Friends: Rachel Gets Friendly At The North Pole Part 1
by Hamster

Santa Claus checked his list and then his empty bag. He had finally finished
his Christmas deliveries and was dog tired. He was also kind of grumpy. His
eyes were blurred a bit and he briefly closed them. He practically had to
smack himself to stay awake. It wouldn't be so bad if he had somebody to go
home to. But he was the first Santa in a long line of Santa's to not have a
Mrs. Claus. He spent his night's alone or pounding elves.

"Why am I always giving people gifts and never getting anything for myself?"
He wondered allowed as his reign deer sluggishly flew north.

There was something that Santa really, really wanted and dammit, considering
all of his hard work he was entitled to it. Though it was wrong he knew
exactly what he was going to do. Fuckit, he deserved a gift himself. He then
guided his sleigh to New York.

A few hours later at the North Pole...

Rachel, Monica, Phoebe and Rachel's sister Jill were all sleeping peacefully
on a very large bed. Rachel was the first to stir. As she rubbed her eyes she
suddenly stopped and confusion gripped her mind. She did not know where she
was. The room was very large as was the bed she found herself in, there was
a very big roaring fireplace, a Christmas tree, many portraits of Santa
Claus(es) a few of elves.

"What in the hell is going on here?" Rachel demanded of no one in particular.

She noticed that she was naked. She then noticed her sister and her two best
friends where in the bed with her also naked. She noted some chairs near the
bed had cloths resting on them. She walked over and took them off the chair.
She put on the red bra and panties as well as a fur trimmed skirt, black
leather belt with gold buckle, black leather fur-trimmed knee boots, and a
tight red sweater.

After getting dressed in this festive outfit Rachel walked over to her
friend's and her sisters. Starting with Monica she tried to shake her

"Come on Mon, WAKE UP." Rachel shouted. Nothing. "What the hell is going on

At this point the door opened and in stepped a man dressed as Santa Claus.

"Who are you?" Rachel demanded as she scooted away from him.

"Isn't it obvious? I'm Santa Claus." He answered.

"What? No, that's impossible." She said.

"Look out the window." Santa suggested.

Rachel did look out the window. What she saw was amazing. Elves surrounding
the largest and most garishly decorated Christmas tree ever. Aurora Borealis
in the sky. Reindeer flying about playfully. Buildings covered in stunning
Christmas decorations.

"OK so you're Santa. What do you want from me?" She asked.

"Why don't we take a little tour?" He said.

"What about my friends..."

"They'll be fine." He assured her.

Santa escorted Rachel out of the room and led her down a hall.

"That outfit looks lovely on you." Santa told her.

"Oh uhh thanks." She said nervously. "Why am I here?"

"Well you see Rachel I have a proposal for you. But first things first, you
should see the place." Santa said cheerfully.

He led Rachel down the hall way and through some double doors. On the other
side Rachel saw that they were on a mezzanine that overlooked a large shop
where elves were busy inspecting toys on an assembly line.

"This is quality control. The elves are making sure that all the toys are
free of defects. If a defective toy makes it into the hands of a child then
the elf who inspected it and his supervisor are punished severely." He said.

He continued to lead her down the hall and they came to another room where
elves were wrapping gifts. Another where they were assembling articulated
action figures. When he opened the door to another room where there were a
ton of elves on computers typing away.

"What's going on here?" Rachel asked.

"This is where my elves research our naughty/nice lists." Santa said before
closing the room and leading Rachel away.

Once Santa left 2/3 of the elves minimized the screens they were working on
then maximized the screens they had been looking at porn on before Santa had
walked in the room.

Finally Santa brought her to everyone's favorite part of the tour. The
stables. The instant she saw the large beautiful reindeer she gasped and
became like a little girl seeing her first pony. She ran to the first one
that she saw Prancer and began to pet him lovingly.


Back in the bedroom where Phoebe, Monica and Jill where laying in bed naked
a group of intrepid elves had busted into the room with a few jugs of Santa's
magic eggnog.

"Shit they're still asleep." Stumpy said.

"Wonder what Big Red did to them?" Pinko said.

"His special hot cocoa." Said Wank.

"Big Red should have been a chemist." Stumpy said.

They approached the naked women as a group. Pinko poked Jill who didn't move.

"Here," Stumpy said.

Stumpy poured a tiny bit of the eggnog onto Jill's mouth, then Phoebe, then
Monica. One by one they each began to stir Jill was the first to awaken,
doing so with a giggle. Each woman in turn did awaken, each feeling very

"Where are we?" Monica asked through a haze. "And why are we naked???"

"That's not important baby." Wank said. "Wanna have sex?"

"Hmmm OK." Jill said.

"Sounds good." Phoebe said.

"Fine." Monica agreed.

The elves clapped their hands in joy and began to disrobe.

Meanwhile back in the stables...

Rachel was still petting the reindeer affectionately when Santa stepped up
behind her and grabbed her ass.

"EEP! Hey what are..." Rachel started but Santa turned her around and kissed
her. He pushed her up against the wall and began kissing her.

Rachel tried to struggle at first but Santa had control of her and maintained
a good grip. Rachel tried to get away from him at first but then began to
respond favorably to his amorous advances.

What am I thinking? Rachel wondered to herself. He's fat, old and hairy. But
oh god I want him!!!

Rachel was now returning the kiss with great enthusiasm. Santa's gloved hands
ran up her thighs to her panties, which he began to slip off. Rachel's hands
made their way to Santa's belt buckle. Nick was excited. And as soon as
Rachel bulled down his pants and Christmas tree boxers a stiff cock popped
free like a jack in the box. Rachel wrapped her legs around Santa's middle.
Nick pushed her against the wall and thrust his mighty man meat up into her

"Ooooooo YEEEEEEEES!" She squealed.

Rachel was sweating and gasping with every thrust.

"Ohhh yeah, fuck me Santa, fuck me, fuck me Santa fuck me yeah..." She cried.

And Santa did. Long and hard. He pounded her good. Stroke after stroke he
slammed her against the wall and groped her breasts and ass. Finally she
couldn't take the savage fucking any longer.

"Oh Santa, Santa I'm CUUUUUUMIIIIINNNG!!!!" She cried.

But Nick wasn't about to stop. He just kept pounding that pussy until he
unloaded his holiday goo.

Back up in the room...

Jill had a hot bod. A very hot bod. And Wank was enjoying it. Jill way in the
doggy-style position. Her large firm boobs hanging like ride coconuts and
swinging back and forth as Wanks cock worked it's way in and out of her cunt.
Stumpy was on his back and Phoebe was sucking on his hard shaft. Pinko was on
top of Monica her in the missionary position. He was just barely tall enough
so that he could suck on one of her nipples as he fucked her. Just as the elf
orgy hit high gear the door slammed open and everyone turned to see who it
was. It was Pogo, Santa's pet Penguin. Santa had imported from the South Pole
the largest and most intelligent Penguin that there was. The bird merely
stood and watched as the elves continued fucking the women on the bed. One at
a time everyone began to cum.

Phoebe was the first to suck down some fresh warm elf cum which soon filled
her belly. Then Wank and Pinko each had their partners cumming loudly before
they filled the womens' cunts with sperm. After fucking the girls the elves
got up and sat down to recover. That's when Pogo approached the bed and
hopped on. The penguin approached Monica and flopped down atop her. Monica
felt the heavy slippery body climb atop of her. Monica wrapped her arms
around the giant penguin's body and ran he fingers over the creatures stiff,
smooth feathers.

"Hey," Pinko said. "He wants to fuck her!"

"GO POGO! GO POGO!" The elves chanted together.

"GO POGO! GO POGO!" Jill and Phoebe joined in.

Monica began to moan as a long sticky bird cock worked it's way into her.
The penguin's flippers flapped frantically as he fucked her. He did so for
several minutes as Monica clutched his avian body tightly with her thighs.

"Oh yes Pogo YES!" Monica cried.

The giant bird's enormous cock snaked its way into her over and over. With a
mighty quack the penguin loaded her full of cum.

It was right after this that Santa arrived with a slightly disheveled Rachel
in tow.

"Just what the fuck is going on here?" Santa demanded. "Get out of here the
lot of you!"

The elves ran passed Santa and fled down the hall. They made haste, as they
were eager to brag to all of their friends. The penguin waddled his way after
them leaving behind a disappointed Monica.

"I'm very disappointed in you Pogo." Santa said.


"What is this what's going on?" Rachel asked.

"Well it seems my elves have turned your sister and friends into horny but
obedient sluts." Santa explained.

"That's horrible!" Rachel exclaimed.

"Time saving actually since I was planning on doing it to them myself." Santa

"WHAT?" Rachel demanded.

"Really Rachel they are quite happy this way." Santa said.

Jill and Phoebe, who were already making out and playing with each boobs,
broke apart to address Rachel.

"Yeah this is great." Jill said.

"I love it." Phoebe said.

"Pogo please come back to me." Monica cried desperately.

Santa turned the surprised Rachel around and looked into her eyes. "Rachel,
I brought you up here for a reason. I have been watching you. I have looked
in on you every Thursday for the past few years and I have fallen in love
with you. Please say that you'll stay here with me and I'll make you Mrs.
Claus. I'll give you your friends and sister as a wedding gift."

"I-I..." Rachel stammered.

"Please say yes." Jill said.

"Yeah." said Phoebe.

"I miss Pogo." Said Monica with a sniff.

Rachel considered it, Santa was a great lover and she wouldn't be alone. Plus
there was something in his voice that made him hard to resist.

"OK." Rachel said. "I think you've brainwashed me or something, but OK."

"Excellent." Said Santa.

To be continued...
_ _ _

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