This story is a fantasy involving two of the characters from Friends. It is
not to be read by anyone under 18, anyone who doesn't like nasty nc stories
and (most of all) doesn't under the difference between fantasy and reality.

This story is copyright Wallace Mason.

This is a work in progress inspired by an old story I found in my youth
called "Caribbean Torture Cruise". It was a book and no I can't transcribe
it to any of the groups.

As always comments and suggestions welcome.

Friends: Friends Join The Navy Part 4 (M+/FF uniform nc)
by Wallace Mason

Lt. Monica was exhausted. Her WAVE cap had fallen off to reveal her short
dark brown hair, sweat poured down her face as she put her hands on Captain
Anaconda's shoulders and pulled her tight twat off of his thick hard prick.
She'd been doing this for over quarter of an hour and she couldn't do it any
more. The captain prompted her to continue by punching one of her quivering
melons. It flattened under his fist but she just slid back on to his cock
whimpering in pain.

"You disappoint me," Snake spat, "the boys will have to help you."

Snakes crew gripped the officer's body and began fucking her up and down on
the captain's cock. He could feel Monica's soft bottom bouncing up and down
on his fat thighs. Her breasts were bouncing too; Snake suddenly ripped away
the uniform blouse so that her huge pink melons swung free. The crew gripped
her tits and yanked them up and down making her fuck their captain.

Bounce. Bounce. Bounce.

Snake put his hands behind his head watching as she was forced up and down
his shaft.

"That's better Lt tits. Yes. Now wriggle your arse. Shake your booty as they

The rhythm got faster the officers bottom squirming and wriggling her eyes
wide open staring into Snakes leering dribbling face.

He pulled her close nuzzling her boobs, sucking and biting them. Without
warning he yelled at his men to pull her off. They jerked her up, the cock
popping out of her tight cunt. Snake grabbed her hands and forced them around
his rock hard prick, he pressed her face against his cockhead and made her
wank his shaft until another blast of cum sprayed her face coating her lips,
nose, eyes, chin and hair in his spunk.

On fishing boat Lt. Rachel was tied securely to the deck. Virgil tied to
loops in a piece of coarse rope and put one loop over each of her breasts. He
pulled them tight, cutting into her flesh making her jugs stick up into the
air, swelling with blood, making them a deep red colour.

Next he went over to a bucket of bait and wandered over to the degraded and
abused officer, "Are you having fun yet?"

He poured the bucket of cut up fish and squid on to her chest. Chunks of
raw meat and thick fish blood dripped onto Rachel's bound boobs making her
shiver. Much of the blood trickled into her pronounced cleavage and chunks
of fish meat stuck to her huge mounds. She could smell the stink of the dead
fish trying to wonder what was going on.

Virgil and the rest of his men sat down, opened a few bottles of beer and
waited for the fun the start.

Ron was a little bemused, then he heard the seagulls and it all started
making sense.

The smell of the bait reached the gulls. They swarmed around the air,
circling, screaming their high pitched cries. Eventually one of the more
daring birds landed and stole a fish head off the deck of the boat. It
grabbed it in its sharp hooked beak and then flew off. More birds swooped
down taking the bait from the deck until it was all gone and the only fish
left rested on Lt. Rachel's heaving, bound knocker.

"You are a sick fucker Virgil," Ron said opening a beer and sitting next to
Virgil, "I drink to you, you sick fucker."

It took about ten minutes, then the first seagull swooped down and plucked a
chunk of dead squid from Rachel's left tit.

"Aaaaiiieee!" she screamed in pain as the sharp beak broke her flesh and her
own blood mixed with the bait.

Then the birds all began to take their turn, nervous at first, aerial
attacks, then becoming more and more bold as they realised the woman could
not move.

"AHHHH! UHHHH!" moaned Rachel her breasts being gouged by their sharp beaks
as they tore at her tits for the squid and fish, "Please!" she started
screaming, "Please stop them!"

Virgil laughed, "They're cleaning up the garbage. It's a voodoo nature

She heard them all laughing, only Peter looked shocked at the scene and the
birds pecked and jabbed her bound boobs with their beaks. Seagulls started
landing now on her trembling body. Perching on her thighs, her arms, her
stomach and fed off her pink fat quaking melons. They stabbed and nipped
getting a piece of bait and every so often and chunk of Rachel's' unprotected
tit flesh.

Soon they were swarming all over the busty officer's chest.

"Get them off me!" she screamed as loud as she could.

Peter went to move, but Ron held him back. The sailor was numbed by the
brutality of the act. The birds pecked and ripped at his superior officer's
warm bound breasts. She was trying to twist and turn, trying desperately to
get them off but they were confident now. As she moved they grasped their
talons into her flesh and bit at her bloody torn breasts until her please
for mercy turned into hysterical shrieks.

Peter couldn't take anymore he aimed the automatic rifle in the air and fired
three shots making the birds disperse.

"That's enough," he said looking at the other men, "she's had enough for one

Ron shrugged, "Yeah, I suppose it's a waste of a good pair of jugs."

Peter walked over to Rachel's body, she was nearly unconscious. Ron came
forward and poured a pitcher of water on her abused chest. It washed the
blood off the still tied mounds and revealed long gashes in the officer's
once proud tits. They were not deep, but very painful. Ron took a cloth
and started cleaning the wounds. By some miracle her nipples were intact.

"It's not over yet," Virgil said as one of his crew lifted Peter's rifle,
"you guys are either with us or with her."

Ron looked at Rachel's heaving trapped breast, "Oh well," he smiled and
punched her hard in the right boob, "when in Rome," he punched the left one
even harder.

Peter was pulled away by Ron as Virgil brought out two fishing lines with two
fish hooks tied to the ends. Phillip took one hook and he took the other and
together they walked over to the splayed brunette and each grasped her torn,
bleeding tits in their hands.

"What now?" Rachel croaked.

Virgil dug his fingers into her massive boob bringing the sharp point of the
fishhook to Rachel's nipple and pricked it.

"Uuugghh!" groaned the abused officer.

"Sharp, isn't it?" asked Virgil as Phillip stabbed her other extended nipple.

Both men grasped the big rubbery nub between their fingers and held it steady
as they forced the hook through the sensitive flesh, hooking the nipple
firmly. Rachel made in articulate sounds as they rolled out the fish line,
both her inflamed nipples pierced.

They ran the line up over the WAVE's body and hooked it high on one of the
lateral masts. Then they started to pull on the lines and her jugs began to
stretch up into the air hoisted by the hooks in her nipples.

They pulled and pulled, yanking out her massive tits, tugging them into long
tormented versions of their true shape. They ignored her screams as the hooks
threatened to rip right through her nipples. Finally they stopped, only when
Lt. Rachel's back was actually lifted off the deck by her tormented tits.
They admired their work and tied off the lines.

They left her like this for half an hour until Peter persuaded them to untie
her bleeding sore boobs.

That night the patrol boat returned with a subdued Monica. She walked into
the officer's quarters to find Rachel hunched over a sink tending to her torn
and bruised bosoms. Rachel was in pain and angry. She looked at her tits in
the mirror, she was sure she was scared for life.

"Tomorrow," Monica said, "you can go on patrol." She knew Snake was waiting
out in the bay for another WAVE to fuck.

"Okay," Rachel pressed some cotton wool with antiseptic against her right
nipple, "You can stay on shore. Oh and Monica," she turned looking at her
friends large boobs, "why don't you try shooting a few seagulls."

The End


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