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Friends: Friends Join The Navy Part 5 (MF,MMF,oral,nc,unif,spank)
by Wallace Mason

"Harder! You can do it harder!"

The men yelled encouragement to young Ricky, the cabin. Over his lap he had
Lt. Rachel. Her red buttocks being slapped by the boy, bright red and sorr
as his hand whacked down on her cheeks even harder.


"My hands getting sore," the boy complained.

Anaconda lifted a leather slipper from under his chair, "Here my boy."

He threw it; Ricky caught it and went on work on Rachel's already burning
arse. Tears filled her eyes as he started his assault with the leather

Her buttocks wobbled and shook under the onslaught. With each smack of the
slipper the boy smiled watching the cheeks flatten.

Lt. Monica was still hanging by her tits. No as high, just enough to keep
her on the tips of her toes. Watson from her crew pinched and rubbed her
swollen nipples until they were erect like bullets, then he whacked them hard
with the buckle of his belt making the Lt. moan and squeal.

In the distance was the sound of a launch. Anaconda looked over towards the
shore. The small naval boat was moving towards them, it circled to come
along side. Ricky started whacking the slipper hard into the Lt.'s exposed
pussy lips making the woman struggle but the young lad managed to hold her.
He even started pushing the slipper between her cunt lips, opening them up
and then quickly smacking the tender flesh he revealed.

The launch stopped along side the smugglers ship. Ropes were thrown and
secured. Anaconda rose from his chair, adjusting his huge jungle trousers.
His stained white shirt a mixture of sweat and food. He took out a cigar.

Ron was the first on board.

"Hiya, Anaconda," he beamed shaking one of the fat captain's hands, "glad to
see your keeping the fuck dolls busy."

Virgil next holding Lt Commander Lowell by the neck. The officer was in her
starched white summer uniform, cap on her short brown hair and her dark
glasses covering her eyes.

Peter up next followed by Phillip who was pushing in front of his the
Commander. The taller of the two investigators, white starched uniform, cap,
dark glasses.

"I see you have guests," Anaconda smiled putting the cigar in his mouth.

"You're going to pay for this," Commander Paul hissed.

Ron walked up to her looking up at her stern face, his own refection mirrored
in her glasses, "Listen to me cunt," he spat, "you're ours now and you are
our cunt. Your cunt is our cunt. You tits are our cunt. You mouth is our
cunt and you arse in our cunt!"

"Ricky," Anaconda spoke through his cigar, "come here."

Ricky didn't want to leave Lt. Rachel but he knew better than to disobey the
captain. He pushed the woman off of his lap and ran over to the captain.

"Yes sir," he saluted.

"Do you see the tall Amazon over there," he used his cigar to gesture to
Commander Paul.

"Yes sir."

"Go and face fuck her. I want to feel your cock inside her throat."

Ricky grinned from ear to ear, "Yes sir! Right away sir!"

Two of the crew pushed Commander Paul to her knees. Phillip tied her hands
behind her back and as he did he whispered in her ear, "Bite him or hurt him
and you'll regret it."

Ricky walked up to the female officer who was twice his age. On her knees
her head still came up to his chest. He pushed her down a little further and
started undoing his trousers. For a young boy he had a big cock. About nine
inches as it grew and she guessed about three inches thick, too thick.

The boy put his cockhead on her red lips.

"Open up."

Her lips parted slowly and as they did he pushed forward sliding his prick
softly into her opening mouth. He wanted to savour the moment. He couldn't
see her eyes because of the glasses and this made it all the better. His
hands came around to the back her neck, both hands pulling her head forward
as his cock inched its way deeper into her mouth.

"Suck it Commander."

Her cheeks hallowed as she sucked hard on his prick. The inside of her mouth
rubbing against the sensitive gland.

"Make noises! Slurping noises!" he started moving his thighs back and
forward, gently as she sucked on his young prick.

Commander Paul used the saliva in her mouth to making the noises he wanted.
Some dribbled from her mouth, down her chin as she sucked slurping over his
hot thick cock.

"Move your tongue under my prick!"

She did, he whooped feeling her tongue rub the underside of his prick as it
glided in and out of her mouth. His prick was growing thicker and longer in
the officer wet hot mouth.

The pressure on the back of her neck increased as he started fucking in and
out of her mouth getting faster and harder. Soon her head was moving up and
down over his prick, saliva spewing from the sides, her mouth still trying to
suck as he fucked.

He pulled out of her mouth and slapped his prick around her lips. His hands
moved to her ears, just under the cap, he gripped her ears and shoved his
cock into her mouth. He started fucking again, but this time using her head
rather than his body. He fucked her head on and off his cock.

"Deep throat time Commander!" he yelled and he shoved as hard as he could
until he felt his prick head enter her throat, the muscles started to milk
his shaft. Under the dark glasses she winced as he shoved another inch down
her throat.

Commander Paul thought she was going to suffocate as she gagged on the cock.

Ricky started choke fucking the officer. Pulling his cock out until it
almost left her mouth then ramming it back in until it pushed down her
throat. The crew could see her throat expand and contract with each lunge.
It was like a cock shaped Adams apple was appearing in the Commanders throat.

During one lunge he held her against his crutch and made her force her tongue
out. She was made to lick his balls while she throated his thick hard cock.

Anaconda felt her throat and smiled, "I can feel you in her son. This woman
is a high-ranking officer in the United States Navy my boy and you have your
cock in her throat. I hope it is nice a tight."

"Very tight," groaned Ricky feeling her gag on his cock.

Ricky carried on face fucking the Commander gripping her ears and shoving so
hard her face smacked against the young boy's stomach. While this was going
on Virgil and Phillip pulled Lt Commander Lowell over to watch the action.

Ricky's cock began to twitch and he knew he was ready to cum. As the spunk
spewed from his prick head he yanked out of her throat to fill her mouth with
his sticky juice. As he was about to finish he pulled out spraying her dark

Ricky looked down at the woman, his cum standing out on her glasses, some of
it dripping down her nose into her mouth. There was a string of spunk from
the boy's cock to the officer's dark glasses. Her mouth was full of cum.
She couldn't bring herself to swallow it.

Ricky smiled, "Give it to her." He said pointing to Lt. Commander Lowell.

Virgil and Phillip forced the uniformed officer on her knees. The two WAVEs
heads were pushed together, Alexandra opened her mouth, her face matted with
spunk. Carey reluctantly opened her lips and her superior officer pressed
her cum drooling mouth against it.

Commander Paul tried to push the spunk into her friend's mouth. Lt.
Commander Lowell tried to resist it but Alexandra's tongue pushed hard
shoving the young boys scum into her mouth. Sticky white goo dribbled
between the officer's lips.

Ricky pulled Carey away holding her head back. He rubbed her throat, looking
into her dark glasses and whispered, "Swallow."

Her face screwed up in disgust as she swallowed the thick cum and the crew


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