Friends: Deleted Scenes - Cousin Cassie Part 2 (MF,inc,oral,hand)
by Dudeman

Ross and Cassie sat in his apartment watching a movie. A bowl of popcorn sat
in his lap, and he held a wine glass, which his cousin was refilling.

Tortured thoughts played in his head. "She's your cousin. She's your cousin!
If she knew what was going on in your head she'd think you were sick!"

Cassie reached over and took some popcorn from the bowl, so close to his

"Or would she?" A slight smile crossed his lips as he reconsidered his
assumption. The voice in his head went on. "Let's back up a second. She was
the one who suggested opening a bottle of wine. She was the one who turned
down the lights. She was the one that wanted to rent Logan's Run, the sexiest
movie ever."

Cassie grabbed the blanket from behind him, giving him a silent sultry look.

"Oh, I know that look," his mind decided. "Forget it. I want it. She wants
it. I'm going in."

He leaned in quickly to kiss her. Cassie fluidly slipped back from him,
evading his lips.

"Hey! What the hell are you doing?!" she said with faux indignation. She
wasn't about to let him have her with just a kiss. If she wanted him to
truly throw caution to the wind, and forget about anything being "wrong",
she needed to keep him off-balance for a little while longer.

They sat upright again. She successfully kept an angry look, as she stared at

Ross' thoughts stammered for the right response. "Say something clever!...
Okay, doesn't have to be clever, it just has to be words. Say some words...
Any words will do... Omigod! This is the longest that anyone has not talked
ever!... There is nothing you can say to make this worse!! So just say

He hesitantly broke the silence. "I, I... I, uh, haven't had sex in a very
long time."

Cassie's look softened somewhat. "Ross, you know I'm your cousin, right?"

"Yes," he said, very embarrassed, not wanting to make eye-contact.

"And you know that us having sex would be wrong, right?"

"Uh huh," he quietly admitted.

She turned back to watching the video. Cassie dipped her hand into the bowl

"REALLY wrong..."

"Uh huh..." he agreed, nervously munching.

She retrieved more popcorn.

"No matter how good it would be..."


Cassie's hand went back toward the bowl. As their eyes were locked on the TV
screen, her hand "missed" the bowl and slipped behind it. The back of her
fingers brushed against the soft bulge in Ross' pants.

"Oops," she said, before slowly pulling it out and grabbing from the bowl.

"OOPS?!?" his mind questioned. "How could she mean 'oops'? She totally meant
to do that! Oh god, did she mean to do that? Wait a minute, she just got mad
when I... I thought she didn't... But she had to have done that on purpose.
No one just 'misses' a popcorn bowl..."

The movie played on, and Cassie smiled to herself, perceiving the desire and
confusion she had built in Ross.

"How long?" she asked, interrupting his thoughts.

"Um, what?"

"How long since you've had sex?"

"Uh.." He blinked hard, trying to clear his head, uncertain that he had heard
her correctly. "Well... months."

"Wow," she replied with just enough sympathy to pique his interest. "That's a
long time..."

They sat in silence. Ross, trying to figure out just what his cousin was
thinking. And Cassie, still trying to fight that little smile.

It seemed like forever, that she allowed him to struggle.

Just when she sensed that he had pushed aside the possibilities, Cassie set
down her glass of wine. She lithely moved across the couch and straddled
Ross' hips. Her tight jeans rubbed against the grey cotton of his pants.
Light brown hair hung in waves, framing her face, and cascading down her
chest. The bowl of popcorn that sat in Ross' lap, now was nestled between
their legs. She slipped her hands beneath the bowl, rubbing against his
thighs and crotch.

"Popcorn?" she offered with a mixture of seduction and innocence. Ross could
only shake his head in a daze. Wordlessly, she removed the bowl, and placed
it on the coffee table behind her.

Ross took this time to steal a glance. She was wearing a red, long sleeve
top. It had a low v-neck, and as she stretched backwards to dispose of the
popcorn bowl, his eyes ran to the bare tanned skin showing inside the V.
Then his sight went to her pert breasts, standing out beneath her shirt. As
she turned back, his eyes immediately moved to her face. He didn't know
why... they were in a very compromising position... one that she was
creating. But still, he was almost afraid of being caught looking at his
cousin's chest.

Cassie had seen his "change of view" out of the corner of her eye. She knew
she had him. She placed her forearms on the back of the couch, behind his
head. Crossing her wrists, she trapped his head, and settled her body closer
to his.

Ross looked up at her, staring into those beautiful eyes. But more than
that, he found himself fixated on her lips. Full... luscious... pouty...
They looked so soft. He wanted so much to kiss them... to find out just
how soft they were. And... and more than just kissing them, he wanted to...

"No, no," his mind chastised, recalling her angry look of a few minutes
before. "Let's have none of that here. You don't even know what she REALLY
has in mind. Besides... she IS your cousin... and that would be..."

The thought was never finished. It trailed off in his mind as Cassie leaned
in, and placed her lips barely against his. Without thinking, Ross kissed...
and he felt her respond. One simple, passionate kiss.

Cassie moved back a bit, and took the wine glass that still was clutched in
his hand. She touched it to his lips, serving him a sip. Then, staring into
his eyes, she silently drank from it. The goblet was set beside its mate,
and Cassie leaned in for another kiss; drinking as deeply from Ross' mouth
as she had from his glass.

Ross couldn't believe that his young cousin was seducing him. Secretly, he
wanted it to be so... and part of him was afraid that it was all just a

Her lips were as soft as he had imagined. He felt arousal growing in his
pants and he pictured those pillowy lips cradling his...

"No, wait!" his mind protested. "Should we really be... should we...
should... oh... oh god, this is so good."

Cassie held his head in her hands, kissing him with more and more zeal. At
first, Ross' arms hung limp at his sides, not wanting to reveal too much of
his lust for his cousin. But slowly, under the coaxing of Cassie's kisses,
he moved them up, to rest on her ass. Her tight ass... her tight ass in
tight jeans. Ross remembered how good she looked, when they picked out a
movie at the video store that evening. Though he tried not to, his gaze
rested more than once on her cute butt, as she walked away or stood down
the aisle from him.

Their tongues began to play against each other, as Ross's hands started
to caress Cassie's ass. It felt so firm and tight in the denim. Her body
strained underneath it; in Ross' mind, begging to be released.

Cassie broke their second kiss, and leaned in to whisper in his ear. Her
voice and her words sent an erotic chill down his spine.

"What do you want to do about this, Ross?"

From their shared position, he had no option but to look down her shirt. Sexy
breasts hanging there in her cloth bra. Taunting him by almost showing her

Could he really say? How could he not say? Here was his beautiful cousin,
on top of him... kissing him... maybe wanting this as much as him. Her next
whisper fixed his answer.

"Do you want to do it?"

"You have no idea how much," he replied quietly, trying to control the
emotion and lust in his voice.

Cassie began kissing and suckling his earlobe. Ross' eyes rolled back in his
head, still in disbelief.

"Do you want me to suck you?" she hummed in his ear.

He could only stammer, hoping she meant more than just his earlobe. Then, her
words ended any doubt.

"Do you want to put your hard cock in my mouth?"

"Yes, please," he whimpered, as if giving up the fight against his urges. But
she wasn't about to let him go that easily. She didn't want him to give in to
her. She wanted to provoke him to take her.

"Want to hear a secret, first?" Her breath blew across his ear.

"I don't know," came his hesitant whine.

"I fucked Monica this morning... and her fiance too... The three of us did it
in their bed."

Ross' mind nearly exploded as it dwelled on those words.

With a blaze of vigor, he reached between their bodies and unzipped his grey
pants, taking out his now-rock-hard cock. Then, quite unceremoniously, he
pushed Cassie to the floor between his legs. Holding his rod in one hand, he
grasped her head and pulled her inward, directing her mouth to surround his

Her head began slowly moving up and down, teasing him with the lazy pace.
Clearly, she was enjoying her nasty snack. She had subtly enticed him earlier
that day, as he watched her eat a hot dog. Slowly pushing that long sausage
into her mouth. Wrapping her lips around it. Ultimately, Cassie wanted to
make him desire to put HIS wiener in her mouth.

And now, all the aspects of her dirty little plan had come together. The hot
dog; her tight jeans; renting the geekily-sexy video; the wine; dipping her
hand into the popcorn bowl in his lap; every subtle little thing. And by this
point, taking it slow, like she was doing, was nothing Ross had in mind.

"Deeper, deeper," he mumbled, as he grabbed behind her head with both hands
and, pressing his shoulders into the leather couch, he arched his back,
thrusting up into Cassie's mouth. She felt his dick go to the back of her
throat, again and again. She controlled her gag reflex, knowing that this
was helping to make her cousin even more lustful and aroused. "Suck it good
and hard," he ordered with a groan, as his hips settled down and he allowed
Cassie to take over.

Obediently, Cassie pleasured Ross. Her head bobbed up and down. With each
downward stroke of her mouth, she pushed his dick to the back of her throat.
The wet sounds of her sloppy blowjob drowned out Logan's Run, still playing
in the background. Her saliva ran down his shaft and matted the hair at its

"DAMN, Cassie!" he said incredulously. This stunning woman blowing his cock
was the same cute little teeny-bopper that he'd had a crush on, several years
before. She looked up at him, her eyes giving him the smile that her occupied
lips could not. "You are so sexy! So... HOT!"

Cassie's head paused momentarily to give her time to reply between licks.
"Sure... 'Hot'... 'Sexy'... 'Slut'... 'Cocksucking Whore'... Whatever works."
She giggled.

"Are we... are we really going to do this?" he asked, uncertain if he wanted
to hear the answer.

"Well," she said as she knelt upright between his legs and stroked him with
both hands. "I've had your DICK in my mouth... so why not in my cooch? Do you
want that, Ross? Do you want to shove this big dick inside me? Huh? Do you
want to FUCK me? Good and hard? Do ya? D'ya wanna bang me and make me scream
for more?"

Within moments, Ross was on his feet, ready to fuck his hot cousin senseless.
But as he stood, Cassie saw his dick coming up at her and instinctively
opened her mouth to snatch it in. Ross' burst of activity paused when he
realized their new position. She looked up at him, luscious lips wrapped
around his head, simply waiting for him to...

Ross took her head in his hands and began fucking Cassie's mouth, none too
slowly. Her moaned encouragement spurred him on to use her mouth however it
felt good to him.

"Suck it, you little cocksucking whore," he said, latching onto her suggested

"Mmmh hmmm... Mmmh hmmm..." Cassie moaned as she knelt, letting her cousin
face-fuck her.

"You like that, don't you, Cassie? You like having me screw your mouth, huh?"

"MMM HMMmmm," she gave hearty agreement, trying to let him know that anything
he wanted to do was okay with her.

Ross got the message.

"That's 'cuz your a little cocksucking slut whore!"

He bent over her, resting his stomach on the crown of her head and wrapping
his forearms behind it. He trapped her head in place and bucked his hips
forward, over and over. Cassie's muffled agreement begged for more. But soon
Ross slowed, not wanting to cum too quickly. He reached down and felt the
tight blue denim that stretched across her ass. Everything about this woman
was desirable.

Ross straightened up and ran his fingers through her long wavy hair, before
clutching her head and slowly pushing further into her mouth.

Cassie opened her throat, allowing Ross to make her deep-throat him. Her nose
bumped against his pelvis as he made repeated small thrusts inside her mouth.
She didn't know if he planned on cumming down her throat, or not. But even if
he did, she knew she'd be able to get him up again so he could fuck her.

But right then, Ross realized he wanted more than just head, and he pulled
his cock out of her mouth. As soon as Cassie realized what he was doing, she
lunged forward to give a long hard suck for the full distance of his passing
prick. His head separated from her lips with a loud smooch.

Ross helped Cassie to her feet and turned her to face the couch. Standing
behind her, he unbuttoned her blue jeans, pulled the zipper down, and shoved
them to her knees. Quite abruptly, Ross pushed her onto the couch. Her
breasts rested on the padded back. He looked down at the thin blue string
that stretched across her lower body, forming a T above her butt with a
similar tiny cord that went down between her cheeks. His hands traveled the
gauzy fabric of her top, downward to grope and caress her ass. He pulled her
thong down to meet her pants.

Without any hesitation, Ross reached under her from behind and fondled her

"Omigod," he breathed as he realized she was completely bald.

"You like that?" she said seductively. "I did that this morning... just for
you." It was only partly true, but who really cared at that point.

Ross rubbed her pussy, noticing that she wasn't quite wet enough. Retracting
his hand, he spat on his palm and rubbed the liquid all over her pussy lips.

"Ooo, you nasty fucker," she taunted. "Are you getting me ready to take you?"

"Damn right," he answered as he knelt on the couch and sidled up behind her,
pushing his own pants down to his knees. "I'm gonna fuck you like the little
slut you are."

Her bare ass rested against his abdomen. His dick flinched against the full
length of her wet slit.

"Yeah, baby, I need it like that. Do me hard, you fuckin' bastard."

Ross couldn't believe the exchanges, verbal and otherwise, between him and
Cassie. He had always thought of her as a naive young lady; beautiful, but
completely oblivious of her sexual attraction. But now it was clear that his
young cousin had blossomed into a woman who knew her full erotic charms and
was more than willing to use them.

He backed up slightly, and reached down to put the head of his cock at
Cassie's entrance. He pushed in slightly, to penetrate her, then put his
hands on her shoulders and pulled her back onto himself.

"Yeah, fuck me, Ross!" she groaned as she was impaled on his shaft.

As soon as his cock was ball-deep in his hot cousin, Ross pulled back and
started to thrust up into her. His hands gripped her shoulders firmly as he
launched the assault that Cassie wanted.

"Oh fuck, yeah," she moaned. "Bang me hard... fuckin' bang me hard! OH
yeah... OH yeah... UH!... UH!..."

Cassie's arms and chin rested on the back of the couch. She felt Ross' hands
leave her shoulders and slip up underneath her shirt. The fabric stretched
away from her torso, as his fingers found their way to her breasts. She loved
the feeling of her body being explored. She loved the feeling of a cock
ramming into her, pushing a grunted exhale from her lungs with every thrust.

"UH!... UH!... FUCKme...FUCKme..." she intoned.

The cloth of her bra complied with his touch as Ross squeezed her smallish
tits. They felt about like Rachel's and he quickly assessed that Cassie must
be a bit more than a size B. He pulled the cups down and pawed her now-bare

Cassie looked over her shoulder, trying to make eye-contact with her cousin
and partner.

"Do you want to take this to your bedroom?" she offered. "That way you can
strip me... and then... and then you can bang me REAL good."

Ross paused his action, pondering whether to finish fucking Cassie right
there, or to move to the bedroom and risk Cassie changing her mind. But as
he looked into her eyes, they both knew that this was going to happen, no
matter what room they were in.

He pulled out and Cassie got off the couch, yanking up her thong and jeans.
For the first time, she noticed that their vigorous sex had caused one of her
cork-heeled platform shoes to fall off her foot.

"Damn, Ross," she teased, "you fucked the shoes right off me."

They shared a laugh, and Ross was captured by Cassie's heart-stopping smile.

He took her hand, wanting to lead her quickly to his bed. Cassie stopped,
and Ross turned to see her down the last of her wine. Then she kicked off the
other shoe, and followed him.

They reached the bedroom, and Cassie spoke first.

"So are you gonna strip your little cousin?" she asked seductively.

"Oh hell, yeah," Ross replied, as he grabbed for the bottom of her red gauze
top. Cassie reached up to the ceiling as Ross peeled it off her body. She
began to lower her arms, but Ross took them and pushed them back up. "You
just, just keep those up there, young lady."

Cassie gave him a dirty smile as he caressed the skin of her chest. Her
flowing light brown hair covered most of her upper torso. Ross flipped it
over her shoulders and out of his way. He moved slowly downward and unclasped
the front of her bra. He reached inside the two hanging cups and groped her.
Fondling and feeling and squeezing. Her nipples were already at a hard point,
and they pressed into his palms.

He began to push the bra straps off her shoulders, and she lowered her arms
to allow it to fall to the floor behind her.

Ross slid to his knees and began kissing Cassie's breasts. He held one in
each hand as he licked and kissed and sucked on her large brown nipples. Her
delicate hands traveled along his shoulders.

"Can we take your clothes off, too?" she asked.

In response, Ross sat back on his heels, and nearly ripped off his blue
sweater, along with the t-shirt underneath. Bare chested, he leaned forward
again and once again savored his cousin's breasts. Her fingertips traced the
width of his broad shoulders, and then down his biceps.

Ross' hands left her breasts and glided down her sides to her hips. The front
of her jeans still hung open, and he looked down at the powder blue fabric
inside. He wanted to finally see the pussy hidden behind the lingerie.
Without much effort, he worked the tight denim down her body, revealing more
though not all of her skin.

"On the bed," he ordered. Cassie shuffled a step and sat down. Her cousin
pulled her jeans completely off, as he squatted in front, and moved in
between her legs. Ross devoured her breasts once more, before giving the
same passionate treatment to her luscious mouth.

"Lay back," he said, pushing her away. "I want to eat my sexy little cousin's

Cassie smiled at him, reclining and resting on her elbows. She lifted her
hips slightly, then her legs, to allow Ross remove her thong. Her feet had
barely touched the floor when Ross pushed her thighs apart and dove in. She
squealed as he gave a long hard suck to her clit.

"FUCK, yes!" she groaned. "Do it. Do it, baby. Ooo, yeah... think you can
make me cum?"

Ross paused briefly from his oral services. "Oh, you are SO gonna cum, little

Cassie's smile melted into an impassioned look and moan as Ross went back to
work. His lips pursed around her clit and he gave her a series of quick sharp
sucks. Then his mouth opened and he ran his tongue throughout the folds of
her swollen lips.

"Yes, Ross," she moaned. "Lick it... lick it."

She loved watching someone eat her out; man or woman. In high school and
college, she'd developed a reputation among her friends as a girl who would
fuck nearly anything that moved. And on this trip to the city, she was so far
proving them right.

Ross' hot cousin soon began panting. He grabbed both of her legs and shoved
them over his head, supporting them with his hands under her knees. Cassie's
elbows let go, and she collapsed back onto the bed.

"Do it, Ross. Do whatever you want with me... Use my body... Control me... I
want that so much."

His face buried into Cassie's crotch, as his tongue snaked up into her.

"Fuck yes," she gasped. "Shove your fuckin' tongue into me."

Ross tongue-fucked his beautiful cousin, tasting the juices that nearly
flowed from her; watching the bottom of her breasts as they heaved; listening
to her moan and spew out filthy encouragement.

"Oh fuck it, Ross... mmmm... ohhhh... that's it... fuck me with your

He settled into a rhythm of fucking his tongue in and out, giving an
open-mouth kiss to her lower lips each time her cunt was emptied. He could
feel the muscles and tendons in her legs tense as he drove her onward and
upward. He knew she would cum, maybe soon, and he wanted to be ready for the
next thing he had in mind.

"Hold your legs up," he muttered between licks. Cassie reached down and
grabbed behind each thigh, suspending them up and apart.

The sensual attack of Ross' mouth never abated as he worked his grey pants
down to his knees. Since he was kneeling, it wasn't the easiest thing to take
them off, but he managed to do so without disturbing his partner's pleasure.

Now completely naked like his cousin, he cradled her tight ass in his hands.
Cassie was groaning deeply now. He could see her hands and legs tremble
slightly. Even her pussy lips twitched ever so gently under his continued
licking. She was getting close... he could feel it.

Ross moved his oral attention back to her clit, and pushed his finger inside
her. Working it in and out as he licked above it, he readied Cassie for a
second digit. Cassie groaned as a finger penetrated her again.

"UHHhhnnn... ssshhhit... what's..." she panted her question, "what's with you
Gellers and... and two fingers?"

"You don't like it?" he teased quickly between licks.

"No, it... it feels amazing... it's just that... Monica likes it that way
too..." Her voice took on a dirty tone. "So Ross... did YOU teach Monica
to... to like it... this way? Huh? Ohhh, yeah... mmm... tell me... Have you
ever... have you ever done this with your sister? Licked... licked her and...
and finger-banged her?"

For the first time, since the start of their encounter, Ross wondered just
what Monica and Chandler did with Cassie earlier that day. He made a note
to coax the details out of her, though he knew he'd have to do very little

Cassie's body was writhing and sweating under her cousin's control.

"Oh Ross, I'm gonna cum," she moaned loudly. "So close... so close... so
close..." With each repetition, her words came closer to a whisper. Her face
reflected the erotic tension that gripped her entire body. "So close... so

Ross' lips clamped around her clit and he gave her a fast pulsing suck. It
matched the rapid shallow fucking from his hand. She groaned through a closed
mouth, with fast snatches of air racing through her nostrils to interrupt
each moan.

"MMMM... MMMM... MMMM... MMMM... MMmmm... mmmm... mmm..."

Cassie was still in her orgasmic stupor. Eyes closed. Her drained body
gradually releasing its tightness. She barely noticed her partner climbing up
between her legs. Slight pressure on her body. She was scarcely aware of the
pressure moving upward. And before she knew it, a hard cock was pushed back
into her mouth. She opened her eyes and looked up at Ross straddling her as
he knelt. He grabbed a pillow and propped up her head.

"Give me your hands," he directed. Cassie's legs fell lazily, and her feet
rested on the cold wood floor. She felt him grab both arms, and bring them
above her head.

As he held them together, one wrist in each hand, Ross leaned forward. He
weight pushed his fists into the mattress. He began fucking her mouth like it
was a pussy. Fast thrusting, with his abdomen bumping against her forehead.
Cassie didn't even try to lick or suck. She simply kept her teeth out of the
way and clamped down on him with her lips. Right then, she knew the true
meaning of the term "skull-fuck", and what's more, she liked it.

Ross went on like that, humping his beautiful cousin's head. It was nasty,
it was dirty, and he liked it. He'd wanted to try it for so many years, but
never had the nerve to suggest it to Carol, or Rachel, or one of his other
lovers. But now that he was doing it, he realized how good it felt. And
that his cousin was letting him do it to her... that made it so much more

He reveled in the sensations and he wanted to cum in her mouth. Shit, he
wanted to cum in her mouth... but he also wanted to feel her tight hot pussy
again... and then there was her ass... damn, it would feel good fucking her
there. Ross struggled with the best kind of indecision. And he knew there
could have been no bad choice, except to stop.

"I want to fuck you some more," he pronounced, having made his decision. He
sat upright and pulled his dick out of her mouth.

"How do you want it?" came the sloppy sound of her question, just as the rod
was leaving her lips. A little saliva dribbled down her chin from his cock.

"Move up," he said as he pulled her further onto the bed. Cassie quickly
wiped her chin with a now-freed hand as she was maneuvered into place. Her
head rested on the pillows, and she was immediately weighted down by Ross'
body. She spread her legs wide and felt his penis push into her.

"Pretty vanilla way of doin' it, doncha think?" she said, still panting. Her
partner was already fucking away. "Woulda thought you'd want it a little
nastier... ya know, Ross... I'm not gonna say 'no'... to anything."

"I wanna look at you while I fuck you," he simply said, staring at her. Those
eyes, that face. Those lips, that mouth. Ross mentally replayed every fantasy
he'd had about her, ever since that summer at the rented family beach house,
when he first saw her well-formed teenage body in a bikini. Every position
and every scenario where he imagined them having sex. In his fantasies, both
of them knowing it was wrong and trying not to get caught by their parents,
but fucking each other anyway.

She reached up to run her fingers through his hair. But Ross still wanted
Cassie to "know" who was "in charge". He grabbed her hands and pulled them
widely apart above their heads. The full weight of his body pressed down
into her. When they were young, Ross would hold her down and tickle her.
But now, years later, he was holding her down and fucking her. Scant
distance separated their faces. Cassie smelled herself in his mouth.

"Fuck me," she whispered, before kissing Ross passionately. His thrusting was
renewed with vigor. Cassie moaned into his mouth, then broke their kiss to
throw her head back into the pillows, groaning, "YES!"

Again Ross held by the wrists, letting her have that feeling of being
controlled. Her fingers clenched and flexed as her orgasm creeped closer. She
brought up her legs and wrapped them around her cousin's waist, hooking her
feet behind his lower back. This allowed him to slip deeper into her, and
they both groaned as he rammed her ever harder. His pelvis banged against her
clit, and his balls slapped against her ass, and his dick plunged down into
her over and over.

"Fuckmefuckmefuckmefuckme," she chanted with gasping breath and contorted
face. He stared at that gorgeous, impassioned visage. Far more beautiful now
than when he had first lusted after her, when she was an eighteen-year-old
bikini-clad temptress.

A wrist wiggled free, and he immediately grabbed it again. They were both
moaning and grunting with each thrust. Cassie's legs gripped him tightly,
almost as if she thought he could slip away from her. As much as she could,
she used his torso for leverage to pull up to him, matching his rhythm.

Staring at Cassie's sex-ravaged face. Hearing her lurid sounds. Feeling her
taut body gripping him and being gripped. It was almost more than he could
take. He was so close to cumming, and he hoped he could hold out long enough
to bring his cousin again.

Ross nearly pounced on her lips and placed a hard kiss. His tongue invaded
her mouth; the way it had done her pussy; and the way his cock had done her

He was so close. "Cum, Cassie... cum, dammit!" his mind screamed. He hoped
she was almost there, because he couldn't hold out much...

"AAAWWWWHHHH," his groan came as his cock unloaded inside her.

The first stream of hot cum was just what she needed to break the dam.
Cassie's climax hit. "AAAAHHHH... YESSS... YESSSssss..."

Her head thrashed from side to side, as guttural moans oozed from her lips.
Her legs tightened around his body, squeezing the breath from him. She
struggled futilely in his grasp. Her fingers flailed in a way she wanted her
body to do. Still he held her... still he fucked her.

Thrust after thrust, Cassie's cunt was filled with Ross' thick white seed.
As his orgasm passed, he continued pounding her until her body showed signs
of easing tension. He gradually slowed, and then stopped.

They lay there. His dick still inside her. Both bodies drenched with sweat.
Panting and gasping for air.

"You can let go now," she breathed softly.

"Oh, sorry," he laughed, as he released her wrists. The color slowly flowed
back into the white finger lines. Her legs unhooked and dropped to the bed
beside him.

She giggled with him. "That's quite alright," she said taking his head in her
hands and kissing him deeply.

Ross rested his head next to hers. Both were amazed at their intensity.

"Shit, Ross. No one's ever done me like that," she admitted, finally
beginning to catch her breath.

"Really?" he asked, half-uncertain, half-surprised, and half-boastful.

"Oh, totally. Whatever woman gets you is in for a helluva lot of great sex!"

"Aw, well... not THAT much... well, okay... yeah, a helluva lot!" he said
with false modesty.

They rolled to the side, and he finally slipped out of her. They caressed
each other's bodies, playing like lovers.

"So," Cassie asked, "do I HAVE to sleep in the guest room tonight?"

"Well, I don't know... what if someone found my naked... my TOTALLY naked...
cousin in bed with me?" he teased. "Doncha think that would look a little

"Tell ya what," she offered with a dazzling smile, "let me stay in your bed
tonight... and I promise I'll wake you up in the morning... in a VERY fun and
nasty way."


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