Friends: Rachel In Trouble Part 2 (MF,mc,humil,ncon,bdsm)
by The Ruthless Russian

Rachel's wrists were handcuffed and securely attached to a hook in the
ceiling with a chain, pulling her arms tout over her head. She was raised so
that she barely stood on her toes. It took the poor girl's full concentration
to remain standing on her feet - otherwise all her weight would be painfully
placed on her arms.

The room was again silent, except for the occasional flashes from the
Japanese couple. Anticipation was riding high. Now, having gone beyond their
normal limits, all the men and women in the room couldn't wait to witness
Rachel's humiliating punishment!

Rachel was protesting and whimpering like a six-year-old but Madam Avenge had
no intention of giving any leeway to Rachel. In fact, her whiny pleas simply
excited Madam Avenge - she couldn't wait to hurt the haughty bitch as though
she was a naughty schoolgirl...

She asked for Lucy's hose which she gladly obliged - anything to further
Rachel's torment. Madam Avenge simply picked up Rachel's panties and despite
her protests stuffed it all the way in her mouth and fastened by tying the
hose around Rachel's head. Rachel was disgusted with this cruel gag, as she
was forced to taste and smell her own underwear - which she had been wearing
all day long.

Rachel's eyes widened in terror when she saw the cat-o-nine-tail in Madam
Avenge' hands. She had never been beaten before. Her heart started pumping
hard - which provided the men with a delicious view of her firm breasts
moving up and down!! She hated pain! She couldn't bear it!

Madam Avenge held the small whip in front of Rachel's face. The girl was
terrified, her lips quivering, her body visibly shaking... Then Madam Avenge
walked around her a few times, enjoying her fear. Rachel was getting more and
more nervous, much to the amusement of the audience!

Then her back exploded. WHAP!!! She had never felt such pain in her life. Her
cry was muffled by her panties-gag! Madam Avenge had caused an angry red
stripe to appear on the twin white mounds. The first hit was followed by


Madam Avenge had a heavy hand. Rachel's nude body was shining with moisture
as she strived to avoid the lashes. Again and again the whip found its mark
on her back and ass, sending waves of pain throughout the girl's body.

Yet, after 10 strokes Madam Avenge was tired:

"Well" she spoke up, "Monica, darling, I need your help!!".

"What??" exclaimed Monica.

"Yes, darling, I need your help"!!!

"I'm not helping you for anything you crazy bitch! I am not your slave - she

Madam Avenge laughed at this. "You're right darling, but you see, I offer you
a grand opportunity to help your best friend!! Here's the deal - simple and
clear: I got 30 strokes left!! But if you agree to whip the bitch only 5
times, I'll agree to give her another 5 myself and that'll be it!! That's a
savings of 10 whips for your snotty friend here!!."

Monica was startled - what to do?? She'd love to whip Rachel's ass. She had
watched the first five strokes almost on the verge of an orgasm! The spoiled
bitch was stripped naked in front of people and was getting a much deserved
punishment. Besides, Monica could always claim she only meant to help Rachel
- knowing full well, a punishment in her hands would only further the
debasing of Rachel!! Sounded lovely - she was on her feet that instant!!

"I want you to know that I'm doing this only to help Rachel!" she said to the
dominatrix who handed her the punishment instrument.

"Sure, I understand darling!"

Monica stood behind Rachel, ready to blast her friend - only to be
interrupted by Madam Avenge:

"Wait a minute, darling. First, put these on!". Nipple clamps with weights!!!

"God, what are these!!??"

"Just put them on her nipples darling! And another thing, if I think for a
moment you're going easy on this cunt, I swear I'll electrocute her!!"

Ross felt like he was about to cum as she watched two of the hottest women he
knew in such close proximity! Monica's hands on Rachel's tits, placing the
nipple clamps was a sight to behold! Monica did not miss the opportunity to
look at Rachel right in the eyes - perfectly aware this only multiplied the
poor girl's humiliation. She gave Rachel a sad yet obviously fake look - so
that she could claim her regret later, while making sure Rachel knew how much
Monica was enjoying the whole spectacle! She grabbed the cat-o-nine-tail
again - "the time for your punishment has come" she murmured to herself.

WHAP!!! came Monica's first blow. WHAP!!! Rachel writhed and twisted, in a
desperate but futile attempt to dodge the whip. Her breasts jutted forward
with each stroke and her nipples strained with the pull of the weights,
doubling the impact from the whip!! Monica felt all kinds of tingles in her
pussy - getting the bitch right on the ass felt so good.

WHAP!! WHAP!! WHAP!! landed the smacks as Rachel struggled to remain on her
feet while Monica completed her little session with her friend. Soon, Rachel
was left dangling in the air. She hung from her bonds, drenched in sweat, her
back and luscious ass afire from the whipping.

Finally, Madam Avenge took over from Monica - who simply went back to her
chair in an exhausted state despite the fun she had.

"Listen up" demanded Madam Avenge, addressing the small audience!! "I am
sorry to have inconvenienced you all! But it is all this slut's fault. Oh,
yes, she is a cheap whore, a cock-teasing slut! And she must pay for it.
Yes, she must. So, I will allow our guests to have a taste of this little
cunt!! You'll be amazed with all the sexual tricks this pet can pull!! Oh,
yes, but we should give Rachel an adequate chance for survival, right?"

The men in the room looked at Madam Avenge with shocked eyes. They almost
couldn't believe it - sounded like they could all have their way with the
stunning Rachel!! And what survival? They didn't wanna give her any chance
to survive!!!

"You see, now I am going to ungag Rachel - but she is not allowed to speak
unless spoken to!! And here's our little game: Rachel's going to get 5 more
with the whip. She wins and saves her ass if she manages to hold down her
lame screams even for a single one of the 5 strokes!" Madam Avenge removed
Rachel's gag as she said these, amused with the terrified looks in the
girl's eyes.

Rachel felt like she was losing her mind. This could not be!!! This bitch
couldn't make her have sex with people as though she was a common whore. Her
friends... Her friends were here, having sex in front of them, having sex
with them... the idea made her wanna disappear from the face of the earth.
She'd hold her screams no matter what!!

"Now, Rachel" demanded Madam Avenge. "Show Monica how much you appreciate
her efforts: Thank her!!!

Rachel, further burying her bruised ego, turned to Monica who was sitting
comfortably cross-legged on her chair. She arrogantly snickered at Rachel
who muttered in a shattered voice: "Monica, thank you for punishing me and
saving me from worse. And I am sorry for everything I did before!!". Rachel
was going nuts, she didn't want to say any of these things; yet she could
not even control her tongue - and nobody knew!

"Now, darling, give me your best!! Remember - if I fail to make you scream
even just once, you win!! Otherwise, boy, you'll be doing a whole lot of
sucking and fucking till the morning!!

Whack!! came Madam Avenge' first strike making Rachel scream in pain - much
to the satisfaction of her mistress. With an evil grin on her face, she
circled around Rachel, examining the naked girl like a kid trying to decide
how to eat his Reese's!!

Whack!!! It fell across both of her breasts; flicking each hard nipple and
causing a red stripe to appear on her breasts. Rachel let out another shriek,
defeated once more!! The girl was trying her best to save the degradation of
being used as a whore by the people around her. She bit her lips with all the
strength she had left, she couldn't afford to scream. Yet Madam Avenge was a
master of the psychological side of the whipping as well as the physical
side. She struck the helpless naked girl, drawing another cry, then waited,
allowing her to quake in fear - and then, another hit exploded on Rachel's
buttocks when she would least expect it, making her scream out in surprise.

"One to go" Madam Avenge whispered into her ear. Rachel was fighting with
all her strength but Madam Avenge seemed determined to win this emotional
warfare. The audience was watching in explosive anticipation. One more
whimpering, and the bitch was theirs!! Everybody was silent, except for Max
who could apparently no longer keep his hands off himself.

"Come on lady, nail the bitch!" he demanded!! "Get the cunt"!!

And Madam Avenge was ready to roll. Rachel was ready too, determined to
protect her body from the dirty hands of Max! She would hold onto her sexual

And came the hit - "Whack"!!! Except, it wasn't anything like Rachel
expected. The carefully pointed blow found the tiniest gap between the legs,
flying upward with remarkable speed. It felt like somebody put her pussy on
fire instantly. Rachel screamed in agony, shuddering in defeat and pain!! Her
body was shaking in pain, her hair was sticky with sweat. She could only hear
the victory cheers of Max in the background.

Again, Madam Avenge whispered to her ear: "Now darling, every hole in your
body is fair game for everyone in this room".

"Max"! Madam Avenge called his name. "Why don't you get it going, sweet pie?"

"aaaa..." Max clearly had difficulty articulating his thoughts. Madam Avenge
unlocked Rachel's cuffs, and ordered with the composure of a porn-director in
the midst of creating a sizzling scene. "Go lie on that table and spread your
legs wide - for your employer Max, of course. He deserves a little piece of
you after enduring your uppity behavior for so long!!"

Then she turned to Max, who was already panting and sweating like a dog.
"Drop your pants, horny hunk!! And your boxers".

Within seconds, Max was on top of Rachel. His rather small penis would have
attracted attention and mocking under different conditions but not tonight -
not when everyone's eyes were fixated on a stark naked Rachel ready to have
her brains banged out!!!

He put his cock onto Rachel's pussy and started pushing it inside her little
by little. He grabbed the girl's firm breasts and squeezed them hard with
each push forward. He increased his pace with each thrust, sliding his BAD
at the naked Rachel on the table, his very own cum dripping from her pussy.
"The best fuck of my life" Max thought.

"Good job" Madam Avenge cheered up Max. "You really nailed that cunt.

Now Rachel, be a cutie and show your appreciation - clean him up!!!".

Max was horny all over again. He wanted that warm, slicky, never shutting-up
mouth to be servicing his dick like a $2 whore. "Yeah" murmured Max, again in
the mood.

Max spoke with confidence: "You know Rachel, all this time you've been
working here, there's just one thing I've been wanting to say to you. So
now is my chance, eh??

"Get down on your knees and suck my dick, bitch!!!".

Rachel reluctantly kneeled in front of Max - despite her best efforts not to
do so. She wanted to smack the grin off his face but there was nothing she
could do.

Madam Avenge interrupted with a question:

"Rachel darling, have you ever given blow job to a man??"

"No" replied Rachel.

"Aaah, so Max, she will lose her oral virginity to you - isn't that

"Yes, Ma'am, yees.." replied Max.

"Begin" ordered Madam Avenge.

She opened her mouth wide as Max grabbed her hair. Suddenly she could feel
the swollen staff in her mouth. She licked the sides of his shaft, tickling
and teasing his member, using her tongue like a pro much to her surprise.
She couldn't believe she was servicing this filthy bastard like the most
finely trained street-whore.

Just the sight of Rachel's pretty lips engulfing his cock was almost enough
to make Max cum again. He forced himself deep into her throat. She choked,
her eyes bugged out, and the sound of her gagging was music to his ears.
After a moment, Max pulled his cock out until the head of it rested on her
tongue, then he forced it in again, and again, and again! The room was
filled with the noise of Rachel's slurping, sucking and gagging -
occasionally interrupted by the flashing sounds from the Japanese tourists.

Max's cock began to jerk violently and Rachel knew that he was about to cum.
He uttered an animalistic cry, "Aaaaagggghhhhh, suck it hard... harder ...
get it all!" and without waiting he emptied himself deep into the depths of
her throat.

"Don't you spill a drop, Rachel" demanded Madam Avenge.

The sticky fluid was hot, coming in huge waves - Rachel thought that it would
never end. She wanted to be sick, but she couldn't raise her head. Finally he
pulled his limp penis out of her mouth and let it lie momentarily on the side
of her face.

Max finally pulled up his pants, barely making it back to his seat. He was
exhausted. Rachel remained on the floor, shuddering.

"So, who's next?" asked Madam Avenge in general.

"I am" came the response from the black man with the cowboy outfit.

"How lovely!!!" commented Madam Avenge. "Rachel, perform for the gentleman!!!
What would you like to do for her, I mean to her??"

"I'll fuck her" replied the Samuel Jackson look-alike... "In the ass".

Madam Avenge laughed. "Oh my Rachel, looks like your lucky day - you won't be
left with a single virgin hole by the end of today. Perhaps, you'd like to
suck the gentleman's cock first - to provide some level of lubrication

"I'm not letting a nigger dick in my mouth" replied Rachel viciously. She was
shocked in what she said. She had not meant to say that - who was making her
say things she did not want to say? She wasn't a racist, she had spent her
whole life being race-conscious. Now everyone would think she was a racist...

Madam Avenge decided not to intervene.

"Your choice, bitch" replied the man. "You'll be sorry once I'm in you". He
dropped his pants as he said this. Rachel couldn't believe her eyes - the
man's penis looked like a big black baseball bat.

Rachel was ordered to bend over the same table. She laid there, waiting for
the brutal intrusion in fear.

She felt the crown of his enormous penis pushing against her asshole, and it
felt as if somebody was forcing a clenched fist up between her legs. He
slowly ran the head of his massive cock up and down her buttcrack, teasing
the girl. And suddenly he thrusted his member forward, drawing an
agony-filled scream from Rachel.

"Please, it's too big," she wept. "Please, you're going to kill me."

The man did not show any sign of emotion or mercy. Instead he began to shove
the huge head of his cock deeper into Rachel. Rachel felt pain so intense
that she thought her pelvis had broken apart. Her head jerked upward and the
sensation of the swollen head of the man's thick shaft plunging down her
virgin hole made her spine arch involuntarily.

Her ass was spread as far apart as it would go, pain multiplied with the lack
of lubrication. "Slow!" Rachel cried desperately, her eyes alight with pain
and fear. "Please, slow! Easy! Please! I'll make it good for you, just
please, please go slow!"

The man hissed into her ear: "You know what I love to do, little cunt? I love
making snotty white bitches like you whimper in pain. I love listening to
stock-up white whores like you begging for mercy."

And he started pushing in and out fast, filling the room with all the moans,
screams and pleas of Rachel. Yet, eventually nature started taking its
course. The constant pushing into her asshole was stimulating Rachel much to
her dismay. The man kept it up for a long time, in varying paces, mixing
Rachel's screams of agony with her humiliating moans.

Finally, he got what he wanted. Despite her best efforts, Rachel cummed in
loud moans, dying in shame at the end of a pain filled ride. The black man
laughed in delight and started ejaculating his semen. He pulled out his
penis, smearing his jism all over Rachel's ass.

Rachel remained on the table, wasted and degraded. Yet, nothing could prepare
her for the next instruction. Madam Avenge had to push her mind a little
harder for the next performance - she was getting anxious and didn't want any

"Now, Rachel, get on your knees in front of Ross and show him what an
grateful friend you are!!!".

Rachel wanted to scream "NO", this final humiliation was just too much, she
could not be forced to serve Ross - her to-be-boyfriend who probably no
longer considered her any more dignified than a cheap hooker.

With the same feeling that she imagined astronauts experience when the final
air-lock is sealed, Rachel dropped to her knees in front of Ross, doing all
that within her power to avoid eye-contact with him or any of her friends.

Madam Avenge spoke, "Unbutton his pants and take out his dick."

She pulled his briefs down with her trembling hands, suddenly exposing Ross'
erection. Rachel could not believe Ross' manhood was two inches from her

"Start sucking" ordered Madam Avenge, "and look at him in the eye. Keep your
eye contact as you suck his dick".

Rachel started messaging, licking and deep throating Ross' dick like she did
to Max. All the while she was forced to look Ross straight in her eye.

She could hardly hold back her tears. Having to reveal her degradation and
helplessness to Ross, exposing her mind's torment to her to-be-boyfriend was
just too much.

Yet, her mouth was soon filled with Ross' semen all of which she swallowed -
all the while she kept looking at him like a deer caught in the flashlights.
And she could see it in Ross' eyes:

She was nothing but a kinky slut for him. He enjoyed every minute of Rachel's
degradation and her forced servicing of his cock. He no longer saw her as an
equal - she was a whore, a tasty fuck meat which had worked up his appetite
for a long time and now Rachel having been reduced to a slut in his eyes, he
felt free to abuse this little fuckmeat in anyway he found fit...

* * *

After that point, it was all hell for Rachel. Almost everyone in the
restaurant had a piece of her, violated her defenseless body in many creative
ways. Chandler cummed all over her face, Joey had anal sex with her following
the lead of the black man...

Even the fraternity guys, the Japanese man and the cook enjoyed Rachel's
sexual favors, making her service them late into the night. For Rachel, one
of the most repulsive acts of the night was being forced to lick Lucy's dirty
pussy - Lucy wasn't really a lesbian but the idea of having the haughty
Rachel licking her pussy seemed too good to pass.

The Japanese ran through four rolls of films. For once, they would have some
interesting pictures to show back home!

And Madam Avenge watched it all in amusement...

* * *

A week after the whole incident, everyone got copies of the pictures - Max
framed a naked picture of Rachel and hang it on the wall in his back office.
Rachel was ordered to keep serving as Max' waitress and attend to his sexual
demands every Thursday night.

Madam Avenge relinquished her control over Rachel to her five friends. Joey,
Phoebe, Chandler, Monica and Ross jointly owned Rachel for the next six
months. They enjoyed their new little toy very much and used her for various
purposes which almost always included a good deal of bondage, video cameras
and humiliation. They all got used to their power over Rachel and Rachel got
used to being dominated in time - even began enjoying it.

* * *

At the end of six months, the control over Rachel was lifted but she remained
as a sex slave in the hands of her masters and mistresses, now entirely
hooked up to being an obedient sub and frequent punishments.

Ross married Rachel and remained as one of her five owners. Even though he
frequently enjoyed other women, Rachel did not mind - she was delighted to be
Ross' slave and enjoyed serving all her masters and mistresses.

She averaged no less than three orgasms a day...


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