Fraiser: How Roz Got Pregnant... (MF,preg)
by Bishop832 ([email protected])

Saturday evening had once again rolled around. Roz Doyle sat at the bar in
her local pool hall. She was looking quite hot, with a short black leather
mini-skirt and a black fishnet top. Underneath the top, she had a black bra
that clung to her mature but shapely figure.

A young man, maybe all of 19, sat down by her. She glanced at him. He glanced
back at her.

"Hey," started Roz, "Haven't I seen you before?"

"Maybe," the guy said. He ordered a Pepsi from the bartender.

"A Pepsi?" Roz asked, almost with a smirk.

"Yeah, I'm the DD tonight. No drinking." Roz quickly retracted her smirk.

"Oh, very responsible." The young man looked back at his buddies, who were
laughing it up and playing pool.

"I got it..." Roz said as she took another glance at him. "You're Rick...
from cafe Nervousa."

"Right... And you're... double espresso with a shot of light foam."

"Yeah, but you can call me Roz." The two laughed.

"Say, my buddies aren't drinking as heavily as I thought. You wanna go
somewhere else... maybe for a walk?" Roz looked at him with disbelieving

"With you?" Roz asked.

"Well, that is generally how it works," Rick retorted.

"Okay... sure," She said. She paid for her drink and then got up off the
stool. Rick escorted her out of the bar and they walked into the city.

* * *

As they strolled through the park, talking about what they do, a rain began
to come down. Rick took off his jacket, a nice suede jacket, and gave it to
Roz to use as an umbrella.

"I think we should get out of the rain," Roz said. "I have my apartment just
a few blocks from here. It's not much but its close and warm." They walked in
the direction of Roz's place.

* * *

By the time they were inside the door, they were both drenched. It had become
a full storm, with thunder and lightning.

As soon as Roz closed the door, she told Rick to get out of his wet clothes.
He more than happily obliged. She went into the bathroom and changed. He
grabbed a robe off the hook, a very plain black robe, and wrapped himself in
it. He hung his clothes up to dry and then exited the bathroom.

Back in the living room, Roz lay out on the couch, dressed in a pink robe.
Rick approached the sofa.

"Sorry, I couldn't find anything else to wear," he started.

"It's fine. Actually, you look kinda cute."

"Really?" he asked, unsure of where this conversation would take him.

"Yeah." A silence. Roz finally looked up. "Have you ever been with an older

"I was with a 29 year old once."

"How about 38? Does that excite you?" Roz traced the tips of her fingers up
her left leg, revealing her smooth soft skin.

"A little bit," Rick replied.

"Well, what if I told you that I'm naked under this robe. Would that make you
even hornier?"


"Well, what if I showed you my tits? Would you want to suck on them?"

"Yeah," Rick said, playing the game. Roz opened her robe, revealing her
breasts. Rick leaned in and put his lips to her right nipple. It stood up
like an eraser, indicating how hot she was. She gently stroked his hair and
moaned as he went between her tits. As he sucked one, he squeezed the other,

As Roz felt her nipples being sucked on, she noticed that he had an erection.
"If I offered to go down on you, would you be grateful?" Roz inquired. Rick
looked up.

"You bet," he said. Roz lay him back on the sofa and began opened his robe.
She took hold of his manhood and began gently stroking it.

"Lay back and enjoy," Roz muttered as she brought her lips down to the young
man's mighty 7 inch sex organ. Rick stroked her head she took him into her

Roz cupped his balls and began squeezing them gently she bobbed up and down
on his penis. She traced her tongue over the glands, causing him to shutter
a little. She looked up as him.

Rick wore a face of satisfaction. "You like that, don't you?" Roz asked. He
smiled. "Then you'll love this even more." Roz took hold of Rick's cock and
licked from his testicles to his head in one long run. She then swallowed
his organ and continued pleasuring him.

Within five minutes, she felt the first spurts of his salty secretions. Rick
whimpered something, mostly unintelligent, and then groaned. A moment later,
Roz's mouth was flooded by hot cum. She let it run down her throat as his
orgasm drew to an end. As soon as she was sure he had finished, she looked
up, swallowed and smiled. A thin layer of semen was visible on her lips. She
licked her lips and then smiled.

"Yummy," she said as she sat down by her new lover. Rick looked over.

"I'm sorry... I didn't mean to..." he started.

"Didn't mean to what? Cum in my mouth?" He nodded. "It's okay. I love the
taste." She then stood up and escorted him over to the bed. She then dimmed
the lights and opened the windows. They had a nice view of the bay and the
rain hitting the roof was creating the perfect atmosphere for romance.
Occasionally, there would be a streak of lightning followed a few seconds
later by a rumble of thunder.

For the next hour, they lay on the bed, both dressed in robes, fondling each
other and kissing. Finally, Roz asked Rick if he was up for another round of
love making. Being much younger than her, his strength had returned. He

Together, they disrobed and looked at each other. They were both naked. They
ran their fingers over each other's flesh, dancing the tips as they went.

Rick moved his fingers down toward Roz's crotch. She opened her legs,
revealing her shaved prize. He seemed hesitant about entering her, but she
guided him in. She moaned and whimpered as he felt her velvety insides.

He soon withdrew his fingers from her and she lay back on the bed. He climbed
on top of her and looked into her eyes.

"Don't worry, I'm on birth control," Roz said. Rick eased himself into her
and they shared a passion never known before. Rick glanced down to see his
cock sliding into and out of Roz's swollen crotch. It was the most beautiful
sight he had ever witnessed.

She held his shoulders as they made love. The illumination was dimmed but the
room lit up with every flash of lightning. Roz wrapped her long legs around
Rick's midsection. He pushed into her grunting as he went. She moaned and
whimpered as they experience this new sensation.

They locked lips passionately as Roz increased the pace. She rolled Rick onto
his back and then dismounted.

Roz took a hands and knees position. She then looked back at Rick. She
wiggled her bottom at him and smiled. "Rick, I need you to fuck my ass," she
said. "Fuck me long, fuck me hard and fuck me deep," she continued. Rick took
a position behind Roz and pushed himself in. Roz cried out in pain as he
pushed his cock up into her. "Oh, you horny little fucker..." she whimpered.

Within seconds, they were continuing their sexual exploration. Even though
Roz was twice Rick's age, they produced a matching sexual energy and rhythm.
With every forward thrust that Rick gave, Roz responded with an equal trust
back. After several minutes of this rough sex, Roz told Rick that she was
ready to change positions. He pulled out and lay back on the bed.

She leaned across him to the nightstand. She pulled two long scarves out and
began restraining Rick to the bedpost. She tied him tightly at the wrists,
preventing his escape. She then took his erect cock in her right hand and
slide down upon it. She cried out as it reached the hilt. She then began
riding on him, bring him steadily toward orgasm.

At the height of sexual pleasure, she could feel his body slapping up against
hers. Her boobs bounced up and down as she rode him harder and faster. She
leaned back and ran her fingers over her tender and sensitive skin.

She could hear his cries of pleasure. Her sexual arousal had reached its
peak. Suddenly, she cried out as she felt herself explode. She felt her fluid
escape from her vagina and trickle down her legs.

A few minutes later, Rick cried out. "Oh, Roz... I'm gonna cum," he screamed.
With that, he released his sexual tension. Roz cried out as she felt the
young man's second wave of hot juice explode inside her. It was truly
passionate sex, unlike anything she had ever known.

After Rick released his load, his entire body seemed to go limp. Roz
collapsed onto him and kissed him. She then untied him and they snuggled

"Good job, Big Boy," she said smugly as she ran her fingers through his soft
hair. She then kissed him on the cheek and they snuggled close. They shared
one more kiss before drifting back to sleep.

* * *

The next morning, dawn crept into the apartment. The two lovers lay entangled
in the bed. Rick snored gently and Roz looked over him. She had been awake
for a few minutes. She stared at his innocent face and his well-built body.
She planted a kiss on his forehead. He slowly opened his eyes and yawned.
Again, they kissed.

What Roz didn't know is that due to one wild night of passion, her life would
forever change. She was pregnant.


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