Not to be read by anyone under 18. This story contains graphic descriptions
of sexuality. If this offends you, leave now. This is fiction. Hypnosis does
not work this way. If you feel like trying this seek help.

My thanks to the fan that sent this idea in. He requested anonymity, but he
knows who he is and thanks.

Hypno TV: Frasier (f/f,m/f,mc)
by MAW ([email protected])

"No, madam, I can assure you, there is no chance whatsoever that your
collection of Bee Gees memorable is causing your husband's impotence. Now,
if it was the Spice Girls, then there might be something."

Dr. Frasier Crane never ceased to be amazed at the amazing amount of
complexes in the population of Seattle. After a slow start, his radio show
was getting good ratings and his reputation as a call-in psychiatrist was
building. It felt good to help people out with their problems. Of course, he
also attracted a larger amount of nutcases than he had in private practice.

"Well, that's all the time we have today," Frasier said as he was given a
signal by Roz, his assistant. "Until next time, this is Dr. Frasier Crane,
wishing you all happy thoughts." With that, he flicked a switch and leaned
back. "God, what a pack of nutballs!"

"Um, Dr. Crane, you're still on the air," Roz said. Frasier frantically
looked behind him, to see the "ON AIR" sign off. "Made you look," Roz

Frasier glared at her. "Do you make it your mission in life to torment me?"

"It's more of a side hobby lately," Roz said as she pulled her headphones off
her brown hair. She was attractive, with a curvaceous body that had more than
its fair share of tumbles in the sack. Clinically, Roz was a
sexual-compulsive with little taste for commitment. Although she was a good
producer and Frasier did consider her a friend, her humor sometimes got on
his nerves. "I'll see you later. I have to take care of some log stuff here."

"Are you on top or bottom?" Niles Crane said as he entered. Frasier's brother
was quite thin with fading dark-blond hair and always wore a dour expression,
one deepened by his recent estrangement from his wife Maris. While the last
few years of their marriage hadn't been a picnic, the end still hurt Niles. A
divorcee himself, Frasier could relate. Niles wasn't exactly a fan of Roz's
various flings. Satisfied with his zinger, Niles turned his attention to his

"Frasier, I was wondering if we could stop for a bite to eat."

"Sorry, Niles, I'm going home. Since Dad is gone with Eddie to that reunion,
I intend to enjoy the peace and serenity of my home while I can."

"Well, I can understand your hermitive behavior even if I don't condone it."
Niles and Frasier stepped into the hallway, Frasier pulling on his coat.
"Frasier, did you receive that package from that old friend of yours in

"Ah, yes, the tapes. According to his description they do marvels. The first
ones are designed to be played in waiting rooms. Underneath some nice jazz
music is a series of subliminal messages that lowers the resistance level,
makes the patient more susceptible to hypnotic induction."

"Yes, thereby increasing the initial state of trance and the subject's
willingness to comply with suggestions. Well, I stopped by your apartment
this afternoon to check them out, see if I can use them and it seems that
first one is missing."

"Really?" Frasier frowned. "Did Daphne know where it was?"

"She was out at the store. The rest where stacked by the stereo but the first
one was missing. I was wondering if you had it."

"I might have left it in my study at home. Tell you what, I'll look for them
when I get home and drop them by you." With that, Frasier walked off, heading
to his car. Niles shook his head, bothered. His birthday was tomorrow and
Frasier hadn't said anything about it. It wasn't that Niles thought Frasier
had forgotten, he was afraid Frasier was planning a party. Every time Frasier
tried to plan something fancy, it somehow turned into a public nightmare. At
least Maris hadn't been around to most of them. Thinking of his ex-wife
caused Niles to sigh again. He had a meeting that afternoon with her lawyers
for further divorce settlements. As painful as his marriage had been, the
divorce was even worse.

He passed the control booth and saw Roz lightly bouncing her head and
humming. He paused, listening, and slowly became aware that a jazz number was
playing over the speakers inside the booth. "Roz, what music is this?"

"It's called jazz," Roz replied without turning around. "It's arty, so you
should know it."

"I meant where did you get it?"

"Oh, I snagged a tape from Frasier's last night. Listened to it in the car.
Pretty cool." A light bulb went on in Niles' head. He gazed at Roz, who was
fixing her attention to the console. An idea began to creep through Niles'
brain. He had a more mischievous and humorous mind than people thought and he
had stumbled upon a joke to play on his older brother. "You look tired out,

"Hey, I didn't even have a date last night," Roz said, on guard. "That is,
not by choice, you know?"

"No, no, I didn't mean that. I meant you look stressed from your work and
job. I know Frasier isn't the easiest person to get along with, especially on
the job."

"Tell me about it," Roz muttered.

"Let me show you a little something I know. It really does help you relax,
lowers your anxiety. Honest, it does wonders."

"Well, all right." Niles came up behind Roz's chair.

"Okay, now just get comfortable and close your eyes."

Although a little wary, Roz did so. "Okay, now just relax. Take a few nice,
slow, deep breaths. Let the tension flow from your body with every breath.
Just take it nice and slow. Try to clear your thoughts of everything, all
your worries and all your anxieties and just let go and listen to my voice.
Just listen to my voice and take nice, slow breaths."

Niles placed his index fingers on Roz's temples and began to move them in a
light, circular motion, moving his voice in a soft monotone. "Now, Roz, think
of a place. A nice, soothing place, somewhere where you feel perfectly at
ease and totally calm. Picture yourself in that place, Roz. It's nice and
wonderful and soothing. Can you see yourself there?"

"Yeah..." Roz said sleepily.

"Good. Now, Roz, I want you to count backwards from a hundred. Just count
down from 100 and keep counting. As you count, you will feel a wave of
relaxation come over you. As you count down, you will feel more and more
relaxed. With each number, you feel more and more relaxed until you finally
drift into a nice, restful sleep. Now count down until you fall into this
wonderful sleep."

The tape had worked extremely well in lowering Roz's resistance. She only
made it to 87 before her voice drifted off and her head lowered onto her
chest. Niles turned the chair so Roz faced him. "Now, Roz, I want you to
answer any of my questions honestly. You want to answer them honestly. It
makes you feel good to be honest. Now, Roz, is Frasier planning a party for
my birthday?"

"...Yes..." Roz whispered.

Just as he'd thought. The idea that had come to Niles wasn't quite ethical
but he was in a mood for mischief at the moment and wanted to play a joke on
his brother.

"Now, Roz, when I snap my fingers, you won't remember anything about this
conversation. When you leave here, you will go to Frasier's apartment. As
you near his apartment, you will begin to feel aroused, excited. As you get
nearer and nearer, you will begin to feel horny. You will be very horny by
the time you enter Frasier's apartment. And you will want to feel sexual
satisfaction badly. So badly that you will want sex at that very moment.
Also, when you hear my voice say the words 'Picasso kablam', you will fall
once again into this wonderful state of sleep. Now, remember that but nothing
else." Niles stood up and snapped his fingers.

Roz blinked open her eyes and shook her head. "Wow, that really worked.
Thanks, Niles."

"Don't mention it." Niles walked out, a broad smile on his face as he thought
about the way things were going to play out.


Frasier walked into his apartment, threw his coat onto the chair and
collapsed onto the couch. "I need a drink," he muttered.

"Well, don't be expecting me to get it." Daphne's British accent filled the
apartment as she stepped out of the kitchen. "I've got enough on my hands
cleaning this place before your father gets home."

"Please, I've seen what Eddie does, he shouldn't be bothered by untidiness,"
Frasier said. Daphne sat down on the chair, sighing. "Woo, good to take a
load off."

Frasier glanced at his watch. He had just enough time to get himself a drink
before going down to drop off the fee for Niles' party. He nervously took his
pen out of his vest pocket and began to lightly twirl it in between his thumb
and forefinger. "By the way, Daphne, have you seen that tape I had by the
stereo last night?"

"Oh, the jazz one, yes, I listened to it last night while I was cleaning.
Good music there." Daphne's eyes were fixed on the pen in Frasier's hand, the
way the light glinted off it and shone. It was soothing in a way, the nice
patterns of light and they way they moved back and forth. They seemed to be
just the right thing to watch after a hard day of work. It felt good just to
sit back and watch and relax.

Frasier had continued to talk, making plans for Niles' party and for the
upcoming week. It was a few minutes before he noticed Daphne's silence. He
glanced at her and saw her eyes half-closed, fixed on the shining pen he was
twirling. He was confused at first, then remembered the tape Daphne had
heard. His first impulse was to snap her out of it, but an idea suddenly
sprang into his mind. Before he could talk himself out of it, he raised the
pen up, Daphne's gaze following it.

"Watch the pen, Daphne. It's so relaxing and so soothing to watch the pen.
Watch the light gleam off it as it turns, back and forth, back and forth,
waves of light coming into your eyes. It's so wonderful to watch and you feel
so relaxed now. So very relaxed. As the waves of light keep coming, your eyes
feel heavy and relaxed. You feel so tired now all you want to do is close
your eyes. Close them. Just close your eyes and relax completely." Daphne's
eyes shut and she slipped down slightly in her seat. Frasier appraised her,
unsure of what to do next. He decided to ask her a question that had been
bothering him for years. "Daphne, are you aware that Niles loves you?"
Daphne's lips parted slightly as she whispered "yes.." Nodding, Frasier asked
another question. "Do you love Niles?"

After a moment of hesitation, Daphne replied. "Yes.."

"I'll be damned," Frasier said. All the pining Niles had been doing for the
last few years and Daphne felt the same way. They were probably too afraid of
commitment and rejection to say anything about it.

Frasier thought for a moment before coming to a solution. All right, it
wasn't ethical, but if it stopped this romantic cat-and-mouse game of theirs,
it'd be worth it. "Daphne, when I tell you to wake up, you'll awaken with no
memory of being asleep. Now, as you work her today, you'll begin to feel a
growing sense of sexual arousal, one that you'll want to release. The next
time a person comes to this apartment and make an advance to you, you want to
answer it in full at that very moment. Now, if you hear me say 'Flower
dower', you'll fall back into this wonderful sleep state. Remember that and
nothing else. Now, wake up."

Daphne's eyes snapped open as clarity returned to her features. "I'm sorry,
Dr. Crane, I must have dozed off."

"No problem, Daphne," Frasier said as he stood up.

"I've got some things to do. I won't be back until later."

"All right, see you then." Daphne waved as Frasier walked out, his mind
already imagining the look on Niles' face when he arrived.


Roz was horny. Really horny. She hadn't felt this hot in a long time.

It seemed to have increased as she walked to Frasier's door. Weird. Roz
didn't know what was causing it but she did know what to do to end it.

She knocked on the door and gave a quick scratch to her crotch. She could
feel a slight dampness already there. She threw her hand away as the door
opened and Daphne stood there. "Oh, Roz, come on in. I'm afraid Frasier's
not here right now."

"That's okay," Roz said as she stepped inside. She paused in the middle of
the room, gathering her thoughts. "Something the matter?" Daphne asked as she
came up behind her.

"No," Roz replied. "Yes. I don't know." She turned around and faced Daphne.
"Look, this may be an off-the-wall question but have you ever-done it-with a
woman?" Daphne turned her face away and Roz instantly felt guilty. "I'm
sorry, I didn't have any right to ask."

"No, it's all right," Daphne said, sighing. "The answer is no, but I have
thought about it a bit. You know, youthful imaginings, things like that. But
I've never done it."

"I have," Roz said. "A few times." She put her hand in Daphne's. "It's
actually not bad." She and Daphne stood for a moment, gazing at each other.
Then, Roz leaned in and kissed Daphne lightly. They were frozen for a moment,
then Daphne slowly leaned in and returned the kiss as the two embraced.


Niles almost threw back his coffee with glee, his mind trying to gauge the
expression on Frasier's face when Roz came onto him. He didn't really know if
Frasier would go for it, but it would be fun. Niles' mood lasted to about two
seconds after he saw Frasier walk through the door. Frasier saw him as well
and the two stared at one another in shock. Frasier charged to Niles' table
and took a seat. "What are you doing here?" he hissed.

"What're you? And why are you so concerned?"

They blurted it out at once, each stunned at what the other had been
planning. Frasier bolted out of his seat. "We have to get there."

"You don't think Roz would come onto Daphne, do you?"

"For God's sake Niles, the woman thinks the Kama Sutra is a beginner's
manual!" Frasier ran out the door, Niles following him, oddly attracting no
attention as they left.


Roz and Daphne rolled on the bed; their naked bodies shoved together, their
wet pussies touching. Roz ended up on top, spreading out Daphne's hands as
they kissed.

She moved down, kissing both of Daphne's pert breasts, eliciting a moan from
the British woman. She lay a small kiss on the sunken belly before coming to
Daphne's dark clit. Roz immediately went to work, placing her tongue inside
and licking at Daphne's pussy. She slid her hands underneath and squeezed
Daphne's cheeks as she went. She drove her head in deeper between Daphne's
legs, pushing her tongue deep inside until Daphne came onto her tongue.

After licking away Daphne's juices, Roz crawled up the other woman's body,
sitting atop Daphne's face. After a few hesitant kisses, Daphne placed her
tongue inside Roz's clit and started licking. She did it long and slow,
taking her time with it, which increased the pleasure further. Roz moaned as
Daphne's hand squeezed her breasts, rocking herself gently on her friend's
face. She was in a combination of pain and pleasure as she held herself back,
enjoying the skillful touch of Daphne's tongue inside her. Finally, she came,
her orgasm spilling onto Daphne's pretty face.

Frasier and Niles burst through the door just in time to hear Roz gasp in
pleasure. They quickly took in the trail of clothes strewn around the floor,
leading to the bedroom. They stood there for a moment, at a loss for words.
"This could be some sort of sign," Frasier said.

"In what way?"

"Well, Niles, two women we know are making love to each other because of our
sibling rivalry. I don't think you have to be Freud to see the symbolism

"Don't bring Freud into this. Now what?"

"Well, let's do something." Frasier walked to the bedroom door and opened it.
Before Daphne or Roz could react he said, "Flower Dower." Daphne shut her
eyes and sank down on the bed. Roz landed on top of her as Niles said,
"Picasso kablam." The two brothers stared at one another. "That's a trigger
phrase?" Frasier said.

"Well, at least mine doesn't sound like a schoolyard chant," Niles stiffly
replied. "I guess we'd better tell them to forget this."

"I'll get Roz home, but there's something you should know," Frasier said
"Look, Niles, what we both did was wrong, we have to face that. But something
good's come out of it."

"And what, pray tell, might that be?"

"Daphne told me she loves you."

Niles' usually passive features turned to a mix of surprise and joy.

"Really?" he whispered.

Frasier nodded. "Yes. Roz, open your eyes and stand up. Go to the living
room and get dressed." Roz slowly rose and walked past the two brothers,
obliviously staring forward. Frasier and Niles continued to stare at one
another. "I'll take her home. I'll let you decide what to do." Frasier
turned and walked to the outer room.

Niles appraised Daphne's naked form for some time, mulling his options. He
stood there long after Frasier had taken the entranced Roz home. He thought
about his relationship with Maris and his infatuation with Daphne. He thought
of how his feelings for the latter were much larger than the former. He
finally made a decision. He stripped off his coat, then his suit, finally
standing naked. He got onto the bed and touched Daphne's sweet nude form.
"Daphne," he whispered. "When I snap my fingers, you'll wake up. You will not
remember what happened between you and Roz. That was a dream. When you see
me, your feelings about me will come to the surface. You will not feel any
fear or hesitation. You will want to act upon your feelings at once." Niles
took a deep breath, then snapped his fingers.

Daphne's eyes blinked open, then focused on Niles. Niles was uncertain of
what would happen. If Frasier had been lying about Daphne, she'd be perfectly
in the right to punch him out. He needn't have worried. Once she saw him,
Daphne reached up and kissed him full on the lips. He was motionless, stunned
by his dream suddenly coming true. Then, he returned her kiss, embracing her
and leaning down on her.

He lay kisses all over her, her throat and cheeks first. Then he buried his
head in between her breasts, laying kisses all over them, squeezing them
together. She sighed as his rock-hard cock entered her pussy. It had been a
while, but Niles soon established a rhythm, pushing himself in and out of
Daphne, her moans driving him on. His long-buried sexual fervor came to the
surface, pushing him on as he drove his member in and out of Daphne. She
clutched a handful of sheets as he continued, ripping them off as they
orgasmed together, the culmination of years of wanting finally achieved.
Frasier came to the door of his apartment. He had left Roz at home with no
memories of her encounter with Daphne. As far as she was concerned, she'd
spent the day working in her house. Frasier paused as he reached the door and
listened. He could hear sounds coming behind it, moans that seemed to be
coming from the living room.

Smiling, Frasier pocketed his key and walked back down the hall. Now was a
good time to enjoy a latte. "Happy Birthday, little brother," Frasier
whispered as he headed to the nearest coffee shop.


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