This story is a fantasy - not reality. If you can't get that into your
head - don't read! Do not read in under 18. Do not read if you do not like
stories about nc subjects.

This story is copyright Wallace Mason

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Friends: Friends Join The Navy Part 8 (MF,MMF,nc,ws,unif,ir)
by Wallace Mason

The tape began with a roughly written title. The image then shifted to the
face of Commander Paul, with her WAVE cap and dark glasses. Something
splashed her face and dribbled down her chin. The camera moved away to show
a large fat black man pissing directly into the officers expressionless face.

She was bound to a toilet seat so that her legs were tied around the basin.
The men who now took turns having a piss used her face and body to bounce
their urine off the naval officer and into the toilet. At one point a fat
overweight white guy who looked very much like Orson Welles sat on the basin
and her legs and took, it seemed, a very long crap.

The picture clicked to static then to the same officer's face with a black
cock driving in and out of her mouth. Commander Paul's mouth stretched to
accommodate the thick tool as she took it deep into her throat. The camera
focused on her throat being expanded by the cock. This image continued for
about minutes until the black cock was held in her throat and was seen to
jerk and twitch letting the viewer know it was cumming inside the naval

Static clicked on and was followed by a image to two cock pounding in and out
of a woman's body. One fucking up into her pussy the other forcing it's way
into the woman's arsehole. The camera moved around to show Lt. Commander
Lowell being double fucked by a young boy and a sailor who was careful to
keep his face out of shot.

The two dicks fucked violently making the officer scream and shout as they
showed no mercy. The boy who was in her arse grabbed her ears and forced her
head back, he then knocked off her cap and grabbed her short brown hair using
it as reins as he rode her arse. Her dark glasses almost fell off as the boy
jerked her head back and forth.

More static the image was now back to the toilet. The huge captain had
finished his business and was now holding Commander Paul's head over the pan.
She struggled but her legs and arms were bound. He held the back of her neck
and forced her uniformed head with dark glasses deep into the toilet where
from her struggles and protests something nasty waited for her face. While
he held her head in the pan he forced it back and forth hitting her against
the basin. He then flushed with the officer's head and neck inside the

The film cut back to a card with "The End" written on it. It moved away to
show the card being held in the mouth of the Commander, her face, hat and hat
soaking wet.

The secretary of state switched the film off and turned to the president.

"That's only part of the tape, we're trying to get the rest," he said
rewinding the video.

The president didn't reply he was too busy wanking.

"What shall we do?" the secretary of state managed to the get the man's

"How about we send some military advisors in," the president rose zipping up
his trousers, "One's with really big tits."

The End


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