This story is a fantasy involving two of the characters from Friends. It is
not to be read by anyone under 18, anyone who doesn't like nasty nc stories
and (most of all) doesn't under the difference between fantasy and reality.

This story is copyright Wallace Mason.

This is a work in progress inspired by an old story I found in my youth
called "Caribbean Torture Cruise". It was a book and no I can't transcribe
it to any of the groups.

As always comments and suggestions welcome.

Friends: Friends Join The Navy Part 2 (M+/FF uniform nc)
by Wallace Mason

As the fat sweating captain fucked Lt. Monica's raw pussy she began to scream
and toss her head from side to side with the pain the captain's huge prick
was causing her as he thrust harder and harder into her. The members of
Snake's crew began taking their clothes off and went over to the captive

Hands went all over her body, especially on her big, jutting tits, grabbing
fleshy handfuls, tugging at the tit-flesh, yanking and twisting her nipples
and generally abusing her sensitive breasts. Other hands fondled other parts
of the young WAVE's body. Fingers rammed into her arsehole, other pinched
and slapped her buttocks and inner thighs.

Watson and John wanted in on the action. They knelt either side of Monica's
head, looking at the pain in her beautiful face framed by her dark brown hair
and WAVE cap. They watched as she tossed her head from side to side, her
mouth open in a scream and they began feeding their dicks into her beautiful,
haughty face. First she would turn to her left and Watson would pop the head
of his cock into her face. He would hold her head down for a while, thrusting
his cock in and out of her luscious rubbery lips, then he would release her
head and she would turn to her right to get away from his prick.

But as soon as she did she would encounter John thick dripping tool. He would
jam it into her open mouth, hold her head in place and fuck hard in and out
of her face making her gag on each stroke as rammed his cock into the back of
the Lt.'s throat.

The captain without warning pulled out of her stretched and abused cunt,
"Next?" he looked at his crew and stood up wanking his thick shaft.

Another man started fucking the WAVE's gapping pussy as Watson and John
continued their face fucking game with their superior officer.

The rest of the patrol boats crew were now naked, waiting their turn.

The two sailors grabbed Monica's head, holding it still and pressing both of
their cocks against her face.

"Open your mouth bitch!" screamed John; "We have your breakfast ready!"

Watson forced his officer's mouth open with his thumb and then both of their
long cocks began to discharge their creamy loads into her mouth.

Monica began choking and spluttering as the hot spunk boiled into her mouth,
gushing over her deep red lips and into her throat. To make a point John
fucked his cock into her mouth forcing her gulp down several mouthfuls of
their hot spunk.

John fucked away at her mouth making sure she was swallowing, then Watson
took his place pushing his cockhead down her throat with his thick load.

Gasping for air Monica endured their pricks slapping her face and wiping more
cum around her face.

Suddenly another man climbed onto her face and started fucking her abused

Captain Anaconda lit himself a cigar as he watched the men gang rape the
female officer. Now they were double fucking her, one man fucking the shit
out of her ass while another shafted her cunt. They were even fucking her
big tits, forcing a dick between them and ramming back and forth, until it
blasted spunk all over her hot jugs and long elegant neck.

He smoked five cigars slowly and methodically and during that time they used
her again and again. They poured their spunk into and onto her squirming
helpless body. Snake could hardly see the woman through the attack; just
thrusting buttocks off his men as they fucked no stop her cunt, arse, mouth
and tits. Every so often he would hear the officer's pitiful screams or the
loud gurgling as she was forced to suck off another cock.

Eventually as he finished his sixth cigar they started crawling off her
scummy, quaking body. She was not screaming anymore, just lying there coated
in their cum. Her face and hair matted with the stuff, her pussy stretched
open and dripping with spunk.

Monica could see properly as one of her crew had made a point of cumming in
her eyes. She lifted her head trying to work out what was happening and came
face to face with the Captain's huge cock.

She managed to let out a "MMMMMMUUUUPPPHHH!!" as he shoved it into her face.

The captain grabbed her head and started fucking he face and back forth over
his cock. He bounced on her tits and he face fucked her. Monica's eyes
widened as she felt the man's huge thick cock push into her throat where her
tight muscles started milking his three inch thick cockhead.

"Yes!" murmured the Captain as he held her ears making her fuck him with her

On shore Ron looked at the automatic rifle in his hand, then back to the
busty officer, "Sorry, you want me to what ma'am?"

"I want you and Peter to go and shot the seagulls around the base." Rachel
couldn't understand what the problem was.

Peter shifted slightly, "Ma'am we can't."

"Why not?" Rachel took the rifle off of Ron, "it's very simple, follow me."

Ron looked over at Peter his eyes wandering up to the heavens as they
followed their superior officers out into the late afternoon sunshine.

Virgil watched Rachel strut across the bay towards the shore; he knew Ron and
Peter and wondered what was going on. The big titted officer had a gun, an
automatic rifle. What the fuck was she up to?

"What the fuck?" he said as Rachel aimed at a gull and blasted the poor birds
head off.

The rifle shot echoed around the bay. Virgil's West Indian crew looked up
from their various jobs and saw what was going on.

"Simple isn't it?" Rachel was heard to say shoving the rifle back into Ron's

Virgil leapt off his boat, "You fucking mad!" he screamed as he ran towards
Lt. Rachel, "you crazy bitch or something?"

Rachel sighed, "This has nothing to do with you."

"It has everything to do with me!" Virgil saw his six-man crew jump to shore,
"you can't just kill these birds without..."

"I can!" Rachel cut him short holding her finger up to him.

Virgil grabbed her finger and twisted it. She let out a little yelp then said
to Ron and Peter; "Do something!"

Ron looked around, "If you say so ma'am."

And he grabbed two handfuls off her fleshy boobs and squeezed them as hard as
he could, "Come to papa!" he yelled rubbing his face into her blouse.

Rachel began to hit Ron's head with her fist but soon Peter and the rest of
Virgil's crew helped him. The men gathered around her, Virgil still held her
finger bending it backwards while Ron was like a limpet mine on her jutting

"Let me go you fucking nigger!" she screamed at Virgil as her other wrist was
grabbed by Phillip's strong hands.

Suddenly they all feel to the ground, Ron made a point of punching her fat
knockers a few times and other grabbed handfuls of her tit flesh, yanking and
twisting them. Virgil let her finger go and kicked her in the side of the
head. Everything went black.

On the patrol boat Monica was ready to pass out. Snake held her head hard
against his crotch, letting his prick sit lodged in her throat. He pulled out
letting her gasp for air just as he started cumming in her mouth.

"Hold it in your mouth!" he demanded, "don't swallow!"

He fucked away splurting hot jism into her mouth, which she tried not to
swallow. When he was finished he stood up looking down at her. Her cheeks
ballooned with her mouthful of cum. The nostrils flared as she breathed
through her nose.

Her bounds where untied and still with her mouthful of the captain's spunk
she was lifted to her feet.

One of the men did up her blouse; another adjusted her hat, while a third
pulled her skirt down. She could feel cum running down her legs from her arse
and pussy. It was an amusing site Lt Monica with her mouth bloated holding in
the spunk while a pool of spent jism formed at her feet.

"Salute me," Snake smiled lighting another cigar.

Monica saluted.

"And swallow."

Her face screwed up with disgust as she swallowed the thick creamy spunk
making the men watching her cheer.

End of Part 2


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