Friends: Ross's Lesson - Actions Have Consequences Part 2
Ross Repents (FF,MMF,MMFF,MMFFF,oral,anal)
by Exintaris ([email protected])

Even after she'd fed Emma and settled her down again, Rachel found it hard
to get to sleep. It was unexpectedly exciting having Monica in the same bed
as herself. It aroused intimate feelings that she had very occasionally had
about Monica when they had been living together, and had sternly suppressed.
What made these stronger now was that she had gained some experience of
making love with a woman. When, in her second trimester, she had gotten so
horny, yet had been unable to bring herself to just go out and get laid,
Phoebe had taken pity on her and had offered to help out, explaining that
she had girl-on-girl experience. After a little hesitation, Rachel had taken
up her offer, and had not regretted it. Phoebe was a skilled lover who had
taught her a lot, and they had both enjoyed it so much that they still met
from time to time. It did not take much to picture herself doing with Monica
what she had done with Phoebe.

Monica also seemed to be unable to sleep, tossing and turning. Finally Rachel
thought she heard a sob; then she felt shaking. Monica was definitely crying.
Eager to comfort her, Rachel moved over and put her arms round her. Monica

"What is it, honey?" Rachel said warmly. "What's bothering you? You know you
can tell me. I swear, I absolutely swear, I won't judge you."

"Oh Rach," said Monica, turning and hugging her, "you're being so good to me.
I, there's something I didn't tell Chandler I didn't dare. Another reason I
was sort of willing to blow Ross was, I wanted to pay Chandler out for being
so, so unreasonable about my breasts! And, and what's also troubling me is, I
can't forget the feeling of Ross inside me. Oh my God, Rach, what a cock! I
can totally understand why you seduced him, the time you got pregnant." Her
voice lowered. "I can't sleep for thinking of his goddamn cock."

Rachel was silent for a while, thinking. It was very nice holding Monica so
close, and it was definitely exciting her. Her pussy was moist, her nipples
stiff. She wondered what effect it was having on Monica. She decided to go
for it.

"You know, Mon," she murmured, "I think maybe you could get it off your mind,
if you had a different kind of sex."

"How am I gonna get that?" said Monica in exasperation. "Chandler doesn't
want anything to do with me, and it was hard enough getting him to go down
on me anyway, if that's what you mean."

"Um, yeah," said Rachel, then, her heart beating faster, she went on, rather
tentatively, "but I could do that for you. I, I do know how to do it.
You don't know this, but Phoebe and I have been meeting since my second
trimester, when I got so needy. She's taught me a lot."

"You'd do that for me?" said Monica in a faltering voice.

Immensely pleased that she had not rejected her in disgust, Rachel hugged
her strongly and kissed her on the cheek. "I'd do anything for you," she
said fiercely, "especially now, when you need comfort so."

Monica did not reply at once, but in a moment her hand came gently across
to Rachel's face.

"Every now and then," she said softly, "I've had these feelings about you.
Have you felt the same?"

"Oh Mon, yes!" Rachel cried, suddenly very eager. She plunged forward and
tried to find Monica's mouth with her own, hitting her cheek first, but then
fastening on Monica's lips. Monica kissed her back just as eagerly, opening
her mouth at once. They pressed against each other and began to run their
hands over each other's bodies. It was in fact Monica who first put a hand
under Rachel's t-shirt, to fondle her breasts. Rachel quickly did the same
to her, then pulled her nighty up. Monica cooperated completely, and soon
both were topless. Before long, hands were going down into panties as well
and they were breathing increasingly fast. Finally Rachel felt ready, seized
the hem of Monica's panties and pulled them down, then moved her head down,
to kiss and lick her navel first. Monica moaned and pushed her panties right
off, then spread her legs. Rachel approached her pussy slowly, with many
lickings and gentle fingerings, while Monica's breathing turned into little
pants and she began to push her mound up at Rachel's exploring tongue and
fingers. When, eventually, Rachel's tongue caressed her clit she cried out.
Rachel froze.

"Try to be quiet, Mon," she hissed. "Joey's next door, and we don't want to
wake Emma."

"I know," Monica whispered back. "But it's so oh please go on, Rach!"

Rachel did go on, while Monica writhed under her, moaning through the hand
that she had pressed against her mouth, her panting coming faster and louder
until it turned into positive groans of need. All the time she was pushing
up rhythmically against Rachel's questing, probing tongue. Sensing what she
wanted, Rachel stiffened her tongue and began to drive very hard into
Monica's cunt. Monica made increasingly urgent straining noises until she
pushed up very hard indeed, with a sharp shuddering cry that she hastily
stifled. Her juices almost spurted out, and Rachel lapped them eagerly.

"Mmm, you're so tasty, Mon," she said appreciatively.

"And you," Monica said, reaching down to tousle her head, "are the sweetest,
most loving friend, to do that for me. Ooh," she relaxed with a sigh, "I
think I could sleep now."

"Then do," said Rachel, moving up to give her a final kiss. "I'm just gonna
go to the bathroom, and I'll get some water."

In fact, she needed to attend to herself, having got so excited with Monica,
and by the time she returned Monica was asleep, with a smile on her face.
Pleased with her success, Rachel fell asleep quickly too. When Emma woke her
in the morning with urgent demands for a feed, she felt rested, though she
had only slept a few hours, and at peace in her mind. The rape seemed a long
way away. As she fed Emma, she became aware of eyes upon her and saw that
Monica was awake, watching with a yearning gaze.

"Oh God, I want a baby so much," she said quietly when Rachel looked at her.
"It's awful to say, but in some ways I hope Ross 'has' made me pregnant."

Rachel smiled at her. "You and Chandler have been trying, though, haven't

Monica nodded, looking sad. "I've been beginning to wonder if there's
something wrong, as nothing was happening."

Rachel noticed that Monica was looking at her free breast, which was dripping
a bit, with a mixture of curiosity and longing, and guessed what was in her

"Want to try it?" she said, holding up the other breast invitingly.

"Oh Rach, could I?" said Monica eagerly.

"Come ahead," said Rachel with a chuckle.

Monica latched onto her breast with a little sigh of pleasure. Suckling her
friend made Rachel feel very protective and loving towards her. She put a
hand on Monica's head and stroked it gently. After a while Monica pulled
away again.

"Thanks, Rach," she said, gazing at her with a look of love, "that was ...
so soothing. And, when you made me come last night, well, it wasn't as hard
as I'd come earlier in the evening, but it was the first time that day I was
doing it completely of my own free will with someone I loved, and ... it was
so sweet!" She got up briskly. "It's not far off breakfast time, so I'll
take a quick shower."

Later, after Rachel had finished feeding Emma and put her back in her cot,
washed herself and put on a clean robe, Monica said, "Can we go over? I don't
like to think of Chandler on his own."

"Sure," said Rachel. "Just help me get Emma's stuff together."

As they were doing so, Monica said rather hesitantly, "Rach, if, if it
doesn't work out with Chandler, would you consider coming back to live with
me?" As Rachel turned to her in great surprise, she hurried on, "I wouldn't
expect sex or anything, just ... it would be so great to have you there."

Rachel was very touched. "It would be great to be back too. So, you're
pessimistic about the future for you and Chandler?"

Monica shook her head. "Not exactly I just don't know what to expect.
That's why I want to go over and see how he's feeling."

They found Chandler dressed and watching TV. He did not look well rested.

"How, how are you, Chandler?" said Monica nervously.

His expression was sour, his voice bitter. "Not good. I barely slept."

"I'm so sorry," she faltered, "sorrier than I can say."

"So you regret it now, do you?" he said rather sarcastically.

"I regret things I did of my own free will," she said quietly. "I regretted
them as soon as ... things started going bad. But no one could have predicted
that Ross would react that way. Most of what I did was kinda forced on me."

He grunted. Monica set to work putting the coffee on and getting out
breakfast things, in which Rachel helped.

Abruptly Chandler said, "How do you feel now?"

"I'm not sure," she said slowly. "Rachel has helped me get my mind off Ross,
so in the end, I slept quite well. I don't feel so freaked out over what

"Sure you don't!" he said angrily. "I've watched the whole video. You clearly
threw yourself into it with those men. Once that big guy had screwed you, you
were wholly cooperative, even eager."

Monica looked at him sadly and did not reply at once. Eventually she said,
"I can't say it too often. I really am sorry. I was so horny, and I just ...
went wild. I can't explain it exactly, but I'm afraid what Ross did had
really turned me on."

"Rachel didn't get turned on, though, did you?" said Chandler meaningfully.

"The circumstances were quite different," Rachel said firmly, determined to
help Monica as much as she could. "But if I had had to do more with those
men, maybe I would have gotten turned on. We can't control our bodily
reactions entirely, Chandler, any more than you can. If you were tied up
and some guy stroked or sucked your cock, I bet you couldn't stop yourself
getting aroused and coming."

Chandler grunted again, not looking wholly convinced. Unseen by him, Monica
beamed at Rachel and blew her a kiss.

When Rachel sat down again she noticed a weight in the pocket of her robe.
Feeling in there, she found the money the men had left and Joey had collected
and given to her.

"Hey, let's see what we got!" she said chirpily, hoping to lift the general
mood. She fanned out the notes. "Wow, there's nearly three hundred and fifty
dollars here," she said in amazement. "I guess if all else failed, we could
make a fair living as whores." She winked at Monica, who giggled.

Chandler smiled reluctantly. "A lot of that is your 'compensation', though,
Rach, and I don't think even the whole lot would be anywhere near fair
payment for all that Monica did."

It was said flippantly, but with a bit of edge, and Monica looked stricken.

"Chandler!" Rachel gasped. "That's really unkind."

Ch looked uneasy. "I'm sorry, but ... I can't get my mind off it ... Monica
and Ross, and then all those men ..."

There was silence, and then Rachel said hesitantly, for she had only just
thought of this and did not know how either would take it, "I think you need
to have sex with Monica, the wilder the better. And, if it would help," she
drew a deep breath, "I could be there for you too ... like I was for Monica
last night."

Monica gasped. Chandler looked stunned. "What did you two get up to?"

Rachel smiled at Monica, who was looking shell-shocked, and said, "Sorry,
honey, but I think it's better that he knows." She turned to Chandler. "She
was 'obsessing' about Ross, so much she couldn't sleep. She badly needed to
have her mind taken off him, and she needed comfort too. And just so you
don't have to ask, I knew what to do because Phoebe and I have been
occasional lovers since my second trimester."

"What did you do, then?" asked Chandler, sounding very interested.

"Went down on her," said Rachel simply. "To be as different from what she'd
had to do as possible."

Chandler nodded, absorbing this new information with apparent calm.

"Do you love her?" he said abruptly.

Rachel thought about her answer, while both Chandler and Monica looked at
her intently. "Not the way you do," she said finally. "But we have been as
close as sisters for so long, and now I feel we've come even closer."

"You think I love her still?" said Chandler in apparent surprise.

"I don't think you would be so mad if you didn't love her," said Rachel

Monica made a sound like a choked-off sob. "Chandler," she said with
desperate earnestness, "I'll do anything you want if you'll forgive me,
e-even things I, I wouldn't do before." She met his gaze steadily, though
tears were trickling down her cheeks. " And if you want to take advantage
of Rachel's generous offer - which is not something we've cooked up, it's
the first I've heard of it - go right ahead."

"It is a very generous offer," said Chandler, looking at Rachel with
something like warmth in his eyes. "You're really ready to ... go to bed
with me?"

"If it would help you and Mon, yes," said Rachel decisively. "I am
envisioning us three together, of course. I'm sure, after what we've picked
up from Monica over the years, that I'd enjoy it." She winked at him,
smiling, then said more seriously, "Once I said, I'd do anything for Mon,
way back at the time of the Julie business. It's the kind of thing you say,
but ... now I mean it." A thought occurred to her. "If you watched the whole
video, you'll have seen a lot of me."

Chandler went red. "I, um ... sorry, Rachel," he mumbled. "I, it switched to
you so quickly and ... I couldn't resist the temptation to go on. Do you
know, he was still filming when your expression changed, just before you
squeezed him? It was like watching a movie. I actually cheered."

Rachel smiled. "I don't mind, Chandler. Consider it some payback to you,
for my doing stuff with Monica. Anyway, what do you say?"

"Mmm," went Chandler reflectively. "It's a very tempting thought."

"And you would 'so' be one up on Joey," Rachel could not resist adding.

Chandler actually laughed. Then his face sobered. "But what about you and

"We're just what some people call fuck buddies," said Rachel. "I hope she
wouldn't be upset."

At this point Emma began to make complaining noises, evidently having woken

"You think about it," said Rachel hastily, before turning to Emma, "both of

She began to play with Emma, watching them out of the corner of her eye. To
her delight, they were looking a bit shy of each other, but seemed more

"Breakfast!" cried Monica suddenly. "I came here to make you breakfast.
Just name it, Chandler - anything you like."

"'Really' anything?" said Chandler in a wheedling tone.

"Chandler, I'd cook you steak and fries if you'll forgive me," said Monica,
sounding in desperate earnest again. "Hell, I'd cook you a three-course meal
if you'd wait that long. Anything, anything at all! I'm so terrified" - she
choked, and put a hand over her eyes - "that I may have lost your love for
ever," she finished in a near-whisper.

Clearly affected, Chandler shook his head, got up and went to put his arms
round her. Monica leaned her head on his chest and sobbed. He stroked her
hair. "I'd be a fool to want to break up over this," he said in a gentle
voice, "when overall I've been happier with you than ever before in my life.
Say, would you be willing to do that thing that Janice used to do?"

"What, cook wearing an apron and nothing else?" said Monica. "Well, yeah,
but ... what about when Phoebe and Joey come in?"

"I won't care," said Chandler. "They saw you naked last night, after all. I
think it would be ... kinda exciting."

"Then I'll do it!" Monica said, eyes flashing. Without hesitation she began
to strip, piling her clothes neatly on a kitchen chair, then when she was
naked apart from her shoes she walked calmly across to pick up an apron, put
it on, struck a pose, then turned and showed her back view.

"How do I look?" she said, glancing mischievously over her shoulder.

"Good enough to eat," said Rachel promptly. It was meant as a joke, and the
other two snickered, but she meant it. To her, Monica looked entrancing.

"Coffee's perked," said Monica, beginning to pour out. "Now, I'll take

"Can I have two eggs easy over, bacon, hash browns, a sausage ..." Chandler
said, increasingly tentative.

"We got all those!" cried Monica gaily, suddenly in her Moondance Diner
persona. "You want some mushrooms with that, maybe a tomato?"

"The whole bit," said Chandler, beaming, "and of course I'll take a juice."

"Could I get juice too, and pancakes in syrup?" Rachel asked, thinking she
might as well ask.

"Sure," cried Monica. "Juice coming up, folks."

They were well into their breakfasts and expressing great enjoyment of them,
to Monica's obvious satisfaction, when Phoebe arrived.

"Wow!" she said, looking at the table. "You're in a good mood, Monica!" Then
she looked at her and said, "Wow!!!" widening her eyes. "Are things ... all
right, then?" She raised her eyebrows at Chandler.

"I'm getting there," he said, "with the help of Rachel, this marvellous
breakfast, and ... other things."

"Why, what have you done, Rach?" Phoebe asked.

Rachel was trying to interest Emma in a piece of pancake. "Can you explain,
guys?" she said. "It's kinda complicated, and I need to focus on Emma here.
Um, Pheebs, I'm sorry, but I've let them know about us. It ... seemed
necessary at the time."

Phoebe's expression did not change noticeably, though she pursed her lips a
little. "In a good cause, I hope," she said. "Okay, what can I order from our
hot cook? Might there be waffles?"

"Sure, Pheebs," said Monica, smiling at her. "You shall have all the waffles
you want."

Phoebe sat down on the other side of Chandler, who began to talk to her
quietly, and Rachel turned back to concentrating on Emma. In a while, Phoebe
came to sit down beside her.

"So, I guess you won't be needing me any more," she said in a quiet, rather
strained voice.

Rachel looked at her. She did not look happy.

"Oh Pheebs, have I hurt you?" she said remorsefully. "I never meant to."

Phoebe pulled a face. "I have no right to be jealous."

"But you are?" said Rachel. "Of me and Monica? You have feelings for Monica?"

"I have feelings for most of you," said Phoebe dolefully. "You're just the
first I've been lucky enough to get together with. Yeah, I do have feelings
for Monica, though they were stronger when I lived with her, and for Joey ...
not for Chandler, really, though I can see the attraction. And Ross was like
a brother, which is why it's so hard to believe he's done this." Suddenly
there were tears in her eyes.

"I find it hard, too," said Rachel. "I knew, we all knew, he had a temper,
but to go over the top like this! And the way he went at Monica, like he had
so much in his system that he was trying to get out."

"I guess she caught all the backwash from the frustrations caused by other
women, too," said Phoebe. "Way back to Carol, even."

Before she could say any more, Joey came in, exclaiming boisterously about
the good breakfast smells. His eyes bulged when he took in Monica's state
of near total nakedness.

"What the hell is this, Monica?" he said, sounding very shocked.

"It's pleasing Chandler," Monica said blithely, "and he doesn't care that
you and Pheebs and Rachel can see me like this."

"Enjoy the view," said Chandler genially. "I think it's really sexy."

"Yeah, I remember you telling me Janice would do this for you sometimes,"
said Joey. "Is this kind of a punishment for Monica?"

"Well, if it is, I'm enjoying it," Monica admitted. She seemed very cheerful
and relaxed.

"Mmm, that's naughty," said Chandler in a mock-severe tone. "Come here and
bend over."

Willingly Monica did this, and Chandler administered several quite hard
spanks. Then he stroked her ass, pinched it, and said, "That's all for now."

Monica got up, grinning at him. "Ooh Chandler, that was sort of ...
exciting," she said, rubbing her butt a little. Chandler grinned back.

At this point Emma let out a wail, evidently considering she was being
neglected. Hastily Rachel returned her attention to her, and so did not catch
what was being said in the rather quiet conversation between Chandler, Joey,
Monica, and Phoebe, who went to join them. Renewed cooking smells indicated
that Monica was providing Joey breakfast as well. Joey was clearly being
brought up to date, but other matters were being discussed, that seemed to
cause Joey to laugh, a bit nervously at first. Then Rachel realised that Emma
needed changing, and took her across to the other apartment.

When she returned, an astounding sight met her eyes. There was Monica,
kneeling in the middle of the room, while Joey kneeled in front of her. She
had her hands on his hips and was sucking his cock with every appearance of
enthusiasm, while Chandler was screwing her vigorously from behind, with a
very determined expression. All three were totally naked. Phoebe was cheering
them on from a seat at the table.

"My God, Pheebs, how did this happen?" said Rachel, moving next to her.

"Mon suggested it," said Phoebe. "We had this discussion, and she told us how
much she wants to be our slut, and to do stuff with others watching, and all
that, and believe it or not, Chandler seems totally okay with it. This is the
first time he's getting her ass, apparently."

"I, I don't think I should have Emma in here," said Rachel, feeling very
uneasy, although Emma was facing the other way over her shoulder.

"Rachel, she's far too young to have any idea what's going on," said Phoebe.
"Lighten up and enjoy the view."

"No, I don't feel easy," said Rachel. "I'll come back when Emma's gone to
sleep again."

"Suit yourself," said Phoebe casually. "Me, I intend to take full advantage
of the situation." She giggled.

Just then Joey gave a great groan, which attracted Rachel's attention. She
saw him jerking frantically into Monica's mouth. Then Chandler produced an
almost identical groan, as he clearly began to come. Monica produced muffled
sounds of ecstasy and began to shake all over. Rachel watched, mesmerised.
Slowly they drew apart.

"Boy, Monica, you're really something," said Joey, sounding very satisfied.

Monica looked pleased, and leaned forward to kiss him.

Chandler was definitely smirking. "Well, Monica, was that up to the old
standard?" he said.

Monica turned to embrace him. "It was!" she cried. "I really enjoyed that.
I only wish you'd come in the usual hole, so, if I do get pregnant, we'd
never know if it was yours or Ross's. Hi, Rach!" She turned to wave at her
cheerfully. "Chandler took your advice on wild sex."

"So I see," said Rachel a bit uncertainly, "but Phoebe says it was your

"I'm having lots of them," said Monica cheerily. "I'm working on a way I
could handle all of you at once, if Chandler will let me."

"No problem," said Chandler, with a chuckle. "I'd like to see that, and be
a part of it, of course."

"I'm gonna need to recover first," said Joey. "Guess I could use a drink."

Monica went over to look in the fridge. "We're nearly out," she said, taking
out a soda. "In a while someone should put some clothes on and go get some

"I could do that," Rachel offered, "and take Emma with me."

"Oh, but ... you haven't done anything with us yet," said Chandler, looking

"I, um, wasn't expecting to be doing stuff right now," said Rachel, a bit
disconcerted, "and I wouldn't be easy, doing it in Emma's presence."

Monica smiled and came close, seeming quite unconcerned about her nakedness.
"Are you having second thoughts?" she said gently. "Chandler will be
disappointed, and so will I, but we'll understand."

"It looks like Joey's included in the deal," Rachel said, "which is more than
I originally had in mind." She lowered her voice. "Monica, this is so not
like you. Is Chandler really okay with it?"

"You saw him," said Monica. "I think he likes sharing me with Joey. As for
being not like me - I really do feel different, since last night. I have this
real urge to be slutty, but only with my best friends."

"And Chandler's gone for that?" said Rachel incredulously, patting Emma on
the back as she reminded herself she was there.

"Oh, he's getting plenty out of the deal," said Monica casually. "Phoebe's
willing to let him screw her now and then if she can have me."

Rachel shook her head. "I'm not entirely easy about this, Mon. It seems to
me, you guys are rushing into things. Look, I'll go get some beers and

"Okay, sweetie," said Monica. "A warning: we might well be at it again when
you return, so if you're worried about Emma seeing things, take her back to
her cot."

Looking at her, Rachel realised how relaxed and happy she seemed. "Honey,
this is truly what you want?" she said, still finding it hard to believe.

Monica nodded firmly. "I think it is. I feel this, this need to have lots of
sex. Of course, if I get pregnant, things may have to change."

"And Chandler really is okay with it?"

"I can only go by what he says and does," said Monica, "and that suggests
he likes it. Maybe it's fulfilling fantasies of his. I know it's doing that
for me!" She gave a wild little laugh.

"Okay, Mon," said Rachel. Feeling a sudden rush of affection, she leaned
forward and kissed her. "See you later."

The expedition to get drinks took a while, and by the time Rachel returned
Emma was sleepy again. Rachel gave her a feed, which sent her to sleep, then,
feeling a sudden tingle of excitement, walked over to Chandler and Monica's
apartment, carefully locking the door behind her. She entered quietly with
the bag of bottles, to see that they were indeed "at it again". Monica was
lying on her back on the floor, simultaneously jerking off Chandler and Joey,
who kneeled on either side of her, while Phoebe screwed her with a strap-on.
For some reason, seeing this made Rachel a lot more excited than the first
thing she'd seen them doing.

"You should get some of this, Rachel," Phoebe called to her. "Monica's a
great lay."

The idea of screwing Monica with a strap-on had indeed crossed Rachel's mind.
She waved and grinned, and went to put the bottles in the fridge. While she
was doing so, Chandler cried, "Thar she blows!", Joey yelled "Yeaaaaah!", and
Monica gave a little shriek, then a more prolonged and definitely joyful wail
of "Phoebe!"

"AaaaaAAAH!" cried Phoebe triumphantly, and Rachel turned to see her bucking
on top of Monica.

Chandler and Jo smiled at Rachel. "Coming to join us, Rach?" said Joey. "We
could make you feel good."

"Please do, Rach," Monica called. "It would be so great to have you with us."

Phoebe grinned at her. "I can see you want to," she said insinuatingly.

Rachel felt torn. Phoebe was right: she was now definitely feeling horny,
and any qualms about having group sex in broad daylight were fast fading. But
there was Emma to consider.

"I don't like leaving Emma alone over there," she said. "She's more wakeful
in the daytime."

"Then bring her over," said Monica. "We can put her in the spare room, and
then she needn't see anything or even hear much."

Rachel stood irresolute for a moment, but she saw her friends' eyes upon her,
sincerely wanting her to join them, and her own instincts were pushing her in
the same direction. She took a breath. "Okay, I'll do it," she said. "Someone
help me get her stuff together?"

"I'll do that," cried Monica, and Phoebe lifted off her. Monica grabbed a
robe and hurried to join Rachel, belting it carelessly.

"Boy, you're keen still," Rachel said to her as they went across.

"It's like, the more I do, the more I want to do," said Monica, grinning
companionably at her.

"Do you think Chandler's fully forgiven you now?" Rachel asked.

"I can't be sure," said Monica, "but it certainly feels like it."

They were hardly inside the apartment when Monica seized Rachel and kissed
her passionately on the lips.

"I've been wanting to do that all day," she said. "My adorable Rach."

Rachel responded to her kiss eagerly enough, but in a while she said, "Come
on, you're making me want to get back in there."

They gathered everything that might conceivably be needed and brought Emma
back to the apartment in her carrycot. Once she had been established in the
spare room and duly admired, everyone returned to the living room, and Rachel
found herself surrounded by four naked friends, who were looking at her with
affectionate but undoubtedly lustful expressions. Monica drew her into her
embrace again, while the others began to undress her. Soon she was as naked
as they were and beginning to feel weak at the knees from the sensuous
feelings aroused by all the hands running over her body. Then Phoebe, who
was kissing her by then, suddenly swept her up into her arms and carried her
laughing into Monica and Chandler's bedroom, followed by the others. There
on the bed things began to get more serious. Mouths descended on her breasts,
hands on her pussy. She began to produce increasingly urgent sounds of need
as the feelings of heat and tension in her body grew, and her whole body
seemed to be pounding to the beating of her pulse. She didn't know or care
whose tongue began caressing her clit first, particularly since a second
tongue soon joined it, to run along her pussy lips and thrust inside. Then
a mouth sucked hard on her swollen clit, flashes of pleasure shot from her
centre to the extremities of her body, and she began to come explosively,
thrusting her pussy up and down and crying out in sheer delight.

"Oh God, you guys," she gasped, as she began to recover, "that was ...

"Changed your tune now, eh?" said Phoebe, smiling down at her.

"Oh 'yes'!" Rachel said enthusiastically.

"Good," said Phoebe, and bent to kiss her tenderly. Then she suddenly went
"Whoops!" and disappeared from Rachel's view. Raising her head with some
effort, Rachel saw that Chandler, very obviously excited, had seized her.

"Okay, Chandler, let's see what you're made of," Phoebe cried, turning to
throw her arms around him.

On the other side of Rachel, Monica and Joey were grappling. Rachel realised
that bringing her to climax had aroused her friends again.

"Go for it, guys!" she cried, then, "You want me to get you some condoms?"

"Please, Rach," Phoebe and Joey gasped almost together.

"Don't bother, man," Chandler said to Joey. "If you screw Monica without a
condom, then it's 2 to 1 against Ross whose baby it is, if Monica gets
pregnant. You're okay with that, aren't you, Monica?"

"Oh sure," Monica cried wildly. "Come on, Joey, give me your best!"

Rachel scooted to the bottom of the bed and got off, found the condoms in a
drawer, unwrapped one and passed it to Phoebe, who immediately rolled it onto
Chandler's straining cock. Then Rachel went round to Joey and Monica. She
felt absolutely no jealousy of Joey as he plumbed Monica's depths, rather an
eagerness that they should have as good a time as possible. She kissed and
stroked them impartially, then, beginning to feel a little hot again, she
squeezed and even nibbled Joey's taut buns.

He chuckled and moaned, "Give me more!"

After a moment's thought, she wetted a finger, pushed it up his anus,
and began a screwing motion. This stimulated him greatly. He began almost
throwing himself into Monica, finally coming with a roar that was followed
by her screams of joy. As they lay together panting, Chandler and Phoebe
also came, with rather less noise. Rachel lay down again between the couples,
feeling very happy.

"Wow, Joey!" said Monica, in a voice of delighted satisfaction. "You just
might have sent that all the way to my womb."

"Oh Mon," he gasped, "I've been wanting to screw you for so very long, and
it was so good! I'd like to think I have an equal chance of getting you
pregnant with the kid you've always wanted."

"Well, if I don't get pregnant after this, there's no justice," said Monica.
"Chandler, I ... you're being so great about this ... I want you to keep on
telling what you want me to do, and I'll do it, I will." She sounded almost

"You're being very wise, Chandler," said Phoebe, nuzzling him affectionately,
"and because you're being so good to Mon, you can have me whenever you want,
however you want."

"Oh, me too!" cried Rachel, clambering over Phoebe to lie on Chandler's other
side and taking his hand to put it on her breast.

Chandler turned and smiled at her. "I think I may be done for the day as far
as, um, intercourse is concerned. But, um, might I have a little taste?" He
fondled her nipple.

"Sure, Chandler," she said. "Actually, you're not the first - Mon's had a
taste too," she added with a chuckle.

In the end she found herself giving them all her breasts, at one time
suckling Phoebe and Joey simultaneously. She got marvellously loving feelings
from it, and said very affectionately when they had finished, "I feel so
bonded to you all now, though not quite like I was your mom."

They all chuckled contentedly.

"I can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday," said Monica in a while.
"Guys, when we do get up, can we go on being naked? To my eyes, you're all so

"Oh yay!" cried Phoebe. "I 'love' walking around naked in an apartment,
especially in daytime."

"Yeah, let's have a naked Saturday," said Joey eagerly. "Please, Chandler?"

"Sure," said Chandler, "if Rachel's okay with it?"

"Well, it would certainly make feeding Emma easier," said Rachel mirthfully.
"Yeah, sure, why not? But I give fair warning, seeing you guys naked may make
me want to jump one of you later on."

They all laughed. "I doubt you'll be the only one," said Chandler, "though
I've had a real workout for now."

Monica sat up, said, "Excuse me, Rach," and climbed over her to embrace
Chandler. "My wonderful husband," she said emotionally and snuggled against
him, showering him with little kisses, which Chandler accepted with a smile
of satisfaction.

They lay quietly for a while, until Rachel felt a need to go and look at
Emma, to find her still sleeping peacefully. But her move got the others
up, and Joey announced that he was hungry. Indeed, it was past their usual
lunchtime. Soon they were all preparing sandwiches and drinks and taking
them to the couch or chairs. Then Emma woke, and Rachel brought her into
the living room to feed. The others watched with soft smiles.

"You know, Rach, somehow you look absolutely right, feeding her naked,"
Chandler said.

"Yes, it's a beautiful sight, it really is," said Monica. "Could I take a
photo of you like that? I would so like to preserve the memory for ever."

Rachel felt very touched. "Sure, Mon, go ahead," she said.

Monica took several pictures, full length and closeup. All the others agreed
that they would be fine portrayals of maternal love.

"I now see what I didn't, all that time ago," said Joey. "You remember, when
Carol was feeding Ben, and I thought it was gross? I was so wrong."

"Growing up at last," said Phoebe, tugging his hair playfully.

"Well, let's hope Monica produces a new baby for us all to love," said Joey.

Monica's face suddenly looked strained. "I would really like that," she said,
"only ... suppose it's Ross's?"

"We'll bring it up as our own," said Chandler. "No one else need ever know.
But there's no way we can tell if it's his, mine or Joey's, unless we get
tests done."

"Well, it could look like him," Monica suggested.

"It has often been said that all babies look like Winston Churchill," said
Chandler, surprising a laugh out of them. "Anyway, we can just as easily say
it looks like you."

"I don't deserve you," said Monica, reaching forward to take his hand. "I'm
the luckiest woman in the world."

Chandler smiled at her. "You may not think so in a while, when I start coming
up with really kinky ideas for sex."

"Bring 'em on," said Monica confidently. "As long as they don't require, um,
getting intimate with human waste products, I'll do anything. And I have
plenty of ideas myself, if the others will cooperate."

"But say I wanted to cover you with cream or jelly or chocolate sauce and
lick it off, wouldn't you be bothered by the the mess I'd make?" Chandler

"You want to get me 'dirty'?" said Monica, sounding as if she liked the idea.
"No, I think I could go for that. I think it would be a thrill." She looked
around. "This carpet's past praying for, anyway."

"The old Monica would be totally freaking out at the thought," said Phoebe.
"How you've changed!"

Monica just smiled in a relaxed way. "I've discovered, there are more
important things to worry about than keeping everything totally clean. I will
try to get the worst stains out of the carpet, but I'm not gonna go totally
crazy over it." She grinned at everyone's overdone exclamations of surprise,
and said, "Chandler, can I kiss them all? I love them so much, and I am so
grateful to you for letting me show it in a way that I really like."

"Go ahead," said Chandler genially.

Monica first gave him a very tender kiss, then moved round the table to
the others, first Joey, then Phoebe, then Rachel, with whom she lingered a
little, as if contemplating going further. But then the phone rang. She
walked across to pick up. Her face changed as a disjointed-sounding babble
came from it.

"R-ross?" she almost whispered, looking suddenly distressed.

Chandler jumped up. "It's okay, Mon, you don't have to talk to him," he
said firmly. "Give me the phone."

She passed it over, saying, "He sounds in a bad way."

Chandler said angrily into the phone, "Didn't I tell you to get the hell
out of our lives?"

"I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry," Ross wailed, in an indistinct voice.
"Chan'ler, you don' 'know' how sorry I am. Please please 'forgive' me. I
can' go on without you guys, without Emma ..." He broke down into hiccuping

"Someone go and check if you can see into his apartment," said Chandler.
"Maybe you'd better put on a robe or something."

Joey and Phoebe did so. "Oh God, it's like a total mess in there," Phoebe

"He's wandering around, looks really drunk," Joey said.

"He sounds like it," said Chandler, who was listening with half an ear to
Ross's maunderings while trying to decide what to do. It was very provoking,
but he found that he couldn't hear how broken his onetime friend sounded and
not pity him.

"Lemme see her at least," Ross was repeating, "lemme see my little Emma,

Chandler sighed. "Rachel, would you be willing to show Emma to Ross?"

"Okay," said Rachel, and without bothering to put on any clothes she took
Emma to the window. "See, Emma," she said, "there's your stupid, 'stupid'
daddy down there!" She waved Emma's hand.

"Oh thank you thank you, Chan'ler!" Ross babbled. Then he said, suddenly
sounding mad, "Why's Rachel naked?"

Chandler laughed. "Wouldn't you like to know?" He put the phone down.

"What did he ask?" said Phoebe.

"Why Rach was naked," said Chandler. "I'm afraid you've given the game away,

"I don't care," said Rachel, and she really felt she didn't. Any residual
loving feelings she had for Ross were well and truly gone.

The phone rang again. It was Ross. "Why's Rachel naked?" he yelled.

Chandler sighed. "Shall we tell him?" he asked the others.

"Why not?" said Phoebe.

Chandler looked at Monica. "You okay with it, whatever I say?"

"I trust you," said Monica, looking at him adoringly.

"Okay, Ross - stop yelling, will you? - here's the deal," said Chandler. "I
have forgiven Monica, because I've realised, I can't stop loving her, but
our relationships has changed a bit. We're all naked in here, and we're
having a great time." He put the phone down again.

In a moment Joey reported, "He's thrown the phone across the room and now
he's sitting on his couch and crying, it looks like."

"Oh God!" said Monica and burst into tears.

Immediately Phoebe went to embrace her. "What is it, sweetheart?" she said

"I know what he did was so wrong," Monica choked out between sobs, "but I
can't forget that he's my brother, and all the years he was a support to me
and a good friend to us all. I know what we said, but ... can't we bring him
back into the group some way?"

Chandler looked round at the others. All were looking unhappy.

Joey nodded slowly. "If Monica can be ready to forgive him, I think we ought
to try," he said, very seriously.

"Rach?" said Chandler.

"He's the father of my child," said Rachel. "I'd like to see him humiliated,
the way he humiliated me and Mon, but I can't really imagine not seeing him
ever again. You've let Monica repent; we should offer Ross the chance."

"What he did was far worse," said Chandler, "but I have to agree. He's been
our friend for so long. But he needs to be 'punished' for what he's done,
and made it admit to it fully. You all know how Ross tries to evade
responsibility for bad or questionable things he's done."

"He was so reluctant to admit to mom and dad, it was him who smoked pot,"
said Monica, nodding.

Rachel began to speak, then stopped and shook her head with a rueful smile,
muttering, "Forget it, that's ancient history."

Phoebe smiled and went over to hug her. "Well done, Rach," she said. "We have
to let the past go sometimes, or we can't make any progress."

"We're agreed, then?" said Chandler. "We offer him a deal: repent and accept
suitable punishment, and he can come back into the fold, as long as he
continues to behave."

They all nodded.

"Oh darling, thank you for doing this for me!" cried Monica, going to hug
him. "Because I know it's hurt you very deeply. And thank you, Rach," she
said, turning to her, "because you suffered too."

"Well, at least I made a few dollars on the deal," Rachel quipped. "Remind
me to give you your share."

"No, keep it all, Rach," said Chandler. "You've earned it by your behaviour

"It's so good that you can take it like that," said Phoebe approvingly.
"You know, I think it would do Ross a lot of good to be screwed up the ass
himself. Maybe Monica should do it, even."

Monica shook her head violently. "I daren't go near him. I don't trust

Chandler began trying to call Ross, but getting no results. "Is he still
there, Joey?" he asked.

"He ... is," said Joey, peering, "but it looks like he might have passed

"Oh my God!" cried Monica. "If he's that drunk ... we should go to him at
once, or he might choke on vomit or something." She looked at them in appeal
as she began looking for her clothes.

"Okay," said Joey, finding and putting on his boxers. "We'd better save the
stupid dumb fuck from himself. I don't want him to actually die, do you,

"No," said Chandler. "Let's go. Rach, you don't have to come - stay here
with Emma."

"Could we bring him over here?" Monica asked. "He's not fit to be left on
his own."

Chandler sighed. "Yeah, you're right."

"Call me once you're in," Rachel said as she went for a robe, intending to
take a shower while they were gone.

"That's a shame," said Joey, grinning, as she covered her body with the robe.

"I 'know'!" she said in Monica's way, making everyone laugh. "But I'm not
gonna be naked in Ross's presence, even if he's so drunk he sees me double."

"Two Rachels!" said Joey, rolling his eyes. "That would be so cool!"

Rachel was on tenterhooks till the phone rang. She grabbed it instantly.

"He's okay, just totally out of it," said Chandler. "We'll be over here a
while, trying to sober him up. He seems to have been drinking since last

"Okay, I'll stay here," said Rachel. Deciding to be helpful, she cleared
away the remains of lunch and then went on to do the washing up.


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