Friends: The One Where They Take It Up The Ass (MFF, anal)
by CocaColaGirl ([email protected])

Rachel had been seeing David for about two weeks by now and she still hadn't
given him any sex. By now she normally would have, being the slut that she
is, but this guy was different. She had found out from a friend that this guy
was huge and was near enough 12 inches. This was going to be the first man
that she would allow to penetrate her anally.

She had never let anyone do it before because she thought it would really
hurt, but her friends said that if the man has a really big cock it wont
hurt. Rachel was nervous but thought to herself that she would never find
a bigger penis than David's.

She was going out with him again on Friday night and had arranged to have
the apartment to herself. First they had a little bit of dinner under
candlelight, then Rachel leant over and whispered to David, "I think it's
time we went to the bedroom... don't you?" David's head nodded vigorously,
he was finally about to reach the promised land.

She led him by his hand to the bedroom where she stripped off slowly in front
of him. First she removed the tight black dress she was wearing and let it
drop to the floor. Next she unhooked her lacy black bra and her beautifully
rounded breasts fell out. They were wonderfully perky for a woman her age and
as the cool breeze blew across them, her nipples stood at attention.

As her nipples had hardened so had David's cock and was reaching its massive
full size. When Rachel noticed the abnormally large bulge in his trousers,
she immediately got on to the bed and bent over like an animal does when
offering herself to the male.

"I hope you know what to do next, because its my first time," she said.

"You're a virgin?" he asked, shocked.

"Only from behind," she replied slightly embarrassed.

This pleased David because this meant her asshole would be really tight
around his pulsating erection. After he removed his boxers, his now fully
erect dick sprang out and he climbed behind Rachel on the bed. She had
started to get wet from seeing the size of her lovers cock and some of her
juices had dripped down on to her fudge hole. Then she removed her panties
and said that she was ready.

David guided his boner to the back door entrance and eased it in. It felt
good for him having such a snug fit around his dick. The first time he put it
in about halfway and then he gradually speeded it up and put more and more of
it into the depths of Rachel's beautiful smooth ass. As he went faster and
pounded her ass harder her tits were shaking about while she fingered
herself. It just felt so good for her. She started to get a rhythm going with
her hips and her fingers and was soon in ecstasy. She couldn't believe that
she had waited so long to experience this kind of pleasure. As she was about
to reach an amazing orgasm she let out a small scream as she saw Monica
standing in the doorway. David stopped pounding, reluctantly and looked up.

Monica was almost as attractive as Rachel and had a well-formed, toned body.
Although her tits were smaller her body was tighter and so was her ass. David
noticed this and though to himself how much he wanted her.

"What the hell are you doing there," said Rachel, still with David's enormous
boner inside her rear.

"I wanted to see who he was and how big he is," Monica replied with a wry
smile. "I now know he's huge but I don't know who he is."

"His name is David, now please go away," shouted Rachel now starting to get

"Why are you getting so angry? you normally let me watch you and your dates."

"This is special and important to me because..." Rachel hesitated for a
moment. "he's the first guy to go into me from behind."

"You've never been done from the back before?" Monica couldn't believe it,
"Neither have I!"

"I can do you after Rachel if you want," David offered.

They then agreed that when David was finished with Rachel, he would fuck
Monica next. Then Monica watched as they started fucking again, and some of
her juices leaked through her skirt and a wet patch began to appear.

This time it was easier for David to fit his entire fat cock inside because
his pre-cum had already lubed up Rachel's asshole and could now reach the
bottom of Rachel's hole. As David's huge dick reached the thin skin between
Rachel's ass and her tight snatch he could feel her fingers on his throbbing
cock. Rachel reached a new found ecstasy as David's long deep thrusts
continued. As Rachel once again neared the greatest climax of her life, she
brought her ass back to meet David's penis. A tidal wave of juices was about
to erupt from her beautiful cunt.

Monica saw this and rushed to get underneath Rachel's pussy to catch all that
she could of her pussy juice in her mouth as it flooded out of Rachel's
snatch. Monica's awaiting mouth hardly wasted a drop of the sweet liquid as
Rachel reached one of her biggest orgasms ever.

"What do you think you're doing?" Rachel asked staring at Monica's slightly
wet face.

"You know how I just hate people making a mess in my apartment," Monica
replied again smiling, "and now it's my turn..."


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