Friends: Deleted Scenes - Rachel Finds A Video
(MF,voy,hand,oral,reluc,simulated inc)
by Dudeman ([email protected])

Rachel returned home from the night class that she had been taking with

She called out, "You home, Mon?"

There was no answer. She walked across the apartment and peeked in the open
doorway to Monica's bedroom. No one was there, but she happened to notice a
videotape laying in the middle of the bed. Out of reflex, Rachel looked
around her, making sure that no one caught her snooping. Then she picked up
the tape. The label said, M + C.

"What's M and C?" she wondered.

Rachel went out into the living room, put the tape in the VCR, and picked up
the remote control from the arm of the couch. She pressed PLAY. On the TV,
she saw Monica dancing very sexily. She wasn't facing the camera, rather her
attention was toward someone off screen. Music played in the background, and
there were candles burning on the floor and tables around her.

Then Rachel recognized the room. She gasped and said, "That's the guy's
apartment. M and C... M and C... Chandler is the C... Monica and Chandler."

As she watched Monica moving on screen, she realized what the tape was.

"Monica and Chandler made a sex tape... omigod, Monica and Chandler are going
to have sex on this tape! I can't watch this."

She remembered hearing Monica through the wall, the night before. She tried
to keep her moans quiet, but Rachel recognized what she was doing. Now Rachel
knew that Monica was masturbating to her own sex video.

Rachel was about to hit STOP. But she hesitated, watching Monica's motions.

Monica was hypnotic. She was wearing a simple brown slip and was barefoot.
This made her seem innocent... and yet very sexual.

"She's got a great body," Rachel mumbled.

She admired her roommate's slim hips. Her pert breasts. Monica put her hands
on her thighs. She teased the man off camera by sliding them up and taking
the bottom of her slip along for the ride. But she never showed anything.
Almost, but not quite.

"Well, I'll just stop the tape when the sex starts," Rachel promised herself.
She was caressing her neck and chest as she watched, becoming more aroused by

Chandler stepped into view, and the couple kissed. Monica slid to her knees.
With unbroken eye contact, she pulled down the front of Chandler's boxers and
took out his cock.

As Monica started to stroke him, Rachel slipped her dress off one shoulder.
It had a wide square neckline that went fairly low, so she easily bared
herself for attention. Rachel cupped and kneaded her breast.

She heard Monica ask, "Is this what you want?"

"Yes," Rachel moaned her own response.

Watching Monica give a hand job reminded her of how much she loved a good
hard cock in her hand, or better, in her mouth.

She was so caught up in the scene unfolding on the screen, that she was
startled by Ross walking in the front door. She quickly pulled up the
shoulder of her dress, and hit the STOP button on the remote. Only, she
missed STOP, and hit PAUSE instead.

"Hey, whatcha watchin?" Ross said, walking across the entry. He looked at
the TV.

"Is that.. is that Monica? And Chandler? What? What are they doing? What are
you watching? Are they.. are they having sex?"

"Now calm down, Ross. I found this tape..."

"And you're watching it?" he interrupted.

"Well, you watch porn!" she snapped back.

"But not of my best friend and my little sister! Where did you find it?"

Rachel was obviously uncomfortable. She cleared her throat.

"Um, on the bed in.. in Monica's room."

"So took it and watched it?"

"Yeah, that part sorta just happened," Rachel offered weakly, as she chewed
her thumbnail.

"Well, you cannot watch this. WE can NOT watch this. It's my BEST FRIEND and

He grabbed the remote from her. Rachel showed her irritation.

"Oh come on, Ross, they're adults, and so are we."

Ross stammered, trying to come up with a response. Rachel saw her opening.
She moved in to him.

"Remember when we were dating. And you always wanted us to rent an adult
video and act out what we saw?" Ross was becoming more subdued.

"Yeah?" he replied quietly.

Rachel decided to close the deal. She caressed his chest, and spoke softly.

"How about if we do that now?"

His eyes were riveted to the TV. The video was paused with Monica's hand at
the top of a stroke. Her left hand held down the front of Chandler's boxers.
She was kneeling and looking up at him.

Ross mumbled, "But... my best friend... and my little sister..."

Rachel's tone became more seductive.

"It's not like you'll be having sex with Monica. You'll be fucking me.
Remember how good that was?"

"Yeah," he answered, more convinced.

"Come on, Ross. Let's do this. It'll be fun. You be Chandler and I'll be

"Well, I'M not gonna be Monica," he said distractedly, still looking at the
screen. "But what about someone coming in?"

"Well, Mon is at work. Phoebe's playing down at the coffee shop. And the guys
are at a game. So I guess it's just you and me."

The feigned innocence of her voice was the final key. He simply nodded.

"Start the tape," she whispered as she went to her knees and unzipped his
pants. His dick was already hard, obviously from Rachel's voice and looking
at an image of Monica's hand job.

"Tell me what she does," Rachel said.

"Um, she's rubbing him."

"No, tell me like you want me to do it."

"Stroke me," he mumbled, still watching Monica.

Rachel smiled and obeyed. She stole a glance at the TV, and matched her hand
rhythm to Monica's. She wanted Ross to imagine himself there, with Monica's
hand wrapped around his penis.

Ross saw Monica lean in and lick the cock, from the base to the tip in one
fluid motion.

"Lick me," he said, a little more confidently. "Start at the bottom and go to
the top."

Rachel did so, trying to see out of the corner of her eye exactly what her
roommate was doing.

"Oh, Rach," Ross whispered.

Between licks, she replied.

"Call me 'Monica'..."

With a beautiful woman licking his cock, why would Ross argue? He watched the
video and wondered if it was wrong to want that brunette to be licking him
right now.

"Put me in your mouth," he directed, following Monica's lead.

With Ross' dick pointing straight up, Rachel raised up on her knees and slid
her mouth over the top.

Ross moaned, "Oh, Mon."

Rachel knew she had him right where she wanted him. Not in a mean way, but so
there would be no inhibitions while they did this.

He pushed the shaft of his cock down, so it was sticking straight out.
Rachel went with it, and sat back down on her heels. She realized that he
was guiding her to the exact position that Monica was in.

"Suck me, Monica... suck me," Ross moaned.

Rachel started bobbing her head on his cock, like her roomie was doing on

"You are so good at that," Chandler said.

"Yeah, you are," Ross agreed, complementing both Rachel and his sister.
"You're a good little cocksucker," Ross added. Rachel was a little uncertain
which woman he was directing that to. So she took it as both. She enjoyed the
complements, almost as much as Monica was enjoying hers.

"I want to make love to you," Monica said to her boyfriend. She stood up,
followed by Rachel.

"Unzip me," Rachel said, offering her back to Ross.

She wore a slim grey dress that was soon laying across the coffee table,
with her high heels tossed to the side. All she had on underneath was a
fashionable garter belt and grey stockings.

"Do you EVER wear underwear?" Ross questioned.

"Just shut up and fuck me, 'Chandler'," Rachel replied, sassily.

As Monica took off Chandler's shirt and boxers, Ross quickly undressed. In
the video, a blanket and pillows were arranged on the floor. Rachel grabbed
throw pillows from the furniture and tossed them in front of the TV.

Chandler/Ross laid down on the floor, and Monica/Rachel straddled his body.
The guys held their cocks upright as the girls slid down onto them. Monica
had her back to the camera and she lowered the straps of her slip so Chandler
could access her breasts, which he gratefully caressed.

Monica put her hands on Chandler's chest for support as she rode him. She
fucked herself up and down on his dick. Rachel and Ross imitated every move.
Ross particularly was entranced by seeing the shaft of a cock appear and
disappear, between his sister's legs.

The sexy woman on TV was moaning, and Rachel found herself doing the same,
although that part was not because she was just following the video.

Monica pushed herself down, shoving Chandler's cock as far up inside her as
it would go. She rocked her hips forward and back. Rachel was really into
this now, especially as she noticed that her roommate enjoyed the same sex
things that she did. Like her friend, she rotated her hips in a small circle,
feeling the hard cock rub every part of her pussy.

Then Monica brought her feet around and pushed them under Chandler's
shoulders. Placing her hands behind her, she bucked wildly, ramming his cock
into her vagina, again and again.

For a brief moment, Ross' focus was taken off the video. He was holding
Rachel's shapely legs to steady her. He had a perfect view of his cock
in Rachel's tight pussy, framed by her garter belt and the tops of her

"Oh fuck me, Chandler," Rachel groaned as she mimicked Monica's actions,
though the words were all her own.

They both watched the screen. Monica's head was thrown back, and they could
see the look of ecstasy on her face as she came.

"Wow, she's a horny minx," Rachel panted. "I hope it isn't over yet," she
added, knowing she hadn't climaxed.

"It can't be," Ross offered, "he didn't come."

"Do you want to do it your favorite way?' Monica asked as she caught her

"You know I do," Chandler replied.

Monica pulled herself off Chandler and turned over on her hands and knees.
Her slip was bunched up around her waist.

With Rachel in the same position, Ross put his hands on her hips and caressed
her thighs. Her tight body was similar to the woman on screen and it was easy
for him to imagine that he was about to penetrate Monica. Ross timed his
entry just right.

"Oh, Chandler, " both girls moaned in unison.

Chandler and Ross each began fucking their girl.

"Fuck me, Monica," Chandler groaned.

Ross' eyes were closed, and he picked up where Chandler left off, but with a
different tone.

"Shit, Monica... Fuck me... Fuck me, you spoiled little slut!"

Rachel was somewhat surprised, but she thought that this might be a good
catharsis for Ross to get rid of some of the resentments of sibling rivalry.

On TV, Monica was fucking back onto her man. Rachel tried to do the same, but
Ross was caught up in his own approach. So she decided to just let him do her
as hard and as long as he wanted.

Now ignoring the video, Ross moved from kneeling to squatting behind Rachel,
keeping his dick in her as he changed positions. He put his hands around her
waist and and resumed pumping into her. This gave a new angle to his cock,
and it reached different places inside her. Rachel groaned and grimaced in

Rachel listened to the grunts of both men, and Monica's moans from the TV.
Rachel was very close to orgasm. She usually liked a man to take control
during sex. Right now, it turned her on to be used for Ross' satisfaction,
and to work out his frustration.

She came and moaned, "Ooooh, fuck me, Chandler."

Monica climaxed for the second time a few seconds later, on screen.

"Cum on my face, lover." The words came from the TV speakers.

Rachel watched Chandler pull out and stand up. Ross wasn't watching, but he
heard Monica's request, and did the same.

Monica and Rachel each knelt before their partners. Monica was jacking off
Chandler to get him to cum. But Ross, eyes still closed, held Rachel's head
and masturbated, imagining it was Monica, inches from his cock.

She watched the video, still aroused by the turn of events. Chandler came and
Rachel enjoyed seeing the streams of jizz flying across Monica's face.

"Cum on me, baby. Cum on my face," Rachel said.

Ross let go, almost as if on Rachel's command. He opened his eyes and saw his
cum all over Rachel's beautiful face. He looked over and saw Monica sucking
the drops out of Chandler's dick.

"Oh wow," was all he could say as he sat on the coffee table. Rachel stopped
the video and cleaned her face with tissues. She smiled at him.

"See? Told you it would be fun. And it seems that you worked out some pent up
frustration toward Monica."

Ross gave an embarrassed laugh. "Yeah, I guess so."

"Hey, it's okay. I'm happy to help. This will be just between you and I."

"Yes, I think that would be best. And just so you know, Rach... it's not like
I want to have sex with my sister. That stuff just sort of came out."

"I know, sweetie" she reassured him. "But remember, you could do a helluva
lot worse than Monica," she said with a wink.


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