Friends: Deleted Scenes - Rachel's Book (MF,MF-mast,oral,hand,reluc)
by Dudeman ([email protected])

"Hello, Zelda."

Rachel was sitting at the counter and looked up from the checkbook she was
balancing. She saw Joey, standing by the door to his room. He was wearing a
hockey helmet, gloves, and shin guards. All evening, Joey had been teasing
her over the erotic novel he had found in her room earlier that day.

"Who are you supposed to be?" she asked with marginal toleration.

"The vicar!"

"Do you even know what a vicar is?" Rachel asked, already knowing the answer.

"Like a goalie, right?"

"Yeah," said with sarcastic agreement. Then she went on, showing her
frustration. "Look Joey, it's enough all right?! You keep making these stupid
jokes and this sleazy innuendoes and it's... I'm not... it's just not funny

"All right, I'm sorry. Rach I... Rach I'm sorry." Joey moved across the room
toward her, but she just stood and started walking to her room. "Okay? I'm
sorry! Maybe I can make up for it by..." He couldn't stifle his giggles as he
finished his sentence. "...taking you roughly in the barn."

Rachel turned and gave him a challenging look. "All right! Y'know what?
That's it! You wanna do it?! Let's do it!"

"Huh?" he replied, uncertain he was hearing her correctly.

She started to move closer to him. "That's right, I wanna do it with you!
I've been trying to fight it, but you just said all the right things."

Joey backed away from her, until he bumped into the counter. He placed a
stool between them as he replied, "I-I-I-I did?"

She moved the stool out of the way and advanced on him. "Yeah! Ohh, I've been
waitin' so long to get on that body!"

"This body?" he said, backing into the kitchen with a demeanor of obvious
discomfort at the situation.

"Yeah that's right!" Rachel affirmed as she prowled toward him. "Come on
Joey; sex me up!"

The words stumbled out of his mouth as he stepped backward. "Hey-hey, you're
startin' to sound like the butcher's wife there in... in chapter seven."

"Oh, come on now, don't keep me waiting," she said enticingly as she closed
the distance between them. "Get those clothes off! But, I would keep that
helmet on because you're in for a rough ride!"

Joey backed into the door, unable to get away from his aggressive roommate.
"I don't want to, I'm scared," he said quietly.

Rachel feigned sweet innocence. "Ohhh... come on, Joey. How could a big
strong man like you be scared of little ol' me?" She moved in close to him,
caressing his cheek. "Is your head telling you 'No'..." Her hand moved down
to his crotch. "... while your head is telling you 'YES!"?"

Joey could only stammer as Rachel fondled him through his pants. She smiled
as she stared deep into his eyes, making him even more nervous. He had never
been with a woman this assertive, and he really didn't know how to act. The
sexy blonde decided to use the turned-tables to her full advantage. Her mouth
slammed against his as she forced a kiss on him. His head went back into the
door, with a loud thud.

"See?" she said with a nasty smile, "Told ya you'd need that helmet."

Rachel pressed her breasts into his chest, her body pushing him against the
door. With this and her continued handling, the flesh in his pants was soon
a firm rod.

"I see that SOME part of you is saying 'yes'," she said as she kept rubbing
up and down the length of the bulge in the fabric. "Hmmm... let's see what
the great Joey Tribbiani has to offer me."

She slipped both hands inside the front of his pants. "Ohmigod," he mumbled.

"What's wrong, Joey?" she asked in her innocent voice.

"Well, it's just that... your hands are cold," he said, embarrassed.

"Oh, well how about we just warm them up. I hear that rubbing is good for
warming the hands."

The slim fingers of her right hand wrapped around his shaft, as her left hand
slid lower and cupped his balls. She began slowly caressing Joey, eliciting a
whimper that she'd never heard from him before. She continued staring at him,
watching his reactions.

"Is that better?" she asked with her knowing little smirk.

"Oh yeah," he moaned, trying to look anywhere but into Rachel's eyes.

"I don't think my hands are quite warm enough yet. I better keep rubbing
them, huh?"

"OH yeah," was his energetic answer.

Joey couldn't believe that his hot girl-roommate was giving him a handjob.
He'd always considered her sexy, but he never realized how erotic she could
be. He closed his eyes, as he concentrated on the hands in his pants. The
gentle stroking. The soft touches. He wondered if he should feel guilty...
if somehow he should be thinking about someone other than his friend,
Rachel... even though it was her who was masturbating him. He had joked
about it sometimes, but he never thought that they would ever...

"Oh, no," Rachel said with false disappointment.

"What?" he asked.

"I think my hands made him cold. I guess I just have to warm him up some
other way, huh? And maybe introduce myself. What's his name? 'The Little

Without waiting for a response, her body slithered down his. She pushed his
pants down as she went. The side of her head rested on his pelvis as she
spoke to his penis.

"Hello, Mr. General. My name's Rachel. It's so nice to meet you. Mind if I
give you a little kiss?"

A quick smooch to the side soon became a barrage of wet open-mouth kisses
all over Joey's shaft. Her manicured nails gently slid along the skin of his
sack, his balls held tightly within.

"Hmmm," she said with a pause, "I wonder if this big, hard dick will even fit
inside my little mouth? Hmmm... but ya know, Joey, there's only one way to
find out."

Joey felt his head immediately engulfed in warm wetness. "AAAWWWWHHHH,"
Joey groaned as he cradled her head in the gloves, mussing her hair. His
gaze shifted from the middle of the ceiling, downward to his friend. The
magnificent sight of his hard dick inside Rachel's mouth. Her lips wrapped
firmly around it. Stunning blue-green eyes looking up at him.

Rachel purred her pleasure at what she'd found, and soon was sliding her
mouth back and forth on it. She pulled it out with a pop, then began licking
all around the shaft. Back in her mouth for a few quick bobs, then out again,
with her tongue taking over the duties.

As she put him back in her mouth, she gave a fast pulsed sucking to the head
and stroked the shaft rapidly in time. Joey was nearly hyperventilating at
the sensations. He tried to push back the nervousness, but truly he wasn't
sure if he should let her do everything... or if he should start fucking her
mouth. After all, it WAS Rachel... one of his best friends. He didn't want
her to think he was taking advantage of her. His questions faded away as
Rachel pushed her lips as far down his shaft as they could go, until his head
nudged against the back of her throat. She kept him there, sucking almost his
entire dick.

"Oh shit," he whimpered. Rachel glanced up at him with smiling eyes. She
pulled back, until his head was barely in her mouth. Then with resolve,
Rachel began fucking her mouth with Joey's cock. Back and forth, again and
again, coaxing him onward. Finally, when she noticed his moans becoming more
impassioned, she stopped.

"Yep. That should do it. I think he's all warm again," she said
matter-of-factly, as she licked her lips.

"Aaw, Raach-el," he began a whining protest as she stood.

"Oh, I've got more in mind for you," she declared, her hand continuing it's
rubbing. "But you wouldn't be any good to me, if you came in my mouth, now
would you?"

Listening to her and staring in her eyes, he slowly shook his head, matching
her own motions, as if he was mesmerized.

"Did you like my blowjob, Joey?"

They nodded together.

"Did you like having your cock in my mouth? Did it feel good? Uh huh? Good.
Because YOU are going to make me feel REALLY good. Now pull your pants up and
come with me, Joey. YOU are going to take me roughly in my bedroom."

Rachel led him through the living room by his hard cock.

"Oh, lose the gloves," she ordered.

They fell from his hands to the floor. Rachel led Joey into her room and
closed the door behind him.

"Let's see," she started, as she walked around him, surveying her new toy.
"How do I want my stable boy..."

"But I thought I was the vicar," Joey interrupted.

"Oh no, Joey. You're not the vicar. I'm Zelda, and you're my stable boy. I
guess you didn't get that far in my book, huh?"

"Well, no," he admitted, "I just kinda skipped around, finding the good

"Oh, well, this is the good stuff," she said. "You see, Zelda's father, the
vicar, owns a stable of horses. And he employs a strapping young man to
care for the steeds." Joey gave her a questioning look. "A steed is a horse,
Joey." Seeing his nod of understanding, Rachel moved around behind him.
"So... since he works for her father, Zelda gets to do whatever she wants
with the stable boy. First, Zelda strips him..."

As she said this, Rachel unstrapped the hockey helmet and pulled it off
Joey's head. Squatting behind him, she unstrapped his shin guards and tossed
them to clatter into the corner. She gave a good squeeze to both cheeks of
his butt, on her way up. Next, she pulled his red sweatshirt over his head,
and then his charcoal grey t-shirt. Rachel ran her hands across his bare
shoulders and back, then went around front to caress his chest.

"So let's just get you nice and naked for me," she said, pushing his pants
and briefs down to his knees.

She stepped into the crotch of the clothes and pressed them the rest of the
way down to his ankles. Obeying her order, Joey pulled his feet out and was
nude, except for his socks.

"Socks, too," she told him, pointing down. "No stable boy is going to bang
me, unless he's completely naked."

The socks soon were gone, and Joey stood there, trying not to act

"You, uh, you gonna get naked too?" he asked somewhat nervously.

"You want me naked too? Oh, you just want to see what you're gonna get, huh?"
she gently tantalized.

"Well, actually, it feels kinda weird standing in front of you without any
clothes... and you still have them on, and all," he tried to explain with a
shy laugh.

Rachel moved in close to him, pressing her pelvis against his cock. The
button at her waist was cold on the head.

"Well, I suppose if you're gonna fuck me... my clothes might get in the way."
She wrapped his hand around his cock. "But you have to show me what you like,

Rachel stepped back from him, so he could watch her undress. Her flat stomach
peeked out from under a tan tanktop, as she reached up and ran her fingers
though her long golden hair. Joey began slowly rubbing himself as he watched

Her fingers slow peeled the knit top over her torso, revealing a lace-trimmed
push-up bra. Her small breasts amply filled the cups, which made them look a
bit bigger than they were. The fabric was stark white against her tanned
skin. Joey began slowly stroking his cock.

With a little smile, Rachel watched his hand moving up and down his shaft.
She loved the sight of a man playing with himself, especially when she was
the reason for his masturbation. It made her feel very desirable... very
erotic... and a little dirty, all at the same time. She unbuttoned her pants
and gradually unzipped them.

"Yeah, baby," Joey mumbled as the more and more of her sexy underwear was

She then threaded her thumbs through the beltloops, and eased the grey-green
chinos down her hips. Underneath, Rachel wore a pair of all-lace boyshort

Joey saw the way they hugged her hips; how they weren't so small as to be
slutty, yet just small enough to be unbelievably sensual; and how her trimmed
pubic hair was barely veiled by the white lace. His hand moved faster, as he
watched his sexy tease of a friend.

Rachel turned and showed Joey how the see-through fabric stretched across her
round cheeks. She seductively ran her hands over her ass. Then Rachel bent
over as she slid her pants to her feet and pulled them off. Turning back, she
sauntered over to him, wearing only a bra, panties, and cowboy-styled fashion

"I think I'll leave my boots on," she said, "I always wear my boots when I'm
riding a fresh young stallion."

Joey laughed, still a bit nervously. Rachel placed her palm over his
knuckles, letting her hand follow his stroking motions.

"Hmm," she said with faux contemplation as she watched their hands moving on
his cock, "if you're going to play... maybe I should play too..."

With this she stepped back and slowly slid her fingers under the waistband of
her tight, gauzy shorts. Joey watched as they glided further inside the lace,
gradually covering her strip of hair. Rachel moved her feet further apart,
and allowed her fingers to drift between her thighs.

"MMMmmmm," she purred with a sultry smile as her fingertips rubbed against
her clit.

Rachel felt her breast through her bra, while she stimulated her pussy. Joey
watched her lace-covered hand moving around, then her middle finger pushed
inside. Rachel's head fell back and she let out a groan. She panted to the
ceiling as she fingered herself. Her hips swayed, as she lingeringly probed
inside herself. It didn't take much for Joey to imagine Rachel doing this at
night in her room... just one wall away from him. Now he knew that every
night, he would go to bed thinking about his sexy roommate fondling herself
in the next room. He knew he would be listening intently for her soft moans,
her little whimpers, any indication of her erotic self-love.

"Ohmigod," Joey moaned quietly, his hand pounding his flesh every closer to

Rachel heard him, and snapped out of her own little fantasy. "Hold on there,
stableboy. You're not going to cum before me, now are you?"

"Uhh, no, um... Zelda," he said, stopping.

Rachel was pleased that he was getting into the roleplay. She pulled her hand
out of her panties and sat on the bed. Her feet were shoulder-width apart,
and her boots were firmly on the floor.

"Well, then I think you should just come here and take the rest of my clothes
off, so I can fuck you."

Joey released his shaft, and went to kneel between Rachel's legs.

"Bra, first... stableboy," she ordered.

He obediently reached around her and unclasped the bra, pulling it off her
slim arms. "Omigod," he muttered, seeing her bare breasts for the first time.

"As good as you imagined?" she asked, suspecting the answer.

"Hell yeah!" he responded with enthusiasm. He held them and brought his head
down to suck. Joey licked all over her pert little boobs, paying special
attention to her hard nipples.

"That's it, stableboy," she whispered, "Zelda likes having her tits licked."

She reached down between his legs and slowly jacked his hard dick. His tongue
ran circles around one nipple, then he pulled it into his mouth to suckle.
His head went to the other and repeated the motions.

Rachel gave a contented purr as she held his head and watched him enjoying
her little brown nipples. But soon she decided that she wanted more. She
pushed away from him, and laid back on her elbows. Sliding one hand between
her thighs, she stroked her lace covered pussy.

"Now, how about you take off my panties and show me what else that tongue is
good at."

She raised her hips to allow Joey to pull down her underwear. Her legs went
up, letting him slide them to her calves, then over her boots. She brought
her feet back down, knees spread wide.

"Now, lick, stableboy," she said, showing him who was in control.

Joey's head went between Rachel's thighs and he lapped at her smooth
pussylips. The flat of his tongue ran the full length of her slit, and
dragged over her hard, protruding clitoris. Then he licked slightly
deeper within her velvet folds.

"Oooo, yeah," she said with intensity. "Lick it. Lick it, stableboy. Mmmmm...
now don't forget my little clit."

She let out a powerful groan as Joey's lips clamped around her clit and his
mouth sucked hard, his head wagging rapidly back and forth.

"Ooo, you're a nasty stableboy, aren't you?"

Joey answered by licking with renewed vigor. Rachel's hair went flying as she
tossed her head back. His tongue dove inside her, licking with a fury that
matched her moans. Soon, Rachel's look of seductive control was replaced by
one of aroused pleading.

"Ohgodohgodohgodohgod," she chanted. "Oh Jo-, I mean... stableboy... do it...
do it... UHHHHNNNNnnn... oh that feels so good... lick it more... MORE...
oh... oh..."

Her hands groped her tits, and she played with her erect nipples. Joey kept
licking and sucking, driving Rachel on. Then suddenly, she pushed on his

"Stand up." Then when he didn't respond quickly enough, "STAND UP!"

Joey jumped up. "What?" he said confused.

Rachel stood, and turned around. She placed one boot up on the bed and rested
her fingertips on the blanket. Then she flipped her hair over her shoulder,
with a toss of her head.

"Before I ride you, I want YOU to ride me," she said, staring back at him
with unyielding lust.

Joey looked at his friend. Sexy legs ending in a nice tight ass. Bent over,
showing her wet pussy to him. Ready to be ridden.

He stepped forward and lined up his cock. Rachel moaned as he entered her.

"Yeaaaahhh, baby," she exhaled.

Joey put his hands on her hips and slowly rocked his dick inside her.

"Damn it, stableboy! That's not how you ride a hot filly like me." She
clearly wanted it hard and rough.

Rachel put her boot on the floor and walked Joey a few steps backward, dick
still inside her, until he hit the door. Her next words were accentuated as
she rammed herself onto his cock.

"You FUCK me HARD, stableboy!"

Joey's hips were forced against the wood door, each time that Rachel slowly
pulled her pussy almost off him, then pounded it back down against his

"Oh, you want it HARD, Zelda?" he asked, as his hips met her halfway through
her downstroke.

Rachel squealed as his dick shoved against top of her cunt, then she answered
through gritted teeth. "Damn right, stableboy. FUCK me GOOD and HARD!"

Their bodies quickly settled into a well timed rhythm. Rachel's squeals and
screams sang out with each of Joey's grunts. Rachel climbed higher to her
orgasm, and Joey used his well cultivated control to keep his climax at bay.

She straightened her frame, raising onto her tiptoes as she stood impaled on
the cock. She turned her head, grabbing his, and pulling it to her. Rachel
kissed him, roughly.

"Pull my hair, fuck-boy. Come on, show me how you REALLY want to ride me. You
just better not fuckin' cum inside me, you dirty stableboy."

Joey shook his head, giving her a look that said, "you're gonna get it,
woman". That was exactly what Rachel wanted to see.

She smiled to herself as Joey moved her back to the bed with his hips; his
dick still in her. He bent her over and resumed ramming into her.

"OH yeah, OH yeah, THAT's it, FUCK the vicar's DAUGH-ter," she grunted.

Joey reached forward and grabbed a handful of Rachel's long hair. He yanked
back on it, none too gently, bringing her head up.

"Ohhh, there we go," she laughed nastily. "That's it, stallion... fuck your

With Joey's strong thrusting, Rachel was pushed forward farther and farther.
With each thrust, her head was pulled back, and her body arched downward.

Rachel soon found herself off-balance on the bed. Her thighs rested, just
above the knees, on the edge of her mattress, and her feet were suspended
above the floor. Her nipples rubbed back and forth against the blanket. Joey
held her head firmly by two handfuls of her long silky hair. He straddled
her hips and banged her, just like she wanted. Rachel soon was moaning deeply
and clutching the comforter in her fists.

"Do it... do it," she moaned, "make me cum... make me cum."

Joey continued fucking her, his breathing labored now. He uttered soft moans
that betrayed just how close he was.

"No... don't cum in me... don't..." she whined.

Joey knew that Rachel had to cum soon, before he himself lost control. He
paused long enough to take one of her hands, and slide in underneath her
hips. As he began fucking her again, Rachel's fingers found her clit and
massaged it.

"Ohhh! Ohhh!," came her whimpers of arousal. These gradually built, until
Rachel screamed at her climax. "Ohhh... yes... yessss... ahhh... AHHH...

Joey eased up on his fucking, though Rachel's hand frantically prolonged
her orgasm. He stopped his motions as she came down. His fingernails dragged
gently down her back and his hands caressed her ass.

"Oh... that was... amazing," Rachel said, with heavy breaths. She continued
touching herself, giving little pulses to her clitoris.

"So what now?" Joey asked, trying to control his own breathing. He still
wanted to cum, but also realized that Rachel was the one in charge.

"Get on the bed," she panted, forehead pressed into the blanket. "Now it's
my turn."

Her limp body roused as Joey pulled out and moved to lay down in front of
her. Rachel grabbed onto his damp cock and gave it a couple of good sucks as
she climbed fully onto her bed. Then she swung a leg over and straddled his
thighs, slowly masturbating him with both hands. She wanted him to know that
she was taking control again.

"You ready, fuck-boy?" she asked, emphasizing the "fuck" in his new

"Oh yeah, Zelda. Let's, let's see what you got," he replied, managing a
little cockiness in his voice.

She held his dick upright and slid down onto him.

"I'm gonna start my stallion with just a little walk."

As she said this, she put her hands on his stomach and slowly rocked her hips
back and forth. He felt the coolness of her boots against his legs, and the
hot wet pussy fondling his cock.

"MMmmm... you're gonna cum, stableboy," Rachel said. Joey couldn't really
tell if that was a promise... or a command. Either one, he knew she was
right. "I'm gonna ride you like this... until you can't hold off any more...
and you shoot allll your load... every last fucking drop."

"You're gonna... ride me like this?" he whimpered, trying not to cum right
that moment.

"Un huh," she said with a knowing smile, "just like this... or maybe... maybe
more like this." Her rocking motion changed into one where she slid up his
dick, then allowed her body to fall back down the hard shaft. "More like a
nice trot on my stallion."

Rachel let out a soft grunt with every cycle. She watched Joey's head push
back into the pillow and his mouth drop open in a silent groan. Rachel felt
the firm kisses of her pussy lips against his body, and at the same time,
the wonderful fullness of a hard cock poking into the top of her pussy.

He closed his eyes and tried thinking about baseball, sandwiches, Chandler...
anything to reduce his arousal. But then, her touch tore him away from his

She took Joey's hand and brought it up to her bare breast, telling him,
without words, what she wanted. He caressed and fondled her beautiful pert
tits, running his thumb across her nipple and creating a little shiver in
her spine.

He began to sit up, so he could lick them, but Rachel quickly and firmly
pushed him back down to the mattress. She stopped screwing Joey and stared
down at him.

"What do you think you're doing... stableboy?"

"I was just gonna..."

"Oh no," she interrupted him and bent over, pressing her breasts against his
chest, and allowing her mouth to hover above his. Her tousled hair caressed
his shoulders and cheek. "You just lay there while I fuck you. In fact, I
think it's time I open you up and see what you can do..."

She sat upright again.

Her lips formed into a nasty smile, and her cute nose crinkled for a moment.
"Let's see how long you last at a full gallop, shall we? Let's see how long
before you shoot your jizz deep inside me."

"But you said not to..."

"That was then, and this is now. Get ready for a wild ride, Joe."

Neither one cared that she had broken out of character. Rachel's hips began
moving up and down again, slowly at first, but quickly picking up speed. Her
hands grasped his waist for balance.

"Fuuuuck, yeaaaah..." Joey moaned, laying back, enjoying the fuck, and
realizing that even with his trained stamina, he soon would be cumming.

Rachel used the mattress springs to her advantage as she set up a fast, high
bouncing to simulate her gallop.

"Oh!... OH!!" she squealed, as she fucked herself on Joey's dick. She rammed
his flesh deep into herself, over and over. "YES! FUCK! YES!"

"Oh god, Rach, you're so fucking hot!"

"That's Zelda to you, stableboy," she moaned, trying to focus enough to get
back into character. "Zelda's gonna make you cum."

"Damn, Zelda," was his only response, as he held Rachel's hips and watched
her beautiful breasts bounce. He felt his dick being brought ever closer to

"You like that, don't you?" she taunted with labored breaths. "You like a
woman who takes charge and give you a good FUCKING!"

"Ohhh... OHHH..." Joey began to groan as he felt the beginnings of a climax.

Rachel immediately reached back and grabbed onto his ankles. She wildly
bucked her hips up and down, arching her back, and grinding his head against
her G-spot.

"FUCKIN' CUM IN ME!" Rachel yelled, knowing that her own orgasm was quite

Joey's taut body released with a moaned, "AAWWWWW."

Rachel felt hot jizz shooting inside her.

"Shit! Shitshitshitshit," she hissed through clenched teeth. "YES! YES! I'm
gonna cum... shhhhhhiiiiiit! AHHH... .AAAHHHHH..."

Joey grabbed Rachel's arm and pulled her back down to him. Then with a fast
roll, he was on top of her.

Her arms wrapped around him, and her nails dug into his shoulders as he
took over for them. Joey's last few spurts went into her, but he continued
fucking, hard and fast, listening to her loud moans in his ear.

Eventually, she gently tapped his shoulder as her orgasm passed, signaling
that he could stop.

They lay like that, closer than two "friends" had any right to be. Their
bodies heaved together as they gasped for breath. Rachel looked at him, with
a soft smile; pleased that she left out her dirty book for Joey to find.

"So 'stableboy'... how'd Zelda do?"

Joey returned her admiring gaze. "'Zelda' was incredible."

"Well, Zelda liked it too." She thought for a moment, then spoke. "So Joey...
you think that... since we're roommates and everything... that maybe Zelda
could come out to play once in a while?"

She gave him an innocent expression that she had learned no man could refuse.
He realized what she was implying, and returned his patented "how-you-doin'"

"Zelda can come out and play any time Zelda wants to." Then he paused, with
slight uncertainty, and said quietly to her. "But I don't have to call you
Zelda every time, do I?"

Rachel looked at him, lovingly, realizing just how dense Joey could sometimes
be. She pulled his head down to her shoulder and replied, soothingly, "You're
so pretty..."


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