Friends: Deleted Scenes - Choosing a Groomsman (MF, oral)
by Dudeman ([email protected])

Chandler paced back and forth in the kitchen. He was fretting over Rachel's
choice of Ross to be her groomsman in Phoebe's wedding that day. It was a
last minute decision, and Chandler was trying to figure out how to get Rachel
to change her mind. He stopped in mid-step, as she walked in.

"Hi," Rachel said, nonchalantly. She was wearing her green floral bathrobe
and little socks, obviously in the middle of getting ready for the evening

"Hey, can I talk to you about this groomsman thing?" Chandler asked. She
paused to listen. "If you pick Ross, he'll walk you down the aisle just fine.
But if you choose me... you'll be getting some comedy!"

Rachel pretended to consider it for a moment. "Even so, I think I'm gonna
pick Ross," she said decisively.

"Let me tell you why you need to pick me," he began to explain as he went
around the couch. He sat on it, facing into the kitchen. Rachel pulled up a
chair and sat down opposite him, as he went on. "See, when I was a kid, I
was always left out of everything, you know, and it really made me feel...
insecure. You know, I was always picked last in gym. Even behind that big
fat exchange student who didn't even know the rules to baseball. I mean,
this guy would strike out and then run to third. Anyway, if I'm the only
one left out of this wedding, I just know that all those feelings are gonna
come rushing back."

Rachel's heartstrings were tugged by his story, but nonetheless she began to
explain that she had already told Ross that he would be in the wedding.

"Chandler, I just-"

Sensing her oncoming rejection, he quickly took a desperate stab in the dark.

"If you pick me," he interrupted, "I will give you an orgasm."

"WHAT?" she said, taken aback and quite uncertain that she'd heard him

"That's right," he said, reaching across the couch, taking her hand, and
gently leading her around to him. "I will give you an orgasm. Right here.
Right now."

Rachel chuckled slightly at the seeming absurdity of the promise. She sat
down on the couch. "Look, Chandler, you can't just 'give me an orgasm'."

"Oh, but I think I can," he said trying to act all debonair, as he took a
place on the coffee table across from her. "Monica's taught me some very good

"Well, but still, you ju-" Rachel stopped in mid-sentence as the thought sunk
in. "Uh, what do you..." she cleared her throat nervously, "what do you mean
'very good things'?"

"Oh, I'm talkin' things that make her moan.... things that make her scream...
things that make her beg for more... Let's just say... the crowd goes wild!"

Rachel paused, trying to imagine just what Chandler was capable of doing,
now that Monica had taught him what a woman truly likes. But then she forced
herself back to reality.

"Yes, but speaking of Monica... your wife... she's just two doors away,
and... and what would she think if she walked in and... you and I were, were
going at it on the couch."

"Well, first... she's too busy gloating to Phoebe over the whole wedding
mess - so I'm betting she won't be back for a good hour or so. And second, I
know she boffs Joey once in a while, so..." He smiled at his wife's best
friend. "...why can't you and I get a little action goin'?"

"Huh..." Rachel uttered quietly with a pondering look. She had wondered about
Monica and Joey, having caught the occasional glances between the two, at
Central Perk, or in one or the other of their apartments. She'd questioned to
herself about the meanings of those fleeting looks.

And Rachel had walked in on them one afternoon, and the two obviously had
just separated quickly from an embrace. Both had very guilty expressions.

Then there was the time she found a sexy pair of women's underwear on the
floor of Joey's room. Normally that wouldn't have raised an eyebrow, but it
seemed to her that she'd seen the lingerie before - but not on Joey's floor.
And late one night from what Rachel heard through the wall, Joey obviously
had a girl in his room, and the woman's moans sounded vaguely familiar. Now
it all made sense.

"Well, you are right across the hall..." Rachel contemplated, realizing just
why things weren't going anywhere in her pursuit of Joey. And truthfully she
hadn't had a guy in FAR too long of a time.

Taking this as a good sign, Chandler reached forward and glided his hands
along her cheeks, cupping her heart-shaped face in his hands. He looked at
her for a moment. So beautiful.

Weeks before, Rachel had colored her hair again; this time going for a
highlighted honey brown. And this morning for the wedding, she had styled her
locks in full-bodied waves that cascaded over her shoulders. Her long bangs
were parted to the side and draped over her forehead, just above her right
eye. Those eyes. Those jewel-like blue-green eyes. Perfect lips and little
mouth. Cute dimples that accompanied her sexy smile. Rachel was one of the
few women Chandler knew who could compete with his wife's beauty.

He leaned in and gave her a gentle kiss, which became more passionate as she
responded. Their eyes closed and their tongues played together as she moved
towards him. Rachel could feel her nipples hardening. In getting ready for
Phoebe's wedding, Rachel hadn't yet put on a bra. Every small movement caused
her sensitive tips to brush against the inside of her robe. It was like a
highly erotic tickle shooting through her breasts.

As they kissed, Chandler's hands slipped down her arms to her lap. He
caressed her trim thighs through her pale green robe. They both inhaled
deeply and passionately; their lips never losing contact. His hands kneaded
her toned legs, further showing his desire for her.

Rachel played with the four heavy vertical ridges that ran in the fabric
along the right side of Chandler's sweater. Her finger tips traveled the
grooves from his shoulder, down his chest, and languidly back up again.
She took his head in her hands, and moaned softly in his mouth, letting
him know that she wanted this to go further. Then her graceful fingers
rested on his shoulders.

His hands slowly moved upward, until he cupped her breasts. She purred
faintly as he held them, unhurriedly caressing them through the fabric.

On and on, Rachel made out with her best friend's husband, feeling him
tantalize her body. Her pussy gradually moistened, as she imagined him
sliding into her. They continued exploring each other's mouth, as
Chandler's hands slipped downward and he hooked his fingers into the belt
of her robe. The single overhand half-knot easily gave way as he slowly
pulled. The top of her robe had been wrapped tightly around her. The two
halves now fell open slightly.

Smoothly, Chandler slipped to his knees in front of her. He broke their kiss,
and placed his fingers on her lips. Rachel swallowed hard, still in a bit of
a daze, and opened her eyes. Chandler slowly ran his fingers over her chin
and down her neck, watching their path the whole time. Rachel stared at his
face. She was truly amazed that Chandler had learned to be so... romantic!

His fingertips glided on her chest, and gradually made their way between her
breasts, which were still covered within her open robe. She wondered for a
moment if he was going to open it, but almost to her disappointment, his hand
kept moving downward.

It brushed across her tummy, and she flinched and giggled. "That tickles,"
she said, explaining the obvious.

"Sorry," he replied with a warm smile.

His hand went on, spreading Rachel's robe as it went. She was sitting quite
demurely with her legs together, and as his fingers reached the bottom of her
torso, they played across her panties above her lap. Back and forth they ran,
then dipped inside the thin waistband. He caressed her abdomen with the back
of his hand, at the same time feeling the softness of the garment on his

He leaned in for a brief kiss. As he did this, Rachel closed her eyes,
expecting and wanting more than just a quick one. Chandler sat back,
surveying her. He brushed the fabric of her robe from her lap, and it
dropped by her thighs, draping along and off the front of the couch.
Her breasts were still hidden under the light green cloth, with the
lapels of her robe settling to the inside her cleavage, exposing just
the skin of the valley between her mounds.

Finally, Chandler took hold of her robe and opened it, revealing her to

"Oh damn!" he mumbled appreciatively.

Rachel smiled sweetly at him, with all the affection of a new flame. He
leaned in and gave her nipple an open mouth kiss. With her chin firmly on
her chest, Rachel watched him as he kissed and licked and sucked. She moaned
softly at the attention.

Chandler's lips and tongue worked a surprising level of magic for her. At
first, he held both breasts, bringing one to his mouth each time he wanted
a taste. But gradually, his hands came to rest alongside her waist as his
tongue roamed her chest. Rachel's legs had parted and accepted him between
her thighs. Their bodies were responding with an ease of intimacy normally
felt by seasoned lovers.

Her head tilted back and her eyelids fell, as she enjoyed the soft lustful
caresses of Chandler's mouth. He wrapped her in his arms, and quickly sat
back, pulling her towards him. Rachel's eyes shot open with a gasp and she
looked down at him with a look of pleading expectation. His stomach nestled
between her spread legs, against her single piece of dampening lingerie. She
felt herself in his remarkably strong embrace as he continued loving her

She couldn't believe how much she wanted him right then, and all he had done
by that point was a bit of foreplay. Then, when his lips left her, she felt
a little let-down, though this seemed to enhance her desire. Chandler
straightened up as he knelt, and pushed her robe off her shoulders. It lay
behind her, cast off onto the couch.

"Stand up, Rach," he directed softly.

She stood, and looked down at him, kneeling in front of her. Her mind
wondered, yet clearly knew, what would come next.

Chandler kissed across her flat belly from hip to hip, as he pulled her
panties down her legs. He inhaled the scent of her arousal. Rachel felt his
breath on her skin, skimming across its surface, and downward to her pubic

"Is he gonna lick me? Oh Chandler, please lick me," she thought.

She stepped out of her underwear, and Chandler placed it on the table behind
him. He rapidly stripped off his blue sweater and grey T-shirt. He looked up
at the blonde beauty and caressed her ankles and calves, before moving his
hands in, between her legs.

The backs of his fingers slid up the insides of her thighs. Rachel's feet
moved apart, almost as if they had a mind of their own. His hands reached the
tops of her legs. As he looked up at her, he slowly moved his hands forward
and back. The full length of his index fingers rubbing the soft smooth flesh
on both sides of her slit. Her pussy nearly throbbed, wanting his touch.

"Please," she whimpered slightly, without realizing it.

Chandler leaned in, his open mouth hovering close to her pussy. Close... so,
so close. His warm exhale blowing across her damp lips, stoking her even
hotter. And still that rubbing... that slow, gentle rubbing.

Rachel moaned her frustration at his sensual teasing. "Oh god, Chandler, just
do it. Please!"

She caught the prurient glint in his eye as he finally kissed her lips. Her
mouth fell widely open and a groan emanated from deep inside her, trailing
off into silence. "UHNNNAAAWWWWwwwhhh..." She gasped in a breath, then
another groan, "Yessssssssss..."

Rachel groped herself, fondling her bare breasts, as Chandler passionately
kissed her pussy. His arms wrapped around her thighs. One tight little
ass-cheek was in each palm's grip. The tip of his tongue danced along her
pussy, teasing her inner lips with its occasional touches.

"Oh... ohhhh..." she sighed.

Her breathing became deeper. Soft moans grew in intensity. Just the way
Monica had taught him, he continued kissing and teasing his lover's pussy,
discerning the subtle reactions that said she was ready for a little bit

Rachel's pussy lips had swollen with her desire. Her clit and inner lips now
protruded slightly. Chandler paused, then gave her a long slow lick, the full
length of her slit.

"Oh god... oh god..." Rachel gasped. "Do that again... more... lick me

Chandler fulfilled her requests, completely unconcerned that he was striving
to pleasure a woman who was not his wife.

"Oh yeah... yeah... lick me... oh lick me, Chandler..."

His tongue kept tracing its path forward and back, methodically pushing
Rachel closer to orgasm.

"Mm... mm..." she whined as one delicate hand grasped the crown of his head
and pulled him in closer to her crotch - if 'closer' was even possible.

Chandler's tongue wagged back and forth, gradually working its way deeper
into Rachel. She was panting, and her head fell forward, eyes closed, simply
enjoying the sensations between her legs.

"Uhhnnnn.... uuuhhnnnn..." she groaned. Rachel realized for the first time
that she could very well cum like this. She felt her partner's tongue begin
to do small circles, swirling inside her cunt. She moaned, "OOOhhh, yeah."

Rachel's hands left her breast and Chandler's head, and clamped onto his
shoulders. Her fingernails dug into the muscles. Undeterred by the slight
pain (after all, Monica was known for leaving nail marks on his back too),
Chandler drove onward, licking as far inside her as he could reach.

Her face scrunched up in a look of either discomfort, or extreme pleasure.
Judging by the erotic "OH! OH!" that accompanied her visage, it was clearly
the latter.

Rachel raised up on her tiptoes, and shifted her weight forward. She
supported herself on Chandler's shoulders, as she practically tried to mount
his face, wanting more of that tongue inside her.

His fingers kneaded her toned ass, as his mouth coaxed her on. A hard-on was
tenting his pants, and he knew that soon enough, he'd get to be inside her.

She held each breath that rushed in through pursed lips. Chandler could feel
her body tense with her approaching climax. His tongue abandoned its swirling
motion, and began vigorously licking up and down the folds of flesh.

That was all she needed.

Seconds later, her orgasm hit. Rachel's calf muscles let go, and she dropped
flat-footed to the floor. She groaned over and over, and her torso heaved
forward as each wave surged through her body. Her partner kept on licking,
stimulating these waves.

As she began coming down, she moved away from Chandler's head.

Brushing the hair from her face, she panted, "Omigod, Chandler. That was..."

"Oh, but we're not done yet," he gently interrupted her.

"We're not?" she asked with a hint of wide-eyed innocence.

"Oh, no," he said as he stood. "Lay on the couch."

Chandler quickly got naked as Rachel followed his direction. He knew that
these moments were the best time to bring her back up again, and he didn't
want to lose this window.

"Nope. Face-down," he said sweetly, kissing her on the forehead.

She turned over, and he immediately lay on top of her. His weight pushed her
into the soft cushions. Rachel felt his penis between her thighs, and she
spread them to allow him access. Giving her a kiss on the cheek, Chandler
entered her.

"Mmmm," she purred, with a contented smile. "That feels nice."

He nibbled on her ear, as he slid in and out. The head of his cock was
barely inside her, only going as far as his tongue had gone, just minutes
before. Each time he pulled back, his dick almost left her pussy. And so with
each thrust, her lips were pushed apart, giving her the feeling of being
penetrated over and over again.

"Damn, Monica's so lucky," she hummed.

"Why, thank you," he said, softly. "She's made me the man I am today."

"Well, she's done a damn good job."

"Trust me, there's more," he promised with more than a hint of pride.

Slowly, he began screwing her deeper; his hard dick gradually working its way
in. Rachel's little smile melted into an impassioned look, as a small moan
escaped her lips. The feeling of slowly being filled was intoxicating.

"Oh fuck, Chandler," she groaned.

He grinned to himself. "Shouldn't that be... 'Oh fuck me, Chandler'?" he

Rachel gave him the slightest giggle before replying, "Ohh... fuck ME,

She bucked her hips, trying to drive him deeper into herself. Her firm small
ass bumped against his stomach.

"Whoa, slow down there, young lady," he scolded. "Just let me do this for

"Sorry," she answered, somewhat sheepishly as his dick continued working in
and out. "I just WANT MORE." Her words were ended with a tone of obvious

"Well then, I think you're gonna like this."

Chandler pulled out and sat up to kneel between her legs. He lifted her hips
to slide his thighs underneath hers and went back into her. As he pushed, the
head of his cock rubbed against the rear wall of her pussy.

"OH god," she groaned, and her legs curled up. Chandler felt her feet against
the back of his arms. He swiftly brought them underneath to his front, and
trapped them so the tops of her feet were wedged into his shoulders. He
promptly resumed fucking his friend, and she found surprising arousal in her
body being used in this way.

For once, the man was there solely to pleasure her... and she swam in the
sensations. Feeling his hard cock rubbing inside her pussy lips and grinding
against the wall of her cunt.

Chandler held her butt, admiring it's tight, toned feel. From this position,
Monica usually liked it in her ass, but he wasn't sure Rachel was into that.
So he contented himself with screwing her hot wet pussy, and running his
hands all over her derriere and legs.

All of Rachel's attention was focused on her bottom half. The hands exploring
her. The cock inside her. Her feet pushing against another's body and feeling
strong, dominant resistance. And yet again, Rachel knew that she could cum
like this.

"Oh Chandler... do it to me... I love this... oh god, I love EVERYTHING
you're doing to me."

Without a word, Chandler released her feet and they fell to the couch behind
him. He raised up on his knees and grabbed Rachel's hips, holding them up off
the sofa as he began fucking her deeper and faster. Being held like that, she
found her body resting on her breasts and face. Rachel brought her folded
arms underneath her, propping up her torso with her forearms. This had the
unexpected, yet pleasing, result of letting her sensitive nipples brush
against the cloth of the couch with each thrust.

Chandler looked down at Rachel. Her lithe body trembled beneath him. Rachel's
fingers dug into the couch and she moaned into the cushion, "UUHHHHNNNNN..."

Her nipples rubbing against the fabric sent little shots of pleasure through
her frame. Rarely, did Rachel have a sexual experience where her whole body
was involved. But this was one of those times. And she was amazed that it was
at the hands (and cock) of her best friend's husband. Hell, she was amazed
that Chandler knew so well how to do all this!

Like an out of body experience, Rachel heard her own voice grunting in time
with her new lover's thrusts. She wanted to cum... she wanted Chandler to cum
in her. Monica had told her the news, the year before, of why they couldn't
have kids. Rachel knew there was no chance of Emma having a little brother or
sister, out of this little tryst. She turned her head to the side and spoke
to her partner.

"Cum in me, Chandler... OH!... do it... do it... cum in me and make me cum...
UHN! UHN!! Oh god... I'm SO close... so CLOse... FUCK me... UH!... UH!...
fuck ME... OHH...OHHH..."

Chandler could tell that she was indeed almost there. Her eyes were tightly
shut. Her mouth hung open, in a now-silent moan. He knew he couldn't hold out
much longer, and he really wanted to make Rachel climax again.

In one sudden movement, Chandler nearly dropped Rachel's hips to the couch;
his own body going with them. The springs of the furniture bounced her body
slightly, and it was met by his own. As Chandler stretched out on top of her
again, he supported himself with a hand on each side of her torso. He shifted
his weight and bore down, ramming his head into her G-spot at the front wall
of her pussy.

This last stimulation pushed her over the edge. Rachel instantly turned her
head and screamed into the couch, as her orgasm racked her body. She felt the
warmth on her face and cheeks, as her hot breath humidified the cushion with
each loud exhale.

came her guttural groans. Her pussy gripped his shaft, pulsing over and over
as she came.

Chandler continued pumping, though now it was more for his own benefit, than
Rachel's. Her muffled moans spurred him on to fuck her harder. He puffed and
chugged, each thrust accompanied by a grunt.

"Gonna... cum... soon..." he grunted.

"Do it, Chandler," she encouraged him, lifting her face just enough for him
to hear her, "cum in me... I want to feel it... You can do it... cum, baby...
cum inside me..."

Rachel, coming down from her climax, brought her head up quickly, tossing
back her hair. She made a soft little raspberry sound as she blew air past
her upper lip, trying to get her long bangs out of her eyes. Only partly
successful, Rachel quickly brushed the hair away and turned to glance over
her shoulder. "So that's the look Monica was talking about," she thought to
herself as she watched her partner out of the corner of her eye. Chandler's
face was screwed up into his "sex-face," as Monica called it.

"Fuck me, Chandler," she said, knowing the effect her dirty-talk had on every
other guy she'd done. "Fuck me 'til you cum..."

Chandler's grunting gradually morphed into groans through clenched teeth. His
hips continued their cycle, like a steam engine. Rachel egged him on.

"Do me, baby... fuck my tight wet pussy... mmm, yeah... you make me so wwwet,

In and out, in and out. Fucking Rachel's sexy body. Monica was the farthest
thing from his mind at that moment. He just wanted to cum inside Rachel.

"Ooo, yeah Chandler, you feel so good in me... So big and hard... Oooo,
yeah... mmm... Can you cum for me, baby? Can you cum in me?"

"NNNGGGGAAAAHHH," was his response, as the first jet shot into her tight

"Oh yeah, cum, baby... mmmm..." Rachel moaned as stream after stream flowed
inside her. "Ooo, it feels so good, shooting in me... Give it to me, baby...
Gimme your hot cum.... I want alllll you got..."

Chandler kept pumping as he emptied himself into Rachel. Even after he was
spent, he continued screwing her, wanting to keep on fucking his wife's best
friend for as long as he could. Finally, he collapsed onto her back, panting

Rachel brought her right knee up and they rolled to their sides. She twisted
around and kissed him, "Mmmm... that was amazing." Then, with a sudden
surprised look, "Wow, Monica's taught you a lot!"

"Yes indeedie" he agreed, happily. "So what do you think?"

She laughed softly as she answered. "Well, I think we need to do this again,
real soon. Hell, if Monica can boff Joey once in a while..."

"No... I mean about me being the groomsman that walks you down the aisle."

"OHHH, that! Well, I'd say you definitely kept up your part of the bargain."

"Yeah, I did," he said, somewhat indignantly. "In fact, I gave you TWO
orgasms, so that means I get to be a groomsman in the next TWO weddings
you're in!"

"Yeah well... one of those weddings better be mine, that's all I have to
say." She pulled off him as she spoke, grabbing for a box of tissues.

"So I'm your groomsman? NOT Ross... ME? You need to say it, ya know."

Rachel grudgingly admitted it, as she cleaned up and put on her panties. "All
right fine, I pick you."

Her new wedding partner jumped up off the couch and raised his fist in
victory. "Y-Y-YEEESSS! Make... "groom"... for Chandler."

Rachel forced a smile to hide her lack of amusement at his pun. Only then
did she realize what she had gotten herself into. She simply replied, "Oh,


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