This story is based on a picture I had seen but can't find it again but thought it needed mentioning, and is set after Rachel finds out Ross never got there divorce finalised. This is my fantasy of

Friends: Rachel's Revenge on Ross (MMF,oral,ncon,slash)
by Mulletman9000 ([email protected])

Rachel ushered Joey into her bedroom to ensure he would follow her plan.

"Joey you do remember what you have to do right Joey.....Joey."

Joey stared into blankly into space fantasying about what he would get out of the deal.

"Yes Rache, I know, Ross beat that I couldn't hypnotise you into doing what I want and if I can he promised to grant me one wish that he must do with out question."

"That's right and in return for that wish being what I want, not only will I fake being hypnotised but for the next year I'm yours when ever you want me stud."

She pulled him in close, there faces almost touching, sexually electricity filing the air.

"So don't cock it up and ask for a stupid meatball sub like you planned as your wish. Ross is in line for a meatball sub he will never forget."

* * *

Ross sat naked on his leather couch his hand gripped firmly round his 7 inch circumcised cock which he slowly wanked, still in shock that Joey had called him earlier and told him he was ready to win there beat, especially as Ross had only meant it as a joke. Then he was filled with lust thinking what he could get Rachel to do with him under hypnosis and the odds are all it would cost him was a subway. He stopped himself from coming and pulled on his clothes ready to go to joeys. His erection still clearly visible through his tight trousers as he closed the door behind him and headed off to his friends flat.

Joey opened the door to let Ross in filled with both lust and fear for what Rachel was about to make him do.

"Ross my man come on through, I hope you're ready to pay up because this bet is in the bag."

"Joey I'm not just going to accept your word for it, I need to see hard proof that Rachel is under your complete control."

"So where is she, Joey?" Ross said looking round the empty room slightly disappointed at the lack of his hot ex-girlfriend.

"Slave get your ass out here," yelled Joey, to which his bedroom door opened and out came a completely naked Rachel her big boobs bouncing as she walked and both Joey and Ross couldn't help but stare at her bare pussy dripping slightly in anticipation.

"Sorry she's a bit damp, I wanted to see how wet I could get her before you came round."

Ross's jaw was on the floor. Even though they had had sex several times in the past the sight of her hot body after all this time was just bewitching.

" I get my wish now," Joey asked, his eyes never leaving Rachel's hot snatch.

"Well this is defiantly strong evidence but I'm not entirely convinced, however I know the perfect test."

Rachel gulped, hoping Ross hadn't noticed, in worry of what he might ask of her.

"When we were together she would always drive me wild with the hottest blowjobs I have ever had."

"Alright one blow job for one wish."

"Oh not so fast Joey, because I want one other slight thing, in all the time we where together she never once swallowed my cum once, it had filled her hot mouth so this time to prove you have control. I want her to gulp down every last drop of my sperm."

"Easy as pie my friend, slave get over here and strip Ross, then give him the best blowjob of his life and swallow every last drop of his jizz, you will not spill a single drop as if your life depends on it."

Rachel slid across the room and with a sexy smile slowly removed Ross's shirt, followed by his trousers, his erection hitting her hard under her chin. She teased him with her tongue before taking it down her throat in almost one solid movement. Ross nearly came on the spot. She worked him up and down, in and out of her sweet mouth, working him as well as she could so she could get right to what she had been waiting for. After a few more bobs of her head Ross couldn't hold it in any more and released the biggest load of his life into her mouth. Rachel swallowed it as best as she could, knowing one slip and she would never get her revenge. A smile graced her lips as she new she had succeeded. Looking up at Ross who still had his eyes closed, she knew, now it was his turn to pay.

Ross was in sheer heaven the world could have ended and he wouldn't have cared, this was without a doubt one of the best days of his life. Eventually he pulled his now limp cock out of her mouth, a small string of sperm still dangled between them. He turned his head towards Joey.

"Your wish is my command, check my jacket there's a sub in there for you."

"Sweet!" was Joey's first reaction then he remembered his deal with Rachel.


The solitary word shocked Ross more than anything else that had happened that evening more than anything he could remember.

"I'm sorry Ross but that's not my wish is that as Rachel was your slave just then, now you must be my slave."

Ross was stunned, he didn't know what to say but he knew with what ever words he could possibly muster up the fact was he was trapped he had to give Joey and unknowingly Rachel exactly what they wanted.

"Crawl over here and take my cock out and then take it down your throat just as Rachel has just done to you."

Ross sunk defeated to his knees and after what seemed like an eternity crawled towards Joey.

Rachel slyly lifted herself onto the sofa and flicked the on switch on the concealed camera. With what she had planned Ross would belong to her forever. She slowly inserted two fingers into her now soaked pussy as she watched what was unfolding before her.

Ross's hands shaking reached to joeys zip and released the hidden anaconda behind it. Joey's rock hard 9.5 inch cook emerged like a monster from the mist. Ross was once again shell shocked. Never had he seen a cock so big. No wonder Joey was so popular with the girls. He couldn't fit that in his mouth.

Joey could see in Rachel's eyes her demanding for more, so with no hesitation he reached down grabbed Ross's hair and forced him upon his cock.

Ross could hardly breath at the rate Joey was dragging his face back and forth on his cock. His cock filling Ross's mouth to breaking point. Ross was gagging fearing any minute he would pass out until finally he did.

* * *

Ross woke up to find himself tied face down to Joey's bed with Rachel's pussy gleaning in front of him. He arched hi neck back to see Rachel grinning with a camera in her hand.

"Welcome back Ross, now its time for my true revenge upon you, time for me to teach you a lesson you will never recover from." With that she tilted the camera up towards something behind him.

Suddenly Ross felt a huge pressure pressing up against his tight virgin ass. His face grimed with fear as he realised what was coming next. Joey was going to tear his ass apart. Joey stood naked behind Ross his eyes locked on Rachel's waiting for her to signal him. With a laugh she smirked down over the bound body of Ross. Do it Joey teach him his sister's not the only bitch in this circle of friends. Joey impaled his cock into Ross's ass ignoring the incredible roaring screams of Ross.

"Ross, Ross, dear Ross you should be more quite you'll disturb the neighbours," smirked Rachel as she lifted his head of the bed by his hair. "This should help quiet you," and with that she put herself between Ross's head and the bed and shoved his face down upon her glorious pussy. Joey started to pummel Ross's ass slowly getting almost two thirds of his cock in Ross's tight hole. Ross's screams could still be heard even through Rachel's hot snatch.

"God the vibrations feel so good Joey increase the speed," piped Rachel, to which Joey immediately responded, pump his cock faster and deeper into Ross's brown eye tearing it apart ripping his muscles and ligaments. Unknown to either of them though in the middle of the most incredible pain Ross was starting to find himself turned on to the point he even started pushing his tongue in and out of Rachel's pussy.

"The little bitch likes it Joey!" Rachel laughed. "Finish him off my Italian stallion."

Joey loved the encouragement and forced the final part of his cock the thick base that had been outside his best friend's ass and shoved it in pushing in and out as fast as he could. Him and Rachel racing towards raging orgasms.... until....Ross was filled from both ends as both of his tortures came, Joey's torrent of hot creamy sperm flooding his ass and Rachel sweet nectar pouring in and down his breathless throat. Joey withdrew his monster cock from Ross's battered ass leaving a gap that you could fit an orange in. Rachel moved from her position beneath Ross to get a shot of Ross's destroyed ass.

"Now Ross I think its time you gave me everything I want, starting with finalising that divorce."

Rachel and Joey left Ross in his former friend's room to contemplate his hopeless future as their slave.


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