The following is a sexually explicit FICTIONAL story centering around
characters from the hit television series "Frasier."

If you are under 18 do not read any further.

Keep in mind that my native language is not English when you read this story.
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Fraiser: Frasier Crane; At Your Service Part 1 (MF,oral,mc)
by Martin4Life

"Frasier, you're on in two minutes"

"Thank you Roz, I'll be ready," Frasier Crane said, as he put on his
headphones ready for his radio show.

"Hey Frasier have you seen my coffee anywhere?" Roz asked.

"How the hell should... Isn't that it right there behind you," Frasier said
with some impatience.

"Thanks Frasier" she said and gulped down the entire cup, "Euw, that tasted
even worse than normal," she said and winced.

"Frasier, you're on," Roz said as she opened the link to the outside.

"Hello Seattle, this is Doctor Frasier Crane with today's show." Frasier said
getting comfortable in front of the microphone. "Today we'll talk about work
and the psychological problem that might come from it. Remember I'm Frasier
Crane; at your service. Let's start by opening up the phones, Roz do we have
a caller?"

"Yes we have 'Randy' on the phone," Roz said over the speaker.

"Hello, Randy. What is your problem," Frasier says as he opens the line.

"Hello Doctor Crane, I have a problem at work." Randy says

"Yes, tell me about it and maybe I can help you" Frasier said with a smooth

"Okay. The problem is that I am in love with a man I work with but he does
not seem to notice me 'Like that', you know" Randy said with a low voice.

"Well, I can certainly imagine the anguish you must go through. Let me ask
you this, is he involved with anybody at this time?" Frasier asked.

"I don't think so, no I'm sure that there is nobody else. Dr. Crane I can't
really just blurt it out, he is too shy." Randy said.

"Then show him how you feel, make some small gestures to show him how you
feel. If you show him you might find out how he feels by the response you
get. And the more personal the gesture, the more reliable the response is,"
Frasier said.

"Okay Dr. Crane I'll try. By the way don't you ever get tired of just helping
others without anybody helping you, I mean isn't anybody at your service."
Randy asked.

"Well "Randy" the money always helps Ha, ha, ha. But seriously Randy I get a
lot of pleasure from helping other people. Besides I have friends who help
me." Frasier said to Randy.

"Oh you mean like that producer of yours," Randy said.

"Yes, Roz is a good friend, I hope I helped you Randy. Goodbye," Frasier said
and switched to another caller.

"Hello you are on the air, how may I help you?" Frasier asked.

"Hi I'm Geneva, I just have some advice to Randy who just called" the voice

"Okay what is it?"

"Well, if she really wanted to know who he feels she should give him a blow
job," Geneva said.

"What the..." Frasier shot out, "Do you mean that she should initiate
fellatio just to see how he feels."

"Yes, that's how I do it," Geneva said.

"And I bet you come up with a winner every time. Let's take a commercial on
that note." Frasier said and switched off his microphone.

Roz came into the studio. "That last woman sure surprised you," she said.

"Yeah she did, I mean that was the last thing I expected to hear," Frasier
said as he slumped back in his chair.

"But on the good side, it can only help improve the ratings," Roz said with a

"Har, Har, Har," Frasier just said.

"Frasier, I have something to tell you" Roz said while looking at her feet.

"Yes, Roz what is it?" Frasier said.

"I'm 'Randy'" Roz said quickly.

"You certainly are, I read it on the men's room wall," Frasier quipped not
knowing what Roz meant.

"No Frasier, I'm the caller 'Randy', I needed to talk to someone and I could
not talk directly with you so..." Roz said and her voice trailed off.

"But Roz do you mean that you are in love with someone here at the station."
Frasier said suddenly interested.

"Oh yes," Roz said as she sat on the table in front of Frasier."

"Well I hope you don't take the advice of the other caller, I mean," and then
his words were cut off by Roz's hand on his zipper.

"What the hell," Frasier whispered as Roz unzipped his pants.

"Just sit back and enjoy," Roz said and slipped her hand inside the pants,
"MMMMMMM that looks good enough to eat," Roz said and kissed the head of
Frasier's cock, "Hey that got a response" she said as Frasier's dick went
hard in her hands. Frasier could not believe what was happening, Roz was
about to suck his cock. Nobody had ever done that, he had not had the nerve
to ask Diane to do it and Lillith thought that it was disgusting. Frasier
could not help admitting that he had thought no fantasized about Roz and
she was really getting to him.

Roz massaged his hard cock with her ands and ten she tasted the precum on
Frasier's cock, "You are ready I see, but you are also on in 10 seconds" Roz
said and slid his throbbing cock into her hungry mouth.

"Oh Shit!" Frasier said as he put on his head set and turned on the
microphone. "Hello again this is FRAS-ier Crane COMMING from the eeehhh well.
Oh you know the station's name," Frasier said unable to focus on anything
other than Roz's lips around his cock, moving up and down he was afraid that
the listeners would hear the loud blow job he was getting so he turned the
microphone away from himself.

"OKAy lets have a song while we enjoy this swe-e-e-e-t summer day," Frasier
punched the dials and the music came on.

"Oh god Frasier you have one great cock," Roz said as she started to lick it
up and down while fondling his hanging balls. Frasier said nothing as he was
riding the waves of ecstasy trying his best not to come.

"Oh Frasier, I want to taste you cum, shoot it down my throat," Roz said and
then swallowed his dick to the base.

"Oh my god!" Frasier said as his hips thrusts forward to meet Roz's mouth.
Her hands on his balls and the sensation of her probing tongue on the
underside of his cock was too much and he shoot his entire load into Roz's
mouth with the force of a jet engine. Roz felt the spurts on the back of her
throat and she was enjoying her first real taste of Frasier. She tried to
swallow all of Frasier's juices but it was too much even for an experienced
cock sucker like Roz, some of it started to drip down her chin.

"She's swallowing it all, this is better than I ever imagined," Frasier
thought as he looked at Roz's flushed face sucking his cum.

"My god Roz, you are really good," Frasier said as Roz stood up.

"Well, I have had some experience with cock sucking before," Roz said and
wiped the semen off her chin. "By the way the song ran out about a minute
ago." She said as she went back to her booth.

"Oh eh hello again Seattle, sorry about the delay we had a eeeh technical
problem, yeah that's it. So I'm sorry about that but we are ready to take
callers again so lets see who's out there" Frasier said and jabbed at the
phone lines.

"Hello this is Randy again," The voice said, and this time Frasier did
recognize Roz's voice.

"So Randy what's up eeeh I mean what can I do for you." Frasier said.

"Oh you have already done enough, I took your advice and I took Geneva's
advice as well," Roz said with a coy smile as she looked at Frasier.

"Oh I'm sure he appreciated it, I can only say that I would if it happened
to me. So how did he respond," Frasier asked.

"Well, I'm not sure what do you think," Roz asked.

"I'm sure he loved it, I would and he can not help looking at you differently
after today I know I do," Frasier said.

"Thank you Dr. Crane." Roz said and hung up.

"You're welcome Roz eeh Randy and please call me Frasier. Oh look at the
time, its time to go so, as always I'm Frasier Crane; at your service.
Goodbye," Frasier said and turned off the microphone.

"Roz where are you?" Frasier said but she was gone.

"What the??" Frasier thought.

"Hey Frasier, how's the headshrinking business." Bulldog said as he barged
into the studio, "I thought you show would pick up when that woman talked
about sucking the big one, but then you turned it into a studdering idiot,"
Bulldog said and slapped Frasier on the back.

"Hello Bulldog, as subtle as a chainsaw, eh," Frasier said.

"Oh by the way have you seen a cup of brown liquid in here?" Bulldog said as
he looked around.

"No, I don't think so," Frasier said.

"Oh Shit, man. That was a powerful Native-American aphrodisiac, and now it's
gone. Oh Man!" bulldog said and sat down.

"A Native-American aphrodisiac, where the hell did you get it?" Frasier asked
with a sneaking suspicion.

"From that guy who works the coffee stand down in the lobby, what's his name?
Oh yeah Apu," Bulldog said.

"Apu, but he's an Indian, Bulldog" Frasier said.

"That's not very PC, is it, Frasier?" Bulldog said.

"No, what I mean is that he is from India," Frasier responded.

"No way man, he said he just moved here from Springfield where he ran the
Kwik-E-Mart," Bulldog said without realizing what Frasier meant.

"No, what I mean is that 'Apu Nahasapeemapetilan' is not a Native-American
name," Frasier said.

"What ever, Frasier. But that aphrodisiac was a sure thing," Bulldog said
while he continued to look for it.

"How does it work?" Frasier asked.

"Well. The person who drinks it falls in love with the person she looks at
after she drinks it. It makes her so horny that she has to have it right then
and there," Bulldog said.

"That explains a hell of a lot," Frasier thought. "What happens afterwards?"
Frasier asked.

"Well that depends, Apu said that if she swallows the semen then she'll be
forever in love otherwise it wears off after a couple of hours," Bulldog said
and went to get his gear.

"Oh shit, that's what Roz drank before the show, and she swallowed my whole
load. She'll be forever in love with me. Oh well, it could be worse, I mean
she's beautiful and sexy and a great cock sucker, man she's great." Frasier

To be continued in part two "Room service"


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