Disclaimer: Friends belongs to Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions and Warner
Brothers Television.This story is not-for-profit, but I own it.

Date: 02/09/2005

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Drug use, strong language, female/female sex

Category: Slash

Pairing: Rachel/Nora

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Archive: Yes

Summary: Rachel walks into a bar after her latest break-up with Ross and
encounters Nora, who forces Rachel to experience something totally different.

Other Notes: This AU story is a birthday gift to Jennifer Aniston, who has
been born on February the 11th, 1969.

Friends: Rachel, The Sex Slave
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

You know, I do believe that there are some people on this very planet
Earth -- even within the City of New York--that are still having some
problems with how to keep a good handle on their romantic problems.

And one of those New Yorkers named Rachel Green was no exception, for after
her latest break-up with Ross Geller, who was the brother of her roommate
Monica, she had walked into a bar and grill on the Eleventh day of February
and ordered herself a drink.

But after she had gotten her drink and was about to take a sip of it, a
woman known as Nora Tyler Bing--who was also known as the mother of one of
her friends, Chandler--had walked into the bar and grill and noticed a
saddened Rachel sitting at the bar by herself.

"Are you okay, Rachel?", asked a concerned Nora, after she had sat herself
down next to Rachel and placed her friendly hand on Rachel's shoulder. "You
look like you've just lost something special in your life. "

And then, after she had heard that and turned her head towards Nora, a
sad-faced Rachel had taken a deep breath and answered, "As a matter-of-fact,
Mrs. Bing. I have once again lost something special in my life. It's just
that I now wish that something else would happen to me, so that I could
possibly get over my latest break-up with Ross."

Just then, after Rachel had placed her hands over her face and started to
cry, Nora had slipped a small bottle of clear liquid out of her purse and
placed a few drops of the liquid into Rachel's drink.

"Now-now, Rachel. There's no need for tears," said Nora, after she had
stirred the clear liquid into Rachel's drink and handed it back to Rachel.
"Here. Just take a few sips of this and you'll feel better."

And after she had placed the glass in her hand, Rachel has done what Nora
had said and took a few sips of her drink, only to have her suddenly become
dizzy and having the urge to go outside for some air.

However, after she had gotten off of her bar stool and started taking a few
small steps towards the door, Rachel had became so dizzy that she had no
choice, but to drop down to the floor and become unconscious.

Now, it has became unclear as to how long Rachel has been out like a light,
but after the drug that Nora had used on her had finally worn off and she was
finally opened her eyes, the look on her face had changed to that of pure
shock, for she had discovered that she has been stripped naked and chained to
a metal post.

"HELLO!ANYBODY OUT THERE?!" yelled a frightened Rachel, while she was trying
to free herself from her bondage without any success. "WHAT THE FUCKING HELL

And then, after the door to the room had opened, the answer to Rachel's
question had appeared in the form of Nora walking into the room wearing
nothing but a pair of black leather boots and a pair of black leather

"Well-well-well! I see that my latest little conquest has finally woken-up!"
said a devilishly-smiling Nora, after she had opened a large wooden case,
took a black strap-on dildo out of the case and placed it in-between her
legs. "Guess what, Rachel! You've wanted something else to happen to you!
Now, that wish is about to come true!"

And then, after Nora had placed herself behind Rachel and just as Rachel
was about to make an objection, Nora had shoved one end of the dildo inside
Rachel's asshole and used one of her hands to start carressing Rachel's

"Tell me the truth, you fucking bitch!" whispered Nora, after she had lifted
up Rachel's head and placed her lips close to Rachel's ear. "You're enjoying
it, are you? You want me to fuck you, do you?"

"Aaaahhhh, yes! I'm enjoying it! I do want you to fuck me!" answered Rachel,
after a sudden wave of erotic pleasure had washed over her. "Yeeeessss!
That's it! Give it to me!Let me feel the pleasure inside me! Aaaahhhh!"

And then, at that exact moment, Rachel had suddenly realized that even
though she was being forced to make lesbian love against her will, she was
experiencing something that she hadn't experienced with another woman before,
for she actually was experiencing pure and untamed erotica -- and enjoying
every minute of it.

Just then, after she had placed herself in front of Rachel and started
pumping her dildo in and out of Rachel's hot, wet pussy, Nora had placed her
hands on Rachel's shoulders and yelled, "AAAAHHHH! TELL ME THE TRUTH, YOU

sexually-energized Rachel. "I WANT YOU TO DO IT! I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME! I

And then, after they've started moving harder and faster and their lovemaking
has reached its final meeting with Rachel's friends at Central Perk, both the
mistress and her newfound sex slave had cum and been over come with

After they were both finally able to catch their breath, Nora had placed her
head on Rachel's bare shoulder, let out a sigh and said, "Oooohhhh, Rachel.
I'm so very sorry for what I've done to you."

"Oooohhhh, that's okay, Nora," said an understanding Rachel, after she had
placed her head on top of Nora's. "Besides, it was able to finally help me
get over Ross. "

And then, after the two newfound lesbian lovers had shared a small giggle
between the both of them, Nora had released Rachel from her bondage and the
both of them had placed their nude bodies on the mattress on the floor,
snuggled-up to each other and fell asleep within their naked arms.

Just then, after she had finally returned to her apartment building, Rachel
had bumped into her two other friends, Joey Tribbiani and Phoebe Buffay, who
were heading towards the front door of the building to go look for Rachel.

"Hey, Rachel. Where have you been?" asked a wide-eyed Joey, while he was
scratching the back of his head. "Ross and Rachel have been worried sick
about you."

"Oooohhhh, nowhere special," answered a small smiling Rachel, while she was
walking past Joey and Phoebe. "I've just spent some time with someone new in
my life."

And with that, Rachel had kept on walking up to the apartment that she was
sharing with Monica, who -- along with Ross, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey -- is
still unaware of what had caused her to become Rachel, the sex slave -- and
that's the way Rachel had kept it.



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