Friends: Deleted Scenes - The Seduction of Ross (MF,FF,MFF,oral,inc)
by Dudeman85

"Hmmmmmm," Rachel sighed contentedly as her roommate climbed up her body and
out from under the covers. They kissed and Rachel tasted herself in Monica's
mouth; the dark-haired woman having just serviced her friend. Monica
rolled off her and snuggled in, resting her head on Rachel's chest as she
languidly tracing circles on her stomach. The girls had lived together for
about a year, though soon after Rachel moved in, they resumed their sexual
relationship from the thin-Monica high school years.

A familiar silence held between them as they enjoyed each other's presence.
Then Rachel softly spoke. "Ya know what I wish, Mon?"

"No, what, Rach?"

"I wish I could have both you and Ross, ya know, like this," she replied
after taking a deep breath in her mind.

Monica's heart instantly began pounding hard as she processed what her
roommate had said. "What... um..." she softly stammered then started again,
"Do you, um, do you mean..."

"Well," Rachel began slowly, filling in Monica's pause, "you and Ross have,
ya know... 'done it'... right?" On one recent occasion, the group's
conversations had turned to sex and Phoebe asked what everyone's most taboo
experience had been. Rachel intercepted a fleeting, furtive glance between
the siblings, and had noticed the nervous silence that began both brother's
and sister's turn to speak. "It's okay. You can tell me anything."

Monica pondered what she was about to reveal, then summoned the courage to
speak. "Um, yeah... we've 'done it'. It was at a party a couple years ago.
We both got pretty drunk, and he wanted to make sure I got home okay. Phoebe
was gone for the weekend, and I don't remember exactly how it happened. But
we woke up the next morning in bed together. But, um... I do remember that
it was really amazing." A little smile came upon her face as she recalled
how she felt, being with someone she loved and trusted as much as her

"Do you ever think about him like that anymore?" Rachel asked tentatively.

"Um... yeah... yeah, I do."

"Would you ever want to be with both Ross and me, at the same time?"

Monica finally tilted her head up and looked Rachel in the eyes. "Yeah.
Yeah, I think I would. I think it could be kinda great."

"Do you think Ross would be willing?" the light-haired woman continued her

"I don't know... Maybe... Sometimes, there's this little look and kind of
a... I don't know... spark between us. Maybe that means something," Monica

"Okay," Rachel said, seeming to make the decision for the girls. "So how do
we do it?"

They lay there thinking, and soon Monica spoke up. "It couldn't be a obvious
thing. That'd probably freak him out. And I'd... I'd want some way to get
out of it, if he doesn't respond well, or even at all."

"So ya think maybe you should be the one to, ya know, seduce him?"

The word "seduce" made Monica's heart skip a beat. "Maybe I should." Her
thoughts began racing through possible scenarios and Rachel allowed Monica
the time to think. "How about this..." the beautiful Miss Geller continued.

And beginning with that brief exchange, the girls hatched a plan for their
seduction of Ross.

A week or so later, the evening came. Rachel had arranged for him to stop by
the apartment. Even though he commonly dropped by, Rachel's invitation gave
him the faint impression of a date.

With butterflies in her stomach, Monica readied herself for what would
hopefully happen. She sat in the kitchen, going over in her mind the steps
she had worked out, while Rachel got prepared in her room. She knew that her
brother was a leg-man, and she dressed to play to that. She wore a tan crop
sweater that came just to the waistband of a light brown floral skirt. It
was loose, flirty, and came just above her knees. Under her clothes, she
wore her carefully selected lingerie and nude-colored stockings, with high
heels to complete the ensemble. Her shoulder-length hair and her make-up
were perfect, a fact that she hoped would enhance the intended effect on her

The door opened with a courtesy knock, and Ross stepped inside. "Hey! Is,
um, is Rach here?" he asked, closing the door. He secretly was a bit
disappointed that Monica was in the apartment. He had hoped that Rachel's
invitation would include time alone together.

"No, she's still at Central Perk. Something about having to work late. You
can wait for her though. I have to make a late-night trip to the grocery.
Not enough time during that day." Monica explained, trying to sound casual,
in spite of the flutter in her chest.

Before he'd arrived, Monica had pushed in two of the chairs, leaving out the
one she wanted him to sit on. It was next to her, and he would have a clear
view of her legs when she turned in just the right way. As she'd hoped, Ross
joined her at the table, taking a seat in the correct chair.

They sat quietly, as Monica affected assembling her shopping list. Ross
looked around the room, then as Monica shifted in her chair, his eyes fell
upon his sister's legs. He quickly looked away, but the image of her shapely
legs was burned into his mind. Monica caught this out of the corner of her
eye and knew that she had him on the hook.

In a practiced fashion, Monica leaned down and distractedly scratched an
"itch" on her calf. Her manicured fingernails produced a gentle shushing
sound. It drew Ross' attention as he realized that the flesh tone was
actually a pair of nylons, and not his sister's bare skin. He looked down at
her moving fingers, then denied himself the sight. His lips moved silently
as he willed his eyes not to return.

She waited a few moments for his mind to race, then scratched again, staring
the whole time at the pad of paper on which she wrote. This time she
scratched higher, her fingertips pulled up at the bottom of her skirt,
revealing the band of her stocking. Her fingertips rubbed against the
uncovered flesh.

Ross couldn't control his eyes any more. He stole glances at his sister's
thigh, confirming that the color of the stockings indeed matched her skin-
tone perfectly. A slight lightening of the tint was there at the band
itself, but other than that, they were an identical match. He didn't know
why this was so erotic. Was it because it was his sister's legs? Was it the
fact that she wore stockings? Was it the unique color-match telling him how
carefully she had selected the hose to purchase? He didn't know. All he
knew was that a boner was forming in his pants. He moved in the chair,
attempting to hide it, and cleared his throat before speaking. His voice
cracked slightly as he tried selecting a topic that would draw his thoughts
away from his sister's beautiful legs and those perfect flesh-toned

"Um... so, uh... cereal..." He chuckled nervously. "I, um, I saw there's a
new kind of cereal... out... for sale... um, at the store..."

"Mm hmm," she acknowledged absent-mindedly as she wrote down an item. Then
she seemed to snap back to the conversation. "Oh, cereal, yeah. I think I
do need some."

With this, she got up from the chair. Ross watched the hem fall back into
place, taking away the erotic sight of the stocking tops. Monica retrieved a
step-stool from beside the refrigerator and climbed up to look at the
groceries stored on the top shelf. In doing so, this made sure that her legs
in high heels were clearly on display for her brother.

"Oh my god..." he murmured quietly. "Why'd I pick 'cereal'?" His glances
alternated between Monica's shapely calves and the table at which he sat.

As Monica shifted boxes around, looking intently behind the front row, she
raised up on her tip-toes, accentuating the line of her calves. Ross just
sat there, staring, no longer aware that his sister could turn and catch him
at any moment. He looked her up and down, taking in her heels, her calves,
the point where her skirt began hiding her legs; then farther upward to her
ass and slim hips, and ultimately back down again.

His lusty revere was interrupted when Monica "accidentally" dropped a box of
dry pasta. "Oops. Ross, can you get that for me?" she said, speaking toward
the shelf of goods.

"Yes," he said, uneasily.

Slowly and seemingly painfully, Ross left his chair and crouched down beside
the step stool. He knew what the temptation would be, with his sister's
stocking covered legs just inches away from him.

"Okay. Here it is," Ross whined in tension, handing the box up to Monica,
and attempting to look straight ahead. But, he inadvertently glanced and got
a wonderful look up his sister's knee-length skirt. Then as she reached up
to place the box in the open spot, her cropped sweater pulled up and away
from her body, giving him a glimpse of the white bra that held her breasts.
That quick glance soon turned into a long gaze that traveled back from the
view beneath Monica's top to the visual treat beneath her skirt. Monica
could feel him looking up at her, or rather, looking up under her. She smiled
to herself, and held her position, letting her brother take in the sight.
His eyes moved from the solid top stockings that Monica tantalized him with,
up the white garter straps, then just a hint of white covering her pussy. He
couldn't see much, since she was standing with her legs almost together. But
it was enough for him to know that it was a thong, and enough to tell him
that he wanted to see more.

He knew he shouldn't be looking up his sister's skirt, regardless of what had
happened between them in the past. But this only brought a wave of naughty
excitement sweeping through Ross. His mouth went dry, as his gaze slipped
down Monica's legs, admiring how toned and sexy they were. His eyes were
riveted on his sister's calf. Only in the recesses of his mind did he
realize what he was doing as he reached across the short distance between his
face and her leg, to brush his fingertips ever so slightly against the nylon.

As soon as Monica felt the soft, barely-perceptible contact, she knew she had
him. "Geez, Ross, if ya wanna cop a feel, just do it," she spoke into the
air, pretending to assess the placement of the foodstuffs.

His heart skipped a beat and he jerked his hand away, like a school-boy
caught. The panic turned to confusion as he tried to figure out if he heard
what he thought he heard. "I, um, uh," he stammered.

"Go ahead, Ross. I don't mind," Monica said with a little smile, as she
looked down at her brother kneeling by her feet. Then she continued
organizing the kitchen shelves as if nothing had happened or been said. Ross
thought for a minute, then took the plunge. His hand settled onto her lower
leg, wrapping around it.

Monica's eyes closed and a little smile came upon her lips as she felt the
electricity of that first tentative touch. His hand glided up and down a few
inches, his fingers tightening and releasing as they followed the curve of
his sister's calf. The path he took expanded slowly, moving downward toward
her ankle and upward to her knee.

The softness of the stockings and the firm calf muscle within his hand's
embrace got him even harder. His cock pushed against the fabric of his
boxers and pants; a tent protruding between his legs as he crouched there.

"Mmmm..." Monica purred. It was barely audible, yet to Ross, it sounded like
a moaned scream. She moved her feet slightly farther apart, and Ross' hand
and eyes moved upward. His vision landed on a triangle of lace covering
Monica's pussy; her trimmed strip and the first part of her clit hinted
though the wide lace pattern. However, a white panel joined the lace, hiding
her pussy lips, and Ross immediately wanted to see what was behind that

His hand slid upward underneath her loose skirt, caressing the back and
inside of Monica's thigh. Once he reached her stocking top, it traced the
wide solid band around her leg, feeling it's gentle texture. "Oh god, Ross,"
Monica whispered, eyes closed. She wanted his caresses to continue and she
was more than willing to stand there and allow her brother to touch her body
in any way he wanted.

Ross stood. Monica dropped her list onto the counter and turned to face him.
He looked upward toward her. At first they kissed tentatively, but then it
became a prurient and completely inappropriate kiss between brother and
sister. Her hands held his face, and his took her in an embrace, proceeding
up inside her sweater to feel her bare back and the elastic strap and clasp
of her bra.

Their lips separated and Ross realized he was eyelevel with her breasts. "Oh
my god," he murmured as he watched his hand traveling under her sweater to
cup her breast. It felt perfect in his hand. He gently squeezed and groped
it, as Monica closed her eyes momentarily and whispered, "yes!"

Her head came forward and their eyes met. "Touch me," she simply said; the
meaning completely transferring to Ross.

His hand slid downward, and as it went back up under her skirt, the hem of
the fabric was pulled up by his wrist. Monica spread her legs, giving her
brother access to herself. His fingertips traced the lace pattern of her
thong, eventually coming to rest, cupping her pussy. A breath stuttered in
Monica's lungs and her heart pounded as she felt his touch. The tip of her
tongue came out and she licked her lips. "I really want this to happen," she
said, staring deep into his soul.

"Uh hum," he replied, as if in a daze at the surreal situation. Monica knew
that his acknowledgement really meant, "Me too."

She stepped down off the stool. He now seemed to tower over her, even in her
high heels. His erection was a prominent bulge in his pants. Monica's
petite hand covered it and she began rubbing it. Ross leaned in and kissed
her once again. Their mouths passionately engaged. Their lips and tongues
spoke of their lust. They each uttered soft sounds spurring onward both
themselves and each other. They broke their kiss and Monica said, "Can we go
to my bedroom?"

They both knew it was incest, but at that point, neither of the Gellers
cared. "Uh hum," he said, swallowing hard.

Monica turned and began walking toward her room. She looked tentatively over
her shoulder. Ross followed, his motions a mixture of determination and
uncertainty. At that moment, Rachel's supposed soon-arrival was the farthest
thing from his mind.

They entered her bedroom, and Monica turned and stepped in close to him. No
kiss came. No words were said. She simply took hold of his belt and began
undressing her brother. The leather was unclasped, the button undone, the
zipper pulled down. His shirt was unbuttoned and pushed off his shoulders to
collapse onto the floor behind him. The whole time, they looked at each
other, soberly, nervously. Her hand dipped into his underwear. Ross
whimpered slightly as he felt his little sister beginning to stroke his cock.
She pulled it out and without a word, knelt down in front of him.

The gorgeous woman looked upward, and he couldn't help but gaze at her. Her
hand held down the waistband of his boxers as the other slowly jacked the
shaft of his cock. Her eyes didn't ask permission, though it would have been
given. They simply told what her next step would be.

Ross watched as his dick entered Monica's mouth. The head disappeared past
her perfect lips, and he felt the warmth of her mouth covering it. This
wasn't the first time, they weren't virgins with each other; though they both
swore it wouldn't happen again. Yet right then, his pulse beat loudly in his
ears as if it was that first, thoroughly taboo time. He didn't want it, and
he so completely did.

Monica's head slowly started bobbing on his cock. Sliding on and off in an
easy pace and rhythm, hiding well the jitters in her mind. She knew she had
initiated it; this was her plan all along; but her desire didn't calm her own

She sucked and licked and bobbed, and soon Ross' entire shaft was coated in
her saliva. It glistened each time it left her darkly painted lips. She
licked the shaft on each side, from base to head, then drug her tongue slowly
along the underside, from his ballsack to knob. Over the top she went and
the crown disappeared again inside her mouth. Her hair swayed slightly back
and forth.

As Monica gave her brother head, he was unaware of the soft high heel clicks
that preceded a figure standing in the still-open doorway. She wore a simple
satin-black waist cincher, black silk stockings, heels, and nothing else.
Rachel smiled to herself as she saw their plan coming together. Her nipples
hardened and her pussy began to moisten as she watched Monica on her knees
servicing Ross. One hand went to her exposed breast, caressing it. The
other went to her bare pussy, drawing the wetness out to her lips.

Even beyond the eroticism of watching two people enjoying oral sex, she was
aroused by the thoughts of how their love triangle was soon to play itself
out. Her best friend, roommate, and lover. One of her best guy-friends,
whom she suspected had desired her for years. Those two as willingly
incestuous siblings.

The lust roared within her as she quietly moved behind Ross. She wanted to
just rip the clothes off both of them, but she knew that Ross could still
freak out if they approached this encounter the wrong way. So as she crept
toward him, she gently wrapped her arms around his waist and asked, "Isn't
she beautiful?"

Ross jumped slightly at first. The last thing he expected was to have Rachel
there, while his sister sucked his cock. But he quickly realized that there
was no shock or disapproval on her part. Her gentle yet sexy smile
accompanied her words, "I was hoping to have both Gellers someday." With
this she moved around him and laid her head on his shoulder to watch Monica.

He was taken aback a bit, as he glanced, alternating between the top of
Rachel's head and his sister, who was still sucking. He began to stammer a
question, but was quickly silenced as Rachel's angelic face turned upward
toward him and drew him into a kiss, loving at first, then becoming more

"Sweetie, there's no sense ignoring the elephant in the corner," she said
sweetly. "I know you and Mon have had sex, and now we want you to know that
we do. And none of that should ever change. I love Mon and I love you, and
I don't want you to ever think I'll do what Carol did... y'know... choose
another woman over you. I just want both you and Mon in my life."

Russ mumbled an agreement. For years he had longed for Rachel. She was his
girl-friend, with a hyphen, in that she was a good friend who was a girl. He
had always secretly hoped she would one day become his real girlfriend. He
wondered if that was what she was offering. His wondering stopped as Monica
picked up where Rachel left off, as she stroked his cock in her fist. "So we
thought that if the three of us could, you know... then it might make you
feel better... about all this."

"Yeah," Rachel continued, heading off Ross' unvoiced concern. "We don't care
if Phoebe and the guys know, or not. That's totally up to you, but honestly,
it's not what matters. What matters is that the three of us can show our
love for each other however we want."

With this, and without waiting for a response, Rachel knelt down beside
Monica. Ross looked down at the two beautiful faces on either side of his
hard cock. His mind fought with itself, wondering who's mouth he most wanted
his dick inside. Any reservations at the scenario melted away as Rachel took
hold of his cock, offering it to Monica. As his sister sucked, his girl-
friend slowly jacked it off. Then it was Rachel's turn to suck, with
Monica's hand taking over the masturbation duties. "Ohmigod," he murmured
loudly as he realized that these two women were indeed intent on pleasuring

They passed his cock back and forth in this way for what seemed like an
eternity, each woman's mouth providing its own unique feeling, as varied as
their cock-sucking techniques. Monica preferring to lip-jack him, and Rachel
tending to lick the underside of the shaft and suckle the head.

Then the moment arrived when, for Ross, it turned into a true ménage a trois.
As his sister sucked on his dick, Rachel began nuzzling her neck, kissing and
licking along it until she reached her ear. Monica giggled, mouth full of
cock, and as a shiver ran up her back, she pushed her shoulder up at Rachel
as if trying to shoo her away. Her roommate returned a playful laugh. Ross
watched as Rachel sucked on Monica's earlobe, and she in turn sucked his

Rachel soon left Monica's neck and began licking the side of his cock as her
fellating partner attended to the head. Following her cue, Monica brought
her mouth around to the other side, and they bathed Ross' cock with their
tongues. Soon their lips were pursed against the shaft. Ross took the hint.
His hands came gently on Monica's and Rachel's heads. He held them as he
began fucking their lips, his hips pumping forward and back. The girls
looked into each other's eyes as Ross took over. Monica winked at her
friend, pleased that her plan had worked out so well.

Rachel had never seen or felt a cock become so hard, even among all her past
boyfriends. Her pussy was wet with the anticipation of everything the three
of them would do, both now and hopefully in the future. And she knew that
Monica must be just as aroused as her, the way she fondled herself under her
sweater. Rachel's hands followed a line over to Monica's lap, then found
their way upward to join her roomie in her breast-play. Monica gave a little
moan and let Rachel take over. Her own hands slipped under her flirty skirt
and began rubbing her pussy through her thong panties. The fabric pressed
into her wet crease under the pressure of her middle finger. Within seconds,
Monica had pulled her thong to the side and dipped her finger into her cunt.

Ross' hips stopped their actions and he took his cock in his hand, feeding it
to Rachel. She allowed it to be pushed past her lips and she sucked it
energetically, her tongue and lips treating it in a way that she'd never any
cock before. Sure, Rachel loved sucking cock, and she was very good at it.
But here, the unrestrained passion of the situation imbued itself into her

Monica watched with deep desire, longing to continue servicing that hard
penis. Watching, waiting, masturbating. Soon, her chance came. Ross pulled
his dick away from Rachel's mouth. Then, as he held the raven-haired
beauty's chin in his hand, Monica was fed her brother's cock. Her passion
matched Rachel's as she bobbed on the head, fingering herself the whole time.

Rachel looked up at Ross, and breathlessly asked, "Do you want to cum in her

"Yuh huh!" he replied enthusiastically, looking down at Monica; her eyes
saying yes.

Rachel stood and moved close beside him. Her breasts and hard nipples
pressed into him. His arm wrapped around her as her hand wrapped around his
cock. "Let's do this, sweetie," she whispered.

Monica placed her lips around the head of Ross' cock. A gentle suckling
ensued while Rachel began slowly stroking him. He wanted so much to cum.
His heart pounded nervously at the thought of cumming in his beautiful
sister's mouth. He looked down at her; blue eyes shining, hair slightly
tousled, mouth clamped, lips sucking. "Ohmigod, Mon," he murmured. "You're
so beautiful." Monica slowly winked a thank you at him.

Rachel watched and smiled, taking in the incestuous, yet loving act. Her
hand began moving more quickly as Ross' hold on her tightened. The way he
breathed told her that he was getting closer; the way he held his breath
slightly between heavy exhales. Her hand position shifted and encircled the
shaft with just her thumb and finger. She moved it to the base of his cock
and cupped his tight ballsack as she masturbated him, jacking just the inch
or so at the base. Monica's lips followed the lead of Rachel's hand, mouth-
stroking the end of his cock.

The combination of the sensations was more than Ross could withstand at that
point; the ring of moving pressure around the base of his cock, the palm
supporting and fondling his balls, and the wonderful sucking lips attached to
the head.

"I'm gonna cum!" he whined loudly.

"Do it, Ross," Rachel encouraged. "Cum in Monica's mouth... She wants it,
sweetie... that's it, baby, give it to her..."

Monica's jaw dropped and the under-ridge of the cock's crown rested on her
lower lip. She knelt there, waiting. Her mouth was open to receive what her
brother was about to give.

He felt his balls begin to throb, slowly and gently at first, but quickly
picking up steam. Ross watched as the first jet of milky liquid erupted from
his cock and disappeared into his sister's mouth. His hips began to buck
slightly, and both women knew what he wanted.

Rachel let go and Monica's lips wrapped around his cock again as another
spurt came. "Do it, honey," Rachel quietly urged. "Fuck Monica's mouth."

With this, Ross put his hands around his little sister's head and began
pumping his cock in and out. His balls spasmed violently as his dick ejected
stream after stream, coating her tongue.

"Mm hmmm, mm hmmm," Monica's muffled encouragement beckoned for more.

Rachel rubbed herself as she watched brother and sister, one fucking and one
sucking. She longed to share what was being exchanged between them. The
moment that Ross separated his dick from his willing sister, Rachel dropped
to her knees beside her. Taking her roomie's face in her hands, she engaged
her in a long, passionate kiss. Their tongues played together in the jizz
that Monica still held in her mouth. They parted, each taking half the cum
to swallow.

Ross stood there, dick still hanging out of his pants, catching his breath
and watching the prurient display. Then both girls rose and joined him,
cuddling against him.

"Do you want to take my clothes off, or do you want to watch me do it?"
Monica asked, willing to fulfill any direction Ross would give.

In a silent answer, Ross began pulling Monica's sweater over her head. Such
an intimate act, of one person undressing another, was never intended to be
shared by siblings. They both felt a rush at this forbidden act, in spite of
how everything they'd shared to this point in the evening was also far too
taboo. As the top was removed from her body, she shook her hair out and as
her arms came down, she attempted, unsuccessfully, to primp it back into

Sweater off and now tossed onto a nearby dresser, Ross went for Monica's
skirt. Her hands rested on his biceps and her eyes danced across his face as
his arms wrapped around her to reach the clasp and zipper on the back of the
garment. It fluttered as it lightly fell to the floor, and she stood there
for him in only a bra, thong, stockings, garter belt, and high heels. The
whiteness of her lingerie, save the stockings, gave an almost virginal feel
to Monica's appearance. Ross' heart skipped a beat as he scanned her body,
knowing that there would indeed be more for him to unwrap.

The bra was next. With a surprisingly smooth action, he bared her breasts.
Her hard nipples displayed the arousal that was mimicked in her pussy.
Crouching down in front of her, Ross took in the view of Monica's stocking
tops; what she had provocatively used to tease and ensnare him. He admired
the slight sheen to the nylon, the way it stretched around his sister's
thigh. He loved the way nylon felt on a woman's legs, and both Monica and
Rachel obviously were playing to his fetish.

Ross hooked his fingers into the side straps of Monica's thong and slid it
down over her slim hips. He realized that she had worn it outside of her
garter belt. She must have known how he would want her; wearing her
stockings and garter belt for him and otherwise naked. As her thong moved
down, exposing first her trimmed strip, Ross was treated then to a close-up
view of a perfect, smooth pussy. It was one of the most beautiful pussies
he'd ever seen, including in the porn magazines he sometimes bought. Firm
and tight with a clit that just begged to be licked.

As Ross stood, Monica stepped out of her high heels. This made her seem even
more petite and vulnerable and sexy and desirable.

She moved backward, sat down on the side of the bed, and spread her legs. As
she did so, Rachel finished undressing Ross, pulling his pants and underwear
down, kissing her way down his body and crouching before him. Shoes and
socks came off and a naked Ross was treated to a long upward caress of her
tongue as Rachel rose.

"Will you lick her with me?" Rachel whispered in his ear, as she raised up on

"Um... okay," was his hesitant reply. It wasn't so much the idea of licking
his sister's pussy that made him uncertain. It was more that he'd never
thought of Rachel as a bi-sexual woman. He wasn't sure if he actually wanted
to see her at work.

Nevertheless, the couple kneeled between Monica's legs. They shared a very
deep, loving kiss, and when their lips parted, Rachel said to Ross, "I want
you to know that I love you, Ross."

The girls made eye contact and both gave a little smile. Rachel leaned in to
Monica's pussy and gave it a long slow lick. Monica moaned through her
smile. "God, Rach, that feels wonderful."

As Ross took in the sight of his potential girlfriend performing oral sex on
his sister, he found that his cock was getting hard once again. Soon, it was
protruding straight out, and it began to take control of his decisions. Any
reservations melted away and he leaned in to join Rachel between Monica's
stockinged thighs.

Rachel paused her licking when she felt the presence of Ross' face next to
hers. "Well, hello there, sailor," she said seductively. "Wanna share with

Ross glanced up at his gorgeous sister. Their eyes locked as he tentatively
tongued her clit. "Do that again," she whispered. He obliged her, more
confidently, flicking his tongue over and over across the tender flesh. A
shiver ran up Monica's spine. "More," she moaned, "god, more."

Her brother began licking her clit, slowly and gently, caressing her legs as
he did so. A warm feeling flowed through her body, up from her loins.
Monica opened her knees a bit wider, as her brother's passion gradually grew
and his tentativeness slipped away.

"Mmmm, yes," came a half-whisper and half moan.

Ross felt Rachel's fingers land upon his shoulder and she smilingly teased,
"I thought we were supposed to share."

His face and hands moved away and Rachel's replaced them. Her tongue lapped
at Monica's pussy and gradually burrowed into the folds of her flesh. "God,
Monica, you're so wet," she murmured between licks.

"Mmmmm," Monica groaned. "Touch me, Ross." It came out almost as pleading,
and he once again caressed her body. Her calf, her thigh, moving from
outside to inside. Feeling her silky stocking tops and the smooth skin
above. Up her stomach. Gripping her breast. Feeling and fondling her
nipple. Up to her neck and finally holding her cheek in his hand. Her head
turned to the side and she took his thumb into her mouth and sucked on it,

A ragged inhale passed Monica's lips, and a groaned exhale followed a briefly
held breath. Her head fell back, and her eyes closed. Even then, her mind's
eye could still see her roommate licking her pussy and her brother waiting to

As Monica's orgasm came closer, Rachel motioned for Ross to take over
pleasuring his sister. He licked up and down, pushing her onward to climax.
As he concentrated on her clit, Rachel placed her hand on her pussy lips,
just beneath his chin. Her middle finger slid in and she began masturbating
Monica at a rapid pace.

"Make her cum, baby," Rachel urged, knowing that her own turn would soon

Monica laid back on the bed, pushing her ass forward and allowing both
partners full access to her body. "Oh god, oh god," she intoned. "I'm gonna
cum... so close... so close..."

"Harder, Ross, lick her harder," Rachel directed. He did as he was told, and
pushed his moving flesh hard against hers.

"Uhhhhhhhhh," she gave a high-pitched whine. "Uhhhhhhh..... MMMHHHHHHHH..."

Suddenly, Monica's orgasm crashed onto her. Her body arched and her thoughts
focused on the tongue at her clit and the finger ramming her pussy.
"Ohgodohgodohgodohgod... UUUHHHHNNNN.., gaaawwwwdddd...."

Her torso rolled right and left, thrashing. Ross and Rachel each grabbed
onto a hip and held her lower body steady. The on-going orgasm waved through
her frame, and spasms of pleasure fought against the couple's grip, as her
hips raised and dropped with each jolt.

"Stop... please, stop... I... I... oh god... " she begged. "I can't...
any... anymore..." Her thoughts were scattered and she couldn't even form
complete sentences.

Ross and Rachel had mercy on her and slowly ended their actions. Monica felt
her climax subside and she lay there, panting. "God, that was amazing!"

Before she could say anything more, Ross hastily stood and put his cock in
her. His excitement at the thought of screwing his sister controlled him.
He fucked her fast and hard for a few moments. Her throbbing, tired pussy
nevertheless told her that it wanted this cock inside her. "Do me from
behind," she said.

Ross obediently pulled out and Monica rolled over. Her hips rested on the
edge of the bed and her legs trailed out behind her. Ross stood between
them. She lay there; her body gently shaking in anticipation. Then she felt
the skin of Ross' cockhead touch her wet pussy lips. She closed her eyes to
focus on her cunt as it was slowly filled with her brother's cock.

As Ross slipped back into his sister, Rachel climbed up onto the bed and
positioned herself at Monica's head, offering, no, directing her to attend to
her shaved pussy. Monica obliged her, as Ross began fucking.

She started sucking on Rachel's clit, covering it fully with her mouth. Her
tongue flicked up and down as suction with her widely open lips, drew the
flesh inward. Soon her head began to nod as she licked the full range of
Rachel's slit. "Oh my god," the sandy-blonde girl groaned deeply, her head
tilting all the way back.

Monica moaned at the sensation of her brother's long dick sliding in and out
of her pussy once again, though her utterances were muffled by the cunt she
was in turn servicing. Rachel purred as she watched her roomie licking and
sucking. Her eyes locked with Ross'. "Fuck her," her lips silently mouthed,
and Ross simply nodded.

Supporting herself on one elbow, Rachel held Monica's head at her pussy. Her
fingers intertwined with the silky strands of hair. "Lick it, Mon... that's
it, sweetie... eat me out... mmmm.... oh yeah... fuck it with your tongue..."

Monica couldn't look up at Rachel, her face buried as it was in her smooth
cunt. But she readily obliged her friend. Her tongue came straight out, as
long and hard as she could make it, and she began pleasuring Rachel with her
lesbian hard-on.

Ross' actions made this tongue-fucking ever easier, as his hips drove
Monica's petite frame forward with each ramming thrust. Her prostrate body
rocked on the mattress and her nipples rubbed gently on the blanket. Her
toes barely touched the floor as her stocking-clad legs stretched out.

"Fuck, yeah," Rachel growled. "That's it, Ross... fuck her tongue into me."

Rachel's guidance was unneeded, as full of incestuous lust as Ross was. He
wanted Monica's body. He wanted to make her cum by fucking her. He felt the
softness of her stocking tops rubbing against his thighs as he screwed her
brains out, giving it to her hard and fast. He reveled in the tight feeling
of his sister's pussy. It wrapped around his cock like a wet, velvety glove.

Monica began moaning louder. Her muffled whimpers of encouragement emanated
from between her roommate's thighs. Her mouth was on autopilot and her eyes
were closed, as she concentrated on the cock sliding within her cunt. She
was going to cum again; she could feeling it growing within her body and her
mind begged for that orgasm.

Rachel's panting and soft grunts told the story of her own arousal. Her
friend's tongue teased and stimulated the sensitive inner lips of her pussy.
Every once in a while, Monica's nose bumped into her clit, giving a slight
jolt of erotic energy to ease her higher and higher. Monica was quite
talented at eating pussy, but the new actions and effects of their ménage a
trois brought Rachel's lust to the fore. She licked her dry lips, knowing
that her pussy was keeping her roommate's mouth well-moistened.

Ross' hands caressed and squeezed Monica's tight little ass. Monica worked
out regularly now, doing an amazing job of keeping the weight off. Though he
never admitted the thoughts into his mind when he saw her in tight spandex,
he now allowed himself to admire how toned and firm it was. Her white garter
belt straps stretched over, but barely pressed into the flesh. Soon he was
pushing her hips down into the bed, keeping her body from moving away from
him as he fucked her.

At this, the tongue-fucking ceased. But Monica's lust and arousal led her to
devour her friend in other ways. Her tongue and lips and mouth slathered
Rachel with saliva, which quickly mixed with the wetness of Rachel's pussy.
"Oh god, oh god, oh god," the light-haired woman whined. Monica looked
upward and their eyes locked. Her panting puffed against her friend's pussy,
even as she continued licking and lapping. A pleading look came upon
Rachel's face as she stared down at the woman between her widely spread legs.
"Please... please..."

Rachel's body tensed and her frame became rigid. The taut muscles of her
stomach and legs showed her to be on the verge of cumming. Suddenly her
climax hit. Her elbows gave way and she collapsed back onto the bed. Her
body convulsed and jerked as Monica began sucking her clit hard. Ragged
breaths interrupted her screams of pleasure as the waves of orgasm wracked
her body; causing her head to rock violently from side to side.

"AAAAAAHHHH! AAAAHHHH!" was all she could utter. No coherent words came
out. She shook under the tremendous climax, unable to control what her body
was doing.

As he watched her cum, Ross chuffed, forcing his ejaculation away. Despite
his enjoyment of his sister's body, he wanted so much to fuck Rachel as well;
the lust of his life. He wanted to see her cum; he wanted to make her cum.
Thankfully, his initial orgasm allowed him a long measure of staying power

When Rachel's climax finally began to ease, she lay there, her arms and legs
trembling. As it subsided, a wonderfully slow orgasm came upon Monica. Her
eyes rolled back and her lids languidly fell. She uttered a long guttural
groan into Rachel's pussy. Her hot breath combined with the heat of the
flesh at her face. She gasped, inhaling more of Rachel's scent, just before
the sensations brought a second groan. A shiver ran her spine, as the climax
swelled through her frame. Her forehead rested on her roomie's trimmed patch
of hair as she moaned into the blanket. "Oh god, Ross," was all she could
manage, the climax pulling her focus inward. She had no idea that her
brother's cock could give her so much pleasure. But there it was, still
thrusting in and out of her, still keeping her erotic high going. Then, as
slowly as it came upon her, Monica's orgasm slipped away.

Ross slowed his motions and then pulled out of Monica. He held his still-
hard cock, fighting back the jizz that oozed from the tip. Both women lay
there panting. Rachel's chest and Monica's back heaved, out of sync with
each other yet somehow together. Rachel lovingly trailed her fingers through
the head of black hair still positioned at her pussy. Ross ran his hands
along Rachel's stockinged legs, then down Monica's body, as the women basked
in their afterglow.

Monica slowly crawled up onto the bed, and as she did so, Ross fingertips
enjoyed the fleeting touch of the nude-colored nylon on her thighs and
calves. She kissed Rachel, letting her taste her own pussy.

Ross watched, no longer uncertain or uneasy about the women's relationship.
It had been unbelievably hot, first taking in the image of Rachel licking
pussy, and then watching the motions of the back of Monica's head as she
tongued their friend's cunt. Even now, it was beautiful and erotic, seeing
his girl-friend and his sister kissing so soulfully.

Soon, his arousal subsided to a point where he knew he could enjoy and
pleasure Rachel without cumming too quickly. He reached out, grabbing her
legs and pulled her toward him, until her ass rested just on the edge of the
bed. She squealed in her cute Rachel way and both women laughed.

The frivolity was quickly replaced by her serious, aroused look, as she
raised up again on her elbows. "You wanna fuck me, monkey boy?"

"More than you could ever know," came the answer as a long hard cock was
pushed into her. She moaned with a dirty smile, "Give it to me, Ross... Give
me a good hard fucking."

Both lovers grunted as he pulled back and rammed hard into her. "Yeah,
baby... do that again," she said with a lustful stare. Ross obliged, giving
and eliciting another loud grunt.

Monica crawled to them on the soft bed. In keeping with the filthy lust now
filling the room, she took a handful of Rachel's hair at the back of her head
and roughly pulled it backward to look up at her. She leaned down and
engaged her in a long kiss; passionate, hard, yet somehow loving. The
continued ramming from Ross caused Rachel to grunt into Monica's mouth over
and over, as their lip-lock continued.

Ross massaged her clit with his thumb as he fucked just the end of his dick
in Rachel. Then, without warning, he thrust forward, burying his cock fully
in her cunt. "UHH!" was pushed out of her, as he did this over and over.
The bed creaked and rocked each time Ross drove into her. Her breasts
bounced and her mouth nearly separated from Monica's, had it not been for the
tight grip the brunette now had on her head.

Soon, Ross' actions melded into a fast, repetitive fucking. As he nailed
Rachel, her kiss with Monica broke just long enough for her to demand, "Fuck
yeah... fuck me hard..."

The Gellers joined together in pleasuring Miss Green. As Ross fucked her,
Monica pawed at Rachel's breasts. Squeezing them, caressing them, groping
them. All the while, devouring her mouth with the same passion with which
she devoured her pussy.

Their lips separated and to Ross' surprise, Monica quickly moved to straddle
Rachel's hips and engaged him in an equally passionate kiss. Her tongue
probed her brother's mouth as he fucked her best friend. She gave soft
little "mmms" as his tongue began returning the zeal as it entered her mouth.
His hand left Rachel's hip, slid to Monica's thigh, and then upward to cup
his little sister's breast. Her hard nipple told him that she was nowhere
near being done with their prurient activities.

Rachel looked and saw the way that Monica's widely spread legs had presented
her pussy, framed as it was by stocking tops, her little butt, and Rachel's
abdomen. She reached underneath her friend's ass and pressed her finger into
the soaking crease, sliding it forward and back, rubbing the tip on her clit.
Still kissing Ross, Monica moaned at the sensation of being masturbated.
"MMMMmmmmm," she uttered as Rachel's digit was pushed up into her. The
motions of Ross' fast fucking jolted Rachel's body and caused her finger to
frig Monica with an erotic symmetry.

Occupied as he was with his sister's kiss, Ross' actions slowed, but didn't
ease in their intensity. His dick still drilled Rachel, good and hard;
plunging into her and filling her up.

Soon, Monica moved away from him and turned her attention back to Rachel. As
the finger left her pussy, it was brought to her lips. Without hesitation,
Monica's mouth took it in and she sucked it gently, licking all her juices
off it. Then, bending over, her tongue lavished praise upon Rachel's breast.
It ran circles around her nipple, melded into a nice hard suck, then finished
with a gentle bite. Rachel gave a lust-filled chuckle. "You know how that
gets me going, Mon."

Ross, too, was experiencing how his sister could "get her going." Rachel's
tight pussy nearly gushed with her wetness, well lubricating his hard cock.
The soft sopping feeling stimulated the shaft and head of his dick like he
had never felt before. He always loved any time he could have sex, but for
some reason, perhaps the kinkiness of it all, this time was better than
anything else that had ever happened to him.

Rachel's knees came up and her feet rested on his stomach. Each deep thrust
rocked her body, pushing her knees toward her face, and lifting her ass
slightly off the bed. "Oh... god... fuck... me..." she exhaled with each
push inside her. The root of this cock pounded against her clit over and
over, driving her upward and upward.

Monica moved behind Rachel, cradling her body between her thighs. Rachel
leaned back against her. She felt the delicate softness of the nylon-covered
legs along her hips. The black-haired woman wrapped her arms around her
roommate, and played with her breasts, particularly her nipples. She gently
pinched them and rolled them between her fingertips, before covering both
breasts with her hands and groping the soft flesh. She brought her lips down
to Rachel's neck, kissing along her smooth skin.

"Mmmm, Monica," her roomie hummed.

The sensation of envelopment in someone's arms, a woman and best friend whom
she loved, along with the stimulation to her neck, breasts and pussy caused
Rachel's heart to beat harder. She relished the attention being showered
upon her by her best friends. Living in the moment, she simply melted into
Monica and allowed the siblings to pleasure her and bring her to orgasm.

She felt it building deep within her. That restlessness that would soon
cause her mind to desire, then beg, then scream for release.

"Oh god, faster, Ross," she implored, feeling that sexual strain grow.

His body met her request with a positive answer. Ross grabbed Rachel's
ankles from his chest and lifted them up, spreading her legs wide. He looked
down at her, taking in the perfect body that he had lusted over for years.
The speed of his hips picked up as his dick repeatedly stabbed into her cunt.
Sweat ran down his forehead, which matched the sheen covering Rachel's torso.

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum," she panted. She was barely restraining it; barely able
to keep it at bay to allow its strength to peak. "Oh fuck... oh fuck..."

"Cum for us, baby," Monica intoned as she continued kissing her neck and
shoulder. "Let me feel you cum."

And cum, Rachel did. Just then, her back arched and her shoulders pushed
against Monica's collarbone, as their cheeks rubbed together. Her flat
stomach undulated as the orgasm surged through her body. "Ohhhhh, FUCK!"
Rachel yelled, filling the room with further expletives. "Fuckin', goddam
fuckin' fuck! Fuck me, Ross... fuck me! SHIT!"

Ross felt his body swell closer to climax. Not wanting to cum again so soon,
he immediately pulled out and dropped to his knees, delving into Rachel's
pussy to maintain her climax as long as possible. Licking the full length of
her slit; lapping hard at her pussy.

"Cum, Rachel," Monica said, purring in her ear as she squeezed and massaged
her breasts. "Cum, baby... keep cumming... you can do it... cum more...
more... keep cumming."

Her roommate's encouragement worked like a coach driving an elite athlete.
Rachel's body went rigid and her mind ordered the orgasm to continue, even as
overwhelming passion washed over her thoughts. More and more came and she
felt Monica's legs gripping her hard, matching the tension of her own frame.
Each exhale came hard, accompanied by a little whine.

Soon, she could maintain it no more. Her body collapsed into Monica. Her
lungs heaved and a dizziness swirled within her head, nearly causing her to
black-out. "Whew!" she breathed. "That was unbelievable!"

Ross left her pussy with a gentle kiss on the lips, then stood, holding his
cock to keep it from releasing the precious jizz.

"Do you want me again?" Monica asked.

"No, I better wait a bit. I almost came inside Rach, and I don't want to

"Suit yourself," she smiled. "But I think I want a little more Rachel."

Monica moved away from her friend and brought her up to her knees, facing
away. With nimble fingers, Monica reached around and unclasped the cincher's
straps holding the silk stockings, before undoing the small black fabric-
covered buttons that held the lingerie together at the back. Pulling the
garment away, Monica directed her to lay the length of the bed.

As she bent over Rachel, she kissed her breast, while lowering her own to the
dirty-blonde's waiting mouth. Rachel's lips wrapped around Monica's nipple,
attaching as they had done so many times before. Both women suckled,
regaining the hard nipples of their mutual heat.

Ross watched this extremely erotic engagement. It brought to him a similar
image he'd seen before in an adult magazine. The next image in the magazine
almost immediately came into his head. "Oh god, they're gonna 69," his mind
wailed. He knew he was still close to cumming, and he was afraid that just
the sight of two sexy women orally pleasuring each other would take his body
to a place he couldn't control. Yet, not wanting to swing too far the other
way and lose his erection, he simply massaged his own balls, touching enough
to stay hard, but not so much that he'd cum. His ballsack, firm from his
near-ejaculation, tightened up even more.

Unaware of her brother's fear, Monica raised up and crawled forward to
straddle the sexy waitress' shoulders. Doing so, she positioned her pussy
above her head. With this, Monica draped her body down Rachel's. Rachel's
knees came up, and as Monica wrapped her hands around her stockinged thighs,
she dove into the freshly fucked cunt. The aroma and taste filled her body
with lust and she began allowing her tongue to fondle Rachel.

Grabbing a pillow, Rachel quickly placed it beneath her head, propping it up
to better access Monica's cunt. Her hands traveled over Monica's taut ass;
fingertips tracing their way down the straps of her garterbelt to the soft
tops of her nude stockings. A tongue reached upward to take a long slow lap
at a beautiful set of pussy lips.

"Mmmm, yes," Monica whispered, in an ever-so-brief break from her oral
services. Tingling warmed her body as Rachel's tongue buried into her.

"Lick it, Mon," Rachel moaned into her pussy. Her direction was followed and
Monica slid her tongue up and down the folds of her perfectly smooth cunt.
"Yeah, Mon. Fuckin' eat me out."

Ross stood there in amazement. His hand slowly began pumping his shaft.
Masturbating to his own private sex show. "Omigod," he whimpered. Hearing
this quiet oath of approval, both girls stopped and, turning their heads
toward him, smiled at his dilemma. Then almost as if on cue, they resumed
their reciprocal servicing.

Monica always loved Rachel's talented tongue, and this time was certainly no
exception. She focused on the sensations accorded her. Her forearms wrapped
tightly around Rachel's thighs, holding to her body with a deathgrip. Naked
shoulders rubbed against clad thighs, and she returned the passion given to
her cunt.

Muffled little murmurs came from the women, as their mouths were otherwise
occupied with each other's pussies. Licking and lapping and sucking, their
tongues and lips soon became a flurry of prurient activity. "Fuck yes, fuck
yes," Monica mumbled while Rachel, between licks and kisses, conveyed her
own, "Oh god, Mon, just like that... fuck, yeah, lick it like that."

Ross panted as he jacked off, stroking himself hard and fast. Suddenly, an
idea hit him.

Stepping to the bed, he grabbed onto the bedspread and pulled. The entangled
women slid the foot or so toward him, barely noticing what had happened.
Stepping one foot onto the bed, he lined up with his sister's pussy.
Rachel's head fell back and she stared up and the cock and balls above her.
As Ross entered Monica, Rachel made sure that the flat of her tongue caressed
the underside of his shaft all the way to his sack.

A few pumps inside his raven-haired sibling, and Ross withdrew. He quickly
moved to stand beside the bed. Placing one hand on Monica's back and holding
his lubricated shaft with the other, he guided his cock in between Monica's
and Rachel's bodies. Each woman felt the dick slide in against her stomach.
"Oh my god, I can't believe they're letting me do this," he thought.

"Why, Ross, you nasty boy," Rachel said with a filthy smile, glancing up at
him. His hips started pumping and he felt their soft skin caressing his
shaft. His abdomen bumped against Monica and his balls against Rachel. As
he fucked between them, Monica realized and relished the way her brother was
using their bodies to get himself off. It seemed so hedonistic, yet so
appropriate for their ménage a trois.

Both girls felt a climax coming closer. Monica slid her middle finger into
her roommate's bald pussy. She buried it as far as it would go, then began
frigging her. In and out, finger-banging her like a little cock. Moments
later, she pulled it out and rubbed against Rachel's sensitive clit, causing
a long deep gasp in her friend. The digit immediately went back in,
repeating the cycle. As she did this, her head dipped down and she lapped at
the smooth skin above Rachel's clit, teasing her by avoiding the sensitive

Rachel's head nodded as her tongue traveled Monica's beautiful cunt. The
groans she was getting from Monica spurred her on to further and further
licking. Her tongue came straight out, as hard as she could make it, and she
pushed it into her friend's hole again and again.

As she was getting a good tongue-fucking, Monica finally relented and
fluttered her own tongue across Rachel's clit, all the while drilling her
finger into her. The flitting became a more determined wagging and soon she
was licking hard. Rachel moaned loudly in response. A few more firm licks
and Monica wrapped her lips tightly around the tender flesh.

Rachel growled loudly through widely pursed lips, frozen in a "sh" formant,
as her roommate sucked hard on her clit. To answer the stimulation, her
fingers rapidly rubbed Monica's clit from side to side.

Monica's head snapped back as she uttered an expletive. "FUCK!" she
screamed. She breathed hard; uttering short, loud UHNs with each exhale.
Soon Monica went back to her pussy-licking. She wanted Rachel to cum almost
as much as she wanted her own orgasm.

Within moments, an impassioned, desperate look appeared on Rachel's face as
her climax came closer. She moaned slowly and loudly. Rachel's fingertips
came to a stop. Although Monica's bisexual actions were having as much
effect on herself as on her roomie, keeping the brunette very close to
cumming, she wanted the ministrations to continue.

"Rub me, Rach. God, please don't stop," she begged. This brought Rachel
partly out of her own little orgasmic world, and she resumed masturbating her
friend. "Oh god," Monica moaned. "Uhhhhnnnn."

Even as she danced on the edge of her climax, the light-haired woman buried
her face in Monica's pussy. Desire and lust filling her heart and mind.
Licking hard and deep. Tasting her friend's juices. Bringing her almost to
the point of climax.

A strained whine emanated from Ross, as he fought to hold off. His mind
repeatedly drifted back to their activities. His sister sucking his cock.
Cumming in her mouth then watching her share it with Rachel. Fucking Monica
in such an erotic way; fucking Rach so vigorously; and now using them like a
couple of gorgeous bisexual whores. This evening was more than he could ever
hope for, and he knew he'd be reliving these memories as masturbatory
inspiration for his daily jack-off sessions. With his hips still rocking his
cock between the girls' bodies, he caressed his sister's back and ran his
fingers through her shoulder-length hair, mussing it even more.

Rachel could feel her blood-pressure rising and the flush that came upon her
face. Her head turned to the side as she gasped for air. Her open mouth
rested on Monica's inner thigh. Her tongue involuntarily flicking and
feeling the fine texture of the hose. Without realizing it, she began gently
biting her friend; her lips rubbing against the nylon of Monica's nude
stockings; her teeth lighting digging in.

The sensation of Rachel's animal reaction spurred greater lust within the
dark-haired woman. Her frigging picked up speed, and she was soon finger-
fucking Rachel with a fast, hard rhythm. Her palm spanked gently on Rachel's
clit. The shock wave from each slap caused her body to flinch in pleasure,
and a grunt to emanate against Monica's flesh.

Both women's eyes were closed in ecstasy. Rachel in the throes of orgasm,
and Monica nearly there, willing her climax to happen. Moments later, a wave
of heat surged through her, bringing a wonderful fuzziness to her brain. "OH
GOD!" she yelled in a high pitched squeal. This was immediately followed by
lower toned moans. "Ahhhhh... uhhhnnn... uhhhnnn... oh fuuuuck.... gaawd..."

Hearing his sister climax took Ross over the edge and mercifully ended his
tortuous refusal to cum. Reaching across, he grabbed onto Monica's side and
rammed his long cock over and over, jetting sperm each time. He could feel
their sweaty bodies become more lubricated with his jizz as he spunked
between them. His thrusting slowed even as the women came down from their
individual climaxes.

Three chests heaved as a chorus of panting filled the room. "Oh god, that
was INCREDIBLE," Rachel groaned. "UH HUH," Monica uttered at the same time
as Ross agreed, pulling his cock out from between them. "It sure was," he
said, tiredly. At this, Monica crawled backwards and began licking at the
patch of jizz on Rachel's body. She tasted her brother's seed for the second
time. This presented Monica's cum smeared stomach to Rachel, and she
reciprocated, their bodies positioned in a half-69. As soon as the women had
licked each other clean, Monica moved a bit further and engaged Rachel in an
deep, loving, upside-down kiss.

Ross sat on the edge of the mattress, catching his breath. Soon, Rachel was
upright and sat next to him. Her fingertips slid under the black nylon of
her stockings and guided each in turn over her thigh, and down her curvy
calf, and off her small foot. Monica moved behind him and wrapped him in her
arms. "Stay the night?" she asked, resting her head on his shoulder.

"Yeah, Ross, Mon and I were going to sleep together tonight anyway. You can
join us," Rachel said, throwing back the covers of Monica's bed and crawling

"Um, okay," he agreed. Monica glided off the bed, stood and unclasped her
garter belt. She placed it back in the dresser drawer and slowly slid the
stockings off her slim toned legs. Ross climbed into bed beside Rachel, as
his sister undressed. Monica switched off the light on the nightstand, them
slipped between the sheets.

Ross lay there, sandwiched between two beautiful naked women. They snuggled
against him, Rachel resting a hand on his hairy chest, and Monica lightly
touching and slowly caressing the soft skin of his cock.

Within minutes, the three exhausted lovers drifted off to sleep; their bodies
recuperating from the night's fun, and readying themselves for whatever the
morning might bring.


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