Author's Note: Just in case anyone doesn't know, Chloe was the hot girl in
the copy shop, played by Angela Featherstone, that Ross slept with in 3,15
when he believed Rachel had broken up with him and was cheating on him with
a work colleague.

Ross's Revenge - What Monica Did Part 14: The Conference Part 14 - Chloe
(FFF,FF,MF,,oral; ref to MF,BDSM))
by Exintaris ([email protected])

Around the middle of the afternoon that same day, Chloe was lying naked
on the bed in Abby's apartment, flanked by Monica and Abby, who had just
finished licking her simultaneously to a very noisy orgasm. Shooting had
ended early that day, and Monica and Abby had wasted no time inviting
Chloe back to the apartment and seducing her, in which they had succeeded
with very little effort, for her responses had been very positive from
the start.

"I knew I would enjoy working with you," she said in a very satisfied tone.
"I never had such a great time in my life. My other times with women were
okay, but not like that."

"Well, Monica is world-class material," said Abby. "I like to think I trained
her right, but really she was, like, a natural."

"Oh yes," said Chloe in fervent agreement. "Even when you were acting,
Monica, it made me so hot for you! I'm so glad you wanted me."

"She wants everyone," said Abby with a chuckle.

Monica leaned across Chloe to fake-punch Abby. "Lies, all lies," she said
lightly. "You know what, Chloe?" she went on more seriously. "I think you
should come home with me and meet Rachel. After all this time, and with
the changes in how we all feel about Ross, I don't think she's gonna bear
you any grudge."

"Oh, do you think I could?" said Chloe, looking taken aback but also pleased
by the suggestion. "I would so like to say sorry, though when I went to bed
with him I didn't really understand the situation. But she might still be
mad. I know I would be, if I thought my great love had been taken away from

"He was beginning to behave badly even then, you know," Monica said. "All
that jealousy, for absolutely no reason. Don't worry, I'll support you if
Rachel does get mad - but I don't think she will." She caressed Chloe's
face gently. "You know what I'd like to do, in a while? I'd like to screw
the socks off you."

"Ooh, just what I'd like, too," said Chloe eagerly, "and, um, Abby, I could
do something for you at the same time."

"Good thinking," said Abby, beaming. "I like being licked most."

"Then that's what we'll do," said Chloe decisively, "though I don't have all
that much experience."

"Don't you worry: we'll work it out," said Abby confidently.

* * *

Later still, when everyone at the house was out in the back yard enjoying the
early evening sunshine and the view, with a few drinks, they were surprised
to see Monica returning with two other women, all chatting animatedly. They
knew Abby, but who was the other?

"Oh my God," said Chandler softly to Joey, "is that who I think it is?"

Joey looked. "Who d'you mean, dude?"

Chandler didn't have time to reply when Monica called ebulliently, "Hey
everyone! Guess who turned up on the set to work with me and Abby? This is

"Chloe?" Rachel muttered. "The Chloe?" She looked dumbfounded, but not mad,
Chandler was relieved to see.

"She's such a nice girl," Monica went on as they approached, "and ... I think
now would be a good time to say it, Chloe."

"Rachel, I'm so sorry," Chloe said nervously. "When I heard, from Isaak, who
got it from his sister, how that night with Ross caused a complete breakup
between you, I felt awful. I wanted to come round and apologise, but" - she
faltered momentarily, then put on a determined expression and continued - "I
was scared. I thought you might attack me, and I know I would have deserved
it, but ... I couldn't face it."

Everyone looked at Rachel, whose expression had been reserved during this.
Suddenly it changed, but to a genuine smile.

"Chloe, that shows real guts, to say that," she said. "You're right, I
probably would have attacked you. But you wouldn't have deserved it. It
wasn't your fault - I realised that a while back. And Ross and I more or
less got past that anyway, but when we got back together, very briefly,
it was my fault, if anything, that we blew it."

"Ross lied," said Judy Geller bitterly. "He told you he'd read your letter,
when he hadn't."

"Now, mom," said Monica calmingly. "Try not to let it upset you. That time,
Ross's lying was understandable, he was so desperate to get back together
with Rachel."

Judy snorted contemptuously. "When he was with another woman."

"Well, I didn't behave any too well, to be honest," Rachel said, but then
she was distracted, for Chloe had caught sight of Emma.

"Ooh, is that your daughter?" she said excitedly to Rachel. "What a sweet
little thing! Oh, I can see already, she's going to be a beauty, just like
her mother!"

Rachel looked extremely gratified at this, because it was perfectly obvious
to everyone, even Joey, that this compliment was meant sincerely. Only a
consummate actress could put on the ingenuousness that Chloe was displaying

"Do you like children?" Rachel asked.

"I love children!" Chloe said enthusiastically. "I, uh, didn't tell Monica
this, but one of the reasons I got into ... our line of work," she glanced
nervously at Judy, "was because I wanted to raise some money to get myself,
um, made pregnant. Because I didn't want to just chance it with some man I
met up with, and no one's been interested in me long-term," she finished
rather bitterly.

"That's a shame, an attractive girl like you," said Judy. "And don't worry
that I'll disapprove of what you're doing, by the way. I know all about what
Monica does, and what I say is, if men are fools enough to pay good money
just to see things like that, why shouldn't we women profit from it - and
have fun along the way?" She winked.

"Oh mom, you're shocking!" cried Monica laughingly, while the other women
giggled, apart from Abby, who was engrossed in conversation about recent
developments in the World Series with Jack Geller.

"The older I get, the more shocking I become," said Judy confidentially to
Chloe. "I rather approve of much of the porn industry, the way it's organised
over here, because the women make much better money than the men, and in a
lot of ways they call the shots, and what else can you say that of?" She
winked again.

Monica and Phoebe caught each other's eye and shook their heads. There was so
much Judy didn't know still. But she was basically right about the part of
the industry that Monica worked in.

Chloe smiled shyly and looked more at ease. "And this is Jack?" she said,
going closer to the baby. At that moment Joey was holding him on his knee
and making funny faces at him.

"That's Jack," Monica confirmed. "Chandler's sperm, my egg, carried by

"What a lucky child!" said Chloe. "To have all of you to be dads and moms.
Hello, Joey; I remember you, from my days in the copy shop."

Joey grinned at her and opened his mouth to say something, when
simultaneously Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe pointed at him and said,
"Don't!" Judy burst out laughing.

Joey looked most offended. "I wasn't gonna say what you thought," he said
sulkily. "I was just gonna say, hello, Chloe, nice to see you again."

"Oh, poor Joey, were we mean to you?" said Monica. "Here, let Monica kiss you
better." She went over, put her hands on his cheeks, and gave him a good kiss
on the lips. Chloe looked amazed at the way that Judy seemed to accept this
as perfectly normal behaviour.

Phoebe put a hand on her arm. "You'll find we're all, like, nuts here," she
murmured, eyes twinkling, "but we get along so well."

"I'm very happy to know that," said Chloe, smiling. Her eyes drifted off to
Rachel, who was now kneeling down to look at something Emma wanted to show
her. "I never realised Rachel was so beautiful."

Phoebe looked at her speculatively. "I don't know how much you know about us
and our relationships," she said, "but Rachel has been to bed with Monica and
me, so she's, like, used to lesbian stuff. But she's not doing that any more.
In fact, she's not seeing anyone right now."

"Ooh, really?" said Chloe with an excited look.

"She's very taken up with looking after baby Jack just at the moment," Phoebe
continued. "She's still breast-feeding him, in fact. And of course she has
Emma. But she also has a whole bunch of willing baby-sitters. Her carrying
Jack for Chandler and Monica has made all of us ready to do anything for her.
She's, like, so much nicer than she used to be. Like Monica, she's risen
above her troubles."

"I was so shocked when I heard about, about Ross," Chloe said in a low voice.
"And Monica told me when I met her this morning, it's all true." Her gaze at
Phoebe showed real horror.

Phoebe nodded. "Yeah, it is. Me, I think he's been possessed by a real mean
spirit, though I don't know how that happened, nor how to get rid of it."

Chloe nodded emphatically. "Oh, I'm so ready to believe that! You're so wise,

Phoebe beamed at her. "We're gonna get along, you and I."

At dinner that evening, Chloe was placed next to Rachel, and although at
first Rachel seemed a little reserved, they began to talk with increasing
animation as the evening proceeded, a development watched with satisfaction
by Phoebe, Judy and, when her attention was drawn to it, Monica. Rachel, it
seemed, simply could not help responding to Chloe's fervently expressed
admiration for her and Emma.

As Judy pointed out later, for a long time Rachel had been used to the
company of friends who, while they loved her, also knew her faults and
remembered all kinds of things that she would rather they forgot. Chloe
knew virtually none of this, so with her Rachel could start afresh.
Chandler joked that, of course, it was Chloe's total readiness to accept
Rachel's point of view in the great 'on a break' dispute that was the
clincher. But whatever it was, before the end of the evening she and
Chloe looked like becoming friends and, all Rachel's well-wishers hoped,
maybe something more, in time.

From then on, Chloe was a frequent and welcome visitor, and soon she
was enticing Rachel into little jaunts in her rather beat-up but still
serviceable Honda. This, they all agreed, was very good for Rachel. But
there was no sign of any development beyond this. The one positive sign
was that Rachel told Monica and Phoebe that, much as she had loved being
with them, she now felt that they should not start again.

"I'll never get serious about finding dates while I have you guys to help
out when I'm needy," she said half-jokingly. But although Monica, Phoebe and
Judy agreed that this looked promising, Rachel still acted shy around Chloe,
and while Chloe often seemed to be offering her discreet encouragement she
never really came on to her unmistakeably. So everyone resigned themselves
to a long wait, while subtly doing what they could to help things along. But
Monica and Abby did not give up taking Chloe to bed, together or separately.

Then came a piece of news that was so astounding, it distracted everyone.
Joey discovered something about Ross. Carol had called some time ago with
the news that Rosss seemed to have left New York, and they knew no more
than that. Joey had been experimenting with new forms of porn, having got
bored with the standard types, and while looking around he happened on a
video which had a familiar-looking figure, but masked, on the cover. It
proved to be a BDSM video, and although his name was not listed there could
be no doubt that this masked man was Ross, for after a while he was seen
without the mask. He played the dominating figure, who subjected the female
characters to punishment in the form of beating and minor tortures, forced
them to perform sexual acts with him, and otherwise humiliated them. What
sent shivers down Joey's spine was how much Ross seemed to relish his part.

He was not sure what to do, and decided to consult Chandler.

"Ross is working as a porn actor?" Chandler said in amazement.

Joey nodded. "And in nasty porn, too," he said. "This is pretty rough BDSM
stuff." He showed Chandler the box.

"Yeah, that's him all right," Chandler said instantly. He looked for a date
on the box. "This was made six months ago. He must have been around a while."

"Do you think we ought to tell Monica and Judy and the others?" Joey asked
a bit nervously.

Chandler looked thoughtful. "I'll ask Phoebe for her opinion first." He
looked at the box again. "He's the dominating character, I guess."

"You got it," said Joey. "He must have got a taste for it, in what he did
to Monica."

"Very likely," said Chandler sadly.

That same evening, at bedtime, Chandler drew Phoebe aside and told her what
Joey had learned. Phoebe pursed her lips and looked serious.

"Lemme think about this a little," she said. "I guess it can keep until
morning, can't it? Then we can tell Monica and maybe her parents too, in
fact everyone it might concern."

That night, fortunately for them, Monica was not in the mood to do anything
except go to sleep, having had a long day that involved a great deal of
sexual activity on her part. One of her major attractions to the customers,
it had become apparent, was not simply her immense eagerness, which often
inspired her fellow stars, but the fact that she never seemed to be faking.
She came frequently and enthusiastically, so much so that her wish, often
spoken in her videos, to have the man or men finish in her was accepted as
Monica's trademark (she now had herself credited under her own name).

But the following morning Phoebe was awakened by hands gently beginning
to stroke her inner thighs and a mouth closing gently over one nipple.
Ordinarily she would have responded at once to this exciting behaviour,
but as soon as she awoke everything that Chandler had told her became
clear in her mind, and it distracted her so that she could not respond
wholeheartedly, as she normally would.

"What's the matter, sweetie?" said Monica, evidently realising this.
"Something on your mind?"

"Joey's found something out about, about Ross," Phoebe said, stammering a
little. "He told Chandler, and Chandler told me. I decided, we should tell
you this morning."

Monica had stiffened a little. "Is it something really bad? He hasn't raped
someone else, has he? It would so upset mom and dad."

"Oh no, nothing like that," said Phoebe hastily. "No, what it was, Joey saw
him on the cover of a porn video. He watched it, and there's no doubt it's

For a moment Monica lay still; then her body began to shake. Before Phoebe,
who thought she had broken down in tears, could even utter a word, Monica
produced a howl of laughter, so loud that Chandler started out of his sleep.
Monica sat up, put one hand on his shoulder and the other on Phoebe's, and
laughed and laughed. It was not vengeful or hysterical laughter; rather it
showed deep amusement.

"Talk about poetic justice!" she crowed. "Do you know how long he's been
doing it?"

"The video dated from some months ago," said Chandler.

"I'm surprised I haven't come across him," said Monica. "After all, whatever
else you can say about him, he does have the biggest cock."

"He's, er, not doing straightforward stuff," said Chandler, and explained.

Monica's face became more serious. "Well, I guess that's why I've not met
him," she said. "Thanks for telling me, you guys; you did the right thing.
Now I must decide whether to tell mom and dad. But first ..." She reached
out and fondled Chandler's genitals with one
hand, Phoebe's with the other. "Do I get some morning loving?"

Full of relief that they had done their duty and Monica had taken it well,
Chandler and Phoebe set to work with her enthusiastically. They wound up on
their sides, with Phoebe sucking Chandler while he licked Monica. But when
they had come, Monica did not relax like Chandler; rather, she pounced on
Phoebe and rubbed pussies with her until Phoebe exploded and Monica got a
second orgasm as well. Then they went to shower, dressed and went to
breakfast together, to find Rachel feeding Emma and baby Jack, aided by

"You're looking rather serious," said Judy after she had kissed them all
good morning, as she often liked to do, and they had kissed Rachel and the
children. "What's up?"

"Well, mom, we have news of Ross," said Monica. "It's nothing dreadfully
bad," she added hastily.

"All right, tell me," said her mother a little warily. Rachel turned to pay
attention, looking tense.

Monica's face changed, and everyone could see she was trying not to laugh.
"The b-big d-dumbass is d-doing s-sado-m-masochistic porn," she got out, and
then bent double in another hail of laughter.

Rachel did not seem to find this so funny, though she snickered a little, and
Judy evidently did not find it funny at all. Instantly Monica sobered.

"I, I'm sorry, mom," she said contritely. "I, uh, I just can't help thinking
it a funny way for him to get his comeuppance."

Her mother's stern expression disappeared. "I'm not mad at you, my darling,
please don't think that," she said. "I am very pleased that you can laugh at
it, and I agree, he has got his just deserts. But I don't like to think of
him being in the same business as you, and I dislike that kind of thing
anyway." She sighed. "Still, I guess there must be a market. I assume no
one knows about the relationship between you."

"He was masked on the cover, and called Rex the Tyrant," said Chandler.

"He would be, him and his goddamn dinosaurs," said Judy bitterly. "Well, you
know, I think you should put the word out quietly that you won't work with
him, just in case he wants to get into straightforward porn, and if people
ask why I think you should tell them."

"What a great idea!" said Phoebe enthusiastically. "Monica, you should
seriously do that."

"Yes, I agree," said Rachel. "Let him get stuck with his sicko stuff."

Monica looked uncertain for a moment, then nodded. "It could be embarrassing,
if people don't know," she said. "We might get hired for the same project

"Uh, one other thing," said Phoebe. "I guess we should all keep an eye out.
Though if he's been here a few months and not laid for any of us, like in
ambush, maybe he's gonna leave us alone."

"If he finds out Monica's blacklisting him, he could get ideas," said
Chandler. "You should ask for discretion on this, Mon. He doesn't need to
know anything unless he tries to get hired for a straight porn movie."

"I guess even his present employers might draw the line at hiring someone
who's done what he has," said Judy. "But what do I know? Now let's talk
about something else."

She seemed calm, but her mind was turning over plans for making Ross pay
some more for what he had done to her beloved daughter and the whole family.
Once Monica had left for work, she called Abby's cell phone and had a
conversation, keeping her voice low so that neither Chandler nor Rachel nor,
most importantly, her husband could hear. Abby promised to get in touch with
the Duchess - Judy had heard the story - and others who had a wide circle of
contacts in the industry. Judy herself then called Shelly Russ, whom she had
met and approved of. Shelly too was ready to alert people.

"I can't say he'll never work in this town again," she said ferociously, "but
I can make sure he has very few options, the sick creep."

The story was spread fast, for Monica was widely popular, and suddenly
producers found actresses refusing to work with Ross, claiming he liked what
he was doing so much that it freaked them out. Male actors too began to
ignore him and make barbed comments, even snub him openly, if he turned up
for work with them. The producers and directors themselves, for various
reasons, were happy to effectively blacklist Ross, and soon he found that
the only work he could get was in the gonzo end of the industry, where they
cared little about reputations.

* * *

One evening about two months after Chloe had come into their lives, Rachel
returned from spending the evening with her looking rather strained, almost
tearful. She said she was going to bed, but Monica followed her.

"What's the problem, sweetie?" she said. "You looked really down when you
came in. Tell aunt Monica."

Rachel turned an anguished face to her. "Chloe wants me," she said, "like
for a lover, and I think I want that too, but ... can I really do that? I
mean, I had a lot of fun with you and Pheebs, but I can't help wondering.
Am I gonna, like, switch sides for ever ... never be with a guy again? And
what would mom and dad think? And I have this big commitment to little Jack,
and also I have Emma ... and anyway, no way could we move in with Chloe,
because she barely has room to swing a cat in her apartment ." She choked.
"Oh God, Mon, it's all going round and round in my head! What am I gonna
do?" She broke down.

"Hush," said Monica, taking her into her arms and kissing her fondly. "Well,
there is an easy answer to one of your problems, if she'll go for it. Ask her
to move in here with you. We can move things around, so you have more space
and some privacy."

"Oh Mon, would you really accept that? Will all the others?" Rachel said,
still sobbing a little.

"How could we possibly object?" said Monica reassuringly. "But might it
bother Chloe, that we have been your lovers? You do know, don't you, that
Abby and I seduced her the day we met her, and we've done stuff more
recently too. She's a good lover."

"I know she's been with you," Rachel said, sniffing, "and she knows, Phoebe
told her, that I have been with you both. But I don't think it bothers her;
if it did, she wouldn't want to be my lover. But what about mom and dad, and
my sisters, even?"

"Rachel, who matters most to you in the end, your family, whom you rarely
see, or Chloe?" said Monica quite seriously, almost severely. Then her voice
softened. "You've been through a lot; I shouldn't be hard on you. But you
really should decide, if you do have feelings for Chloe, what you're gonna
do about it, and not keep her hanging. You eventually made up your mind, you
wouldn't marry Ross, despite all your dad's ranting. Get that spirit back."

"You're right," said Rachel, suddenly looking determined. "Oh, but d'you
think Chloe would want to live with us all?"

"She'll have some deciding to do, too," said Monica. "But even if she
doesn't, you could still be lovers. You're due, Rachel - you've gone without
for so long. But I'm assuming, you two haven't done stuff - maybe I'm wrong?"
Her voice had a questioning note.

Rachel gave a little smile. "Well, last night, we did make out quite a lot.
That's when Chloe came right out and said it, she wanted to be my steady
lover." Her eyes took on a misty look. "She said she had really strong
feelings for me, even that she might be in love with me. D'you know how long
it's been since someone said that? Even Ross just talked of getting back

"If she loves you, that's great," said Monica, hugging her again. "I think
you deserve to be loved, and I'm very happy for you. Even if she's not the
love of your life, I think you and Chloe would get along very well. It
doesn't bother you, that she works in porn?"

"No," said Rachel. "Here I am, wetnurse and nanny to a porn star, though
that's not all you are. How could I turn my nose up?" Suddenly she threw her
arms round Monica's neck and kissed her fiercely. "You're my best and truest
friend, and nothing will ever change that again, I won't let it."

"Okay," said Monica. "Well, does Chloe have a cell phone? Why don't you call
her tomorrow and ask her to come talk it over?"

Rachel's face lit up. "I will."

Chloe was very pleased when Rachel called her, and told her she'd be over
that morning, as she had no work that day. It was a fine hot day, and Rachel
sat outside waiting for her, with Jack in his bassinet beside her and Emma
playing nearby. She sat with her eyes shut, half-asleep, when she heard a
snicker in a voice that sounded familiar, and opened her eyes to see a very
dishevelled and unkempt Ross in front of her. At once she jumped up to stand
between him and the children.

"Yer jumpy," said Ross in a slurred voice that suggested he was drunk. He
smirked. "Who'sa father o' th' baby?"

"Chandler's the father," said Rachel, trying to keep her voice steady, "and
Monica's the mother. I carried the egg for them, since Monica's womb is all

Ross's face darkened. "Mon'ca - I came to see Mon'ca. Where is she?"

"She's not here, she's at work," Rachel said, wondering if she ought to
scream. But only Ross's parents were in the house, and she was afraid of
what might happen if there were a confrontation between them.

"Oh yeah, she's at work," said Ross bitterly. "She can get alla work she
wants, the slut. But she's put the word out, and now I'm gettin' hardly any
work." He sounded self-pitying.

Rachel found she did not really feel afraid of him, he looked so pathetic,
though she was still wary.

"Yeah, well, don't you think that's poetic justice?" she said. "Considering
what you did to her - and me?"

"You deserved it," he snarled. "But eviden'ly you haven' learned yer lesson."
He leered. "Maybe I should teach you again." He edged forward stealthily.

Now struck with sudden fear, Rachel screamed. Ross paused, but when there was
no response he grinned nastily, and started forward again, apparently more

"Not in front of Emma, Ross," Rachel said shakily, backing away, "you're not
that low."

Ross laughed nastily. "You don' know ... even I don' know ... how low I can

"Help!" Rachel cried. "Somebody help!"

So focused was Rachel on Ross now, as she backed from him, trying to remember
the martial arts training she had had with Phoebe so long ago, that she did
not really take in the sound of a car braking hard. But she did hear a car
door slam and then Chloe's voice.

"Don't you lay a finger on her, you bastard," she shouted, "or I'll make you
regret it!"

Ross froze, and then turned. "Chloe?" he said in total amazement.

"Yeah, Chloe," she said, advancing on him, with no obvious weapon in her
hands, but her fists clenched. "Boy, am I glad to see you again and get a
chance to tell you what I think of you. Ross, you're scum, you're dirt,
you're the lowest of the low ..."

With a roar of rage Ross ran at her, and Rachel screamed again, frightened
for Chloe. But Chloe sidestepped him neatly and stuck out a foot so that he
went tumbling. She did not wait for him to get up but stamped a foot hard
on his back, making him yell with pain, then stood back, evidently waiting
to see what he would do. When he pushed himself up and turned, she kicked
him smartly under the chin, throwing him back again. He lay gasping, looking
up at her in apparently total befuddlement.

"You want some more?" she said in a voice of controlled rage. "Maybe I should
fix you so you can't ever rape anyone ever again, you utter shitbag. Then all
the work you could get would be taking it up the ass, and wouldn't that be a
lesson to you!" She took a step forward threateningly.

"No, no ..." Ross moaned, squirming away from her.

"Well done, Chloe, and you're right, of course," came a new voice, Judy's,
from behind them. "But I'm not sure that would be wise. He might get some
crooked lawyer to take you to court and cook up some story about jealousy
and spite from the past. I, on the other hand, can plead that I was simply
being a good grandmother, defending the woman who bore a child for my

They all turned, to see her standing on the porch, a small gun in her hand,
which she was pointing steadily at Ross.

"Mom?" said Ross, sounding amazed again.

"Not any more," said Judy in a very cold voice. "You're no son of mine. Now
get off this property and out of my sight before I shoot you."

Ross staggered to his feet. "Mom, you wouldn't do that," he moaned, holding
his hands out as if in supplication.

Judy's face was implacable. "Oh yes, I would, if I had to," she said. "Now
run." Suddenly she fired; the bullet kicked up dust to Ross's left. With a
sort of sob, he turned and shambled off as fast as he could. Judy watched
him go with a grim smile on her face.

"Wow, Judy," said Rachel in admiration, "you scared the shit out of me, and
I'm on your side." Then she turned to Chloe and held her arms out. "Come
here, honey."

Chloe rushed into her arms, to be hugged so hard she gasped. "My hero," said
Rachel. "I'm so impressed."

"I took some martial arts classes once," said Chloe modestly.

"So did I," said Rachel, "but I couldn't remember much, I was so panicked."
She gave Chloe a short but intense kiss, and beamed at her. "If I had any
doubts, that did for them. Chloe, I'll very happily be your lover, and the
only question is, will you move in with us? Monica suggested it."

"Of course I will," said Chloe, looking tenderly into her eyes.

"Good," said Judy in tones of deep approval.

The news was greeted with great pleasure by the other occupants of the house,
who one and all expressed relief that Chloe had been there. This showed them
a new and admirable side to Chloe, but they had already come to be very fond
of her. She was not a great brain, but there wasn't an ounce of harm in her,
and they could all see that she was truly devoted to Rachel. Although it was
late afternoon by the time they had all heard, everyone set to moving things
around, and collecting and bringing Chloe's not too abundant possessions, and
a sort of impromptu party developed. But before it got too late Judy started
making the rounds, suggesting quietly that the lovers be left alone, and
after Rachel had expressed enough milk for Jack's next feed and was assured
that Monica and Phoebe could handle him and Emma, she and Chloe were left
together, looking at each other a little nervously.

But this did not last long. Chloe moved forward to put her hands on Rachel's
shoulders and gaze deep into her eyes.

"I feel so happy, that you are ready to be with me," she said. "I was
attracted to you as soon as I saw you. I've never had a proper relationship
with a woman before, though I've done quite a lot of stuff by now, but - "

Rachel's lips twitched. "Never mind," she interrupted. "It's just the same
with me. Kiss me, lover."

Beaming, Chloe pulled Rachel into her arms and did so. From then on she
acted extremely decisively. Rachel, being somewhat older, had expected that
she might have to give a lead, but Chloe seemed quite clear about what she
wanted to do. Rachel found this very exciting and was happy to let herself
be kissed, caressed, undressed, and laid on the bed, all the while
reciprocating as well as she could. Chloe's rapt comments on her beautiful
breasts, followed by her extremely arousing handling of them, pleased Rachel
very much, but it was when Chloe's mouth went down on Rachel's pussy, to
fasten on her clit first, that Rachel began to lose control. Clutching at
Chloe's head, driving it between her legs, she begged her to make her come.

Chloe's tongue moved here and there very actively, stimulating Rachel almost
unbearably, until she fastened on her clit again and gave it a sharp little

"OH MY GOD!!!" cried Rachel as juices seemed to spurt out of her, as if the
lightning thrust of pleasure had been a drill hitting oil. "OH CHLOE!!!"

Eagerly Chloe licked at Rachel's flowing nectar. "Oh Rachel, you taste
delicious," she murmured.

"Thanks," Rachel gasped. "Thank you, dearest Chloe." She patted her head

In a while Chloe moved up to lie on her front beside Rachel, looking down at
her. "I loved doing that," she said. "I'm so glad that I had some experience,
so that I could please you."

"Oh, how you pleased me," said Rachel, pulling Chloe's head down to her
breasts. "Tomorrow we tell Emma: you're not aunt Chloe any more, you're mommy
Chloe. And if you want a kid of your own, you know you can call on my money
to help out."

"Oh Rachel!" said Chloe, almost overwhelmed. She moved to kiss her
passionately, and quickly they were rolling about on the bed again. This
time Rachel showed more energy, and presently she moved her body on top of
Chloe's and began to rub her pussy on Chloe's, who gave the impression that
she had not often encountered this method of lovemaking. But she responded
immediately, and they continued until both came almost simultaneously, with
cries of joy so loud that Monica and Phoebe heard them.

Phoebe giggled. "It sure looks like Chloe had some good teaching," she said,
digging Monica in the ribs.

"We weren't together very often," said Monica, "but she had been with women
before. And you and I did some good work with Rachel. But I think it's
because they're in love, the sweethearts."

"D'you think Rachel will get jealous, when Chloe goes off to make porn
movies?" said Phoebe, sounding serious.

"Well, she wasn't jealous of me," said Monica, "but I guess it's not the
same. She said to me that it didn't bother her, but I wonder ... Look, if
it seems like there'll be any trouble, let's suggest to Chloe that she
quits and finds other work. I can help them out. When you think about it,
I've not done very much to repay Rachel for what she did for me, though
nothing could ever fully repay it."

"Yeah, but I'm glad you think you should try," said Phoebe. "You're a good
woman, Monica Geller, though lots of narrow minded persons might not think
so. I am so glad we are shacked up together, you and me and Chandler."

"I am proud to have earned your approval, Pheebs," said Monica sincerely.
"I know I was a bit of a pain in the ass in the past."

"But I still loved you," said Phoebe. "I think I always will." She kissed
her one last time. "G'night, sweetheart."

"G'night," Monica murmured, smiling as she closed her eyes.


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