Friends: Friends And Lovers Part 1 (FFF)
by Mike Garvey

Monica was had some rhubarb-celery tarts baking in the oven when Phoebe told
her the news. They started to burn and she had to scrap the batch. She was
cradling the phone on her shoulder, trying to talk to Phoebe and clear the
smoke at the same time. "When did you decide you were a lesbian, Phoebes?",
screeched Monica, surprised as hell.

"Well", replied Phoebe, "It was, like, I was looking at Carol and stuff, and
I was like, 'Wow! That's me!'"

Monica shook her head. She was still in disbelief. "But what about all the
men?", she asked, still trying to coax Phoebe out of this decision.

"They were just men. Now I like women, okay?"

"No!" shouted Monica, "It's not okay! You're too pretty to be a lesbian!"

"Well, duh!", shouted Phoebe right back, "Carol is pretty and so is Susan!"

Monica didn't want to agree, but she had to. "Okay, okay," she said, "but
aren't you at least bisexual or something???"

"Oh, all right," said Phoebe, "I'm bisexual now. A big bisexual Phoebe-lady.
That's what I am now."

Monica shook her head and said, "Phoebes, we'll talk about this later. I
don't want you to tell the guys yet. Especially not Joey. Rachel is coming
home at about seven. Can you be here at seven-thirty or eight o'clock?"

"Yup," said Phoebe, "See you then, Mon."

Monica said goodbye and hung up the phone. She wasn't happy. First Phoebe
decided she's gay, then her tarts burn. And it wasn't so much that Phoebe was
a lesbian. Monica got along with Carol and Susan just fine. But she wasn't
sure Phoebe was serious. Phoebe fluttered from one thing to the next, and
tomorrow she might be straight again. Coming "out of the closet" is a big
step, and Monica wasn't going to let Phoebe forget it.

Rachel came home about a quarter to seven, and Monica was sitting in the
kitchen, tapping her bare foot rhythmically on the floor. It finally got to
Rachel and she said, "Mon, what's wrong?"

Monica looked up at her and said, "I guess I'd better prepare you. Phoebe
told me she's a lesbian today."

Rachel dropped her bags and took off her coat. She was wearing a tight shirt
and a tight skirt, as usual. She sat next to Monica. "Are you serious?" she

"Yes!", snapped Monica, "But that's the problem! I don't know if Phoebe is!"

Rachel nodded in unspoken agreement. Phoebe could decide she's Mother Theresa
in a few hours for all they knew. "Do the guys know?", asked Rachel.

"Are you kidding?" jibed Monica. "If Joey found out, he'd be creaming on
himself to watch her!"

Rachel laughed. "But what about Ross or Chandler?" she asked.

"Please, Rach," Monica glared, "don't insult me like that. If Ross or
Chandler knew, they'd tell Joey and they'd all be creaming on themselves."

Rachel stopped for a second and pictured that. It made her slightly wet.
Monica snapped her fingers in front of Rachel's face. "Don't go getting
perverted on me like that, Rachel!"

Rachel laughed again and they went to watch television until Phoebe came.

At about twenty to eight, Phoebe arrived. She was wearing a long trenchcoat
and a fedora.

"Phoebes!", shouted Rachel, "You look like Dick Tracy!"

Monica laughed and Phoebe took off the hat and coat. To Monica and Rachel's
surprise, Phoebe was wearing tight, see-through black pants and a tight,
short-sleeved shirt. The shirt reached just below Phoebe's breasts and came
to a halt there. They also noticed her navel was pierced. Monica and Rachel
both thought the navel ring was cool, but they were shocked by the pants.

"What, are you a slutty lesbian now?" Monica quipped.

Phoebe laughed and said, "I don't care if you like it or not, okay? It is me
and, like, that is the way I will be. Ooh! That rhymed! I'll have to write
that down! I feel a new song coming on!"

Rachel said, "Forget about that! Tell us what made you decide you were a

"No", Phoebe said, "Not lesbian. I am bisexual now. Right, Monica my master?"

Monica blushed and took the defensive. "I only want what's best for you,
Phoebe!" she shrieked.

Rachel gave her a funny look and Phoebe said, "Okay, I'll tell you. I was at
a friend of mine's house, and like, he had one of those nudie movies, like
the one Joey was in. Except most of the stuff that was going on was like TWO
WOMEN all over the place. And I kind of liked it."

Rachel smiled and Monica shook her head.

"So in other words", began Monica, "You haven't actually had an experience
yet, you just want to be a lesb...a bisexual?"

"Uh-huh.", said Phoebe firmly, "And I have another surprise."

"Oh, God!" said Monica, "What now?"

Phoebe sprung it on them. She wanted to make love to both of them. Monica was
totally flabbergasted. She strutted around the room for about five minuted
straight and then said, "I'll be in the bathroom! I've got to think this
through!" She went into the bathroom and shut the door.

After about ten minutes of solid thinking and decision-making, Monica came
out of the bathroom. What she saw made her even more shocked then she already
was. Rachel and Phoebe were lying on the couch making out. Rachel was on top,
and from where she was, Monica could see they were groping each other.

Rachel looked up slowly and said, "Lighten up, Mon! Phoebe needs some
support! Hee hee! Come over here and help me give it to her!"

"Not in MY living room!" shouted Monica.

Rachel shrugged, got up with Phoebe, and went into her bedroom. She even left
the door ajar behind them. Monica was fuming now. And all she needed was to
have one of the guys walk in right now. That would be the icing on the cake.
She heard Rachel yell, "Monica! Stop being so anal and get in here!" Monica
was really pissed now. She decided to burst in on them and throw them the
hell out.

She smacked the door open and what she saw made her melt. Phoebe and Rachel
were completely naked, and Rachel was in the process of sucking on Phoebe's
toes. Monica's needle-butt anal retentiveness faded. The scene REALLY turned
her on. But she ran out and shut the door. She then ran to the front door and
made sure it was locked. Then she undressed and ran into Rachel's bedroom.
She dove headfirst into the bed and grabbed the nearest girl. It happened to
be Phoebe and she planted a deep, wet, tongue-filled kiss right on Phoebe's

Phoebe responed by caresseing the back of Monica's head while they kissed.
Rachel continued to suck on Phoebe's toes, and after a while, she inserted
Phoebe's foot into her sex. Phoebe began to touch Monica's now-moist pussy,
and gently spread Monica's lips. Then she unhooded the clitoris and lightly
massaged it. This sent chills throughout Monica's body.

Phoebe had an idea and presented it to Monica. Monica agreed and positioned
herself opposite from Phoebe on the bed, so Monica's pussy was...ahem...
face-to-face with Phoebe's. They intertwined their legs and began to grind
their pelvises together. Rachel continued to fuck herself with Phoebe's foot
and moaned slighty as she did so. Rachel leaned over and planetd herself on
top of Monica, Phoebe's foot still in her sex. Phoebe now had two jobs. She
had to grind against Monica to get herself and Monica off, and she had to
slide her foot in and out of Rachel to get her off.

Rachel and Monica began to kiss and caress each other furiously. A whole new
world was opened up for Monica and she realizaed she really liked it. She had
known Rachel and Phoebe a long, long time and she would rather be doing this
with people she knew and loved than anybody else. What neither Monica nor
Phoebe knew was that Rachel herself had done this before.

The first to climax was Phoebe, and for one reason only. She had been so
horny the entire day thinking about this even, and hoping it would come true.
She felt every muscle in her body begin to tense and she felt the waves of
pure ecstasy grip her. She spasmed uncontrollably, and fortunately this gave
added pleasure to both Rachel and Monica. Rachel was next and she turned out
to be a gusher. She dripped all over Phoebe's foot and leg and some of the
juice even dribbled down to Phoebe's own pussy. Monica soon felt her own
orgasm on its way and shouted, "Ohmigod! I-I think I'm about to come!"

Both Rachel and Phoebe decided to make it an orgasm Monica would never forget
for the rest of her life. Phoebe quickly began to suck on Monica's nipples,
biting lightly and pinching with her left hand on the breast she wasn't
sucking on at the moment. She slid her other hand down to Monica's pussy and
slipped four fingers into it and fucked her with them. Rachel quickly kissed
Monica full on the lips and then slid her tongue down to Monica's clitoris.
She licked at it with a fervor and thrust a finger up Monica's asshole.

Monica couldn't take all the stimulation. She felt a slight buzzing low in
the back of her neck, which clouded her brain a little, and from there she
felt her entire body becoming somewhat anxious with anticipation. Soon she
felt a wave of dizziness hit her, and it was followed by a rattling surge of
shudders and shaking. She felt the pressure release from her lower abdomen
and the sheer pleasure enveloped her. For about a second or two she could
see nothing but she writhed violently and bucked against Phoebe's hand and
Rachel's face. Her orgasm actually lasted for a full minute and both Phoebe
and Rachel were amazed. Monica collapsed onto the bed, passed-out and
exhausted. Rachel smiled in gleeful surprise.

"Did you see what we did to her?" she marvelled.

Phoebe was equally amazaed at her own pleasure-giving skill. "I can't believe
it! We are like Super Lesbians! Or bisexuals!"

Rachel laughed and laughed hard. But then she heard a knock at the bedroom

"Mon?!", came the voice, "Are you in there?" It was Ross. And Phoebe could
here Chandler and Joey laughing and cracking jokes in the background. "Mon,
how come your clothes are in a pile near the front door? MON?!!"

Both Rachel and Phoebe's faces went white. Here they were, in a compromising
situation, and the most rational thinker of the three was passed out from
excessive pleasure. The door opened, and Ross was greeted with the sight of
Phoebe, Rachel, and Monica naked together on Rachel's bed.

What will happen? Only the next story can say....


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