good at it, too. Remember that time when you were like,
twelve, and mom and dad decided that we could babysit ourselves, and we spent
the whole night, having an oral sexfest? You nearly crushed my head with
your huge legs."

"Hey, I had a weight problem, but I'm better now OK! Butt head."

"I can see that. And so could Chandler and Joey today."

She remembered the looks of lust and appreciation on their faces as she stood
dripping in the living room. Her pussy started to juice at the thought of
how turned on she was, standing naked in a room full of men. She decided
that secretly, she must be an exhibitionist. She felt her temperature rise,
getting horny again after her aborted masturbation session.

"You gave great head, Monica. I can only imagine how good you are after all
these years of training," Ross said, expecting her to smack him in the arm
for his implication of her vast sexual knowledge.

That was it. She needed release.

"You know, Ross," she said, with a dirty look in her eye, "I could give you
a taste of what it's like now. Hmm? Tell me you don't want it. Go on. You
know you do."

She opened her robe, revealing her tight stomach and massive breasts, her
nipples straightening in the cool air. Ross looked at her chest, then looked
in her eyes.

"Are you kidding me?"

In answer, Monica reached over and unzipped Ross' pants, putting her hands
inside his boxer shorts, extracting his penis. She kissed it loviningly on
the head, then wrapped her lips around it, suckling on it like a calf.

"Ooh, Mon," Ross moaned, putting his hands on his sister's head.

His cock grew, thickening in her mouth. When it was fully erect, she
starting sliding her lips up and down the shaft, using her tongue to caress
the head. Quickly, Ross found himself nearing orgasm. He grabbed Monica's
bobbing head to slow the pace, enjoying the feel of his sister's mouth on his

"You are better at this now. Um, yeah," he groaned, no longer able to hold
back the pressure building at the base of his testes. "Oh, god, I'm

Monica quickly deep throated his tool, taking its full length in her expert
mouth, letting her brother's warm seed spurt down her throat. She swallowed
the majority of it, but let a little spill out over her bottom lip, trailing
sluttishly down the side of her chin, knowing how this turned men on.

She licked her lips, and collected the cum from her face onto a finger, then
licked her digit, winking at Ross.

"Mmm, yummy."

Panting, Ross closed his eyes for a minute, then got up, replacing his now
flaccid member in his pants.

"Wow. That was great."

"Hey! We're not done yet, buddy!" Monica said, opening her robe. "Get down
here and give me some."

She lay back in the single seat and spread her legs, opening her slit just
enough to let the cool air play over her wet snatch.

"Fair's fair, milady," replied Ross, as he knelt before her open pussy.

"That's right."

"See you later," he said, then buried his face in her mound.

Taken by surprise, Monica cried out in a high pitched moan. She settled down
presently, and leaned against the chair back, enjoying the workout Ross'
tongue was having in her.

He ran his tongue up and down each lip of her pussy, then plunged his tongue
as deep as he could into her hole. She gasped in pleasure, scratching her
fingers across his scalp, running her hands through his hair.

"Oh, god. You've been practising, too!"

"Mmm hmm," he replied, sucking on her clit. He bit it lightly.

"Oaow! Ooooh," she closed her eyes in ecstasy.

He continued to work his mouth across her clit and roughly inserted three
fingers into her depths, as she had done earlier. She yelped in surprise,
then ran her tongue across her lips, tasting a the residue of his jism around
her mouth.

Soon, she began to feel the orgasm rising inside her, begging for release as
he continued his oral assault upon her most sensitive regions. Monica
squirmed in the chair, wiggling her hips seductively, Ross' head between her
legs, tasting her nectar.

He reached his hands up, grabbing hold of her ample breasts, massaging the
tit flesh between his fingers, sending electric tingles of pleasure through
her. He returned one hand to her pussy, once more thrusting his fingers deep
into her like a makeshift cock. Her juices were running down almost to her

Ross grabbed her nipple with his other hand, pinching it between thumb and
forefinger, rolling it gently. Meanwhile, his other hand continued to probe
her, until he worked his thumb down to her anus, spreading her own wetness
across it.

She shifted position slightly, sensing what was next.

Smiling, Ross worked his finger slowly into her ass, then bent once again to
kissing the lips of her dripping pussy. He stopped massaging her boob, and
unzipped his pants, pulling his now-hard penis free.

He straightened, stroking his tool, preparing to enter her.

"No, Ross. Not that," she stated, putting her hand on his cock.

"Wha-? Alright, Mon."

He leaned down and took a nipple into his mouth, sucking on it hard.

"Mmm, that's good," she moaned, Ross' finger in her ass.

He took his other hand and rubbed it roughly across her clit. The suddeness
of his action caused Monica to go over the edge, her orgasm arching her back
and thrusting her hips forwards, sending his fingers deeper into her two
holes. She screamed in pleasure.

"Oh. My. GOD!"

She opened her eyes and smiled at Ross, taking his head in her hands and
pulling him to her.

She kissed him on the lips saying, "I love my brother!"

"Me too, sis."

Extracting his hands from inside her, her flicked her nipple, then kissed it.
He stroked his penis, enjoying the beauty of his naked sister's body beneath
him. Monica reached down and grabbed it, making a tight circle around its
width, and began to jerk him off.

She pushed him onto the floor, once more taking his stiff cock between her
wet lips, sucking him. He came more quickly this time, his penis
extra-sensitive so soon after his first orgasm, spilling his load onto her
face and chest, her breasts jiggling slightly as each drop hit them.

"Thanks, Ross, now I've got to go back in the shower."

"Hey, this was your idea," Ross said, standing up.

Monica got to her feet, bent forward and licked up the remaining seed on her
brother's cock, then kissed it on the head, replacing it in his pants. She
then walked back to the bathroom, winking at him as she shut the door.

Phoebe and Rachel walked in the apartment.

Phoebe stopped and looked around the room, then sniffed the air.

"What?" Ross asked, lounging on the couch, Monica washing his cum from her
body in the shower.

"I smell something," Phoebe said, looking at Ross strangely.

"What?" Rachel asked. "Joey's cookies?"

"Yeah, hey, I think I can smell cookies, too," he added.

Ross stood, worried that Phoebe could somehow smell the sex in the air.

"I guess..." she trailed off into silence, then looked at the TV. "Oh! Is
Gilligan still on?"

She plopped down next to Ross on the couch, as Rachel went into her room.
Ross put a foot on the table.

"Oop's, your zipper is open, Ross," Phoebe whispered to Ross, then turned
back to the TV.

* * *

The next day, after some persuasion, Rachel announced that they'd be holding
the contest in her and Monica's apartment a week Saturday, so that everyone
could get ready.

"No complaints, the girls buy their own suits and one for one of you. Hm,
Phoebe gets Ross, I get Chandler, and Monica gets Joey." Rachel said,
outlining the rules. "First, the guys will judge the girls, then the girls
will judge the guys and the winner in each category gets the money put up by
the other contestants in his or her group. Understood?"

Everyone agreed to this, and went their own way.

Secretly, none of the guys could've cared less who won. In fact, they all
expected it to be Joey, and were only doing it in order to see the girls
half-naked and strutting around, trying to impress them. Not a bad plan,

Monica and Rachel, on the other hand, were determined to win. Phoebe was
only doing it to see the guys in skimpy speedoes, but felt a tingle of
excitement especially at seeing Chandler.

Monica figured that all the guys cared about were boobs, so that took Phoebe
out of contention, having the smallest tits of the three. Rachel had a
pretty good set, though, so she'd have to do some persuading. Monica decided
that Ross would vote for Rachel, and began thinking of ways to sway Joey and
Chandler's favour her way.

Meanwhile, Rachel had come to the same conclusion about Phoebe, but thought
that Ross would vote against her because they were no longer together,
instead voting for his sister, so she too decided to work on Chandler and

Continued in part 2...


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