Can China Doll and her allies continue their quest, or will the Jade Warlord
become lord of all time?

Rated NC-17 for F/F/F sex

Forbidden Kingdom: China Doll And The Forbidden Kingdom Part 6
by Tyval ([email protected])

It was very late when they got to the falls. Mei gasped at the beauty of
it. She didn't know if it still existed in her time. Since China had been
under Communist rule her entire life, only recently allowing G.O.L.D. in, Mei
had seen little of her native country. Lung Ki had resisted the Communists
and remained free.

In fact, no one had ever completely beaten Lung Ki. Not the Mongol's, the
Ming (they allied), western opium dealers, the Ching, the Japanese, the
communists, not even Sakuro (who came the closest). Mei smiled, that was a
record no other country could match.

The monk had revealed that he had been searching for the staff for many
years. His meditation was what had led him to that old temple. With the Jade
Warlord's forces nearby the monk had set all those traps. He had spotted the
staff the day before and thought Ni Chang was working for Jade Warlord.

"She has worked for the Jade Warlord," the monk said, "Even though it's
always been hunting the scum of scum. But I also knows she craves the elixir.
She wants to live forever."

"That won't be a problem if we survive," Mei said, "I have friends who can
help her with that."

"What are you talking about?" Ni asked.

"Those 5 planets I told you about," Mei said, "The ones with only women."

"People on other planets," the monk scoffed, "Next you'll tell us the Earth
is round when any fool can see it's flat!"

"Yes, the Earth is round," Mei sighed.

"Ha! What a dreamer," Lu snickered, "That's almost as funny as the one you
told about people being able to fly."

Mei gave up. Everyone turned in early, Mei, Ni, and Sparrow snuggled, wishing
Lu and the monk weren't there so they could make love. Sparrow giggled when
Ni tickled her a little.

"What's going on over there?" Lu asked.

"Just helpless little girls with cold feet," Ni giggled as Mei tickled her.

"Go to sleep," the monk ordered.

"Meanie," Sparrow stuck out her tongue.

'I'm beginning to wonder about those 3,' Lu thought.

Mei rose early the next day. Others had used this area for training before as
Mei found practice poles and a couple of dummies in disrepair. Mei spent 2
hours adding some fresh padding to the dummies, and some new rope on the
poles. As an added touch Mei had gotten some rice paper and ink from Ni Chang
and attached it to the dummies after adding 'pressure point' striking points.

"There, that should do it," Mei smiled drawing a smiling face.

Mei skipped back to the others, her mouth dropped open in surprise. Lu Yan
and the monk were laying down lazily, Sparrow was walking barefoot on Lu
Yan's back, Ni was walking barefoot on the monk's back.

"I don't believe this!" Mei was furious, "I've been working my ass off so we
could practice some teamwork and you MEN are treating us like we're your

"You know, she's right," Lu said, being a smart ass, "Sparrow should play and
Mei and Ni Chang should dance naked for us!"

Lu and the monk laughed. Mei felt her ears burning she was so mad.

"You and Hef are going to be good friends," Mei fumed, even though she was a
regular guest at the 'Mansion' herself, often walking around naked and making
out with female celebs in the 'Grotto'.

"Hef?" Lu asked.

"Never mind," Mei sighed, "Ladies, let's leave them and practice."

"But, isn't this a woman's duty where you come from?" Sparrow innocently

"Only if you really want to do it," Mei replied.

"Don't you still have a man as king in your country?," Ni asked.

"China Dragon is Lung Ki's hereditary king," Mei said, "But his first act was
to establish an American Republic form of government where we elect our
leader so that he's pretty much just a figurehead. In fact Lung Ki now has a
woman president as our leader."

"That is so weird," Sparrow gasped.

"That is the most ridicules thing I've ever heard," the monk said, "Letting
common people decide who rules them."

"Oh, and how is that crazier than letting a single family rule for
centuries?" Mei smiled, "Family members killing each other off for power?
Lunatics and murderers in charge? Weak willed leaders influenced by eunichs
or advisors? And even if you get a good king or emperor is there any
guarantee his son will be the same?"

"Well, how did your Lung Ki handle that challenge before this Dragon fellow,"
Lu Yan asked curious.

"There was a magic sword, 'Dragonflame', only a good person of royal blood
could safely hold the sword," Mei said, telling the most famous story of Lung
Ki's history, "The sword would kill anyone evil, royal blood or no, who tried
to hold it and my people would not follow anyone who couldn't hold it in
public. There does seem to be some kind of loophole that allows wives because
I've seen Princess Tara throw it to him. Questar must somehow have royal Lung
Ki blood since he's briefly held it before too. Or maybe it's that whole
'spirit brothers' thing of theirs. But I have personally seen the sword kill
at least a dozen men."

Mei Wong didn't know that China Dragon and Questar were in fact maternal
first cousins. Apparently the sword considered that close enough. For that
matter Dragon and Questar were also clueless to that fact.

"That is quite a legend," Lu Yan said, "Just remember, it won't happen unless
we beat the Jade Warlord."

"And we won't beat the Jade Warlord without teamwork," Mei said, "So let's
get to it!"

"If women are so bossy where you come from then I hope I'm NOT really
immortal," Lu said.

"NOW!" Mei ordered.

Even Mei was surprised that Lu Yan and the monk hopped to. For the rest of
the day they all trained very hard on various techniques to watch each
other's backs. Lu and the monk came up with most of them as Mei let them
think they were still in charge. Master Lu seemed especially good at coming
up with ways to use the diverse weapon combo's.

Mei had the staff and her knives, Ni Chang had her whip, the monk used his
long long sleeves with weighted ends, Sparrow used her long knives and
throwing daggers, Lu himself used a simple wooden staff. They trained for
much of the day with only a brief break for lunch. An hour before sundown
Master Lu ordered a halt.

"Well, we girls need to freshen up," Mei smiled with a secret wicked smile to
Ni and Sparrow, "We'll go bathe, you pervert men can relax back at camp if
you want."

"First order you give that I agree with," the monk nodded.

"I could use a drink or 10," Lu Yan said.

"And no peeking!" Ni said.

The three women walked over to a small waterfall and started to undress.

"She thought pervert masters would never leave," Sparrow sighed undoing
her waist sash.

"It's been days since we've been alone," Ni smiled stepping out of her

"Not kissing either of you has been torture," Mei said as she discarded
the last of her clothes.

The 3 girls squeeled as they stepped under the cold water. Master Lu had
snuck back and was hiding, being a 'Peeping Tom'. He watched as they
squeeled and jumped, firm breasts bouncing.

"Iiiieeeeeee!" Sparrow screamed, "Cold, cold, cold!"

Laughing, Mei and Ni held her down and tickled her. Sparrow screamed in
laughter, kicking her feet, also giving Lu Yan a good look at her hairless
pussy. Master Lu decided he couldn't anymore without getting caught and snuck
away with a raging hard-on.

'If I opened a bar and could get them to do that I could be rich," Lu

Unfortunately for Lu Yan he left before the real show started. Unaware that
they had indeed been spied on, the three women, getting used to the water's
temperature had started kissing as they slowly soaped each other up.

"She loves your hair," Sparrow whispered kissing Ni's neck.

"It's a pain in the ass to keep clean," Ni smiled then kissed Sparrow.

"I wonder if I could tie you up with your own hair," Mei smiled as she
washed the woman's hair.

"Yes, and I can make it even longer," Ni smiled at her.

"She is so confused," Sparrow said, "You both talk about getting tied up and
actually like being spanked or whipped. She doesn't understand how pain can
feel good."

"We will teach you sister," Mei kissed her, "But when you are ready. We have
much to teach you about womenlove. That is why all women should love women."

"Girls are so pretty," Ni said washing Sparrow's hair as Mei continued to
wash hers, "And we have so many pleasure places that only another woman can
know. We love you Sparrow. You are our sister and our wife. We would never do
anything to hurt you or that you won't like."

"Oh sisters," Sparrow cried out hugging them both.

The 3 women fell back into the water They came back up laughing, coughing,
and sputtering.

"You are a menace sister," Mei laughed kissing Sparrow.

They continued bathing, kissing, and tickling. Once they were rinsed off they
hurried to the shore grabbing their towells. Helping each other dry off they
contnued kissing and lightly touching.

"Brrrrrr," Ni shivered, "That water was a bit cold."

"I know the best way for us to warm up," Mei wickedly smiled.

"She has feeling we'll need another bath," Sparrow giggled,

Sparrow squeeled as Mei grabbed her from behind, Ni caught both of her feet
and they carried her to the blanket and gently laid her down. Mei had
Sparrow's arms pinned while Ni mounted her.

"See, even just this is exciting," Ni smiled deeply kissing the younger girl,
"To be helpless by a soft sexy woman who loves you. Men would be trying to
rip into you, not caring about you. They care only about their own pleasure."

"Another woman cares more about how you feel," Mei added, stroking her hair,
"Your pleasure is important to us."

"Mmmmmm. She wants to be a girl lover forever," Sparrow grinned, she was
already growing moist, "Take her! Take her any way you want!"

Ni smiled wickedly at Mei who was tying Sparrow's wrists together with her
sash. The 2 more experienced women took a breast each, attacking them with
lips, tongue's, and fingers. Sparrow gasped as a small orgasm shook her.

"Little slut," Mei smiled, "Cumming without permisson."

"She must be punished," Ni grinned.

"Right, we need to show her what happens to little sluts who can't stop
cumming," Mei ordered, "On your hands and knees!"

Sparrow was giggling as they rolled her over. Sparrow complied and assumed
the position.

"Yes, bad little sluts get spanked," Ni said with the first playful slap.

"Eek," Sparrow giggled.

Mei on one side, Ni on the other, soft little pats followed by erotic rubbing
began. Sparrow sighed, it felt so good. The swats slowly grew harder, then
Mei slapped her right between the legs on her pussy and Sparrow came again!

"Oh, harder," Sparrow moaned, "Spank me harder!"

The swats became harder causing Sparrow to moan louder. Sparrow now knew
that pain could indeed be pleasure as they were spanking her hard enough
that her ass was turning pink. Sparrow was close to still another orgasm.

"More! More!" Sparrow cried out," Spank me, spank me! Harder!"

Again Mei slapped her pussy causing Sparrow to have her biggest orgasm yet.
Sparrow cried out and collapsed.

"Look at all the girl cum," Mei smiled.

"Please, let me suck your fingers," Ni asked.

"Mmmmmmm, me too," Sparrow coo'ed, "I want to taste my own cum."

"Let's share," Mei said.

All 3 women licked Mei's fingers. Mei kept rubbing Sparrow's dripping pussy,
scooping up more of the tasty girl cum. Finally Mei could take no more and
started sucking Sparrow's delicious pussy. Ni then attacked Mei's hot pussy
with her lips and tongue. Sparrow's wrists were still bound, but she managed
to complete the triangle licking and sucking Ni's pussy.

Sparrow was becoming a capable little pussy-licker. In fact, she was addicted
to the taste of pussy and really liked asshole too as she intiated anal
licking this time.

"Oh yeah baby, lick my asshole," Ni begged, inserting 2 fingers into Mei's
pussy, "Stick your hot tongue in my ass!"

Ni then tongued Mei's ass while she finger-fucked her. Mei joined in the fun
licking Sparrow from clit to asshole.

"Oh fuck, fuck," Mei gasped between licks.

A mutual 3-way cum swept the trio as they shuddered, lapping each other's
delicious pussy juice. Threeway kissing and hugging followed.

"How did you like it sister?" Ni asked between kisses.

"She loved it," Sparrow smiled.

"Let me untie you," Mei said, "We'll spank sister Ni. That pale skin of hers
should get nice and pink."

Ni quickly got on her hands and knees, sticking her pretty pale ass up.

"Now, spank me, spank me hard," Ni begged, "Make me cum!"

"We can start off harder with her sister," Mei smiled as her palm landed on
the witches ass.

Sparrow and Mei spanked and caressed Ni's pretty ass. It didn't take long for
the pale buttocks to become pink. Ni moaned in pleasure, loving it. Just as
she had done with Sparrow, Mei slapped Ni's pussy making her cum!

"Ahhhhhhh," Ni moaned, "So good, so good!"

"Ni, why don't you pussy-fuck Sparrow while she eats my pussy," Mei

"She thinks that sounds wonderful," Sparrow smiled laying on her back.

Positioing herself in a modified scissors position Ni started to pussy-fuck
Sparow while Mei lowered her pussy onto Sparrow's pretty face. Sparrow sucked
and licked up and down, taking her lovers hard clit between her teeth for the
lightest of nibbles. Sparrow and Ni's pussy's humped each other, grinding,
clits touching again and again.

"Yes! Yes!" Mei cried out cumming, "Aaaaaaaaa!"

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," Ni gasped as she and Sparrow also came.

The three women collapsed, quaking from orgasm. It was several minutes before
they again stirred.

"She wants to fuck more," Sparrow whispered, "But if we don't get back,
pervert masters may come looking for us."

"You're right, damnit," Mei said, "Let's wash up, do our hair and get
dressed. But tomorrow it's my turn to get spanked."

'What are they smiling about,' Lu thought when they finally made it back
to camp.

"Women, take forever to wash up," the monk snorted.

"All have weak bladders too," Lu laughed, "Aways have to go to bathroom
together even if just went."

The 2 men laughed. If they only knew....

end of Chapter 6


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