Forever Knight: Bi The Numbers (MMF,FF,slash,cons,snuff)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Nicolas Knight was one bored cop. A cop who also happened to be a vampire.
He had been a vampire for several centuries. Frozen at the age of thirty for
all eternity. He was not any ordinary vampire but a fledgling of Lucien
LaCroix. LaCroix was a legendary vampire. He was more than two thousand years
old. Perhaps the oldest and most powerful vampire on the planet. LaCroix made
Nicolas strong and powerful.

Tonight, Nick Knight was bored. His best friend, Detective Donald Schanke was
on vacation with his wife. His friend Natalie Lambert was out of town and
there simply wasn't much to do.

Nick Knight was destined to live forever. The life of a vampire was alluring.
He would never grow old. He could never get sick. His strength was equal to
that of ten men. He had the ability to regenerate indefinitely.

Also, he could effortlessly glide through the air when he felt like it. The
only way that he could die was exposure to direct sunlight, or beheading.
Being staked in the heart worked also. Aside from those things, he was
immortal. One of the undying monsters that lived in the night. He was a
newcomer to the city of Toronto. He had made friends there, both human and
vampire alike. His mortal friends included detective Donald Schanke, forensic
expert Natalie Lambert, Police Captain Stonetree and police officer Tracy
Vetter. His immortal friends were the 2300 year-old vampire master Lucien
LaCroix, the beautiful vampire Janette and her best friend, the alluring
vampire seductor known as Javier Vachon. Anyone else in his shoes would have
been content but Nick Knight was looking for something else. He wanted to be
mortal again and the doctor Natalie Lambert was helping him with that.

The boredom drove Nick Knight to go to Club Dread, owned by Janette Duchene,
his alluring female vampire ex-lover and friend.

Nick lay down with his friend, the beautiful vampire Janette. They lay there,
looking into each other's eyes. She kissed him on the lips.

"What are you thinking?" she asked.

"About the future." Nicolas said quietly.

"I'm kind of jealous." said Janette. "You should be thinking about me."

Nick smiled. "You are the future."

Janette grinned and he pulled her into his arms. She kissed him full and
deep. They started undressing each other. Janette touched Nick's muscular
body and caressed it. Nick moaned in pleasure. Janette's hands could do
great things to a man. Mortal or otherwise. She started kissing his neck,
his chest and went down to his groin. Both of them went stiff when they
heard a noise.

"Is this a private party or can anyone join in?" asked a male voice.

Both Nick Knight and Janette Duchene turned to look at a tall young man with
long black hair. They recognized their friend Javier Vachon. Javier Vachon
was a vampire. Like them, he had been alive for centuries.

Janette smiled at him. "Three is never a crowd, my darling." she said.

Javier Vachon sat down next to them and watched as Janette started massaging
Nick's cock. She held Nick's manhood in her hands and licked his cockhead.
She started licking the shaft and sucking on Nick's ballsack.

"You're still the best head." said Nick.

Javier Vachon looked at Nick Knight. "Nicolas De Brabant, have you forgotten
what I can do?" he asked.

Janette stopped sucking Nick's cock for a moment. "Show me what you got."
said Nick.

Javier Vachon took Nick's cock and looked at it for a moment. "Is it me or
is that thing bigger since I last saw it?" he asked.

"It's bigger." said Nick.

"It's you." said Janette.

Javier Vachon took Nick's cock in his mouth and started sucking it. Janette
came and started licking Nick's balls. She also parted his butt cheeks and
slid a finger in there. His ass was tight. She licked around his puckered
hole before inserting her pink tongue inside it. She started licking Nick's
asshole like it was the sweetest thing she'd ever tasted. Javier Vachon kept
sucking Nick's cock. He just couldn't get enough of Nick's nine-inch cock.

They changed positions. Nick decided to return the favor. He positioned
himself so that his face was at the level of Javier Vachon's groin. He
unzipped Javier's pants and freed his cock. He breathed in the smell of
Javier Vachon's cock. Nice and salty. Definitely masculine. Nick started
sucking on Javier's cock. It was nice and long and fairly thick as well.
He felt Janette's tongue inside his ass and grunted. Javier was sucking
Nick's cock like it was the sweetest thing he'd ever tasted.

"Do you like that?" Nick asked Javier.

"I love it." Javier responded before engulfing Nick's cock once more.

The two men worked each other over. Nick was the first to cum. He came all
over Javier Vachon's mouth. The dark-haired vampire drank Nick's cum. Hot
and salty. He drank it and licked Nick Knight's cock until it was dry. Nick
intensified his sucking of Javier's cock, determined to make the other male
vampire cum before long.

Meanwhile, Janette continued licking Nick's ass. Her hand played with her
pussy. She watched as Javier came inside Nick's mouth and Nick marveled at
the sight of his male lover's cum. He drank the jizz and cleaned up Javier
Vachon's cock. He licked his male lover clean. Janette watched this.
Watching men together had always held some erotic fascination for her. She
didn't know why. She was very surprised when they turned on her and started
kissing and sucking her. She felt their hands and mouths everywhere. She
closed her eyes and let the two men that she loved please her. They licked
her breasts and ate out her pussy. They even licked her ass. She came
between them and they pulled her closer to them. Javier lay flat on the
floor, his erect cock pointing toward the ceiling. Holding her with his
strong arms, he began to bring her down to him. He thrust his cock into her
pussy. Janette grunted. She gasped when she felt Nick Knight's cock enter
her other hole. It was in her ass. The two male vampires started fucking
her. They thrust deep into her and fucked her hard. She grunted as she felt
Nick's cock shoving deep inside her ass and pull out, only to be slammed
right back into her ass. She felt Javier's dick slide into her pussy. He
thrust energetically into her. They made love to her, those two men that
she loved.

She screamed and moaned as she was fucked. The two men grunted as their cocks
slid in and out of her holes. She shrieked at the top of her lungs when she
felt Javier's hot cum flood her pussy. She screamed even louder when Nick
came inside her ass, blasting his hot cum inside her tight, forbidden hole.
Even after they came, they remained inside of her. Gently, they squeezed out.
She rested between them. Not a word was spoken between them. They were in
perfect harmony. Javier Vachon and Nicolas Knight slept next to each other.
Janette looked at how beautiful they looked. She didn't want to leave but she
had to.

Janette left the club. She went out. She just had to feed. She was hungry and
hadn't fed in several days. She went inside a bar, looking for prey. She saw
a nice-looking Asian woman in her early forties. The woman looked at Janette
and at once, Janette knew what she was dealing with. A lesbian. She went to
talk to the woman. The woman introduced herself as Amanda Cohen. Apparently,
she was a cop. Janette Duchene aka Janette Ducharme wondered if she knew

They started talking. Janette learned a lot about the woman. They just kept
the drinks coming.

"What's a pretty girl like you doing without a girlfriend?" Amanda Cohen

"I'm single." Janette said. She smiled at Amanda Cohen.

The older woman looked at her. Janette sniffed the air and could tell a
change in Amanda. The woman was in lust.

"I know you want me." said Amanda Cohen. She touched Janette's thigh. "It's

Janette felt a rage inside. She didn't like to be touched, by men or women.
She loved Nick and Javier. She didn't care for anyone else. She just didn't
like being touched by lust-filled strangers. She smiled at Amanda Cohen.
"Let's go." she said.

Amanda Cohen took Janette to her apartment. It was a modest place. Very
spartan. She offered Janette a seat on a couch and opened the television.
Janette watched "Matlock" reruns. Amanda had gone into the bedroom and come
back dressed in a hot negligee. She was also holding two cups of red wine.

"Thanks." said Janette.

She sat on the couch and Amanda came and sat next to her. Janette pretended
to be really absorbed into the show. Amanda sat real close to her and
somehow, she started touching Janette and massaging her. Janette decided to
let the woman have her fun. She didn't flinch when Amanda Cohen started
touching her. Amanda undressed Janette and started sucking on her breasts.
She caressed Janette's neck, back, belly and thighs. She licked her navel.
Janette gasped when Amanda Cohen parted her legs and slipped her hand between
them for an exploratory feel. She started licking Janette's pussy. She licked
it and tasted the female vampire's juices. She bit Janette's clit and Janette
gasped. Amanda Cohen resumed fingering and licking Janette's pussy. She
licked that pussy like it was the sweetest thing she'd ever tasted.

"You taste so strange." said Amanda. "I don't think I've ever had someone
like you."

Janette smiled and said nothing. She looked at the Asian woman as she ate
her pussy. Amanda Cohen was very good at what she did. She was a good little
dyke. She intensified the licking and finger-fucking until she triggered a
reaction in Janette's body. Janette came. Her flood gates opened and she
came, letting out her wet pleasure and screaming at the top of her lungs. She
lost control of herself and almost passed out. When she recovered, she was in
Amanda Cohen's arms.

"Are you alright ?" Amanda asked.

Janette opened her eyes. Right before Amanda Cohen's eyes, they changed
color. Her face became more pale than usual and her teeth elongated and
sharpened. Her long fingernails became razor-sharp claws. With astonishing
strength, she pushed Amanda Cohen. The Asian woman went flying against the
wall. There was a crack. Something of hers got broken. "Ahhhhh!!!" she

She lay on her back, gasping for breath. Janette came and picked her up like
a puppet. She looked into the Asian woman's eyes and saw terror there. She
savagely bit Amanda Cohen and her fangs tore into the woman's neck. She
drank Amanda's blood. The woman tried to struggle but Janette was ten times
stronger than she was. No match at all. Her body soon stopped twitching.
Janette threw her lifeless body against the wall.

"I feel fine." she told the Asian woman's corpse.

Janette left the Asian woman's apartment. She wanted to get back to the
club. She wanted to be with her friends and lovers. She wanted to be with
Nick Knight and Javier Vachon. She flew as fast as she could in the skies
but had to stop and land. She entered an abandoned building and headed
for the basement just as she heard police sirens. She could hear their
communications. Someone had told them that police Captain Amanda Cohen
had been killed. 'Captain?' Janette thought. 'Oh, shit. What have I done?
Nick's gonna be furious. Cops are his friends.'

She wanted so much to go to Nick and apologize. She knew that he would be
looking for the scumbag vampire who killed a cop. But Janette Duchene aka
Janette Ducharme couldn't go anywhere.

The sun had risen above.

The End


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