Friends: Deleted Scenes - Going Commando (MF,oral,exhib)
by Dudeman ([email protected])

Everyone was joining Ross at a museum benefit that night, where he was
scheduled to give a speech. After much frustration and many distractions, he
had managed to get everyone ready and on their way down to the waiting cabs.
He called out for Rachel as he guided Monica and Phoebe out the door.

Rachel walked out of her bedroom, wearing a stunning sea-foam green gown.
The fitted dress fell to her ankles, had a high slit over her left leg,
and a very low neckline. She held her matching jacket in one hand, as she
presented herself for his approval.

"Wow! You, uh... you look... wow!"

Smiling, she walked over to him. "And I still have about five seconds to
spare," she said, looking at her watch. They shared a lingering kiss, and
Ross was reminded again of his good fortune to be with Rachel. "That was
about seven seconds," she assessed.

"So we're a little late." Ross shrugged it off.

"Come on," Rachel said, taking his hand and walking to the door. Then
she stopped and turned. "Oh, and by the way," she said in a sexy but
matter-of-fact tone, "I'm going commando too."

Ross uttered a simple "Ohhhh!" as she led him out the door, his knees weak
at the thought.

The entire evening at the benefit, Ross couldn't keep that thought out of his
mind. He stole glances down her dress. A couple times Rachel caught him, and
she gave him a smile and a wink. Whenever she walked away from him, Ross
examined her hips and ass, as discretely as possible, trying to see if there
was the soft outline of panties or a thong.

Even as he was giving his speech, he looked at Rachel and her words replayed
in his mind, "...oh, and by the way, I'm going commando too."

"Is that true?" he thought. "Is she really wearing nothing under her dress?"

They say a nervous public speaker should imagine all the attendees sitting
in their underwear. But for Ross, all he could imagine was his girlfriend
sitting there completely naked.

When the event ended, the friends left the museum and hailed cabs. Rachel
said to Ross, "How about we take a little walk? You know, to end the

"Yeah, sure," he responded, and then said to the others, "We'll catch up
with you guys back at the apartment."

As Rachel and Ross walked hand-in-hand down the street, Ross ventured a
question. "Say, Rach... what you said before we left... about 'going
commando'... is, um, is that true?"

Rachel got a devilish little smile on her face. "Been thinking about that,
have we, Dr. Geller?"

"Yeah. It's pretty much the only thing I was thinking about."

"Well then, how about you just find out?"

She led him down an empty side street and then turned into a dark alley
between buildings. They stood in the shadows about ten feet from the
sidewalk. Rachel kissed Ross passionately. His hand went to her breast,
and he felt her hard nipple protruding slightly.

"So, you think I'm commando on top?" she asked.

"Un huh," he replied.

"Well, you better make sure."

She slipped the short jacket off her shoulders, so it draped from her elbows,
like a wrap. Ross slid the strap of her dress down her arm. In the dim light,
Rachel studied his reactions as he pulled part of her dress down, exposing
her left breast. He caressed it lovingly, as if he had never touched her
breasts before. She loved the way he worshiped her. It made her feel like the
sexiest woman on earth.

"How about the bottom? You should probably see if I'm going commando down
there, too."

The slit of Rachel's long dress came up a few inches above her knee. Ross
reached under, feeling her smooth leg. Then he slowly moved his hand in and
upward, pulling the dress up with his wrist. She took a sharp breath as his
hand brushed against her soft pussy, then she giggled.

"When I go commando, I go all the way." She kissed him again. "So what are
you going to do about this? Do you want me? Right here? Right now?"

Ross' kiss told her that his answer was "yes."

Rachel pushed him back against the wall of the building. She unzipped his
tuxedo pants and took out his dick, which was already quite hard. As she
fondled him, Rachel leaned in, pressing her breasts into his chest. She
kissed him roughly, then gently bit his lower lip and pulled it as she
moved slightly away.

"I'm not your sweet girlfriend... for right now."

Ross paused a moment before he replied, "Then suck me, bitch."

She gave him an approving smile as he put his hands on her shoulders and
pushed her down. Though he knew what to expect, he still was a bit surprised
at the feeling of Rachel's warm wet mouth engulfing the head of his cock. He
couldn't really see what she was doing, so all his attention was focused on
the sensations of being licked and sucked.

Rachel also made certain Ross could hear her. Sucking... licking... quietly
moaning her enjoyment. Giving him some aural stimulation to go with the oral

Rachel loved how she felt sexy and dirty at the same time. She smiled to
herself, wondering what her mother would think if she saw Rachel now. A good
upper-class girl in an evening gown and heels, crouching in a dark alley and
sucking cock.

They heard voices coming down the street. "Do you think they'll see us?" Ross

"So what if they do?" Rachel paused to reply, before going back to her

Soon, a small group of college frat boys walked down the opposite sidewalk.
All were carrying beers, and were in various stages of drunkenness.

"Hey, look over there," one of them said.

They couldn't see much from across the street, other than the silhouettes of
two people, created by a light farther up the alley. But they could clearly
watch the shape of a woman's head, moving back and forth as she gave head.

"Dude, she's giving that dude a hummer," another observed.

"Uh, Rach," Ross whispered, "we've been spotted."

She stopped sucking and used her hand. "What do you care? You're the one
getting a blowjob," she joked. She knew what the answer would be when she
asked, "Do you REALLY want me to stop?"

"Well, no..."

"Then how about I give them a show." Turning to the street she yelled, "Watch
and learn, boys!"

As she resumed blowing Ross, their audience shouted encouragement. "Yeah,
suck him off." "How much did he pay for that?" "Come on, deep-throat him."

Rachel played to both Ross' reactions and the frat boys' lewd comments.

A car drove up the street, and for a few seconds, the headlights illuminated
Ross and Rachel to the world. "Fuck! She's hot!" one of the guys said.

"I guess you're lucky to have me," she said to her man, teasing him.

"You have no idea..." he responded.

"Let's see ya fuck her, dude!"

"Yeah, let's see ya fuck me, dude," Rachel said to Ross. She stood up. "We
should probably give our fans what they want. Think we can do this standing?"

"Sure, like this," Ross said, still in disbelief of their erotic situation.
He turned her slightly away from him, and helped hike up her dress over her

"Put your arm around my neck." Rachel did so, as Ross bent over to hook his
forearm under her knee. When he stood back up, he pulled up Rachel's bare
leg, opening her pussy lips as she balanced on one foot.

"Oooo," she said, impressed, "where'd you learn this?"

Kissing her, he replied sheepishly, "Saw it in a porn movie once. I always
wanted to try it."

"Well, I guess now's your chance."

Rachel reached down between her open legs and took Ross' cock. She guided
it up and into herself. Shouts of approval echoed down the street as they
started to fuck.

Another car passed. The lights revealed Rachel standing spread, leg pulled
up, with Ross' cock buried in her. The group saw her sexy legs and pussy.
One breast still exposed. The men cheered and whistled.

Rachel yelled to the on-lookers. "All right, you've had your little peep
show. Now, go find some more beer."

The college guys knew that their fun was over, so they wandered away, some
shouting derisive comments. "Fuck you!" one of the more drunken ones yelled
as they went down the street.

"WHY, YES, HE IS. THANK YOU VERY MUCH," Rachel taunted, as Ross continued
thrusting up into her.

As they fucked, she tilted her head back and kissed him. "Shit! I like this.
I feel like such a whore," Rachel panted, "What else do you want to do to

Ross lowered her leg and Rachel got the idea. With his cock still in her,
Rachel turned, bent forward, and started riding his rod. Ross held her hips,
but let her take over.

He leaned back against the building as Rachel fucked his hard dick. The cool
air wrapped around his moistened shaft each time Rachel pulled nearly off
him. Then he felt the amazing heat of her vagina as she plunged him back into

Her brown hair swayed with every thrust. She was gasping in pleasure. The
rubbing on her pussy lips was wonderful.

"Oh god, I'm gonna cum like this. This is so incredible!" she groaned, "Do
anything you want to me. Fuck me like a whore, Ross."

He took her arms by the elbows and pulled them back, bending her further
over. His actions followed her moans of, "Harder... deeper... YESSS!!! Like
that... like that..."

They were both grunting now, with Ross banging Rachel more passionately and
roughly than ever before. But she loved it, and was goading him for more.

"Come on, fuck me, Ross... I'm your little slut. Fuck me good and hard... Oh,
god... Oh yes..."

Rachel moaned loudly as she came. Ross kept nailing her, trying to elicit
another moan with each thrust. The traffic noise on the nearby avenue would
block anyone there from hearing them. And since their street was again empty,
Ross knew that her very public moans were only for him.

He released and shot his cum deep into Rachel. She tingled at the new hot
wetness. He kept cumming and cumming. She focused on that feeling and hearing
him groan her name.

As their passion ebbed, Ross took the handkerchief from his jacket. He kissed
Rachel, and cleaned her up after pulling out.

"Wow, you came a lot, stud," Rachel smiled.

She lowered and adjusted her dress as Ross threw the soiled cloth in the
trash and zipped up.

As they exited the alleyway, Rachel covered her breast and pulled up her
shoulder strap. And by the time they reached the main street, her jacket was
back in place. They entered the crowd of pedestrians. Ross hailed a cab. They
were arm-in-arm, laughing. To all eyes, they became just another couple in
love, heading home from a night on the town.


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