By [email protected] (Erin8667)

Chandler and Monica

Chandler walked into Monica and Rachael's apartment without knocking, just he
always does. He secretly hopes that someday he will catch one of them naked. As
he neters this time, he hears Monica talking to someone, it is coming from her
bedroom. Chandler walks over to the door and peaks in, not leeting who's inside
see him. Chandler sees Monica totally nude on her bed with a vibrator between
her legs. Chandler smiles big. His dream has come true. He opens up his pants
and pulls out his dick. He isn't about to waste this golden opportunity to beat
off. Chandler stared at Monica's nude body twitching and shaking as he kept
speeding up the face to his jerking off. Chandler closed his eyes as the orgasm
hit. He opened his eyes and saw that Monica was standing right in front of him.
He had shot his wad on her leg.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" Monica asked.

"I just got bored and came over. Then I saw you on the bed and loved it too
much, so I jerked off," Chandler said honestly.

"I can do a much better job than that," Monica said in a twisted way. Chandler
smiled a little and Monica grabbed his 5 inch dick and stroked it with her hand.
She led him back into the bedroom and took all his clothes off. Now they were
both naked and Chandler was sitting there still amazed that he was gonna get
laid from some one so beautiful. He stared at her 34B breast in awe. He reached
out and grabbed one, forming his hand around it, squeezing and feeling. He had
dreamed of this for a long time. Monica put her mouth down on Chandler's dick
and licked her tongue along the whole length of it. Chandler whimpered a little.
He loved it. Monica put her head back up and said, "Fuck me, now, please."

"Well I guess I could make that sacrifice," Chandler said, pushing his dick to
her opening. He thrusted it into her loose cunt. Monica had sparse pubic hair
above her mound. She moaned as Candler's dick entered her. She hadn't been
fucked in months. Chandler hadn't either. Chandler kept pumping away as Monica's
moans got louder and louder. Chandler began to moan too as his orgasm began to
build. At the last second, Chandler ripped his dick out and shot his hot jism
all over Monica's stomach and pubic region. She ran her finger through it and
then licked it. She smiled happily. Monica stood up and walked to the bathroom.
She turned around and motioned for Chandler to follow her. When he got in there,
he saw Monica starting up the shower. She stepped in and so did Chandler. Their
lips met in a fiery hot kiss. Chandler reached down and fondled Monica's breasts
some more.

"Fuck me again, but this time, cum inside me," Monica moaned.

"I see no problem with that," Chandler stated as he released her breast and
grabbed his dick, guiding it into her hot snatch for more fun. He slid his dick
in to the hilt, Monica emitting a light moan. He placed her back to the wall and
pushed her against it with every stroke. Monica began screaming violently with
pleasure. This was the best feeling she had ever had. On the other hand,
Chandler was having the time of his life as well. Monica screamed and Chandler
felt his dick being coated with fluid. Monica's cum poured out around Chandler's
dick. Then he felt his orgasm. Chandler's hot semen splashed into Monica's
soaked pussy. She collapsed to the floor. Monica's orgasm had drained her
completely. Chandler picked her up and carried her to he bedroom where they sat
and fondled each other the rest of the day.

Phoebe and Joey

Phoebe walks into Monica's apartment as she always does. She hears moans coming
from the bedroom. He assumes Monica has a guy over and is pleasing him right
now. But Phoebe is curious. She creeps up to the door and peeks in. There is
Monica getting eaten out by Chandler. Phoebe is sent into tears. She runs out of
the apartment and into the hall. Poebe had had a crush on Chandler for years and
Monica knew that, but she slept with him anyways. She looked across the hall and
saw the door to Chandler and Joey's apartment. She decided she would go visit
with Joey for a while. Withput knocking, Phoebe opened the door and peaked in.

"Hello?" she called. No answer, but the door was unlocked so someone had to be
home. She walked in and shut the door behind her. Wondering where Joey was,
Phoebe walked over to his room and looked in. There is Joey, masturbating to
this month's Playboy. Phoebe likes what she sees. She had never looked at Joey
in a sexual way before, and now that she did, she liked it a lot. His rolling
abs, his thick, hard cock, and his nice chest. Phoebe can't take it anymore, she
takes off her shirt and throws it on the ground, then unsnaps her bra, dropping
it too. Now her wonderful 36C breasts are exposed. She walks into the room and
says, "Would you like me to help?"

"Jesus Chirst!" Joey yells, tossing the Playboy on the floor and covering his
dick with is hands. He turns around and sees Phoebe topless. His jawed drops and
he removes his hands from his crotch. Phoebe kneels down on the bed next to Joey
and gives him kiss. Joey grabs the back of her neck and pulls her to him,
kissing her passionately. Phoebe runs her hands along his chest, squeezing at
his nipples. She loves his muscular build. Their lips part and Joey reaches down
and unzips Phoebe's jeans. She lays back and slides them off. Joey pushes the
palm of his hand to her pussy. He can feel her wetness through the black satin
panties. Joey slides off the panties, now able to see Phoebe's beautiful cunt.
He runs his hand through her thick, blonde pubic hair. Joey slides a finger in
between Phoebe's wet pussy lips. She moans loud and braces herself to the bed.
Joey then drags his tongue along her slit while his finger rubs her clit. Phoebe
almost cums right now. She can't hold back anymore. Joey touches her clit one
more time and Phoebe screams, echoeing through the room. Her juices pour out
onto Joey's hand and mouth. He licks the cum off his hands and from around
Phoebe's pussy lips. Joey reaches up and gives Phoebe a peck on the lips before
he goes again. She grabs his dick and guides it to her slippery cunt. Joey's
cock slips right in to Phoebe's wet hole. She grabs Joey's ass and pulls it
down, pushing his dick into the hilt. Joey starts humping Phoebe, while his
balls smack against her firm ass. Phoebe can't wait to feel Joey's hot jism in
her system.

After about ten minutes of pumping his dick into Phoebe, Joey shoots his load,
coating her insides with his creamy semen. Joey pulls out and rolls over next to
Phoebe. Both are breathing heavy. Phoebe turns her head to Joey. "That was
great. You were wonderful," Phoebe says.

"You were great too," Joey says, looking at Phoebe's glorious body. He had
always wondered what she looked like naked. Now he knew. Phoebe climbed up on
top of Joey and stratled his legs. Joey can feel her pubic hair tickling his
thighs. Phoebes takes Joey's dick in her hand and starts to jerk him off. Faster
and faster Phoebe strokes until Joey moans and a stream of milky white fluid
flies out and lands on his chest. Phoebe leans down and lick up the semen. Joey
puts his hands on her breasts and squeezes them. He pulls his head up and licks
one, dragging his tongue over the nipple, making it hard. This foreplay
continues for some time until they both finally fall asleep.

Rachael and Ross

Ross has been in love with Rachael for years, but just recently started dating
her. He had slept with her once, but the lights were out and he didn't get to
see a thing. He longer so much to see her nude body. His time would come. He

Rachael walks into Ross's apartment. "hi honey," she says.

"Hi yourself," Ross says walking out of his room. He is only wearing a pair of
boxer shorts.

"Whoa! You look wonderul babe," Rachael exclaims as she pulls her shirt off over
her head. Ross stares at her bra, he can't wait to see what it holds. Rachael
walks to Ross and kisses him on the lips. Ross reaches around and unsnaps her
bra. It falls to the ground and he can feel Rachael's breasts rubbing up against
his chest. Ross pulls away from Rachael, looking down at her breasts. The 35C
cups look like heaven to him. Rachael can see the bulge in Ross' pants. Rachael
pulls his boxers off and puts her hand around his rod. She strokes it once or
twice and lets go. Rachael steps back and unbuttons her jeans. He dropsthem to
the floor. Ross likes what he sees, he has no panties on. Her lusicous figure is
now fully exposed. Rachael take ahold of Ross's dick again, stroking it. Ross
moans loudly and he cums all over Rachael's hand.

"That was quick, a little anxious?" Rachael asks.

"You just look so beautiful, I couldn't wait," Ross says. Rachael licks the jism
off her hand and smiles at Ross.

"Now make me cum!" Rachael says, leading Ross to the bedroom. She lays down on
her back and parts her thighs so Ross has a better view of her wet, hungry cunt.
Ross lays on his stomach, positioning his head right above Rachael's fabulous
pussy. He drags his tongue along the lips, causing Rachael to moan. Ross puts
his index finger into her hole. More moans. He finds Rachael's clit and rubs it
back and forth. Rachael almost cums right all over his hand. Ross puts his
tongue inside the hole, drawing his finger out. He licks Rachael's clit and she
explodes all over his face. Ross pulls his head and looks at Rachael who is
grinnig at him. Ross pulls himself on top of her. Rachael begins to lick her own
cum off of Ross's lips and cheeks. She loves her own juices. Ross grabs his cock
and strokes it until it retains its erect position. He steadies himself on top
of Rachael and thrusts his 6 inch cock into her hot pussy. They both cry out in
passion. Ross starts pushing in and out, his hand on the bed post for balance.
His other hand was on Rachael's left breast, kneeding the flesh. Ross could feel
his semen in his pelvis. He was about to cum.

"Can I come inside you?" Ross asks.

"Yes! please!," Rachael responds. Ross let's go and his cum shoots out of his
cock into Rachael's sensitive pussy. Rachael screams as the force of Ross'
orgasm causes hers. Fluids start dripping out around Ross' dick. He pulls out
and collapses next to Rachael. She rolls over on top of him. She gives him a
kiss and they both fall asleep, in each other's arms.

Phoebe, Monica, and Chandler

Phoebe stands up, leaving Joey asleep ion the bed. She looks one last time at
his swollen cock. "He was great" she says to herself. She picks up her clothes
and puts them back on, but leaves her bra and panties off, laying them next to
Joey in the bed, so he will never forget their wonderful time. Phoebe walks out
the door and into the hallway. She thinks about seeing Chandler and Monica. She
gets a feels gutsy and opens the door to Monica's apartment. She still hears the
moans from the bedroom. Chandler and Monica must still be going at it. Phoebe
walks to the bedroom door and peaks in. Sure enough, there is Monica, bouncing
up and down on Chandler's cock. Phoebe feels her pussy swell, and her juices
begin to flow. Walks in the room. Chandler looks up and sees her.

"What the hell?" Chandler says, sitting up.

"Can I play too?" Phoebe asks.

"Come on in," Chandler says. Phoebe sits on the edge of the bed and leans over
to kiss Chandler. He grabs her blouse and unbuttons it. TO his surprise, no bra.
Her 36C breasts her his to fondle! Phoebe helps him remove her clothes, soon,
she was nude along with everyone else. Monica leans over and plants a kiss on
Phoebe's breast. Phoebe climbs up and sits on Chandler's face. Chandler grins
with pleasure. Monica starts bouncing up and down again and Chandler begins
lapping at Phoebe's beautiful pussy, the pussy that only minutes ago, was being
satisfied by his best friend, Joey. Chandler grits his teeth as his jism sprays
into Monica's pussy. Monica cries out and collapses onto the bed. Phoebe is
hoding her orgasm back, knowing the longer she waits, the better it will feel.
She finally decides that she can't hold it any longer and let's her body go
limp. Her girl cum rushes out onto Chandler's face. Phoebe scoots herself down
and sits on Chandler's limp dick. She grabs ahold of it and gives it a few
strokes until it becomes erect and hard. Phoebe raises her ass up and sets it
down on Chandler's 5 inch monster, letting it slide in slowly, until it is all
the way in. Phoebe eases it in and out at first, then she unleashes and starts
going faster and faster.

"Slow down there Phoebe..." Chandler says, running out of breath. Phoebe slows
the pace a little. It's not long before she speeds back up. With this new pace,
Chandler can' hold on and he creams the inside of Phoebe's twat. She collapse
over on top of Monica. The two girls look at each other and grin. Monica rolls
over onto her back and Phoebe lays on top of her in a 69 position. They start
licking each other's slippery cunt, both able to taste Chandler's semen.
Chandler rests for a minute or two, then decides to join in. He puts himself
behind Phoebe and slides his dick into her hole for another round. He starts
pumping, in and out, with Monica's tongue sliding along the length of his dick
as it goes through. Phoebe feels herself starting to cum, and she does, all over
Monica's face and Chandler's dick. Chandler keeps pumping. More and more until
he feels the semen ready to shoot out. He rips his dick out of Phoebe's cunt and
shoots his load into Monica's open mouth. Some misses and hits her chin. Monica
licks her lips. Suddenly, Phoebe gets a faceful of Monica's orgasm. Phoebe licks
the cum off her lips. The three sit there and play for the rest of the day,
satisfing each other, over and over again......


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