The following is a sexually explicit FICTIONAL story centering on characters
from the hit television series "Friends"

If you are under 18 do not read any further.

Keep in mind that my native language is not English when you read this story.
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Friends: Girl-Friends (FF,veg)
by Martin4Life ([email protected])

"I can't sleep" Monica thought as she moved around the apartment she was
sharing with a couple of girls.

"Why do I think of this as MY apartment?" She thought, then she saw one of
her roommates sleeping on the couch.

"Hmm, why is she sleeping here. She is such an air head" Monica thought as
she observed the slim blonde woman sleeping on the couch. The woman was
wearing a long T-shirt, which she normally slept in, and Monica could see
her slim legs which were stretched out on the couch.

Monica had admired the figure of the sleeping girl since she they had moved
in together. Suddenly the woman moved and Monica could see that she was not
wearing any panties. Monica could se the woman's trimmed blonde snatch. She
was surprised to se the pussy and she immediately thought of her own pussy.
She was not comfortable with the wild bush that she had and had to trim it
every week. She enjoyed shaving her pussy so much that she did it more and
more often lately.

Monica's hormones had asserted themselves over the last couple of weeks
after she had broken up with Richard, but she had not yet had an opportunity
to get any relief. She looked at the woman's exposed crotch and thought "What
the hell, I'll give it a try" Monica thought and sat on the couch besides the

Monica let her hands slid up and down the woman's legs to see how deep she
was asleep. She soon found her hands on the pussy of the sleeping woman.
Monica found that she was already wet and she had to taste it soon, she
first licked her hand gently to taste the juices. Monica positioned herself
between the woman's legs and gently put her tongue on the sleeping woman's
pussy. She liked the taste even more when it came straight from the source,
and she started to lick the wet cunt with greater enthusiasm and had to put
a hand down her own pants to rub her own cunt.

Suddenly the sleeping woman stirred and then she opened her eyes and said,
"Rachel, what the hell are you doing."

"Don't you like it Phoebe?" Monica said.

"Well maybe, but that dose not mean that I'm a thespian" Phoebe said not
taking her eyes of the sight of her friend licking her pussy while putting
a hand down her own pants.

"You mean lesbian Phoebe" Monica said "Do you want me to stop" She said and
then returned to her cunt licking.

"Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, well I guess not" Phoebe said and pulled her T-shirt up over
her breasts. She started of fondle her own tits as Monica licked her wet
cunt, "lets get completely naked" Phoebe suggested.

"Alright" Monica said and started to remove her clothes, her tight pants were
quickly followed by a lace bra and a pair of black G-string panties. Monica
stood in front of Phoebe completely naked enjoying Phoebe's attention.

"At first I thought it was Joey, but you are even better" Phoebe said as she
put her hands on Monica's huge tits.

"Joey" Monica said as she felt Phoebe's hot body against her own.

"Yeah we sometimes have a quick fuck, you know just to take the pressure"
Phoebe said and kissed Monica deeply she then moved down Monica's body as
she started to kiss her glorious tits. She sucked on Monica's nipples and
they quickly hardened as Phoebe continued to suck on them alternately.
Monica's hands soon found Phoebe's ass and she started to knead it.

Phoebe got down on her knees and put he face in Monica's cunt, "OOHHHH my"
Monica moaned as she felt a woman lick her pussy. Monica pushed Phoebe back
onto the floor and sat on her face. Phoebe hungrily ate Monica's pussy and
then pushed a finger up her own cunt. Monica turned around and then she
started to lick Phoebe's pussy as Phoebe licked hers.

Phoebe's oral lashings were too much for Monica as she had her first ever
orgasm. She shuddered as Phoebe continued to lick her cunt and Monica felt
the most awesome sensation she had ever felt.

"Wow Phoebe that was great" Monica said and kissed Phoebe, "Hey I have an
idea" she then said "Sit back and wait."

Monica got up and went into the kitchen. After a moment Monica returned
with a cucumber in her hand.

"Let's try this out" Monica said as she started to lick the cucumber. She
sat down besides Phoebe and they both started to lick the cucumber. "Lean
back Phoebe and brace yourself" Monica said.

Monica put the cucumber at the mouth of Phoebe's cunt and then she slid it
in. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH My" Phoebe moaned as she felt the ridged vegetable
slide up her cunt. Monica started to move the cucumber in and out with
greater speed and force. "Oh Rachel it feels incredible you should try it"
Phoebe said as her hips started to buck to meet Monica's hands.

"I will try it. Right now actually" She said as she moved her pussy so it
faced Phoebe's cunt and then she slid the other end of the cucumber into
her own cunt. Monica moved closer to Phoebe and their pussies met, they
started to press their hips together working the cucumber around their
pussies. "Oh fuck yes" Monica said and Phoebe pressed her crotch against
Monica's wet pussy. Monica was not sure which felt better, the cucumber in
her hot tight pussy or the feel of Phoebe's wet pussy against her own.

Monica massaged her tits as they fucked each other with great joy, and then
her hand found her clit. Monica found that she could massage both their
clits as they moved against each other and she was reaching new heights of

"Oh yes, oh yes" Phoebe started to moan higher and higher until she climaxed

The motion of Phoebe's climaxing body turned Monica on even more and she felt
her second orgasm coming on and this one was even greater than the first.
"YYYYYYYYYEEEEEESSSSSS" Monica moaned as she came, and then she slumped to
the floor with exhaustion.

"Man Rachel you are full of surprises, this was great. Can we do this again
later please" Phoebe pleaded.

"Of course we can Phoebe, and next time we might even include Monica in our
fun" Monica said as she kissed Phoebe.

"Oh yes, that would be great" Phoebe said and hugged her friend.

The End


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