DISCLAIMER: This is a fictional story and doesn't represent the sexual
activities of the characters in the story.

Starring: Dr. Elliot Reid/Dr. Allison Cameron/Rachel Green

Scrubs/House/Friends: Elliot's First Day (FFF,oral,toys,cons)
by Anon

It was a long day for Dr Elliot Reid. She had just moved hospitals and it was
busy like she'd never experienced before. She remembered the days at Sacred
Heart with fondness, but she had come to Princeton Plainsbourgh General to
further her career. She'd heard of a few outstanding doctors here, namely
Gregory House who was head of diagnostic medicine who was said to be the best
doctor in the US. She was unable to get a position in his department but had
settled in internal medicine with Lisa Cuddy as her supervisor.

Her day had started with a couple of patients needing ventilated and that
took long enough, but she also had clinic duty that morning. It seemed like
she was getting paged every 2 minutes in the afternoon, never stopping for a
break she wished the day would end. She thought about her friends at Sacred
Heart and this cheered her up a bit. They would no doubt be busy too. And
there was only an hour or so left.

For her first day, Elliot was wearing a low cut red top that showed her big
cleavage. Below she wore a black skirt that came down to just below her
knees. She was wearing black high heels which made her look significantly
taller than she was but also highlighted her long sexy legs. She wanted to be
noticed, but her white coat spoiled the outfit somewhat, hiding her curves.
Only Doctor House got away with not wearing one, so she thought it best to
not to get into trouble.

BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP. "What now?" she thought, annoyed because she was enjoying
some quiet time. It was the emergency room. They must have had a patient. Her
high heels clicked as she made her way to the elevator.

Upon arriving, she was startled to see a very attractive young doctor
greeting her. She was brunette, maybe slightly smaller and wearing pink
scrubs and white coat. The outfit revealed nothing of her figure. Her hair
was tied up, which gave Elliot a good look at her flawless face and smile.

"Hello! You must be the new doctor starting. I'm Allison Cameron but my
friends just call me Cameron. Nice to meet you" she chirped in her soft

"Hi! I'm Elliot. Nice to meet you" she replied hurriedly, not able to break
her stare at Cameron's face. "You eh have a patient?"

"Yeah" Cameron laughed at the awkward Elliot. "A 30 year old woman came in
with a feint. Just looking for her to be checked over. She's seems fine
otherwise" she said as she pulled back a curtain to usher Elliot into a
patient bay.

For the second time in a matter of minutes Elliot was staring at another
incredibly beautiful woman. "Hi. My name is Doctor Reid" she blurted as she
reached for a chart. She read the name Rachel Karen Green. "We'll take you
upstairs to run a few tests Ms Green." As she and Cameron exited the bay, she
couldn't help feeling a little flushed. She tried to avoid looking Cameron
directly in the face for fear of showing her embarrassment.

"Thanks for that. I'll see you later" Cameron politely smiled as they

Elliot headed straight for the bathroom. She needed to cool down. Why was she
so taken with the beauty of these women she wondered as she splashed her
face. There were certainly plenty of attractive woman at Sacred Heart but
she'd never felt anything like this before. She knew Carla, Molly and Jordan
were all good looking but it had never led to anything. Perhaps it had just
been the stress of moving, starting a new job and leaving her friends. "That
must be it" she thought. I just need to make some new friends.

After about 10 minutes she was informed of her Ms Green's arrival in room six
by one of the nurses. She felt her heart leap at the thought of seeing Rachel
again. She couldn't understand it. She thought of not going but she was her
doctor and it would look really bad on her first day if she gave away her
patients for no reason.

She entered room six with caution and pulled the blinds shut in anticipation
of her physical examination. She looked round at the bed and immediately felt
the same rush as she felt before. Rachel's face was perfect. She had long
straight blonde hair and big green eyes. Her nose was very cute as was her
soft red lips. Elliot tried to speak but couldn't. Rachel just smiled up at
her. "OK Ms Green, I just need to do a few examinations first. Just to check
you over" she said after what felt like ages.

"Please, just call me Rachel" she responded kindly. "I'm sure there's nothing
wrong but my friend wanted me to come in."

"OK Rachel, I'll start with your pulse and then move onto your heart." Elliot
reached for Rachel's wrist and began to count how fast it was going. As
Elliot leaned over, Rachel got an eyeful of Elliot's huge rack. She wanted to
bury her face into it but thought better of it. Rachel just smiled politely
up at Elliot again. The pulse was certainly up. Maybe about 90 beats a
minute. "Your pulse is a little fast. If I can just listen to your heart now"
she added as she turned to reach for her stethoscope.

When she turned back she couldn't believe what she saw. Rachel had taken her
hospital gown off and was now completely naked from the waist up. Rachel had
a magnificent body. Her round globes were moving up and down as she breathed
in heavily. Her stomach was flat and taut. Again, she just looked up and
smiled at Elliot. Elliot could only stare blankly at the amazing tits in
front of her. As Elliot snapped back into reality, she stumbled for words.
"Oh, you eh, didn't need to do that." Elliot then slowly reached over to put
her stethoscope on Rachel's chest. As she did, her hand brushed one of
Rachel's breasts. It sent a shiver up her spine. Her skin was so soft and
smooth. Why was she getting so turned on by this woman? She tried to brush it
off, but Rachel was still smiling at her. As she tried to focus on listening
to the heart, she looked at Rachel's eyes, their gaze fixed in the others. To
Elliot, it just felt right. She closed her eyes and moved in for the kiss.

Elliot wasn't disappointed. Rachel's soft lips returned the kiss with
passion. Elliot was in ecstasy as she felt Rachel's hand try to remove her
white coat. She broke the kiss just as she heard a voice.

"I just came up to.." Elliot turned round to see Cameron staring at the two
of them. She was so stunned she couldn't finish her sentence.

Elliot tried to cover quickly in hope she hadn't seen much. "I thought I
heard something. You want to listen?" It was the best she could do. Cameron
stared back at her as she moved round the bed. Rachel looked at Cameron a bit
sheepishly. Suddenly, Rachel grabbed out at Cameron and pulled her towards
her, pulling her in for a kiss too.

"MMMmmphh. Get.. Off! What do you think you are doing?" she shouted at Rachel
as she struggled free from her kiss.

"I know you want me as well. You enjoyed that kiss. We were practically
flirting downstairs. I know you want this body" Rachel countered.

"I'm not a lesbian! Even if I were, we're doctors and you're our patient.
It's wrong" replied Cameron. Elliot was silent in the corner, watching who
would win out.

"You wouldn't have kept me here if you didn't like me. And what's the
problem? I'm not going to tell, I seduced you" Rachel said as she moved
towards Cameron again. Cameron could feel her resistance getting weaker.
Rachel did have a body to die for.

Cameron let Rachel take her hand and put it on her breast. She began to
squeeze it in her hand. It felt good. Cameron then closed her eyes and leaned
in for another kiss. This time it would be a long one. Now with a hand on
each of Rachel's breasts, she began to pleasure Rachel with a massage whilst
she explored her mouth with her tongue. Rachel then started to undress
Cameron by pulling her top over her head and taking her pants off round her
trainers. Cameron slipped out of her shoes as she rejoined the groping of
Rachel's tits.

Elliot could now relax. She had already slipped off her white coat, top and
skirt and was pleasuring her wet pussy with her hand on a chair in the
corner. She still had on her lacy red bra and thong. She was enjoying the
sight of the 2 woman locked in a kiss, exploring each others bodies with
their hands. "MMMMmmmm" she moaned as she cupped her one of her big breasts
with her free hand. "MMMMMmmmm!!! Yes!!"

By now Cameron was completely naked having removed her underwear. Her breasts
were small and pert, with a tight, flat stomach. She did have long, shapely
legs that anyone would love to have wrapped around them. She had also let her
long brunette hair down. She was shoving a similarly completely naked Rachel
towards the bed. Rachel was first to crash onto the mattress. As she landed,
Cameron broke the kiss and proceeded to kiss other parts of Rachel' fine
body. She started with the neck and then the breasts. She delicately licked
Rachel's rock hard nipples with her tongue. This sent Rachel crazy. "Ohhh!!
OHHHH! Yeah!" she screamed. "I need you to eat me out now slut! Make me

Cameron duly obliged. She moved down in between Rachel's sexy legs and began
to lick at her clit. "OOHHH GOD!! Keep going! This feel so good." Cameron
then slid her tongue into Rachel's wet pussy causing her to scream even more.
"FUUCCCKKKK!!" she bellowed as her hands began to roam over her glorious
titties. Squeezing and pinching them, she knew it wouldn't be long before she
succumbed to Cameron's oral assault. "I'm CUUMMMMMIIINNGGG!" Cameron heard as
her mouth began to taste the sweet pussy juice. Rachel felt all her muscles
tense with extreme pleasure as an orgasm ripped through her.

"Mmmm. That was the best fuck I've ever had" she smiled at Cameron who just
smiled back. They both then looked over at Elliot who was also coming down
from a huge climax after furiously masturbating to the sight and sounds of
the two girls.

As she opened her eyes, she knew it was her turn to give Cameron some
pleasure. She got up from the chair she was using in the corner of the room
and moved towards the pair on the bed. She looked amazing with a big wet
patch on the front of her thong. Her bra was also struggling to contain her
titties that had been groped frantically by herself. Her black high heels
completed her stunning look.

"I have an idea" said a happy Rachel as she reached below the bed. This
didn't stop Elliot and Cameron from rejoining the kiss that got interrupted
earlier. Rachel reappeared with a huge double dildo she had got from her

"Where did you get that?" asked a confused Cameron.

"I was at my friend Monica's before I came here" she replied. "We always like
to catch up with this" she grinned as she handed it to Cameron. Cameron gave
it a good suck to see what it tasted like as Elliot dropped her underwear to
the floor. Elliot was turned on by the sight of Cameron sucking at the large
24 inch pink dildo. Cameron was just excited by the view of Elliot's big
jugs, which hadn't dropped since their release from their bra.

"Do you want to?" Cameron asked as she hopped up on to the bed. Elliot
giggled excitedly at the thought and soon was up on the bed too. Cameron was
first to slide one end of the dildo into her moist pussy. She gasped with
pleasure as she did so, anticipating better things to come. Elliot then slid
her pussy onto the opposite end, also getting a drop of pleasure from the
experience. The two doctors were now pussy to pussy, both facing Rachel with
their long legs entwined round each others. Elliot still had her high heels
on, which was turning the other two on.

Rachel had meanwhile pulled up the chair to enjoy the show. She sat spread
legged so the girls could see her frig herself until she orgasmed again. She
started to slowly rub her clit and tits as the doctors on the bed began to
grind together.

Elliot bit her lip as the first waves of pleasure coursed through her body.
She was enjoying the feeling of the fake cock in her vagina and it was even
better because of the woman on the other end of it. It was slow at first as
the girls tried to find each other's rhythm, allowing them to drive the dildo
into the other woman whilst maximizing their own sensation. But then they had
it and started to grind their hips onto the end of the pink dildo with
increased speed. Faster and faster they went. Their pussies were practically
touching every time they thrusted they were going at it so hard.

"FUCK!!!" Elliot screamed. Her big titties were now bouncing all over the
place as she hammered Cameron and the dildo.

"Ahhh! Ahhh! Yeah!" moaned Cameron. She was really enjoying the sensation of
rubbing clits with Elliot. It was hot.

Rachel was having a good time too. Her rubbing had become more frenzied as
she enjoyed the view of two women fucking the brains out of each other. Her
hands were working over time on her pussy and tits. She decided she needed
more so drove a couple of fingers into her pussy and began to fuck herself
with those. "Ohh ohh ohh!!! MMMmmm! You are both amazing" she breathed
inbetween moans.

"MMmm MMmmphh I'm going to come!!!!!!" Cameron screamed, sweat pouring from
her face. She hooked her toes onto the sheets in order to get the more
purchase for one last thrust. This also caused one of her legs to pull Elliot
in closer. As she drove onto the dildo, she felt her vagina clamp around the
dildo and waves of ecstasy rip through her. "OH GOD! YES! YES!" The
sensations were unimaginable. She was in heaven as her body convulsed to the
violent orgasm. "FUUUUUUCCCCKKK!!!"

Elliot too was close to orgasm but the screaming of her companion sent her to
new heights of pleasure. "FUUUUUUUCCKKK!! YES Cameron!!!" Elliot's orgasm was
even more intense than the one she had earlier. She experienced a huge
tensing of the muscles of her back which caused her to almost collapse onto
the bed. She was just able to feel her own melons as the powerful sensations
overcame her control. She slowly ground into the dildo until the last drips
of pleasure had left her and Cameron's body. They both looked at each other,
dripping with hot sweat but both immensely satisfied.

Rachel had started to come just after the girls. She was incredibly turned on
by the hot lesbian sex in front of her. She couldn't take her eyes off it.
Masturbating herself frantically, she was able to create a lot of pleasure in
her own body. "FUCCCKKKK YEAAHHHH!!! AAHHHH! AAAHHH YESSSSSS!!!!" She started
to roam her body with her hands and climax, running her hands along her sexy
legs up to her voluptuous boobs. "HHMmmm that was amazing" she panted, her
chest rising up and down very noticeably. The girls all smiled at each other
but knew they had to stop for now. It was a small miracle they hadn't been
caught but that just added to the excitement.

"You feeling better?" asked Elliot as she put her bra back on.

"You know I think I am" replied Rachel. "Maybe see you later?"

"Definitely" the girls said simultaneously. "I'm finished now" said Elliot as
she looked at the clock.

"I've got a bit to go" said Cameron as she pulled her top over her sweaty
body. "But we can take this up at the pizza place round the corner in 2 hours

"Sure" beamed the well patient.

Elliot had a moment to reflect as the other's finished getting dressed. She
was thinking "I'm going to love it here."


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