Friends: Deleted Scenes - Getting Back The Apartment (FF,MMF,hand,voy)
by Dudeman ([email protected])

Monica and Rachel had switched apartments while Joey and Chandler were out.
The guys were at the door, with Chandler arguing. "I don't care, this is our
apartment! And they stole - you STOLE it - our apartment, and we won that
apartment fair and square, twice! And I am getting it back right now. I'm
getting it back right now!"

Monica opened the door to let the guys in. "All right," Rachel said, "We
figured you might respond this way, so we have a back up offer."

Chandler objected. "Oh no-no-no, no more offers. You can't offer anything to

Rachel and Monica glanced at each other. "Let us keep the apartment and..."
Rachel offered, and Monica continued, "And as a thank you, Rachel and I will
kiss for one minute."

Chandler and Joey looked at each other. "Deal!" They ran to the couch and sat
down. Rachel and Monica walked to the other side of the coffee table and
faced each other. Rachel took off her light brown zip-up sweatshirt. Monica
put her hands on Rachel's waist, who put hers on Monica's upper arms. Rachel
cleared her throat.

"Hee hee. This is gonna be good." Joey said.

"Just start the clock," Rachel snapped.

"Oooo, saucy," Chandler teased, evoking looks of irritation from both girls.

"Ok... GO!"

The girls brushed lips tentatively, looking into each others eyes, trying to
gauge each other's reaction. Then they began to kiss. They closed their eyes.
Gentle kisses turned more passionate, as Rachel took Monica's face in her
hands. After a bit more time, Rachel slid one hand down Monica's arm. She
guided her friend's hand up to her breast. Monica didn't fight it at all, and
gently caressed the curve of Rachel's tit.

"Do you see that?" Joey whispered to Chandler, who whispered back. "If you
draw attention to it, it might stop."

Both girls were becoming more aroused. Rachel ran her fingers through her
roommate's short black hair. Monica slid her hand under Rachel's white
T-shirt. As it lifted up, the guys saw that Rachel wasn't wearing a bra.
Rachel's body shuddered and she giggled as her friend's palm brushed across
her pert nipple. Both girls smiled and continued making out.

"Do you think they know we're still here?" Joey asked Chandler. Chandler
shushed him, his eyes never leaving their hot female friends. A few more
seconds, and the girls stopped.

"And I think... that's time," Monica said slightly out of breath, "Oh, but
we're not done yet. We want to make sure you NEVER say that this little show
wasn't worth giving back our apartment."

Rachel took off her t-shirt as Monica knelt in front of her, sliding her
tight black pants to the floor. Rachel stepped out of them, and turned to
face the guys. She was wearing only a white thong, brown ankle boots, and
little white anklet socks. She walked over to the guys, standing between
them and the coffee table. Monica sat down behind her on the table. Rachel
bent over at the waist putting her hands on the guys' thighs. She slid
them up to the obvious bulges in their pants. "I see you both like what
you've seen. I bet you want to be jacking off right now," Rachel teased
them seductively.

"Yes, please," Chandler replied and both men took out their rods. They
looked at Monica. Her eyes peeked out above Rachel's shapely ass. They
couldn't see her mouth, but they could tell she was smiling. Both of
them started stroking.

Monica pulled her friend's thong to the side and began lapping at her pussy
lips. Rachel feigned a surprised gasp, as she looked over her shoulder. "Why,
Monica! Whatever are you doing?"

Monica caressed Rachel's taut ass. "Well Rachel, I'm showing you how much I
like having you as my roommate," she replied with an equally feigned tone
before going back to her oral duties.

"Nice touch," Chandler encouraged, realizing that the dialog was for their

Rachel smiled and winked at him. Rachel eyed the hard cocks in front of her,
but quickly all her attention was taken by the sensation in her pussy. "Oh,
yeah, Mon... that feels good... yeah, like that... lick me." Her words were
all real this time. Monica had the flat of her tongue on Rachel's shaved
cunt, and was licking up and down, catching her clit with each pass. Monica
began probing the tip of her tongue past the labia, and into Rachel's puss.
Rachel's eyes rolled back in her head. "Oh GOD, that feels so good."

Monica was caressing herfriend's body as she pleasured her. Beautiful round
ass, sexy slim legs, perfect breasts hanging there. Monica briefly stopped
licking. "I'm getting SO WET!" She caressed her own body as she was doing
Rachel with her tongue. Cupping and rubbing her own breasts. Caressing her
abdomen... thighs... inside thighs... crotch. Her service to Rachel was
having the desired effect, as evidenced by her moans. She could tell that
her beautiful roommate was coming close to orgasm. Rachel's eyes were closed
and she was now masturbating Chandler and Joey, one dick on each hand. Monica
grabbed Rachel's thighs and used them for leverage as she moved her head
forward and back, thrusting her tongue in and out of her roomie's tight cunt.

"SHHHHIT, YES!" Rachel screamed, "Don't stop, Mon. Please don't stop. Do it
like that. Tongue-fuck me!" Rachel's long honey-blonde hair and breasts
swayed in rhythm with Monica's head. Rachel moaned louder, "Uuuunnnnhhh....
uuunnnnnhh.... OOOOOHHHH... I'M CUMMING!!!" She stopped stroking the guys,
simply holding their dicks tightly as she climaxed. As her orgasm began to
subside, Monica brought her back down by kissing and licking her ass and

"MY TURN!" Monica jumped up and yelled.

"Ya gotta gimme a minute, hun." Rachel gasped. She stood and kissed her best
friend. "Mon, that was so GOOD!" Monica started to unbuckle her belt. "Wait a
minute, hun. Turn around." Monica did so and Rachel hugged her from behind,
reaching around and undoing her belt, button, and zipper. "Now bend over a
bit. I want them to see your tight little butt."

The guys had a view from the side as Rachel peeled her dark-grey jeans from
her body. She turned her friend so Chandler and Joey would have a clear view
of her back side. No panties. Not even a thong was in the way.

"Doesn't she have the cutest little ass?" Rachel asked as she rubbed Monica's
cheeks. Both guys stammered agreement, their unattended dicks still at

Monica stepped up onto the table and turned around to face the guys. She
wore nothing but midcalf-length boots and a tight dark-brown V-neck top
with a thin gold necklace and bauble. Monica's petite body was enough to
get the boys masturbating again. Slim hips, sexy legs. She spread her
feet shoulder-width apart. Her little tuft of hair was trimmed into narrow
strip, and her clit slightly protruded through her pussy lips. Rachel sat
below her, also facing the guys, and leaned her head back between Monica's
legs. She reached her tongue up and flicked it across her clit a few times.
Monica's body shivered. Rachel went back to the prepared dialog.

"Gee, roomie... what do you want me to do? With you standing there like

Monica was too aroused to play along. "I don't care... anything... lick me,
finger me... do whatever you want."

Rachel gently rubbed Monica's clitoris, then slowly slid her middle finger up
into her roommate's cunt. Monica had been holding her breath, and she let out
an erotic moaning exhale. She spread her legs a bit more. Rachel leaned back
again, and licked Monica's clit as she finger-fucked her. Monica's body
tensed up and she caressed her breasts, abdomen, and ass as she focused on
the dual sensations that were being given to her. She panted, "Ohhhh....
ohhhh... oh that's good. Oh yeah, Rach. Just like that. Oh, Rach."

She was coming closer to climax, and Rachel turned around to kneel on the
table in front of her. She buried her face between Monica's legs. Monica
looked down at her best friend, and their eyes locked for a moment. Monica
raised up on her tip-toes and held Rachel's head in place. "Lick it, Rachel.
Lick it. Now suck it. Suck my clit. Yeah... yeah... fuck my pussy. Put your
finger all the way in."

Rachel followed her directions. She wanted this to be the best orgasm her
friendever had. Monica's head was up, eyes closed. Her beautiful mouth was
open, but pulsing slightly closed with each panting breath, like a fish out
of water. But both guys could tell Monica was certainly in her element. The
girls were giving them the most erotically beautiful image either man had
seen. Monica was hanging on the edge of an orgasm. Her body was tense and
slightly shaking. Then suddenly she let go, and came, screaming Rachel's
name. She nearly fell, but Rachel caught her, and continued rubbing her
clit, slower and slower, to bring her friend down. Monica's body was weak,
and Rachel helped her down off the coffee table. She stood, holding her,
kissing her head and brushing Monica's hair from her eyes. "You ok, sweetie?
Ya liked that, did ya?"

All Monica could pant was, "Oh yeah. Wow!" She regained her breath, and tried
to clear her head and come back to earth.

Rachel addressed the guys, "So, I trust that that is enough of a 'thank

"No, no, no," Joey protested, "You're not gonna leave us like this."

Chandler agreed, "Yeah, this hard-on isn't going away on it's own."

"Oh all right," Rachel replied, "What do you want to do?"

Joey looked a bit embarassed, "I wanna cum on Monica."

"WHAT?" Monica protested.

"Me too," said Chandler.

"Why me? Why not Rachel? She's more of a slut." Rachel looked at her shocked.

"Hey! Oh, you're right," she said grudgingly.

Chandler explained. "Well, Rachel's incredible. But you Monica, watching you
on that table... oh... my... god!"

Monica gave them that shy little look when she loved a complement. "I was
pretty hot, wasn't I? Ok, but let me take off my top. I don't want to get
anything on it." She removed her tight shirt.

"What about your bra, Mon?" Rachel asked.

"Eh. They can cum on it all they want. It's a throw-away. So are we talking
breasts, stomach, what?"

"Nope," Joey answered, "face."


Chandler agreed, "Oh yes, it has to be the face."

"Oh, all right," Monica whined, "So now what?"

"Well, lay on the table," Rachel directed, "and I'll get them off. You're
first, Joe." Monica laid on her back across the table. "So I just lie here?"

"Well Mon," Joey suggested, "you'd probably enjoy it more if you got into it,
if ya know what I mean."

Joey knelt by the side of Monica's head. Rachel stood beside him and started
stroking his cock. Monica looked up at the thick dick above her face, and
licking her lips, began rubbing her clit. Rachel talked dirty while jacking
him off. "Isn't she beautiful? Look at those blue eyes. Perfect features.
Look at that gorgeous face. You just want to cum on it, don't you? Wouldn't
she be more beautiful with your cum on her face?"

Rachel could tell by the throbbing in his dick that Joey was about to cum.
She pointed his cock down at Monica and jacked it faster. Monica laid there
eyes closed, frigging her pussy, unaware of the impending facial. Joey let
go and gave several strong spurts of cum across her face. When he was done,
he sat down and Chandler took his place.

"Are you going to talk to me too?"

"Oh, you know it, baby. I've got something special for you."

She started stroking him and continued, "So you liked seeing Monica get
eaten out by a woman, huh? Especially since it was me? She tasted so good,
Chandler," Rachel said, almost whispering as she gave Chandler his hand job.

"Oh Rach," Monica moaned as she fingered herself.

Rachel continued. "Remember that Thanksgiving in college, when you saw Monica
in that tight black dress. All thin and sexy, just out of high school. You
wanted to fuck her then, didn't you. I know you did. I bet you never thought
you'd ever see me eating her pussy." Chandler was groaning in pleasure at the
memory. "But look at her now. Look how hot she is. She's so horny. She wants
it, Chandler. She wants you to cum on her. Look at that gorgeous little
raven-haired slut. Maybe she'll even let you cum in her mouth."

Monica had brought herself very close to orgasm. "My mouth... I want it in my

Chandler leaned over her, getting the head of his cock close to Monica's open
mouth. Rachel kept whispering and stroking him.

"Can you cum for me, baby? Can you cum in Monica's mouth? I want to see you
cum in her mouth. Look at her waiting for you, Chandler... it's Monica...
you've wanted to do this for years... now cum, baby... can you cum? Can you
cum for Monica?"

Just then, Monica climaxed, screaming. At this, Chandler shot his entire load
into her mouth. Monica sucked the head, getting every drop out, her orgasm
just beginning to subside.

The guys got dressed and walked with Rachel to the door. Monica headed to the
bathroom. "I'm gonna take a shower. I've got boy-cum on me," she teased.

As Rachel closed the door behind them, Chandler asked, "Uh, Rach, how much of
that was planned?"

She paused. "Well, you just think about that one in your rooms tonight, and
see what you 'come' up with. Oh, and guys... I'm going to go join Monica in
the shower. Think about that too. Sweet dreams, boys."


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