Friends: Deleted Scenes - Staying In Phase Three
by Dudeman ([email protected])

Down at Central Perk, Chandler sat with Monica and Rachel. They were
drinking coffee and talking about the day. To Chandler, Monica seemed
unusually anxious. In the half-hour they were there, she must have
looked at her watch a dozen times. Then as Chandler took a sip of
latte, he noticed Monica discretely touch Rachel's leg, and then tap
on her watch. Within a few seconds, Rachel said nonchalantly, "Ya know,
I think I wanna get out of here. You guys want to head back to the

"Yeah, I'm pretty much done," Monica replied, trying to mask her
restlessness. Chandler glanced at her cup, which was still half-full.

Something was up, and he decided to see what it was. "Sure, we can go, if you

As they walked back, bundled against the winter chill, Monica and Rachel hung
on Chandler's arms. Monica was the first to speak.

"Ya know, Chandler, we were a little concerned that you might not be
completely over Kathy yet, in spite of last night." All three smiled,
thinking back to the wonderful sex they'd had. "So we got Joey and Ross
tickets to the Ranger game tonight."

Chandler objected, "What? You didn't get me a ticket too? If I'm trying to
forget about Kathy, shouldn't I do stuff to take my mind off her, like...
let's see... A HOCKEY GAME!"

Rachel laughed, "Oh Chandler. We just thought that you might want to spend
the evening with a couple of girls."

"Yeah," her roommate went on, "maybe we can figure out something fun to do."

They walked upstairs to their floor. "Let's hang out at your place," Rachel
suggested, opening the door to Chandler and Joey's apartment.

"Yeah, sure," Chandler said, following her in. Monica closed the door behind
them as he realized that the apartment was not empty. Phoebe was there, along
with four of the women from the strip club that the girls had taken him to
the day before.

Rachel cleared her throat. "Now, in case you haven't caught on by now... when
I said 'spend the evening with a couple of girls'," pointing to herself and
Monica, "I really meant 'the seven of us'."

"And, um, when I said 'figure out something fun to do'," Monica spoke slowly
and directly, "what I really meant was... 'have a BIG orgy'."

Chandler tried to stammer questions. His incoherence was comical. Both girls
laughed, and Monica answered what was on his mind.

"Well sweetie, we figured that this would help you stay firmly in Phase

Rachel finished her sentence, "And if not, at least we all could have a damn
good time trying."

"Thank you," Chandler said to Rachel, then to Monica, "thank you..." and
then to both, "thank you, thank you... thank you, thank you, thank you."
They giggled at his excitement.

"All right, Chandler," Monica explained, "there are only two rules for
tonight. One, you have to do something sexual with each one of us."

"I... always... have been the kind of guy who follows the rules."

Monica smiled, "And TWO, you can't tell Joey about this... ever."

"And you can't tell Ross, either," Rachel added.

"Oh god, no," Monica agreed, "you can NOT tell Ross."

"Well... all right, I think I could suffer through that."

"Now, Phoebe and Rachel and I have pooled all our toys and scattered them
around the room so feel free to use anything you want."

"I think I'll be using the 'toy' that Mother Nature gave me," he replied.

"That's just fine. Okay, let's make sure you know everyone here," Monica
began, "With Phoebe, there in the kitchen, that's Candy." They were opening
a couple bottles of wine and filling glasses.

"So, Phoebe's going to 'make' Candy in the kitchen?" he smirked, pleased with

"Um, a word of advice," Monica said, patting his chest, "avoid the jokes and
just stick to the sex."

They took him over to two girls, chatting beside one of the recliners. "This
is Chantal," Monica said, gesturing to a tall, buxom brunette.

"Well, hey there, darlin'." Southern charm dripped from her voice. Chandler
greeted her, but his eyes never left her large breasts.

"This is Alexis..."

"Hey, you're the one that slapped me while you were dancing," he said

"Well, you were leering at me," she teased.

"It's a strip club. I'm supposed to leer. You're a stripper. I'm supposed to
leer at YOU."

Alexis laughed. "Oh, well, sorry. But I promise I'll make it up to you

Monica finished the introductions. "And that's Michelle, sitting on the
couch. She's the one who helped me put all this together." Michelle waved
and Chandler recognized her as the cocktail waitress, who the girls had
convinced to teach the third grade.

"So that's the Michelle you were talking about last night? She's pretty

"Uh, YEA-ah. I mean, look at her. Don't ya just want to eat her up?" Monica
said with complete lust in her voice.

"Well, yes. But it sounds like you're the one who will be eating her
tonight." Monica gave him a sideways look and a demure smile.

"So how do you want to start?" Rachel asked Chandler excitedly. Phoebe and
Candy were passing out glasses of wine.

"Ooo, ooo, I know," he said excitedly as he ran to his bedroom. He returned
wearing a burgundy smoking jacket, with black satin lapels. Monica and Rachel
couldn't hide their amusement. "What is THAT?" Rachel laughed.

"It's a smoking jacket. You know, like Hef."

Monica put her hand on his shoulder. "Ok, I think 'Hef' wears silk pajamas...
but whatever..."

"Well, I don't plan on wearing it for very long," Chandler protested.

"Ok, everyone. Gather 'round. Our guest of honor is ready to start," Monica
announced, always the one in charge. All the women gathered, sitting in or
standing around the recliners.

"All right ladies, here's what we're gonna do." He pointed to Alexis,
ready to make good on her promise. "You are gonna take off my clothes."
Then directing Candy and Chantal, "You two, go get the oils." And finally
to Michelle, "And you just constantly scream at the top of your voice,
"Chandler's the king! Chandler's the king!"

Phoebe suggested a change, "I-I wanna be with her." She pointed to Candy, who
stood beside her. "I like her."

Chandler was VERY understanding. "Oh, that's fine! Go with your instincts, go
with your instincts."

"Wait... now, what am I doing again?" Monica asked, a little confused.

"Come on! Would you please pay attention." Chandler could hide his mild
frustration. "we have a lot of work to do before Joey gets home! You're doing
whatever... and whoever... you want."

"Oh... OKAY!" Monica was clearly satisfied with her instructions.

* * *

Phoebe and Candy were already going with their instincts. They were passionately making out as Candy sat on the arm of Phoebe's recliner. Phoebe hungrily pawed one of Candy's D-size breasts.

In her sexy porn-star voice, Phoebe said, "Is the stripper going to teach an innocent girl a little something about sex?" Candy smiled lustily, knowing that Phoebe wasn't so innocent at all.

Candy stood and walked around in front. She wore part of her "fighter pilot" costume. At this point, it consisted of a pair of fishnet thigh-highs, a dark blue halter bra with wide gold bands on the top of the cups, and a very short blue miniskirt. A strip of narrow gold piping ran down each hip. Up the center was a gleaming gold zipper. Candy swayed her hips seductively for Phoebe. Then she took the blonde's hand and brought it to the tab of the zipper, between her legs.


Alexis walked straight to Rachel and said, "You're the one I want."

Shocked by her directness, she laughed sheepishly. "Oh, well, okay. But I'd kind of like to be with Chantal first."

"Oh that's fine," the auburn-haired beauty replied, bringing her lips close to Rachel's. "Just make sure you save a dance for me. Monica says you're a damn good stripper." Leaving Rachel with a lingering kiss, Alexis went over to Chandler.

Rachel turned to Monica. "Um, did you tell her about me stripping for you guys last night?"

"No!," then Monica's response softened as she bit her nail, "But I mighta mentioned something about it to Michelle." She went on, trying to put her roommate at ease. "Besides Rach, you have NOTHING to be embarrassed about. You were a lot better than some of the girls at the club yesterday."

"Ya think so?" Rachel asked. Her nose was crinkled in her cute way.

"Oh totally," Monica reassured her. Then she looked up at Chantal, "Now let's have some fun with Chantal."


As Candy held the two halves of her skirt, Phoebe pulled the zipper, undoing it from bottom to top. Candy opened the flaps like a book, revealing her dark blue thong. It had a line of gold right down the center, disappearing between her legs.

Dropping her skirt behind her, Candy took Phoebe's index finger and ran it along the gold of her thong. When she reached the bottom, Candy removed her finger. Turning around, she bent over slightly, and jutted her ass toward her partner.

Phoebe saw that the gold line continued from under Candy's legs, and up the thongs strap, which was deep between her cheeks. She needed no prompting at this point. She reached out and continued tracing the gold.

Candy shivered and giggled as Phoebe's fingernail tickled her pussy through the cloth. As the finger followed it's path, Candy stood up a bit, squeezing it between her ass cheeks.

Phoebe gave her a dirty smile with crinkled nose. "Ooo, nasty. I like that," she said as she ran her finger up and down in Candy's ass. Then, leaving the crack, Phoebe grabbed the waistband and pulled down.

Candy helped her, bending over to take them to the floor. Rachel had done this very thing the night before, and Phoebe acted on the impulse she had withheld then. She quickly leaned forward and licked the bare pussy. Candy held her position, grabbing her calves, and allowed Phoebe to do what came naturally.


Chantal was standing just behind Rachel's left shoulder, and she took her hand to lead her around front. As Monica and Rachel sat side by side on the edge of a recliner, Chantal knelt in front of them.

She looked almost bridal in her white teddy and short sheer robe. White marabou trimmed the bodice and the French-cut bottom. Her lingerie barely contained her large breasts. They were easily 42DD.

Monica tentatively reached out and touched one. Her small hand looked tiny as it grasped the breast. Rachel followed suit. Chantal smiled. "Y'all are so cute," she said in a sexy southern drawl, "They won't jump out atcha, ya know."

She slid the spaghetti straps from her shoulders and lowered the front. Her tits were round and large; no sag to them at all.

"Are... are they real?" Monica asked hesitantly.

Chantal giggled, "Yep, they're all me. My ex-boyfriend used to say that I was the namesake for the Hooters bars."

Rachel laughed, "Yeah, they certainly meet the definition of 'hooters'."

Monica and Rachel were acting like teenage schoolgirls. They had never touched breasts this large before. Each girl was holding one breast in two hands. Caressing it. Gently squeezing it.

"Oh y'all, I like that." Emboldened, Rachel lowered her face, and licked the round nipple. Chantal smiled at her and she began sucking it. Monica was watching her roommate, and then decided to follow her. Both girls sat there, suckling on the tit they each held.


Chandler stood there with his pants open, dick hanging out... and in Alexis' mouth. He and Michelle were kissing as she stroked his shaft. Alexis bobbled her tongue on the head that balanced in her open mouth, before sucking long and hard.

"AAAWWwww," Chandler groaned. Michelle stood close beside him, arm in arm, as they both watched Alexis make up for slapping Chandler the day before.

"Why don't you take her top off?" Chandler said to Michelle. She smiled sexily, "Anything for 'the king'."

Michelle squatted behind Alexis, and lustily groped her breasts and body. Alexis wore a tight silver top. It was not much more than a pair of long sleeves with cups in between.

Michelle unclasped the back, releasing the pressure. She slowly removed it from Alexis, who never stopped servicing Chandler. She ran her hands through Alexis' long auburn hair, and then firmly held her head.

"Fuck her mouth," she whispered.

Chandler's rod was just inside Alexis' tight lips. Her eyes agreed with Michelle. Chandler moved his hips forward and pushed his dick deep inside. As he pulled back, Alexis increased her suction. He felt like the head of his cock was going to burst. He pushed in again, and Alexis released her hold, taking a breath through her nose. This pattern went on for a few thrusts, but Chandler knew that if he continued, he'd cum at the back of Alexis' throat. So he pulled out to calm himself a bit.

"How was that 'your highness'? Sexy enough for you?" Alexis asked.

"Why yes, that was..." he cleared his throat, "very nice."

"I think Michelle deserves a reward from the king. Can she suck your scepter, your majesty?" Alexis asked.

"Y-, yes, yes... that would be good." Michelle knelt beside Alexis, who placed the cock in her mouth. They took turns servicing "King" Chandler.


Convinced that her new lover would like anything they did, Candy stood and grabbed onto the large flat metal bauble that hung from Phoebe's woven choker. Pulling firmly but gently, Candy brought Phoebe to her feet. She unbuttoned the blonde's long-sleeve denim shirt and pushed it back, off her shoulders.

"Take off your bra," she said as she kissed Phoebe, biting her lower lip.

As she did this, Candy grabbed a strap-on dildo from across the room. When she returned and put it on, Phoebe pushed the rod down, allowing it to spring back.

"Is that for me?" she said, with her porn-star tone. "Shouldn't you take off your top, too?"

Candy smiled, kissing Phoebe, "On or off. Doesn't matter. You're still going to get fucked good."

"Then let's take it off, stripper-girl," Phoebe said as she pulled the elastic halter over Candy's head, "That way I can have something to play with while you fuck me."

Candy winked, "Not the way I have in mind."

Candy pushed Phoebe to her knees, and bent her over the end of the coffee table. Phoebe felt the cold glass on her breasts and stomach. Her nipples were hard, both from the chill and what was being done to her. Candy pulled up Phoebe's flowing black skirt and draped it over her hips. Yanking her panties down, Candy knelt and lined up the head of the dildo with Phoebe's wet puss. She entered her.

"Fuck, yes," was Phoebe's reply, "Fuck my wet pussy."


When he heard Phoebe, Chandler looked around the room. Thoughts played in his head. "Is that Monica fucking Phoebe? Oh... no, no, that's Candy. Oh, there's Monica... oooo, sucking Chantal's tit. And... and Rachel's sucking the other one. My god, those are huge!" He smiled and nodded to himself, "Hmmm, quite the image. Note to self: remember exactly what you're seeing right now. You're gonna want to use it some night."

His eyes fell back to Monica and he was reminded of what she said about wanting to be with Michelle. "I think Monica wanted to spend some time with you."

She stood and kissed him. "Okay, but make sure you find me later."

Left to do a solo blow for Chandler, Alexis decided to make it very good. She opened her mouth wide and took as much of him as she could. Then she closed her lips and sucked the full length as she pulled off his shaft. Masturbating him, she slid her mouth up and down his dick. Then she did it all again, feeling the head go slightly down her throat. Her lips clamped around the base of his shaft. She used him to fuck her throat. Chandler was amazed at her oral talents.

Alexis stood and began removing his clothes. "I've... never had a woman do that before."

"Well, you just might get another one tonight. Maybe it'll be from someone else."

Chandler looked around the room as Alexis finished taking his clothes off. His eyes paused at each woman, wondering if she would be deep-throating him.


Monica felt fingers running through her hair. It was Michelle. "Monica, let's go over to the couch," she said, smiling.

It was the stunning smile and cute button nose that first attracted Monica. She stood, and Rachel whispered to Chantal, "I was hoping I'd have you all to myself."

Michelle took Monica's hand and led her up the single step to the yellow couch that sat in front of the window. The girls moved in very close and embraced as they kissed. Monica was wearing jeans, and a light blue sweater over a blue plaid button-up shirt. Michelle was in the glimmering red two-piece outfit of a cocktail waitress. Sleeveless halter top with an open back and a matching miniskirt. In her stiletto heels, Michelle was the same height as Monica. The scene looked like a preppy upper-class college girl kissing a woman of "questionable repute".

They continued kissing and Monica unzipped Michelle's top. It fell behind her, and Michelle immediately unbuttoned Monica's jeans and started pushing them down. Trying not to break their kiss, Monica worked them down the rest of the way and pulled her feet out, kicking off her canvas tennis shoes. The tails of her shirt came out from under her sweater and barely covered her ass. The sweater was next to go, followed by Michelle's skirt. And with Monica's last article of clothing, they stood only in their underwear. Michelle wore a black satin bra and thong. Monica had on innocent white cotton.


During this time, Rachel and Chantal had been finding their own fun. Rachel was kissing and licking her new girlfriend's tits. Her mouth opened as wide as it would go, but it was a losing battle trying to fit in Chantal's big breast. In fact, Rachel's small mouth barely stretched over Chantal's large areola. But both girls enjoyed her attempts.

At Chantal's direction, she was squeezing, licking, and sucking. Rachel traced the large dark circle with her tongue before sucking it. She ran her hand down between Chantal's legs and cupped her mound, pulsing pressure into the gentle crevice her middle finger found. Chantal moaned softly, feeling tingles in her pussy.

"Dance for me," Rachel smiled, sitting back into the chair. Chantal stood. She was quite tall, even taller in her pink high heels. Large breasts, full hips. Long wavy brunette hair that came to the center of her back. Rachel was somewhat surprised to find that the first word entering her mind was "Amazon". But "sexy" was the second. The only other thing Rachel could think was, "god, I want you."

Chantal slowly dropped her sheer robe. Swaying her hips, she eased her white lace-front teddy down and off her body. She danced in a circle for Rachel, wearing only her white thigh-high stockings, heels, and the G-string Rachel had put so many dollar bills into, the night before. Rachel was thoroughly enjoying the show.

"You, you don't need THAT, now do ya?" Rachel asked, pointing to the tiny floss G-string.

"Well," Chantal replied, with her slow drawl, "I've never showed my kitty to a customer before."

"Will you show me?" Rachel smiled sweetly.

Chantal bent over and kissed her. "Okay. But only for you."

It was soon gone, and Rachel stared at the small V that was shaped out of Chantal's pubic hair.

"Do I get a lap dance?"

"Sugar, I was counting on it."

Chantal straddled Rachel and slowly ground her body into Rachel's. She smelled Chantal's tresses. The stripper ran her fingers through Rachel's long dirty-blonde hair. Her hands traveled Rachel's body. Brushing the bare skin of Rachel's face, neck, and upper chest. Cupping her small breasts through the tight fitting top.

Rachel was still fully clothed, but both women were becoming aroused, nonetheless.

Chantal knelt in front of Rachel and took off her black pants and panties. Naked from the waist down, Rachel's ass was hanging off the edge of the chair.

Chantal spread Rachel's legs and pushed her breasts between them. Then she took one and began rubbing her hard nipple against Rachel's clit.

Rachel laughed slightly in disbelief. She'd never thought of that before, but it was so fucking erotic. She moved her hips up and down, rubbing the full length of her spread lips over Chantal's breast.


Monica and Michelle moved to the couch, where a white bra went flying. Michelle began licking Monica's breasts. Monica ran her fingers through short blonde hair. It was cut in a bob that curled out at the bottom, and she played with the curl as her breasts were licked.

"Oh, Michelle. Yeah, that's it. Lick my tits. Mmmm, yeah. Suck my nipple... oh god... now the other one... yeah, suck that one... oh... oh yes."

Monica took her partner's face in her fingers and brought it up to her waiting mouth. Monica kissed her, probing Michelle's mouth with her tongue. There was an intensity, as if this would be the only time they would ever be together.

"That's what I'm going to do to your pussy," Monica promised in a low sexy voice.

They dove into each other's kisses, building on a zeal that neither of them imagined was possible. Within moments, both women were naked.

Before Monica could move, Michelle was on her knees; head between Monica's legs.

"Oh, god!" she moaned at the sensation of having her clit sucked. Michelle brushed her fingertips against Monica's pussy lips as she continued licking and sucking her clitoris.

"Finger me," Monica panted. "Please fuck me with your fingers."

Michelle pushed a digit into her partner, and began pleasuring Monica with both her mouth and hand. She reacted by sliding her hips forward and spreading her legs even wider to give Michelle any access she needed. Michelle worked her finger around inside Monica, feeling the walls of her vagina.

Monica reached down and took Michelle's hand. Without a word, she straightened out a second finger and pushed it into herself to join the first. Then she grabbed her thighs and pulled her legs up, so she was fully receptive to anything her lover wanted to do to her. Michelle finger-banged Monica rapidly, while flicking her tongue across her wet clit.

Right then, Monica knew what it meant to be a "sexual creature". Her whole body seemed to scream for orgasm. The only thing she wanted was to cum. She was panting and groaning, throwing her head around with each new treat from Michelle. Her eyes were closed and in her mind no one, but herself, even existed. Her body was tense and quivering. The feelings between her legs were better than she had imagined. She came, screaming.


Then a series of low groans came from Monica, like she was possessed. But Michelle never eased up on her.


Monica's moans became quieter as her climax passed. She was breathing heavily, like she had run for miles. She gently pushed Michelle's face away from her cunt.

"No.... no... I can't.... anymore... I can't..." Michelle joined her on the couch, pleased with her work. Monica kissed her, weakly, yet with a smile. "Just let me catch my breath, then I'll do something for you."


Rachel exploded, "I can't take this anymore. I want you."

Both girls stood. Chantal towered over Rachel as they kissed passionately.

"Lay down, Beautiful," Rachel said firmly.

Chantal went to her back on the floor. Rachel lay with her head between Chantal's legs and brought her mouth over the woman's mound. Chantal rested on her elbows so she could watch.

Chantal had a large clit and pussy lips, and Rachel licked and teased them with her tongue and fingers. She began to feel something building between her own legs.

Taking Chantal's hand, and bringing it to her own pussy, Rachel said, "Wait here. I'll be right back."

Chantal took the obvious hint and slowly masturbated while Rachel ran off. She quickly returned from Chandler's room with a large pillow from his bed. Rachel dropped to her knees and placed the pillow between her thighs.

"I guess this'll give Chandler a little surprise tonight," she said, good-naturedly. Rachel just needed to feel something between her legs. She needed to feel rubbing on her pussy.

Chantal was still playing with herself as she watched, and smiled. Rachel leaned all the way forward, and Chantal released her pussy. Rachel wrapped her hands around her partner's thighs, buried her face, and went to work.

Wearing only her tight, long-sleeved shirt, Rachel's naked butt rode up and down, humping Chandler's pillow, as she devoured Chantal. Chantal was moaning and fondling her breasts as her every fold was licked.

"Oh sugar, make me feel it... make me feel it."

Rachel kept licking and sucking. This pussy was so much different from Monica's or Phoebe's. She wanted to enjoy every moment, every taste, everything she could find that was new to her.

But soon Rachel's lust was more than just her tongue and the pillow could fulfill. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the other strap-on laying an arm's length away.

"I need to fuck you," she said with determination. Rachel grabbed the toy and put it on, as Chantal lay there, ready for Rachel's every whim.


Candy fucked Phoebe doggy-style, sprawled over the coffee table. Pheebs was allowing herself to be taken, though she was quite vocal about what she wanted.

"Yeah, fuck it like that... oh yeah... fuck it... ooohh.... come on, fuck me, dammit!"

Candy smirked at Phoebe's impatience. The base of the strap-on pounded against Phoebe's pussy lips. The blonde's face was contorted in pleasure and her teeth were clenched tight.

"Spank my ass," she demanded.

Candy slapped her ass cheek, just hard enough to create a loud smack.

"Is that what you want, you little fucker?"

"Yeah, spank me while you screw my fuckin' pussy."

Candy slowed her pace and gently spanked her partner. A slow fuck and a firm hand caused Phoebe to grunt and groan and swear.

"What else do you want? Tell me."

"I want it up my ass," Phoebe hissed in passion.

"That's what I thought," Candy smiled.

She pulled out of Phoebe and took her to the nearest recliner. Phoebe's skirt and panties were quickly piled on the floor. As she sat forward, Candy grabbed a nearby bottle of baby oil and squirted a generous portion on the rod. Phoebe squatted and slowly impaled her ass on the strap-on. As she rode Candy, Phoebe felt nails dragging up and down her back.

She grabbed a dildo from the side table. Reaching down between their legs, she pushed it into Candy's wet box. Now it was Candy's turn to lay back and be pleasured.


Rachel lay on top of Chantal and pushed the dildo in. The brunette instinctively knew that Rachel would want to feel large breasts rubbing against her own. She helped Rachel remove her top and bra.

Rachel slowly began fucking her as they kissed. "A slow Southern screw for my Southern belle," she whispered.

Chantal began breathing hard again, loving what Rachel was doing with the dildo. Each time she pushed into the stripper, she would move her hips around, probing the rod into different areas of Chantal's pussy. This had the additional effect of rubbing the strap-on's inside nub against Rachel's clit, which was the real reason for her motions.

Both women held Chantal's tits, so Rachel could rub their breasts together as they fucked.

"Do you want me to suck them?"

"Yes," Chantal whined, her orgasm coming closer. Rachel licked one breast, teasingly.

"Is that what you want? Huh?" she taunted. "Wouldn't it feel so good to feel my mouth on them? Sucking? Licking?"

Rachel loved playing the part of the one in control. She brushed her lips against Chantal's open mouth.

"Beg me," Rachel whispered, smelling Chantal's sweet breath.

"Please suck them. Suck my tits." Chantal panted.

By this time, Rachel was pounding her hips forward, ramming the fake cock into Chantal. The force, each time, sent waves of pleasure through both Chantal's pussy and Rachel's clit. It punctuated Chantal's pleadings.

"Please... UHN... please suck... UHN, them... please.... PLEASE!..."

Rachel caressed and sucked Chantal's breasts as she fucked her hard.

"Yes... UH!... yes... FUCK me... fuck me UH! hard... OH!... UHN!... make me CUM!... PLEASE!..."

Rachel was in love with this moment. Feeling Chantal's smooth skin. Remembering how she put dollar bills in her G-string. Flowing brown hair. Seeing the look on her partner's face. Being on top. Being in control. Somewhere in the background, she heard her roommate's impassioned moans. It aroused her to know that there were so many enjoying sex in the same room, with so many more opportunities that evening.


Chandler stood naked, as Alexis stroked his rod. "Strip me," she hissed.

He ran his hands over the tight silver hotpants and began to pull them down.

"No," she stopped him, "use your teeth."

Chandler crouched beside her and grabbed the top of the panties in his mouth. With a few firm motions, he had tugged it halfway down her hip. He did the same at her other leg.

Moving behind Alexis, his teeth pulled the metallic fabric to the bottom curve of her ass. As he crouched in front of her once again, he took the final mouthful that remained on her crotch.

Slowly pulling it down, and breathing her scent, he saw her pussy. It was mostly bald, with just a thin strip running a few inches above a pierced clit.

"That... that's different," he commented, though it completely fit with what he knew of Alexis so far.

She laughed at him, "So you've never seen a woman with her clit pierced?"

"Well, never in person... only in the movies."

She brought him to his feet and kissed him roughly. "I like it. It makes sex SO much more intense."

With that, she grabbed his hard dick and led him to the front door. Pressing her back into it and pulling him close, she stared at Chandler lustfully.

"Fuck me," was all she said, wrapping her leg around his hip.

With her stripper heels, it was an easy entry. Chandler pushed his rod up and into Alexis. One hand was at her waist, and the other held her thigh. She wrapped her arms around his neck and they kissed deeply as they fucked.

"Do you feel it?" she whispered. He knew exactly what she meant. Her clit ring was dragging along the length of his shaft as he moved in and out of her.

"Oh god, yes!" he moaned. The ring wasn't so arousing to him; as much as the thought of fucking a woman with one.

"Well, don't cum yet," she panted, "You have a good long evening ahead of you."

Chandler slowed his pace and changed his angle. His dick wedged against Alexis' clit, pushing on her ring. She gasped at the feeling.

"Fuck! Like that. Bang me like that, fucker!"

She sucked on his earlobe and moaned in his ear.

"Ooooh... ooooh... fuck me hard! Make me cum! Make me... oh god... make me cummmmUUUUUUUHHHHHHNNNNN!"

Chandler pressed into Alexis's body as she writhed against the door. She pushed her pelvis forward, grinding her clit against the base of his cock. Her foot fell to the floor as her orgasm passed.

"That was the best ever," she moaned, running her fingers through her hair.

"Really?" Chandler asked in disbelief as he pulled out of her.

With an obviously faked innocence, Alexis replied, "Would I lie to you?"

"I'm gonna say... yes... but I don't think that really matters right now."

Alexis smiled and winked. "One down, six to go." They turned to face into the room. She patted Chandler on the butt, "You better get busy."


Chantal wrapped her legs around Rachel's hips, forcing her long hard strokes to meld into a shallow fast pumping.

"Faster... please make me cum."

The button stimulated Rachel's clit, rubbing it quickly. "Oh gaawd," she moaned, "oh shit."

Chantal was so close all she could do was whimper, "please... please... please..."

The brunette came, grabbing Rachel tightly and kissing her passionately. Rachel continued fucking her partner as rapidly as she could manage. She was out of breath from the workout, but she was determined to please this beautiful woman, as well as herself.

Halfway through Chantal's orgasm, and hearing her moans, Rachel's body found release.

"FUUUUUUUCK!" she groaned.

She reached behind and shoved a finger into her own pussy. She frigged herself, trying to enhance the pleasure caused at her clit.

"Fuck, Chantal... oh fuck... oooohhhhh... fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUUUUUCK!"

Chantal caressed Rachel's body as her climax subsided. Catching her breath, Rachel kissed her lover's breasts, neck, and lips.

Rachel pulled out and the women stood. Chantal helped her remove the toy, and rubbed her fingers against Rachel's clit. Rachel giggled and reached up to kiss her belle.

"Let's rest a little bit, darlin'" came the drawl, "we need to pace ourselves."

Rachel smiled, "The hell with pacing ourselves. I'm gonna find someone to give me another one. A night like this doesn't happen every week, ya know."


Chandler looked around to pick out his next conquest. Across the room, Michelle was laying back into the corner of the couch. Monica knelt on all fours. Her face was buried tongue-deep into Michelle's crotch. Both women were buck-naked.

Chandler smiled and went over to them. He caressed Michelle's breast and Monica's back as he watched his friend eat pussy. Michelle was panting from the pleasure.

He kissed Monica on the top of her head. "You're next, Mon."

Her eyes twinkled, looking up at him as she sucked Michelle's clit. Chandler knelt behind her and lifted her leg to rest on the couch.

Monica paused and looked back over her shoulder, saying nothing, but giving him an encouraging smile. The realization hit him. He could do anything he wanted with these women. For one night, seven women, including his closest female friends, were there for his pleasure. Seeing that thought on his face, Monica winked, then went back to her cunt-licking.

He grabbed Monica's tiny ass; one cheek in each hand. As he pushed into her, he heard her muffled grunt.

He fucked her slowly, caressing her back, ass, and legs. A perfect, slim, little body. He reached under Monica and grabbed her C-cup breast as it hung there. Her nipple was rock hard. Chandler caressed both of Monica's tits, longing to have them in his mouth. His hand trailed down past her stomach, where his fingertips met her clit.

"Yes," Monica moaned, knowing what he was going to do, "rub it."

Chandler fucked her lovingly as he rubbed and teased her clit. Monica felt his chest on her back; his lips on her shoulder. She heard a whisper in her ear.

"You are incredibly hot... Monica, it's a fantasy come true every time I get to feel you against me... caress your breasts... bang your tight body."

Monica closed her eyes, listening to Chandler's voice. A voice she never knew could be so arousing. Monica moaned into Michelle's pussy.

"Lick her, Mon. Lick her pussy. Show me how much you want this."

Complete lust overwhelmed Monica. Chandler saw the look on Michelle's face. It seemed to be a combination of desire, ecstasy, and even a bit of uncertainty as she watched Monica. But seeing how much his friend was pleasing her, he redoubled his efforts to reward Monica with an explosive orgasm.

He could tell from her moans and breathing that Monica no longer needed the clit-play. Grabbing her waist, he started to fuck her faster. She reacted positively, as shown by the way Michelle threw her head back and groaned. Monica was grunting in time with him, though her tongue never stopped. He prodded deeper into her. Her eyes rolled back in her head.

"Oh god, Chandler... fuck me.... like that, fuck me..." The pitch and intensity of Monica's voice rose to match her sexual tension. "Yes... oh!... OH!!... YES!!!"

Monica was still trying to keep licking as much as she could manage, but her focus was on the dick ramming into her.

"Harder... please harder..." She now had a whining lilt to her voice. "I'm gonna cum, I'M GONNA CUM!!! UUUUUUHHHHNNNNNNN!!!"

Chandler grabbed a handful of Monica's short black hair and pushed her face down into Michelle's pussy. He wanted the rage of her climax channeled into pleasing the other woman. Monica licked with animal passion as the orgasm seized her. Michelle grabbed her head and held on tight. With both of her partners holding her face in the pussy, there was nothing Monica could do but lick away. In fact, her mind could tell her to do nothing else.


Leaving Chantal, Rachel put her hand on Alexis' back. "So, do you want me to do a lap dance for you?"

Alexis kissed her, with Rachel trying to match her passion. Her body was toned and gently muscular, and Rachel ran her hands over it.

"Fuck the dance," Alexis said, lustfully, "I've got another idea."

Taking Rachel to a recliner, she spun it around to face away from them and pulled the handle. The chair opened, and she whispered for Rachel to bend over the back of the chair. Intrigued, Rachel gave her a little smile as she obeyed.

Her waist was resting on the headrest, when Alexis tripped the handle back with her foot. The chair flipped up, taking Rachel with it. She squealed and laughed. Her body was arced over the back of the chair, elbows on the seat supporting her. Rachel's hips rested at the top, and her feet dangled off the floor.

Alexis caressed the ass on display. "What do you like, Rachel?"

"I... I like having my toes sucked."

"Oooh, a little kinky. I like that in a lover."

She took Rachel's ankle, and hinged her foot up. Bending over slightly, to allow Rachel to stay balanced on the chair, Alexis began licking and sucking Rachel's toes and foot. Then she caressed the full length of Rachel's body in one motion. Foot... ankle... calf... the back of Rachel's knee. She giggled as that tickled her.

Alexis continued on to her lean thigh... round ass, brushing her fingers on Rachel's wet pussy... back... shoulder... and finally, she ran her fingers through Rachel's hair. Alexis brought her fingertips to her partner's lips, and they were gratefully licked.

Alexis spun the chair around, and spread Rachel's legs to stand between them. Caressing Rachel's ass, she licked her shaved pussy.

"Mmm, yes," Rachel whispered with a smile on her face.

The stripper licked and sucked on Rachel's clit. Then she slowly lapped the full length from her clit, over her pussy lips, and stopped teasingly short of her butthole.

Alexis took a purple plastic dildo from the nearby table and lubricated the end in her mouth. She ran it provocatively over Rachel's lower lips, before pressing it in. Rachel groaned as the object was pushed into her.

Alexis worked more of it in, until there was just a handful left. She began fucking her with it, and Rachel was taken away with the pleasure. Eyes closed; mouth open; she panted.


As Monica's orgasm abated, Michelle guided her up to lie on top of her. With two sets of spread legs, the next move was obvious to Chandler. He moved to the couch and filled Michelle. She inhaled sharply and then slowly exhaled.

"Your friend is fucking me," she smiled to Monica. Monica felt Chandler's stomach bumping against her ass.

"He feels good, doesn't he?" Monica asked, kissing her forehead and cheek.

Michelle could only nod. She smelled her scent on Monica's face. They shared wet kisses as Chandler fucked the little blonde. She was moaning into Monica's mouth.

"Harder... now faster... do it faster..." she directed with her arms wrapped tightly around Monica.

Chandler's longtime friend had corralled Michelle's head between her forearms. She ran her hands through blonde hair, disheveling Michelle's perfectly-held hairstyle, as she provided impassioned kissing. Chandler's momentum rocked both women's bodies. He looked down at the two most petite women in the room, surging as one with his thrusts.

He leaned forward, and placed his arms in front of Monica's thighs. This gave him the leverage to pound deeper into Michelle's wet cunt. She came, pushing her head back into the couch and digging fake fingernails into Monica's back.

"Cum, baby," Monica encouraged, "Let me feel you cum. Cum!"

Michelle's body arched with tension, lifting Monica with her.

"UUUUUUuuuuuuhhhhhhnnnnn," she groaned as her drug her nails on Monica's light skin, leaving slight love-scratches. Then she collapsed into the pulsing. "Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uuuuuuuhhhhhh!"

Monica studied Michelle's every move during and after her orgasm. She loved watching a woman climax. To Monica, it was one of the most erotic things. Eyes closed, the blonde girl licked her lips and panted as she came back to earth. Michelle caught her breath as Monica gently kissed her, "Wow, you came good, sweetie."

Chandler kissed Monica's shoulder, saying, "And my work here is done."

Monica laughed, "It sure is, stud! And good work, by the way."

Chandler pulled out and left the two women, giving a kiss to each.

"I didn't hurt you, did I?" Michelle asked, as she brushed Monica's bangs from her forehead.

"Not at all. I mean, sure it hurt a little when you scratched my back... but sometimes a little bit of pain can be okay."

She kissed Michelle, lovingly, to show that it was indeed all right. They shared kiss after kiss, basking in their afterglow.


As Chandler approached Phoebe and Candy, he could tell that Phoebe had changed into a sexual animal. He grabbed her breast and fondled her.

"Want to suck my cock, Pheebs?"

Between grunts, Phoebe answered. "Yes, you... you dirty little boy... put that... that fuckin' dick in my mouth."

She leaned forward, still fucking Candy and still being fucked, and put her waiting mouth at cock-level. Chandler held it for her, and she hungrily devoured it.

"Monica and who?" she paused to ask. Chandler was confused, so she went on. "I taste Monica on you, but who else did you just do?"

"OH... Michelle."

She got a little smile on her face, "Yummy! I'm gonna have to find her later."

As Phoebe's full lips were wrapped around Chandler's shaft, he looked down at Candy. She was lying back in the chair, eyes closed. The feeling of both Phoebe's dildo work and an ass grinding on her pelvis was incredible. But she needed more. Opening her eyes, and gave Chandler a pleading look. He saw her mouth the words, "please fuck me."

"I think Candy needs some Chandy," she said to Phoebe as he pulled out of her mouth.

He knelt between their open legs as Phoebe removed the toy. Chandler pushed between the straps into the lower set of pussy lips, and heard a moan emanate from behind Phoebe.

"Yeeaah... fuck her... make her cum," Phoebe panted. "Then you can make me cum."

Chandler and Phoebe kissed as he fucked Candy. His hands roamed Phoebe's body. Their tongues melded in each other's mouths. She had buried her finger deep into her cunt, and was captivated by the sensation of having something stimulating all three holes.

"Wow! It doesn't have to be cocks," she thought, with realization, "though cocks are pretty damn good, too."

Candy was moaning loudly. "Yeah... let me hear her moan... let me listen to her moaning while she FUCKS my ass!"

Chandler banged the brunette with even more zest.

"Fuck her, Chandler... fuck her hard... make her cum all over your fucking hard dick."

Phoebe had abandoned her pussy-play and was clutching Chandler's body. He felt her firm breasts rubbing against his chest as she continued to work the dildo in her ass. Her chin was on his shoulder and she moaned in his ear.

"I need it, Chandler. I need your cock in me... Please make her cum so you can fuck me... I'm getting so close... but I want you in me when I cum."

She sucked on the dildo she still held, making soft sounds in Chandler's ear.

Chandler watched as Candy climaxed. She involuntarily bucked her hips to force his dick around inside herself. This reamed Phoebe's ass even deeper and she gasped and groaned. As Candy began to regain her senses, she whimpered, "Now her."

With this permission, Chandler pulled out and stuffed his dick into his friend.

"Yessss," Phoebe hissed. "Oh, this is sooo good... god, I love having my pussy and ass filled at the same time."

Chandler leaned forward, laying her back onto Candy. She gently pinched Phoebe's nipples as Chandler drove his dick into her, over and over. Phoebe put the dildo back in her mouth and sucked voraciously. With all this, Phoebe climaxed quickly, panting through her nose.

"Mmmmmph... mmmm... MMMMMMMAAAAHH!!! mmmmmph... mmmph..."

Chandler slowed to a stop, licking Phoebe's nipples and Candy's fingers. All were out of breath, as their bodies broke contact. "So, who's next?" Phoebe asked him as she stood.

"Ya know, Pheebs, I'm gonna rest for a bit and just watch. I still have a lot to do before I finally cum."

She smiled sexily. "Suit yourself. I'M gonna go get me a yummy little treat."


Candy removed the strap-on, and looked over at Monica. She was sprawled across the couch, masturbating as she watched her friends, new and old, having sex around the room. Candy sat down between her legs.

"Well, aren't you the tiniest little thing?"

Monica always loved any complement. "I might be," she said shyly with a big smile.

"But you shouldn't be all alone," Candy continued. "Here, let me do that for you," she said as she moved Monica's had from her crotch.

"Al- all right," she replied, wondering why she was nervous.

Candy was so pretty. Her hair was a little shorter than Monica's, and just as dark. "Phoebe was right; short hair IS sexy," Monica thought.

The only thing of Candy's costume that Phoebe had left on her was her black thigh highs. Monica ran her hand on Candy's leg, feeling the pattern of the fishnet and the slickness of their vinyl tops. She watched Candy's every move.

Palm facing her partner, Candy ran her fingertips up the length of Monica's slash. Then turning her hand over, she moved it back down, brushing her labia. Her hand paused, formed into the fuck-you gesture, and her finger was pushed into Monica. Candy finger-banged her like this, until Monica's breath became shallow.

"Do you want me to lick you?" Candy asked, seductively.

"Yes!" Monica panted, "Lay back."

Monica got up and Candy reclined, resting her head by the arm of the couch. Monica straddled her chest, a foot on the floor, and a knee wedged into the back cushions. She rotated her hips forward and presented her pussy for licking. She watched a talented tongue lap at her lips.

Monica reached back to finger Candy. Monica's palm told her what she hadn't been able to see at the strip club. Candy was shaved bald. She rubbed, intrigued by the complete smoothness. Her middle finger draped over Candy's clit, and slowly stroked it.

Candy paused and smiled, "You like a bald pussy?"

"I've... I've never felt one before," Monica said, almost uncertainly, and feeling very virgin-like.

"You should try it some time. I know your lovers will enjoy it."

Monica nodded, her eyes riveted on Candy's mouth.

"It wouldn't take much. You've already shaved here," Candy said as she licked to the left of Monica's slit. "And here." She licked on the right side. "You just have a little strip above here," she flicked her tongue on Monica's clit.

"Oh god, Candy, eat me out," Monica moaned as she pushed her finger into the waiting pussy. Candy dove in.

Monica moaned, "Yeeess, eat me... lick my pussy."

She alternated between finger-fucking Candy, and drawing it out to rub her clit.

As her lust built, she grabbed Candy's head and pushed her cunt onto her face, forcing the tongue up inside herself. Candy probed as far into Monica as her tongue would go.

Suddenly, Monica pulled her finger out and crawled backward from Candy.

"This is what I want," Monica panted.

She slid forward and intertwined her legs into and around Candy. She felt Candy's erotic smoothness glide up her inner thigh and rest in her crotch. With complete desire for nothing else, Monica ground her cunt into her lover's.

"Can you feel it?" Candy panted, knowing the answer. "Can you feel me rubbing you? Rubbing your pussy? My pussy lips licking your little clit?"

"You feel so goood," Monica groaned, eyes closed.

"Feel me licking and kissing you, Monica."

Candy gasped as a jolt ran up her cunt. She caressed Monica's slim thigh and watched her breasts bouncing as her chest heaved.

"Fuck, you're so beautiful! Any man would want you. Any woman would want you. But I get to have you, Monica, right now."

"Cum on my pussy," Monica groaned.

Both cunts glistened with their combined wetness. Monica turned to the side so that her cunt could get even closer. She held Candy's leg, foot against her face, and rocked her hips forward and back. Candy let Monica take over and pleasure them both. Monica was so close, and her body writhed against Candy's.

When Monica's orgasm overtook her, she screamed loudly. Her distinct motions turned into stuttering, jerky movements as the orgasm racked her body.

Candy became the lead as she pressed her lips into Monica's and resumed rubbing. This sent another shock through Monica.

She gasped and moaned, "Fuuuuck!"

Candy stared at Monica with desire as she rubbed against her, moaning, "I want to fuck you, Monica... I want to fuck you..."

"Let me use my mouth," Monica panted.

Within seconds, she was on her knees. Her tongue was licking as much smooth skin as it could find. Her lips grabbed onto the clit and she sucked hard, then planted her lips at Candy's opening and tongue-fucked her with the rhythm of a cock.

"I'm gonna cum, Monica, I'm gonna cum... Do that... yes, do that... please don't stop... please don't STAAAWWWWPPPP!"

Monica allowed Candy to face-fuck her as she kept her tongue deeply in her hole. Monica was pleased with herself, that she had learned how to give such an intense orgasm to another woman.


Seeing what Alexis was doing to Rachel, Chandler walked over and placed his cock in Rachel's open mouth, much to her surprise. She opened her eyes and gave a good-natured look that said, "Ok, you got me, buddy-boy."

Then she started doing what he obviously wanted. Alexis watched the back of Rachel's head bob up and down.

"Well, well, Rachel. You're a good little cocksucker. Does she feel good, Chandler? Do you like having Rachel blow you?"

He agreed wholeheartedly.

"Does she feel good with your dick in her soft mouth? Sucking you off? Giving you head? You like fucking her pretty face, don't you?"

Chandler agreed again. Rachel was softly moaning.

"Well, I like fucking her pussy. Hear her moan, Chandler? I can't tell if she's moaning more from my dildo or your cock. But I bet she likes having both of us fuck her."

Between the moans, Rachel gave a muffled "uh-huh!"

"Right now, she's ours, Chandler. Your beautiful friend is here only to suck... your... cock. And I'm just here to make her moan for you."

Alexis' motions with the dildo had become stronger. Each time she pushed it in, her wrist would press against Rachel's ass. The chair began to rock.

"You like feeling her lips wrapped around your shaft? Moving up and down? You like feeling her tongue rubbing against the bottom of your cock-head?"

Chandler was watching his penis, sliding in and out. And Rachel was obviously as turned on by the dirty-talk as Chandler was.

"Do you like feeling her hot... wet... mouth? It almost feels like a pussy, doesn't it? Do you want to fuck Rachel's mouth like a pussy? Have your dick all the way in her?

Soon, Rachel was totally unable to control what was being done to her... and what was being done with her. When Alexis pushed the dildo in, the chair would slowly sway, and Chandler's cock would go to the back of her throat. When Alexis pulled out, her mouth would slide nearly off the head. Rachel hadn't realized how erotic it would be, to be used in this way to deep-throat a man.

Alexis made eye contact with Chandler. "See? I told ya," she smiled nastily.

Rachel was groaning with the sensations in her pussy. Chandler pulled out of her mouth and crouched down to kiss her cheek.

"I'm going to move on, but cum hard for me, Rach."

"Oh god, I'm gonna," she moaned.


Michelle was in the kitchen, refilling her wine glass, and taking a bit of a breather. Phoebe joined her and wasted no time in saying what was on her mind.

"Hmm, you're a little pixie!" she said in her sexy, lustful way, "I wanna just... just rub you all over my body."

Then she became more matter-of-fact, "And I'm a masseuse, so I have some experience in rubbing bodies. Ok, I have, like, a LOT of experience in rubbing bodies."

Michelle laughed, and almost seemed a little embarrassed at the complement. But all that melted away as Phoebe placed her fingers on Michelle's cheek and kissed her gently.

Phoebe grabbed a bottle of oil from the nearby table. She squeezed some on Michelle's breasts, and took the cocktail waitress' hand to smear it around. Michelle rubbed her chest, breasts, and stomach as Phoebe applied more oil.

"You should totally be a stripper. You look really hot touching your body." This got a sexy, stripper-like look from Michelle.

Phoebe squirted some lube on her palm and rubbed it over her partner's crotch.

"Can't forget the most important part," she commented in her porn-star voice.

She handed the bottle to Michelle. As she drizzled oil onto the tall blonde's chest, Phoebe began rubbing her body up and down Michelle's. But she quickly became frustrated at the lack of contact.

"Ok, this would work a lot better if we were laying down."

The foosball table was right there, with the plexiglass cover on top. Phoebe stepped up on a chair and lay down on the table.

"Will this hold us?" Michelle asked.

"Oh yeah! You should see the way the guys throw this thing around when they're playing. It's sturdy, that's for sure."

Convinced, Michelle finished oiling Phoebe's body and then climbed on the table, taking a path between her legs. On the way up, she made sure to rub her breasts and stomach against the lubricated clit.

Grabbing the sides of the foosball table, Michelle pulled herself forward and back. Their bodies easily glided against each other.

"Ooo yeah, rub your body all over me, you... dirty little... ooo, you... PIXIE!" Michelle giggled at Phoebe using that word again.

With almost perfect coordination, Phoebe spun Michelle around, belly to belly. Grabbing her waist, Phoebe pulled her pussy up to her lips.

Since Michelle was much shorter than her partner, Phoebe's clit was tantalizingly close to her face, but just out of tongue-reach.

As Phoebe licked her pussy lips, fingers of one hand went into Phoebe's cunt, while her other hand firmly rubbed the sensitive fold of skin.

"MMM! MMM!" Phoebe exclaimed. Michelle smelled Phoebe's arousal and had to taste her.

"Let me.. let me..." she panted in frustration.

Phoebe released her grip, and Michelle pulled her body forward and face down into the waiting cunt.

"Yeeaaahhh... lick me... lick me all over..." Phoebe moaned as she poked a finger in and out of Michelle's lips.


Alexis pulled out the dildo, much to Rachel's disappointment. She teased it up and down her crotch, before bringing it to rest at her butthole.

"NO," Rachel whimpered, wanting her orgasm to come closer, but powerless to do anything about it.

"But Rachel, why do you say 'no' when you really mean 'YES'?"

Rachel had no idea what to expect, but Alexis seemed to be reading her mind.

"Yes," she whispered, with a pleading look on her brow.

She gently pushed the wet dildo past her opening. Rachel gasped quietly. She'd never had anything up her ass before, but she was enjoying the first feelings.

Alexis slowly fucked it deeper into Rachel, though not as deep as it was in her other hole. Rachel began moaning deeply. Her lover resumed licking her pussy as the plastic fucked her ass.

"Ooh... ooohh... oooohhh... YESSSSssss... keep it in me... fuck it... fuck it... uhhhh... uuhhhhhh... UUUHHHHHHNNNNNNNNN."

Rachel held her head in her hands as the orgasm ravaged her senses. She gave a long low groan as she exhaled. A moment of quiet, then she gasped loudly.

"UHHNNN... OOOOOHHH... OOOOOHHHHhhhhh... Oooohh... oohh... mmmmm."

She barely waited for Rachel's orgasm to die off. The redhead licked her butt cheek, and then spanked it.

"OW!" Rachel said, laughing, and still feeling a little light-headed.

Alexis then walked off toward Phoebe and Michelle, leaving Rachel hanging over the back of the chair, dildo still in her ass.

"Alexis? Alexis? Hey, don't leave me like this."

She realized that her partner was off to pleasure someone else. "Damn it," she mumbled.

Rachel crawled off the chair, rather clumsily, and pulled out the toy. She walked over to Alexis, who was watching Phoebe and Michelle on the foosball table.

"Hey! Why'd you leave me like that?" Rachel said with a slight tone of indignation.

"Oh, I'm sorry, weren't you finished?" Alexis replied, feigning surprise.

"Rrrr," Rachel growled, trying to make her eyes look angry and menacing. But Alexis had given her such an intense orgasm, she really couldn't be mad.

"Bitch," she said, kissing Alexis firmly. Both women smiled and Rachel went off to join her exhausted roommate on the couch.


Alexis saw her moment to jump in. She kissed Phoebe's inner thigh and then Michelle's cheek. She went to the other end of the table and sucked on Michelle's clit, then kissed Phoebe passionately.

"Face down, ladies," she purred.

Like a choreographed dance, both girls came to their knees. Then Michelle stretched face down on the smooth surface. Phoebe lay on top of her, and sucked her earlobe as they waited for Alexis. She announced her return with one long lick, from Michelle's clit, over her lips, then to Phoebe's clit, and up the length of her pussy.

Alexis held a long flexible dildo. It was flesh colored and the two ends were shaped like cockheads. She inserted one head between each set of spread legs. Alexis was rewarded with a dual set of moans. Alternately pushing and pulling, back and forth, she worked the toy in both girls' pussy. Alexis gently bit Phoebe's ass as she pleasured the women.

"Oh! Yeah... fuck us," Phoebe replied, "fuck us good."

Alexis grinned widely at the squirming bodies that were hers to manipulate. Their movements left streaks of baby oil on the tabletop. She could tell that they were both getting close to climax. She grabbed the center of the snake and roughly fucked it in and out of both. Feeling the same motions took them even higher.

"Cum with me," Phoebe moaned in Michelle's ear, "Can you cum with me?"

"Uh huh," was the whimpered reply.

Phoebe went on, "I'm so close, but I want you to cum when I do. Are you close? Are you gonna cum soon?"

Michelle couldn't even answer. Her breath fogged the clear plexiglass each time she gave a slow, shaky exhale.

Phoebe came just before Michelle. Grabbing the sides of the table, her tensed muscles pressed her smaller partner into the surface. Michelle felt pinned by Phoebe's climaxing body, unable to move as Alexis made her cum. That complete erotic helplessness heightened her orgasm in an unbelievable way.

Alexis couldn't tell which woman was making which sounds, but it didn't really matter. She kept masturbating both, slowing as the sensual trembling subsided.


The roommates and a stripper sat on the couch, watching. Rachel and Monica were cuddling. Monica laid her head on her roommate's shoulder and played with her long hair. Candy sat at the opposite end, and slowly rubbed Monica's legs, which were draped over her lap.

"So, what did you do tonight? Or should I say... WHO did you do tonight?" Monica asked.

Rachel smiled, "Well... Alexis there, was really good. Mon, she fucked my ass with a dildo!"

"Yeah, I saw," Monica smiled.

"It was so... intense. I've never had an orgasm like that before."

"See? Told ya you'd like it. Now you should have a guy do it with his dick, and it's REALLY incredible. Who else, Rach?"

"Mmm, Chantal." Rachel relished that memory. "She teased my clit with her nipple. And I... kind of... humped her boob. Then I got to screw her with our strap-on. I tell ya, Mon. I couldn't sleep last night, imagining what it would be like to be with her."

"I know what you mean. Last night, I kept dreaming about Michelle. Dreaming that I was licking her pussy. And believe me, it was as good as the dream! OH, and Chandler fucked me while I licked her, and then, and THEN," she said more excited, "he did her while we held each other. I felt every part of her orgasm against my body."


Chantal had been on Chandler's lap in his recliner, kissing and petting.

"Well, Chantal," Chandler started, "I think... I THINK you're my last one tonight. And something tells me that what we've been doing doesn't quite cut it."

She kissed him. "You should always save the best for last, darlin'. So... you know I've got the biggest tits of any one in the room."

Chandler cleared his throat, "I, um, noticed that."

"My ex-boyfriend always liked to tit-fuck me. Would you like to fuck 'em?" she asked as she traced her finger around his nipple.


He jumped up, nearly throwing her out of the chair. She laughed and crawled over to him.

"First, let's make sure you're good and hard."

She put his cock in her mouth and gently sucked it to life. He took her head and slowly fucked her mouth. Big brown eyes looked up at him. The firmness of his prick told them both that he was very ready.

Chantal laid on her back on the coffee table. Chandler straddled the narrow piece of furniture and squatted down. He placed his cock between her breasts and she enveloped it. He began sliding his dick between Chantal's tits, marveling at the sensation of fucking such a large, firm set of breasts.

He replaced Chantal's hands with his own, applying different amounts of pressure to get the most pleasing feeling for his dick.

"That's it, sugar. Do what feels good. You can do it. Aren't they nice and big? Does it feel good fucking 'em? I like having my boobs fucked."

Candy moved Monica's legs from her lap and joined the new action. She knelt at the end of the table and began licking Chantal's pussy, while Chandler slowly screwed her tits.

"Yeah, baby... lick me... fuck me... fuck my body... stroke yourself with my big tits."

As Candy moved her oral attention from Chantal's clit to her pussy, the buxom stripper moaned.

"Yeeeaaah... right there... lick it right there."

She ran her hands through her brunette mane and caressed her face and neck. Eyes closed, she sucked on a finger as the couple brought her closer to orgasm.

"Fuck my pussy," she whined.

Chandler moved to join Candy, and placed his hand on her shoulder. She ended her licking. While rubbing Chantal's clit with her thumb, she kissed Chandler, giving him a taste of Chantal.

He knelt between Chantal's stockinged legs. As he entered her, Candy stood over Chantal's head. Chantal managed a lustful smile, with the pleasure running through her body.

"Do it, darlin'," she whispered.

Candy squatted slightly, and pulled the brunette's face up to service her cunt.


Monica and Rachel were watching all this from across the room.

"That, that's what I did with Candy," Monica said, tilting her head back to look up at Rachel.

"Top or bottom?"

"I was on top. And I reached back and fingered her while she licked me, too. It all felt so good." Monica softly rubbed her clit as she spoke.

"Hmm, looks intriguing," Rachel said, making a mental note.

"And we did what you and I do sometimes, you know, with our legs wrapped together... except, see... she's completely shaved. That felt really good against my pussy."

"Mmm... I bet it did. Did you lick her?"

"Yeah, that's how I brought her. I know this will sound kinda weird... but it's a whole different experience when the other woman is totally shaved. It's like... total freedom... you can do anything you want down there."

Rachel got a devilish grin. "Do you want me bald, Mon?"

Monica paused and looked up at her. "Well... I'm not gonna tell you what to do... but it sure was good!"


Chandler saw Chantal's breasts bounce each time he pushed into her. His gaze moved up. Below Candy's ass cheeks, he watched Chantal's tongue moving up inside her. Candy's head was back, as she held Chantal's.

Chandler really didn't want to interrupt this, but he wanted to watch something else as he fucked. He placed his hand on Candy's back to get her attention. She looked over her shoulder.

"Can I watch you suck her tit, while I fuck her?"

Candy smiled. "Sure. This night's for you, ya know."

She knelt beside Chantal and held her tit, kissing and licking it.

"Monica," Chandler called across the room.

"Batter up," Rachel joked, patting her roomie's tight butt as she stood up. Monica looked back at her, grinning.

Monica went and knelt on the other side of Chantal. She caressed her breast.

"So you want me to do something with her tit? This big, firm, beautiful breast?" she teased him.

"Suck it. I want to watch you suck her tit," Chandler replied, as he continued sliding in and out.

"That's what I thought," she whispered, smiling, as she lowered her mouth.

Chandler ran his fingers through two heads of cropped black hair. From his vantage point, Monica and Candy could be twins. They looked like sisters, certainly.

"Sisters sucking a big pair of tits," he thought, "now THAT'S hot!"

He lifted Chantal's legs, holding her ankles apart, so he could push deeper into her. He started to pick up his pace, but she stopped him.

"No, slowly. Do me slowly... tenderly... please?"

The rest of the girls were watching the only remaining action in the room. Alexis joined Rachel on the couch.

Chantal was reveling in the tender attention that she was getting from all three. She made soft sounds, enjoying every lick, every kiss, every suck, every stroke.

She was caressing Monica and Candy. Any bare skin her hands could find.

Chantal came closer to climax. "Faster," she panted, "oh! Oh yeah... harder, now harder."

Chandler gave her what she wanted. Candy gently pressed her teeth into her breast, while Monica maintained a steady, pulsed sucking on her nipple.

Chandler was nailing her hard and fast now. Her body was tense. Suddenly, all tension melted away as she came, moaning.

At that moment, Monica sucked long and hard on her nipple. Chantal grabbed the back of her head and pushed it into her flesh, wanting more.

As her orgasm continued, all three of Chantal's partners sent different sensations swarming her mind. And, as if rehearsed, they slowed their actions as her climax faded away.


Chandler pulled out of Chantal.

"Okay, who wants it?" he asked as he stroked his cock and walked to the center of the room.

"I DO! I DO!" Monica yelled, jumping up and running over to him.

"Hey, why do you get it?" Phoebe protested, with Michelle sitting between her legs on the foosball table. "You got most of it last night."

"Well... I organized all this. So I think I should get something back."

"Yeah all right... that's true," Phoebe conceded.

Monica fell to her knees, hands resting on her legs. She was facing up to him, with her mouth wide open, looking for all the world like a baby bird. A very sexy, horny baby bird.

The rest of the girls giggled, as they watched the scene.

"Wow, you're pretty excited," he teased, "I guess you'd be disappointed if I faked an orgasm right now."

Monica not-so-playfully slapped his thigh. "Don't be a jerk. Just give me my cum."

"Okay, I'm sorry," he said as he stroked himself closer to Monica's prize.

He surveyed all the naked women in his apartment, knowing that he had done every one. He remembered seeing and hearing each one of them climax.

He looked down at Monica's beautiful waiting face. Her tongue subtly moistened her lips. She watched him masturbate, and she gently bit her lower lip in anticipation.

As his orgasm approached, he pinched off his dick, just under the hood, to let the pressure build. He pushed his cock down and aimed it at Monica, who again opened her mouth.

When he released the pressure, a large strong spurt of cum shot right to the back of her throat. She gagged slightly, surprised. But she recovered quickly as the next few shots covered her tongue.

As Chandler's orgasm began to abate, she moved her mouth up to the tip of his cock, though never touching it.

Replacing his hand with hers, Monica pursed her lips and sucked the tip, and she pumped out the last little bit. Monica swallowed and gave Chandler a quick little blow job, to finish him off.

She stood and walked to the recliner. Rachel was lying on the yellow couch, with her head resting in Alexis' lap. "Uh, Mon... you forgot a little..." she said gesturing to her chin.

"Oh... ha!" Monica laughed, realizing that some of the jizz had missed her mouth. She guided it up to her lips with her middle finger, and licked it clean.

"Yep, that's my roomie - 'Little Miss Cum-slut'," Rachel teased. Laughs came from around the room.

"Rachel!" Monica protested.

"What? Like it isn't true???"

"Well, yeah... but it's not like everyone has to know that."

"Well, sweetie, I think everyone knew already... from the way you begged for it," Rachel laughed, with good-natured mocking.

Monica walked over, knelt, and kissed her. "You're just lucky you're my best friend," she said, faking irritation, but unable to hide a smile.

All eight of them relaxed for a while. Michelle and Phoebe showered together to wash off the baby oil. Rachel joined them "just to help out." Everyone knew what that meant, and this was soon confirmed by the loud moans emanating from the bathroom.

Monica and Chandler sat together in a recliner; acting like it was completely normal to be snuggling naked. She played with his penis as they watched the three strippers get dressed to leave.

"Oooh, do you guys have to go?" Monica said, disappointed.

"Yeah, we work the morning shift at the club," Alexis explained. But thanks for the great party!"

Candy kissed Chandler, "Don't be a stranger."

Then she kissed Monica, even more passionately, "And don't YOU be a stranger either... I like turning Monica into Moanica. Maybe next time we can shave that little pussy of yours." Candy ran her fingertips through Monica's trimmed pubic hair, ensuring that she "accidentally" brushed her clit.

The girls waved their goodbyes and thanks as they went out the door.

"Monica, are you blushing?" Chandler teased.

"Noooo," she tried to brush him off, "it's just... a little... warm in here. Aren't you a little warm?"

"No, I'm fine. But I think you've got a craving for a little piece of 'Candy'."

"So what's wrong with that?"

"Oh, nothing at all... And Mon... thank you for all this. You're the best friend a guy could have."

"Aaaww, you're just saying that because I let you grab my butt... and grope my tits... and... and rub my clit..." she became a more self-conscious as she went on, playing with her thumbnail. "And um... and fuck me... and cum in my mouth... um... is that it?"

Chandler chuckled at her seeming embarrassment. "Yeah, it's been a pretty busy night, huh?"

The girls came out of the bathroom, drying their hair. Rachel had made good on her earlier hints. From the neck down, she was completely smooth... just for Monica.

"Where'd everyone go?" Phoebe asked.

"Oh, they have to work in the morning."

"Monica... can Michelle spend the night?" Rachel said, like a girl asking for a slumber party.

"Yes," her roommate replied with a maternal tone, "but only if you two don't make too much noise."

Rachel smiled knowingly, "Oh I won't promise that. But if we do, you can come over and join us."


Chandler looked at the clock. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but you all need to go. Joey's going to be home pretty soon."

With final kisses and thank yous, the girls ran naked across the hall, carrying their clothes. Chandler quickly cleaned up the apartment, wiped down the top of the foosball table, and tried to think of stories, in case Joey asked what he did all evening.

But truth be told, his thoughts could only go to each wonderful woman he'd had that night.


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