Disclaimer: This is a fictional story and does not represent the sexual activities of the characters within.

Friends: Love Struck Valentines (FF-best,oral,voy,magic,mc)
by Bishop832 ([email protected])

It was another quiet Valentine's Day for Rachel Green. It was 6ish and she was sitting in the apartment in her sweats, watching a chick flick by herself. It wasn't cheering her up much though. She needed a man. It was a mystery how she didn't have a date tonight because she was beautiful, smart and funny. There should have been a queue a mile long for an evening with her and it would have triple that if they'd known she was desperate for sex. Maybe she was too picky or too high maintenance she wondered. She tried to act loose and make herself seem easier. But that didn't change the fact that, for tonight at least, she was completely alone. Rachel was a little sad.

Her luck was about to change though. Cupid was about and he had plenty of love arrows for everyone. He was concerned about Rachel and had decided to make her night special. It was difficult to know who Rachel's partner would be given she was in the flat alone but he was going to make sure Rachel got laid that night. He floated in through the window of the apartment completely invisible to Rachel and drew his bow. An arrow flew straight for the motionless girl and struck her in the chest. She initially felt nothing. Nothing physical anyway. Her spirits lifted though, and for reasons unknown to herself, she was beginning to feel really sexy. It certainly wasn't the film, Notting Hill. She was becoming really hot and felt that her sweats were no longer appropriate for the mood she was now in. She turned off the TV and headed straight for her room.

"Excellent" thought Cupid as he sat on the table. He knew Rachel had gone to her room to change into something sexier. The only problem was who was around that Rachel would see. She would immediately fall in love with them, but if no one came round it would all be for nothing. He decided to wait it out and see what Rachel would appear in.

Rachel didn't disappoint. She appeared from her room 2 hours later in a white see through top, which barely covered her pink and white polka dot bra. The top was held by a solitary tie just below her impressive bust and had sleeves down to the wrists. Rachel's breasts had swollen to a round 34D with the love arrow. This feature, cupid observed, made women much sexier to men. She had on white and pink polka dot pants, the opposite pattern of the top. She was walking sexily in strappy 4-inch high heels. To finish, she had straightened her long blond hair. "Looking hot" she whispered as she looked down and grubbed her breasts. She then proceeded to sit down on the couch and cross one of her long sexy legs over the other. She sat there quite contently, occasionally running her hands down her smooth body.

Cupid has stunned by the woman in front of him. He wished he could materialize and fuck her himself but he couldn't. He just had to wait until one of her friends turned up. Most likely would be Monica, her best friend and flat mate. But she was shagging Chandler at his place across the hall and wouldn't be back until morning he thought. "Shame" he muttered. "Ah well, I may as well continue to enjoy this fine view."

Rachel sat on the couch very happily. She felt amazing. She wanted sex so badly but she knew at the same time she was going to get it. Rachel was positioning herself on the couch so someone who walked in could see her body. They'd have to have her. Suddenly though, she realized had forgotten to put on her lucky earrings. Monica had borrowed them the week before and had left them in her room. She'd have to fetch them from there. Slightly annoyed, she got up from her position, and strode over to Monica's door. She opened it slowly and peered into the room. It was empty. She opened the door fully and walked over to the dresser.

She spotted her earrings but was quickly alerted to a movement in the reflection in the mirror. Rachel was startled. She thought she was alone. It had come from the bed. She spun round. It was a lump of fur. It was a greyhound dog. Tan in colour. What she had thought was a coat was a live dog. What a relief. Monica had mentioned she was helping Phoebe out with keeping a dog for a few days and not to tell to Chandler if she saw it. She turned back to collect the earrings when she froze.

Suddenly a warm feeling came over Rachel. She felt excited. More than she had done before. She felt turned on. Her breasts started to tingle as did her pussy. She confidently moved over to the bed. She was taking each step slowly to accentuate her hips and legs. She was grinning mischievously. "So... You're the one I've been waiting for" she opened seductively. "We're going to have a good time tonight you and me." Rachel bent over to come face to face with the dog. She used her arms to squeeze her boobs giving an amazing view of her cleavage to the greyhound. She was trying to turn the dog on as if it were human. "I'm going to fuck you're brains out" she whispered, then laughed naughtily. Despite this visual and auditory encouragement, the dog remained pretty still.

Rachel remained undeterred as she moved to shut the door, using her tight behind to stimulate the dog. Turning again, she continued with the deliberate stride to show that she has hungry for sex. She could have been a model with her moves. She then joined the dog at the end of the bed and glanced at his nametag. "Ok Jack. Let's begin" She slid her hand under the lying dog and found his small penis. Using her fingers she began to jerk slowly on the rod. The dog moved at first as it realized what was happening. It stood up quickly to give Rachel easier access. "That's it baby. You like that, don't you? Keep going you naughty boy."

Cupid was still out in the lounge. The shutting of the door had alerted him to something though so he decided to check it out. He floated through the door and couldn't believe his eyes as he saw Rachel pleasure the dog with her hand. The dog was clearly responding, its tail wagging faster as its cock grew steadily. "Oh well, she'll get the fuck she wants. Everyone will be happy." He took up a good vantagepoint and continued to admire his exciting if accidental work.

Rachel had worked the cock to 10 inches now and it was rock solid. "Lover, get ready for the best blowjob of your life. I want you bigger than this when we're fucking." She turned the dog round and took his shaft in her mouth. Rachel was amazing at oral sex. She worked that shaft expertly, her pretty face and hair moving back and forth. "Mmmmm, mmmm you taste so good" she mumbled. Her tongue was licking the penis so fast that Jack was about ready to explode. Sensing this, Rachel halted, causing the dog to whine. "Just a second lover."

She slid her panties over and mounted the bed. Rachel lay on her back and spread her legs wide open exposing her perfect pink pussy. Her high heels were just about at the edge of the bed. Jack instinctively knew what to do. Rachel aided him by sliding his cock into her pussy. Immediately he started to pound hard and Rachel loved it. "Ahhhh, mmmm, mmm" she moaned. "Keep going." Rachel was close to orgasm herself. She spent the whole evening preparing for this moment. Jack continued to thrust as Rachel fondled her new tits. "YES YES OH MY GOD YES!!! FUCKKKK I'M GOING TO CUMMMM...." Her vagina began to tingle and waves of pleasure started to come over Rachel. Jack started to come at that moment. Load after hot load started to stream into Rachel. She felt so dizzy in ecstasy. Suddenly, it became much more intense and Rachel could hardly breathe. "Fuck" she whispered as her back arched in orgasmic spasm. "Oh yes. Oh... yes." Her pussy was now overflowing with cum. The feeling was amazing as the hot jizz stimulated every surface. She started breathe more easily if quite fast. By now it was over. The wild ride that was Rachel's best ever orgasm was over. "I love you" she said as the dog collapsed onto her taut stomach and large chest.

Just then Rachel turned round to see Monica enter the room. She had not heard the shouts of "Rachel!" from the lounge earlier due to her orgasm. Cupid had not noticed either. Monica stood there motionless. She too was wearing fine lingerie, in this case, a dark brown see through dress with thin straps over the shoulders. The dress had silvery sequins on it arranged in a sort of long grass and flower pattern and a layer of thicker fabric to cover the breasts. The dress revealed that Monica was wearing black panties. It stopped mid thigh, which showed her glorious long legs. She had dark brown heels on which showed her toes and had a lighter brown heel and sole. Her hair was long, black and wavy. "What's going on here?"

"I found someone," Rachel said happily, stroking Jack's body. Rachel suddenly felt that warm feeling she had experienced earlier. The same rush of love and sex lust she felt with Jack she was now feeling towards Monica. She was still susceptible to the affects of the arrow. She took a hand of Jack and ran it up her body. "Why don't you come in and join us?" she said in her slow seductive voice, smiling cheekily at the same time.

This question awoke Cupid from his state of shock. He drew an arrow and fired it at Monica. "I... What... Where did you get...?" Monica froze as she struggled for words with the lust building up inside of her. "Where did you get those amazing tits from? I need feel them!" she said, not realizing her own had become identically big.

Rachel smiled and got up to embrace her new lover. She locked into a passionate kiss with Monica, which lasted several minutes, giving them ample time to grope each other's asses with their roaming hands. They enjoyed the softness of the kiss, but they could both see the longing for a good fuck in their faces. Monica removed her dress and immediately began to explore her new tits. They were nice and round. "I'm going to enjoy these," she said as she tweaked her nipples and cupped the flesh. Rachel just smiled as she too had taken off her lingerie. Her boobs didn't drop the tiniest bit as she removed her bra. Both girls moved to the bed where Jack was still lying. The collapsed either side of him creating an interesting sandwich.

The pair weren't disappointed to find that Jack was becoming hard again. The touch of their big breasts against his skin was exciting him. The girls started to kiss as Monica began to wank his dick. They entwined their legs round the greyhound and each other to ensure they were as close as possible. "Mmmm, he's getting really big" said Monica as she continued to stroke the penis and then re-engaged the kiss.

"Good" began Rachel. "You should take him. He's a fantastic lover." Without any further telling Monica turned over and got on to all fours. Rachel helped Jack to his feet while taking over Monica's duties with his shaft. She guided Jack to Monica's back and let him mount her. She then guided his long rod into her pussy. Jack knew what to do and began to hump Monica with all his animal strength. They were shagging doggy-style.

"Wow!" screamed Monica. "This... feels... great. I love... you guys." Monica was gone. The pleasure was too much for words. She was barely able to breathe. Jack was satisfying her every need. She loved the feeling of his paws on her back. The energy he was putting into his thrusts brought her to new heights of ecstasy. Her new breasts were bouncing in the air and she was enjoying the sensation. This had not gone unnoticed by Rachel who was positioning herself underneath the pair in order to fondle her friend's glorious assets. Monica opened her eyes to see Rachel's smiling face underneath her as Rachel squeezed both tits. "HHmmmmph" she moaned in triumph.

Rachel then moved on to herself, reaching down to her own mound and began working her fingers round her clit. She then slipped her fingers into her pussy, which was still very wet with sperm. She was close to a second orgasm already. The sight of Monica enjoying such a good fucking was a huge turn on. She loved Monica's body and face which was struggling to contain all her pleasure. She bit her lip as she drove her fingers in and out. This was truly unbelievable. Then she saw it. Monica was starting to orgasm in front of her. Her bouncing melons suddenly became still as Monica became motionless as electricity ripped from her vagina through her body. Her vagina began to tingle. "Yes! Yes! YEEESSSS!" she screamed. Jack continued to pound her pussy, which only added to the enjoyment. Her pussy by now was squeezing the cock as hard as it could to extract all the pleasure possible from it. "Fuck me. That was amazing," she said as she calmed down. "I can't believe he hasn't come yet. That was intense."

"Great," said Rachel. "Keep him hard for me while I finish off." Monica knew what to do. She rolled the disappointed greyhound off her and lay on her back next to Rachel. Jack had wanted keep going. She then grabbed Jack's collar and positioned his long hard dick between her round titties. She then closed her breasts around the shaft with her soft hands. This felt amazing to Jack and he continued where he left off, sliding his cock between the two soft mounds. "That's a good boy. How do you like these? You want to fuck them don't you?" she commanded the dog.

Rachel groaned in approval at Monica's choice. "I've always wanted to give a titty fuck. They look like great fun," she said. The sight of her lover fucking her friend's titties sent her over the edge to her second orgasm of the evening. "MMMMmmm mmm oh yes!!! Fuuuuccckkkk" she screamed as she lost control of her body. Monica watched on, enjoying the view but also the feeling of her companions thrusts between her lovely jugs. She was coming close to tit-gasming because of the nonstop pleasure of the dick and her hands in constant contact with her flesh. She enjoyed fondling her flesh with her hands. She really was a breast woman. Jack was now working her really fast and she suspected he was close to shooting his load. She could feel the twitches of his cock as the first drop of pre cum came out. "He's ready!" she shouted as Rachel moved beside her. Suddenly, a torrent of cum shot out from the penis on to the girl's melons. Monica, who was holding the cock, directed over both chests and faces making sure each girl had a good covering. String after string of hot gooey cum landed on the girls flesh, covering their tits and mouths. Monica swallowed a load and smiled. It was the result of her work. "MMMMmm" Rachel moaned as another shot landed on her tit. It felt so good.

Once Jack had finished, he lay on the floor. The girls were still on the bed with cum all over them. "He's the best man I've ever met," proclaimed Monica as she rolled onto Rachel's soaking body. "I love him." Their breasts rubbed together, the jizz adding a funny sort of enjoyment to the sensation. The girls kissed and Monica sat up, her pussy on Rachel's stomach. Both girls sampled the taste of cum once more as Monica started to rub Rachel's gooey tits with her hands.

"That was amazing. I love you two" beamed Rachel as she started to return the fondling. It was a great Valentine's Day thought Cupid who settled down to watch the girls and the greyhound go at it again.


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