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Friends: Rachel Out Of Trouble Part 4 - Featuring Drew Barrymore (FF,celeb)
by Exintaris

Later, when Ross had arrived and all were enjoying a casserole labelled a
Rachel Special by Monica, the phone suddenly rang. Monica answered.

"Could I speak to Rachel Green, please?" said a vaguely familiar voice.

"Who is this?" said Monica. "If you're a journalist, I can tell you right
away that she's not giving interviews."

"No, I'm not a journalist," said the voice, with a slight chuckle. "You're
not going to believe this, but I'm Drew Barrymore."

"Drew Barrymore?" Monica shrieked.

"Please, not so loud," the voice said plaintively. "You wanna bust my
eardrum? Yeah, I'm the real Drew Barrymore, and I'd like to meet with Rachel.
We have ... something in common."

"Oh, did that bitch get you?" said Monica. "Oh, I'm so sorry."

"Me and others," said Drew Barrymore in a depressed voice. "We have a kind
of ... support group. When I heard about Rachel - it's all over the networks,
if you didn't know - I felt I had to make contact."

"Okay, passing you over," said Monica, and handed the phone to Rachel,
hissing, "It seems to be really Drew Barrymore, and she wants to meet you!"

Rachel spoke excitedly on the phone for a few minutes, then rang off. "She's
at the Plaza," she said in awe. "I promised I'd be there within the hour."
She smiled across the table at Ross. "When will you be at home, honey? I
thought I might ... drop by, but now this has come up, so I can't promise

Ross straightened up, ignoring the hoots and cheers of the others. "I, I
wasn't, I had no special plans for tonight. Depends when I leave here, I

"Drew Barrymore," said Chandler musingly. "She has a reputation for being
into women as well as men and for being pretty wild - drink and drugs and
all. You better be careful, Rach."

"Ooh, you don't think she'd go after a nobody like me, do you?" said Rachel
playfully. "And she can't force drugs on me."

"You're not a nobody," Janice protested. "For one thing, your story is all
over the media, as this shows, and for another, you're as beautiful as any
of them." She spoke with such complete sincerity that Rachel was quite taken
aback, and she was even more surprised when all the others agreed with some
force. A lump formed in her throat.

"Thanks, you guys," she said softly. "Okay, I'll try to be careful. You can
send out search parties if I'm not back by morning." She looked at Ross.
"Maybe I'll see you, maybe I won't - but some time soon, eh?"

Ross beamed.

"Search parties, hell!" cried Janice. "If you aren't back by then I'll go to
that hotel and kick some film star butt, you see if I don't."

Her vehemence made all the others laugh. She smiled reluctantly. "Okay, maybe
that did sound a bit ridiculous, but if any harm came to Rachel," - her
expression became very grim and she actually ground her teeth - "I couldn't
be held responsible for my actions."

Rachel got up and went round the table to kiss her. "It's great that you're
so protective. It makes me feel ... cherished."

"Well, I feel just the same way," Joey growled.

"Oh yeah, me too," said Phoebe fiercely, and the others made loud agreeing

"You're just angling for kisses," said Rachel teasingly, "but seriously,
guys, I couldn't ask for better friends." She went round the table and kissed
each of them, then surveyed them all, bright-eyed.

"I'd better get started before I become tempted to stay here and make love to
you all," she said. "Well, you know where I'm going, and don't get worried if
I'm not back tonight."

"Rach, you can't mean ...?" said Monica.

Rachel looked saucy. "Well, I'd be a fool to turn down the chance if it was
offered. That is one sexy lady. Don't worry, I'll tell you all about her."

* * *

As Rachel had promised, she was knocking on the door of Drew Barrymore's
suite within the hour. She was let in by a man who seemed to be a general
assistant as well as bodyguard. He looked at her in rather a strange way,
it seemed to Rachel, but spoke perfectly politely, and in a minute was
leading her into the main room of the suite. Drew Barrymore, who was
wearing a very fashionable-looking kimono, got up with a professional
smile and held out her hand. She looked very mature to Rachel; it was
hard to remember that she was only twenty.

"I can see why she went after you," she said. "You have confidence. That
was one thing that attracted her attention." She spoke with considerable
bitterness. Rachel took her hand, and patted it with the other, trying to
convey sympathy in her glance. To her surprise, Drew did not react
favourably. She pulled her hand away, but her voice did not change as she
said, "You must tell me how you escaped. The media don't have much detail.
Drink?" She held up a bottle of white wine.

"A small one, please," said Rachel. She watched as Drew poured her a small
one and herself a large one, which was clearly not her first. Then she led
Rachel to a settee and said, "Now tell me the whole story."

Rachel told her everything that she remembered. Drew listened attentively
and asked how Janice fitted into the picture. Rachel explained. Drew nodded
and sighed deeply, her face wistful. "It's good to have friends like that,"
she said. "I thought I did, but where were they when I needed them?"
Suddenly her voice was harsh and her face had an expression of rage. "You
can't rely on anyone."

Rachel was somewhat perturbed at this sudden change of temper. "Your friends
would have helped if they'd known, I'm sure," she said. "I was just lucky
that that bitch tried to control me in the presence of mine. I think she had
the aim of corrupting them into maltreating me. But they weren't fooled for
long; they stood up for me. As for Janice, I'd trust her with my life."

Drew shrugged and looked uncomfortable. She drained her glass and looked at
Rachel's. "Why, you've hardly taken a drop."

Rachel had indeed been careful to limit her drinking to tiny sips. "I got
involved in the story, I guess," she said, taking a more substantial swig.
There was something about the way Drew was looking at her that she did not
care for.

"Have you had ... any odd feelings since?" Drew asked, her eyes strangely

Rachel wondered how much to tell her. "Nothing ... unpleasant."

"Nothing unpleasant?" echoed Drew in evident surprise. "Tell me more,

"Well," said Rachel slowly. "After I've made love ... I feel this great sense
of satisfaction. It's not just the way you feel after successful lovemaking,
it's like ... I've fulfilled a purpose."

Drew frowned. "Have you made love a lot, since?"

Rachel decided to be honest. "Yeah. First with Ross, but then I decided that
I should do it with all my friends, because they all stood up for me. And
hen with Janice, after she saved me from Max the first time. Oh, I'm
forgetting - also with Ross's divorced wife and her lesbian partner. I went
round to see if I could borrow a strap-on."

Drew's mouth had fallen open. "All those, in, what, three or four days?"

Rachel nodded and smiled at Drew. "It's like ... I often feel now that I want
to, but not in a bad way, like I just have to. I'm just ... overcome by a
feeling of wanting to share love. To be honest, I'm having a great time."

She realised as soon as she had said it that this was the wrong thing to say.
Drew's face became suffused with a look of fury.

"Why should you get all that?" she hissed. "Stupid little nobody, you get
all these great feelings, and I get ... it makes me sick!" She sprang to her
feet. "Well, if you like sex so much, maybe you'll really get off when I rape
you with this. That's what gives me satisfaction." Leering unpleasantly at
Rachel, she let her kimono fall open, to reveal that she was wearing only a
dark slip underneath, and a very large and prominent black strap-on.

Rachel had been mentally prepared for some kind of advance, but not this.
She was shocked as well as rather alarmed, but struggled to keep cool. She
glanced at the door, to estimate how far away it was.

"Don't bother," said Drew with a scornful laugh. "It's been locked on the
outside. I pay that guy well not to hear anything." She took a step towards
Rachel, glowering at her.

"You don't have to force me," said Rachel, trying to stay as calm as
possible. "If you want me, you can have me."

"Oh, think you might enjoy it, huh?" said Drew fiercely. "Suppose I ram it
right up your sweet ass?"

"Wouldn't bother me too much," said Rachel more confidently. "I've already
taken a real cock up the ass today."

A puzzled frown appeared on Drew's face. "Why aren't you scared? Mostly
they're scared by now, if they're not into S and M."

"I am a bit scared," Rachel admitted. "But I can't believe you really mean
to hurt me."

"Oh no?" Drew queried derisively. "You little bitch, you know nothing! I'll
show you what hurts." She turned and went over to a drawer, from which she
took a whip.

Rachel was now definitely alarmed, but she was determined not to show it.
She recognised intuitively that this would only feed the demon in Drew.

"That's not you talking," she said, "it's her. She's still there in your
head, isn't she - always urging you to distrust, to take without giving, to
hurt others, and hurt yourself too, with all the drink and drugs. But you
don't have to do any of that, Drew. She can't get at you any more."

"What do you know?" screamed Drew. "You don't know how it feels. Nothing
happened to you." She gave a short sob, and lashed out at Rachel. It was
not well-aimed, and caught her only a glancing blow on the arm, which still
hurt enough to make her cry out and clutch the arm. But she still refused
to be intimidated.

"Oh yes it did," she riposted spiritedly. "When Max got hold of me, I thought
he was going to kill me. I really thought I was going to die. You never
feared that, with her, did you?"

Drew looked rather taken aback by Rachel's strong response. "No," she
muttered. "She told me early on that she had no intention of killing me. I
was too much fun." Her eyes seemed to be looking into an abyss of horror.
"I tried to fight her control, you see. She had to put in some effort to get
me under. But she did, in the end." She gave another sob.

"Oh, Drew!" cried Rachel, struck to the heart by the pain in her expression.
Instinctively she jumped up and ran over, aching to give her comfort. Drew
lashed the whip again, but being taken by surprise she again was inaccurate,
and the lash swung round Rachel's back, stinging badly but not even breaking
the skin. She ducked under the next swing and grabbed Drew close, kissing her
on the cheek. She discovered, slightly to her surprise, that Drew was smaller
than herself: like so many stars, she seemed bigger than she was.

"It's over, Drew," she said quietly. "She'll never be free again. I've been
assured of that, by people who should know."

Drew stiffened but did not throw off Rachel's embrace. She simply looked at
her in puzzlement.. "You kissed me," she said wonderingly. "I've scared you
and threatened you, I even hit you, and still you kissed me. Why?"

"You're hurting so badly," said Rachel softly. "I can tell, and I can't bear
to see it. I know I can't kiss the place and make it well, but I so want to
give you all the comfort I can."

Suddenly Drew began to shake all over. She dropped the whip and put a hand
over her eyes. Rachel kissed her again. "Let it out," she said. "You fought,
and you lost then, and despaired, but now you can win - get rid of it, get
rid of her."

Drew put her arms round Rachel, leaned her head on her shoulder, and began
to weep, great racking sobs shaking her whole body. Rachel muttered soothing
words to her, stroked her shining blonde hair, and kept kissing her softly
on the cheek and neck. After a while Drew turned her face towards her blindly
and tried to kiss back. Rachel put up a hand and directed her, then kissed
her tenderly on the mouth. Drew's eyes were closed, and she kissed at first
like a child seeking comfort, still crying. But presently Rachel felt her
tongue. She opened her mouth at once, making a noise of pleasure, and began
to twine her tongue with Drew's. Drew opened her eyes; now she only seemed
to look lost and needy. Then Rachel felt Drew's hand rest tentatively on her

"Go ahead," she said, almost in a whisper. "I meant what I said. You can have
me any way you want, though I'd prefer it if you didn't hurt me too much."

"I don't want to hurt you at all," said Drew in a little girl voice. Suddenly
she dropped her hands to her waist and quickly unbuckled the strap-on and
let it fall. "I don't want to do this now. I don't think I have the energy,

"M'm - a pity," said Rachel lightly. "I really like it that way. But never
mind: it's what you want that matters. Come on, why don't we go to your
bedroom and get comfortable?"

Drew allowed herself to be led into her bedroom. Once in there, Rachel kicked
off her shoes, then put her hands on Drew's shoulder and smiled at her. "Come
on, Drew: where's that tough Bad Girl?"

This produced a somewhat effortful smile. Rachel's heart was wrung by the
lost look in Drew's eyes. She pulled her close and began to kiss her
seriously. To her relief, Drew responded with a sigh, but then she drew

"Do you really want to do this?" she said hesitantly.

Rachel looked her over. There was the famous bosom, pushing proudly out
through the slip. Just seeing it made her feel that she could hardly wait to
get her hands and mouth on it, or to see Drew Barrymore in her full beauty.

"Yes," she said, trying to get as much sincerity into her tone as she could,
"I do. It's not the same as what I felt for my friends, or for Janice, but I
do want to do this. It's partly out of simple desire: you are very beautiful,

"And partly, I suspect, so you can brag to your friends about me," said Drew,
smiling, with the first touch of humour that she had shown that evening.

"Well, maybe just a little," said Rachel. "That's rather like a guy, isn't
it? But it isn't only that. I truly do want to make you feel better, and
from what I've been doing I can say that I seem to be pretty good at that."

"I like that reason," said Drew, coming close. She reached out and began to
unfasten Rachel's dress. Her smile broadened when she discovered that Rachel
was not wearing a bra.

"Ooh, aren't these precious?" she said, cupping Rachel's breasts. "Baby, you
could do well in the movies. There's plenty of stars with less up there than
you have."

"I'd be a terrible actor," said Rachel, giggling. Drew flashed another smile
at her and began to manipulate her breasts, paying special attention to the
nipples. Flashes of pleasure darted from them through Rachel's body, and she
began to feel really aroused. She pushed Drew's kimono off her shoulders, and
began to stroke along them and down her arms. Drew bent to roll down Rachel's
tights, running her hands down her legs and making mischievous little forays
to her crotch, which both amused Rachel and aroused her further. Then Drew
got up again and pulled Rachel into a strong embrace.

"The bed," she said firmly, and they sidestepped to it. As they lay down
together, Drew's slip rode up, making clear that she was not wearing any

"Oh Drew!" said Rachel, and she stretched out a hand to fondle what had
become plainly visible. Drew gasped, and bent to suck on Rachel's breasts.
"These are very attractive," she muttered. Then she suddenly took hold of
Rachel's panties and pushed them down fast. Rachel lifted herself slightly
to allow this, but then tugged at the base of Drew's slip, and Drew went
onto her knees above her, allowing it to be pulled off easily.

"Oh my God!" said Rachel when she saw the famous breasts. "These are far
better than mine." Eagerly she tried to capture one to suck. With a happy
chuckle Drew lowered herself so that Rachel could do this, and murmured in
rapture as Rachel put all the skill she had learned into gratifying her by
playing with her breasts, kissing, licking, rolling and tweaking the nipples,
and even biting them softly. Drew's breath began to come fast.

"Oh yes, baby!" she gasped. "You're good at this. Oh God, I've missed this
nice, natural stuff."

Suddenly a look of determination came over her face. She pulled away, to dive
onto Rachel's pussy and begin tonguing her hard, holding her thighs. Rachel
reached out as well as she could, stroking whatever part of Drew she could
reach. She was now feeling extremely excited. Suddenly she had an idea.

"Drew," she gasped. "Please can we sixty-nine?"

Drew turned her head and smiled at her dreamily. "Sure." She shifted around
to offer her pussy to Rachel. The clear signs of her arousal proved a
powerful stimulant to Rachel, who threw herself into licking and probing
with abandon. Both of them began to moan and give little cries as waves of
pleasure surged through them.

"Oh Rachel!" Drew cried. "That's it, go deep." She began pushing her pussy
against Rachel's face with real urgency, which excited Rachel into doing the
same. Suddenly Drew screamed and began writhing, squealing continuously, her
juices flowing onto Rachel's face. In turn this stimulated Rachel's own
climax, and she too cried out involuntarily and drove her pussy up against
Drew's mouth as the orgasmic feelings rushed through her. Greedily they
sucked at each other's juices, not relaxing for some time.

"My God," came Drew's voice. "I haven't come like that, from good
old-fashioned sex, since I don't know when. Oh, what you have done for me!"
She wriggled round again and pulled Rachel into a fierce embrace, pillowing
her head on her magnificent breasts. Rachel was happy to lie there,
occasionally nuzzling them or darting out her tongue for a little lick, which
made Drew give little chuckles and tousle her head affectionately.

After a while, Drew said, in a rather wondering way, "She's not ... there
any more.You've driven her away. Oh Rachel!" She began to cry, but when
Rachel looked up at her she was smiling broadly. "I'm born again. I'm free."
Suddenly she gently moved Rachel's head aside, jumped off the bed and
started a sort of victory dance, singing "I'm free ... To do what I want ...
Any old time" in a voice clearly intended to imitate Mick Jagger. Rachel
happily followed her, humming when she didn't know the words, which was
most of the time. Continuing the song, Drew led out into the main room and
circled the table, grabbing the wine bottle along the way. She took a swig
and passed it back to Rachel. Careless now that she seemed to have succeeded
so spectacularly in exorcising Drew's demon, Rachel took a good hefty swig
herself, then passed the bottle back.

Out at his post in the hallway of the apartment, Harry, Drew's bodyguard and
general assistant, heard the sound of singing with surprise. That had never
happened before, that he knew of. This Rachel Green must have something the
other girls lacked.

Finally Drew stopped, set the bottle down, and turned to Rachel, a very
tender and winning smile on her face. "You have done more for me than I can
ever repay," she said, pulling her into a gentle embrace. "Anything you want,
you have only to ask."

"I'll have to think about that," said Rachel. "But for now can we play a
little more?"

Drew's smile broadened. "Of course. I'd like nothing better."

* * *

[To the consternation of her carers, Madam Avenge seemed to be having a
full-blown seizure again. She had recognised the feel of another of those
she had abused, whom she thought she had trained properly, in close
proximity to Rachel. But the glow from Rachel, which had been painful
enough, had begun to be echoed by that from the other, doubling the pain.
Unable to bear it, Madam Avenge passed out]

* * *

It was difficult for Rachel afterwards to reconstruct the sequence of events
on what proved to be a wonderful night, in which Drew had shown an adorable
streak of playfulness. Notable memories included how they had drunk champagne
from the suite's fridge, first out of each other's navels and then, with
much giggling, each other's pussies; how she had traced all Drew's tattoos,
especially the butterfly below her navel, with kisses and caresses, then
carried on kissing to more exciting places; how they had experimented with
whether toes formed an erogenous zone (they did) and could be used like
fingers to bring about an orgasm (they could). She also retained a very clear
memory of finally cajoling Drew into screwing her with the strap-on, doggy
style, assuring her that she really did want this. That had been a very
enjoyable piece of lovemaking for both of them, but particularly for Drew
because, as she explained, Rachel had been such a willing partner. Finally
exhaustion had set in, and they curled up in bed together and fell asleep.

The next morning both woke early and somewhat hung over. Drew ordered up a
good breakfast, and they were enjoying it, chatting animatedly, when there
was suddenly a considerable commotion outside. Rachel detected familiar
voices, in particular Janice's. She was shouting, 'You can throw me out,
but I'll just stand outside and yell and scream and get you all the
publicity you don't want.'

"Oh my God, I forgot to tell them," said Rachel, jumping to her feet. "It's
my friends," she explained. "They probably think you've kidnapped me or

She ran to the door, shouting, "It's all right, guys! I'm fine!" The door
had been left unlocked after the breakfast was brought in, and she threw it
open. There was every one of her friends, with Janice and Phoebe to the
fore, looking extremely fierce, being held back by hotel staff and Drew's
bodyguard. Their faces lit up when they saw her. "It's okay," she said
soothingly. "I'm fine. I'm sorry, I completely forgot to ring. We were ...
kinda pooped."

Drew appeared behind her. "Why don't you all come in?" she said. "I'd like
to meet Rachel's friends."

To Harry, who looked surprised, she said, "Don't give it a thought. Now they
can see I've done Rachel no harm, they're not going to do anything to me."

"I'm sorry," said Janice to Rachel, "but I was so worried. I couldn't bear
the thought of losing you, so soon after " She began to sob, unable to
continue. Phoebe also had tears in her eyes, Rachel noticed, and she nodded
in agreement with Janice.

Quickly Rachel crossed to them and put an arm around each. "I'm really sorry
that you should have been worried,' she said. "You don't have to apologise.
I'm sure Drew will understand."

"I certainly do," said Drew, "Come and have some breakfast, all of you, or
coffee, or tea even, which I'm having because I can't drink coffee."

Before long they were all seated around the table, drinking or eating or
both. Drew was putting herself out to be charming to everyone, and Rachel
felt a glow of accomplishment. Something occurred to her. "Drew," she
muttered at a moment where her friends were mostly involved in a lively
discussion with Harry, "you said that you know some of the others who were
abused by that bitch. Do you think I could help them too?"

Drew looked at her open-mouthed. "You'd be willing to do that?"

Rachel nodded. "I feel," she thought about it, "I feel like I've been given
a gift. I cannot bear to think that there may be others out there suffering
like you, when maybe I could heal them."

"Some of them aren't into anything gay at all," said Drew quietly. "But it
might be worth a try. Just your presence, talking to them the way you did
to me ... it could work. Would you want them to come here?"

"Yes," said Rachel. "I don't think I'd like to be away from my friends for
longer than a weekend at the moment."

"I'll get onto it," said Drew. "Bless you, Rachel. The film industry ought
to put you on retainer, but maybe it's best if this is kept very quiet."

"Yeah, think what a field day the scandal sheets and tabloids would have with
it," said Rachel. "I'm not ashamed of what I do, but I don't want it spread
all over for people to misinterpret either."

Drew nodded. "I understand. Okay, you may soon be getting phone calls from
some very well-known people. I hope your friends can be trusted to keep

Rachel looked a little doubtful. "I may have to threaten them a little, with
withdrawal of my services," she said jokingly. "But yeah, in a situation like
this they ought to have enough sympathy to keep quiet."

Drew looked around at them. "You certainly have some attractive friends," she
said. She lowered her voice. "You've really made love with all of them?"

Rachel grinned. "Yes, and more than once in most cases. I owe Ross one,
which should have been last night, but" - she held up a hand to forestall
any comment - "never think that I regret coming here for a single moment.
I have got as great a charge from helping you as from showing love to my

Drew smiled. "That's nice to hear, but, man, you make stuff I've done look
tame!" Rachel grinned.

"Hey, Rach," said Janice, leaning over the table. "Shouldn't you be getting
to work soon?"

"Oh my God, I completely forgot about that too," said Rachel, jumping to
her feet with a stricken look. "And I'm not even dressed, let alone in
appropriate clothes."

"Let me handle this," said Drew. "I'll ring your place of work and tell them
I'm bringing you, as soon as I can." She grinned impishly. "It helps to be a
celeb sometimes."

Giving her a grateful kiss, Rachel ran to the bathroom, while Drew issued
crisp instructions to Harry and various hotel staff. Not very much later, a
limousine took them, with Harry, and also Monica, Phoebe and Joey, who had
no morning work, to the apartment block. Drew was invited up while Rachel
got changed, and was gratifyingly admiring of Monica's apartment. Then she
and Harry accompanied Rachel to Central Perk. Harry was now acting much
more friendly towards Rachel, who, he perceived, had worked a major change
for the better in his employer. Of course, by this time rumours were rife,
and a reporter from the Village Voice and two freelances were waiting at
Central Perk. Drew gave them a short statement.

"On hearing of Miss Green's escape from the woman calling herself Madam
Avenge, of whom I was another victim, I arranged a meeting with her, since I
felt we had something in common. This meeting has been extremely beneficial
to me. In fact, I cannot thank Miss Green enough for what she has done for
me. But I hope you will respect the confidentiality of this meeting and not
ask for details." When no one could see, she gave Rachel a large wink.

Terry, still acting as manager at Central Perk, was practically delirious
with ecstasy over the publicity that his shop was getting, particularly
when Drew asked for a tea and pronounced it good. Rachel brought it to her

"I'd like to think, we'll meet again," she said in a low voice.

"You can count on it," said Drew. "In fact ... I have no plans for tonight.
Would you and your friends like to be my guests for a meal?"

"I'm sure they'd love to," said Rachel, rather overwhelmed. Drew now seemed
very much the showbiz personality again, not the lover with whom she had been
so intimate last night. But then Drew winked again and said in a low, very
friendly voice, "Just a meal. I wouldn't dream of cutting in on Ross, much as
I'd like to."

Rachel blushed. "I'll phone them up right away," she said, and hurried off.

Drew Barrymore sat and mused over her tea, relishing how good she felt. The
feeling that there was a sort of vile stain infesting part of her brain was
completely gone, and with it the dull heaviness that had often afflicted her.
She smiled. There was so much that she could contemplate doing now. And all
thanks to someone who worked as a waitress and, while undeniably very
attractive, was not over-endowed with brains. But she had a very big heart,
and that was worth all the brains in the world in Drew's book.

"You seem in a good mood today, Miss Barrymore," said Harry.

"Yup, Harry," she replied. "I think I'll be in a much better mood every day,
thanks to Miss Rachel Green. Speaking of whom, you, ah, know to keep your lip
buttoned about anything you might have heard, like a good guy, huh? Usual

Harry nodded. "I didn't take in all that much, though I do remember some
singing." He grinned at her. "May I say, it's a bonus to me to see you
looking so well."

"Thanks," said Drew, grinning back. "Yeah, Rachel's done great work. She's
cleared all the shit out of my head - at least, all the shit that woman left
there. No doubt I'm capable of importing some more, all on my own. But today,
I feel good."

* * *

All the friends but Monica gathered in Central Perk at lunch time, and
Terry readily gave Rachel time off to sit with them. They all looked at
her expectantly.

"Well, come on, dish the dirt," said Phoebe. "What's Drew Barrymore like?"

Rachel pulled a face. "Look, guys, I can't tell you much. It's kinda

"But you said you'd tell us everything," Phoebe complained.

"That was before I knew what I was getting into," said Rachel. "Now I feel
it's like the confidentiality a doctor owes a patient."

"So there was something wrong with her, and you cured it?" said Janice

"You're smart," said Rachel ruefully. "Okay, I will say that much. Yes, poor
Drew had a problem, left over from what that evil woman did to her, but
happily it does seem to be cured now, as a result of our meeting. But that's
a confidence I don't want you to spread around, okay? Other than that, all
I'll say is that she is great fun. You can make of that what you will.
Anyway, you'll be able to see more of her and judge for yourselves this

"So, did you go to bed with her?" said Joey obtusely.

"Joey!" said Rachel severely, as the others sighed or groaned. "I said, it's
confidential. What I do among our circle of friends is one thing, but this is
quite another, the way I see it."

"Well, seems to me, you wouldn't be making so much fuss if you didn't," said
Joey, characteristically refusing to see how tactless he was being.

"Someone stuff a muffin down his throat," said Rachel. "It's the only way to
shut him up. But this may be the moment to tell you guys. I'll probably be
seeing others that were abused like her, and I want you to keep that strictly
under wraps, please. If they say in public that they've met me, like Drew
did, that's different, of course."

"So, you're going to be, like, a therapist for them?" said Phoebe. "That's
very ... brave of you."

"I'm going to try," said Rachel firmly. "The way I see it, like I said to
Drew, I've been given a gift. I ought to use it."

"That's just what I would have expected of you, sweetheart!" said Janice
enthusiastically. "And I say, good for you!"

Rachel smiled at her. "Well, I'd better get back to work," she said. "See you
guys later." She whisked away.

The dinner party that evening, in one of New York's less well known but
still excellent restaurants, was a great success. Drew Barrymore was, if
anything, in even better spirits than in the morning, and kept everyone
in fits of laughter for a while with tales of mishaps on the set. But she
had no intention of monopolising the conversation, and allowed it to become

Once this had happened, she turned to Rachel, seated on her right, and said
confidentially, "I've been ringing some of the others. They liked the sound
of what I had to tell them. And here's something else, and, I hope you won't
be offended. I know you can't have much money, and I'd like to make you a
little present - perhaps a special account that can be kept until you get
married, as I'm sure you will. Please say you will accept it."

She gave Rachel a very big-eyed, sincere-seeming glance. Rachel felt quite
unable to refuse her.

"Okay," she said. "I will accept that with gratitude. But when I'll get
married, I can't say."

"You've got plenty of time," said Drew, patting her on the hand.

Finally they had to break up; Drew was flying back to California the
following day, and had to make an early start. She bade Rachel a fond
farewell, saying, "If I'm in New York, can I call you?" Rachel felt a
warm glow at the thought that Drew Barrymore wanted to see her again,
and happily agreed. Drew then gave her a card with her own contact
number, and finally a rather emotional hug and kiss which several of
Rachel's friends witnessed. But Drew did not seem bothered by this,
and winked at them before turning and going back into the hotel.

Monica and Rachel shared the cab that took them back to their apartment
block, and Ross was along as well. Monica had witnessed the kiss; she looked
at Rachel a little slyly. "So, you two did get together, as Joey said?" she
said quietly.

"I can't talk about it," said Rachel, "not even to you, Mon."

"I know," said Monica softly. "I've heard what you said to the others. But
I've got eyes. Drew Barrymore was showing feelings for you."

Rachel sighed, and shrugged. "Okay, I'm not going to deny that. But I don't
think they're very deep rooted, any more than mine for her. I will tell you
this much, though," - she smirked a little - "we had a very good time."

"You're a marvel," said Monica admiringly. "And there's going to be more of
this, apparently?"

Rachel ignored that, to ask a question that had been in her mind that
evening. "Would it bother you, if I invited Ross in?" she said.

"No," said Monica. "Just try not to be too noisy, okay?"

* * *

Later that night, Rachel was telling Ross about Drew Barrymore's present.

"That's only what you deserve," Ross said, hugging her affectionately. "But,
Rach, you want to be careful about this. I don't know the tax position of
such gifts, but if you're going to be getting more, the IRS might decide this
is income from a job and want to tax you."

"Mm," said Rachel. "So what should I do? Maybe get them to give me stuff and
sell it?"

"That might work," said Ross, "but perhaps the safest bet would be to
register yourself as some kind of business, declare the gifts, and pay the
tax. Say, why don't you ask my lawyer - or better yet, you could ask Drew
if she can put you onto someone."

"That's a great idea," said Rachel, turning over and kissing him. He gave a
little groan and turned to her.

"Oh wow!" she said. "You're ready to go again?"

"It's ... you really make a man feel hot, Rach," he said. He began to caress
her. "Just one more, before sleepy time? It's doing me so much good, you
know. It's helped me get over Carol, finally, and as a result I'm working
really well at the museum." He fondled her breasts. "My little therapist."

Rachel giggled. "Maybe that should be my new career."

* * *

In the following weeks, Rachel had meetings in conditions of great secrecy
with a variety of female celebrities. Madam Avenge had cast her net wide:
as well as film stars, they included models, singers, TV personalities, even
one or two politicians, journalists, and businesswomen. All that they had had
in common were good looks, an originally confident persona, and a position
in the public eye. Some came to the apartment, to the delight of Rachel's
friends; others she met in hotels or their own homes. So frequent did these
meetings become, as word was passed between Madam Avenge's victims, that
Rachel found she could not continue as a waitress as well, and rather
regretfully gave Terry notice. This allowed her time to travel to see
'clients', which was helpful to them, since not all could find the time or,
in cases where their careers had been badly affected, the funds to visit New

Rachel did not go to bed with all of those she met, although she always
offered this or any other physical comfort that they wanted. The results were
favourable in most instances. It was as if she exuded some kind of pheromone
that had a marked and benign effect on those who were in physical contact
with her. Where it did not have noticeable effects, she had to conclude
regretfully that Madam Avenge had been able to work with bad traits in their
personalities. Those who 'consulted' her almost all showed their gratitude in
a variety of ways, and thanks to Ross's timely advice and the help of a
lawyer recommended by Drew Barrymore, any monetary gifts were made in a
regular if discreet way that attracted minimal tax, and allowed Rachel to
build up a substantial financial cushion.

It was one of Rachel's most enjoyable meetings that brought about the death
of Madam Avenge, though this was officially explained as being caused by a
massive stroke. According to reports she had been completely out of her head
for some time before, suffering recurrent seizures in which she seemed to
be suffering great pain in her head. Rachel's meeting was with a pair of
starlets who had been secret lovers and had been forced to reveal it by
Madam Avenge, damaging their careers very badly and driving them apart. She
had managed to get the starlets into a meeting together and had encouraged
them to talk out their problems. From mutual suspicion, they had gone to
confessing that they still had feelings for each other, and became
increasingly eager to engage in sexual activity with each other and with
her, which they completed with a mutually successful triple sixty-nine.
Both were lavishing kisses on her, rejoicing that she had brought them
together again, when she suddenly raised her head.

"I felt as if something snapped in my head," she said. "Did you feel

The two lifted their heads also. "She's gone," said one, "really, completely

"My head feels light," said the other. "Oh Rachel!" Both threw themselves
on her with renewed fervour.

All over New York, women who had been victims of Madam Avenge's felt a
similar lightening of the mind, especially if they had not had the Rachel
therapy. Later, Rachel realised that the moment when all three of them were
enjoying a climax almost simultaneously must have been when Madam Avenge
died, her brain totally overloaded. She could not feel sorry, neither did
any of her other victims when they were informed or, since not all had
chosen to reveal what had happened to them, discovered it from reports in
the media. Those who had not had the Rachel therapy still had to rid
themselves of the aberrant patterns of behaviour that Madam Avenge had
forced on them, but the urges that these represented were felt much less
strongly and they were much more ready to seek help.

It was not very long after this that Rachel received a telephone call in
the apartment. It was a man's voice, vaguely familiar.

"Miss Rachel Green?"

"Speaking," she replied.

"Dr. Wechsler here. I have great news. We have finally been able to isolate
the compound that has been affecting you and have produced a neutralising
agent. A one-time treatment is all that is required, and you will be cured."

Rachel felt temporarily unable to respond to this sudden news.

"Miss Green?" Wechsler queried.

"Oh, oh, I'm sorry. I was just so surprised," she said. "But, but ..." - she
thought for a moment, and found it easy to make up her mind - "I don't want
to be cured. I mean, I have suffered no ill effects, rather the reverse. I
am really enjoying the feelings I get, and I am helping people as well."

"You may think this now," he said, "but we can't tell what the ultimate
effects might be. At the least, will you come in for tests?"

"As long as you will guarantee not to administer the antidote without my
consent," she said.

"I will have something signed and ready for you," he replied.

Rachel went for tests and was given a clean bill of health. No potentially
adverse effect on her brain or nervous system could be detected, nor even a
hint of something that might go wrong in future. Having been told in
confidence of what she had been doing, Dr. Wechsler pointed out that her
clientele would soon vanish.

"We aim to contact everyone who has admitted to being abused by that woman,"
he said.

"Well, okay," said Rachel. "But I still have my friends, and I have been
wondering if I could help others who are suffering for other reasons."

Wechsler smiled at her. "Miss Green, you are a remarkable woman," he said.
"You may not be successful with others, but you have worked such wonders with
that woman's victims that I would certainly not want to stand in your way.
But please come back to us if you notice anything out of the ordinary in
yourself again. Oh, and one further point: it is possible that the drug's
effects will wear off naturally. There seem to have been one or two cases."

"Thanks for the information," she said. "I'll bear it in mind."

* * *

So Rachel has gone on her merry way, constantly enlarging her circle of
loving acquaintances. The drug's effects have not worn off yet, to her
delight, for she continues to gain enormous emotional satisfaction from
making love with any who seem to need it. As it has transpired, she has
indeed been able to have a good effect on other troubled celebrities,
female and male too, though in these cases the effect is generally more
temporary. She privately takes pride in Drew Barrymore's affectionately
teasing references to her as 'slut to the stars'. Increasingly she has
found herself spending time with celebrities, many of whom, like Drew
Barrymore, are genuinely fond of her, and she has become a well recognised
attender at charity events, first nights, awards ceremonies and the like,
though the real reason for this remains largely secret. Rumours have
surfaced from time to time, but these have always produced a concerted
effort by the celebrities who have been involved with her to make offers,
call in favours and in other ways ensure that the tabloid editors would
spike the story. Even the IRS is not aware of the nature of the consultancy
that Rachel operates.

Rachel has never forgotten her first friends. She has tried to involve them
in her new life as much as they want to be involved, and is always happy to
give them some loving if they want it. But things have changed. Monica and
Chandler's increasingly obvious attraction to each other finally flowered
into a full-blown case of love, to Rachel's delight. She readily accepted
that they had no need of her any more, willingly moved out of the apartment
when they decided to live together, and later acted as Maid of Honour at
their wedding, at which Drew Barrymore was one of the guests. Ross too has
found love with Julie, a fellow palaeontologist. But Rachel still sees
Phoebe and Joey frequently, and has something close to a steady relationship
with Janice, who probably loves her most of all of them; but she remains
happy to share Rachel with Phoebe and Joey, occasionally joining in making
love to Rachel with one or both of them, or with Rachel's 'clients', old and


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