This is a series about two characters from the hit show Friends, Rachel and Chandler, getting wild and kinky.

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Friends: Rachel And Chandler Sex It Up Part 1

Rachel Green was at work daydreaming about not being at work. She loved her job at Ralph Lauren, but she loved letting her hair down and having a good time more. She especially loved her horny sexual escapades she always seemed to end up in. She was in her office behind her desk feeling horny. She was dressed perfectly as always. She called her style of dress "business fucking" and it always fit her. She was wearing a super skin tight white short sleeve blouse, no bra, super skin tight tan mini skirt, no panties and knee high tan, leather high heel boots.

She reached under her skirt and started playing with her clean shaven pussy. She fingered her it, with two fingers twisting in and out.

She was moaning as she worked her sweet pussy, getting hornier by the second.

All of a sudden someone knocked on her office door. She straightened up her clothes and collected herself and told them to come in.

Her friend Chandler Bing strolled in smiling and in a very happy mood. "Hey Rach, what's up?" he asked.

"Nothing but my horny urges." She, half joking said.

"Need any help with those? I'm always here to help out a beautiful sex goddess friend." Chandler said, rubbing his hard cock through his black suit pants.

Rachel reminded him he was married to her best friend Monica and she most assuredly wouldn't approve of him helping her with her sexual urges in any way. He smiled and said, still rubbing his cock, "well, Monica doesn't have to find out now does she?"

Rachel thought about it as she stared at Chandler's impressive bulge in his pants. She reached down and started rubbing her pussy as she wondered how his big cock might feel in her pussy. She was getting wet imagining getting fucked doggy style by her friend, who's the husband of her best friend.

She felt guilty thinking naughty thoughts about Monica's husband, but she kept rubbing her pussy anyway.

Chandler upped the ante as he stood up and unzipped his pants, exposing his giant hardon. Rachel's jaw dropped at the sight of it. It was a full 10 inches long and wider than her forearm. She rubbed her pussy faster and moaned.

"You ok Rach? You seem flustered, see anything you like?" Chandler asked, laughing as he did. He was jerking on his massive cock as Rachel stared and thought to herself, "oh fuck yeah I do baby, and I want it in this pussy right fucking now."

Chandler took off his coat and sat back down still jerking his huge cock.

"Chandler, you really should stop that. Monica would get so mad at both of us if she found out." Rachel tried to half heartedly reason with him, at the same time hoping he wouldn't listen to her.

"You know Rachel, I'm horny and I can tell your horny so it makes sense that we both help each other out. Monica doesn't have to ever find out about anything. It's just me and you in here. Monica is at work, probably blowing that cute sous chef she raves about anyway. I caught her talking dirty to him on the phone. She begged me to forgive her and then blew me four times that night to convince me, so I really deserve to fool around with u anyway if you think about it." He said, trying to convince her.

She thought about it while still rubbing her pussy and it made since, if Monica was fooling around, but she still felt guilty. "I don't know Chandler, it would be so wrong, so bad." She said, but she ended up getting turned on more with it being so wrong and bad.

She finally just said to herself FUCK IT and stood up. "Well, if we are gonna do this, we are gonna do it my way, my big dick friend. I'M THE BOSS, AND YOU'RE MY BITCH BOY SEX SLAVE!" She said emphatically.

Chandler smirked and said, "ok, I'll play along sweet tits."

"IT'S MISTRESS RACHEL, don't make me angry bitch boy. Now take off all of your clothes and keep that big cock hard for me." Rachel said smiling, loving being a mistress in control and wet looking at Chandler's huge cock. She now had him and it at her disposal.

Chandler hurriedly took his clothes off, looking at Rachel lustfully as she removed all of hers, except for the boots. He thought to himself, "she is so fucking beautiful."

Rachel opened a desk drawer and pulled out a riding crop she kept there for these exact situations. She smacked her desk hard with it. It got Chandler's attention as he looked wide eyed at her. His cock was leaking precum as it stood out in all of its rock hard glory.

She motioned for him to come sit in her chair. He ran over and sat down, his huge cock pointing up. Rachel licked her lips at the sight. She sat on the edge of her desk, her legs spread wide, showing Chandler her clean shaven pussy. "Good boy, now slave, if u do a proper job and make your mistress cum, you might just get a treat." She said as she reached over and pulled his head to her pussy. "Eat it good bitch, if you want your treat. Make me cum. Make me happy bitch boy." Rachel commanded.

Chandler got to work as her sucked on her clit, pulling it with his mouth, sliding two fingers in her pussy as he did. He sucked hard on her clit, pulling and sucking. Rachel moaned and rubbed his hair, pulling his head side to side as she closed her eyes, loving Chandler's pussy eating skills.

"Good job bitch boy, Mmmmmmm, goooood job. Keep going slave, make me cum hard in your mouth. " Rachel said moaning, sticking out her tongue, licking her lips. She smacked Chandler's back softly with the riding crop. He pulled his fingers out of her pussy and started to stick them up her gorgeous ass, but she stopped him. She grabbed his hand and said, "No slave, my ass is off limits." She smacked his back harder with the riding crop to make her point very clear. "Sorry Mistress Rachel." He said as he shoved his tongue all the way up her pussy, licking her out as he twisted it in and out of her, trying to taste every inch of her inner folds.

Rachel closed her eyes again and moaned louder as he brought her to the verge of cumming. Chandler licked her out faster, cleaning her pussy walls with his speedy tongue. He pinched her clit hard then rubbed it really fast, licking her out faster, as he twisted his tongue in and out of her pussy.

"Chandler, oh fuck, I mean bitch boy, I'm gonna fucking CUMMMMMMMMMM!!!" Rachel loudly announced. Chandler worked her pussy even harder, knowing he had a "treat" coming. He licked her out so fucking fast, smacking her clit over and over softly, then rubbing it really fast.

"I'M CUMMMMMMMMMINGGGGGGGG!!!!!" Rachel yelled, as she squirted right into his mouth. Chandler gladly lapped it up, loving the taste. He actually liked the taste of Rachel's pussy cum better than Monica's. He licked Rachel clean swallowing every tasty drop of her sweet nectar. He then leaned back in his chair smiling, knowing he did his job well, awaiting that nice "treat" he was promised.

"Good boy, very good boy, baby." Rachel said, as she tossed the riding crop across the room." Looks like you get a treat Chandler." Rachel said smiling, licking her beautiful lips. She motioned for him to change places with her. He gleefully jumped up dancing, saying "treat time for me, treat time for me." Rachel stroked his cock as he got onto the desk.

She sat down and looked up at him, stroking his huge cock. "So, my big boy really wants his treat does he?" She asked as she leaned over and, sticking out her tongue, slowly licked up and down his long shaft all the way. She played with his huge balls as she did. She licked under the head slowly as she looked up at him.

Chandler looked back at her smiling, his tongue out, enjoying every second of it. "Lick me Rachel, lick my fucking cock baby. Make me cum for u. We need to do this everyday." He said as his cock leaked precum, wetting his entire huge cockhead.

Rachel saw it, as she licked his cock. She licked slowly all over the head, making sure to let it hang off the end of her tongue before licking it onto her tongue and swallowing it. "Tasty baby, I wanna taste the thick stuff. I want your cum in my mouth Chandler. I want you to fill my slutty mouth with your thick cum baby." Rachel said, driving him crazy. She started sucking his cock hard and fast, jacking him off at the same time. She desperately wanted his thick cum. She sucked so fast Chandler was pounding her desk trying to hold out as long as he could. He started fucking her mouth, his ass lifting off the desk as he fucked her beautiful, sucking mouth.

He grabbed her head and fucked into her mouth so hard Rachel gagged, as his huge cock forced its way down her throat. She loved being gagged by his enormous cock, it was so dirty. It made her feel like the cock hungry slut she was. Her saliva poured out of the corners of her mouth. Chandler dominated her mouth, using it for his pleasure and that pleased Rachel so very much. His butt smacking her desk as he pounded his cock in and out of her mouth. "HERE IT CUMS RACH!!!" He yelled as Rachel sucked even harder.

He came in her waiting mouth as she kept sucking, wanting every last drop. He filled her mouth once. She swallowed it all so he filled it again. She swallowed all of that. He just kept cumming. She swallowed the third mouthful, but he kept going. She loved It. All of that thick creamy cum filling her welcoming mouth. She moaned and played with her pussy as she became Chandler's own personal cum dump.

Finally, he filled her mouth for the fourth and final time as she kept sucking. She swallowed every last drop, not one drop exiting the tight grip her mouth had on his cock. She sucked his cock head hard, getting any last drops he might possibly have left in his balls.

"That was so fucking delicious Chandler. I love cum and yours is the best I've ever tasted. I wanna taste it everyday, so yes we can do this everyday. Since your beautiful cock is still hard, get behind me and ram it up my pussy doggy style, ruff ruff." Rachel was so horny, she wanted more and more of that huge cock.

Chandler was breathing hard licking his lips and said "fuck yeah baby, I'll bang that pussy all doggy style and stuff. Get ready bark and moan like the bitch in heat you are." He proceeded to make what he thought were dog noises, but they sounded more like an injured moose, so he shook his head, got up and got behind Rachel. "So it looks like the tables have turned missy." He said as he rubbed his cockhead on her labia. "You're my bitch now." He exclaimed, as he shoved his huge cock all the way up Rachel's pussy.

She jumped from the surprise, forceful entry of that massive cock all the way up her pussy. She moaned loudly and banged her fists on her desk as Chandler pummeled her pussy. "Oh my fucking god that feels good Chandler, tear up my pussy baby with that huge fucking cock. YES YES YES, pound it daddy, make me your bitch!!!" Rachel was loving every second of being Chandlers bitch and his fuck toy.

"Take that cock bitch, I'm gonna ram it up your ass next" He barely got it out before Rachel turned back into the boss. Looking back at him sternly she said "Chandler, I told you, my ass is off limits. Nothing goes up there, outside of a finger or two."

Chandler resumed pounding her pussy hard and fast, his huge cock stretching her pussy absurdly wide." Well, u said a finger or two so..." Chandler said, then he shoved two fingers in her ass fingering her fast as he destroyed her pussy.

Rachel was upset he disobeyed her but she was in sexual bliss having her pussy destroyed by his huge weapon, so she let him finger her ass. She was turned on by him disobeying her. She had a submissive side that Chandler had just hit upon. She was hoping he realized it. She quickly found out that he did.

"You know what Rachel? Your my bitch right now so....." He said as he pulled out of her pussy and pushed against her anus. He snickered and pushed right up her super tight virgin ass. It was the very first cock ever to find its way in there. He took pride in forcing her to accept his ass fucking.

Rachel couldn't speak. She was cumming, the nectar flowing down her legs as she was being sodomized for the first time. It hurt bad. His massive cock was too big for her very tight ass to handle, but she got off on it. She couldn't stop cumming as she succumbed to Chandler, becoming his bitch. She would gladly do whatever he wanted, just to feel the unbridled, pain fueled pleasure she was feeling having his huge cock in her. Even in her tight ass, she couldn't get enough of his huge cock. She fought through the pain and rubbed her clit while she was being so expertly sodomized.

Chandler smacked her ass grabbing her hips forcing his thick cock up Rachel's very tight ass. He drilled up her ass smacking it again, pounding it so hard and fast. Rachel's ass started to loosen up from his forceful taking of it and he was loving every second of it. He had the biggest shit eating grin ever, shaking his head, sticking out his tongue he yelled "FUCK YEAH, I'M THE ASS FUCK KING!!!"

"Fuck me daddy, use my tight ass baby. Pound my ass harder Chandler, I'm your bitch I LOVE YOUR COCK!!! Rachel screamed. She didn't care if anyone came in and saw her being ass fucked on her desk. She only cared about the pleasure she was getting from Chandler's cock and the pleasure she was giving him. Nothing else mattered but that. "USE ME DADDY, I'M CUMMING AGAIN!!! She yelled as she came once more, squirting all over the floor. Chandler reached down and swiped his fingers on her cum and licked his fingers. "You taste so fucking good Rachel, my bitch. He smacked her ass hard. You're gonna do whatever I want from now on bitch. I might just pimp u out. I know several guys in my office that would pay to use you." He said as he continued his assault on Rachel's ass. Chandler was really getting into being her master.

"Yes Chandler, whatever you want I will do. Anything and I mean anything. Please just keep fucking me." Rachel had become a mindless sex toy for Chandler's pleasure and she loved it. She would be his personal whore and fuck anybody he told her to. She would degrade herself in anyway he commanded.

Chandler kept pounding her ass. It had loosened up even more so he took full advantage and kept pounding and pounding her ass. Thrusting his huge cock all the fucking way up her tight ass every stroke. "You know Rach, I was gonna cum up your ass but I'd rather feed you some more." Chandler proclaimed as he pulled out of her ass and ran around to her face. "Open up slut." He said, pointing his massive dick at her mouth. She happily did. Rachel opened her mouth as wide as she possibly could and stuck out her tongue awaiting the cum she loved so dearly.

Chandler jerked his cock, looking right at her, lust burning through his gaze and came huge ropes of thick cum into her mouth. It wasn't as much as before but he filled her mouth two more times and she once again swallow every drop licking her lips smacking them, loving Chandler's cum in her mouth. She stuck her tongue out again and Chandler dropped the last couple of thick drops onto it. She looked up at him and smiled, letting it slide off her tongue onto the desk. She leaned down and licked it up letting it hang off her tongue, playing with it while looking at Chandler. She kept letting it slide to the desk and licking it up, finally swallowing it. She licked all around that area of the desk making sure to get it all. She sucked his cock as hard as she could to get every last drop out of him.

"Well, that was fun. What's up for tomorrow? Maybe we can invite Phoebe to join us, I hear she's almost as slutty as u." Chandler laughed as he said it. Rachel laughed as well, thinking about how much she always wanted to strap on fuck Phoebe. She thought to herself that she was really gonna have fun with Chandler and that huge cock from now on.

End of Part 1


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