New author and story: A FRIENDS parody.

FRIENDS: Changing Attitudes - PART II (M/F/m, inc, beast, celeb)
by StoryTeller56


MY VIEW: Inspired by Val White's exotic parody of "FRIENDS", amongst
others (the creative writings of Wonder Mike comes to mind),
I have written my very first, and quite lengthy, erotic TV

BE WARNED that with the exception of torture, snuff and very
extreme pedo, this story and future stories has no bounds.

Nothing in this story has, or ever will happen (?), nor do I
in any way condone any such practices. It is just my own
perverted fantasy version of what I'd like to see happen...
just once!

COMMENT: As my first attempt a writing a story, your comments, either
good or bad would be appreciated.


The next morning, Rachel has been up about an hour showering and
getting herself ready for work.

Rachel works for Bloomingdales, so she must dress conservatively (for
her anyway). She has a tight, gray striped dress with a slit running
up the side. It does a nice job of accentuating her sheer nyloned
legs and beautifully rounded ass.

Her, always hard, nipples are straining the material of her dress.

She plops herself down on the sofa, legs up on the table causing the
slit her dress to part, exposing a lot of leg. She starts flipping
through the pages of some fashion magazine.

Monica, between chef jobs, is just now exiting her bedroom wearing her
big flannel robe, tightly rapped around her lucious body.

RACHEL: Morning Mon. Sleep well?

Monica's pacing back and forth in front of the coffee table.

MONICA: I feel very ashamed of what happened last night Rach. I don't
know what's gotten in to me?

RACHEL: Honey, it's all right! I mean, it isn't like you fucked your
brother or anything. Here, come sit next to me and we'll
chat. Let Rachel help you out!

Rachel could hardly control the smirk on her face as she said that!

Oh no, that little scene last night gave her the best cum she's had in
a VERY long time.

She DID feel sorry for her best friend but knew she'd snap out of it
in time.

She also KNOWS Monica had several additional orgasms while lying in
bed last night as the walls between their bedrooms are very thin.

Monica rounded the coffee table to sit next to Rachel.

Rachel put her arm around Monica's shoulder and gently caresses her
arm, pulling her friend closer.

RACHEL: Ya know Monica, what we did last night was beautiful. I mean
with all the bad things going on in the world, here we are,
good friends just enjoying the heck out of one another! Now
how can that be something to be ashamed of?

Monica thinks about Rachel's words. Makes pretty damn good sense.

Looking into Rachel's eyes, she gives her friend a kiss on the lips.

MONICA: Ya know, you're 100% right Rachel. And the fact that I had
several great cums last night doesn't hurt either!

Rachel smiles at her friend then drops her hand down to Monica's tit,
squeezes then pinches her nipples through the heavy robe.

She looks at her friend to see her reaction!

MONICA: Oh Rach, I just love you so much!

Monica places her palm on Rachel's sexy leg and starts to stroke it up
and down it's fully exposed length.

MONICA: God, you do have incredibly sexy legs Rach.

Rachel reaches across with her free hand pushes the bottom of Monica's
robe open, exposing a pair of bare muscular legs.

RACHEL: Thanks sweetie, but I think your brother would agree with me,
yours aren't chop sticks either!

Reaching into the top of Monica's robe, Rachel continues the attack on
her breasts.

Monica lets out a moan.

RACHEL: Your boobs are so soft, I could just mash my head in them all
day long!

Monica reaches up and pinches one of Rachel's prominent nipples then
gives a squeeze of her breast through her dress.

MONICA: And I could suck on them puppies forever.

Both girls are getting hotter than a firecracker when an alarm goes
off, startling them back to reality.

RACHEL: Damn, damn, DAMN! I have got to go. I can't afford to be
late for work or I'll lose my job. Sorry honey!

MONICA: Go Rach. I'll be just fine and thanks for being here for me.

RACHEL: You know, you need to loosen up a bit. Why don't you go into
my dresser and pick out the sexiest outfit you can find. It'll
make you feel a lot better, and by the way just who planned
last night's little scheme against your best friend?

MONICA: That would be your boyfriend, Danny!

Rachel thinks "Why that little..." and gives Monica a hug then is out
the door.

Monica decides to take Rachel up on the sexy outfit offer.

She heads into Rachel's room and starts rummaging through her closet.

Monica notices two sets of clothes, divided down the middle.

On one side is some nice conservative outfits (work?) but the other
has both leather and cloth mini-skirts, micro-minis and some see-thru

Monica has seen her friend wearing some of these, and used to think
they were way too revealing! But now, with the NEW Monica?

She picks out a white pleated mini-skirt and a black lace blouse that
was mostly see-thru, with black swatches strategically placed in the
necessary areas for modesty's sake.

She heads over to the lingerie chest. Glancing through, she grabs a
pair of knee-high white socks and red thong bikini panties.

She elects to go braless!

She brings the thong up to her nose and gives a whiff, sure she can
smell shades of Rachel.

She's pleased with selections and heads to her room to get dressed.

She adds high heels (of course) and eyes herself in her full view

With the light behind her, she notices the skirt becomes transparent.

"My friend, Rachel, the exhibitionist strikes again!" she says to

"Of course I would never wear this outside the apartment, I'd be way
too embarrassed" thinks Monica, feeling like a teenager again, without
the fat that plagued her early years.

PART II - CHAPTER 2: Phoebe and the Boys

Over in Chandler and Joey's apartment, Phoebe's playing the usual
recliner "DRAW" (she loves that game) with Joey while Chandler's in
the shower getting ready for work.

Joey is in between acting jobs.

Phoebe works at odd times as a masseuse and part time guitar player.

Wearing a loose fitting skirt that's about four inches above the knee
(unusual for her) with a plain white blouse, Phoebe has quite a body
on her, but rarely shows it!

Joey especially likes to play DRAW with Phoebe when she wears a skirt.
This way he gets a good view of her charms whenever they jump back in
the recliners and yell "DRAW!".

Today was an exceptionally good day since she wore a shorter skirt
than usual (again, for her)! It kept inching up her legs every time
they played (which was a lot since Joey kept letting her win saying
"Damn Phoebes, give me another chance!").

By the tenth game, Phoebe's skirt was up to her crotch, showing a pair
of scrumptious legs and white cotton panties.

She didn't seem to notice as she just kept playing game after game
without attempting to pull her skirt down!

Chandler comes out of the bathroom wearing a towel around his waist.

He takes a look at Phoebe's bare legs and crotch then turns to Joey
and give him an approving wink. Joey returns with a "thumbs up".

PHOEBE: Oh, hi Chandler. I'm beating the crap out of Joey in "DRAW!".

Phoebe looks at his eyes and notices him leering. She turns her gaze
down to his towel and spots the bulge. She then looks down and sees
herself all exposed.

PHOEBE: Like what you see big boy? How's this...

With that, Phoebe swings each leg over both arms of the recliner and
draws little circles on her panty clad pussy!

Joey and Chandler's eyes bulge out!

Chandler's cock grow to full size, pushing the towel way out.

They've NEVER seen their friend act like this before.

They like it!

PHOEBE: Get over here Chandler Bing... NOW!

Chandler wobbles his way beside Phoebe, not knowing what she might do
since she can be quite tough when provoked!

With her free hand, Phoebe unceremoniously yanks Chandler's towel off
then grabs his swollen cock and wraps her lips around it.

She starts sucking on it, licking the head and, now and again, removes
it from her mouth and slaps it on her cheeks; all the while continuing
her pussy rub with the other hand!

Both guys mouths are wide open in complete surprise.

Joey's pumping his own cock, through his pants, without a thought that
his two friends are in the same room.

Chandler's about to shoot his load when Phoebe pulls her mouth off his
prick, opens it wide and swallows his cum, making sure Joey can see it
entering her mouth!

PHOEBE: KEWL! Better go clean yourself off Chandler Bing!

The stunned Chandler hurries off to his room.

Phoebe smiles, puts her legs back on the floor pulling her skirt down.

JOEY: What about me Phoebes?

PHOEBE: NO! You've been bad and you tricked me. You should be
ashamed of yourself Mister Triviani!

JOEY: I'm sorry Phoebe. It's just that me and Chandler got a little
excited last night by what we THINK we saw!

PHOEBE: You're forgiven. But no blow job for you today! Now tell me,
what did you see?

Phoebe leans forward, all ears! Joey is still absentmindedly stroking
his cock thinking about what just happened!

Ross comes out of Monica and Rachel's apartment last night with
a big smile and cum all down the crotch of his pants.
We figured "hey, got back with Rachel again!" but then we
realize Monica's there, and remember how Monica would forbid
Ross and Rachel to fuck in Rachel's own bedroom.
Monica said she didn't want to hear her brother's moans and
would make them leave! So what's up with that?
Could Monica be getting her kicks now by listening to her
brother and Rachel fucking?
Ooooh! Maybe she spying on them through the transom above
Rachel's door, like me and Chandler...

Joey realizes he's said too much.

PHOEBE: You guys are so bad!

"God" thinks Phoebe "Rachel, Monica AND her BROTHER! Ooooo so
kinky... I'd LOVE to see THAT!".

She can feel her juices flowing at the mere thought of it and squirms
around in the recliner, not caring Joey is again staring at her rising

PHOEBE: I don't know Joey, but I curious as hell!

JOEY: Ya know, they've been hanging around with Danny and his sister.
Now there's a kinky pair eh? Little strange maybe? Although
his sister is hot!

Phoebe just shrugs off that last part. After all, this is Joey!

PHOEBE: Oh, you know you're right? They HAVE been hanging around
them. Gonna check it out for myself, but now I have an
appointment for a massage now.

Phoebe is a real kinky lady! She has a reputation, unknown to her
"FRIENDS", to have had all kinds of "unusual" sex... man, women, child
or animal didn't matter to her!

She scoots forward in the recliner, deliberately spreading her legs
and allowing her skirt to roll up her legs, giving Joey a bit of a
thrill! She's gives a wicked smile in his direction.

PHOEBE: Bye now Joey!

JOEY: But Phoebe, what about this...

He points to his pulsing cock.

PHOEBE: Handle it!

Saying that Phoebe sticks the hand that was rubbing her pussy under
his nose.

Phoebe leaves with a sly smile on her face.

Chandler comes back into the living room, his friend has a huge smile
on his face with his hand on his crotch.


JOEY: Phoebe FLASHED me again and stuck her stinky finger to my nose!

CHANDLER: Ya know, I never thought of Phoebe as "Hot" before. Maybe I
changed my mind?

Chandler leaves for work.

Joey goes to the bathroom to "Handle" the matter!

PART II - CHAPTER 3: Rachel's Thanks

Rachel couldn't keep her mind on work, with all that's happened.

"Thank God it's almost lunch time" she thought.

She calls her boyfriend, Danny, and makes arrangements to meet him at
his apartment.

"Gotta have a TALK with you and your sister!" she tells him.

She knows both Danny and his sister (a waitress) work nights.

He reluctantly, not sure of her meaning, agrees and they hang up the

"Just GOT to thank them little perverts" she mumbles under her breath!

Rachel gets up from her desk.

RACHEL: I'm not feeling well. Think I'm gonna go home... okay?

Her boss expresses his concern and nods his approval.

She takes a cab back to the apartment complex and knocks on Danny's

Marie answers the door showing her brother's girlfriend in. She has
her uniform on, white blouse with a black vest and a black mini-skirt
showing a lovely pair of bare legs.

"She must get good tips" thinks Rachel!

Marie is staring at Rachel's chest, licking her lips since Rachel, on
her way up the stairs, had unbuttoned the front of her dress (no bra)
almost to her navel. She also pinched her nipples, making them stand
out more than usual!

Rachel sits at the end the sofa, making sure she's showing as much of
her equally lovely legs as her dress allows, inviting Danny and Marie
to join her.

Danny, thinking his little scheme involving Monica and Ross is still
in play, whispers to his sister "Wanna play some more?".

Marie winks her approval to him as they sit themselves next to Rachel,
planting herself in the middle.

Rachel had her own scheme?

Danny puts his arm around his sister, weaving his hand inside her vest
grabbing a handful of sister tit!

Marie places one palm on her brother's leg and the other on Rachel's
smooth thigh and gives each a gentle squeeze.

Rachel is watching Marie's vest move in and out with each squeeze from
her brother's hand.

"Oh good" she thinks "they're at it again!".

DANNY: So what did you want to talk about Rachel?

Rachel puts her arm around Marie's other shoulder and, just like Danny
did, starts squeezing her other tit. Marie is breathing heavy now!

RACHEL: Well, I asked Monica and Ross about, you know, what we talked
about yesterday, and they seem to think nothing is wrong with
it as long as you don't... FUCK! You guys wouldn't be fucking
each other, would you?

"You two WILL be fucking like dogs if I have MY way! How dare you try
to trick me!" Rachel mumbles to herself.

Marie is softly moaning from the double tit squeeze! She's running
her hands higher and higher up Danny's and Rachel's thighs.

Danny's turn to moan as his sister reaches his crotch and starts her
own squeezing action! He can barely speak.

DANNY: No, that would be wrong!!! You okay with us now Rachel?

Rachel says to herself "Okay with it, I'm gonna have your cock up your
sister's twat in a little while!"

RACHEL: No problemo guys. Marie, aren't you HOT in that vest?

MARIE: Yes it is Rachel. Let me get rid of it before I overheat!

Marie stands up and removes the bulky vest.

Bringing her arms over her head, as if to yawn, she pulls her
shoulders back, causing her boobs to stick way out.

Then she brings her hands forward, cupping and rubbing her tits.

MARIE: Ahhhh... MUCH better, don't you think?

Both Danny and Rachel nod their heads.

Rachel bends down, spreading her legs until her pink silk panties are
visible, runs her hands up Marie's legs raising her skirt as she goes.

She bends some more, causing her tit to pop out from her wide open

DANNY: Err Rach, I think your SLIP is showing?

RACHEL: That's okay. Easier for you to suck on them!

He needs no second invitation and moves his head between Rachel and
his sister's body then nibbles on Rachel's nipples, one at a time.

He's got his hand shoved up Rachel's dress, finger fucking her through
her pink panties.

Rachel, loving the panty fuck, now has Marie's skirt up to her waste.

Marie has her hands under her pulled up blouse, vigorously massaging
her tits and moaning with pleasure.

RACHEL: Your sister has incredibly smooth legs. Ya just gotta feel
these Danny? OH, I forgot, you already did!

Rachel gives a "gotcha" smirk.

Rachel, feeling more horny than vengeful, grabs the waist of Marie's
panties and rips them off.

This startles Marie, but Rachel has her feeling so good she just goes
along for the ride.

Hearing no protest from Marie, Rachel places a hand on each of Marie's
thighs and pushes, letting her know she wants Marie to spread her legs

Marie complies.

RACHEL: Ah, no hair, just like Monica!

Danny thinks to himself "Wow, just how kinky did those three get last

Still sucking on her tits, he pushes Rachel's panty crotch aside, and
jambs three finger up her twat!

The well lubricated Rachel easily accepts them, sucking them in like a
vacuum! She's trembling.

She move her hand down to Danny's zipper then deftly reaches in and
pulls his VERY hard cock out an starts pumping it!

Rachel reaches her mouth out to Marie's pussy and starts lapping the
folds then inserts her tongue into the hot moist hole!

Marie is screaming so loud, someone on the third floor would hear.

Anyone walking in now would think they were looking at a statue of a
giant moaning pretzel!

DANNY: Rach, I gotta fuck you now or I'll explode!

Rachel removes her mouth from the quivering Marie's snatch, stands up
and pulls her dress up to her waist. Then she turns around and drops
her panties down to her thighs.

She gets back onto the couch, bent over and spreads her ass cheeks
real wide.

Marie is rubbing her tits and has two fingers pumping her snatch.

RACHEL: Here ya go Danny! Spit and enjoy.

Danny never had any girls ass before and wipes some lubricant from his
cock into the puckered asshole presented to him.

He aims and shoves his six inch cock in to the hilt until his balls
are slapping her cunt!

Rachel is screaming "FUCK MY ASS!" as Danny just keeps pounding. Her
hanging tits are bouncing wildly!

She feels, as lots of experience has taught her, the moans and cock
pulsings of a man who's about to shoot his load.

With that, she jumps off the couch (twisting his cock, since it was
deep in her ass when she jumped) grabs his panting sister and throws
her on the couch under Danny's pulsing cock!

She grabs Marie's leg and pulls until her pussy is staring at her
brother's cock!

RACHEL: Let's see if you can make your sister happy! Go ahead, FUCK
the shit out of YOUR SISTER'S PUSSY!

The out of control Danny sticks his cock into his sister's pussy and
pumps like a mad man!

Rachel kneels down next to the fucking siblings and insert one finger
from each hand into Marie's AND Danny's ass.

Marie is in 'lala' land and her brother is pumping as fast as he can.



Rachel, content that she got even, pulls up her soaked panties, lowers
her dress and buttons up, turns and while walking out the door...

RACHEL: Have fun guys. And NEVER FUCK with Rachel Greene!

Still horny, she leaves and heads for her DADDY'S house!?!?!?

Brother and sister are laying together, exhausted!

PART II - CHAPTER 4: Kinky Phoebe

It's late in the afternoon.

Monica's sitting alone on the couch, still dressed in Rachel's tramp
outfit thinking about the current turn of events.

"Damn" she mutters "thinking about all that's happened has me so horny
I would do it all again! I hope Ross is not too angry at me for his
baby sister's shenanigans?"

There's a knock on the door.

Monica gets up and looks through the peep hole.

It's Phoebe.

Monica opens the door and lets her other friend in.

Phoebe stares at Monica's revealing blouse and short skirt!

PHOEBE: Hi Monica! My, that's a VERY nice blouse you have on and a
cool skirt!

Because she was standing with her back to the patio window, the bright
sunlight made Monica's skirt see-thru. Phoebe was ogling her friend's
curvy waist and the gap between her slender legs.

Phoebe thinks "Could be some truth to what the guys said. I have NEVER
seen Monica dressed like this before! Oh, makes me horny!".

She senses something different about the usually demure Monica.

Monica looks down to see what her friend is staring intently at.

Her face turns beet red in embarrassment.

MONICA: Hi Phoebes. Glad you like them.

PHOEBE: Oh yeah! And if the guys see it they'd sure like it too!

This idea brings a smile to Monica's face.

Phoebe walks over to the chair and Monica plops herself onto the sofa.

They do a little girly chit-chat, Phoebe every now and again trying to
pry some information on what went on last night.

She can't take her eyes off Monica's short skirt, legs poking out all
the way up to her ass-cheeks. Then there's her tits, bouncing around
and fully visible as she talks. This was normal attire for Rachel,
but never Monica!

"If only that damn patch wasn't blocking her nipples!" Phoebe wishes.

Phoebe, not being timid, bursts out...

PHOEBE: I gave Chandler a blow job this morning! By the way, have you
been watching Ross and Rachel fuck?

Monica, startled by the bluntness of Phoebe's mouth think "My God, how
does she do that... psychic or something?".

MONICA: You gave Chandler WHAT?

Avoiding the other question entirely.

PHOEBE: A BLOW JOB! Joey was peeking up my skirt, as usual (Monica
shakes her head in agreement) when Chandler came out of the
shower sporting a huge hard-on poking out of his towel. So I
ripped the towel off him and sucked that pecker right in! To
keep Joey satisfied, I did like this to him...

With a big smile on her face, Phoebe does the legs over the arms of
the chair... rub the pussy routine, just like she did this morning.

Monica uncrosses her legs, placing them on the floor then leans
forward, with her elbow resting on her knees and her head in her

This causes her legs to open a bit, showing a little red thong.

Red excites Phoebe so she pushes the crotch of her panties aside and
begins rubbing her bare pussy!

MONICA: (Staring in awe) PHOEBE, what's got into you? I've never seen
you act like this before!

PHOEBE: Because I've NEVER seen you dressed like that before. It just
excites me! Those red thongs covering your CUNT turns me on!

Phoebe's talk and actions is definitely having an effect on Monica.
She can feel her nipples harden and her juices flowing.

MONICA: ME TOO. Could feel my juices flowing as soon as I put them on.

Phoebe grabs the lips of her cunt and pulls then slams four fingers in
her snatch, pumping furiously.

"Oh Mon, my beautiful friend, show me something?" she shouts.

Monica stands up, now knowing the sunlight is shining through her
skirt, reaches around her ass and lifts the back of her skirt then
starts diddling her red-thong covered pussy.

MONICA: Can ya see what I'm doing Phoebe?

Phoebe, of course, can see clearly thanks to Mister Sunshine.

But Monica, wanting to help her friend achieve orgasm, pulls the front
of her skirt up letting Phoebe pump her twat to the full view of her
red thongs, just as Phoebe said turns her on.

Phoebe is about to cum, with all four finger buried up to her hand.

PHOEBE: Oh Monica, that's beautiful. I'M CUMMING!


Both girls shake with pleasure. They're content... for now?

Monica throws her a box of tissues, to clean herself up.

PHOEBE: Shouldn't you change those panties Mon? They must be soaked?

MONICA: Naw, I like the aroma and the way the dampness bunches them up
into my snatch!

She spreads her legs, holding her skirt up to show her friend as she
did last night with Ross and Rachel, her hairless pussy lips on lewd
display on either side of her panties.

Phoebe stares and thinks "Aha, the guys are right! All of a sudden
she LIKES the smell of cum!".

Another knock on the door. Both girls pull their skirts down and tidy
up as Monica walks to the door.

She peeks through the viewer. She turns to Phoebe.

MONICA: It's Ross and that damn monkey.

Phoebe's surprised Monica isn't worried her brother might smell the
girly juice odors. "Hmmm, something's definitely changed".

Monica opens the door.

MONICA: How come you have that monkey with you? I thought you gave it
to a zoo or something?

Ross is greeted with the same site that Phoebe had when she was at the

His beautiful sister looking mighty fine.

He feels a twitch in his groin at such a sight.

ROSS: Hi Phoebe. Hi Mon. (and in a whisper) We okay?

Monica winks an okay to her brother, noticing his stare.

The monkey jumps off his shoulder and romps around the room.

MONICA: Ross, control that fucking monkey or get him out of here!

Ross enters the room, calling for Marcell to come.

Marcell pounces on his head.

ROSS: He's not an IT. His name is Marcell. The zoo called me and
asked if I can take him for the evening. They say I'm like a
"Mother Figure" to him.

They walk to the sofa, Ross following, staring at his sister's ass.

"Why is she walking so funny, and what's that smell?" he thinks.

This un-brotherly stare didn't go unnoticed by Phoebe.

While Phoebe's sitting lady-like, Monica's sitting with legs crossed,
short skirt hiked up to her crotch.

Ross is glancing, thinking no one can see him, at his sister's
gorgeous legs.

Phoebe notices everything, now that she's on the look-out.

"Could there be more than simply Monica spying Rachel and Ross doing
the deed?" wonders Phoebe. This is getting her hot again!

Suddenly, Marcell jumps off Ross' lap and starts humping Monica's leg.

She can feel monkey-cock poking her at knee-highs. The feeling isn't
entirely unacceptable though!

MONICA: ROSS, he's fucking my leg!

She didn't mean to use FUCK but it slipped out.

Ross grabs Marcell but he's too quick and jumps up on her chest, grabs
one of her nipples (through the blouse) and starts sucking on it.

Again, Monica's not totally dissatisfied but yells to Ross to get him
off her.

This time Ross grabs Marcell with two hands, one around his body and
the other by his mouth, giving a little squeeze of her nipple in the

He pulls Marcell to his lap where the monkey grabs Ross' crotch and
starts pulling on his cock through his pants.

PHOEBE: Damn, what are they teaching him at that zoo?

Monica, in the excitement, uncrossed her legs and spreads out about
two feet apart, her sunken thongs visible for all who care to see!

And see they do!

Between Marcell's rubbing his cock and his sister's hairless pussy, he
was sprouting a huge hard-on!

Phoebe was turned on by the same sight as she masturbated to before.

Unconsciously, Phoebe spread her legs, and was rubbing her thigh, her
skirt inching it's way up.

Monica sees the stares and nonchalantly opens her legs a little more.

Turning his head to view these two glorious sights, Ross loosens his
grip on Marcell, and places on arm around her shoulder... pulling her
closer, fingers just inches from her breasts.

He decided if Phoebe hasn't run out of the room by now, she must be a
little interested, especially since she's inching her skirt up while
watching his sister's pussy!

ROSS: So Phoebes, what do you think of my little sister's outfit?
Quite a sight ha?

Phoebe then knew some real kinky stuff must of went on last night.

"I'd like to play too!" she mumbles to herself.

PHOEBE: I like it, I like it a LOT! You can see a lot of boob in that
sexy blouse. And that skirt, well I seen you eyeing her ass
on the way to the couch. Enough to excite ANYONE!

MONICA: Really? Was you "Enjoying the View" brother?

ROSS: Oh yeah! Ya know shapely legs and asses turn me on. And the
two terrific views I have now ain't bad either!

Feeling braver by the moment, Ross dips and grabs a handful of his
sister's tit. He hears no words of protest from either Phoebe nor
his panting sister.

PHOEBE: Why thank you Ross. Enjoy!

Phoebe has moved her hand to her crotch and presses hard as her skirt
falls all the way back and Ross gets treated to the sight of another
beautiful set of legs and a white panty clad pussy!

Ross, with his cock thinking for him now, lets go of Marcell and just
as he starts reaching toward his sister's pussy Marcell jumps from
his lap and in a flash, runs over to Phoebe's thigh and starts humping

Phoebe reaches over and grabs Marcell's two inch cock and pumps it.

Both Monica and Ross are staring in amazement, mouth's agape.

PHOEBE: What? Monkeys need loving too ya know?

MONICA: PHOEBE! That's sick!

PHOEBE: OH? And letting your brother play with your tits isn't? Your
such a prude and hypocrite Monica!

"UH-OH!" thinks Ross.

MONICA: PRUDE? HYPOCRITE? I'll show you prude and hypocrite!

With that Monica pulls her blouse up over her breasts, pinching the

MONICA: Look Marcell. Look what Aunty Monica has for you?

Marcell, smelling the scent of females in heat everywhere, bounds off
Phoebe's leg over to Monica.

MONICA: Watch this rookie!

Monica lifts Marcell by the waist and plunges his monkey-cock right
into her mouth. She sucks on it, wiggling her tongue around the head.

Marcell is squealing like, well, a monkey!

Ross has hauled his massive cock out of his pants, hand tightly rapped
around it and flailing away. He instigates a little.

ROSS: WOW! I don't think anybody can top that? My baby sister
sucking monkey cock!

PHOEBE: ROOKIE! Top that? I'll show you guys who's the best!

She does the chair arm thing again, this time she reaches down to her
panties and rips them open, jamming her fingers in her snatch!

PHOEBE: Come here Marcell! Phoebe's got something you really want!

The overpowering scent compels the confused Marcell to pull his
monkey-cock out of Monica's sucking mouth and rush over to Phoebe's
gushing pussy.

He starts humping away at her hand until Phoebe removes her hand from
her cunt then, grabbing Marcell by his monkey-ass, pulls his cock,
balls and all into her waiting snatch!

Marcell is humping away with all his strength as Phoebe is hollering

Monica's so turned on by this sight and her brother's gasping, she
bends her head to her brother's lap, removes his hand and sucks her
brother's dick right into her mouth.

She has one hand massaging his balls and the other pumping in and out
of her steamy pussy.

All yell, in unison, "OH GOD! I'M CUMMING!". And they do, including

PART II - CHAPTER 5: Join In Guys

Just as Ross was unloading his cum into his sister's waiting mouth,
the door swings open, in walks Chandler and Joey.

ROSS: Uh-oh... somebody forgot to lock the door!?!

The guys eyes go WIDE! With instant hard-ons.

There was Phoebe, sweet Phoebe, with a monkey attached to her snatch.

Across the room was Monica, swallowing a load of her BROTHER'S cum!

Chandler and Joey shout out "HOLY FUCKING SHIT!".

JOEY: Monica, holy shit, you wouldn't even let me cop a feel, yet you
have no problem sucking your BROTHER'S COCK! Do you swallow it

Monica answers his question by opening her mouth wide and sticking her
tongue out, showing the boys her cum lined mouth, then tilts her head
up and gulps loudly!

JOEY: HOLY SHIT! Monica just ate her brother's cum!!!! I've never
seen nothing like it in my life.

Ross tries to come to the girls defense...

ROSS: It's all my fault guys. I just saw Monica in one of Rachel's
slutty outfits and couldn't control myself!

JOEY: Slutty outfit? COOL! Can I see it?

Monica pulls her soggy finger out of her snatch...

CHANDLER: Wooo! I'd like to see you doing that again too?

She stands up and walks right in front of the window, her blouse still
up over her tits. Spreading her legs a bit, hands on her hips, she
slowly turns, giving the guys (and gal) a nice rounded view!

Hearing the ooohs and aaahs from her audience only inspires her to
continue her lewd exhibition. Again, a little Rachel has worn off on

Even Ross can feel a new stirring in his groin.

Phoebe's always ready!

ROSS: Yyyyeah, but she didn't have her breasts out like that before!

All yell out... "Shut up Ross!".

Monica continues her little show, the idea of all these eyes on her
excites her.

She squats down, legs spread wide, and pulling the thong to the side
slams three fingers right into her pussy then saws them in and out!

MONICA: How's this Chandler? This what you want to see?

Both guys quickly pull there raging cocks from their pants, pumping
with all their might.

Phoebe gets up from the chair and heads over to Monica.

Pulling her up by the waist, Monica's hand still in her cunt, Phoebe
leans her friend over at the waist.

She takes a finger, licks it and pushes it, a little at a time, into
Monica's ass. Once her sphincter adapts to the intrusion, she slips a
second finger in, with a little twist.

Monica has her mouth open, panting and ramming her fingers in and out
of her cunt so fast, her hand is just a blur!

Phoebe leans down, pressing her tits against Monica's back. She looks
at Chandler and Joey, standing there pumping their cocks at the lewd
scene they're witnessing.


They look at each other, shrug then hurry over to join the girls.

Chandler gets behind Phoebe and rams his rock-hard cock right into her
cunt from behind, without ceremony!

Joey pushes his nine incher into Monica's face where she gobbles it up
and tries to suck it's whole length down her throat!

Ross is watching Joey's cock disappear down his sister's throat when
he gets up, walks beside Phoebe and looks down to see the pound
fucking Chandler's giving her.

He wets his finger and and shoves it up Phoebe ass, his other fingers
making contact with Chandler's cock as Ross twists his hand!

He reaches out, with his free hand, and squeezes one Monica's dangling
tits. "Damn" he thinks "my sister has a beautiful set of knockers on

Ross looks across the alley, into the "Ugly Naked Guy's" apartment and
can see him watching the whole scene intently, while pumping his own

Ross looks him in the eye and lips "Enjoy it dude, this is just the

The monkey, Marcell, is quietly sitting on the couch eating a banana.

As if by magic, all the FRIENDS let out a huge howl and a grunt,
screaming "I'M CUMMING!".

All five, exhausted, straighten themselves up and return to the couch
and chairs.

They chat about how far they've come as "FRIENDS" and all agree how
much it was enjoyed.

ROSS: Guys, I've got to bring Marcell back to the zoo now. I'll see
you all later.

Phoebe looks at Ross and Marcell, and with a big grin on her face.

PHOEBE: Bye Ross. Bye Marcell... "my secret lover!".

Ross leaves while the rest of the gang just hangs out, shooting the

JOEY: Oh damn, I've got an audition. I've just GOT to get this part!
Could get me back on TV. Chandler, you promised to come with me
so I don't do something stupid and lose my chance for stardom!

Chandler smiles at his friend.

CHANDLER: Okay Joey. Don't forget your buddy when you're big and famous
and all them "Starlets" are surrounding you?

He turns to Phoebe and Monica.

CHANDLER: You guys going to be all right?

MONICA: We'll be fine. Just go before you're late.

Phoebe looks Chandler right in the eye and pulls her skirt up, spreads
her legs and flashes him.

PHOEBE: Bye Chandler Bing!



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