Friends: Deleted Scenes - Achieving Phase Three (MF,FF,MF-mast,hand,oral,voy)
by Dudeman ([email protected])

Since Ross and Joey were unavailable, the girls had taken Chandler to a strip
club to help him get over breaking up with Kathy. "Getting to Phase Three" is
what the guys called it. Unfortunately, things didn't go well, and Chandler
was still despondent as they returned to his apartment. Kneeling around him
as he sat in this favorite chair, they tried to get him to talk about his
feelings, but that didn't work either.

"Okay, look, I'm gonna have to ask you all to leave," Chandler said firmly.

Monica objected, "Come on! Chandler!"

"Look, forget it. We tried, but Phase Three is a lost cause, okay? Those
strippers were insanely hot, and I couldn't picture myself with any of them."
He sat back in his recliner, disgusted. He buried his face in his hands.

"They really were pretty, weren't they?" Monica addressed the girls as she
stood. Rachel and Phoebe both voiced their agreement, gathering behind

"Yeah, I really liked that fighter pilot one," said Phoebe.

"Oh, Candy! She was so spunky!" Monica said. The other girls concurred,
without so much as pausing to think about it.

There was a lull in the exchange, then Monica said, "Y'know, I think if I
were going to be with a woman..." Monica said this purely to pique Chandler's
attention, since she really had been with a woman, a number of times. The
words, and her pause, had the desired effect. Chandler perked up, listening
to the conversation just a couple feet behind him. She continued. "It'd...
it'd be with someone like Michelle... she was so... oh, she was so petite."
Her last word was filled with sexual tension and raw lust.

"See, I don't know," Rachel replied, "for me it would have to Chantal."

"Oh, Chantal!" Monica said wistfully, as Phoebe nodded agreement.

Rachel went on. "Oh my goodness, she had the smoothest skin! I mean when I
stuck that dollar bill in her g-string and grazed her thigh."

Chandler jumped up out of his chair. "Phase Three! I just achieved Phase

"Really?!" Monica said, somewhat in disbelief.

"I am totally picturing you with all those women!" he said, excitedly.

Monica had a confused look. "That's... that's not Phase Three."

"Well, I'm there too!" he explained. All the girls smiled as they understood.

Rachel was very intrigued. "Well, are we all together? Like in a group?"

"Stop it! You're killing me! I think I just moved on to Phase Four!"

"Oh! What is that? What is that?" said Phoebe.

"Where I don't want to have a relationship ever! I just want to have sex with
strippers and my friends!!"

"Ooh! Ooh! Well, but, how about just with your friends?" Phoebe suggested.

"No way! Are you serious?" Chandler asked. He wasn't sure whether to believe
them, but was still excited by the image in his mind.

"Well, sure!" Rachel replied. "Hell, Monica and I had sex with you so we
could show you how to please Kathy. Why not have sex to help you get over

"Okay! Okay!" Chandler yelled as he ran back to his chair and sat down among
the girls. "So what do we do?"

"Well, um, we don't have any strippers, but I could strip for you," Rachel

"You know how to do that?" Phoebe asked. "That's so cool."

"I know a few things," Rachel smiled coyly. "Put on some music, Mon."

Monica found a CD with some pulsing dance music, and Rachel began. She walked
a few feet away. Monica and Phoebe knelt on either side of Chandler's chair,
and watched with him as Rachel seductively took off the long winter coat she
was wearing.

She moved teasingly, and ran her hands from her hips... up to her breasts...
then through her golden brown hair. She raised her arms up, and locks of hair
fell from her fingertips. As her hands glided down her face and neck, over
her low-cut top and past her breasts, Rachel turned around and rubbed her
ass. The tight jeans she wore were perfectly filled with her hips and butt.

Monica looked down and noticed a prominent tent growing in Chandler's pants.
She reached over and rubbed the length of his rod. Chandler's attention
snapped to his crotch, and then he looked up at Monica with slight surprise.

"Watch her," she smiled and chided him.

As Chandler watched Rachel's exotic dance, he lifted his hips to allow Monica
to pull down his pants and boxers. Then her small hand began stroking him.

"Phoebe," she whispered.

Monica made eye contact with her, and with a couple looks, got the message
across that Phoebe should be rubbing Chandler too. Their hands wrapped around
Chandler's hard dick. Monica's hand was on top and Phoebe's on the bottom.
They quickly matched stroking rhythms, then resumed watching Rachel.

She was pulling up the bottom of her light blue shirt, exposing her flat
stomach and belly-button. Her finger slowly traced the number "7" on her
abdomen. Both Chandler and Monica got the inside joke, and Monica giggled.

Rachel faced away from her friends as she peeled off her shirt. When she
turned back to them, strands of her long hair were sexily crossing her face.
She had covered her breasts with her forearm. Chandler was the type of person
that had to say something when he was nervous, and usually he said something

"I, uh... I knew you weren't wearing a bra... ya know, from before."

"Oh, at the strip club? So you could see my nipples, huh? Yeah, they sure got
hard, watching all those hot... women." She strutted toward him as she spoke.

Rachel bent over to Chandler, and asked, "So do you want to see them?"
Chandler could only nod. "Well, take control, mister."

Chandler reached up and grasped Rachel's wrist, slowly pulling it away from
her chest. He started at her breasts.

Rachel ran her fingers through his hair and enticed him in a school-girl
voice, "I know they're not very big, but I hope you like them." Her pert
breasts were a full B-cup.

"Anything more than a mouthful is wasted, I always say," Monica added.
Chandler instantly wondered how many mouthfuls of breast Monica had tasted.

Rachel's hands slid down her friends' arms and landed at Chandler's cock. Her
fingertips tickled the head, and the girls paused their stroking. Their hands
pulled the skin down tight, so that Rachel's teasing had maximum effect.

"Hmm, more than a mouthful is wasted," Rachel repeated, as if in thought.
"Ya know, Chandler, that goes for penises too. But the question is... just
how much can I fit in my mouth?"

Before he could say anything, Rachel stood up quickly and spun around,
letting the words sink in. Still dancing to the music, she said to the room,
"You like a girl in denim?"

She unbuttoned and unzipped her blue jeans. As she looked over her shoulder
at Chandler, she continued, "Or do you like a girl out of denim?"

She eased her jeans down, and pulled them off, along with her boots. A
blue thong was planted firmly in the crack of her ass. She ground her hips,
teasing him with her shapely posterior.

"Spank her," Phoebe challenged. Chandler hesitated.

"I think she wants it," Monica encouraged. Chandler reached out and gently
slapped Rachel's butt cheek.

"Oh!" she reacted, "Why Mr. Bing! You're so nasty!"

Rachel slowly pulled her thong down, and the strap peeled it's way out from
between her ass cheeks. She took it to the floor, bending over all the way.
Her little shaved peach was on display for Chandler and the girls.

Kneeling in front of Chandler, she caressed his bare thighs.

"So how was that?"

"That was HOT!" Chandler said.

"Yeah, Rach, where'd you learn all that?" her roommate asked.

"Well," she explained, a bit shyly, "I used to do things like that for Ross,
and I eventually figured out the stuff that was really sexy."

"I think for the first time, I am SO jealous of my brother!" Rachel winked at

"I can do hot stuff too, ya know," Phoebe objected.

"Yeah, but, what Rachel did... pretty much anyone would want to have sex
with her on the spot," Monica countered. Phoebe got up and walked around to

"I bet I can do things that will have YOU wanting sex with me," she said as
she caressed the top of Monica's head.

"Yeah, yeah, do that stuff now!" Chandler shouted, "Ooh, and Rachel... you
give me a lap dance."

She smirked, "Well, Chandler, I'm naked. And you're pretty much naked, so I
think a lap dance would basically just be sex at this point."

"I'm okay with that."

"How about I give you a nice blowjob to start with?"

"I'm okay with that too!"

Phoebe led Monica to the middle of the room. Rachel turned Chandler's
recliner to the side, so she could catch glimpses of her girlfriends as she
blew Chandler.

Even with the 3" heels on Monica's boots, Phoebe stood a little taller. They
looked into each other's eyes.

"Ya know, Monica, the whole time we were roommates, I had the biggest crush
on you," Phoebe confessed. Whether that was true or not was immaterial right
then. "You're so beautiful. So smart... So sexy."

She hesitantly touched Monica's arm. "I always... no, I... I can't," Phoebe
continued, feigning embarrassment.

"What?" Monica encouraged, already hooked on Phoebe's line.

Phoebe looked down. "Well, I always wondered what it would be like to kiss
you." Then her gaze met Monica's. "Can... can I kiss you... maybe, right

Monica had all but forgotten that Chandler and Rachel were still in the room.
She just swallowed and nodded, eyes wide.

Phoebe placed her fingers along both sides of Monica's neck. In response,
she closed her eyes and reached her lips upward. Phoebe kissed her, gently
at first, then passionately. For both, it felt like the first kiss either
had been given.

Chandler's attention was divided between watching Phoebe and Monica kiss,
and Rachel's oral services. But it was the kind of indecision that he liked.
Rachel was licking the side of his cock, as she watched.

She had wondered if Monica and Phoebe had ever done it when they were
roommates. And Monica always brushed off her questions. But now she knew.

Phoebe kissed Monica's neck. She heard a slight "aaahh" pass Monica's lips.
She moved down and across, kissing the faint freckles that dotted Monica's
upper chest.

"I've waited so long for this," Phoebe whispered, as if to herself, but
completely for Monica's benefit.

The low V-neck of her shirt cordoned off an area of bare skin for Phoebe
to focus on. But both women knew that none of Monica's body was truly
off-limits. Phoebe held Monica's breast as she continued kissing. It
filled her hand perfectly. Firm, but with just the right amount of give
to the gentle pressure of her fingers.

"My god, Phoebe's good," Rachel murmured as she masturbated Chandler.

"Oh yeah," he agreed. He pushed her head back down to his crotch; his eyes
never leaving the girls.

Rachel smiled at his absent-mindedly honest gesture. She gently sucked the
very tip of his penis, as she stroked his rod. Then she held it in place as
she plunged her lips to fill her mouth. She alternated between licking the
shaft, and taking her mouth over the top and down.

"I... I want to do something for you," Phoebe said, still faking
vulnerability, "Will you let me?"

Monica was the one who seemed truly and sexily innocent and vulnerable right
then. "Uh huh," came her quiet reply.

Phoebe stripped the tight red shirt from Monica's body. She caressed her
back, before unclasping her bra. As it came off, Monica watched Phoebe's

"They're perfect," Phoebe assessed, as if seeing Monica's breasts for the
first time. She knelt in front of her, and took one in her mouth.

"Oh god," Monica moaned as Phoebe licked her tit.

Then Phoebe traced the ring of her other nipple with her tongue, before
bringing it in tight to her lips. She gently sucked on Monica's breast. As
she did this, she unbuttoned the front of Monica's black pants. Monica
caressed Phoebe's shoulders as the foreplay went on.

Phoebe tugged at the pants, and easily worked them down Monica's hips,
leaving them at her feet. Her satin panties joined them, and Monica's body
was revealed. She loved the erotic feeling of being stripped.

If it was possible, Chandler was even harder than before. Rachel noticed
this too, and commented. "I think someone likes what he sees," she teased.

"Gotta tell ya Rach, every time I see her body, it's better than before."

She laughed seductively, "Me too, Chandler." Then she returned to her oral
duties, happy that Kathy was the farthest thing from Chandler's mind.

She had been rubbing her clit, and now Rachel pushed a finger past it's
opening. She slowly frigged herself while she gave Chandler head.

Phoebe knelt down and tenderly licked the button of flesh that protruded
through Monica's pussy lips. "Oh my god," her partner gasped, closing her
eyes. She spread her feet, as far as her pants would allow.

Phoebe covered Monica's clit with her mouth, and gently sucked, the same way
she had been sucking her breasts.

"Oh, Phoebe," Monica moaned. She bit her lip as a chill ran up and down her

Opening her eyes, she looked over for the first time at Chandler and Rachel.
Her roommate was kneeling between Chandler's legs as he sat in the chair.
With her side view, she appreciated the curve of Rachel's ass, and saw
glimpses of a finger moving in and out of her cunt. Long hair draped across
Chandler's thigh, obscuring Monica's view of his pleasure. But the way
Rachel's head was bobbing up and down, and matching the speed of her
finger... this was arousing to Monica. She heard the soft "Mm! Mm!" coming
from Rachel as she enjoyed everything her hand and mouth were doing.

Monica was panting and licking her lips as her gaze returned to Phoebe.

"Let me do this for you," she said quietly. Monica was amazed at how Phoebe
had made her want sex with her blonde friend... indeed, more than with anyone
else in the room.

Phoebe stood and stepped back. She unbuttoned the straps on her long black
cover-all dress. It fell to her feet and she kicked it away. She wore a brown
floral top underneath. Monica watched as Phoebe pulled off her thin stretchy
shirt, and then removed her bra and panties. The whole time, Monica was
rubbing her breast and clit, almost trying to be discrete, but knowing that
discretion didn't matter.

As Phoebe stepped toward, Monica dropped to her knees. Complete lust had
possessed her, and foreplay wouldn't be in the cards. She just wanted
Phoebe's pussy in her mouth.

"Rach, you better stop, or I'm gonna cum really soon," Chandler directed.
Rachel laughed slightly, pleased with herself and her girlfriends' effect.

"How about we just help each other along for a while then?"

She turned the chair to face Monica and Phoebe, then joined him, snuggling
into him. Rachel draped a leg over the arm of the chair, to spread her legs
and give Chandler access to her pussy. She masturbated his cock, and he
slowly rubbed her clit, as they watched.

Monica was completely naked, except for the black pants and white panties
bunched around her ankle boots. At that moment, she looked completely
submissive to Phoebe; desiring to fulfill her every need. Monica's face
was buried in Phoebe's pussy. Her arms were threaded through Phoebe's
legs, and she had grabbed hold of her ass to pull her close.

"Look at her go," Rachel commented, "Monica's incredible!"

"Yeah she is," Chandler agreed, "I had no idea she was so good at that."
They were hearing Phoebe's moans of pleasure.

"Trust me, she is!" Rachel replied. This got a surprised look from Chandler,
which Rachel didn't see. Her focus was on her roommate.

"That's it, little one. Lick me," the tall blonde said to her raven-haired
partner. She was petting her head, as if stroking a cat.

Monica licked the full length of Phoebe's slit, before running the tip of
her tongue along the folds of flesh that surrounded her entrance. Around and
around, taking Phoebe a bit higher with each lap.

Then without warning, she sealed her lips around Phoebe's clit and sucked
hard, pulling the flesh into her mouth as far as it would go. Holding it
there with suction, Monica teased it with the tip of her tongue.

"MOTHER FUCKER!!" Phoebe screamed in pleasure.

Monica released her clit, and began shoving her tongue up into Phoebe's
pussy, while she exhaled warm breath onto her clit.

"Oh, shit, yes!" Phoebe yelled as she grabbed Monica's head and held it in
her crotch.

Monica continued pleasuring Phoebe, taking her closer to orgasm with each
passing moment. Phoebe was groaning and swearing constantly now. She was
rocking her hips forward and back, masturbating on Monica's face.

"Do me, you... oh you... little pussy-licker," she screamed.

Rachel was breathing hard, both from Chandler's finger, and from watching her
roommate give oral sex. She was stroking Chandler fast, but he gently stopped
her. He didn't want to cum yet, and certainly not just from a handjob.

His hand, however, continued fondling Rachel's puss, and she had a small
moaning orgasm as she watched Monica doing things that she wanted done to

Phoebe came hard, throwing her head from side to side. She held fistfuls of
Monica's short hair, to keep her mouth right where she wanted it.

As her climax subsided, she stepped back from Monica, and bent over to her.
Her white knuckles released and she held Monica's head as she kissed her,
tasting herself on Monica's lips.

"Ooo, I wanna fuck you so bad," Phoebe said through clenched teeth, with just
the right mixture of lust and affection.

"Where's our strap-on, Rach?" Monica asked.

"In my room."

As a naked Phoebe ran across the hall to get it, Rachel called out, "Look in
the closet on the top shelf."

Chandler gave her a look of disbelief.

"There's so much you don't know, sweetie," Rachel said as she kissed his
temple. "And here's where we get busy, big guy." She moved in position to do
her lap dance, straddling his lower body.

She gyrated her hips, feeling Chandler's hard dick rubbing on her ass cheeks.
When it slipped into the crevice between them, she thrust her hips back and
forth, masturbating Chandler with her ass, and teasing her little butthole.

Rachel stood up slightly, and his penis sprung forward, between her legs.
Sitting back down, she continued rocking, so that her clit and pussy were
stimulated by the skin of his shaft.

The whole chair swayed with her movements. Rachel leaned to the right, so
Chandler wouldn't miss anything that the girls were going to do.

Monica was so hungry for gratification, that she still hadn't bothered to
remove her pants all the way. She just knelt there with them around her
feet, masturbating and looking toward the open door. Seeing Monica in this
partially clothed state was probably the most arousing thing to Chandler;
that she could be so filled with lust that nothing mattered but getting
fucked. It showed him how much of a slut Monica could be.

Phoebe soon returned, shutting and locking the door behind her. She was
already wearing the strap-on, which sported a large rubber dong. Monica
assumed a place on the floor, on hands and knees facing the chair. She
wanted this done to her as much as Phoebe wanted to do it.

Rachel leaned forward, and held Chandler's cock at the opening of her cunt.
Rachel pushed back onto Chandler's dick, and took in a sharp breath as her
box was filled.

They watched Phoebe kneel behind and penetrate Monica. Phoebe moved
deliberately, drawing out a soft grunt from Monica with every thrust.

"Oh god," she whimpered, "Fuck me, Phoebe."

With long slow strokes, Monica's blonde friend teased her and pleased her.
Monica's eyes were closed as she enjoyed every sensation. Phoebe caressed her
back lovingly.

Rachel rode Chandler, as she rested a hand on his knee and her elbow on the
arm of the chair. She was grinding her ass into his pelvis and feeling his
dick move in tiny circles inside her.

"Mmmmm... Chandler, that's amazing."

For his part, Chandler was just sitting there, getting fucked, and trying not
to cum.

Complete euphoria showed on Monica's face. Her mouth was slightly open.
Almost imperceptibly, her tongue was flitting between her lips.

Phoebe gently raked her fingernails down Monica's back as she screwed her
puss. Then she clothed Monica's back with her body. Monica felt hard nipples
pressing into her and she dropped her head, swimming in her senses.

Phoebe kept humping her as she cupped both of Monica's breasts in her hands
and fondled them. The exposed nape of Monica's neck was showered with kisses,
sending a shiver down her spine. Phoebe nuzzled the back of Monica's head.

"Short hair is so sexy," Phoebe whispered in her ear.

"Oh Pheebs," Monica whined.

Rachel's pussy was screaming for more. She sat upright, putting her left foot
up on the seat beside Chandler and placing her arm on top of the headrest
behind him.

She raised and lowered herself, leveraging her arm and hand on the chair.
The springs in the chair helped Rachel to bounce up and down as she fucked

Phoebe shifted to a squat behind Monica and drove the strap-on dildo deeper
into her. Monica gasped. Phoebe's long thin necklace danced between her
breasts as she furiously fucked her friend.

Monica raised her head and opened her eyes. At eye level, a few feet away,
were her friends' genitalia. Each time Rachel came down, Chandler's cock was
buried ball-deep into her. When she bounced back up, Monica saw his hard
shaft emerge and Rachel's cunt lips drag along its length. To Monica, it was
almost in slow-motion.

She tilted her head back to look up at Rachel, and saw the ecstasy on her
face. She was grunting loudly, each time Chandler's dick was rammed into her.
Her free hand was running through her hair.

Suddenly, Rachel threw her head and body backward as she came. The force
caused the barcalounger to flip to a reclining position, but that didn't
pause her, not one bit. Though she no longer had the wonderful bounce, she
fucked herself on Chandler as fast as she could, even as one foot hung off
the front of the chair.

Monica was panting heavily and whimpering. Phoebe knew that she was close.

"Faster, Phoebe, faster... yes... yes... harder... now harder... oh fuck
me... oooh fuck me... oh gawwwwwd," her voice cracked as she climaxed.

Monica gave low guttural groans as Phoebe slowed the pace, but drove deeper
and harder than before. Monica gasped for air as her orgasm consumed her.

"Don't cum yet, baby," Rachel said to Chandler, catching her breath.

She pulled off him and they flipped the chair upright. Then she knelt by his
left knee and stroked him.

"Come on, come on," she said, urgently motioning the girls to join her.

As Chandler scooted forward in the chair, Phoebe pulled out of Monica and
went to her knees by his right leg. Monica slowly crawled over, still feeling
much of her climax.

"You know what you want to do," Rachel said as she looked deep into
Chandler's soul. "So do it," she ended with a whisper and a smile.

Three beautiful faces, kneeling before him. Practically begging to be
painted. He had been holding off for so long, that he knew he could cum
fairly quickly. He began jacking off.

"Cum on us, Chandler," Phoebe said.

"Yes... please cum," Monica continued with a passionately hoarse voice,
"Please cum on me. I love it when a man cums on me."

"Cum in my mouth, Chandler. Let me taste you again," Rachel added.

They moved together to give him a nice close target area.

Chandler groaned as streams of white liquid shot out of his dick. He was
jacking so hard and so fast that it spread all over the three girls. Rachel
and Monica both opened their mouths, hoping to catch some.

His ejaculation ended with a few stray drops, and he observed his handiwork.

Phoebe caught some across her cheek, and on her breast. She was smearing it
all over her nipple.

Rachel had a couple good strands of cum decorating her hair. A heavy spurt
hit her upper lip and immediately was drawn into her mouth. She was licking
the corner of her lips, trying to reach a large bead just to the side.

Monica, being in the center of the target, received the most. And she loved
it. Chandler's jizz was gradually tracing its way down both sides of her
face. A couple shots had gone right in her mouth. The remnants adorned her
lips and chin, and dripped onto her thigh.

As Monica licked her lips, Rachel and Phoebe leaned in to kiss her and graze
Chandler's cum from her cheeks.

Chandler sat back in his chair and rested, though he really hadn't done much.

"Okay, that was the most amazing thing... EVER!" he said. This garnered
smiles of approval from all three women.

As the girls gathered up their things and redressed, they playfully touched
and caressed each other. Everyone was in quite a good mood, after their
little tryst.

"Glad you liked it, sweetie," Monica said as she kissed him.

A lingering kiss from Rachel, and quick smooch from Phoebe, and they went
across the hall, leaving Chandler to revel in his good fortune.

Back in their apartment, the girls relaxed and enjoyed the wonderful

"That really WAS great," Rachel sighed, to Phoebe's impassioned agreement.

"Yeah, and ya know what?" Monica said. "Now, I can't promise anything, so
don't tell Chandler. But I'm gonna make a few calls in the morning and see
if some girls from the strip club want to come over tomorrow night."


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