Author's Note: I apologise to any who have been following this series for
failing to update for so long. This has been due to continuing uncertainty
over which way it should go, and some rewriting. I only realised recently
that, if I am to approach this plotline at least semi-realistically, Carol
and Susan have a pivotal role, as the ones who are actually bringing up
Ross's son Ben.

Friends: Ross's Revenge - What Rachel Did Part 6 -
Adventures Of A Budding Porn Star, And Other Matters (FF,oral)
by Exintaris ([email protected])

Monica shifted restlessly in her chair. She was not used to doing nothing
much for a long period, but that was the pattern for the past few days. She
felt increasingly impatient to get out there and get involved in some real
work. But an interview with the formidable Sharon Mitchell had made it clear
that she could not get good work through the Pretty Girl Modeling agency,
the only reputable one in Hollywood, unless she agreed to let herself be
checked for HIV infection, a process that took ten days to get results.

At least she had laid some groundwork. The day after she moved in, Abby took
her to see the woman producer she worked with. This woman, Shelly Russ, liked
the look of Monica and her frank admission that she was new to lesbian sex
but would do anything that was not too kinky. Shelly tried her out in a
simple scene with Abby, to see how she could handle being filmed and having
others present while she performed sexual acts. Monica was a bit nervous, but
she got excited almost as quickly as she had done in Abby's apartment, and
was able to adapt to the stop-start, action and cut sequence of filming.
Delay only increased her horniness, in fact, until eventually she was begging
to be brought to orgasm. When Shelly okayed this, she came so spectacularly
that everyone was impressed. Since this was not part of a movie, Shelly gave
her a token fifty dollars, but promised her work once she had been certified
clean, and gave her the names of one or two reasonably trustworthy producers
who might be interested in group sex work with her. She also gave a
professional opinion that Monica had a good chance of getting modeling work,
and gave her a contact for that too.

After that Monica managed to find a little modeling work, which she took
under the name Lilian; she had already decided that she might do her porn
work as Judith and thereby thumb her nose at her mother. She also landed two
contract cooking jobs, one-offs that were not very demanding, which allowed
her to keep her hand in. And she was used as an extra by Shelly Russ in
scenes where a lot of women were needed, partly or completely naked. She
found that showing off her body like this did not bother her at all, but the
presence of other naked people did, men or women, and she found that watching
sex acts being filmed made her horny. However, she thought she could stand it
if it helped her career. She also made enquiries about stripping, but found
that the work she could get would require regular long shifts when she was
required to be available, and she now felt unwilling to consider that kind of

Another trial of her patience was waiting to find out if she was pregnant,
but she already suspected that she was not; she had not detected any changes
in her body. That she had failed to conceive, despite all the screwing she
had been involved in - some others had not bothered with condoms that night,
apart from Ross and the little person - was a worry to her.

She picked up a new magazine that Abby had bought, but just flipped through
the pages, unable to concentrate on anything in her frustration.

Abby looked across at her sympathetically. "You're bored, aren't you - and
maybe horny?"

Monica admitted that she was both.

"Well, I know of something you could do, which pays like really well. You
would meet with this old person I know, who used to be in the business, and
like perform for her."

Monica was intrigued, and cheered up at the prospect of something to do.
"Sure," she said lightly. "I'm ready to be interested in things that pay like
really well."

Abby threatened her playfully with a fist, beaming. "Okay, lemme get on the

They set out shortly in Abby's car, and soon after mid-morning arrived at a
substantial but one-storeyed villa-like house, laid out on two sides of a
yard. A smiling young black woman whom Abby greeted as Shonda showed them in.
She had straight black hair, large brown eyes, impressive breasts and a
brilliant smile.

"So you're the gal on the balcony?" she said. "Hard to believe a li'l thing
like you could do so much as I been hearing."

"I'm not that little," Monica protested, "and I always had a lot of energy."

Shonda grinned broadly. "Well, I hope so, honey, because likely you're gonna
need it. Okay, let's go to the Duchess."

"The Duchess?" Monica queried.

"Someone called her that, because she kinda looks like this character in some
book called Alice in Wonderland," said Abby. "You know it?"

"Sure," said Monica, intrigued.

They entered a long room, at the end of which, enthroned, sat a fat woman
whose head and face did indeed bear a remarkable resemblance to the classic
illustrations of the Duchess in Alice in Wonderland, with a broad thick
lipped mouth and tip-tilted nose. Monica wondered briefly who in the porn
industry had noticed the resemblance.

"Hi, Duchess," said Abby cheerfully. "This is Monica."

"Hello, my dear," said the Duchess in a throaty but fairly cultured voice.
"You're a sweet young thing, aren't you?"

Beaming at being called young, Monica said, "Thank you," then on a sudden
notion made a curtsey, holding up the short skirt she was wearing in the
approved manner. "Your Grace," she said respectfully.

The Duchess gave a great hoot of laughter. "Thanks, sweetheart. Now come
close so I can see you properly."

Willingly Monica went closer. The Duchess looked her over with greedy eyes.

"So, Monica, Abby says you're the 'woman on the balcony'. Would you tell us
about it?"

"Lemme bring some coffee or whatever first," said Shonda. "I don't wanna miss
any of this."

When drinks had been provided, Shonda settled down next to the Duchess, and
Monica told her tale in full, as well as she could remember it. She could
tell that it was arousing all of them, including Abby, who had heard much of
it before, but she was not surprised. The memories were inflaming her also.

"Man!" said Shonda when she'd finished. "That's some story."

"Indeed," said the Duchess. "Thank you, my dear - most exciting. Now, Abby
says you're willing to do a lot of things."

Monica drew a breath. "Well, I won't be peed on or worse, and I won't fuck
any kind of animal. No one's offered me stuff with kids, but that would be a
no, too, unless it was just some older teenage boys."

"Yes, they're always horny," said the Duchess, nodding. "Hardly exploitation
at all. Well, would you do a performance for me?"

Monica could feel no objection. "To be taped?"

The Duchess's eyebrows rose. "If you're willing. Shonda, set up the

While Shonda was doing this, the Duchess eyed Monica. "Would you be willing
to do something with her?"

Monica had definitely felt attracted to Shonda, whose fine breasts had
promised pleasure. This would be the first black woman she had done anything
major with, but she felt no shrinking, rather eagerness.

"Certainly, if she's okay with it," she said, "but, um, how much are you

The Duchess smiled. "Got your head screwed on, I see. Would you do a strip,

Monica had never done a staged strip, and said so. The Duchess waved a hand,
as if this was not important.

"For a strip, and a full sex act with Shonda, what would you want?" she said.

Monica decided to pitch it high. "Nine hundred?"

"You think you're that hot?" said the Duchess. "Five."

Monica grinned. She liked bargaining. "Maybe I could move you to seven?"

"Seven it is," said the Duchess, beaming. "Do you want some particular kind
of music?"

"Something sort of bouncy," said Monica. Shonda moved over to a music system
and fiddled for a moment. An infectious tune with a Caribbean beat came on.

"Great!" cried Monica and moved into position. To her delight, Shonda moved
to a place facing her and mimicked her movements, a lot more fluently and
sensuously than Monica felt she was managing herself. Monica felt herself
get more excited as they removed footwear and outer garments; luckily,
Shonda was also in a shirt and skirt, and even more luckily, like Monica she
was not wearing a bra. Grinning at each other they slowly unbuttoned their
shirts, to reveal in Shonda's case a very fine pair of broad, slightly
lowslung breasts with a nice curve beneath.

Shonda held out her arms. "Come here, baby."

Eagerly Monica moved into her embrace. They rubbed breasts and bodies

"Man, you're so slim," Shonda murmured. "I'm jealous."

"How do you think I feel about your boobs?" Monica murmured back.

Shonda cackled with laughter. "Okay, you wanna get 'em down?" she said,
putting her hands on Monica's panties.

Monica felt a surge of arousal. "Yeah," she breathed, doing the same to

Slowly Shonda began to move Monica's panties down; Monica kept to her pace,
and let go when she did. Then Shonda took her hand and whirled her to face
the Duchess, displaying them both. The Duchess clapped wildly. Before Monica
had time to wonder how they moved to the next bit, Shonda pulled her back
into her embrace and put her hands up to draw Monica's face near. Happily
Monica threw herself into an increasingly passionate kiss. Shonda's body felt
so great against hers. She pushed her crotch forward, hoping to rub pussies
with her.

"Yeah!" Shonda hissed. "Okay, let's go." She pulled her down gently to the
floor. They wound up with Monica on top, but Shonda pushing up at her from
beneath. "I like it this way," she murmured.

The music had changed to the song Je T'Aime. Monica and Shonda fell into a
rhythm in time with the song, that they could speed up without difficulty.
Feeling her head almost bursting with excitement, Monica drove down harder
and harder at Shonda, crying out urgently. Seeming equally excited, Shonda
cried back.

"C'mon, you white bitch!" she yelled. "Make me come, damn you!"

"Yeah, that's what it takes, isn't it?" Monica cried back, feeling inspired.
"A good white bitch to bring all the juice out of your black cunt!"

They both laughed and continued pushing against each other, more and more
frenziedly. Finally Shonda's face changed. "OMIGOD MONICAAAA!!!!!" she cried.
Her juices seemed to spurt out as she pushed up. Feeling them all around her
crotch sent Monica over the edge; she yelled in joy and writhed on Shonda's
bountiful body. After further wild movement against each other, they subsided
in mutual contentment.

"Oh man!" Shonda said, pulling Monica's face down for a gentle kiss. "For a
white, you sure are hot."

"You're my first black girl," Monica admitted, "but I think it's gonna take
quite a while to find one who'll top that."

"Thanks," said Shonda, beaming at her. "You're one of the best I had too."

Then Monica looked over to the Duchess, hoping to see her look satisfied with
what she had paid to see, only to perceive that tears were rolling down her

"What's the matter, Duchess?" she said in some alarm.

"Oh, I was just thinking how I was once young and hot like you and Shonda,"
the Duchess growled. "And now look at me! Well, I've no one but myself to
blame, I guess - too much good food and drink." She sighed.

A thought flashed into Monica's mind. "Duchess - would you like me to do
something with you?" she asked a bit tentatively.

The Duchess beamed. "Why, my dear, that would be wonderful. But are you sure
you want to?"

"Why ever not?" said Monica, feeling puzzled. "I mean, okay, there's things
that might be difficult, but I could, um, lick you, for instance."

The Duchess seemed curiously embarrassed. "Yes, but - " she looked pleadingly
at Shonda - "would you explain, dear?"

"She's a tranny," said Shonda, looking at Monica rather challengingly. "But
she never went all the way, so she still got a cock an' all, though it's, um,
sorta undersized."

"Ooh," said Monica, fascinated. She turned to the Duchess. "Could I see?"

It was obviously the right response. The Duchess beamed again and seemed to
relax. She opened her robe ceremoniously, to reveal heavy drooping breasts
and a rather gross stomach, which half hid a notably small cock.

"Ooh," went Monica again. "Can I have a closer look?"

"Please," said the Duchess.

Shonda patted Monica on the back as she got to her feet. "You doing fine,
Monica," she murmured.

Monica walked forward and peered down at the cock, which appeared no bigger
than a child's. It seemed to lengthen, and the Duchess's breath seemed to be
coming a little faster.

"Isn't it cute?" she said. "Does it, um, work?" She looked at the Duchess.
"Shall I blow you?"

"You could try," said the Duchess, "but," she looked a bit apprehensive,
"what would you charge?"

Monica cocked her head. "How about two hundred, and two more if you come?"

"You are a sweetheart," said the Duchess emphatically. "Done."

Eager for a new sexual sensation, Monica bent down. The Duchess's genitals
were small enough to fit entirely in her mouth, and she did this at once,
despite their rather sweaty condition. The Duchess closed her eyes and
moaned with pleasure. Monica rolled her balls around her mouth, bathing
them with her tongue, then turned her attention to the Duchess's cock
playing with it in her mouth. The Duchess groaned, and to her delight
Monica felt it stiffen.

"Oh God," the Duchess gasped, "Monica ... would you ..."

Looking up to see the Duchess's pleading expression, Monica guessed at once
what she wanted.

"Sure," she said, "but will we need a condom?"

The Duchess shook her head. "I'm sterile, and clean, I swear."

"Okay," said Monica, "now, I think it will be easiest if I get in your
lap ..."

The Duchess leaned back. "Go ahead."

Monica had absolutely no difficulty getting the Duchess's little cock into
her; the problem, she could see, would be keeping it in. She quickly realised
that she had to anchor herself by throwing her legs round the Duchess's ample
waist, and instead of moving up and down the cock shaft as she would
normally, she worked out a kind of rocking movement. Soon the Duchess began
to give little excited cries that grew more and more urgent, giving a sense
of something about to happen. Monica felt growing anticipation herself, and
tried to force herself down just a little further.

"Yes," gasped the Duchess, "yes ... yes ... YES!" With a great grunt of
effort she pushed up a little way from her seat and shot her first burst
deep into Monica. Then she fell back again, though her cock still jerked
and trickled out smaller spurts and drops. Finally she relaxed with a deep
sigh of satisfaction.

"Oh my God," she said faintly. "That was . wonderful." She closed her eyes
and laid her head against the chair back, looking blissful. "Wonderful."

Monica, now feeling rather tired, relaxed her legs, leaned her body forward
to rest on the Duchess's massive but soft breasts, and kissed her on the
cheek. "I'm glad," she murmured.

The Duchess put an arm round her and they rested like that for a few moments.
Then Monica was aware that Shonda had come over, with Abby; she was now
naked, and it looked as if they had been making love. Shonda's eyes were

"That was a great thing you did, Monica," she said softly, patting her on the
shoulder. "Not many will go that far with my Duchess, or can get her to come
even if they're willing."

"I hope . you're not jealous," Monica gasped.

Shonda grinned and shook her head. "There's other things I do for her. Now,
I guess you had enough, but I bet you could use a drink."

"A sponge-down too, like all of us," said Abby jokily. She also patted
Monica, then went off, obviously knowing where a sponge could be found.

"Yeah," Monica breathed. "Duchess, I think I'd like to get off now."

"Certainly," said the Duchess, releasing her. She opened her eyes. "For that,
my dear, you can name your own price. I've been holding out on you, because
you didn't know how hard it is for me to come, especially within a woman. But
somehow I felt I could, with you."

"Okay," said Monica, stretching her slightly cramped limbs and pushing her
hair back. "Fifteen hundred for everything?"

The Duchess shook her head. "You could have asked double that and I'd have
paid. You ought to make more of your opportunities, my dear. But you're
clearly not a grasping type. I will give you two thousand, as a token of my
esteem." She pronounced the last words with exaggerated pomposity, and there
and then produced a wad of notes from the pocket of her robe, from which she
ceremoniously counted out the money and handed it over. "Bless you, my dear,
for making an old woman very very happy."

Then Abby reappeared with a bowl of water, sponge, and towel, and Monica
gratefully cleaned herself up a bit, then dressed again. The others did the
same, Shonda produced drinks and food, and they sat for a while talking.

After Monica and Abby had bidden the Duchess a fond farewell, Shonda walked
them to the door. "You done real good today, Monica," she said. "You our
friend from now on. If you ever need money or other help, you remember us,

"I'm glad to have done it," said Monica sincerely, "but thanks. I'll

Shonda leaned forward and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. "You come see
us again some time, you hear?"

"I'd love to," said Monica.

As Abby drove away, she said, "Man, I believe you could, like, get a dead
man up. Ain't many done that with the Duchess, I can tell you. That'll make
a dandy story - that is," she looked at Monica slightly apprehensively, "if
you're okay with it being told."

Monica grinned. "Go ahead," she said. "I guess the publicity won't do me any

* * *

A few days later, Monica's period came, and with it depression. She got over
it with Abby's support, even though Abby had found it hard to understand how
Monica could want a child that would probably be her own brother's. But this
made Monica feel that she really wanted to talk to one of her old friends,
and she called Phoebe in her apartment, feeling she would have sensible
things to say as well as being sympathetic.

Phoebe was very relieved and pleased to hear from her. "Oh my God, Monica!"
she cried. "It's so good to hear from you. Oh Mon, I'm sorry!"

"What for?" said Monica in bewilderment.

"If I'd known you were feeling so bad I'd have stayed with you that night,"
Phoebe wailed. "I should have shown more sympathy."

"Don't blame yourself, Phoebe," said Monica soothingly. "It wasn't you guys
that drove me to leaving so much as mom's call."

Phoebe grunted sympathetically. "That must have been so hard for you."

Monica sighed. "It was, at the time. Look, I, I have some news." She tried
to keep her voice from shaking.

"You're pregnant?" said Phoebe, in what sounded a hopeful voice.

Monica sighed. "No," she said, keeping her voice level with some effort. "I'm
definitely not."

There was a short silence. "Oh Monica," Phoebe breathed. "You, you really
wanted it, didn't you?"

"Yes," said Monica. She breathed out, trying to stay steady.

"Well," said Phoebe, "maybe what it was, nature wouldn't let you become
pregnant, in the circumstances. You shouldn't, like, give up hope." After a
moment, she said, "If you wanna cry down the phone, or yell at me, or
anything, go right ahead."

Monica found herself relaxing. Somehow Phoebe's rather tough approach was
helping. "No, I'll be okay," she said. "So, what's the news?"

"Rachel feels so bad about what she said to you, she keeps bursting into
tears, like almost every day," said Phoebe. "It's upsetting poor little

Monica's heart softened. It had been a wrench to leave Emma, and Rachel too.
"I guess she isn't there with you."

"No," said Phoebe, "I've been having her round, and looking after Emma
sometimes, but neither of them is here right now."

Monica thought for a moment. "Look, tell Rachel I understand why she said
what she did, and I don't want her to feel guilty about it. If she wants me
to say I forgive her, then I do." She drew a breath. "Please get them all to
understand how I feel. Everything's changed and I'll never be the same again,
but one thing's not gonna change: how I feel about you guys. I meant it when
I said I love you all - I just didn't want you fighting over me. Now I'm
here, I'm gonna stay for a while. I need time to think about what I'm gonna
do with my life." After a pause, when Phoebe made no comment, she added, "And
please tell Chandler he's not to feel bound to me, in fact I think he should
divorce me. I know I treated him badly and let him down ... I let you all
down - "

"No no, don't say that!" cried Phoebe in anguished tones. "We let you down."

"Well, most of all I let myself down," said Monica. "Anyway, please don't
worry about me. I'm fine."

After a short pause, Phoebe said, "Chandler noticed, you took the videotape."
Her voice was slightly questioning.

"Mm, yeah," said Monica. "I have the best right to it, don't you think?"

Phoebe did not press the matter further. "Hey, there's something I should
tell you," she said a little more brightly. "Chandler called Carol and Susan;
we were afraid Ross would get to them too. Well, he had tried something,
telling them the same story he told your mom, but Chandler was convincing
enough - and we helped - that Carol and Susan came round to talk, and they
believed us, though, you know, it kind of broke Carol's heart. But they,
well, they said they had no concern about what your parents would feel -
they don't seem to have any contact with them, and I think Carol is bitter
about that - so they were, like, adamant that they were gonna ban Ross from
seeing Ben."

"But that would be most unsettling for Ben," said Monica.

"Yeah, that's what we said, but they said they'd tell him that sometimes
adults did really bad things and sadly that was what his father had done,
and part of his punishment was not to see Ben."

"And how has Ross reacted to this?" Monica asked. "I can't believe he'd take
it quietly."

"Well, he was kind of boxed in. He couldn't go to the law, because they
threatened to tell your parents the truth if he did. And they warned Ben's
school, and told Ben himself on no account to go off with Ross, however nice
he was, because he would want to take him away and he wouldn't see his moms
any more. I believe Ross did make an attempt one day, but Ben ran away from
him, though he hated to do it, by what Carol told us."

"Poor little boy!" said Monica, feeling very sad for her nephew.

"Yeah, Ross is making a lot of people pay the price for what he has done,"
said Phoebe angrily. "Well, that's about all the news, except that Chandler
is doing well in his new job."

"That's good," said Monica, her heart lifting. She had worried about

"But he misses you," said Phoebe, "just as the friend you used to be. We all
miss you. Look, why don't you come back? There's no reason why you shouldn't,
now there'll be no problem about a pregnancy."

"But the balcony story's all over the tabloids, evidently," said Monica,
"and you can bet there's journalists snooping around, trying to find out
more about it, and I might well be recognised by one of the guys who used
me. I'm better off here for now. I have made a good friend - I'm sharing
her apartment - and I'm hoping to get plenty of good work."

"Yeah, what kind of work?" said Phoebe interestedly.

"Well, uh, you know, cooking and stuff," said Monica vaguely.

"Uh huh," said Phoebe. "Well, keep in touch, you hear?"

"Oh Phoebe, before you go," Monica said hastily, "will you look out for
Rachel? I'm worried for her. I'm afraid, when she finds it such hard work
looking after Emma - I don't suppose she can afford to pay that nanny for
long - she may let Ross back into her life, believing him if he says he's
sorry and wants to make a new start. And I don't like to say this about my
own brother, but I don't believe that what he did to me will be a one-off.
He'll think he's gotten away with it, and remember how he liked it; he
could try something like that again."

"I hear you," said Phoebe seriously. "I'm afraid of that too. I'm watching."


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