Friends: Ross's Revenge - What Monica Did Part 11:
The Hospital Visit And What Followed (FFF, oral)
by Exintaris ([email protected])

It was well on into the afternoon when Judy and Monica finally went to the
hospital, after Monica had called Rachel to give her the news in full and
her mother had called Carol because she wanted to begin on establishing
better relations. Carol was very shocked and saddened by what she heard,
but evidently pleased that Judy was extending an olive branch.

"Should I bring Ben out, to see his granddad?" she asked.

"It's a good thought, but I'm not sure it would help," said Judy. "I think
it's better if he doesn't know about any of this at the moment. But if Ross's
coma continues ..."

"Yes," said Carol. "Well, okay, please tell Jack that Susan and I will be
thinking of him and hoping he gets better. And, um, I know your needs should
take precedence, but it would be nice if Monica could come round to see Ben -
he misses her."

"We'll both come, after we've seen Jack and got a status report on Ross,"
Judy promised. "Monica's going to drive me in the Porsche," she added

"We'll look forward to it," said Carol. "Until then."

As soon as they arrived at the hospital they learned that Ross had returned
to consciousness, but the doctor in charge of him would need to be consulted
over whether he could receive visitors. But Jack Geller was better, and they
were taken to him at once. He sat up eagerly when he saw Monica and held out
his arms, tears rolling down his cheeks.

"My little Harmonica!" he said. "You're looking ... terrific."

Monica ran to embrace him. "Dad, how are you?" She sat on the bed looking at
him lovingly.

"All the better for seeing you," he said, beaming at her. "You, you look so

"I'm over it, dad, really," Monica said. "And I've told mom everything,
and" - tears suddenly welled up - "she's been so kind."

"There's a lot more to the story than we thought, even," said Judy, coming
over to sit by Monica and put her arm round her. "And Monica comes out of it
pretty well, in my judgement, though she was rather foolish, as she admits,
but Ross ..." She sighed and shook her head. "It's still so very hard to
understand how he could have gone so wrong."

"It's ... all true, then?" Jack Geller said rather hoarsely, his eyes
haunted. "Even the, the 'woman on the balcony' thing?"

"I was forced into it at first, dad," said Monica. "He had my hands tied
behind my back. But ... to save myself from worse, or so I thought ..." She
found it very hard to say and looked at her mother helplessly.

"She cooperated," said her mother crisply, "and she was right to do so,
because if the men had gotten mad, who knows what they might have done? As
it is, she suffered nothing worse than raw knees and a lot of sexual
activity, which she found enjoyable, because, like her mother, she enjoys
sex." She looked at Jack slightly challengingly.

"I'm sorry, dad," Monica said, hating to see him looking so weak and
defeated. "I was so dumb, to behave the way I did."

Jack Geller shook his head. "I still cannot imagine how Ross could even
conceive of doing what he did." He sighed deeply, then asked, "Where are
you living now?"

"LA," she said. "It was the next plane available when I got to the airport.
I felt I had to get away, after, after ..." She didn't want to mention it.

"After I behaved like an utter bitch," said her mother firmly. "But she's
forgiven me, and we're going to be much better friends than we have been,
aren't we, my little pumpkin?" She was smiling at Monica, though there were
tears in her eyes.

"Oh mom," Monica cried, her face transfigured, "you used to call me that when
I was small!" She threw her arms round her and cried on her shoulder. Her
father edged up and put his arms round her too, and both her parents cried
with her a little. But it was not really grief-stricken crying, and they
quickly recovered, smiling at each other.

Monica and her mother stayed talking with Jack for a while. Judy gave the
impression that Monica's cooking work was still her only occupation, and
Monica was happy to let her father get that idea. She did not go into detail
on how she was feeling, but said that she had made it up with her friends.
Jack did not seem to be able to concentrate very hard, and did not ask all
kinds of questions that she had anticipated, that might have been difficult
to answer.

"Well, Jack," said Judy finally, "it's good to see you improving. Now we must
go see Ross, if we can. We were told he's regained consciousness."

"Okay," he said. "I hope they'll let me out of here soon."

"We'll come see you every day until they do," she promised. "Come, Monica

"We, uh, did give dad a rather misleading impression," Monica felt bound to
say once they were out of the room.

"I don't think he could handle the truth right now, to be honest," said her
mother. "I want to wait until he's a lot stronger."

As they walked down the corridor, she took Monica's hand and said, "It's such
a relief, to be able just to love you. I had gotten myself trapped in that
critical mode, you know."

Monica felt she was walking on air. Her mother loved her, her mother
supported her ... she felt like doing a handstand or something from sheer
joy. As it was, she suddenly gave her mother a very loving hug and kiss, to
her mother's surprised delight.

When they reached his room, Ross was sitting up in bed, his head bandaged.
He showed considerable shock when he saw them.

"H-hello, mom," he said weakly, trying to smile.

Judy did not reply, but simply stood looking at him, unsmiling, still holding
Monica's hand.

"What's the matter?" Ross said, looking more and more uneasy.

"I'm waiting for you to acknowledge your sister," said Judy fiercely, "the
sister you treated so brutally when she had done nothing to deserve it."

Ross looked panic-stricken and swallowed hard. "H-hello, Monica," he said

"Hi, Ross," she replied evenly. He had such a look of desperation and defeat
about him that she could not help feeling rather sorry for him.

"Don't you want to know how your father is?" Judy snapped.

"Oh, uh, yeah," Ross stammered, and then Monica thought she detected a sly
look fleetingly in his eyes. "But, uh, why should he be any different?" he
went on. "I mean, nothing's happened to him, has it?"

It was a very unconvincing performance, but Judy only asked softly, "Do you
remember how you came to be in here, Ross?"

He shook his head, then winced. "My head hurts like hell," he said fretfully.
"I guess I must have hit it badly somehow."

"What's the last thing you remember, then?" Judy went on, still softly.

"Oh, uh, I, well," Ross stammered, "I'm not sure."

"He's not sure," said Judy in a voice now full of irony. She folded her arms
and looked at him in a way that Monica remembered her mother doing in her
childhood, when she was really mad. "You're trying to pull the amnesia trick,
aren't you? But you forgot to deny that you'd done anything to Monica.
Ross," - her voice dropped - "you're a liar. When it was little things, I
let you get away with it, but now you've lied about really big things - and
because you were drunk you couldn't even keep that up, and started behaving
as if you were proud of what you'd done to Rachel. Maybe you don't remember
that - but I do."

She advanced on him, holding his eyes with hers. He looked terrified. "We all
know you now, for someone who will tell any lie to save himself, even about
those who should be most dear to him," she hissed. "I know, your father
knows, Carol, Susan, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey all know, not to mention
the one whom you tried to hurt most of all with your lies, your sister. When
you go to trial a lot more people will know not just that you're a liar, but
a vile brute. Oh, you'll have some kind of defence lawyer, someone who'll be
glad of the fee and pretend he believes you ."

By this time she was at his bedside. Suddenly her hand flashed out and she
slapped him across the mouth, making him cry out. "All that promise!" she
cried in sudden anguish. "But there was something rotten inside, some little
core of badness that's slowly grown to take you over ..."

A nurse came hurrying in. "This is doing him no good," she said. "Mrs.
Geller, I must ask you to leave."

"It's doing me good," Judy retorted. "As for him, who cares? I wash my hands
of him. Come, Monica."

She turned her back, ignoring Ross's anguished cry of "Mom!", and marched
out. Monica gave her brother a last look, seeing tears begin to roll down his
cheeks, and could not leave it like that.

"I'm sorry, Ross," she said. "I know I tempted you, but you didn't have to
respond - and if I could forgive you for myself, I certainly can't for

Ross glared at her, and suddenly she saw the demon in his eyes again.

"Rachel!" he spat. "She got what was coming to her. So will you, you bitch."

The nurse gasped, but Monica couldn't help snickering. He couldn't intimidate
her now, after all she'd done. He was a paper tiger. She simply shook her
head, said "Fat chance," and walked out. She found her mother standing not
far away, her shoulders shaking.

"Mom," she said, full of sympathy, putting her arms round her.

Judy turned in to her. "I had to do it," she sobbed. "I had to make him see
how I felt, how awful were the things he'd done."

She cried on Monica's shoulder for a minute or so, then pulled back and began
searching her purse for a tissue. "Maybe a spell in prison will, will teach
him better," she said, not sounding as if she really believed it.

"I hope he'll get psychiatric help there," said Monica. "He really needs it."

Her mother looked at her disbelievingly. "You think that would do any good?"

"It might," Monica said. "He's better material than they usually get. Oh mom,
for so long he was a good brother. He was so supportive - he loaned me money
when I was out of a job and broke - and when we got competitive it was not
about anything that really mattered. Oh, why did he turn so bad?" she wailed.

Her mother patted her on the back. "But he was also selfish, and when you
were children he was so jealous of any attention I showed you. Yes, maybe
that's at the heart of it, and when things started going wrong, like with
Carol, his hidden jealousy and bad attitudes to women began to grow." She
sighed. "Let's go on to see Carol and Ben, and then home. You will stay
tonight, won't you?"

"Mom, I'll stay absolutely as long as you need me, you and dad," Monica said.
"I can let my contract agency in LA know, and my, um, other contacts."

Her mother looked at her warmly. "I knew you would say that, really," she
said, "but it's still nice to hear."

When they arrived at Carol and Susan's apartment, both were there to welcome
them. They still showed a certain reserve towards Judy Geller, but she was so
affectionate towards Ben, who was very excited to see her and insisted on
showing her all his toys, that the atmosphere thawed rapidly, and Susan
enthusiastically seconded Carol when she suggested they should stay for
dinner. Delighted, Judy accepted, and after Ben had finally been got into bed
and fallen asleep they prepared and ate a good dinner, fortifying themselves
with a bottle of wine, which they drank so quickly that they opened a second.

It was when they were well into this bottle that Monica decided to tell them
what she was doing now, and why. Carol was much more shocked than Susan, who
nodded understandingly and said she could see that happening.

"You must be very tough," she said. "A lot of women would be traumatised. But
you've made it work for you."

"Yes, but ..." Carol protested, "I don't see how you can live like that,

"It's not as hard as you might think," said Monica. "In fact," she giggled at
the sudden thought, "the hardest part is controlling myself, or I'd be coming
all the time!"

Susan and Judy burst out laughing, and Carol joined in after a moment, though
she still looked uncomfortable.

"It's like I've been permanently turned on," Monica continued, grinning a
little shamefacedly. "And it's just straight sex, Carol. I won't do anything
really kinky or nasty."

"But you do an awful lot of it," said her mother, giggling. "And not just
before the camera, either. Go on, tell them what you did on the plane from
LA." She seemed in a very exuberant mood.

Monica blushed. "I'm not sure I should," she began, but Susan burst in,
"Yeah, let's hear some of your exploits, Monica."

Monica looked uncertainly at Carol, who grinned and shrugged. "It won't
bother me, if you don't mind telling us."

Monica briefly outlined her activities on the plane. Judy was giggling when
she had barely started, then Susan joined in, and finally Carol threw back
her head and laughed wholeheartedly on hearing how Monica had been smuggled
onto the flight deck and had blown the pilot and co-pilot. Monica found it
easy to laugh with them.

"Mmm, what fun," said her mother, wiping her eyes. "Now perhaps you'd tell
what you do in this famous video. After all, Chandler and your friends have
seen it, so they know."

"Sounds interesting," said Susan, eyes twinkling.

Monica looked at her mother in surprise. "You really want to hear that? I
mean, that wasn't for fun, it was for money."

Her mother nodded, looking quite eager. "I've never seen a porn movie,
believe it or not. I'd be interested to know what kind of things they show
in them."

"It's strictly hetero," said Monica, looking uneasily at Carol and Susan,
"and a gangbang."

"Oh, go on!" said Carol, who now seemed quite as eager as Susan and Judy. "I
haven't seen much porn either, and that was long ago. I'm sure they're more
daring and show more now."

"I wouldn't bet on it," said Monica. "I've seen some really old-time porn,
and it shows all the stuff you see, just in black and white, and without much
closeup work."

"You're getting sidetracked," said Susan. "So what's this video called?"

"She Couldn't Get Enough," Monica said, and then goggled as all three of her
listeners exploded into laughter.

"Tell us, tell us," Susan spluttered.

It took a while for Monica to tell the whole story, because her listeners
kept breaking down in laughter, somewhat to her chagrin. At the end, her
mother shook her head, chuckling joyfully.

"What an apt title," she said. "My friends will like to hear that one too."

"You said Chandler and the others have seen this?" said Susan. "What was
their reaction?"

Monica flushed. Telling her mother about her adventures with her friends was
one thing, when she knew she would hear her out sympathetically. She didn't
feel so sure about Carol and Susan.

Her mother looked at her knowingly. "I don't think you need worry, Monica,"
she said. "I'm sure Carol and Susan won't be truly shocked, not after what
they've heard already."

"Why, did something happen?" said Carol insinuatingly. "Did you go to bed
with one of them?"

"She went to bed with all four!" cried Judy hilariously.

Carol's and Susan's expressions showed real amazement. "All four?" said Carol
in a strangled voice.

"They all wanted me," said Monica, "but I wasn't with all of them together,"
she added hastily. "I went with Rachel and Phoebe the night I arrived, and
the next morning I went to visit Chandler, and Joey came in later ... I love
them all so much," she said apologetically.

"Of course you do," said her mother in a quite different, much softer voice.
"And you are right to, for despite their flaws they are a very lovable group.
They have been giving Chandler tremendous support," she said to Carol and

"Yes, poor Chandler," said Carol. "So Rachel had no objection to lesbian sex
with you?"

"She'd already done stuff with Phoebe, they told me," said Monica, "though
not recently, except some kissing. But, it turned out, Phoebe and Joey had
always wanted me, and Chandler was happy to make love with me again." She
smiled at the memory. "At least his problems in that area have gone away,
it looks like."

"Do you think they'll want to go on with you?" said Susan. "Or was it just
a one-off?"

Monica flushed again. She hadn't said this to her mother. "I ... I would like
to do more with them."

Carol sighed. "I don't see how you can make that work, but it's your life.
Um, something I just thought of - obviously you're not pregnant by Ross, or
from the later stuff." Her voice had an overtone of enquiry.

Monica realised that she might be thinking that Monica had got an abortion.
She shook her head, trying not to show the renewed unhappiness that this
reference stirred up.

"I didn't even conceive," she said, her voice shaking a little. "I'm
beginning to be afraid that perhaps I c-can't."

"Oh Monica!" said Carol and Susan together, looking at her very
sympathetically, while her mother reached out and took her hand.

"We'll get you tested," she said, "and don't forget: there are other ways of
having babies. You could find a surrogate, for instance."

"Oh yes!" said Carol enthusiastically. "Who knows, maye Phoebe would do it
for you, like she did for her brother."

"I couldn't expect her to go through that again," said Monica firmly. "But I
guess I could find a surrogate, if necessary."

Her mother gave a sudden wide yawn. "Monica dear, I think we should be
heading back," she said. "It's been rather a long day, and I'm getting

"Why don't you stay?" said Carol. "That is, if Monica doesn't mind sleeping
on the couch, while you have the guest room."

"Oh, I wouldn't want to put you to any trouble," Judy began, but Susan broke

"Absolutely no trouble," she said. "Just think how excited Ben would be, to
find you still here tomorrow morning."

Judy smiled. "Well, I must say, it's a nice idea. What do you say, Monica?"

"I'm fine with it," said Monica. "I shouldn't really be driving anyway, after
what I've drunk." She gave Carol and Susan her best smile. "It's a great
offer, which I would gladly accept."

It seemed to her that both looked slightly stunned for a second, but then
they jumped up and began busily clearing the table, getting out bedding and
pillows, and sorting things out generally. In a surprisingly short time, her
mother was in the guest room bed, and Monica was giving her a goodnight kiss.

"I'm so happy," she said a little tearfully. "I shouldn't be, when dad's in
hospital, but ... to have you so loving to me ... and not blaming me for
anything I've done ..." She choked up.

Her mother squeezed her hand gently. "I like things this way," she said. "I
hope you don't mind my spilling some of your secrets."

"Of course not, mom," said Monica, then, because she didn't want to break
down in front of her, "Sleep well."

"You too, my darling," said her mother, and then she closed her eyes.

Monica managed to get out of the room before giving way to tears. She sat on
the couch and cried, trying to be quiet about it, but quickly Carol and Susan
appeared, looking concerned.

"It's okay," she said to them, trying to regain control. "It's just ... it's
been a very stressful day, though it has been very good for me one way,
because my mom has been so forgiving, and shown how much she loves me, which
is what I always wanted."

"Sure," said Carol, coming close and patting her shoulder. Then she put her
hand down on the shoulder and rubbed gently, while Susan sat down beside

"We wondered if you felt in need of a little comfort," she said. "Would you
like to come with us, just for a little while? But we'll have to be very
quiet, so as not to disturb Judy."

Monica's jaw dropped. "You ... want me to go to bed with you?"

Susan nodded, smiling, and when Monica looked up at Carol she was smiling
too. "It would be nice," she said. "We've hardly ever done anything like
this, but ... you're special."

"And now you've been to bed with all your friends, we hope you might consider
doing it with us," said Susan matter-of-factly. She stroked Monica's arm.

Since Monica had started having lesbian sex, she had often wondered how Carol
and Susan were with each other, what they looked like under their clothes,
and what it might feel like to make love with one or both of them.

"Hell, why not?" she said, cheerful again.

Five minutes later she was on Carol and Susan's bed with them, and all three
were completely naked. Monica was enthusiastically acquainting herself with
Carol's rather lean, small-breasted body and Susan's broader hipped and
fuller breasted one. Both were kissing and caressing her with equal
enthusiasm, in a rather disorganised way. Monica could believe that they only
very rarely did anything like this. She did her best to return caresses to
both of them, but only made contact intermittently and decided to concentrate
on Carol. This quickly had spectacular results. Suddenly Carol turned into a
tiger, hurling herself down on Monica's legs and virtually throwing them
apart, then driving her tongue into her with an energy that sent a shudder of
pleasure through Monica's body. She had to bite off a quite involuntary cry
of near-ecstasy that this forced out of her. Then Susan moved her body to a
position over Monica's face.

"Lick me!" she said demandingly.

Monica responded at once, and heard Susan hiss with pleasure as she lowered
herself, and Monica's tongue made contact with her plump moist pussy lips.
Apart from the sheer pleasure of licking her, Monica welcomed this because
in this position the wild moans that Carol's intense assault on Monica's
pussy was forcing from her were largely smothered. Very aroused by the storm
of sensation to which she was being subjected, Monica tongued Susan as fast
and energetically as she could, which Susan clearly appreciated very much,
for she urged her on in a low, strained voice, gasping more and more. In the
end, she was the one to come first, moaning around her hand, which she was
biting to keep the noise down, and then Monica herself had a very productive
orgasm, whose fruits Carol licked up with appreciative noises.

But Monica did not forget her obligations. Once she had recovered a bit, she
sat up and pushed Carol over onto her back, to go down on her in turn. Carol
gave a little wail when Monica made contact, and pushed up at her. Monica
fondled her fine blond-furred mound as she licked her, then moved a hand down
to find her clit. Carol thrust her hips up even harder when Monica found it,
with a great moan, and Monica, recognising what she would like most, turned
her oral attentions to Carol's clit, sucking it, nibbling it, licking round
it, while Carol writhed and groaned more and more loudly with need. Susan
moved up to start kissing Carol and playing with her breasts, which again had
the practical effect that Carol's eager encouragement of Monica was muffled.
But so active was Carol that Monica had to take firm hold of her hips and
force her to stay in place, so that she could maintain tongue contact. Carol
accepted this, allowing Monica to launch a much more directed attack, which
made Carol come violently, throwing her body up from the bed, completely
stiff, within less than a minute.

"Oh God!" Carol gasped, as she fell back in final relaxation. "You learned a
lot in LA, it seems, Monica."

"Well, what about you?" said Monica. "It was like being in a tornado."

Susan chuckled. "Yes, Carol took it to it right from the start," she said,
moving round to hug and kiss her partner. "And you? Have you been active

"Not before I went to LA," said Monica. "But I made a friend there and I
needed sex the worst way, so I let her seduce me. She gave me my introduction
into the world of porn, and I have done a lot of girl-on-girl stuff since
then, on set and with women I have met."

"Well, all I can say is, I certainly envy Rachel and Phoebe," said Susan,
"and Chandler and Joey for that matter, if you're going on with them. But I
guess you'll be returning to LA soon."

"It all depends on how my dad is," said Monica. She decided to voice a
suspicion that had been growing in her, as she took in the way they continued
to look at her. "Would you like me to come round again, if we can fix a

"We shouldn't," said Carol, in a thoughtful tone. Then she gave a broad
smile. "But, yes, I'm sure we would." She glanced at Susan, who nodded

"It's not like we're cheating," said Susan, "because both of us are with
you. And I wouldn't want to pass up another chance at you. You're really
something, you know, and I'm not at all surprised that your friends wanted
to bed you, or that you're doing well in porn."

"But right now I think we ought to let you get some sleep," said Carol.

Monica was indeed tired by this time. "Yeah, that sounds like a good idea,"
she said. "It's been a long day."

She kissed them both and returned to the couch, feeling thoroughly satisfied,
and fell asleep almost immediately after getting under the comforter.


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