Friends: Rachel In Trouble Part 1 (mc,humil,ncon,bdsm)
by The Ruthless Russian

Claudine Rebecca Westerinzet was no ordinary woman. Once one of the brightest
students in MIT, she was seen as a possible ground-breaker in the science of
psychology even in her youth. Yet, that was all gone now, following her
high-profile divorce from Ruben Penetzinskiev, one of the wealthiest
real-estate tycoons in America. She had no financial worries of course; most
of the huge divorce payments she received went to her studies, which she kept

The 43-year-old woman was still in love with Ruben even though he was dead
by now. She was a broken woman, with a broken heart, longing for the days
Ruben was in love with her brains. She didn't know what made her fall so
deeply in love with Ruben and didn't know why he changed his compassion for
Claudine's brains to other women's breasts later in life. She never faulted
Ruben, though. Ruben was dead now, anyway. He had literally died of sex,
having a fatal heart attack right in the middle of an oral treat from one
of the high-priced bimbos he kept around him all the time. Many considered
it an ironic death for a well-known womanizer - Claudine had been unavailable
for comment, and she had managed to keep herself away from herds of reporters
in search of her mansion, rumored to be somewhere in Rhode Island. She was
busy mourning for the very same husband who had dumped her for the joy of
accompanying beautiful women and models.

Many ex-wives in her situation hated their husbands, getting together to
whine about them, telling friends what a perverted useless mean asshole the
hubby was. Not Claudine. She didn't fault Ruben one bit. She had never been
a feminist. After all, feminists believe in equality. Claudine didn't. She
had no doubt men were stupid and animalistic, driven by their primal
instincts, just a step higher than the common gorilla. She loved men, she
loved Ruben, but she never believed any man had the ability to put common
sense or morality before the satisfaction of their primal urges. It wasn't
Ruben she held liable for all his womanizing and his eventual death - it was
all those teasing, ruthless women around Ruben, spoiled, selfish, deadly
women, beautiful women, who feasted on the weaknesses of males, that killed
Ruben. It was them, models in mini-skirts, supermodels in bikinis, all their
make-up, beautiful eyes and bodies like Goddesses, all their teasing and
daring that killed Ruben. They were like vultures, praying on the weaker sex
driven by his urges rather than his logic. She could see the murderers of
her husband, the murderers of her romance, which she had cherished more than
anything else in life. They were in the "swimsuit issue", they were in
"Entertainment", they were in movies, in Playboy, in beer commercials...
Women teasing, corrupting men, destroying their loved ones... Any beautiful
woman with swinging hips or make-up, any woman ready to get on her knees and
offer oral sex for a diamond necklace, any cock-teaser was responsible of
course - but the harm of their sins paled in comparison to the greatest,
brightest, most glorious stars; the so-called "supermodels" and
"celebrities"... They were the ones who really ruined lives, they were the
ones who built their fame and fortune on the ashes of once-happy men and
women... So, when Claudine reached her life-time goal of mind-control, she
knew what to do with it. Once upon a time, she had dreamed of being on the
cover of Time, using mind-control to advance human race, to condition
individuals to become healthier, smarter, more resilient and peaceful...
Yet, the society had betrayed her. The idols of the society had betrayed
her, destroying her and her love... So now, "they" would pay...

Men - she had no problem with. In fact, she had a curious sympathy towards
the inferior male animal, with all its chauvinistic sexism and savagery. But
women, who go around teasing men, flaunting their bodies and beauty,
destroying men - "they" would pay!!!

In time her hatred grew to include almost any woman, any proud, self-assured,
beautiful woman. She despised good-looking, beautiful women, especially
those who were haughty, over-confident and arrogant. She wanted to see them
humiliated, "put in their place".

That's when Claudine had that necklace made especially for her, her new name
crafted on it: "Madam Avenge"!!

It was time to avenge!!!

* * *

Madam Avenge had noticed Rachel in the coffee shop she frequented lately -
Central Perk. Madam Avenge did not usually bother with ordinary women - but
Rachel was no ordinary girl; she may not be a Hollywood celebrity or a
supermodel but she certainly was the center of attention in this small place,
with every male customer's eyes on her perfectly shaped ass or her firm
breasts pushing against her tight blouse... "Oh, yes" concluded Madam Avenge
- Rachel certainly was a deserving target for correction: She would be
punished - for being such a great fuck... for having such a great body...
for being such a cock tease... for simply being Rachel!!

Madam Avenge decided to take action just before close. It was 11:40 PM as she
peeked through the window, to see the patrons. There was just a handful of
customers, including Rachel's usual gang. Madam Avenge had followed them
earlier, making sure they'd be present - they played a significant role in
her plans. She was also pleased there was only a few customers - with too
many people, things could get hairy! She examined the patrons with curiosity:

The mean looking black guy seemed like he was from Texas or some other rugged
part of the West. He was wearing big cowboy boots and a hat. In his early
forties, he was very big and muscular. He had the sort of mean, scary looks
that a Samuel Jackson look-alike would have.

The Japanese couple also looked in their mid-forties - though Madam Avenge
could never tell the ages of Japanese. They looked like typical Japanese
tourists, surely their bag was packed with rolls of films, tons of boring
pictures to show to the family members once they were back in Japan.

There was a party of three college students - who looked like typical
fraternity guys. They seemed to be trying to recover from an alcohol
over-dose by consuming coffee.

The other waitress was Lucy. One didn't need to read minds to see she
despised Rachel. "Not surprising" thought Madam Avenge. All women, especially
those plain-looking ones like Lucy, hated beautiful cock-teasers like Rachel.
Yet, there was more to Lucy's dislike for Rachel. Rachel always acted like
Ms. Goody-Two-Shoes, a proud high-class bitch who treated Lucy like a common
slut! "Well" murmured Madam Avenge, "Lucy, honey, you're in for some

And Max was at the cashier as usual! Madam Avenge had to admit, he was a
total sleazeball. Unshaven, over-weight, and every bit as sexist and horny
as an animal. Madam Avenge had been examining him for a while. Max was a
high-school drop-out, yet with what little brain he got, he had managed to
operate Central Perk. He usually treated his waitresses as though he owned
them, constantly making sexual passes. He loved watching Rachel's round and
firm ass sway all day long - yet, he knew how much Rachel despised him...
She wasn't going to take any crap from her sleazy Boss, making sure Max
didn't try any more of his sexual advances on her. This made Max very angry,
as he expected from her the same kind of favors Lucy so freely offered. She
was, after all, nothing but a waitress slut. Yet, she acted as though she
was some hot-shot movie star...

And naturally, Ross, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe and Monica... As planned, they
had gone to movies, and paid a visit to Rachel at the Central Perk, without
knowing how dramatic their night would turn out.

Rachel dropped by their table occasionally - she'd be off in 15 minutes. She
joked with them, laughing and talking...

Yet, Monica seemed a little mad! The animosity between Monica and Rachel the
result of a shouting match that morning - Rachel was always so messy and
careless around the house - did Monica have to be cleaning after her all the
time? Madam Avenge knew the duo always quarreled, Monica being so bossy and
Rachel lacking much of any discipline...

Madam Avenge watched Rachel taking some dirty plates to the Cook and decided
it was time. Poor Rachel had no idea the light pain she had felt on her arm
earlier on the subway was a needle pushed into her arm by Madam Avenge. She
had no idea who Madam Avenge was even though she had visited Central Perk a
number of times recently. And she had no idea soon she'd be acting like
somebody she was not, admitting to obscene fabrications...

* * *

Madam Avenge rushed into the Center Perk with all her might; she looked sexy
in her leather dominatrix outfit despite being in her forties!!

"Rachel!!" she yelled! "You goddamn slut!! I've been waiting for you for half
an hour!!"

All the heads turned to the woman standing at the door - who the hell was

Rachel was asking the same question - who the hell was this person? So you
can imagine her surprise when she heard herself utter the words:

"I'm sorry, mistress, I'm really sorry - Max scheduled me for over time
tonight, I was going to come to you directly after I'm off; I swear, I will
be at your door right away!!!"

"Shut up, bitch!!!" yelled Madam Avenge. "Enough of that!! You defiant slut -
you're gonna get it this time - real bad!!! I will not tolerate this kind of

There was silence in the room. People looked at Madam Avenge and Rachel in
shock - except the Japanese tourists and Phoebe neither of whom could quite
figure out what the hell was going on!

So, Phoebe spoke up: "I'm sorry Miss, do you know Rachel?"

Madam Avenge managed to talk through her laughter: "Do I know this bitch? The
question is, do you know her? Let me tell you about her, about the real

"No mistress, please" begged Rachel!! She couldn't believe it - what was
happening? What was she saying? Why was she saying these things? She didn't
even know this woman! What mistress??!!

"Shut up, bitch!!" snapped Madam Avenge. "It is time your true identity comes
out - and you should be proud of being my property!!"

"That's what she is, you know!!" she told Phoebe.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" interrupted Ross.

"Shut the hell up and listen" hissed Madam Avenge. Ross did just that, not in
the mood to take it up with the lady in leather!!

"I am Madam Avenge and Rachel belongs to me - I am her mistress and she is my
sex slave!! I use her as a sex toy - I assure you, this little tramp is quite
capable of performing any sexual activity you can think of!!"

The patrons - most notably Rachel's best friends - listened to the woman in
sheer shock!! Rachel was a "sex slave" - in the hands of a middle-aged
domineering sexomaniac lesbian!!! Phoebe still couldn't quite comprehend what
was going on. As far as the rest of her friends: Even the astonishment on
their faces couldn't hide their smirks.

"You see" Madam Avenge continued. "Rachel has a natural tendency to be
directed and dominated. She needs to be told what to do! Yet, she's been
brought up as such a spoiled uppity bitch that occasionally she gets
disobedient - like when tonight she didn't show up on time to entertain
me!!! Thus, right now, right here, she will suffer her punishment!!"

Rachel felt like she was on the verge of losing her mind!! The urge to speak,
to deny, to simply kill this bitch was ripping through her body; yet, she
couldn't move a muscle, speak a single word despite all her efforts! She was
drowning in a sea of shame and desperation - the frustration was maddening!!
Yet, she stood there, with her head bowed down, just like the sex slave this
woman was making her out to be!! Rachel had never thought the feeling of
humiliation could be physically hurting - yet, now, her heart was pumping
like it was on fire, her head felt like it could explode from frustration,
her breathing was getting heavy as though she was on the verge of death!!!

"Alright Rachel, just go stand in the middle of the room - so that everyone
can see you clearly. And make sure you face your friends, I bet they won't
wanna miss a thing tonight! Max, you don't mind us using the facilities, do

"Oh no, Ma'am!!" declared Max. "You are welcome to do as you wish!". Max had
no idea who this woman was or what she was going to do but it sure sounded
quite interesting!!

Finally Ross jumped to his feet!! "What the hell is going on? I don't know
what's wrong with you Rachel but I don't wanna be a part of this fucked-up
shit - I'm leaving..."

"No" snapped Madam Avenge - she produced an Electro-shocker and buzzed it in
the air for emphasis.

"What the fuck?" Ross took a step back!

"Don't worry, darling, I won't use it on you!! However, I will use it on
Rachel's nice titties if you do leave - (pointing at Rachel's friends table)
- if any of you guys leave!! Your presence ensures a milder punishment - if
you refuse to be present, I will hurt the little bitch twice as much!! Tell
them Rachel, tell them I can do anything I want to you!!"

Rachel turned towards her friends, keeping her head bowed down, spoke in a
cracking voice: "Mistress is right, she can do anything she wants to me!!!"

Ross sat back in his chair, unable to say anything. Phoebe exchanged looks
with Monica. What had Rachel gotten herself into? They couldn't speak - yet,
their eyes communicated their amazement in what they were hearing! Their best
friend was a freak!! A freak right out of those bizarre, repulsive bondage
magazines. She was a sex slave, for crying out loud!!!! How could Rachel
degrade herself like this?

Yet, Monica was every bit as mad at Rachel she had been before. She kept the
shocked impression on her face; yet, she was BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD

Chandler and Joey exchanged looks, as well. They did their best to disguise
their amusement - the ever proud Rachel was nothing but a cheap toy slut!!!
They were both trying to conceal their hard-ons, which were growing to
gigantic bulges under their pants despite their shock with Rachel's pitiful
degradation. They were friends and all, yes, but either one would kill to
have his way with the sizzling Rachel!! Or even to take a peek at her naked
body and who knows... who knows what this weird ass sex slave stuff could
lead to? If nothing at all, simply witnessing Rachel's humiliation and
frustration was quite a turn-on!!!

"Let's get started, shall we Rachel, dear? We don't wanna keep our audience
waiting too long!! Alright, let's watch you take off that tiny blouse - it is
so tight, your titties could rip it open any moment anyway!!"

Madam Avenge found it rather amusing how quickly Rachel's face turned pale!

"No, Mistress, please, not in front of people, not in front of my best
friends, please..." Her pleas were blending with the slow tears sliding down
her cheeks.

"Right now, right here bitch - no ifs, no buts! You are going to strip. And
quit crying or I'll give you something real to cry about!"

Rachel couldn't believe it, she couldn't believe what was about to happen.
Yet, her traitorous hands went up to the top button of her blouse as though
she was on remote control. As she opened the top button, she felt sick to her
stomach, as though she was going to die right there and then. She was dying
of shame, keeping her head bowed down to avoid the looks of her best friends.

Despite his earlier protests, Ross was now trying his best not to reveal his
delight. His hard-on felt like it would rip through his pants any moment.
Deep inside, his heart was boiling with guilt for taking so much pleasure
from Rachel's misfortune, yet his lust for her now seemed quite immune from
any sense of guilt.

Rachel slowly undid her buttons one by one, turning a deeper shade of red
with each one and trying her best not to cry! All the eyes were glued on her,
there was no noise in the room at all! Lucy, the other waitress had come
rushing out the kitchen not to miss the spectacle but even she didn't make
the tiniest sound as Rachel finally dropped her shirt down to her feet. The
black lace bra did little to conceal her large and firm breasts.

It was the Japanese man who broke the silence!!

"Aah, lady, ahh, sorrry, sorry - can I ask, can I ask something to you?

Surprised, Madam Avenge looked his way: "Yes??"

"Ma'am, are we allowed to take pictures?"

"Pictures?? You want to take pictures!! " It didn't sound like such a bad
idea to Madam Avenge - in fact, why had she not though about it before?
"Well, certainly!!" she exclaimed. "Feel free to take as many pictures as
you wish sir, in fact , we should make copies for everyone - in order to
preserve the fine memories of tonight!!!".

"Alright darling, now let's have that tight skirt of yours!!". Rachel's
trembling hands started unbuttoning her skirt slowly, leaving her clad only
in black lace bra and bikini panties - and giving the Japanese tourists the
opportunity to take first few of their spectacular pictures.

Next came the bra!!

Rachel reached behind and unhooked her bra, dropping it in the pile of
clothes under her feet. She was trying to cover her firm breasts with her

"Rachel, remove your hands" Madam Avenge demanded. Rachel obeyed swiftly,
silent tears starting to flow down on her cheeks again.

Her breasts were out in the open now!! The way her large globes stood firm
and defiant in the cool air was breathtaking. Ross simply clinched his hands
with lust as he watched Rachel's exposed breasts heave suggestively. Unlike
the other men who were focused on Rachel's bare bust with silence, Max was
quite verbal with his feelings: "Holly shit" yelled Max from his seat.
"Rachel, darling, I always thought you had the best fuckin' tits around here,
boy look at that - you should audition for playboy!!!". He laughed out so
hardly, he almost fell off his chair. He was loving it! The uppity bitch was
being forced to strip right before his eyes...

Madam Avenge seemed to be amused with the hostility between Max and Rachel.
"Well, Max, you think we should ask Rachel to take off anything else?"

This almost made Rachel jump in her place. She was sobbing, she was
terrified in shame and she wanted to hold onto the last piece of clothing
that protected her from complete nudity in front of strangers and her best
friends. And she despised Max. He was a despicable fat slob, she hated
working for him, she hated him for being a sexist, disgusting, annoying,
perverted asshole. He always had his eyes on her, disrobing her with his
eyes. And now, this sexist pig had once-in-a-life-time opportunity of
leaving Rachel naked for real - and Rachel was now looking at Max with
pleading eyes, hoping to find just a little mercy in him.

There was none!!

"Yes, yes" shouted Max with great enthusiasm. He was in a roll now, enjoying
the power Madam Avenge delegated to him. "She must take off her panties, too,
right?" He laughed looking at others: "I bet this spoiled bitch has her pussy
shaved clean like a little school girl".

"Well, then, Rachel, I'm afraid your panties are coming off!!"

The embarrassed girl swallowed her last bit of dignity as she reached under
the waist-band of her panties, pulled them down past her knees, over her
ankles, and dropped them beside the rest of her clothes.

Now, Rachel was left completely naked. Instinctively, she again tried to
cover herself with her hands as she leaned up and stood in the middle of the
room with one hand trying to cover her pubic area, the other arm going across
her breasts. It was only a futile attempt to cover her exposed body but it
was enough to drive Madam Avenge crazy.

"Listen bitch, I don't want any modesty from you, got it? Stop covering your
pussy and titties, people are here to see!! You'll have to learn a real good
lesson today! Now, do as you're told -put your hands behind your head, and
arch your back a little. And spread those legs, yes, you little cunt, spread
those legs nice and wide!"

Rachel, felt her arms and legs move exactly as requested, despite her best
efforts to stop it. She placed her hand behind her neck, and spread her legs
wide apart - she was dying of shame and agony.

"See how that makes your tits stick out - not that those rockets need any
extra help!!" commented Madam Avenge.

Cheerfully shouted Max, "Hey, I guessed it fellas, see how her pussy is
nicely shaved?!" "Yeah", he laughed. "I knew it, baby!!". Few people

Rachel's face turned a burning red with Max' cruel mockings. Her cleanly
shaven pussy was on display for everyone to examine. She was in a
never-ending torture of degradation, her lips quivering, her body visibly
shaking... and the idea that some of these people, especially Max, were
enjoying her humiliation was painfully enraging to her deep inside.

Japanese kept taking pictures - this surely beat all those boring pictures
they had taken at the Empire States!!!

"Time for your punishment" declared Madam Avenge!!!


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