Friends: Friends And The Aliens Part 1 (F/F,M/F,nc,mc,viol,morph,alien,robot)
by Anonymous

Section 1: The Capture

Phoebe, Monica and Rachel are driving across the desert. The road is long,
and straight, and very, very quiet. "We've not passed a car in ages!!",
comments Monica, "or a gas station!!".

"It's okay, we've got a full tank anyway." replies Rachel.

"But isn't it strange we've not seen a car for so long?" adds Phoebe...

* * *

"I am impressed, Doctor Zorn", says Comander Blain, "the time shield works
perfectly!! I think it is about time we transfered our captives to our ship."
Blain extends one of his tenticles and pressed a few buttons. "Teleport the
creatures to holding bay 1!"

Doctor Zorn was impressed by the 3 females that were going to be used for his
experiments, as each had different attributes that interested him - even
though they all had exceptionally well developed female anatomy. They would
all be subjected to similar breast augmentation and lactic development, but
he must choose one of them to be the Pain Mistress for the other 2.

"I believe the blond creature will be easiest to control..."

* * *

The car's radio, lights and engine suddenly cut out, and a bright light
appears above the vehicle.

"Whats going on..." starts Monica, then she passes out along with Phoebe and

Each of the three creatures hands and feet are tied to seperate metal tables
to allow access to all orifaces. The tables are designed to swivel on their
central axis, as well as increase and decrease in height, change the
positions of the arms and legs of the idividual attached to the table, as
well as allowing the entire thing to be moved around on antigrav pads.

Zorn was pleased with these devices, because it meant less tieing and
untieing of the captives. At this moment, the three women were being attached
to the tables. "Insert the air tubes through their noses, and make sure their
mouth tubes allow free access to their throats."

This was important, as previous captives choked on the large quantity of
fluid produced by some of the sexual organs of the various creatues that were
used to abuse them. Once suitably attached, he woke each of them.

Section 2: Phoebe

Phoebe was woken first. She tried to scream but no sound came forth as her
throat was held permanently open by a tube. As she looked around she saw lots
of medical devices, and her two friends Monica and Rachel. Zorn came forward
with a cutting device. It was a very crude knife. He liked to use this device
instead of the more efficient laser-cutters, because of the intimate contact
he had with the creatures he was examining.

Phoebe was wearing a long dress that was buttoned up the front, white
stockings and a pair of white high heels. Zorn placed the knife between
Phoebe's breasts at the top of the dress and pulled the knife down the
butons, revealing her white bra and panties. He then cut down each sleave,
the dress dropping to the floor. A robot scuttled forward and removed the
now useless clothes.

He then brought the knife up to her bra, and cut off the shoulder straps.
Another tenticle reached up holding what looked like pliers, and gripped the
material at the top of the bra cup. He peeled the material downwards, like
peeling an apple, revealing her pale white breast. Zorn then let go of the
material and brought the plier to her exposed nipple.

"No, please no..." thought Phoebe, as Zorn clamped the pliers hard onto her
nipple and began to pull and twist. Phoebe's breast was pulled out to it's

"Hum, not bad." thought Zorn, "But we'll soon improve on these!"

He brought the knife back up to her bra, and cut it between her breasts. He
then turned his attention on to her panties. During the initial breast
examination, Phoebe had urinated, soaking her panities. You could clearly
see her shaven mound through the now shear material. Zorn quickly cut them
off, but needed to use the pliers to pull the offending material out of her
tight cunt lips.

"Better check how much we've got to loosen the vaginal and anal muscles."
Reaching over to the table, he picks up a large cone with graduations marked
up it's entire length. He inserts this straight into Phoebe's cunt, pushing
as far as it will go. "Only six inches diameter, we'll need to add at least
3 inches to that." pulling it out, he steps behind Phoebe.

"He's not going to push that thing up my arse, is he." just as she thinks
that, she feels the end of the steel cone push it's way into her virgin anus.
The muscles stretch, and even with the lubrication from her cunt juices, the
diameter only reaches 1 inch.

"That will need alot of work!!"

He calls over a small droid which has two piston like devices attached to
the top of it. He extends each piston up until they touch the entrance of her
cunt and anus. Inputing the current dimensions, and the end size of 9 inches
diameter, he starts the droid.

Phoebe feels the pistons slowly entering her, both from front and behind.
Once fully inserted she feels the tubes in her body begin to expand until
they fill both holes. Her cunt starts to lubricate as it stretches to it's
limits. She also feels some form of lubricant being produced by the anal

Fully lubed, they begin their job of looseing Phoebe's cunt and anus, by
quickly ramming in and out of both holes. Phoebe starts to feel the heat of
an orgasm slowly build in her as the machine thrusts in and out. Seeing that
the machine is performing correctly, Zorn turns his attentions to Phoebe's

Zorn picks up a large hypodermic needle. The needle needs to be about 6
inches long to make sure that some of the larger breasted specimens get a
full dose of the alien growth hormone. Phoebe's breasts are well formed,
about a C-Cup.

As another orgasm rips through Phoebe, she feels a tenticle grip around the
base of one of her pert breasts. She opens her eyes in horror as she feels
the end of a needle begin to be inserted into the tip of her nipple. A hole
is punched into the end of her nipple, and she sees the needle slowly
progress into her breast.

As the hormone is injected, she feels a head spread through her breast. Her
other breast is treated in the same fashion. Phoebe starts to wonder what
they are going to do with them all, as another orgasm pushes her into

As the droid slowly worked on her arse and cunt, and the growth hormone did
it's work, Zorn decides it's time to wake the next of his new laboratory

"I think the one with long dark hair will be next. I will leave the one with
short highlighted hair till the end."

Section 3: Monica

Monica slowly comes to, and looking around she sees Phoebe being continually
fucked up the cunt and arse by a droid. "What the hell's going on here!!" she
thinks, as a large green mass with tenticles comes sliding into view, holding
a knife in one of them. She was wearing a black velvet dinner dress, that was
slit to the thigh, a pair of black shear stockings and a pair of black high

Zorn placed the knife at the slit in her dress, and pulled the knife up and
across her body to between her breasts. Even though she was helpless, the
sight of seeing Phoebe being abused was enough to turn Monica on, and her
cunt was soon dripping wet with anticipation of what was going to happen.
As the knife reached the end of the dress, it dropped away revealing Monica's
naked body. She never wore panties and bra to this dress as they'd spoil the

"Interesting, this creature only wears a single layer of clothing. She is
also aroused by the plight that the other creature is in."

Picking up the diameter checking tool, he inserts it into Monica's sopping
cunt. It easily reaches the required minimum diameter. He then checks to see
if her anus also distends to the correct diameter. As Monica has only ever
allowed fingers to be inserted up her arse, the device again only reaches
a diameter of 2 inches.

"As she is so highly sexed, I think a one-off breaking in will be

The breast treatment is next. He tightens one of his tenticles around the
base of one of Monica's breasts, holding it imobile, while forcing all the
tit-flesh to form a nice globe the size of an orange, and expanding the
nipple. The needle is placed in the center of the nipple and pushed firmly
until the needle is about half way in the breast. This operation clears the
lactic pathways, and also allows a greater stream of milk once lactation is
induced. The growth hormone is then injected deep into the breast tissue.

As the heat spreads in Monica's breast, she stares over at Phoebe, who's once
average sized tits, have increased to the size of melons. She also noticed
that the pistons that were being forced up her cunt and arse were getting
thicker and thicker. Monica was proud of the fact that she could take any
sized penis up her cunt, which came about from the large collection of dildos
that her mum had owned. A shiver ran down her spine, as she realised that her
arse was also going to be violated like Phoebe's.

"Time to have some fun." thought Zorn, as he slowly slid to one of the cages
around the outside of the lab.

This creature that he had developed was based on the gorrilas found on Earth,
except he had genetically enhanced the size of it's sexual organ to about 13
inches in length, and with a girth of 9 inches. He had also made sure that it
would never cum, or lose it's erection, until a specific comand word was

"Gorg should soon have her to the correct anal size!!"

He led the creature to where Monica was fastened. It had been through this
excercise many times, and was soon aroused, it's penis growing to it's full
size, whilst it stroked it's hairy hand up and down it's length. Monica
stared in amazement at the sex organ. "Bloody Hell, this will hurt," tears
springing up in her eyes.

To prevent insertion into the wrong hole, Zorn inserted a large vibrator into
her cunt. At the base of the vibrator were attached 3 metal clips. One was
fastened to her clit, while the other 2 were fastened to her cunt lips. "That
should stop it falling out!!"

By now, the growth hormone was starting to take effect, and Monica's tits
were already the size of soccer balls. Zorn flipped the table so Monica
was facing the floor and lowered it so that Gorg could thrust easily up
her anus. He then tied Monica's head back so that she was forced to look
straight ahead, so that he could insert his own organ down her fear
constricted throat. Zorn coated Gorg's penis with lubricant.

"Don't want it to hurt too much!" smiled Zorn, as he positioned himself in
front of Monicas face.

Monica first feels the fingers of Gorg lubricating the inside of her pink,
puckered anus. Even though it's fingers are fairly large, her anus already
greedily sucks on them, trying to pull them inside. As Gorg places his
massive penis at the entrance of her hole, it starts to slowly tear the
muscles of her anus. Blood mixes with the lubricant, as the head of Gorg's
penis forces it's way into Monica's body. The pain is incredible, as inch
by inch, Gorg forces his massive organ into Monica's helpless body.

As tears run down her face, she notices that Zorn has placed one tenticle
at the entrance to her throat tube. Zorn slowly inserts his sex organ into
her throat. As Monica gags on this new atrocity, Zorn pushes it in even
further. As her throat constricts around his member, he begins to violently
fuck her throat.

The strain on Gorg's face shows how tight Monica's anus is, but slowly but
surely he forces it in all the way. Monica's anal muscles are stretched to
the limits, as Gorg starts to slowly pump backwards and forwards, slowly
building up the pace.

Above the pain, an orgasm slowly begins to bulid inside Monica. Sensing this
Zorn quickens his pace so that he can orgasm as her throat constricts due to
her orgasm. When it comes, Gorg had to stop pumping because her anus muscles
constricted violently. Zorn thrusts a few more times into her now, tight
throat and exploded his seed deep into her body. Again Monica gaged, trying
to be sick, but Zorn's penis stoped anything coming out.

"Excellent, most excellent", comments Zorn, as he pulled out of Monica's now
raw throat. Once her orgasm was over, Gorg started pumping again. "Keep that
up while I examine the last creature."

Phoebe's tits had now expanded to the size of beach balls, and hung just
above her vagina. She woke to find the nightmare still continuing, with her
arse and cunt being slowly enlarged by the tireless droid. As she looked
over at Monica, her breasts were also being enlarged, but instead of a droid
servicing her she had a massive goarilla humping her backside.

Phoebe saw the creature pull its penis out about 9-10 inches, and then force
it all the way back inside Monica, reaming her arse. Blood dripped from
between her legs, as the creature pounded on relentlessly. She was glad that
the alien had decided to use this droid instead of the creature. Phoebe
watched with interest at what was going to happen to Rachel.

Section 4: Rachel

Zorn was already satisfied with the second specimen, as it had pleasured him
greatly. "I hope they are all going to be as good as that!!" thought Zorn, as
he proded Rachel awake.

The first thing Rachel saw as she came round was Phoebe's massive breasts,
and the fact that a machine was fucking her senseless. As she turned her head
she saw Monica getting ass-fucked by a gorilla with a massive dick. "I must
be halucinating," thought Rachel, as a tenticled creature stopped in front of
her. Rachel was wearing a one-piece lycra body suit, with a miniskirt and
high heels.

"I've had enough of being nice, lets use the flayer to strip you naked."

Two droids roll forward, each with a massive roller on top with hundreds of
steel wires hanging from them. One sets up behind Rachel, the other in front.

"Right", said Zorn, "I only want superficial skin damage, but concentrate on
the tits, cunt and arse."

At this the giant rollers start to spin, flinging out the ends of the steel
wires. They slowly approached Rachel. Her breasts were the first to be hit,
with the wires slicing through the lycra like butter. She then felt electric
shocks being inflicted on her as each wire touched her body. Her arse then
started getting stripped, with more electrical shots running through her
body. Her breasts and nipples were bruised and bloodied, as the device moved
up and down her body, removing all her clothing. As the droid moved to her
cunt an orgasm screamed through her body, as her clit and cunt lips were
whipped clean. Once they'd finished, the droids rolled away to one corner of
the lab.

Tears stained Rachel's face, as Zorn inserted the cunt and arse checker up
her vagina. After her orgasm, she was well lubricated, and again easily took
the device in all the way. Her clit was also well extended, pushing well
clear, and as large as a .44 magnum bullet. Pushing the device into her anus,
he was again disappointed on how tight it was. He injected her breasts with
the growth hormone, and contemplated on what he would do to distend the
specimens anus.

He crossed over to Phoebe, and checked her progress on the anal/cunt droid.
"Already fully dialated. Excellent! I have a job for you".

The robot was switched off, and the pistons were withdrawn. Phoebe's anus now
hung open at a respectable size, which even Gorg would have problems filling.

Zorn hefted each breast with a pair of tenticles, and proded them to see how
solid they had become. "One more injection to induce lactation, and you will
be able to join the herd, after my experiments, of course!"

Zorn then attached a collar around her neck. "You will now be able to
understand me," Zorn said to Phoebe. "The device I have attached around your
neck allows me to control your body by simple verbal commands. Once I have
released you, you will go to your friend who is not being fucked, and you
will fist-fuck her arse until you can get it in up to the elbow. Is that

Phoebe noded, and once released headed towards Rachel. It was strange at
first walking with such huge breasts, but she compensated by leaning further
back. Behind Rachel, she coated her arm in the lubricant, and slowly began to
push her long fingers into Rachels anus. First one, then two fingers, pumping
them in and out, loosening the tight muscles that stopped Phoebe from
completing her mission.

Zorn sat in front of Rachel, his penis slowly grew to the size of Gorg's as
he pushed it violently into Rachel's sopping wet cunt. His organ slid in
smoothly, until it hit the resistence of the entrance to her womb. He
battered on this entrance until it finally gave way, pain lancing it's way
through Rachel's body.

By now Phoebe had all her fingers in Rachels arse, forcing her cheeks apart
with each thrust. With one great push, her hand was in up to the wrist.
Rachel felt an orgasm comming, as both Zorn and Phoebe began pumping, trying
to go as deep as was humanly possible.

Monica was now taking Gorg's strokes effortlessly, as his thrusting continued
unabated. As her anal channel was loosening up, he increased the pace of his
fucking, reaching his long arms down to Monica's massive hanging breasts. He
pulled on the great volumes of tit-flesh, pawing at them relentlesy, mauling
the dinner plate sized areolas, and pushing his fingers into the holes at the
end of her nipples. Orgasm after orgasm ripped through Monica as she watched
Rachel getting raped by Phoebe and the alien.

Zorn saw that Phoebe had nearly got her arm up Rachel's arse up to the elbow,
so he ordered Gorg to ejactulate up Monica's arse. At the same time he
switched on the pleasure and pain channels within Phoebe's collar, making her
orgasm, as well as exploding himself deep inside Rachels womb. On feeling the
heat of Gorg's cum coating the inside of her bowels, Monica orgasmed over and
over as Gorg carried on pushing in and out of her arse. Rachel felt another
orgasm flood through her, as Zorn came.

"Now you have all been prepared, the real experiments begin!!"


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