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Fraiser: Roz And Daphne Part 2 - Confident Girls (FF-best,oral,mc)
by Bishop832 ([email protected])

A woman was making her way through the snow in the middle of the night. She had just parked her car outside a well-lit and homely looking cabin. She made her way up the stairs.

Daphne was looking at Roz lustfully again. She had been hot all day and had wanted someone to make her feel better. Now that person was here, at the log cabin she had booked for the weekend. Daphne was wearing a white bikini and bottoms along with white stripper heels. The bikini top barely covered her new 34E tits, which she was ever so proud of. She had wanted them since her last encounter with Roz, where she had enjoyed the feel of Roz's larger cleavage. Her legs, like always, were immaculate, very long and shapely. The choice of a bikini was a strange one, as although it was very alluring and showed off her new breasts, it was snowy and cold outside.

Roz was similarly ill equipped for the weather outside. She was wearing a purple bikini, which was also straining under the size of her tits. They had grown as well to 34DD. Her chest was heaving up and down having just run in from the snow. She was looking intently at Daphne's tits, imagining caressing and fondling them. Her outfit was completed with black stripper high heels. She shut the door behind her and made her way over to Daphne. The two locked in a kiss as hands started to roam.


Frasier was sitting in the apartment admiring the work he'd done earlier. Roz and Daphne were sitting with him both quite happy with life. They had both had cosmetic surgery and were enjoying the benefits it had brought them. It was Frasier's doing, having hypnotized them into getting it done after watching their steamy video where Daphne confessed her love for large melons. Indeed, from where Frasier was sitting, their tops were way too tight for either of them but he wasn't complaining. He decided it was time to have more fun. "Homesick remedy." Daphne's head slumped onto her chest. Roz barely noticed before she too was asleep. "Confidence boost" quickly followed.

"Right you two, I have another task for you. I have booked a cabin for the weekend. You can go and use it for as long as you make another sex video like the last one." A smile came over the girls faces as if something pleasant had come into their sleepy minds. "When you awake, you will remember nothing except to go to the cabin in something revealing and that you're feeling incredibly horny. Daphne you will go and set everything up in the cabin. Roz, you will follow soon after. Is everything understood?"

"Yes," both girls replied in unison.

"Very well, awake." The girls woke with a startle and said their good-byes to each other and Frasier as they left to get ready for the adventure ahead.


The girls broke from their passionate embrace to look at each other and then the surroundings. Daphne had set up a nice fire. She had moved the chairs aside to make room for the fur rug by the fire. She had left a table nearby which had a video camera stationed on a tripod and a bucket of very expensive champagne accompanied by two tall elegant glasses. Daphne moved over to the table and began to pour the champagne. Roz settled onto the rug, lying back to give the camera a good view of her new cleavage. She sat up as Daphne joined her, sitting in close proximity, face to face with Roz but able to easily turn to the camera. "Cheers," she said in her sexy English accent.

Roz responded "Cheers," before the girls started to drink. "You're looking very sexy tonight" said Roz after she'd sampled the bubbly. She started to stroke Daphne's arm.

"Mmmm, you're looking very tasty yourself" she giggled. She quickly kissed Roz of the lips before resuming her champagne. The two girls continued to chat whilst drinking. Occasionally stroking a part of the others body or face for the camera to show the lust they had. By the time the girls had finished the bubbly they were both a little drunk. Just as Roz was about to make the first move and progress the show something popped into Daphne's head. "Eddie!!! He's not here," she blurted out. "How are we going to make this as good as last time without him? I really enjoyed his cum last time."

"I have something just as good," exclaimed Roz before moving in for the kiss she had wanted. Daphne kissed back with renewed passion at this news. "Follow me." Roz got up and offered her hand to Daphne. Daphne accepted grabbing the video camera on their way past the table. She focused the camera on her jiggling jugs as she was led to the door. She then quickly turned the camera's attention to Roz's tight ass.

"Mmmm fuck," she whispered into the camera as she continued to follow Roz who had now opened the door and had gone down the stairs. At this stage she turned and groped her own huge tits for the camera and Daphne's benefit making sure she showed her pleasure in her facial expression.

It wasn't snowing outside but it was still very fresh. The girls didn't seem to care although it had become very difficult to walk in their heels. Despite this, they stumbled on, Daphne trying to keep up with Roz whilst keeping the camera focused on her behind. It wasn't far from the house that Daphne saw what Roz had in mind. Antlers had appeared in the shot and as Daphne looked up she saw a giant moose. Roz stood next to it like a model next to a car. She gave it a kiss on the rear leg. "It's incredible!" Daphne said as she placed the camera on its tripod once again ensuring a good shot in the process. She untied her bikini top on her way to Roz for another kiss. The camera just caught her boobs jiggle on the way over but was in for a treat when Daphne pressed them up against Roz's. The kiss was another steamy one for the camera with Daphne reaching round to undo Roz's bikini. Once it was undone, they broke the kiss and let the purple top fall to the snowy ground. Roz's breasts didn't drop at all as they were unleashed. Daphne took a moment to admire before going to bury her head in them. She pulled Roz down onto the snowy ground before continuing to fondle her large mounds with her hands and suckling them with her mouth. Roz found the sensation of the snow and Daphne's fondling very erotic.

"Ahhh, mmmm, mmmphh, don't stop!" she squealed. Daphne chose this moment to reach down and press on Roz's wet pussy with her hand. This caused Roz to arch her back against Daphne's body and scream once more. "Don't stop Daphne. Keep going! Daphne! Daphne! Daphne!" Daphne duly responded by beginning to rub Roz's pussy through her wet bikini.

Daphne looked over to the moose. It was getting turned on by Roz's primitive moaning. The moose began to move towards them. Its dick was already semi hard. Roz reached over and grabbed the 12-inch semi hard cock in her hand. She began to stroke it as hard and as fast as she could. It responded by almost doubling in size and becoming very hard. "Ohhh Daphne! Ohhh Daphne!" she moaned as she gave the moose a fantastic handjob. Without stopping her assault with her mouth on Roz's gloriously round titties, Daphne began to undo the ties holding Roz's bikini bottoms in place. She slipped them off to reveal a shaved pussy. After throwing them away she stopped, sat up onto her knees in between Roz's spread legs. Roz was momentarily disappointed but knew she was in for something good. Daphne stood up, still in her heels, which showed her long legs well. She guided the moose round so it was facing the camera. Roz had rolled over on to all fours and was likewise facing the camera. Daphne positioned the moose over Roz and went to fetch the camera giving a good showing of her impressive cleavage in the process by fondling her own round melons. Roz had reached round and slid the cock into her throbbing vagina. Daphne caught the look of sheer pleasure on her face as it went in. "Ohhh YEESSS!!!" she breathed. She began to thrust slowly onto the dick and continued to moan with delight. "Ohhh Ohhh fuck!!"

Daphne was getting extremely turned on by this whole thing. She was focusing the camera on Roz's swinging tits and screwed up face as she impaled herself on the shaft. Daphne reached down to her pussy and began to rub it slowly. It was very wet and hot. She quickly moved the camera onto her own loins for a second to show her masturbating her pussy and then drop her panties to her feet. She began to touch herself once more and couldn't help breath "mmmpphh" into the camera. It was difficult to concentrate on her pussy and the camera at once but she persevered well, moving round Roz and the moose to get a side on view. It was now clear the moose had started to shag Roz, thrusting its mighty dick into Roz's tight vagina. This caused an excited Daphne to slip a finger into her pussy as she was turned on by the sight. She moved in close to get a good shot of the dick sliding in and out of Roz. It was pumping Roz hard, making it a good 8 to 10 inches inside. She gave Roz's ass a good slap, causing Roz to squeal in pleasure again.

Daphne moved round to the front, close to a now ecstatic Roz. She positioned herself in front of Roz and spread her legs wide so Roz could see her finger her pussy. She focused the camera on herself briefly to make sure it knew what she'd done. She then held it squarely on Roz. "Ohh god Daphne! Oh Ohh Ohh. I'm going to fucking come soon. Fuck. Fuuucck." Daphne speeded up her masturbation at the sound and sight of Roz. This became too much for Roz. The sight of the long legged Daphne with 6-inch stripper heels on, masturbating her exposed wet shaven pussy was fantastic. And the hammering her pussy was getting. She started to orgasm. She struggled to breathe as the pleasure ripped through her body. She felt her pussy squeeze onto the dick as her juices flooded on the animal's penis. Another wave ripped through as she still struggled to make a sound. Her pussy still gripped onto the dick as it vigorously fucked her. Wave after wave continued, her new tits were especially sensitive to the ecstasy. "Ohh Ohh Daphne!" she sighed. "That... was... amazing," as she reached back to attempt to wriggle free from the moose.

Thankfully Daphne was on hand to help her. Daphne's hand was there, providing something for the moose to continue fucking. As she handed the camera to Roz, she gave her a kiss and settled in front of the moose, still giving it a handjob. She then parted her lips and began to suck off the huge dick. Roz was amazed as she settled into the snow to capture the action. Daphne hands were then free to continue the frigging of her own pussy and to fondle her magnificent breasts. Her headed bobbed up and down the cock with great speed and skill. Roz could clearly see the moose was enjoying it. Daphne's hands were roaming her body. One hand was groping her fantastic round tits and the other sliding in and out of her pussy.

Roz was very impressed with the work. So much so she had started to fuck herself just as Daphne had done. She was speaking to Daphne naughtily. "You little whore! You're so hot when you're bad." she said as she began to work herself over making sure the camera saw her pussy too.

Daphne was enjoying the blowjob a lot. She wanted that cum a lot. She was fucking herself harder the more she thought of it. Suddenly she felt another hand in her pussy. This was totally unexpected but felt amazing. It was Roz who was fucking her now. She stopped and moved her hands to her bouncing jugs. She groped them hard as Roz used her new vantagepoint to point the camera directly at her chest. It was a glorious sight, her cupped melons only enhancing the big cleavage. The camera then switched to her face moving up and down the rod. She was able to swallow almost 12 inches, giving the giant beast unbelievable pleasure. Roz continued with her fast fingering and Daphne knew it would not be long before she came. She wanted to make sure it was spectacular and after seeing Roz with Eddie before she wanted to come whilst giving a titty fuck. She withdrew her pretty face quickly and moved onto her back surprising both the moose and Roz. She opened her long toned legs again and Roz moved quickly round. "Oh yes! This is it! You are my fantasy Roz," she quickly said as she resumed. She used her hands to guide the moose between her round globes. The moose was happy to continue shagging this newly created opening and shagged with even more pace. Roz had started to finger her again but then decided to try some oral stimulation. Her tongue barely hit the inside of Daphne before Daphne came. "Ahhh Roz. FUUUCCCCKKKK!!!" Her hands squeezed her jugs evenly more tightly onto the shaft in the excitement giving her more pleasure. Pussy juice flowed onto Roz who was lapping it up." "Ohh God. Oh God yes. Roz, you... are... a fucking goddess. I love your tits. I love my tits. Fuck."

Daphne continued to let the moose thrust at her mounds as Roz joined her up front. She started to lick the shaft as Daphne became more obsessed with the cum. A drop of pre cum emerged from the shaft and this excited Daphne. "Roz! He's coming!!" Roz focused the camera on Daphne's upper half just in time to see her get squirted in the face with the first string of gooey white cum. String after string followed, firing into Daphne's waiting mouth first then onto the rest of her face. She was covered but it still kept coming. She then moved the pulsating cock to her chest, covering her tits in lines of sperm. Roz couldn't believe how much cum Daphne was covered in but she was glad she had it on film. She was loved Daphne's pretty face layered in jizz. Daphne went to say how good it tasted but her mouth was too full of cum to speak despite swallowing a fair portion. Roz grabbed the opportunity to kiss Daphne, lapping the cum vigorously out of her partners mouth. She also put her chest on to Daphne's, smearing the hot jizz all over her chest as well as Daphne's. The two girls grinded their chests together as the moose moved back. They were enjoying the embrace so much they didn't even notice. Roz was just barely able to hold the camera on the sight.

Roz rolled over to reveal the two completely naked girls apart from their seductive heels. She raised the camera over head to focus on the upper halves of both girls. They were both smiling and both covered in sticky cum. "Mmmm that tasted good," Daphne laughed as she grabbed Roz's free hand.

"Sure did," came the reply from Roz. "There was lots of it to." The girls got up together and Daphne looked at Roz and the camera.

"Time for the hot tub!!!" as she ran, boobs bouncing towards the house.


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