Friends: Ross's Revenge - What Monica Did Part 7 - Ross Does It Again
(M+F, inter, oral, anal; FF; MF, anal rape)
by Exintaris ([email protected])

Three months later, Monica was humming to herself as she prepared breakfast
one Saturday morning in Abby's apartment. Abby was staying over somewhere, as
she often did at the weekend. Overall, Monica was feeling very pleased with
life. It had taken a lot of hard work and a fair slice of luck, but now she
was well established, and the future looked good. Once she had been cleared
as completely healthy by the AIM clinic, she had taken on almost every kind
of work the agency offered. She had decided to remain free-lance, to have as
many chances of work as possible, and had done almost everything that could
be done with a single man, ordinary screwing from every angle, anal,
blowjobs, bukkake, spanking. She had also worked for Shelly Russ on simple
seduction stories with one or two other women, in which her tendency to come
very easily had been a considerable asset. She had quickly realised that the
level of acting ability required was not great, and that it was best to be
known, as she was beginning to be, for commitment, stamina, and readiness to
work with actors of other racial types. Abby had expressed restrained
admiration for the enthusiasm that she was putting into it, but said that
newcomers were often like this. However, she had nothing but praise for
Monica's work on her first gangbang video, which had really put her on the
map, as it were.

This, her biggest break, had come about when she got a meeting with Ray
Lombardo, who ran a company that specialised in multi-person adult movies.
He was recommended by Shelly Russ as reasonably honest and not into brutal
treatment of his female stars.

Lombardo was a short, rather fat middle-aged man who looked as if he might
have Mafia contacts, but then anyone of Italian appearance in this kind of
business might be suspected of that.

"Great tits, sweetheart," he said, looking at her pictures with appreciation.

Monica smiled at him. "They are a bit improved."

He nodded. "Well, your surgeion did a great job. So you think you can handle
multi- person stuff, huh? It takes a special kind of woman, ya know. What
makes you think you're that kind?"

Monica had already decided on her approach. "Because I'm the 'woman on the
balcony'," she replied.

Another man in the office, who looked like a younger relative, looked
startled and exclaimed in Italian, but Lombardo did not seem taken aback..

"Can you prove it?" he said suspiciously. "You ain't the first to claim that,
ya know."

"I have the videotape," said Monica calmly.

Lombardo leaned forward suddenly, nearly biting through his cigar. He removed
it and said rather hoarsely, "You got the tape?"

She nodded. "Not on me, of course, but put away somewhere safe." She leaned
back in her chair and smiled at him.

He gave a slight grin in response, still looking tense. "Smart. Well, that
tape would allow me to, ah, judge your potential, and maybe you're interested
in selling? Either way, I gotta see it."

"Fine with me," she said, "but I have to tell you, most of the tape isn't
very clear. It was shot at night, you see."

Lombardo's shoulders slumped. "Oh yeah. I should have thought of that."

"So should the guy who shot it," said Monica sardonically. "You can hear a
lot, and you see me at the beginning clearly, but only with one man."

Lombardo nodded. "You wanna go get it? Whatever its condition, I'd like to
see it. You okay with that?"

"Of course," said Monica. She had run through the tape on a video player, to
well beyond the point where Chandler had turned it off, and after all she'd
done now in porn she did not feel that she would be embarrassed to have it

The young man with Lombardo, who turned out to be his nephew Gino, ran her
back to Abby's apartment in his Porsche. She found him quite easy to talk to,
and they were on first name terms by the time they got back. Lombardo had
called in his director and cameraman. After introductions, they went straight
to viewing the tape.

"You're saying that stuff well, like you really meant it," Lombardo commented
late in the first part, with Ross.

Monica shuddered. This was the bit that she still felt humiliating, what she
had let Ross make her say.

"Who's the guy?" asked Gino. "He looks like he could be a relative."

Monica sighed, and considered for a moment how to put it. "He is," she said,
"and what you see is, well, it's something he's forcing me into. I'm saying
what he wants to hear." She swallowed. This part was very hard to say. "He's
my brother."

The other men in the room swore explosively, but Lombardo only sighed.

"Tough break," he observed, but Monica could tell he wasn't enormously
sympathetic. He must have heard a thousand sob stories, she thought.

Lombardo let the tape run for quite a while into the balcony action before
calling a halt. Monica had noticed that Gino, and also the cameraman, had
become restless as her gasps, moans and cries had become more and more

"If I have to listen to any more, I might actually come in my pants," Gino
said. "I think she has potential all right, uncle Ray."

Lombardo looked at the director, who nodded.

"I think the camera would love her," said the cameraman enthusiastically.

Lombardo chuckled. "Okay, Monica, I think we can offer you work. In fact, you
might be perfect for a storyline I had in mind for a while, something rather
outa the ordinary."

"What kind of story?" she asked a little cautiously.

"You have this classy look," he said, "not like most of the girls who wanna
do this kind of stuff. So, well, I don't have more than an outline, but the
idea is, you're this respectable housewife, who gets trapped in a situation
where you've been unwise, you find you've gotta blow a guy or put out or
something, and he calls in his friends to get some too. You start off very
reluctant, but then you get into it very much. That's gonna ask quite a lot
of you. You think you could do it?"

Monica laughed. "Why, that's close to what really happened to me. Of course
I could do it, at least I'm pretty sure." Suddenly she saw potential for a
joke. "You trying to typecast me?" She looked at him merrily.

Gino and several other men burst out laughing, and Lombardo grinned. "Monica,
I like your style. Say, uh, do you have any problem with black guys? Because
that's real big, interracial stuff."

"None at all, so long as they're clean," said Monica. "Plenty of the guys
on the balcony were black; that didn't bother me at all. And just for the
record, I would have no objection to black girls either."

She gave a demure smile, and this time all the men laughed.

Lombardo nodded at her approvingly. "Stick with me, sweetheart. I got a
feeling you and me are gonna make a lot of money together."

As soon as the story line had been developed, she was called to Lombardo's
studio to make the video. She could not help smiling as she remembered it
all. She had been very nervous, but everyone had behaved totally
professionally and tried to put her at her ease, knowing it was her first
major role. She played a housewife who had called in a plumber, played by
Leroy, a big African-American who reminded her of Larry, though his face
was less battered, and whom she had encountered already on other jobs.

A sequence at the beginning established that she was very dissatisfied with
her marriage, and she was shown hanging around to watch the plumber at work,
evidently attracted by the sight of his muscular body in a singlet and tight
jeans. Picking up on the signs that she was frustrated and horny, he made
advances to her, and though she tried to put him off he half-enticed,
half-forced her into blowing him. While she was doing this and beginning to
show signs of enthusiasm, he called up friends on a cell phone, ignoring her
protests when she realised what was going on. In reality, although it was
not in the script, she felt so excited to be doing this in front of others,
and was reminded so powerfully of her time on the balcony, that she came
while she was blowing Leroy. The scene had to be shot again with her faking
it, because the director was ready to keep it in, but wanted her to show
shame at her bodily responses.

When the plumber's friends, all African-Americans or Latinos, arrived, she
was supposed to act very reluctant to have any kind of group sex, although,
again, in reality she felt extremely eager for this. Her memories returned
even more powerfully as she acted being forced to take two cocks into her
hands, then one in her mouth. Finally Leroy took her ass. She had been
aching to feel something up there, and cried out with joy when she was
filled by his large cock. This caused another halt in the shooting, for the
director wanted her to show pain and disgust as she was penetrated, before
any signs of pleasure. It took several takes before he felt they had nailed
it, but Monica maintained a high level of excitement and arousal, and she
was crying out ecstatically and coming again, with total abandon, before
Leroy finally pulled out and came on her back. She had already discovered
that in porn men normally pull out to come, and the reason why; she found
it rather strange, but accepted it as a feature of the business.

Thinking back, she could not help her expression breaking into a very broad
grin as she remembered what had happened when they finished and she said in
real disappointment, "Is that all?" By that time she was so completely into
what she was doing that she felt an urgent need for more.

The director had cried, "My God, that gives me an idea!" and gone into a
hurried discussion with Gino Lombardo, who was there to represent his uncle.
Some men who, Monica learned later, had been expecting to participate in
another movie entirely were called in. There were delays while a further
storyline was quickly laid out, during which Monica began to feel rather
frustrated, because she was if anything even hornier than before she started.

When they began shooting again, her comment, "Is that all?" was kept in, and
Leroy was shown hastily doing some more phoning, while the others already
there pleasured her with their hands and mouths in various ways, keeping her
state of arousal, both acted and real, at a high level. When three new men
arrived, she had no difficulty in behaving as if she was absolutely ready to
be fucked in front and back simultaneously, because she was, and, though this
was one thing she had not done before, she found little difficulty in turning
her head to one side to suck off the third man. She found this even more
exciting, and did not need to simulate anything when she came extremely hard,
shrieking around the cock in her mouth.

By now she was absolutely on fire, and had completely forgotten that this was
a scripted movie. When the three men with her had come, she urged the men who
had been with her first, and were sitting or lying around, to take her again.
Her enthusiasm was so infectious that they had become totally involved in the
story and responded with great eagerness, also forgetting that they had done
the work they were supposed to do. The cameraman, seeming transfixed,
continued shooting, but the director objected to Gino, "This is totally

"Just keep 'em rolling!" said Gino, sweating with excitement. "I'll square it
with my uncle. This is such great material!"

Quite unselfconsciously, Monica threw herself into activity with the men. She
jerked off two vigorously while impaling herself on the cocks of Leroy and
Sam, the fourth man, and bounced up and down on these, with ecstatic cries,
until she came for a fourth time. All the men seemed as excited as she was,
and Leroy and Sam did not pull out, but finished in her with loud grunts and
groans. When they had all come and withdrawn, temporarily incapable of
anything more, she grabbed the plunger that had been part of the plumbing
props and in a last attempt to assuage her lust used it as a dildo, to bring
herself off strongly, groaning with pleasure, one final time.

Only when she lay back in sated relaxation, gasping for breath, did she
notice that the director, the film crew, the male actors, the actresses who
had been expecting to be in the other movie, and even Gino were gazing at
her with various expressions of awe. Feeling no shame, but rather a profound
euphoria, she grinned at them and said, "How about that?"

The director was the first to speak. "We'll call it She Couldn't Get Enough,"
he said to Gino. "I've never seen anything like it."

Gino nodded. "I think that could be a world-beater," he said

"Man, I can't believe I did that," said Leroy, looking at Monica with
admiration. "You drew us all in and got us acting totally unprofessionally,
like it was all for real. How d'you do that?"

Monica smiled modestly. "You heard of the 'woman on the balcony'?"

"Sure, who hasn't?" he said. His eyes widened. "You're her?"

She nodded. "Mind, the stories don't make a lot of things clear."

All the other actors, and the actresses, were showing great interest by now.
"You wanna tell us?" said another man. "It's hard to believe, a sweet faced
li'l thing like you would get into something like that."

"She may be sweet faced, but she also has the hottest ass I ever
encountered," said Sam. He grinned vividly at Monica to show he did not aim
to offend. "I'd sure like to hear the story, when we're done."

"You can all go clean up and refresh yourselves," said the director. "We're
done here."

Over drinks later Monica revealed as much as she wanted to. She got a good
deal of sympathy, as well as congratulations on rising above her ordeal.

"What doesn't kill you will make you stronger, so they say," said Leroy.
"Well, Monica, here's hoping we meet again." He raised his glass to her with
a broad grin.

"Oh yeah!" chorused several of the other actors.

Monica beamed at them. "Thanks, guys," she said. "I hope so too."

One of the actresses had been looking at her as if trying to place her face.
"Haven't I seen you in one of Shelly Russ's videos?" she asked.

"Quite likely, yes," said Monica cheerfully. "I've done a fair bit of work
for her, though a lot isn't out yet."

The actress, a tall, deeply tanned brunette with a quite spectacular
cleavage, smiled. "How are you on girl-girl sex for real?"

Monica grinned. "I'm all for it. You wanna date?"

"Wow," said another actress admiringly. "Trracey, she's even faster off the
mark than you are."

Tracey smiled. "Let's go get something to eat and see what develops," she

Monica was very pleased to do that - all the action had made her hungry - and
even more pleased to find that Tracey was something of a connoisseur of food
and led her to a good seafood restaurant. Rather later, she discovered that
she was also an enthusiast for pussy- licking coupled with anal penetration,
and would happily do it as well as take it. By the time Monica got home,
quite late, they had given each other several orgasms in this and other ways,
and she was feeling very pleased with herself.

The next day she was summoned to Ray Lombardo's office and told rather
sternly that in future she must control herself and stick to the script.

"Gino shouldn'ta okayed extending the storyline," he told her. "We had to pay
out a whole lot more than was budgeted, including to the girls who showed up
for work on the other movie. But he was right when he said it was great
material. It's gonna be a blockbuster video, which realises my vision even
more than I hoped. You're a great little worker, Monica, so I'm gonna give
you some bonus for the parts you did that weren't in the original script."

When she learned how fast She Couldn't Get Enough was selling, Monica felt
a little aggrieved that she had not got more, but she had been paid well,
considering she was new to the business, and she knew it would improve her
reputation and get her more work. In fact, Shelly Russ had quickly picked
up on the vidoe's success and told her they were developing a storyboard
for a multi-person all-female movie, that would feature Monica in a central

All in all, Monica felt she was doing very well, but she wished she had
someone to share her good fortune with. She had made good friends here, like
Abby, but they were not like her old friends in New York. She had not felt a
strong pull to any one person, preferring to date widely. Her need for sex
remained very strong, and she was very much enjoying her promiscuous
lifestyle, though she was careful always to insist on protection, even in
some of the things she did with women, unless she really trusted them. She
now felt she could understand Joey more: his sex drive must be almost as
strong as hers had become, though she suspected that even he had never got
the level of action that she was achieving now. But unlike him she was
finding that sex bouts with one other person only satisfied her for a short
while, unless that person had exceptional stamina like Linda. Even in her
porn work she never truly recaptured the level of pleasure that she had
achieved on the balcony, though sometimes she did go a good way towards it
and overall she never felt frustrated.

It was about time she called New York again, she thought. She had maintained
contact, calling at least once a week, and had kept up with the news. Despite
her urgings, Chandler had not yet initiated a divorce, but he would not talk
about it, though he had spoken with her and seemed relatively cheerful. He
reported that he had heard nothing from Monica's parents and had not called
them, nor had Judy Geller contacted Rachel. But Rachel was unwilling to talk
to Monica, not so much because she was mad at her still, Phoebe said, but
because she was ashamed of some things that she had said, the night of their
big fight. This saddened Monica, who had long ago forgiven Rachel, but she
was patient, and simply asked Phoebe to pass on her good wishes.

For a change she decided to call Carol first, because she wanted to talk with
Ben. The poor little boy did not understand, of course, why his loving aunt
Monica had gone away. She had already reassured him in an earlier call that
it had nothing to do with what his father had done, but that had only made
him more puzzled by her staying away. This time she had to promise that she
would come and see him soon. Then she spoke with Carol, while Susan kept Ben

Carol, sounding in a state of controlled fury, told her that in the end it
had proved impossible to keep Ross away from Ben entirely. After a few days
he had bluntly told them that his parents believed his version of events, and
would make major trouble if he was totally barred from his son and they never
got to see their grandson. So, unless they were willing to go to court and
have the whole story come out, which he seemed to believe would do Monica's
reputation more harm than his own, he must be allowed to see Ben sometimes.

"How could he think I would get more of the blame than him?" Monica wondered

"God knows," Carol said bitterly, "except that, as you know, women often take
more of the blame than men in almost any situation - and other women are
often the ones doing the blaming, like your mother. Anyway, we had to agree
that Ross could have Ben with him occasionally, and should take him to see
your parents - I'm certainly not going to - but we told him that he has to
say no more about the whole thing. If we find he has been spreading his
version of events around more, we'll go to your parents with Chandler and
Rachel, and see who they believe then."

"What does Ben think?" asked Monica, her heart wrung. "The poor kid must be
totally confused."

Carol sighed. "I think he's still too young to realise how bad Ross has been.
He probably thinks it's like one of the times when he's been really naughty
and we've been mad at him. But I tell you, Monica, the way Ross is behaving
makes me want to slap the great fat hypocrite a good one," she said
wrathfully. "Sometimes he has this smug expression, like he knows he's got
one over on us. But even worse is that most of the time he acts like nothing
whatever had happened, when even by his own version he's guilty of some
shockingly bad things."

It was Monica's turn to sigh. "Well, I guess it's conceivable that what he
did to me was a one-off explosion of his negative feelings about women, and
when he got rid of them he felt all better," she said. "But it is worrying
if he's sort of blanking the whole thing out. That still leaves me turning
in the wind, and you can guess how I feel about that."

"I can indeed," said Carol sympathetically.

"D-do you have any idea how my dad is taking it?" Monica said, her voice
trembling a little. It was very hard to think that her dad believed awful
things about her.

"We haven't spoken," said Carol bluntly. "We did get one phone call from
Judy, in which I made clear who we believe, and she hasn't called since."

"Thank you," said Monica emotionally. "Thank you for your support, Carol. It
means a lot to me, and please tell Susan so."

"That's okay, Monica," said Carol, her voice lifting a little. "So, you'll
get back to New York soon, and come see Ben?"

"I promise," said Monica. "Now I must call Phoebe."

"See you soon," said Carol, and rang off.

When Monica called Phoebe, quite unusually there was no reply. Hardly had she
put the phone down, wondering what might be going on, when it rang.

"Monica Geller speaking," she announced in a cheerful voice.

There was a sound like a sob. "Monica," came a sad little voice. "I'm so

"Rachel?" she said in complete surprise.

"Yeah," said Rachel in a dragging voice. "I'm so, so sorry for ever having
he slightest doubts about your story, Monica!" Her voice rose at the end.

"What's happened?" said Monica, though she had a dreadful premonition.

"Ross happened," said Rachel bitterly.

"Oh my God!" cried Monica, automatically jumping to her feet. Tears filled
her eyes at the mental picture. "Please tell me it was just Ross, whatever
he did," she begged, unable to bear the thought of her dear Rachel being

"It was just Ross," Rachel confirmed.

"So ... do you want to tell me about it?" Monica asked, sitting down again.

She heard Rachel draw a breath. "I have a confession," she said, her voice
still shaking. "I know, I was very mad at Ross that night, much more mad than
I was at you later on. But," her voice wavered, "it was so hard to believe
that he could have been so, so wicked. I had all these memories of him ...
and I kind of got to thinking, maybe it wasn't quite like you said. So when,
one day, I saw him hanging around, when I was bringing Emma back from a walk,
and he was looking so sad, and asked, in a very humble voice, if he could
just have a look at her, I, I didn't have the heart to tell him no. The way
he was behaving, it was easy to believe he was truly sorry for what he'd
done, and Emma seemed pleased to see him." She sighed. "Mon, I know you must
feel like this was stabbing you in the back, and I'm so sorry."

"Never mind that," said Monica. "I understand. Go on."

"Well, then he asked if he could take some photoes of her, and I thought,
well, he is her father, and I guess that's harmless enough, so I said, go
ahead, but then he said the camera was in his apartment." She sighed again.
"That's when I was really dumb, to trust him. But I didn't believe it was
possible that he would try anything, when I could yell for help, the way I
thought you ought to have d-done." She paused, and Monica could hear her
struggling to control herself.

"Rachel, if this is distressing you, you don't have to tell me," Monica said,
unhappy for her friend.

"No, I want to," Rachel cried. "You told us all the things that happened to
you, though that must have been so humiliating for you, and I was such a
superior bitch, thinking you were this awful slut. This is my penance, Mon."
She sounded in desperate earnest.

"Go on, then," said Monica calmly.

"Well, he took some photoes of Emma asleep in her carrier, but she didn't
wake up, and he got sort of irritated, which maybe should have been a warning
to me. So he asked, could I wait until she woke, and when I looked uneasy he
put his hand on his heart and swore he meant me no harm. And I believed him,
idiot that I was!" Suddenly her voice rose from the sad, slow, rather
monotonous level of before. "So then, here's what happened ..."

* * *

Ross paced up and down, plainly impatient for Emma to wake up, and Rachel
watched him warily. Finally he turned and looked at her.

"This is the best chance I'll have," he said decisively. "Rachel, don't you
think it's time we put the past behind us, and got together again? Emma needs
two parents."

For a moment Rachel gaped at him, unable to believe that he'd said what he
did, as if that awful night had never happened.

"How," she began, so huskily it hardly came out. She cleared her throat and
tried again. "How could you possibly imagine I would even think of it, after
what you did to Monica? Maybe you're sorry for that now, but the fact
remains: you did it, and I can't forget that, I can't overlook it." She got
to her feet hastily, unnerved by a sudden change in his expression;
fleetingly he had looked utterly furious. "This was a mistake. I'd better

She turned her back to get Emma, and before she knew it Ross had thrown
something round her mouth, some kind of cloth that was thick enough to act
as a gag, and tied it. Turning awkwardly and lifting her arms in a frantic
attempt to untie it, she only made it easier for him to grab her wrists and
tie them together with string that he must have had in his pocket. He was
prepared for this all the time, she thought. Then he threw her onto the
couch and stood over her, panting a little. She tried to scream, but very
little sound got out, and he bent down and slapped her twice across the
face, hard. She stared at him, unbelieving.

"You won't be asked nice, you bitch, you won't show any respect to the father
of your child," he growled. "Well, now you're gonna pay."

He began to undress her. She tried to kick him, but did no real damage; she
was too panicked to think straight about the best way to try to disable
him. Carelessly he tore off her tights, her skirt, her shirt, for all her
struggles. Then he put his hands on her panties, pulled at the waistband
until they ripped, and threw them aside. He bent down, and she saw triumph
in his eyes. Roughly he fondled her vagina. Having gone without for so
long, she couldn't help feeling a little response, despite her anger at him.
He smirked, cruelty as well as lust in his eyes, and rolled her over to
unfasten her bra. Then he ran his hands under her and fondled her breasts,
not roughly this time but caressingly.

"Oh Rachel," he said in a different voice, "why couldn't you have stayed with
me? Then none of this would have happened." His hands suddenly tightened and
he squeezed hard, making her cry out at the pain, but the gag blocked the

"Now you're gonna learn your proper place, which is on the end of my cock,"
he said roughly, turning her over. She heard him begin to undress. She rolled
off the couch and tried to crawl away, desperately trying to look for any
opportunity to get loose. He just laughed, confident that she would find
nothing. In a while he approached her, completely naked, and took hold of
her. She was trembling all over, but her feelings were mixed: as well as
fear, she could not help feeling some arousal - she had not had sex since he
impreganted her - and her arousal strengthened as, in the way that she used
to love, he ran his hands over her. She found herself thinking, maybe this
wouldn't be so bad, and made little effort to resist him as he pushed her
legs apart. Her pussy had actually begun to moisten. He ran a finger in, and
involuntarily she pushed back against it.

"You're all sluts, aren't you?" he said conversationally. "All you want is
cock. Well, now you're gonna get what you want."

He gripped her hips and thrust, but she felt his cockhead, not at her vagina
as she expected, but her anus. She struggled, protesting, but his grip was
firm and he held her easily, then thrust again, really hard, with a grunt of
effort. She stiffened herself and tried to bring her legs together again, and
for a moment thought she had blocked him. But then he moved his hands to
tickle her where he knew she was most ticklish. She shrieked as she lost
control of her muscles, and then he simply powered past her sphincter. Again
she cried out, tears starting from her eyes in pain. She was no ass virgin,
but she had never done it with Ross - she had felt he looked too big for them
to try it, and he had accepted that then - and she was totally unprepared. It
really hurt.

Taking no notice of her moans and protests, he drove his massive cock further
up her. As he began to move in and out, he laughed harshly and said, "I'm not
gonna take the chance of making you pregnant again, when a DNA test could
prove it was mine, so you'll take it this way and like it. Later, I'll get
out the condoms, but for now this hole will do just fine." He snickered.

She felt pain, humiliation, but most of all misery. She realised how wrong
she had been to doubt any part of Monica's story and to get mad at her at
a time when what she most needed was understanding. She began to cry,
overwhelmed with remorse, but Ross ignored this as he had ignored all her
other reactions. His hands moved from her hips to grip her breasts again,
which he squeezed hard. Then he pinched her nipples cruelly with his nails,
making her shriek so loudly that she could not believe it was inaudible,
even with the gag. But no one came. She suddenly thought of letting herself
go flat, hoping it might frustrate him, but he was much stronger, and held
her up, while continuing to hammer into her. She got no pleasure from what
he was doing, she felt only disgust, and tried to focus her mind on the
thought that it must end, and when it had he could not keep her there for
ever. Finally he came, grunting deeply, and let her go with a sigh of
satisfaction. Feeling exhausted by her ordeal, she slumped to the floor.

* * *

"Oh my God, Rachel!" Monica cried, deeply moved. "How are you, are you okay?"

"I bled some," Rachel said, "but the doctor who examined me later said that
the damage was superficial."

"So then what?" Monica said, relieved. "Were you rescued some way?"

"No," said Rachel, but she seemed to perk up, to judge from the change in
her voice. "You see, there was one thing he hadn't allowed for, and that was
Emma. She woke up, and he found that he couldn't calm her: she wanted to be
fed. So he untied my wrists, so I could hold her, but left the gag on and
warned me, no tricks. I acted humble and obedient, like I had learned my
lesson, and he bought it, the arrogant prick. After watching us a while, he
decided to get dressed. He put on his shirt, and then I could see him looking
down at his cock and thinking it was rather messy, I guess, because he went
to the bathroom and ran the water. I realised, this was my chance. I ran for
the door, hoping like hell he hadn't locked it, and he hadn't. So I ran out
into the corridor, naked as I was, with poor little Emma wailing away, and I
pushed my gag off and was shouting for help, that I had been raped.

"At first it didn't seem like there was anyone around, and I was scared,
because I knew Ross would come after me, once he got some clothes on. But
then I started banging on doors, and this old lady opened hers, and though
she was scandalised by my being naked and all she let me in, and when Ross
came running up she stood in his way and wouldn't let him in, and it was
like he didn't dare to simply push past her. He started claiming I was
delusional, coming on all smooth, but she wasn't convinced, and then other
people came running, including the super and this guy who was youngish but
nearly bald, who was president of the residents' association. Obviously he
didn't like Ross. He called 911, and by then quite a lot of people had
gathered, who must have been coming in from work."

"Wow, Rach, that was smart thinking on your part," said Monica admiringly.

"I was lucky," said Rachel. "I guess Ross was always prepared to do something
like what he did, but he couldn't afford to show his hand early by locking
the door, when I would notice, and he may even have thought that I would
agree to get back together. Later on, he thought he had got me where he
wanted me and was more interested in raping me than in locking doors."

Monica grunted sympathetically. "So what happened then?"

"Ross kept trying to push the story that I was delusional, but no one
believed him," Rachel said, now sounding quite cheerful. "He's not popular
there, as you probably know. And the cops didn't believe him either, when
they came, because I was quite calm and not hysterical when I gave my
statement, while he was being so objectionable, yelling at the people from
the apartments that they were all prejudiced against him and calling the
cops stupid. So they were happy to put cuffs on him and haul him away, and
you can bet I got a charge from seeing that!" she finished in a vindictive

"I can well believe it," said Monica.

"I got told, when this policewoman came to interview me further, that your
dad made bail for him," said Rachel, "but there was a condition, that he
stay with them and come nowhere near me. He's really done it to himself this

"Oh my God!" said Monica, thinking of all the ramifications, and how what
Ross had done would affect her parents. "Do you know how mom and dad are
taking it?"

"I've had no contact," said Rachel curtly, "and I'm sure not gonna call your
mom, not after the way she treated you, and what she said to me when I told
her I wasn't letting Ross anywhere near Emma."

"I'm coming back," said Monica decisively. "I'll catch a plane just as soon
as I can. I was coming soon anyway, to see Ben and Emma and you guys, but now
it's clear, I must come at once. Whether my mom wants me or not, I'm gonna be
there for her and dad, and for you too."

"Oh Mon, we don't deserve you," said Rachel softly. "But, um, can you
afford it? Chandler said, you hadn't been drawing much money from your joint
account. Maybe you should take a coach."

"Screw that," said Monica forcefully. "There's no direct connection, and it
would take days. And, yeah, I can afford it. I'll, um, tell you guys more
about that when I get there. But are you really okay, sweetie? Rape is a
tough thing to handle."

"Yeah, I'm fine, truly," said Rachel, her voice lifting at Monica's evident
concern. "The others are giving me such great support. Phoebe's here with me
now; she's playing with Emma." Her voice now sounded affectionate. "Don't you
worry about me. It didn't last very long, not like what you went through, and
I'm just shaken, rather than anything else, though my ass is sore. But I got
him back, and that feels really good."

"You did a good job," said Monica emphatically. "Now, I have some
arrangements to make here, but I ought to be able to get in tomorrow, maybe
tonight. I'll let Phoebe or someone else know what plane I'm on once I've
booked. It would be nice if someone could meet me."

"Of course," said Rachel. "Love you, Mon. Hey, here's Phoebe; she wants a

"I love you too, sweetie," said Monica, very pleased to be reconciled with

Then Phoebe came on the line. "Hey Monica!" she said excitedly. "You're gonna
come back?"

"Wild horses couldn't keep me away," Monica said, already eager to see them
all again.

"Great!" Phoebe said with maximum enthusiasm. "Just give me a call when you
know your arrival time. I'll be there if no one else is, promise promise

"Thanks, Phoebe," said Monica, a little overwhelmed by Phoebe's obvious
excitement. "That would be great."


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